SABATON w. Delain, Battle Beast Aura and Roadkill Soda – Jan 27th, 2015 Bucharest, Romania

January 29th, 2015
by Metal Rules

Sabaton, Delain, Battle Beast, Aura, RoadKill Soda

Bucharest, Romania

Reporter: Anamaria Carla Ionita

(Please note: There were some last minute issues with access to the photo pit. )

Sabaton: Bucharest, Romania; 27.01.2015

Sabaton: Bucharest, Romania; 27.01.2015

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Interview with Justin, guitarist of Zephaniah

January 28th, 2015
by J P

Interview with Justin, guitarist of Zephaniah

by JP

ZEPHANIAH logo 600 x 600

Tell us a bit about the formation of the first incarnation of the band 10 years ago.
Well we were a bunch of teenagers that wanted to play music. Eventually through our influences and lineup changes we ended up a power thrash band. Our early years, most of our songs sounded like Manowar meets Iron Maiden rip-offs. Songs like “Deep Breath” and “Fight For Love” came from the first year. In 2004, I formed the band with none of the members we have now haha, We actually started as a 4 piece (Singer, drummer, guitarist, bass). After we recorded a rough demo, we required a second guitarist. After a year of lineup changes and losing our vocalist, Logan joined the band on vocals and Ian on Bass. And then a year after that, our drummer and second guitarist quit the band right before we had enough material to record an album. Ian moved to drums and we got Tyler Sumwalt on bass and Tyson Miller on guitar. And that was our most solid lineup and the lineup we had on “Stories from the Book of Metal”.
What does Zephaniah mean exactly?
Zephaniah has a latin meaning of “Spirit of the Wind”. We learned that after we chose the name, haha.
What was your motivation to reform the band? 
We had several promoters asking us to do some reunion shows. We tried to pull the original group together but due to some personal differences that still lingered, we were unable to do that. We got two new members that were motivated and we all had jammed with before. We knew they could handle the technical aspects of the music as well as bring an awesome show to the fans. That inspired us to completely reform and go into the studio to record our upcoming second album.
ZEPHANIAH band pic 600 x 600
The band took a hiatus and had some line-up changes.  How has this strengthened and re-invigorated the band?
We have the best lineup we have ever had. No bad personalities and extremely talented musicians.
Is the title of your debut album STORIES FROM THE BOOK OF METAL  a nod or tribute to the Dream Evil album, THE BOOK OF HEAVY METAL, or just coincidence?
Pure coincidence. When we put the album out, None have us had ever heard that album until after we released ours haha.
ZEPHANIAH - SFTBOM cd cover 600 x 600
Do you feel there has been an evolution in the bands sound or style?
Yes there has been. We have always been a power thrash band, but we have gotten a bit more progressive and definitely a bit faster. The catchiness and classical elements are still there but we are not afraid to try new things. Not the “lets make a pop hit” type new things and not try it. We always try to make our songs more exciting and push our listeners ear to the next level as well as keep that melody left in your head after you hear the song.
Do you plan to reissue the debut album or is it still available for fans?  Where can they get it?
We have reissued it once already and we are almost sold out of them, so we will definitely reissue them again. They can get it from our online merch store ( and at any of our upcoming shows.
What can you tell us about the upcoming album?  Title?  Some song titles?  A theme perhaps?
“Reforged” is the name of the album. It will be our follow-up to our first album. It will be twice as good and faster than our first album. Expect some technical awesomeness! I will explain some of the songs to you, song by song: The title track “Reforged” is a power thrash metal anthem basically explaining our reformation in a classic Dungeons and dragons way. “Quest for the Royal Crown” is a song, written by Tyler Sumwalt, our old bassist and myself. It has some of our old writing styles as well as some raw technical aspects we were getting into. It is a 10 minute epic of pure metal! We have a trilogy of thrash metal songs that we wrote together. They are called “Mad Max”, “Road Warrior” and “Thunderdome”. I think you get the idea of what those songs are about. Those are probably my favorite songs on the album so far.
ZEPHANIAH - Reforged cd cover 600 x 600
Do you plan to shop the album around for a label deal or remain independent? 
Yes we plan to shop the album around.
For our gear heads out there what kind of set up do you guys use.  A recording studio?  A home studio?    Any special pieces of gear that you rely on to capture your sound?
We have been recording with a pro-tools setup at our good friend and fellow musician Ron Daniel (From the band Viking). Honestly, it has been super great for us to record in a very relaxed environment. Unfortunately all I know is that we use computer magic to make us sound amazing haha
Besides the classic bands we all know and love, what exciting new bands are you drawing inspiration from these days or are excited to watch out for? I listen to a lot of bands so it is hard for me to choose some great new ones that are appearing out there. DragonForce’s new album is kickass, New Carcass, New Overkill, they all kick ass. Their are so many new albums coming out from new and old bands that kick ass!
ZEPHANIAH live - Justin Zych
To wrap up, what is the timeline for new material and when can we expect to see you guys shooting a video, or touring?
We will have an album out this year for sure. We hope to shoot a video, and we will be touring around the USA. So pay attention to our website for the upcoming shows.

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New MASTERS OF DISGUISE Album “The Savage And The Grace” Out On February 20

January 28th, 2015
by Celtic Bob


With their 2013 debut “Back With A Vengeance”, MASTERS OF DISGUISE filled the musical gap left behind by the demise of SAVAGE GRACE, almost 30 years earlier. Not that they consciously copied the legendary Americans – it was more a need to prevent the passion and uniqueness of the band from being forgotten. MASTERS OF DISGUISE and their new album “The Savage And The Grace”, filled with razor-sharp riffs, once again honours the true Speed Metal spirit of the ’80s, without sounding antiquated or dusty. This album is sure to bring classic Speed Metal back into the heads and hearts of Metal fans.

When SAVAGE GRACE mastermind Chris Logue planned a reunion in 2009, he was unable to get a positive reaction to his suggestion from any of the original line-up members. Instead of giving up, he came into contact with the NWOBHM tribute band ROXXCALIBUR and promptly signed up all the band’s instrumentalists as members of his new line-up. After successfull tour and several festival appearances, Chris Logue left Europe and band members, no longer under obligation, decided to continue in the style of SAVAGE GRACE under new name: MASTERS OF DISGUISE.

“The Savage And The Grace” is coming out on Limb Music, on February 20, 2015.

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Krigblast – Dutch E. Welch & Felix Griffin

January 28th, 2015
by Robert Williams


Interview with Dutch E. Welch & Felix Griffin

Video editing courtesy of Sandra Torres

Blending D-beat punk, gutter metal and lot’s of attitude and attack, Krigblast is comprised of current and former members of Leftover Crack, Phobia, Choking Victim, Final Conflict and D.R.I. to name but a few. After releasing “Power Till Demise” their debut full-length album in 2014, Krigblast was invited to perform at Phil Anselmo’s “Housecore Horror Film Festival” this past October in the band’s hometown of Austin, Texas. We caught up with vocalist Dutch E. Welch and drummer Felix Griffin for a feature interview with this exciting new band.

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Tsjuder To Make UK Debut at Highbury Garage in February

January 27th, 2015
by UK Team

tsjuder flyrerAphrodite’s darkest power will be striking the blackest of London’s hearts this Valentine’s Day, with Aeon Promotions hosting what is sure to be one of THE extreme metal gigs in 2015.

On the 14th of February, Norwegian black metal legends Tsjuder take on the UK for the very first time in their career. Armed with the support of war-torn UK outfit Eastern Front as well as Necro Ritual and Premature Birth, the night is sure to be packed with the finest of dark sounds currently available to your ear.

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Interview with Brett Blackout, vocalist of Vanlade

January 27th, 2015
by J P

Brett Blackout, vocalist of Vanlade

by JP

Back in 2014 I came across a cool album by the band Vanlade.   Check out my review which was published in August of 2014.  They are about to release a new album so we had a chat with Brett!

VANLADE logo 600 x 600

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The longtime drummer leaves HIM

January 27th, 2015
by Arto Lehtinen

The longtime HIM drummer Gas Lipstick leaves the band after 16 years. Here is the official statement given by Gas Himself :

With a heavy heart I’m announcing my departure from HIM, a magnificent band that I’ve been part of for the past 16 magical years. It has been a journey that I will remember for the rest of my life. There is no drama, bad blood or any negativity involved in my departure.

I simply feel that it’s time for me to move on as a musician.

I have noticed during the final stages of our last tour that my heart was not in it 100% anymore.

I’ve always been a guy who played every note straight from my heart and I feel the music very strongly while I perform.
If my heart feels that it’s time to let it go, then I have to listen because otherwise it wouldn’t be right towards myself, the rest of the band or you wonderful fans.
It would end up being a forced effort and I can’t perform or create like that.

Another thing that I’ve recently started to miss is songwriting. I’ve always been a songwriter. I didn’t feel the need to write after I joined the band in 1999 and noticed that Ville is a tremendous songwriter. In my mind he has never brought a single half assed song to the practice room. Every song was top notch and I felt that I didn’t have the need to stir the mix. All of his songs were amazing as he presented them. But last fall I’ve started to feel that I’m missing writing again and that I would like to pursue my own musical interests. I started to miss the feeling of being in a band, where I could be one of the songwriters again.

Three years ago, I had a very heavy year with my arm problems and it took a toll on me.
It took me 9 stressful months to get back into playing shape, but after recording the “Tears On Tape” record and performing 100 + live shows following the release of that record, I can safely say that I’m back 100% physically and mentally. Those 9 stressful months were one of the toughest periods I have ever experienced throughout my career and adding everything mentioned above, I feel that I need a change in life. I need a fresh start.

I have nothing but great words to say about my brothers: Ville, Mige, Burton, and Linde, our touring crew Viltsu, Antti, Manne, Sean, Brad and our management Seppo, Taina and Vuokko. I wish them nothing but a great success in the future! They are all amazing people and it has been a pleasure working with them all of these years.
I’d like to as well thank all the record company people, promoters, past crew members, producers and engineers that I’ve had the privilege to get to know and work with. You rock BIG TIME!

And for the last but not the least important I’d like to thank all of you fabulous fans. Thank you for your never ending support and love. HIM has the best fans in the world!
Without you, nothing would’ve been possible.

I hope that our paths will cross again eventually and you can count on that I’m going to keep you posted about my future endeavours in the crazy world of Musicland. Stay tuned!

Cheers, Gas Lipstick.

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VARDIS Announce Line-up Change

January 27th, 2015
by Celtic Bob

Vardis 2015
L-R: Terry Horbury (Bass), Steve Zodiac (Guitar), Joe Clancy (Drums)


Gary Pearson has resigned due to his work commitments outside music.

Vardis are very proud to welcome Joe Clancy as the new driving force behind the Vardis sound. It’s a privilege to play alongside such a talented and powerful musician on drums.

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AIRBOURNE Sign to Spinefarm Records

January 27th, 2015
by Celtic Bob


AIRBOURNE—unswerving champions of the hard rock cause whose spectacular global success, live and on record, has consistently clenched a fist for the genre as a whole— have signed a worldwide deal with Spinefarm Records.

Driven by a formidable “Work hard, play hard” ethic, and keen to entertain on the grandest of scales, this award-winning quartet, formed in regional Australia in 2003, have been proudly walking the rock ‘n’ roll path since their early teenage years, inspired by the music’s great and glorious past, yet determined to move things forward on a wave of blurred limbs and boundless energy.

Led into action by brothers Joel and Ryan O’Keeffe, vocalist/lead guitarist and drummer, respectively, the lineup is completed by David Roads on guitar and Justin Street on bass. The four have spent the past 10 years establishing themselves as a true force of nature: living on the road, selling out major venues, charting albums and appearing on bills with some of rock’s most legendary names, from Iron Maiden to the Rolling Stones.

With Airbourne, everything is to the hilt, which means that frontman Joel O’Keeffe is as likely to be climbing the lighting rig or going “walkabout” in the venue as positioned behind the mic; it also means that their three studio albums – Runnin’ Wild (2007), No Guts. No Glory (2009) and Black Dog Barking (2013) – are home to some of the most rousing rock anthems of the past few years.

Songs like “Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast,” “No Way But the Hard Way, “Live it Up” and “Runnin’ Wild” itself comprise a body of work that hasn’t escaped the notice of AC/DC’s Angus Young, who was recently asked in an interview what he thinks of modern rock music, saying, “I see it as healthy, because there’s newer stuff coming through. I really like Airbourne.”

Since the release of Runnin’ Wild, a silver record in the UK, Airbourne have notched up an impressive array of international facts ‘n’ stats. These include Top 20 chart entries, No. 1 Rock Chart positions, awards for Best Album and Best Live Act, numerous placements in video games and TV/movie outlets, plus key spots at the biggest festivals around the world, the likes of Wacken and Rock Am Ring/Rock Im Park in Germany and Sonisphere and Download in the UK, with Sweden Rock, Greenfield (Switzerland), Hellfest (France) and Graspop (Belgium) already confirmed for 2015.

Now, with sights set on absolute world domination and Album Number 4 likely to be released later this year, Airbourne have joined forces with Spinefarm Records in a new global deal that sees Spinefarm partnering with Universal Germany’s Vertigo imprint for the German-speaking markets.

“We’re pumped up to have signed on the dotted line to the world’s toughest and truest hard rock label, Spinefarm. We have worked with some of the guys on this team in the past, and we’re extremely confident about having each other’s back in the trenches for many hard rockin’ years to come. We’re chompin’ at the bit to get ROCKIN’ and KICKIN’ ARSE in 2015 and beyond.” – CHEERS from Airbourne.

Says Spinefarm General Manager Worldwide, Jonas Nachsin, who previously worked with the group as Roadrunner President, “We are so proud to be the new global home for the amazing AIRBOURNE! They are a band who have thrilled audiences around the world with their insanely energetic live shows and wildly anthemic songs, and all of us at Spinefarm are excited to be part of their ensuing juggernaut.”

Daniel Lieberberg, Senior Vice President, Universal Music Germany, added, “Germany, Austria and Switzerland have always been strong markets for this unique band. We’re excited to closely collaborate with Spinefarm Records on our mission to bring Airbourne to a new level in our part of the world.”

2015 finds Airbourne perfectly placed to take things to a new level everywhere, building on their passion, hard graft and heady achievements, and bringing along an ever-growing army of fans for the (white-knuckle) ride; and one thing is for sure, there’ll be no resting on laurels…

Ask Joel O’Keeffe about his days in college, and his response neatly spotlights “The Airbourne Way”:

“I drove by the college on the way to a gig,” he recalls. “This was in the early days, all the gear was in the back of the van. I planned to stop off and pick up the diploma certificate, but in the end, I didn’t bother. I didn’t want anything to fall back on, NO Plan B… I knew what I wanted to do, I was committed to Rock ‘n’ ’Roll, so as far as I was concerned, it was and still is all or nothing.”

Raise the flag for Rock ‘n’ Roll.

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TYGERS OF PAN TANG “Gangland” Promo Clip Posted Online

January 26th, 2015
by Celtic Bob

The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal pioneers TYGERS OF PAN TANG, will release a special limited edition album titled “Tygers Sessions: The First Wave” via Skol Records. The CD will be limited to only 1000 copies, and will include 11 classic songs of the band, re-recorded for the anniversary EP releases: “The Wildcat Sessions” and “The Spellbound Sessions”, which were originally available through the band’s fan-club and website only, and quickly sold out. The album’s cover artwork has been painted by Italian artist Roberto Toderico, known for his artistic calibration’s with numerous Rock and Metal acts. Special promo clip with new version of the classic cut “Gangland” can be streamed on this location:

The “Tygers Sessions: The First Wave” CD will be released on February 28, 2015, and will include thick booklet with lyrics, liner notes, and lot of previously unseen pictures. Commented TYGERS OF PAN TANG founding member and guitarist, Robb Weir, “I am very proud of the band’s history as well as the current lineup. We should never forget the TYGERS history and hope this shows we will always recognise the early days of the band. There are a lot of bands that want to modernise their sound or image and forget what made them great in the beginning… I am not one of them”. “We are very pleased with the end result, in particular with the recorded sound achieved, it really does capture the early ’80s NWOBHM spirit and feel we were looking for. To achieve that raw, almost ‘live’ vibe to the sound, we even replicated the microphone positioning that was used on the original recording” he adds.

In other news, TYGERS OF PAN TANG confirmed several new tour dates:
26-02-2015 – Jailbreak Club, Rome, Italy
27-02-2015 – Santomato Live, Pistoia, Italy
28-02-2015 – Blue Rose Saloon, Bresso, Italy
01-03-2015 – Bluesiana, Velden, Austria
06-06-2015 – Summerock, Erpe Mere, Belgium
26-06-2015 – Les Fest Wildfire, South Lanarkshire, Scotland
27-02-2015 – Garage Dayz Re-visited, London, England
17-07-2015 – Bang Your Head Festival, Balingen, Germany
18-07-2015 – Vasby Rock Festival, Sweden
03-10-2015 – British Steel Festival, Fismes, France

More information: and

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FAITH NO MORE Announce North American Dates

January 26th, 2015
by Celtic Bob

 Faith No More confirm their first North American shows since 2010 with a spring outing kicking off April 15 in Vancouver.

Dustin Rabin Photography, Faith No More, FNM, Dustin Rabin

The announcement comes as the Bay Area band wraps up work on their follow-up to 1997’s Album of the Year.  The as-of-yet untitled album is due this May via the band’s newly formed imprint, Reclamation Recordings, which is distributed by Ipecac Recordings.  Faith No More founder and bass player, Bill Gould is overseeing production.

“Here we go,” said Gould. “First North American tour dates, some in cities we haven’t played in over 17 years.  We are armed with the new material and ready for whatever comes our way.”


“Superhero” cover

Preceding the tour is the release of a second single from the forthcoming album, “Superhero,” which will be available as a limited edition 7-inch single on March 17 followed by a digital release on March 31.  Faith No More released the single, “Motherf****r,” as part of Record Store Day’s Black Friday event. To mark the release of their first new music since the late ‘90s, the band played a surprise set at Amoeba San Francisco.

North American tour dates:
April 15     Vancouver, BC     PNE Forum
April 16     Seattle, WA     Paramount Theater
April 17     Portland, OR     Keller Auditorium
April 19     San Francisco, CA     Warfield
April 20     San Francisco, CA     Warfield
April 23     Los Angeles, CA     The Wiltern
April 24     Los Angeles, CA     The Wiltern
April 25     Santa Ana, CA     The Observatory

May 7     Chicago, IL     Concord Music Hall
May 8     Detroit, MI     The Fillmore
May 9     Toronto, ON     Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
May 11     Boston, MA     Orpheum Theatre
May 13     New York, NY     Webster Hall
May 14     New York, NY     Webster Hall
May 15     Philadelphia, PA     Electric Factory

Tickets for all shows are on-sale this Friday, Jan. 30, at 10 am local time.  A fan club pre-sale will be made available on Wednesday, Jan. 28 with more details to be found on and via the band’s social media pages ( and

Full Faith No More routing:
February 17     Tokyo, Japan     Studio Coast
February 18     Tokyo, Japan     Studio Coast
February 21     Adelaide, Australia     Soundwave Festival
February 22     Melbourne, Australia     Soundwave Festival
February 28     Sydney, Australia     Soundwave Festival

March 1     Brisbane, Australia     Soundwave Festival
March 3     Auckland, New Zealand     WestFest

April 15     Vancouver, BC     PNE Forum
April 16     Seattle, WA     Paramount Theater
April 17     Portland, OR     Keller Auditorium
April 19     San Francisco, CA     Warfield
April 20     San Francisco, CA     Warfield
April 23     Los Angeles, CA     The Wiltern
April 24     Los Angeles, CA     The Wiltern
April 25     Santa Ana, CA     The Observatory

May 7     Chicago, IL     Concord Music Hall
May 8     Detroit, MI     The Fillmore
May 9     Toronto, ON     Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
May 11     Boston, MA     Orpheum Theatre
May 13     New York, NY     Webster Hall
May 14     New York, NY     Webster Hall
May 15     Philadelphia, PA     Electric Factory
May 29     Nurburgring, Germany     Grune Holle Festival
May 31     Munich, Germany     Rockavaria Festival

June 2     Milan, Italy     Sonisphere
June 4     Vienna, Austria     Vienna Rocks Festival
June 5     Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic     Rock For People Festival
June 12     Landgraaf, Netherlands     Pinkpop Festival
June 13     Donington, UK     Download Festival
June 20     Clisson, France     Hellfest
June 21     Dessel, Belgium     Graspop Festival

Aug. 7 – 9     Montreal, QC     Heavy Montreal


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RANGER to Release Where Evil Dwells Via Spinefarm on March 17

January 26th, 2015
by Celtic Bob


Speed metal merchants Ranger will release their Spinefarm debut Where Evil Dwells on March 17. True to old school form, the album is an analogue recording, featuring the glorious sound of melting Marshall amps. Where Evil Dwells will be out in CD, LP, cassette and digital formats.

Get a taste of RANGER by checking out the lyric video for “Defcon 1” HERE.

Where Evil Dwells is also available for pre-order at iTunes, Amazon CD
and Amazon MP3.

Helsinki’s RANGER will overload all of your senses with a relentless onslaught of turbo-charged, old school heavy/speed metal, thanks to a torrent of riffs, a twin-guitar assault, intense rapid-fire drumming, a pummeling bass onslaught and banshee-like, old school vocal delivery, all of which combine to thrash you into oblivion.

We’re talking real heavy metal here, the sort that transcends generations. It’s organic, authentic, old-school and, more blatantly put, it’s crazy as a fucking shithouse rat. It’s also contagious and unstoppable.

Want to know more about RANGER? A true product of the Finnish underground, the four-piece unit was founded in 2008. Skyrocketing in success and popularity ever since the release of their Knights of Darkness 12″EP (Ektro) in 2013, they have already laid waste to the stages of basically every Finnish major festival.

Their rabidly energetic shows have wreaked havoc in a manner unprecedented in Finland, whipping punk and metal audiences alike into riotous thrashing frenzy, leaving behind mangled armies of euphoric fans drenched in sweat, parched with thirst and smiling like morons.

After a couple of demos and EP releases, and a compilation comprised of the aforementioned, Where Evil Dwells is RANGER’s debut full-length album, proving that their frenzied output is every bit as effective in larger portions as it is on EPs.

RANGER are: Dimi Pontiac -bass & vocals; Mikael-guitar; Ville-guitar; Miko-drums.

Where Evil Dwells Track Listing:

1. “Defcon 1”
2. “Deadly Feast”
3. “Phantom Soldier”
4. “Dead Zone”
5. “Black Circle (S.Y.L.S.)”
6. “Where Evil Dwells”
7. “Storm of Power”


Knights of Darkness 12″ (2013)
Shock Skull 7″ (2014)
Skull Splitting Metal Comp. (2014)
Where Evil Dwells (2015)

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MARTIN POPOFF Releases His 45th Book; Sail Away: Whitesnake’s Fantastic Voyage

January 26th, 2015
by Celtic Bob


It’s actually a classy-lookin’ UK import, published by Soundcheck Books, whose back cover blurb reads as follows:

In Sail Away: Whitesnake’s Fantastic Voyage—the first ever full biography of the band—top music writer Martin Popoff tells the tale of rock legend David Coverdale, from his Deep Purple roots to the two distinct incarnations of his mega-popular creation.

Whitesnake began life as a UK-based blues rock outfit, until the lad from England’s chilly east coast transported the act to America’s sunny west coast in search of fame, fortune, big videos and even bigger hair. Coverdale found them all, and 1987’s self-titled album went eight times platinum in the US alone before the band’s bright star waned in the face of grimy grunge.

In this book—his 45th—Popoff conducted 30 interviews of major characters, including Coverdale himself, to piece together the band’s roller-coaster history. He follows their story through the hirings and firings, the splits and reunions and the image changes which have enabled Coverdale, through his Whitesnake vehicle, to position himself firmly within the pantheon of hard rock greats.
If you’ve rocked out to anthems like “Here I Go Again,” “Fool For Your Loving,” “Still Of The Night” or “Slow An’ Easy,” this is essential reading.

Yes, for the job at hand, I interviewed (and many of them multiple times), David Coverdale, Bernie Marsden, Neil Murray, Micky Moody, Adrian Vandenberg, Steve Vai, John Kalodner, Doug Aldrich, Keith Olsen, Ian Paice and many others, and did my usual album by chapter, ever song touched down upon, job on ‘er. So what are you waiting for… Come An Get It!

Price including shipping:
US orders: $33.00 US funds
Int’l orders (all books go air): $43.00 US funds
Canadian orders: $36.00 Cdn. funds

PayPal happily accepted. Ask me if you’d like a PayPal invoice (please indicate what country you are in), or just do yer usual and direct funds to

Or mail payment (personal check in US funds, cash, or INTERNATIONAL money order), to:
Martin Popoff
P.O. Box 65208, 358 Danforth Ave.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4K 2Z2

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CHIP Z’NUFF Releases First Solo Album

January 26th, 2015
by Celtic Bob


On February 3, Deadline Music (imprint of Cleopatra Records) will release STRANGE TIME, the first solo album by Chip Z’nuff.  The 10-track record marks a departure from the trademark Enuff Z’nuff trip-pop sound, with heavier guitars and more psychedelic elements.  In addition to special guest appearances, the album includes a bonus 5-track EP collaboration with Steven Adler (Guns ‘n Roses).

“It’s a stoner rock record,” said Z’nuff, matter-of-factly.  “What I have with Enuff Z’nuff is special, but this is a labor of love.  I started these songs while going through every type of hard time – family, finances, relationships – and found moments of clarity while writing.”  He also called on some tour buddies and long-time friends to guest on the record.

Having played bass for both Dale Bozzio (Missing Persons) and Adler (Adler’s Appetite), Z’nuff knew they’d contribute something truly unique (Z’nuff calls Adler’s drumming “incendiary”). Home state  legend Robin Zander lends his pipes to “All Day and All of the Night.”  Geezer Butler’s son, Biff, sings on “Rockstar.”

STRANGE TIME was recorded at Chicago Recording Company in Chicago and Abbey Road Studios in London.  Brendan Jeffrey produced all tracks except “Rockstar” (produced by Johnny K) and “Strange Time” (produced by R. Rubin).  Mixing was done by Jeff Luif and engineering by Chris Shepard (Elvis Costello, Smashing Pumpkins), Johnny K (Disturbed, Plain White T’s), Rob Pozen, and Ron Lowe.  Daniel Stout mastered at Colossal Mastering.   Performers include Z’nuff (vocals, guitar, bass), Adler (drums, percussion), Biff Butler, James Morrison Jr., Steve Ramone, Sir Ashley Scott, Robin Zander, and Scott Faukes.


The EP was recorded at Chicago Recording Company and Chip Z’nuff Studios in Blue Island, IL.  Brendan Jeffrey produced, Jeff Luif mixed, and Bob Ludwig mastered.  Z’nuff and Adler performed all the music, with Bozzio on vocals and a Slash sample solo on “Tonight We Met.”

~ all songs written by Chip Z’nuff except where noted ~
Strange Time  (written by Chip Z’nuff and Trent Reznor)
Still Love Your Face (written by Chip Z’nuff and Wendel Rey)
F..Mary..Kill (written by Chip Z’nuff, Howard Stern, and Steve Miller)
Anna Nichole (written by Chip Z’nuff and Syklopps)
Strike Three
Hello To The Drugs
All Day And All Of The Night –  featuring Robin Zander & Steven Adler (written by Ray Davies)
My Town
Yesterday (Another Wasted Day)
The Game
Tonight We Met (And Now We’re Going To Fuck) –  featuring Slash & Dale Bozzio
The Pain Is All On You (written by Chip Z’nuff, Steven Adler, Paul McCartney)
MP3 STREAM “Hello To The Drugs”

Enuff Z’nuff has a west coast run in February.

Feb. 19           Vamp’d           Las Vegas
Feb. 20           Whisky-a-Go Go        Los Angeles
Feb. 21           Fulton 55       Fresno
Feb. 22           The Boardwalk          Sacramento
Feb. 24           El Corazon      Seattle
Feb. 25           Tonic Lounge             Portland
Feb. 27           RockBar Theater       San Jose
Feb. 28           TBA

STRANGE TIME will be available at record stores and online retailers including iTunes ( and Amazon ( on February 3.

In addition to a career in broadcasting as a go-to guest on Howard Stern’s radio show and co-host of “Mancow TV,” Chip is writing his autobiography.  It will chronicle, in part, his three decades in EZ. In 1989, Enuff Z’nuff released its self-titled debut, and the hit singles “New Thing” and “Fly High Michelle,” which earned them the first of two Gold records, huge credibility in the music video landscape, and legions of fans from the pop, rock, hippie, metal, and glam communities.  Rolling Stone, David Letterman, and Howard Stern have all been continued vocal supporters of the band.   A new record of Enuff Z’nuff originals is planned for 2015.

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REASONS BEHIND Stream Two New Songs & Video from ‘The Alpha Memory’

January 22nd, 2015
by EvilG

Italian symphonic power metal band, Reasons Behind are streaming two new tracks, ‘Under the Surface’ and ‘The Chemical Theater’, from their debut full-length album ‘The Alpha Memory’, which was released worldwide on Dec. 1st, through Maple Metal Records.

‘Under the Surface’ is streaming online at this location:
‘The Chemical Theater’:

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