CARL SENTANCE – Nazareth, Persian Risk, Don Airey band, ex- Krokus, Geezer Butler band and more..

May 10th, 2015
by Marko Syrjala




Welsh singer Carl Sentance began his musical career in 1975 when he founded his first band Leading Star. In 1980, he replaced John Deverill as singer NWOBHM band Persian Risk. The band broke up in 1986, and later Sentance worked with several bands including Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler’s solo band, a former UFO guitarist Paul Chapman, and the Swiss Krokus, with whom he recorded a TOTAL of 13 in 1999. In 2006, Sentance teamed up with Deep Purple’s keyboard player Don Airey. So far they have released three albums, the latest, KEYED UP, was released in 2014. Sentence’s first solo album, MIND DOCTOR, was published in 2008; musical guests include Airey and Thunder rhythm section of Harry James and Chris Childs. Persian Risk returned with a new line-up in 2012, and later in the same year, the band released ONCE A KING. In February 2015 it was announced that Sentance had joined to the legendary Scottish Nazareth, replacing Linton Osbourne who in turn had replaced the band’s original vocalist Dan McGafferty just a year earlier. We met  Sentance in Hämeenlinna, Finland, just before his first performance with Nazareth.

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Neonfly – Guitarist Frederick Thunder

May 10th, 2015
by Anders Sandvall

interview_neonfly_promo_logo_2_2015 Guitarist Frederick Thunder- Neonfly

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Emil Westerdahl at Inner Wound Recordings for setting up the interview.
Thanks to Inner Wound Recordings for the promo pictures of the band.
Additional promotional pictures taken by: Kristian Heat Renter, Kenny Swan, Kamil Janowski

Neonfly - Strangers in Paradise

From London, England comes the melodic heavy metal act Neonfly. When it was time to do an interview with the band, I had the pleasure to talk to Frederick Thunder who is one of the guitarists. STRANGERS IN PARADISE is the name of the bands’ second album, which was released at the end of last year. I was curious to know more about the band, and if you read on, you’ll see what Thunder had to say. One of the things we spoke about was why the band headed over to Frankfurt, Germany to record the album with the famous producer/musician Dennis Ward. Neonfly has gained some massive success in Great Britain during the last couple of years and I wondered how the band handles that. Read more below… Read the rest of this entry »

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Calgary Metalfest IV June 3-7, 2015

May 10th, 2015
by EvilG
Calgary Metalfest IV June 3-7, 2015

Calgary Metalfest IV June 3-7, 2015

Big Nate Productions presents Calgary Metalfest IV June 3-7, 2015 with over 40 bands, kicking off June 3rd at The Ship & Anchor Pub featuring: The Electric Revival, Bloated Pig, Lucid Scream, The Outer, and Woodhawk.


June 4th at Vern’s Bar will feature: The Cadavor Dog, Frightenstein, SS Doom, DethGod, Penitentz, After The Prophet, and No More Moments.


June 5th the Main Stage at Dickens Pub will feature: Villainizer (Edmonton), Begrime Exemious (Edmonton), Without Mercy (Abbotsford BC), Neck of the Woods (Vancouver), Vile Insignia, Every Hour Kills, Riot City, and Moosifix. Lord Nelson’s Bar features: Mortillery (Edmonton), Dead Asylum (Vancouver), XUL (Vernon BC), Sentient, Path to Extinction, Altars of Grief (Regina), and Skymir.


June 6th the Main Stage at Dickens will feature: Kobra and the Lotus, Into Eternity (Regina), Caveat, Untimely Demise (Saskatoon), Viathyn, Sparky (Saskatoon), Noire (Winnipeg), and Apprentice (Vancouver). Lord Nelson’s Bar features: Lavagoat (Saskatoon), Kataplexis, Chieftain, Doberman, Numenorean, Triton, and Okazaki Fragments.


June 7th CMF IV Hangover Party at Distortion – Live Music Venue. Bands to be announced.

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Hardcore Night – Helsinki Finland

May 9th, 2015
by Arto Lehtinen


Expanding other type of extreme music and becoming familiar with different styles of bands however sharing the brutal and aggressive ambitions in their music is definitely refreshing and interesting. Going to the ultimate Hardcore Night festival kind of thing headlined by Madball was both brutal and sweaty experience. It is pretty convinced these kinds of hard core events draw total different kind of audience base than a normal and traditional metal concert and gigs. It is obvious these kinds of hard core events with some major band as a headliner are needed for sure.

The venue was nothing utter perfect for the hardcore night event. The old small worn out and a bit dirty industry catacomb created the unique atmosphere for the Hardcore Night even with six bands all in all. The domestic hardcore outfits kicked the night off and did a marvelous warm-up show by playing on two separate stages.

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SLASH Partners With IFAW

May 8th, 2015
by Celtic Bob

Tweet it:
@Slash releases new song “Beneath The Savage Sun” (HERE) to benefit @action4IFAW

SLASH–the iconic American rock guitarist, songwriter and film producer-today (May 7) announced the release of the song and video “Beneath The Savage Sun.”

SLASH has partnered with International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) to raise awareness of the slaughter of elephants which is leading to their early extinction. To watch the video and get the song for free, DONATE (HERE) and TAKE ACTION (HERE). The U.S.-based charity IFAW works around the world on every aspect of the elephant crisis-on the front lines to stop the killing of elephants, in transit countries to stop the trafficking of ivory and in consumer countries to stop the demand for ivory products. For more information, visit:

While on tour in South Africa, SLASH and the lead singer of his band MYLES KENNEDY witnessed the devastation of the elephants first-hand and knew they had to act. Together, they wrote the song “Beneath The Savage Sun” from the perspective of an elephant whose family has been wiped out. The hypnotic rock song is a highlight on the group’s critically acclaimed current album WORLD ON FIRE.

“An elephant is killed every 15 minutes for its ivory and the result is the elephant population has declined 95% in the past century,” explains SLASH. “Seeing that these majestic animals are on the path to extinction, possibly within the next decade, we wrote ‘Beneath The Savage Sun’ and partnered with IFAW. Donate to IFAW’s work to take action and protect elephants.”

IFAW’s CEO Azzedine Downes expressed gratitude to SLASH and MYLES KENNEDY for calling attention to the current elephant poaching crisis, “To save elephants from this senseless slaughter, we need everyone to stand up and demand stronger protection and we need to help fund action on the ground in Africa and Asia. We are grateful to Slash, Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators for reaching out to their fans to share this important message.”

SLASH and his band Featuring Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators are currently in the midst of a U.S. headlining tour which stops at Terminal 5 in New York City, tonight. The month-long tour–encompassing headlining shows and festival appearances–is the first solo trek supporting the group’s acclaimed studio album WORLD ON FIRE which is SLASH’s third straight solo album to debut in the Top Ten in the U.S and the second album with his official band The Conspirators which features MYLES KENNEDY (vocals), BRENT FITZ (drums), TODD KERNS (bass) and FRANK SIDORIS (touring guitarist). Tickets are on sale at


SHARE the “Beneath The Savage Sun” video:
BUY the “Beneath The Savage Sun” song and donate to IFAW’s work to protect elephants:

Read more facts about elephants (HERE).
Find out more about IFAW here:


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May 7th, 2015
by Robert Williams


Interview conducted by Robert Williams

Video & editing courtesy of Sandra Torres

Sweden’s death-glam four-piece Deathstars recently embarked on their first ever US tour alongside the gothic metal of Portugal’s Moonspell and headliners Septic Flesh as part of the Conquerors of the World III banner. Minutes prior to their first North American appearance at the Dirty Dog Bar in Austin, Texas; guitarist Nightmare Industries and bassist Skinny Disco took the time to speak with about the early beginnings of the band, the Deathstars’ latest album “The Perfect Cult”, last year’s tour bus fire incident and they even weighed in on their opinions of American beer. Make sure to catch the “Conquerors of the World III” tour when it hits your neck of the woods…

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Underground symphony announce release of the new Skylark record “The Storm and the Horizon”

May 7th, 2015
by EvilG
Skylark "The Storm and the Horizon"

Skylark “The Storm and the Horizon”

Underground symphony is proud to announce the release of the new Skylark record “The Storm and the Horizon”

To celebrate the 20 years of the band’s activity, an outstanding Digibook with 4 CDs and an oversize booklet of 48 pages with lyrics and photos will be published.

Inside the Digibook, together with this new record, there will be the extend version of the EP eyes, now becoming a real full length, the remake of Dragon’s Secrets entitled Divine Gates part 5 chapter 2: The Dragon’s Gate, entirely rerecorded, and a new selection of their Best of (Divine Gates part 5 Chapter 1: The road to the Light).

All songs has been engineered at the Saltmine studio (arizona) by Jeremy Parker (Evenescence, Slipknot, Simple Plan, Trivium…) and mastered by Ryan Smith at Sterling Sound (NYC).

Release date: 1st of June.

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Swedish Viking black metal-tinged act KING OF ASGARD announce new line-up

May 7th, 2015
by EvilG

The line-up of KING OF ASGARD is complete again with the addition of new guitarist Ted Sjulmark!

Comments the band: “During the recent past the trembling tree has calmed its turmoil… As of today King of Asgard has the pleasure to introduce to thee, the closure of the formless void, the King’s new guitarist; Ted Sjulmark. Ted has in the past been in collaboration with our latest recruit and drummer Mathias Westman as well as long time villainy in viking metal outfit, Grimner. Accompanied with creation and destruction, death and rebirth we’re fully engaged in writing the new material and we’re far and in great progress on the new epic journey, fueled with new fresh blood within the ranks. King of Asgard has risen… with sharpened claws – on worn wings!

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Wicked Inquisition Interview with Nate Towle

May 7th, 2015
by UK Team

Wicked Inquisition Interview
with Vocalist/Guitarist Nate Towle

Interview by Jo Blackened

[INTERVIEW] Wicked Inquisition

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From Hell’s Heart: Top 6 songs about metal!

May 7th, 2015
by Metal Rules

From Hells Heart

From Hell’s Heart:
What are the top 6 songs about METAL?

This week we reflect upon songs that are about the very thing we all love – heavy metal.  Typically, these songs have the word “metal” somewhere in their title. Some may not, but for our purposes, we’ve excluded any songs where the title/topic is “rock”.  As much as “Long Live Rock n’ Roll” is an awesome song, or as much as there are other killer songs using the more generic term “rock”, it is not considered here. So here’s what we came up with…

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FAITH NO MORE To Stream Concert, Album and TV Appearance

May 7th, 2015
by Celtic Bob

Dustin Rabin Photography, Faith No More, FNM, Dustin Rabin

Faith No More, who release Sol Invictus, their first new album in eighteen years, on May 18, will be live streaming their May 8 concert from Detroit via Yahoo! Live at 9:15 pm eastern:

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TEN, release lyric video for the song ‘Tell Me What To Do‘

May 7th, 2015
by Celtic Bob

British hard rock giants TEN, released a lyric video for the song ‘Tell Me What To Do‘ from the forthcoming album ‘Isla De Muerta‘, out May 20th 2015 via Rocktopia Records. The video can be viewed below.

Following on from the massive success of ‘Albion‘ released in Nov 2014, ‘Isla De Muerta‘ sees TEN continue their extremely rich vein of song writing form, however this time gravitating towards a nautical theme in difference to the strong Celtic themes of ‘Albion‘.

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RAVEN Enter The Billboard Charts With New Album ExtermiNation

May 7th, 2015
by Celtic Bob


RAVEN are that rare thing in music, true originals – cut these guys with a razor and they will bleed true heavy metal – a more intense live band does not exist on this planet!

The band released their highly anticipated new album ExtermiNation last week on SPV/Steamhammer.  The album which was met with critical acclaim has entered the Billboard Charts.  The album came in at #53 on the Billboard Hard Music Charts and #190 on the Billboard Independant Albums Chart.

ExtermiNation is available in a digipak version (incl. 1 bonus track), 2LP gatefold green vinyl version and download.The album is available for purchase HERE.

Look for RAVEN to be on the road soon supporting their monstrous new release!

Track Listing Digipak:
1. Destroy All Monsters
2. Tomorrow
3. It`s Not What You Got
4. Fight
5. Battle March/Tank Treads (The Blood Runs Red)
6. Feeding The Monster
7. Fire Burns Within
8. Scream
9. One More Day
10. Thunder Down Under
11. No Surrender
12. Golden Dawn
13. Silver Bullet
14. River Of No Return
15. Malice In Geordieland  (Bonus Track)

For More Info Visit:

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The Gentle Storm and Stream of Passion @ The Garage, London, April 23 2015

May 7th, 2015
by UK Team

The Gentle Storm

@ The Garage, London
23rd of April 2015

Review & photos by Graham Hilling

The Gentle Storm

The Gentle Storm

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Anaal Nathrakh @ The Black Heart, London

May 7th, 2015
by UK Team

Anaal Nathrakh

@ The Black Heart, London
20th April, 2015

Anaal Nathrakh  @ The Black Heart, London  20th May, 2015

Anaal Nathrakh @ The Black Heart, London 20th May, 2015

Review by Caitlin Smith

Photos by Jo Moolenschot

Camden has long been known for the place to find some of the most exciting metal music in London, hidden down the back alley is one of the areas up and coming venues, The Black Heart. It’s not the first time this venue has seen bands bigger than its boots play their stage, with Red Fang hosting an exclusive intimate gig at the venue. Pulling in another mega-band for a special Monday night performance, Anaal Nathrakh take to the stage for an exclusive intimate show.

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