Trixter Guitarist Added to Fat Chick Tribute Album

August 10th, 2010
by EvilG

WHOLE LOTTA LOVE: An All-Star Salute To Fat Chicks

WHOLE LOTTA LOVE: An All-Star Salute To Fat Chicks

Trixter guitarist Steve Brown has joined the roster of the upcoming tribute album “WHOLE LOTTA LOVE: An All-Star Salute To Fat Chicks.” Steve puts a rock spin on the hit single “Big Girl (You Are Beautiful),” made famous by current pop sensation Mika. A celebratory affirmation of plus-sized women, it was written as the theme for the Butterfly Lounge, a California nightclub catering to larger ladies and their admirers. The song was an international Top 40 hit in 2007 and has been featured on such TV shows as ABC‘s “Ugly Betty” and “Good Morning America.” Brown took the dance beat of the original and infused it with his own patented guitar stylings, adding a hard rock coating around its pop center. A sample of the song is now available at the official “WHOLE LOTTA LOVE” MySpace page.

“Women make the world go ’round,” states an enthusiastic Steve Brown. “All shapes and sizes, I love ’em all! As such, this is the perfect song for me. I stuck with the dance groove and added some big guitars and huge vocals to take this tune to the next level. It rocks and it (jelly) rolls!”

Also confirmed for the tribute is the inclusion of a track from newcomers Triangle Exception, who contribute a cover of the song “Big, Fat, Sexy Mama.” Channeling the spirits of the Rolling Stones and the New York Dolls, “Big, Fat, Sexy Mama” is a raucous ballad extolling the virtues of making love to a fuller figured woman. The song originated with New York City underground sensation The Compulsions, hailed by “Classic Rock” magazine as “The Coolest Band in the World” and featuring frontman Rob Carlyle, alongside current Guns N Roses members Richard Fortus and Frank Ferrer. A sample of the song is now available at the official “WHOLE LOTTA LOVE” MySpace page.

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Albatross reveal cover art, track list, & stream new track on Myspace

August 10th, 2010
by EvilG
Albatross - Dinner Is You

Albatross - Dinner Is You

Horror metal band ‘Albatross’ from Mumbai who recently signed to Demonstealer Records have revealed the cover artwork and tracklist for their debut EP ‘Dinner Is You’.

Dinner is You‘ is a sick, sadistic tale of cannibalism and the Kuru disease, which is a nervous system disorder afflicting cannibals, making them laugh uncontrollably. Each song is a spine-chilling story told through skull crushing metal.

The album has been mastered by Grammy nominated guitarist Andy LaRocque from King Diamond/Death.

1. The Great Plague Of The 21st Century
2. The Dining Table
3. In The Court Of Kuru
4. Among the Cannibals

The band has released their track ‘The Dining Table’ for streaming on their Myspace page:

The album can be pre-ordered from

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August 10th, 2010
by EvilG


From the deepest pit of the American underground crawls the cult GRAVEWURM, relentlessly pursuing their muse since 1990: only the darkest, ugliest, absolutely swampiest blackdeath. Now with their seventh and final album Blood of the Pentagram, GRAVEWURM continue to perfect that muse, engrossingly hypnotizing with an addictive minimalism that’s simply bred for headbanging. Darker than ever, uglier than ever, and ever obedient to his majesty at the swamp – drink deep the Blood of the Pentagram!

Recommended for diehards of GOATLORD, SODOM, HELLHAMMER, NUNSLAUGHTER, early VARATHRON, and SATHANAS/BATHYM! “When you need metal, go to hell!”

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GRAVE DIGGER Release Coverart for “The Clans Will Rise Again”

August 10th, 2010
by EvilG
GRAVE DIGGER "The Clans Will Rise Again"

GRAVE DIGGER "The Clans Will Rise Again"

Here its is … the REAL new GRAVE DIGGER Cover for “The Clans Will Rise Again”.

It will be released in Germany and the rest of Europe at the 1st of October and in the US at the 12th of October 2010.

Together with new member Axel Ritt on guitars, the band entrenched themselves from mid-May to mid-July at the MEADOW STUDIOS of Axel Ritt and the PRINCIPAL STUDIOS, the place all albums have been recordet since “Heart Of Darkness” in 1995. Mixed by Jörg Umbreit and produced by Chris Boltendahl, THE CLANS WILL RISE AGAIN will lead the listeners back to the Scottish highlands.

Chris Boltendahl, Jens Becker, Stefan Arnold, HP Katzenburg and Axel Ritt offer an explosive mixture of the typical GRAVE DIGGER riff metal, combined with awesome epic chorus hooks, which will fascinate the fans from the very first note. THE CLANS ARE BACK FOR ATTACK!

THE CLANS WILL RISE AGAIN is a loose sequel of the TUNES OF WAR album, but this time not a concept album about the Scottish history, rather a work about Scotland, it’s mysticism and it’s people.

THE CLANS WILL RISE AGAIN will be released in Europe by Napalm Records Oct. 1st 2010.

The tracklist:


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August 10th, 2010
by EvilG

EXILED TO EARTH, the ripping new album from Pomona, California thrashers BONDED BY BLOOD, is due to hit stores in North America tomorrow, August 10th.  BONDED BY BLOOD frontman JOSE BARRALES recently sat down to discuss EXILED TO EARTH, offering some insight into the story behind the album as well as a track-by-track breakdown.  Check out the video at

Set 600 years in the future, EXILED TO EARTH tells the tale of the Crong, an alien race sent to Earth with one goal – global domination.  A skilled group of warriors must now face the impossible and overthrow the Crong to take back our planet.  An original comic strip illustrating some of the story can be found at
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August 10th, 2010
by EvilG

Everyone’s favorite bong-huffing death metallers, Richmond, VA’s CANNABIS CORPSE, have just released the first installment of a video series documenting their first-ever European tour. The triumphant trail they blazed across the continent  inspired axeslinger Landphil (Municipal Waste) and artist Luna Duran to team up once again to commit the band’s weed-induced antics to film for your viewing pleasure.

Check out the video HERE:

Cannabis Corpse are currently taking time off from recording their forthcoming LP, which has had the boys hard at work hot boxing the studio for months, and will be taking their ganj-obsessed live show on the road. This month, the perma-stoned quartet (featuring new guitarist  Brent Purgason of Antietem 1862 and US Brass)  will be blazing through a town near you! Emerging from the bloodsoaked killing field’s of August 8th’s GWAR-B-QUE massacre and armed with plenty of heady new joints off their latest release, The Weeding EP (Tank Crimes), Cannabis Corpse will be hauling ass across the US, including four days in support of Hate Eternal and Order of Ennead (August 24th-27th).

Check out some killer photos Ben Muir captured at their recent GWAR-B-QUE appearance here:!/album.php?aid=2050371&id=1393952068&ref=mf


August 10 – 3030 Polish Hell, Pittsburgh, PA
August 11 – The 5 O’clock Lounge, Cleveland, OH
August 12 – The Brass Rail, Fort Wayne, IN
August 13 – Exit, Chicago, IL
August 14 – Indianapolis @ The Tibbs House, Indianapolis IN
August 15 – Carabar, Columbus, OH
August 23 – The Soap Box, Wilmington, NC
August 24 – The Masquerade (W/ Hate Eternal), Atlanta, GA
August 25 – Ground Zero W/ Hate Eternal and Order of Ennead), Spartanburg, SC
August 26 – Volume 11 (W/ Hate Eternal), Raleigh, NC
August 27 – Jaxx (W/ Hate Eternal), Springfield, VA


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SATAN’S HOST reveal new album title, offer studio report w/ original vocalist Harry Conklin

August 10th, 2010
by EvilG
Satan's Host 2010 lineup

Satan's Host 2010 lineup

Satanic metal warlords SATAN’S HOST are currently at Flatline Audio with legendary super-producer Dave Otero working on the bands ninth studio album, entitled By the Hands of the Devil, to be released next year by MORIBUND RECORDS.

With the departure of vocalist Eli Elixir and the return of Leviathan Thisiren (AKA Harry Conklin, of JAG PANZER and Titan Force) into the SH grotto on vocals, the band has recently performed in Germany for the Keep True Festival in April 2010, and have done some local Colorado shows to prepare for the new album. Founding six-string sorcerer Patrick Evil, with his cornucopia of uber-evil riffs, has been at the top of his game with all-new tracks that will devour the weak at heart and those who try to dismiss this true metal virtuoso. Anthony “Evil Hobbit” Lopez, making his second appearance on the drums of doom, has taken the groove to a new hellish high, and with the addition of Margar on dass, SATAN’S HOST have taken their musical journey to new, darker realms with deeper and broader themes and lyrical content. Adds Patrick Evil, “I think this will be our greatest album to date. Our ninth release for our 25th aniversary – how much better can it get than that?” Prepare for a revival of the primal!!!
For more info, consult:

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CONTRIVE album launch ADELAIDE this Saturday

August 10th, 2010
by EvilG

After a recent show supporting TESTAMENT on their Australian Tour, the band hit the road once more this week & head to Adelaide. They will be launching their new album The Internal Dialogue this Saturday August 14th @ The Crown & Anchor Hotel – FREE ENTRY!

More reviews for the new album:

Mixed By DEVIN TOWNSEND out now across Australia. Available at all JB Hi Fi & Independent Stores through MGM Distribution or iTunes Worldwide. The 1st Pressing – Ltd Ed Hand Numbered Digi Pack 500 copies only! Be quick & order worldwide via the band’s Webstore.

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August 10th, 2010
by EvilG

HEAVY ARTILLERY RECORDS is pleased to announce the signing of Portland, OR based extreme thrash purveyors EXCRUCIATOR.
Unsatisfied with current trends and the overdone “core” music that was being heard throughout Portland, EXCRUCIATOR was formed to help revive the spirit and values of true heavy metal, long-since lost in the Pacific Northwest. Initially starting as a side project, the concept was hatched when guitarist/vocalist Chris Birkle proposed the idea of starting a faster, heavier, traditional metal band to long-time friend and fellow guitarist Josh Kay. The two agreed and during the winter of 2008 convinced the destroyer of strings, Craig Bridenbeck, to join on bass. Not content to sit idle while searching for a drummer, the trio began writing original material and recorded a rough one song demo using a drum machine. The demo reached the ears of drummer Marcus Hartford who quickly convinced the band with his thunderous beats that he was the right man for the job. The four found instantaneous cohesion and continued writing new material while rehearsing frequently.

Within a few months EXCRUCIATOR had built a solid repertoire of original songs and by the summer of 2009 the band entered the studio to record their first proper demo. The eight-track demo quickly gained favor amongst the Portland metal crowd and this growing notoriety allowed the four to acquire gigs with national acts such acts as Forbidden, Cauldron, Enforcer, and Witchaven amongst others. Eventually, the band’s hard work and networking allowed for them to be heard and ultimately signed by New York-based HEAVY ARTILLERY RECORDS, who upon hearing the band, were immediately convinced that what EXCRUCIATOR had to offer was a cut above the throng of young traditional metal acts whose demos flood the label’s mail box.

Eager to prove their mettle to the masses, EXCRUCIATOR is currently writing all new material for their full-length debut album, tentatively scheduled for release during spring 2011. Forging a path of unrelenting sonic destruction, EXCRUCIATOR will be breaking the ice with an extremely limited vinyl release of their demo to coincide with their US tour. Stay tuned for details.

Listen to EXCRUCIATOR at
Watch the live video for “Malevolence Impure” at

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Van Canto: Rebellion Video & Gamescom

August 10th, 2010
by EvilG

It’s been a long time coming, but the fan clip to the Grave Digger Cover “Rebellion” is finally available. Rakkatakka-fans may watch the clip HERE! In addition, Van Canto will deliver the perfect soundtrack for Frogster’s (“Runes of Magic”) appearance at this year’s GAMESCOM.


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Monster Magnet: Mastermind Coming This October

August 10th, 2010
by EvilG

It is time to tune in to MONSTERMAGNET.NET for the relaunch of their newly designed website. Focused around the late October worldwide release of their new studio album “Mastermind”, the re-launch will also be the worldwide premiere of the new album’s cover artwork, designed by Invisible Creature (Wolfmother, Chris Cornell, Foo Fighters).

“I’m extremely proud of this new album,” says Magnet frontman Dave Wyndorf. “It’s been an amazing process, the songs are exactly what I wanted them to be, and I’m proud to begin presenting this new phase of the band on our new website.”

Monster Magnet make their way to Europe for a short festival run beginning next week and have just put tickets on sale for a string of UK dates in November. European dates to follow. A full list can be found HERE!

The band will be making many more announcements leading up to the release of “Mastermind”. Join the MONSTERMAGNET.NET RSS feed for up-to-date information and updates.


Aug. 10 Saarburcken (D) @ Garage

Aug. 11 Avenches (CH) @ Rock Oz Arenes Festival

Aug. 13 Feldkirch (A) @ Poolbar Festival

Aug. 14 Burgenland (A) @ Picture On Festival

Aug. 15 Budapest (HU) @ Sziget Festival

Aug. 17 Prague (CZ) @ KD Vltavska

Aug. 18 Frankfurt o.M. (D) @ Batschkapp

Aug. 20 Lierop (NL) @ Nirwana Tuinfest

Aug. 21 Ludinghausen (D) @ Area 4 Festival

Aug. 22 Großposna/Leipzig (D) @ Highfield Festival

Nov. 18 Cardiff (UK) @ Millenium Music Hall

Nov. 20 Sheffield (UK) Corporation

Nov. 21 Reading (UK) @ Sub 89

Nov. 22 Southampton (UK) @ University

Nov. 23 Birmingham (UK) @ HMV Insititute

Nov. 25 Manchester (UK) @ Moho Live

Nov. 26 London (UK) @ Electric Ballroom


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August 10th, 2010
by EvilG
MASSIVE SLAVERY "Global Enslavement"

MASSIVE SLAVERY "Global Enslavement"

Canadian death metallers MASSIVE SLAVERY have just released their debut, GLOBAL ENSLAVEMENT; a concept death metal album that explores some of the darkest parts of modern history, that caused the epic failures of our society today.

Global Enslavement was released July 26th via Maple Metal Records, the Canadian label launched by John Belrose, producer of Exciter -‘Heavy Metal Maniac’.

MASSIVE SLAVERY hail from the Abitibi region in Northern Quebec.  This quartet was formed by ex-members of Quebec death metal bands: Paroxysm, Descend Into Nothingness, and Decrepity.

Yannick St-Amand, who is responsible for producing such acts as Despised Icon, Beneath The Massacre, and Neuraxis, produced ‘Global Enslavement’. The album was recorded at Northern Studio, Northern Quebec in January, and was mixed and mastered by Pierre Rémillard (Anvil, Kataklysm, Misery Index, Malevolent Creation) at Wild Studio, north of Montreal in February. The collaboration of this musical assault combines a mix of melodic, brutal and technical death metal.


Jon ‘The ProF’ St-Pierre – vocals
Joel St-Amant – guitar
Marc-André Barrette – bass
Pierre-Alexandre Mercier – drums

Track listing:
1. MediAssassiNation
2. Shade of Corruption
3. Global Enslavement
4. The Denial of Man’s Regression
5. Destroy, Rebuild, Repeat
6. A Cold Interlude
7. Wider We Open Our Eyes
8. Pull the Plug on Modern Civilization
9. Humanity’s Last Hope
10. Generalized Cyberphobia

For more info on MASSIVE SLAVERY check out:

For more info on MAPLE METAL RECORDS:

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August 9th, 2010
by EvilG
EXODUS’ ninth studio album, Exhibit B: The Human Condition

EXODUS’ ninth studio album, Exhibit B: The Human Condition

Deemed one of metal’s most important heritage bands for the lasting – and ongoing – contributions they’ve made to the creation and sustenance of the thrash metal genre, Bay Area thrashers EXODUS teamed up once again with SchneppZone video director Jon Schnepp of Metalocalypse fame for a visually pummeling video… so pummeling, in fact, that you can hurt yourself!


“Downfall” is now available for viewing on Nuclear Blast Europe’s YouTube channel, the EXODUS YouTube Channel, and the band’s MySpace page.  The track comes off the band’s  Billboard Top 200 charting album, Exhibit B: The Human Condition.  The video was shot on April 1st on the old set of the television sitcom Night Court and features animated sequences by Los Angeles-based traditional animator Jeremy Polgar.

About getting to work with EXODUS again, Schnepp stated: “I think their music is incredible and they always give me 100% at the video shoot.  Working with these legends of thrash metal again has been a blast!”

EXODUS’ ninth studio album, Exhibit B: The Human Condition, hit #1 on the CMJ Loud Rock radio chart and sold over 4,600 copies in the U.S. the week of its release according to Nielsen SoundScan.  Exhibit B debuted at #114 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart, #43 on the Billboard Top Rock Albums chart, #19 on the Billboard Independent Albums chart, and #12 on the Billboard Hard Rock Albums chart.  The album also debuted at #19 on the Neilsen SoundScan LOUD Chart in Canada.

Before EXODUS launch their headlining “March Of Brutality” tour of North America with Malevolent Creation, Holy Grail, and Bonded By Blood, they’ll make a special one-off appearance at the Ozzfest kick-off show in San Bernardino, California on Saturday, August 14th.

View “March Of Brutality” tour dates here.

Visit EXODUS online at,, &

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Trans-Siberian Orchestra Announce Winter 2010 tour Dates

August 9th, 2010
by EvilG

To All Our Friends,

The Winter Tour stage is being built as we speak and the entire band is counting the days till we get to fire up the new show. As always we are determined to take the show to another level. Can’t wait to see you on the road.

Sincerely From New York City (Nocturnal Division),

Paul O’Neill & Everyone in the Trans-Siberian Orchestra

Click here to visit Trans-Siberian Express, TSO’s Fan Club community site, for the latest updates and access to this year’s exclusive Winter Tour pre-sale.

(All dates and venues are subject to change).

Check out the dates here:

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BEHEMOTH Frontman Releases Statement Regarding Illness, Tour Cancellations

August 9th, 2010
by EvilG

Guitarist/vocalist Adam “Nergal” Darski of Polish extreme metallers BEHEMOTH, who was reportedly rushed to the Gdansk Medical University Hospital over the weekend to receive treatment for an undisclosed illness, has released the following English-language statement regarding his condition:

“I’d like to announce that BEHEMOTH won’t be able to tour for the forseeable future.

“I don’t wanna bore you with details here, but I’m sick and am receiving some serious medical treatment. It’s gonna take another few weeks or more for full recovery, and so we have been forced to cancel all the BEHEMOTH shows in August, planned dates in Russia and Baltic States for September and October and our American tour in November.

“I know how much it sucks, but health comes first.

“I can assure all of you that when we return, I’ll be stronger than death, and we’ll reschedule every tour as soon as logistics allow.

“I feel good and strong, my mind is focused, I’ve got my loving woman by my side, my band mates, friends (never thought there are so many, haha), management, agents and label people are giving me massive support. I can’t ask for more but a little patience now.

“The fact that we won’t be touring for the next few months doesn’t mean we’ll hibernate. BEHEMOTH will be active on several other levels.

“In upcoming days you can expect the premiere of our newest video, ‘Alas, Lord Is Upon Me’, which is by far the sickest fuckin’ thing we’ve ever done! ‘Evangelia Heretika’ DVD is coming out as scheduled in November this year. Also, check out our webstore that opens for international markets in upcoming weeks.

“This is it for now. Stay tuned!”

Jaroslaw Burdek, manager of Darski’s girlfriend, 26-year-old Polish pop singer Doda (real name: Dorota Rabczewska), reportedly told the media in Poland that Nergal had been ill for several days prior to being admitted to the hospital.

It was reported by that Darski was taken to the hematology division of the Gdansk Medical University Hospital, although this has not yet been officially confirmed.

Hematology, also spelled haematology, is the branch of internal medicine, physiology, pathology, clinical laboratory work, and pediatrics that is concerned with the study of blood, the blood-forming organs, and blood diseases.

BEHEMOTH’s second DVD, “Evangelia Heretika”, will be released in the U.S. via Metal Blade Records, in Europe through Nuclear Blast Records, and in Poland via Mystic Records.

BEHEMOTH recently shot a video for the song “Alas The Lord Is Upon Me”, taken from the band’s latest album, “Evangelion”. The clip was produced and directed by Dariusz Szermanowicz and Grupa 13, which previously helmed BEHEMOTH’s videos for “Ov Fire And The Void” and “At The Left Hand Ov God”.

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