July 21st, 2010
by EvilG


Cleveland, Ohio’s CHIMAIRA are pleased to release their brand new CD/DVD box set, Coming Alive, today! Head over to the CHIMAIRA website to view the exclusive new DVD trailer! You can also check out the audio portion of Coming Alive at right now! Purchase Coming Alive now at and!

Coming Alive includes a four-part documentary filmed over the course of a year and a half while the entire package includes over 7 hours of exclusive content. The DVD, filmed entirely in HD, showcases CHIMAIRA in the studio while recording the Billboard-charting, The Infection, and chronicles their recent, worldwide touring season. In summary, Coming Alive is an in-depth look into CHIMAIRA’s life and music in the studio and on the road.

Not only does the DVD set include this amazing documentary piece, another section, CHIMAIRA XMAS: Live Concert Film, celebrates the 10th annual CHIMAIRA Christmas show in Cleveland, Ohio, which took place on December 30th, 2009. 13 HD cameras capture CHIMAIRA releasing their fury for their hometown crowd on a dark and snowy night in December.

Bonus features on the DVD include a 45 minute Resurrection: ‘Making of’ documentary, a 40 minute home-video footage documentary of never before seen moments, and a live CD featuring 17 tracks recorded at CHIMAIRA’s December 30th Christmas show. The tracklisting is as follows:

1 The Venom Inside

2 Resurrection

3 Power Trip

4 Empire

5 The Disappearing Sun

6 Severed

7 Destroy and Dominate

8 Six

9 The Dehumanizing Process

10 Dead Inside

11 Painting The White To Grey

12 Nothing Remains

13 Salvation

14 Secrets Of The Dead

15 The Flame

16 Pure Hatred

17 Implements of Destruction (included on DVD only)

CHIMAIRA will be touring this summer on the ROCKSTAR ENERGY DRINK MAYHEM FESTIVAL! In addition to those dates, CHIMAIRA will be performing select off-dates! See below for all current tour dates. Read the rest of this entry »

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July 21st, 2010
by EvilG
Mike Alexander (R.I.P.)

Mike Alexander (R.I.P.)

In October 2009 Evile’s bassist, Mike Alexander, passed away whilst on tour in Sweden. He died of a pulmonary embolism, he was 32. Two months after the tragedy, in December 2009, Evile arranged two memorial shows (Leeds & London) to honour the memory of Mike and to raise money for his family. While Mutant and Seregon played the show by request, Matt, Ol and Ben got together with members of the other bands and Nick Barker to play some covers by some of Mike’s favourite bands including Sepultura, Testament, Metallica, Pantera and Slayer. Below are videos of the entire covers set, including messages read out from Mike’s family and Earache Records, at the Mike Alexander Memorial Show in London on December 8th, 2009.

Evile lead guitarist, Ol Drake, had the following to say: “The two nights we did in December meant so much to us all. It was our own way of saying goodbye to our friend, Mike. We attended his funeral with his family and friends, and it was a good ceremony, but we wanted something we know Mike would have loved; two nights of Metal. It was tough to get back on stage again without looking over and seeing him there, as that’s what we’d all seen on stage for the past 10/11 years. I don’t think people realise how long we all played together. We still miss Mike dearly and can’t believe he’s gone. Thank you to everyone involved in helping us make these nights happen, and thanky ou to everyone for coming and paying your respects. I hope you enjoy these videos!”

R.I.P. Mike Alexander 1977 – 2009


Messages & Thanks

Sepultura – Mass Hypnosis

Testament – Disciples of the Watch

Sepultura – Troops of Doom

Slayer – Postmortem / Raining Blood (Impromptu)

Pantera – Domination

Metallica – Creeping Death

Metallica – Four Horsemen

Metallica – Seek & Destroy

Metallica – Master of Puppets (Impromptu)

The End of The Memorial Show

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JUNGLE ROT drummer bows out of the band

July 21st, 2010
by EvilG

JUNGLE ROT drummer finds himself caught in a personal crisis, bows out of the band + new US tour dates w/ LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH and WOE OF TYRANTS

Death metal institution and Napalm recording artists JUNGLE ROT report the following regarding the departure of drummer Eric House: “Eric found himself in a personal crisis that demanded his utmost attention. Therefore, he had no choice but to leave the band. Since then, we have been jamming with our good friend Tony Ochoa [SINDROME, SPEED HATE KILL] behind the kit, and things are sounding great! Tony is a ridiculously hard hitter and will be joining us on the road for the upcoming U.S. tour!”

In other news, JUNGLE ROT will soon be touring the US & Canada in support of the band’s latest album, What Horrors Await, released last year via Napalm Records. Support on this trek will come from Metal Blade recording artists LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH and WOE OF TYRANTS. Comments founding vocalist/guitarist David Matrise: “We are stoked to get back out on the road in the U.S. and Canada! It’s been way too long! We expect to see you at the shows! No excuses! For all the fans in areas of the country we are not visiting on this tour, fret not! We will be doing more extensive touring in the spring after the release of our new album.”

Read the rest of this entry »

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July 21st, 2010
by EvilG



Flamenco Guitar Master BENJAMIN WOODS of the Band FLAMETAL Releases New Cd ‘HEAVY MELLOW” Featuring STEVE STEVENS

HOLLYWOOD (July 21, 2010) – AOL offers up one of the hottest unique music acts of 2010 by giving you a free download. FLAMETAL‘s free mp3 went up as AOL’s weekly mp3 feature — here’s the link:

Benjamin Woods and his monster creation FLAMETAL have released their latest masterpiece “HEAVY MELLOW” July 6th on Flametal Records. This album embraces the metal-works of SLAYER, MEGADETH, KISS and the SCORPIONS to name a few. “This is a Flamenco Guitar tribute album to some of the great Metal masterpieces,” says Woods. “It is definitely a different album from the other FLAMETAL releases and is more of a solo effort that is a very powerful to play live.  Although the songs are very dark, everyone gets it, even your Mom.”

Woods has built a substantial following through his years of touring and recording as “HEAVY MELLOW” unveils him to be a master musician with deep musical roots in metal, classical and Flamenco guitar.  Woods is also one of the only American Flamenco guitarists to ever grace the pages of Spain’s national newspaper El Pais, and Spain’s number one Flamenco publication ALMA 100.

Woods raw energy combined with exotic and sophisticated acoustic playing and the talent of a new-generation shred-master is a much needed breath of fresh air to the instrumental rock genre.

FLAMETAL‘S new album “HEAVY MELLOW” is available for download ton itunes, Amazon, and CD Baby. For more information visit or

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INFERNAEON Reveal Guest Appearances and Track Listing of New Album

July 20th, 2010
by EvilG

Floridian extreme metallers, INFERNAEON, have unveiled the track listing for their upcoming album, “Genesis To Nemesis” due out August 31, and have announced guest appearances by GWAR’s front man, Oderus Urungus, Erik Rutan, John Zahner of Savatage (who served as keyboard engineer) and Bill Hudson and John Slaughter of Coldera.

The track listing is as follows:
1. Into The N.O.X.
2. First of the Fallen
3. Lilith Ave. Satanas  (Bill Hudson, guest guitar solo)
4. Legacy of Kane  (Erik Rutan, guest vocals)
5. Ziasudra
6. Creeping Death  (Oderus Urungus, guest vocals)
7. The Scar of David
8. Immaculate Deception
9. Graven Image  (John Slaughter, guest guitar solo)
10. Revelations

Quoth Oderus, lord of Earth and master of the human slaves…”I am am always pleased to help any friend of the dark lord, so when Brian, known Satanist, and his band of evil fucks contacted me about covering a Metallica song, I said fine, as long as I got a ton of cash out of the deal. I must say that I am very fucking pleased with the way the track came out, but then again anything I do is fucking brilliant. But the track is fucking amazing. Sometimes the vocals don’t even sound like me. Someone told me that was because it was a duet. I don’t really know what that meant, so I rammed a pike through the dude’s head.”

INFERNAEON’s vocalist, Brian Werner commented on the recording, the album concept and Oderus Urungus’ appearance; “Every bad thing possible was thrown at us and we had to eat some serious shit on a silver spoon and smile about it afterwards to get this done. We actually wrote almost an entire other album that we threw out and started from scratch after we trimmed the fat over a year ago, but it couldn’t be a better situation now. (Guitarists) Steven (Harger) and Taylor (Nordberg) did a fucking amazing job creating a sonic ‘image’ which complimented the entire album concept perfectly. The album itself is the entire story of the bible from beginning to end, however, it’s told historically accurately instead of the brain dead point of view the bible tries to portray. For example, the song ‘Ziasudra’ is the story of Noah and the flood. However, it’s about the Sumerian king, Ziasudra, who the Noah story was stolen from and perverted into this bullshit Christian mythology that they’re all so fucking stupid for believing in.

“ Having Oderus on the album was a fucking dream come true! I’ve been a fucking GWAR fan since I was 10 years old, when I first heard ‘The Road Behind.’ We had talked about doing a cover song for a long time and we really wanted to do something but do it our way. Since we tune to E standard it’s difficult to pick something because most metal bands tune down, so we originally were going to do ‘Go To Hell’ by Megadeth but it didn’t fit the album concept. Then I realized we didn’t have a song yet for the Moses portion of the Old Testament so we said, ‘Fuck it let’s do ‘Creeping Death’’ and it was just a perfect fit, musically and conceptually, and on top of that it turned out sounding just evil as fuck, especially with the keys.

“ All in all, recording at Mana was an amazing experience as always; Brian (Elliott) and Erik (Rutan) are killer motherfuckers and always are intense to work with and always put forth 100% every time. Mix all the elements together with some Crowley-esque Thelema thrown in and I’m very proud to say that it turned out better then we could have expected!”

“Genesis To Nemesis,” was recorded with producer Brian Elliott at Mana Recording Studios (Goatwhore, Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal) in St. Petersburg, Florida, and picks up where 2007’s “A Symphony of Suffering,” (which Metal Hammer described as, “brave, unflinchingly inventive and jackhammer-heavy from beginning to end,”) left off, with a devastating mix of Floridian death metal and symphonic, sinister European black metal. It is the first recording with new guitarists Taylor Nordberg and Steven Harger, as well as bassist Mike Poggione. INFERNAEON will be hitting the road this fall for an extensive US tour, and have previously shared the stage with the likes of Malevolent Creation, Deicide, Atheist, Deeds of Flesh, Vile, and Impaled.

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Grand Magus videointerview 2010

July 20th, 2010
by EvilG

Paul Kearns met up with JB, vocalist and guitarist, in Stockholm earlier this summer. They discussed the changed of label, touring, videos and more…

In the first part they talk about Rise Above Records, Roadrunner Records, growing as a band and the music.

In the second part they talk about the new album, the videos, touring and festivals and the coverart for “Hammer Of The North”.

Special bonus: outtakes!

Videos downloaded from YouTube. The official videos are produced by Patric Ullaeus (Revolver). Photos are from the band’s myspace and Eternal Terror Webzine.

Grand Magus (10) part 1/2

Grand Magus (10) part 2/2

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Ratt Back on the Road, Vocalist Recovered From Surgery

July 20th, 2010
by EvilG
Ratt 2010

Ratt 2010

After a very successful Spring tour, iconic ‘80s hard rockers Ratt are excited to continue their “World Infestation” with Germany’s Scorpions.

Due to emergency surgery, vocalist Stephen Pearcy was recently forced to cancel a string of European dates; however, the Ratt family is happy to report he has made a full recovery and is eager to get back on the road.

“Despite the forced break with my surgery, I’m feeling better and being out here on tour with the Scorpions is rehabilitating, to say the least,” Pearcy said. “We’re doing different songs from Infestation and they are going over great!  We’re mixing up our set and kicking some ass. It’s a Scorpion sting with some Ratt ‘n’ Roll!”

The upcoming tour supports April’s Infestation, which “plugs directly into the sound and spirit of their glory days” (Revolver).  The record is an aural assault armed with “killer tones and great technique” (Guitar Player).  Infestation debuted at #30 on the US Billboard Top 200 chart and #4 on the Top Hard Music chart. It is being hailed by many as one of the best albums of the band’s storied career. Check out the video for the single, “Best of Me,” which literally offers a sneak peek into the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle.

For all summer tour dates, Ratt is offering a limited number of exclusive VIP Packages which include a meet and greet with the band at the show of your choosing!  For exclusive details and to purchase these special packages, check out Ratt Ticketing.

Tour dates are as follows:

July 19 – Mahalia Jackson Theater – New Orleans, LA (w. Scorpions)

July 21 – Nokia Live – Grand Prairie, TX (w. Scorpions)

July 22 – Warehouse Live – Houston, TX

July 23 – AT&T Center – San Antonio, TX (w. Scorpions)

July 25 – Zoo Amphitheatre – Oklahoma City, OK (Rock N America Music Fest)

July 29 – Key Club – Los Angeles, CA

July 31 – 910 Live – Tempe, AZ

Aug 1 – Pacific Amphitheatre / FAIR – Costa Mesa, CA (Orange County Fair)

Aug 3 – Oakland Metro – Oakland, CA

Aug 4 – Raley Field – Sacramento, CA (w. Scorpions)

Aug 5 – The Monte Carlo Hotel and Casino – Las Vegas, NV

Aug 6 – Warnors Theatre – Fresno, CA

Aug 7 – 4th & B – San Diego, CA

Aug 13 – Scriba Town Inn Summer Concert – Oswego, NY

Aug 14 – Atlantic City Hilton Resort Grand Theatre – Atlantic City, NJ

Aug 20 – Northwoods Rock Rally – Glen Fora, WI

Sept 4 – Speaking Rock Event Center – El Paso, TX

Sept 17 – Shrine Mosque – Springfield, MO (w. Skid Row)

Sept 18 – Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre – Maryland Heights, MO

More news and updates can be found at

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BISON b.c. confirmed to hit the road Helmet this September!

July 20th, 2010
by EvilG

The East Vancouver based band BISON b.c., who have been called “heavy as fuck” by Thrasher Magazine, have just confirmed a two-week plus tour with legendary alternative metal band Helmet, who are known for fusing Zeppelinesque riffing with a vehement post-hardcore precision, augmented by dense chords and offbeat time signatures. BISON b.c. will join Helmet when the tour kicks off on Wednesday September 8th in Sacramento, CA at Harlow’s Night Club. The tour finishes up on Sunday September 26th at BriXton in Redondo Beach, CA.

Guitarist and vocalist James Farwell comments; “ I first started listening to Helmet when I was doing bonelesses and acid drops wasted in back alleys with big pants and small wheels; a long fucking time ago. Now my body is a jerk, but I still think of them when I drop tune – it is a fucking god damn honor to tour with Helmet.”

Sept. 8 Sacramento, CA Harlow’s Night Club
Sept. 10 Oakland, CA The Uptown
Sept. 11 San Jose, CA The Blank Club
Sept. 13 Portland, OR Dante’s
Sept. 14 Seattle, WA Showbox at The Market
Sept. 16 Vancouver, BC Venue
Sept. 18 Edmonton, AB The Starlite Room
Sept. 19 Calgary, AB Dickens Pub
Sept. 21 Casper, WY Downtown Grill & Venue
Sept. 23 Tempe, AZ The Clubhouse
Sept. 24 Santa Ana, CA Galaxy Theatre
Sept. 25 San Diego, CA The Casbah
Sept. 26 Redondo Beach, CA BriXton

BISON b.c. will be touring in support of their most recent release Dark Ages, which just came out via Metal Blade Records on April 13 2010. Previous tours in support of Dark Ages have seen BISON b.c. out with bands such as Priestess, Baroness, and 3 Inches of Blood, just to name a few. Since its release, Dark Ages has been met by praise from fans and critics alike.

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October Tide signed to Dreamtide Music

July 20th, 2010
by EvilG

It is with great pleasure Dreamtide Music Management & Booking Agency hereby announce the signing of Swedish OCTOBER TIDE for a worldwide booking deal.

Formed in 1995 by then KATATONIA guitarist Fredrik Norrman and KATATONIA/BLOODBATH vocalist Jonas Renkse OCTOBER TIDE quickly made a mark with two albums recorded and released during the years 1997 and 1999.

OCTOBER TIDE’s new “comeback” album “A Thin Shell” will be released on September 28th 2010 through Candlelight Records.

Recorded at Black Lounge studios with producer Jonas Kjellgren (SCAR SYMMETRY) and featuring artwork by Travis Smith (OPETH, TESTAMENT etc) “A Thin Shell” delivers what fans have anxiously awaited from this treasured band. Seven doom-laden and emotive songs that are every bit as heavy as they are catchy fill the impressive recording that officially closes the band’s self-imposed, decade-long hiatus.

As of July 8th Decibel Magazine offers you an exclusive pre-listening of the new track “Blackness Devours”.

Here :

OCTOBER TIDE line-up :

Fredrik Norrman – guitars (ex-KATATONIA)
Tobias Netzell – vocals (IN MOURNING)
Robin Bergh – drums (AMARAN)
Emil Alstermark – guitars (MANDYLON)
Johan Jansson – session live bass (DEMONICAL)

Upcoming shows :

24.07 2010 GER – Pössneck – Hells Pleasure Festival
11.12 2010 SWE – Söderhamn – Julslakten

October Tide @ MySpace :
October Tide @ Facebook :

OCTOBER TIDE are available for worldwide bookings during 2010/2011.

More info to follow.

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Frontiers Records to release the anticipated KISKE-SOMERVILLE collaboration album

July 20th, 2010
by EvilG



Frontiers Records to release the anticipated KISKE-SOMERVILLE collaboration album
Produced by Mat Sinner – a highlight of the season is coming !

Napoli, July, 2010 – Eighteen months in the making, some of the most beautiful voices in the scene, a massive production, one hell of an album, two videoclips and one documentary… The Kiske-Somerville collaboration album has all the trademarks of a real event for the Rock fans in 2010, and the release on September 24th in Europe and October 12th in the USA mark some dates that should be noted in every fan agendas.

The collaboration between vocalist Michael Kiske (Helloween, Place Vendome) and American singer Amanda Somerville was born as a concept put together thanks to the input of Frontiers Records President Serafino Perugino. “I did a duet with a female singer on ‘Breathing Water’ by Indigo Dying”, explains Michael Kiske. “It was so nice that he offered me a chance to make an album of all duet songs with a famous female singer.”

This exciting album sees Mat Sinner (Primal Fear, Sinner) and Magnus Karlsson (Starbreaker, Primal Fear) handling most of the songwriting (with more contributions from Sander Gommans formerly of After Forever and Amanda Sormeville herself), with Sinner overseeing the production & mix at various recording studios in Europe.

Amanda Somerville is the American singer-songwriter and vocal coach who was tapped to replace Epica vocalist Simone Simons on the band’s North American tour with Symphony X due to Simons’ health issues. Amanda was also featured on Kamelot’s latest release, “Ghost Opera”, the Rock Opera “Aina” and recently toured with Avantasia.
“When Mat Sinner asked me if I wanted to be the “other half” of the face of the album, I was very honored and quite looking forward to working more closely with Michael Kiske” tells Amanda. “We’d both been involved in various projects over the years together, such as Aina and Avantasia, but it was always through third parties and we didn’t  sing together like we do here. It’s not for nothing that Michael’s a legend in the scene. He’s got a very unique voice, a special delivery of his performance and is a wonderful person on top of it all. This has been a great experience all across the board!”. Kiske adds “To sing together with the gifted and beautiful Amanda was another genius idea of Serafino! And it was a most pleasant experience to meet her.  Amanda has by far the best female voice I have heard for ages.  And the album is a killer.”
Two videoclips were filmed for the songs “Silence” and “If I Had A Wish” in Nurnberg, Germany. Joining Kiske and Somerville for the shoot were bassist and main composer Mat Sinner, guitarist Sander Gommans (After Forever), drummer Rami Ali and keyboardist Jimmy Kresic (Voodoo Circle). The clips were directed by Martin Mueller of RCN TV, who previously helmed the videoclip production for Unheilig, Subway To Sally, Helloween, U.D.O. and Gotthard.
The digital only release of the single, “Silence” on August 20th, will precede the release of the full-length CD.

The “Kiske-Somerville” album final tracklisting includes:
Nothing Left To Say; Silence; If I Had A Wish; One Night Burning; Arise; End Of The Road; Don’t Walk Away; A Thousand Suns; Rain; Devil In Her Heart; Second Chance; Set A Fire (bonus track).

The Bonus DVD will include videoclips of “Silence” and “If I Had A Wish” plus a “Making of” documentary.

The songs “Silence” and “If I Had A Wish” can exclusively be listened to in full by streaming on the Frontiers Web Radio from July 20th.
Tune in at:

Enjoy the YouTube trailer presentation:

Michael Kiske – Vocals
Amanda Somerville – Vocals
Mat Sinner – Bass & Backing Vocals
Magnus Karlsson – Lead Guitar, Guitar, Keyboards
Sander Gommans – Additional Lead Guitar
Martin Schmidt / Ramy Ali – Drums
Jimmy Kresic – Keyboards.

Weblinks: / / /


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GUS G. Discusses New FIREWIND Album, Playing With OZZY In New Video Interview

July 20th, 2010
by EvilG

Llexi Leon, creator of the multi-media concept Eternal Descent, conducted an interview with FIREWIND/OZZY OSBOURNE guitarist Gus G. shortly before Ozzy Osbourne’s July 3, 2010 performance at the iTunes festival at London, England’s Roundhouse. Watch the chat below.

Gus G. is featured in the third issue of the gothic comic book series Eternal Descent, slated for publication later this month. The issue features a storyline inspired by guitar hero Gus G. who helps ETERNAL DESCENT characters Lyr and Sirian race against time to save Apollo and the rest of the band from the dissonant call of the Damned.

Gus G. - Eternal Descent

Gus G. - Eternal Descent

The comic book will be available at comic book stores worldwide through Diamond Distribution.

Llexi Leon recruits ESP artists for cameo appearances in the Eternal Descent comic which is inspired by a host of iconic metal musicians.

The launch issue came out on March 31, 2010, with subsequent issues to be released every 4-6 weeks.

Eternal Descent spotlights GOD FORBID guitarist Doc Coyle in issue 2, and Gus G. of FIREWIND and OZZY OSBOURNE in issue 3. Other bands — including STATIC-X, ATREYU, CHILDREN OF BODOM, and SOULFLY — are slated for cameo appearances in upcoming issues.

“Llexi Leon really caught my attention when I met him at NAMM, and he described his vision of combining actual rock dudes in his comic book series and doing an issue with each one,” explains Gus G. “I immediately asked him if we can be in one of his books and that’s how the whole thing started. It’s incredible! I feel Llexi has done a great job in capturing all of the band members’ characters.”

To view images from the Eternal Descent comic book issue #3 featuring Gus G., go to this location.

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TARJA TURUNEN: ‘What Lies Beneath’ To Be Released In U.S. With Exclusive Artwork

July 20th, 2010
by EvilG

The End Records has set an August 31 U.S. release date for former NIGHTWISH singer Tarja Turunen’s sophomore solo album, “What Lies Beneath”. The CD’s first single, “Falling Awake” (featuring Jason Hook from FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH), will be released August 17 as a limited-edition seven-inch single through The Omega Order and available August 24 at all digital outlets . The track is backed with “The Good Die Young” — a song from the SCORPIONS’ most recent album that features Tarja’s vocals.

Featuring U.S.-exclusive artwork and a bonus track, “What Lies Beneath” was recorded and produced by Tarja and mixed by Tim Palmer (PEARL JAM, THE CURE, ROBERT PLANT), Colin Richardson (SLIPKNOT, MACHINE HEAD, BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE) and Slamm Andrews (scores of “Angels & Demon”, “Pirates of The Caribbean”, “Gladiator”). Special guests on ther CD include Phil Labonte (ALL THAT REMAINS), Joe Satriani, Jason Hook (FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH), Will Calhoun (LIVING COLOUR), Slovak National Symphony Orchestra and Choir and more. A limited-edition deluxe version of “What Lies Beneath” is in the works, with details to be announced soon.

A five-minute video clip featuring footage from the recording sessions for Tarja’s new album can be viewed below. The audio track featured in the video is an edited version of “Falling Awake” featuring a guest appearance by Joe Satriani (CHICKENFOOT) on guitar.
“What Lies Beneath” track listing:

01. Anteroom Of Death (feat. Van Canto)

02. Until My Last Breath

03. Dark Star (feat. Phil Labonte)

04. Underneath

05. Little Lies

06. Rivers Of Lust

07. In For A Kill

08. Montañas de Silencio (exclusive U.S. track)

09. Falling Awake (feat. Joe Satriani)

10. The Archive Of Lost Dreams

11. Crimson Deep

U.S. cover:

Tarja - USA Cover

Tarja - USA Cover

International cover:

Tarja - International Cover

Tarja - International Cover

Video for “Falling Awake”:

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FLOTSAM AND JETSAM Reveal Tracklisting For The Cold

July 20th, 2010
by EvilG


Legendary Arizona thrashers FLOTSAM AND JETSAM recently confirmed a September 14th release date for their new album, The Cold, via Driven Music Group.

The Cold will include the following tracklisting:



‘The Cold’

‘Black Cloud’

‘Blackened Eyes Staring’

‘Better Off Dead’

‘Falling Short’



‘Secret Life’

The Cold features original guitarist Michael Gilbert, who rejoined the band this past March.

About the return of Gilbert and the departure of long-time guitarist Ed Carlson in March, drummer Craig Nielsen explained to that “it was a surprise to everybody, because Ed really has done some great things for his life as he’s been sober for years now. He really feels the benefit from that development. Last couple tours we went on in Europe, everybody thought the band played better than ever. I know people say that a lot, but we really are playing better than ever if that’s possible, and Ed was part of that. But he felt that, for whatever reason, his heart was drifting a little bit from the process from the actual touring. I mean, he loves to play and he feels everybody’s his, you know, blood brother, but he just wasn’t getting the same thrill out of touring or recording or writing. I don’t know if that’s connected with what process – the sobriety, in general from having been a musician for his whole life, I mean who knows what the basis of why he feels that way, but all I know is he just didn’t want to tour anymore and his writing sort of fell by the wayside lately in terms of content. So, he just felt he wasn’t contributing much and he didn’t really want to do this coming tour, so we were all kind of surprised by it ‘cause we felt we were just as strong, strong as can be. But he has to do what he has to do, so Mike Gilbert immediately stepped in and said, ‘hey, you know, I’m more fired up than ever,’ and we’ve done a couple things with Gilbert throughout the years, when either Mark Simpson or Ed Carlson couldn’t make it, so we knew his heart was still in it. And he’s been playing constantly all these years, with one band or another, so his chops are fully together, and he’s just a very reliable guy, so we felt very comfortable asking him to come back and do the tour and be a permanent part of the band again.”

Nielsen commented recently about the direction of The Cold: “The writing for the record started 2007, which we started recording in 2008, or 2009. I mean, basically let’s just call it 2008-2009 ideas. You know, Mark (Simpson; guitar) had some time for this, and he spent some time writing, whereas Dreams Of Death was sort of rushed and we probably didn’t use the right producer for a metal record on that record. This is going to sound like a metal record. It has a lot of guitar edge and drums are, you know, faster, better, stronger. You know, Jason Ward could basically play bass over almost anything and it’ll have depth. So, you know, we’re very happy with the technical aspect of the song-writing. There’s far more faster, heavier songs on this one. A.K. (Knutson; vocals), he was changing the lyrics up until the minute when he was recording them. I think Dreams Of Death kind of went off in a few different directions. I think this is more cohesive and I won’t call it a concept record. There’s one thing to be said for spontaneity and that’s great to write a few inspired riffs, but to write a whole record and arrange it, you need some time. And Mark had the time and he’s developing more as a songwriter/arranger as time goes on, and he’s getting better at it, and he knows what to get out of the studio better and he knows how to, what, for tones and process, he’s more educated. So we’re way happier with this one than the last couple.”

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BLACK SABBATH – “Ozzy Osbourne And Tony Iommi Have Amicably Resolved Their Problems Over The Ownership Of The Name”

July 20th, 2010
by EvilG

Ozzy Ozbourne and Tony Iommi

“Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi of the legendary heavy metal band BLACK SABBATH have amicably resolved their problems over the ownership of the Black Sabbath name and court proceedings in New York have been discontinued. Both parties are glad to put this behind them and to cooperate together for the future and would like it to be known that the issue was never personal, it was always business.”

As previously reported, Iommi recently spoke to Paul Cole from about a number of topics including the HEAVEN & HELL one-off show – A Tribute to Ronnie James Dio, which will be held at the High Voltage Festival on Saturday, July 24th and will feature the vocals of Glenn Hughes (ex-DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH) and Jorn Lande (MASTERPLAN).

“This will be the very last gig we play as Heaven & Hell,” reveals Iommi. “We chose the name because the band comprised the Black Sabbath line-up that made the Heaven & Hell album. We couldn’t carry on under that name without Ronnie. It just wouldn’t be right, and none of us has the desire to do that. We wouldn’t call ourselves Black Sabbath either.”

When asked about what’s next for Iommi he responds: “We’d like to do something, and carry on playing. But in what form – and with what singer – I don’t know. Geezer (Butler) is back in Britain this week so we can rehearse for the tribute. Maybe then we’ll have time to see what the future holds.”

So is a full-blown Black Sabbath reunion on the cards, or have too many harsh words been spoken? Tony is not ruling anything out.

“I spoke to Ozzy while I was in Los Angeles after Ronnie’s funeral, and he said he’d give me a call when he got to England on his own tour,” he reveals. “But I’ve not had that telephone call yet. Ozzy and I have a complicated relationship but we’ve always kept in touch, no matter what else might have been going on. Would I play with Ozzy again? Who knows? It’s weird with me and Ozzy. There can be all sorts of shit going on but when we talk, it’s like nothing bad has ever happened. Once the tribute is done, we can all sit down and decide what it is exactly that we’d like to do.”

Read the entire interview here.

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Demonstealer Records News: New band signings: Devoid (Thrash Metal) & Albatross (Horror Metal)

July 20th, 2010
by EvilG

Demonstealer Records is proud to announce the signing of two of India’s most promising young bands – Devoid, a thrash metal band from Mumbai, and Albatross, a band that likes to mix horror and metal.

The debut efforts from both bands are scheduled for a worldwide release in September 2010.Albatross will be releasing their EP Dinner Is You which has been mastered by acclaimed Swedish producer Andy LaRocque (King Diamond, Death, Illwill, X-World/5) and Devoid will launch their much awaited debut album A God’s Lie.

Arun (Vocals/Guitar) from Devoid had this to say about the new signing “We take pride in announcing that Devoid will be releasing our debut album A God’s Lie through India’s premier record label Demonstealer Records who have successfully launched Indian bands like Demonic Resurrection, Myndsnare, IIIrd Sovereign etc. to name a few. We have immense faith in DSR and we believe there is no better way to launch ‘A God’s Lie’ than from the people who fully understand the metal sensibilities of this country. We look forward to this successful venture and we thank Demonstealer Records for believing in us and giving us this opportunity.”

Listen to Devoid on Myspace



Bassist and founding member of AlbatrossRiju Dasgupta commented “We’re extremely honoured to be on India’s premier metal record label Demonstealer Records. We’re sure they’ll give us exactly the kind of exposure and support we’re looking for. Just a word of warning, be scared…be very scared. Albatross is coming to get you.”

Listen to Albatross on Myspace



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