CIRCLE II CIRCLE Issue Update From Midwest Tour; Interviews Available

December 7th, 2010
by EvilG

American power metal kings CIRCLE II CIRCLE — featuring vocalist Zak Stevens of Savatage fame — are currently rocking through the Midwest US on the newest leg of their ongoing world tour, which is in support of their latest album Consequence Of Power. The band will play Kenosha, Wisconsin tonight on their way to the final two shows in Chicago and Cleveland.   Stated Zak Stevens from the road this week: “We’re still cruising along playing shows in the Midwest in Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota in November and December to finish off our initial world tour in support of our new CD Consequence Of Power. We’ll be touring out across the U.S. supporting the new album throughout 2011. We’re looking forward to seeing all our fans across the country in the coming year and we’re very excited about the worldwide response to the new record.”  

CIRCLE II CIRCLE Remaining Midwest US Shows:

12/04/2010 Hattrix Bar – Kenosha, WI
12/10/2010 Nitecap Chicago – Chicago, IL
12/16/2010 The Phantasy Nite Club – Cleveland, OH

When Savatage singer Zak Stevens left the band in 2000 to form CIRCLE II CIRCLE, the whole power metal scene listened up. Right from the debut of their first album Watching In Silence, Zak made it unmistakably clear that he was willing and able to continue where Savatage had left off, but without giving his new band’s sound a more up-to-date feel. His charismatic personality and unmatchable vocal talent established the name CIRCLE II CIRCLE in the metal scene within a very short period of time.

With the release of CIRCLE II CIRCLE’s fifth studio album Consequence Of Power, the master vocalist and his band return with their ultimate masterpiece. This release is musically the most mature album in the band’s history, wrapped in outstanding lyrical content, and sure to please and amaze every fan of Zak and Savatage.

“…what tends to make CIRCLE II CIRCLE albums resonate with a cross section of hard rock, heavy metal, and even prog fans is the purity of delivery and the fundamental basis of the songwriting, both of which characterize Consequence of Power.” – Blabbermouth

“On Consequence of Power, Circle II Circle proves over and over again that power metal doesn’t have to be alienating and wanky, over-the-top absurd, or dependent on flashy solos in place of meaningful expression; it can be melodic hard rock played with talent and both instrumental and compositional skill.” – All Music Guide

“If pondering the output of Savatage members in the 2000’s, one could argue that Zak Stevens and his group Circle II Circle has been the most productive as well as adhering to his emotional, confident metal sensibilities.” – Blistering

“Musically, this is a great album with equal emphasis on the drums and guitars both competing with Zak for supremacy.” – Metal-Rules

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A Sad Note: The passing of former Annihilator drummer

December 7th, 2010
by EvilG

Guitarist Jeff Waters posted the below note to the official Annihilator page today:

“A few weeks ago (while I was touring in Europe), I got word that we lost a former member of Annihilator’s touring lineup, Dave Machander. He passed away from cancer.

Dave was a super nice guy. I met him under stressful circumstances. In 1996, we did a record called REFRESH THE DEMON. Randy Black was our drummer then and I had bought everyone’s plane tickets for our upcoming Refresh the Demon EUROPE tour 1996.

12 days BEFORE the tour weas supposed to start, I get a call from Randy telling me that, if I did not pay him dounle+ the money I was to pay him for the tour, that he would not come along and would join another Vancouver artist “Bif Naked” instead (as she apparently was offering more money). I told him that we could not afford this and that it is very, very wrong to hold us “hostage” like this. He ended up leaving for Bif Naked (which ended up lasting one tour and he was out anyway!) but, more importantly, Randy Black left us with NO DRUMMER, a cancelled flight that I did not get my money back for and a tour in 12 days!!!

12 days is wayyyy too short of a time to get someone to jump in and play an Annihilator set and I still had to hope I could find someone!!

Dave Davis, our long-time guitar player, suggested his friend Dave Machander and thought he could handdle the gig/pressure. I was not convinced but had no other option than to literally say “you are in”, before I even heard him play drums!

We rehearsed on Vancouver Island, near where both Dave’s lived. We had 6 rehearsals scheduled. Normally, for a drummer with us, headlining Europe, we would need 10 reherasals.

Many drummers play along with a “click”. That is a cowbell kind of sound that keeps a time/beat in the drummer’s earphones and lets him play close to perfect timing… it helps him zoom in and play tighter than without one. Well, Dave was not playing well to it. Turns out, he had never played to one before. I was in panic mode. So was everyone else. So by the 4th rehearsal of 6, I was ready to cancel. Almost. Then Dave Davis said “Jeff, why don’t we simply take Machander OFF the click and let him just “feel” the music”.

I said “Might as well try, Dave”.

We did. INSTANTLY, the guy played fantastic. Really good. Better than good. He then really only had 2 good rehersals with us and then got on the plane with us and kicked f…ing ass on that tour. The guy pulled through and stuck with it. Most guys would have quit after the first few rehearsals but he would not give up. And thanks to Dave Davis for the tour-saving suggestion!

Anyway, I only saw/knew Dave Machander on that one tour with us. He was a bio-chemist, if I have my info right. A very smart guy and seemed to be a very nice guy, too!

Send a thought out to him and his family. He was a good guy.

And grab a loved one and give them a hug,

Jeff Waters”

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December 7th, 2010
by EvilG

After yesterday’s announcement of our first headliner SLIPKNOT, we are proud to add three more giants to the lineup of GMM2011.

Four years after his first GMM show as a solo artist, the legendary OZZY OSBOURNE is returning to the GMM festival arena with his 2nd European tour since the release of his new CD “Scream.” Ozzy himself obviously needs no introduction with worldwide album sales of 100 million (as a solo artist as well as a member of the Black Sabbath), his own Ozzfest festival and not to forget the popular reality TV show ‘The Osbournes’. On stage and backed by a brand new band, Prince of Darkness still delivers the goods.  Ozzy live is synonymous with an amazing show seasoned with countless hits. Ozzy Osbourne is headlining on Saturday 25 June.

More than 40 years after they burst upon the rock scene, German legends SCORPIONS are on the final leg of their farewell tour. This year, the ‘Get your Sting and Blackout World Tour’ conquered American and Asian stages and now the Scorpions are returning to Europe, where the saga began all those years ago. The Scorpions’ popularity peaked in the seventies and eighties when ballads such as ‘Wind of Change’ and ‘Still Loving You’ stormed the charts. Still, song writers Klaus Meine and Rudolf Schenker never abandoned their roots, spoiling metal fans worldwide with fifteen-odd heavy albums including numerous classic rock anthems such as ‘Rock You like a Hurricane’. Unfortunately their first GMM appearance on Friday 24 June will also be their last, so don’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!
Joining Ozzy on Saturday will be JUDAS PRIEST. No band is more deserving of the epithet ‘Metal Gods’ than the Birmingham quintet. Back in the day, Priest pioneered heavy metal along with Black Sabbath; today, their illustrious career spans over four decades and they are still spearheading the genre they themselves helped create with their no-holds-barred attitude. In 2011, the Priest is embarking on a new world tour of prestigious arenas and major festivals, which obviously includes Graspop Metal Meeting.

Graspop Metal Meeting 2011 will be held in Dessel festival park over the weekend of Friday 24 June to Sunday 26 June. With leading bands from just about every metal and rock subgenre and a lineup that spans several generations of heavy music, there’s loads of fun to be had for metalheads both young and not so young. Graspop Metal Meeting is synonymous for three days of music and fun, 70+ bands, four stages and lots of fringe events to boot, including signing sessions, an outdoor festival fair, an indoor metal market, etc.Moreover, the campsite is second to none with its Festival Express Shop, excellent sanitary facilities and much more.


As of Wednesday 8 December, tickets for GMM2011 will be available at

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Judas Priest calls it a day – last show ever in Sweden at Sweden Rock Festival

December 7th, 2010
by EvilG

Judas Priest, one of the most important hard-rock bands in history, have decided to end their career. After having defined the term heavy metal for over 30 years, the Brits will say farewell with one final grandiose world tour, “The Epitaph Tour”, in 2011. When the tour reaches Sweden Rock Festival in June, it will be the last time ever that Judas Priest plays on Swedish soil.

In the mid-70’s, Judas Priest pioneered hard rock music by cutting the strings to the genre’s blues roots and increasing the velocity while proudly calling their music heavy metal – a term most other bands despised at the time. By doing so, Priest laid the foundation for most of the metal sub genres that would evolve during the 80’s and 90’s. Judas Priest also invented the studs and leather fashion that has become the uniform of choice for metal fans all over the world. From the late 70’s and throughout the following decades, Judas Priest have remained one of the biggest, most loved and most influential bands on the hard rock/metal scene. Among their many legendary albums are “British Steel”, “Painkiller”, “Screaming for Vengeance” and “Defenders of the Faith”, and the band will always be remembered for classic songs like “Breaking the Law”, “Living After Midnight”, “You?ve Got Another Thing Coming”, “Electric Eye” and “Freewheel Burning”, to name a few.

Once again, and then nevermore, the classic line-up of singer Rob Halford, guitarists Glenn Tipton and KK Downing, bassist Ian Hill and drummer Scott Travis will bombard us with all the classics that have made the name Judas Priest synonymous with heavy metal. On June 8-11, Swedish fans get one final chance to see the band live.

For a more extensive Judas Priest biography, we recommend this link:

Confirmed bands so far out of a total of around 70:

Ozzy Osbourne
Judas Priest
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
Rhapsody of Fire
The Haunted
Jason & the Scorchers
Agent Steel
Dan Reed Band
Walter Trout
Mason Ruffner
Fläsket Brinner
Rage (Acoustic)

More information at:

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December 7th, 2010
by EvilG


After storming the world for nearly 40 years and taking their very special brand of heavy metal to all four corners of the planet, JUDAS PRIEST -one of the most influential heavy metal bands of all time, have announced this will be their final world tour!!

However, the mighty PRIEST will certainly be going out strong as they rock the planet starting in 2011 on the massive EPITAPH tour – hitting all the major cities throughout the world they will be playing the songs that helped make the name JUDAS PRIEST synonymous with heavy metal!

With all guns blazing and amps cranked to eleven, the band  will be giving all their fans one last chance to witness the ultimate metal experience that is JUDAS PRIEST!

JUDAS PRIEST will be starting their world tour in Europe – we have just confirmed the following festivals for 2011:

9th June                Sweden Rock Festival, Sweden
11th June               Sauna Festival, Finland
17th June               Copenhell Festival, Copenhagen, Denmark
19th June               Hellfest, Nantes, France
22nd June               Gods of Metal Festival, Milan, Italy
25th June               Graspop Festival, Belgium
23rd July               HIgh Voltage Festival, London, UK
5th August              Wacken Festival, Germany

Stay tuned as we announce more dates – information will be forthcoming soon – so start getting prepared to rock one final time with the incomparable JUDAS PRIEST!!

Fore more information, visit

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December 6th, 2010
by EvilG

Greek heavy/prog/doom metal band DISHARMONY has been announced for next year’s edition of MetalMorphosis Open Air Festival, set to take place in Cyprus on July 30th 2011.

Alongside DISHARMONY on the festival’s bill, the following bands have also been confirmed: THE FALLEN WITHIN (Greece), FROZEN WINDS (Cyprus) and UNDER THE NUMBER (Cyprus).

The festival’s headliners will be announced in January 2011.

MetalMorphosis 2010’s bill featured Greece’s ROTTING CHRIST as headliners with support from SORROWFUL ANGELS, SONIK DEATH MONKEY and others.

DISHARMONY’s debut studio album, “Shades of Insanity”, was produced earlier this year and you can listen to tunes on the band’s official MySpace profile:


Chris Kounelis – Vocals

John Karousiotis – Guitar

Stavros Gatsopoulos – Guitar

Panagiotis Gatsopoulos – Bass

Thanos Pappas – Drums

Official Website:

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New NIDINGR Album To See Release In January; Interviews Available

December 6th, 2010
by EvilG

NIDINGR remain a mainly cult act, although some might conder them a “super group” of sorts when they discover the band is comprised of a long list of notable black metal artisans including bassist/guitarist Teloch (1349, Gorgoroth, Ov Hell, Orcustus, Umoral, Konsortium), bassist/guitarist Blargh (Gravferd, Dødheimsgard), vocalist Cpt. Estrella Grasa (Kort Prosess), and drummer Hellhammer (Immortal, Shining, Thorns, Umoral, Mayhem, Emperor). Wolf Father even features a guest appearance from Ulver’s Kristoffer Rygg (a.k.a. Garm), and features artwork by French visionary Valnoir of Metastazis, known for their work with Watain, Ulver, Peste Noire, Nachtmystium, Anteus and more.

Vendlus will proudly unleash NIDINGR’s Wolf Father to the ravenous hordes in a full-on CD/digital release on January 18, 2011.

Wolf Father Track Listing:

1. Fafnismol

2. Baldrs Draumar

3. Reginsmol

4. Voluspo

5. Hymiskvitha

6. Lokasenna

Cult Norwegian black metal unit NIDINGR return from a five year hiatus with their raging new album. The assassins that form this deadly unit have culminated their dark arts and aggression on their sophomore full-length Wolf Father, the uncompromising album sure to scathe listeners with its relentless whirlwind of black metal wrath.

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Titans of The Throne Drum Festival Scheduled Featuring Members of Deicide, Malevolent Creation, Cynic and Yngwie Malmsteen

December 6th, 2010
by EvilG

Some of the underground’s top drummers have been tapped to take part in the ‘Titans of the Throne’ Drum Festival on January 21 at Hooligans Live in Boca Raton, FL. Sponsored by Sick Drummer Magazine, Tama, Sabian, Vic Firth, Evans and Regal Tip, this performance-based event aims to shine the spotlight on some of the most prominent drummers in metal. While several guests are to be announced later, the main performance will feature appearances by:

Steve Asheim (Deicide)
Gus Rios (Malevolent Creation)
Sean Reinert (Cynic)
Patrick Johansson (Yngwie Malmsteen)

Tickets range from $15 to $25 for VIP access and students with valid ID will receive a discounted rate. The event will also include raffles, giveaways and even a chance to win drum lessons from Sean Reinert from Cynic! Don’t miss your chance to see the incredible showmanship of these iconic metal drummers!

For more information, visit

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CONDEMNED?: Re-Sign to Nuclear Blast Records

December 6th, 2010
by EvilG

Northern CA based crossover veterans CONDEMNED? have re-signed with their former label Nuclear Blast Records. As the second band to ever be released by Nuclear Blast the label is honored to be once again working with one of the groups that helped get them up and running. The band is currently wrapping up recording at Prairie Sun Recording Studios with producer Billy Anderson (NEUROSIS, MR. BUNGLE, CATTLE DECAPITATION, CATHEDRAL, EYEHATEGOD etc.) and an early 2011 release is expected.

Watch a preview of the new album at the following location

CONDEMNED? is a nostalgic connection for me and it is a pleasure to go somewhat back to our roots,” commented Nuclear Blast founder and owner Markus Staiger. “Nuclear Blast’s 2nd release ever (NB002) from 1987 was the bands debut. Now the band continues mixing the past with the  present for a new release, plus a bonus compilation that will include their debut album Humanoid or Biomechanoid?! CONDEMNED? stands for old school raw metallic hardcore and combines the feeling of late 80’s cross-over/punk-metal, with some brutal and melodic touches. The USHC legends have recorded 14 tracks especially for this release, some are new recordings from when they were USHC legends ATTITUDE!”

CONDEMNED? added in an official statement:
“We are excited to be re-signing with Nuclear Blast! Markus launched our first album in Europe as his 2nd release ever in 1987! He started as we did, ‘doing it yourself’ for the music and the scene. Our latest double CD release with Nuclear Blast has 14-new recordings fresh from the forge, produced by Billy Anderson and CONDEMNED? The bonus disc is a time-line from 1983-1993 covering all the different incarnations over the years.

We definitely have diverse roots, growing up in the S.F. Bay Area! Founded during the 80’s Hard-core/Thrash Metal scene we bridged the two, plus we are influenced by the European punk-movement and S.F’s Acid rock past. We bridged all styles, so we could to stay unique! The latest release reflects both the past and the present.”

For more info visit:

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December 6th, 2010
by EvilG

Swedish heavy metallers ENFORCER have confirmed a mini tour of Greece, set to start on Friday, 17th December in Xanthi.

ENFORCER are currently on the road in Europe with Australian rockers AIRBOURNE and will have a few days break following the tour before heading to Greece for four shows.


“Looking forward to getting over to Greece for a few headline shows before Christmas.  Greek crowds are always fantastic.  Looking forward to it being a little warmer over there than the UK – where even though the snow’s on the ground, the reception from the dates with Airbourne has been hot!  Let’s heat it up, Greece!”

Catch ENFORCER live at the following shows:

07 Dec – Dublin, Ireland – Olympia
09 Dec – Manchester, UK – Academy
10 Dec – Birmingham, UK – Academy

View the tour flyer at

17 Dec – Xanthi, Greece – Fex Club (w/ RELEASED ANGER, PERFECT STRANGERS)
18 Dec – Thessaloniki, Greece – Harley Bar (w/ RELEASED ANGER)
19 Dec – Ioannina, Greece – Polichoros Agora (w/ RELEASED ANGER)
20 Dec – Athens, Greece – Kytaro Club (w/ CONVIXION, WRATHBLADE)

ENFORCER are set to appear in-store at Earache Records’ recently announced pop-up Christmas shop in Nottingham, UK on Saturday, 11th December for a signing session, where an ultra-rare ENFORCER/VOLTURE 7″ split vinyl (only 200 copies made) will be exclusively available.

ENFORCER are also due to play at Earache’s free Xmas Party in Nottingham on the same night.  For more information and to get free tickets, head to

Watch ENFORCER’s new music video for the track “Midnight Vice” at

ENFORCER’s new album, DIAMONDS, is available now in Europe on limited edition digipak CD and limited edition coloured vinyl.  Get your copy now at

For more ENFORCER news and info, head to

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EXUMER confirmed to headline Mexico’s Keep the Thrash Festival

December 6th, 2010
by EvilG

German thrashers EXUMER have been confirmed to headline one additional festival date in Cuautitlan /Mexico, on December 18, 2010. The “Keep the Thrash Festival”, will be second date on the band’s itinerary and will feature some of the bands that have been confirmed for the “Thrash or Die Festival”, in Tijuana/Mexico on December 17, 2010.

This second date has been added, due to the requests by Mexican fans and on the recommendation of the Mexican promoters who want to expose EXUMER to as many Mexican fans as possible.

Vocalist Mem V. Stein comments: “We were surprised and delighted at the same time when the Mexican promoters asked us to add another stop in Mexico. It proves the band’s popularity and cult status in Latin America. We will definitely try to cover as many countries in that region as possible when we return there next year. We have focused on playing live in Europe last and this year, which was important for the band’s re-establishment as a whole. However, North and South America are on our agenda for 2011, and that is where we would like to play the majority of our live shows”.

For more information go to:

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MEGADETH’s Dave Mustaine – “We’re Going To Have Some ‘Big’ Shows Coming Up”

December 6th, 2010
by EvilG

Megadeth's Dave Mustaine

MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine has revealed via his Twitter account that there are some major tour announcements forthcoming: “A huge announcement is coming for next summer in the States and in Europe and the UK. Just went through a couple weeks of hell arranging something special for summer. Stay tuned! We’re going to have some Big shows coming up.”

Take note of the word “Big” – alluding to the possibility that the aforementioned territories could see The Big Four of thrash metal – METALLICA, SLAYER, ANTHRAX and Megadeth – back on the road.

Nothing has been officially confirmed – stay tunedfor more details.

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AIRBOURNE – Live at Tampere, FINLAND

December 6th, 2010
by Marko Syrjala




October 12’th 2010



Australian rockers Airbourne returned last November to Finland to play two practically sold out shows just less than a year from their last visit here last February. The band is still touring to support their early 2010 release NO GUTS.NO GLORY and it seems that this run will last another year from now on. The future does look good for Airbourne. The band is getting great reviews everywhere and they’re playing bigger venues across the world. In Finland, they last year performed in sold out Club Nosturi for approximately 800 people and band now sold altogether near 3000 tickets in Tampere’s Pakkahuone and Helsinki’s Cable Factory. The band is however still in the early stages of their career, with only two studio albums under their belts, so only time will tell how popular the band will end up to be in their career? 


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SABATON – Interview with Pär Sundström

December 6th, 2010
by UK Team

Interview with Pär Sundström from SABATON

@ Electric Ballroom, Camden London

Interviewer: Danny Draper

Photos: Altercarnated Photography


On a cold October afternoon we made our way in to the back entrance of the Electric Ballroom, Camden London to a meet Sabaton’s Drummer Pär before tonight’s sold out show.

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Dillinger Escape Plan @ Electric Ballroom, London

December 5th, 2010
by UK Team

Dillinger Escape Plan with Support: The Ocean, Rolo Tomassi

Venue: The Electric Ballroom, London

Reviewer: Danny Draper

Photos: Altercarnated Photography

The night was cold and wet with the queues were building to get into tonight’s chao-sphere of metal tonight.


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