Go inside the studio with Black Tide in new webisodes

September 3rd, 2010
by EvilG

Black Tide are currently in the studio with renowned producer GGGarth (Atreyu, Chevelle, Mudvayne) recording the follow up to their 2008 critically acclaimed debut, Light From Above. The band has just released two studio updates from the recording sessions that can be seen on their Vevo Channel.

The first clip has drummer Steven Spence tracking drums live in the studio and showing off his “stickless” drumming technique.

The second clip features guitarist Austin Diaz getting tattooed in the studio and also has snippets of the new song “Honest Eyes.”

“Honest Eyes” is featured on Black Tide’s upcoming split-single, along with “Bury Me”.  The two new tracks will be released 9/21.

Black Tide will be heading out on the road with Bullet For My Valentine, Escape The Fate, and Drive A starting in mid September. Go to Black Tide’s Myspace for the complete tour dates.

Man Cub video URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDiYlAETV3I

Austin Gets a Tattoo video URL: http://www.youtube.com/blacktidevevo#p/a/u/1/-ttU-Q2-ZNU

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Anthriel – “The Pathway” Coming Sept 17th

September 3rd, 2010
by EvilG

Anthriel - The Pathway

Anthriel - The Pathway

With their spectacular debut “The Pathway”, Finnish progressive metal outfit ANTHRIEL have produced an album which has all the potential to be hailed a classic and is guaranteed to fascinate metal fans worldwide.

Formed in 2004 by guitarist Timo Niemistö, keyboardist Antti Hakulinen and drummer Jari Kuokkanen the band went through a couple of line up variations before finding bassist Klaus Wirzenius and ultimately released a 3 track e.p. “Visions of Inner Light and Deeper Thoughts” in 2007 which won considerable praise on the underground metal circuit. Yet it was until the band found powerhouse vocalist Simo Silvan in 2008 that the bands sound became fully realised.

Anthriel – the Archangel of balance and harmony is the perfect name for the bands music. With a sound driven by big guitar riffs, deft keyboard touches, a rock solid articulate rhythm section and a healthy dose of expressive vocals high in melody built into intricate yet digestible arrangements this is metal that is easily appreciated on first listen – yet where further plays reveal numerous hidden depths that will keep the listener coming back for more. The quality of material would not be best represented with anything less than a superb production and this is exactly what the “The Pathway” serves up being an impressive self production by Timo Niemistö and mix by Jussi Kulomaa at MSTR Studios.

On the bands sound Simo Silvan comments, “We don’t want to go extremity with any style of music. There is a time for a head banging and time for musical landscaping. We try to keep our music as versatile we can. “The Pathway” is a mixture of various different kind of music styles like heavy, pop, acoustic, orchestral and instrumental and symphonic metal. The music and lyrics were written hand in hand with the album theme”.

Thematically “The Pathway” is a concept based on a sequence of individual songs and themes with inspiration coming from R.A. Salvatore’s Forgotten Realms: “The Dark Elf Trilogy”.

On the basic premise of “The Pathway” Timo Niemistö comments, “The Pathway is the story of a man who finds himself grown against his former principles and philosophy of life. He decides to leave his past behind and begin a journey to find his own personal promised land and balance. As the path gets rough good and evil starts to battle in his mind where the reality and fantasy gets mixed. He puts the blame to the Gods for playing with his life and turns his adversities to the divine entertainment with consequences that ultimately lead to the discovery of perfect harmony from within his own soul”.

This compelling story is a captivating lyrical theme for the first class musicianship on offer all of which comes together to make “Anthriel – The Pathway” a serious contender for best newcomers in progressive metal in 2010. Read the rest of this entry »

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Mindsplit – Charmed Human Art Of Significance

September 3rd, 2010
by EvilG

Mindsplit -  “Charmed Human Art Of Significance”

Mindsplit - “Charmed Human Art Of Significance”

MindSplit are a new band yet one with years of experience behind its individual members. With a style planted somewhere between straight metal, progressive metal and classic rock the band deliver a truly epic tale with their debut album “Charmed Human Art Of Significance” which is set for release on September 17th 2010 on Lion Music.

Featuring veterans of the Scandinavian metal scene in guitarist Matthias Holm and vocalist H.B. Anderson, the pair began writing and recording together again in their spare time c.2003 once again after the duo had worked together in the late 80’s with “The ‘n’ Sin”. When the music was taking shape bassist Conny Payne (Madison) joined along with highly respect sessions musicians – drummer Jon Skäre and keyboardist Jonas Lidström. This new collaboration turned into a whole different ballgame though when H.B. found his great old, old grandfather Xerxes Anderson’s Artificial Universe (a.k.a. Prof. Xandau 1807 ~ 1851) notes from his therapy sessions.

Prof. Xandau was a much respected therapist during the first half of 19th century and had his sessions all over the world based in both Europe and the U.S. These notes are the solid ground to this project and are used to tell a true story about psychological thoughts and human behaviours. H.B. Anderson comments, “The memory notes declare what’s going on in the human mind in different situations making for compelling listening, although as there are no names involved so it’s totally anonymous. Its fantastic literature and breathtaking reading, the human brain is very complex and odd. You can say it sure lives its own life”

This inspired lyrical setting led to the music of what would become “C.H.A.O.S” taking on its own personality. This story line is set to a musically accomplished and captivating release which will draw the listener in from the first listen. Musically the album is big, powerful, dark yet with subtle light and a very impressive aura with a powerful production to suit the mood. This has been further extended by the promotional video for the song “NME – Myself and I” which has received positive reactions from YouTube viewers worldwide.

With “Charmed Human Art Of Significance” MindSplit has produced a debut album of exceptionally high quality and one that will appeal to a wide range of metal lovers and those with an appetite for enthralling concept stories.


01. Prologue – The Awakening.

02. Silhouettes.

03. The Traveller.

04. Presence Of Time.

05. …elsewhere?

06. Inside The Heart Of Silence.

07. Battle Of The Mind.

08. Visual Minds – The Eternal Flame.

09. NMe – Myself & I.

10. Through The Eyes Of A Child.

11. A Room With Thousand Doors.

12. A Purpose Of Circumstance.

13. Abandoned Echoes.

14. Epilogue – The Imaginary End.


H.B. Anderson – Vocals

Mathias Holm – Guitars

Conny Payne – Bass

Jon Skäre – Drums

Jonas Lidström – Keyboards


Berger – Saxophone

Melody Payne – Voice

Nordanstigs Manskör – Male Choir Mikael Rosengren – Keyboards


All music by Mathias Holm except ‘Through The Eyes of a Child’ by H.B. Anderson. ‘The Awakening’ and ‘Imaginary End’ by Jonas Lidström.

All lyrics by H.B. Anderson with kind permission of Prof. Xandau. Recorded at Broad Way 45 Studios, Hudiksvall.

Drums recorded at Studio Tweeta, Stockholm.

Produced by Mathias Holm & H.B Andersson.

Co-produced by Conny Payne.

Mixed at Chrome Studios, Stockholm by Fredrik Folkare. Mastered at Dereborn Music production Studios, Bergsjö by Johan Dereborn.

Cover Art & Illustrations by Fredric Arvidsson.




CHECK OUT THE VIDEO FOR ‘NMe – Myself And I’ below.

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New Seventh Wonder Video & Line Up Change

September 3rd, 2010
by EvilG



Seventh Wonder and Lion Music are pleased to announce the release of the band’s debut video for the track ‘Alley Cat’ taken from the bands forthcoming fourth studio album entitled ‘The Great Escape, set for release in late 2010.

The video recorded, edited and produced by Johan Larsson is the perfect backdrop for the mood of the new song which sees the band deliver their trademark brand of progressive metal.

Seventh Wonder cross the Atlantic for the first time to play the prestigious ProgPower USA festival along side of Kamelot and Hammerfall in Atland September 10th. Seventh Wonder will also perform a special second show on Saturday for Gold Badge hodlers.

The album ‘The Great Escape’ is in the final stages of production and in spite of some delays is scheduled for a release later this year on Lion Music.

The tracklist will be as follows:

1. Wiseman – [5:42]

2. Alley Cat – [6:06]

3. The Angelmaker – [8:29]

4. King of Whitewater – [7:20]

5. Long way home – [4:26]

6. Move on Through – [5:04]

7. The Great Escape – [30:14]

Total running time approx. 68 minutes

Full information on ‘The Great Escape’ to follow soon.


The band have also announced drummer Johnny Sandin will be leaving the band and have released the following announcements.

Below is a message from Johnny in connection to him announcing his departure from the band. Please note that this will have no effect on already scheduled gigs, in which Johnny is 100% devoted to participating.

Hello fans and friends!!

After more than 10 years of touring, recording, tons of laughter and a few tears I have decided to leave Seventh Wonder and take a break from music indefinitely.

The last few years have been hectic and filled with really cool events. The Italy-tour which was put together by the band’s best friends Max, Romano and Manuel. The Sweden Rock gig is also one of the memories I will never let go of. Not to mention the upcoming ProgPower USA-gig which is a dream for all of us. I view the release of the fourth SW album and the gigs to follow as a really good finish for me in the band!! Now I will get a chance to say goodbye to fans and friends when we are out playing.

It is damned hard (although mostly fun) to put your entire soul into Seventh Wonder and at the same time work full time and also try to be a good father of four (soon five) and an equally good fiancé. It may sound selfish but I am doing this entirely for me. The more time I devote to the band, the more I loose time with my family. It is not worth that effort any more. I must make different prioritizations right now but at the same time nothing is ever really etched in stone. Who knows, in five years time I may have the drive once more. We will see what happens.

I have had the honor of playing with the finest musicians I have ever met. They have not only been there for me as band members but also as my best friends and I know that they will always be there for me.

Thank you to fans, friends and the band for 10 wonderful years.

Johnny Sandin.

The band’s response:

We are all very saddened by Johnny’s decision. We have lived with Johnny in one of the most important aspects of our lives for many years, some of us for over 10 years. At the same time we feel the utmost respect for Johnny’s decision which we believe to be a correct one for him. Since the first trembling steps of the entity that came to be Seventh Wonder, Johnny has been an integral part of the sound that is Seventh Wonder. Johnny co-wrote a lot of the earlier material and his rhythmic patterns, thunderous fills and poly-rhythmic excursions that he contributes to the music have challenged fans as well as his band members throughout this incredible journey. Johnny is the craziest man alive and has given many thousand laughs and hilarious moments to everyone around him.

As you can understand it is very hard for us to think of Seventh Wonder without Johnny, but at the same time we are all, including Johnny, fully committed to carry on and keep doing what we have come to love and hold so dear over the years. This certainly ends one chapter in the Seventh Wonder book of history, let us together turn the page and see what the future holds as we let Johnny go towards other challenges.

We love you Johnny and we wouldn’t have become who we are with out you!

This does not affect already booked gigs. All scheduled gigs will be performed with Johnny at the helm, and 100% devoted to the task!



We envision that any applicant is a drummer with a well enough developed technical proficiency to be able to play through just about any song from our back catalogue. This should also work in a live setting with a metronome in a reasonably relaxed and steady manner. You who apply for the position should have a passion for the music we create and the genre in which we are active. The ability and will to sing back-up vocals during live sets is a plus. The band is active in Stockholm and that is also where the studio is, -a fact to be considered by all applicants. Previous live show experience is a plus, a drum set of your own is a must.

To apply:

1) Record a video of reasonable quality of yourself playing two Seventh Wonder songs from Waiting In the Wings and/or Mercy Falls

2) Record a video of yourself playing anything else that you feel shows your drumming and your skills in a good way

3) Describe yourself, your musical background and activities, life situation and visions. You may either write this in the e-mail itself or in a file that you attach.

4) Send links to videos (for either download or streaming) and text according to bullet no3 above to: drummer@seventhwonder.nu

5) You do not have to be Johnny –be yourself

Thank You!

//Seventh Wonder

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BASTARD PRIEST: Under The Hammer Of Destruction Out Now On Pulverised

September 3rd, 2010
by EvilG

BASTARD PRIEST spew a finely honed, stomach-churning and downright offensive fusion of hardcore, punk and death metal. The band’s Under The Hammer Of Destruction debut features 11 soul-soiling tracks including a cover of “En Hälsning Från Helvetet” from Swedish crust punk legends Bombanfall.

Disturbingly obscene, hateful and hellish; this is BASTARD PRIEST. There is no compromise.

Under The Hammer Of Destruction Track Listing:
1. Blasphemy From Hell
2. Visions Of Doom
3. Evil Pain
4. Total Mutilation
5. Power Of Death
6. Chock
7. Under The Hammer Of Destruction
8. From Beyond
9. Merciless Insane Death
10. Graveyard Sacrifice
11. En Hälsning från Helvetet

View cover art here: http://tinyurl.com/32ak568



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THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD Comment on Upcoming Tour

September 3rd, 2010
by EvilG

Dates have been announced for “The Decibel Defiance 2010 Tour” this fall, which will see PROSTHETIC RECORDS’ THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD supporting the legendary SUFFOCATION, along with THE FACELESS, DECREPIT BIRTH and FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE. The tour kicks off at the annual “Rock and Shock” Horror and Music Fest in Worcester, MA on October 15th, and concludes on November 13th, in Allentown, PA.

Guitarist Justin Longshore commented on the tour; “’The Decibel Defiance’ tour is a dream come true for any fan of extreme music. I must say we are extremely honored to share the stage with the almighty Suffocation and some of the best up and coming bands in death metal out there. This tour is a huge deal for Through The Eyes Of The Dead as Suffocation has been a big inspiration since the early days and continues to be a huge impact on our music. If the ‘Decibel Defiance’ tour is coming to your area, do not miss the best line up this fall!”

10/15-Worcester, MA @ The Palladium (ROCK AND SHOCK)
10/16-New York, NY @ Gramercy Theatre
10/17-Quebec City, QC @ Imperial Theater
10/18-Montreal, QC @ Foufounes
10/19-Jonquiere, QC @ Place Nikitoutagan
10/20-Toronto, ON @ Opera House
10/21-Poughkeepsie, NY @ The Chance
10/22-Detroit, MI @ Harpos
10/23-Chicago, IL @ Clearwater Theatre
10/24-St. Paul, MN @ Station 4
10/25-Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave
10/27-Denver, CO @ Summit Music Hall
10/28-Salt Lake City, UT @ TBA
10/29-Las Vegas, NV @ The Farm
10/30-Pomona, CA @ The Glasshouse
10/31-Los Angeles, CA @ The Whisky
11/01-Phoenix, AZ @ The Clubhouse
11/02-Albuquerque, NM @ Fusion Factory
11/03-Amarillo, TX @ Club Khaos
11/04-Tulsa, OK @ Marquee Theatre
11/05-Austin, TX @ Emo’s
11/06-Ft. Worth, TX @ Ridglea Theatre
11/08-Tampa, FL @ Brass Mug
11/09-Jacksonville, FL @ The Pit
11/10-Raleigh, NC @ Volume 11
11/11-Philadelphia, PA @ Polaris
11/12-Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
11/13-Allentown, PA @ Crocodile Rock

THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD participated in a portion of this summer’s “Thrash and Burn Tour,” and has spent time on the road this year with OTEP, BURY YOUR DEAD, IMPENDING DOOM, and more, as well as appearing at New England Metal and Hardcore Fest in April. “Skepsis,” the band’s third proper full length, was released on February 2, 2010. The self-produced effort is the first TTEOTD release to feature new vocalist Danny Rodriguez, drummer Mike Ranne and guitarist Chris “Hank” Henckel.  The album was recorded at Geller Cellar Studios in New York and mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side (Hatebreed, Shadows Fall), and features cover art by Paul Romano (Mastodon, Trivium).

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September 3rd, 2010
by EvilG
Enslaved - Axioma Ethica Odini

Enslaved - Axioma Ethica Odini

Norway’s renowned progressive/psychedelic black metal band ENSLAVED have launched a worldwide fan video contest for the track “Ethica Odini” off their new album, Axioma Ethica Odini, due out in North America on September 28th.

States guitarist/songwriter Ivar Bjørnson:

“We wanted to do something else for the album video this time around. The track ‘Ethica Odini’ opens the album and stood out as the choice for making a video.  Earlier, we have done videos more or less by ourselves (“Isa”), semi-professionally (“Path To Vanir,” “Essence”), and all-the-way-glossy-pro (“The Watcher”).  Now we are really curious to see what our listeners can conjure up out there: an entire new angle and blank sheets is always a good thing in the ENSLAVED universe!  This is a way to interact directly with our listeners, which feels very right – as we seem to have the most involved listeners in the first place.  We can’t begin to express the appreciation for the support we have been shown through the run-up to this release!  May the best director win!”

Interested fans can obtain details hereContest ends Thursday, September 30th.


  • Video will be uploaded to ENSLAVED’s YouTube channel and branded as an “official” video for “Ethica Odini.”
  • ENSLAVED will use the video in a live setting.
  • Winner will receive ALL VERSIONS of Axioma Ethica Odini, including the limited edition wooden box, autographed by the band.
  • Two guest list spots + a Meet & Greet session with ENSLAVED at a live concert nearest to the winner’s city of residence.
  • Band merchandise.
  • A special “thank you” video from ENSLAVED sent directly to the winner.


  • Video will be uploaded to ENSLAVED’s YouTube channel and branded as an “official” video for “Ethica Odini.”
  • A special “thank you” video from ENSLAVED sent directly to the winner..
  • Two guest list spots + a Meet & Greet session with ENSLAVED at a live concert nearest to the winner’s city of residence.
  • Band merchandise.


  • Video will be uploaded to ENSLAVED’s YouTube channel and branded as an “official” video for “Ethica Odini.”
  • A special “thank you” video from ENSLAVED sent directly to the winner..
  • Band merchandise.

Axioma Ethica Odini is the follow-up to 2008’s Vertebrae, which sold over 1,100 copies its first week of release in North America according to Nielsen SoundScan and debuted on the American Billboard Hard Music chart at #11 and on the Billboard Heatseekers chart at #49Vertebrae also won Terrorizer Magazine’s coveted “Album of the Year” award for 2008.  In their native Norway, Vertebrae entered the official charts at #20 and earned  ENSLAVED their third consecutive Spellemann award (the Norwegian equivalent of a Grammy).

ENSLAVED will embark on a 7-show “Circling Above and Within Tour” of Europe beginning October 15th.

View Metal Hammer’s video interview here with ENSLAVED guitarist/songwriter Ivar Bjørnson & bassist/vocalist Grutle Kjellson where they shed some insight on the album artwork by  Norwegian artist Truls Espedal.

Visit ENSLAVED online at www.ENSLAVED.no, www.myspace.com/ENSLAVED, www.facebook.com/ENSLAVED, www.youtube.com/user/enslavedofficial, and www.twitter.com/enslavedband.

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September 3rd, 2010
by EvilG


Indianapolis, Indiana’s THE CONTORTIONIST have just made changes to their upcoming fall touring season, so make sure to see below for any new shows or venue updates in your market! These dates are confirmed, and fans should refer to this list for correct dates! Please disregard all previously announced dates.

This fall, THE CONTORTIONIST will hit the road with WAR OF AGES, THE COLOR MORALE, THE GREAT COMMISSION, and LEGEND from October 8th through October 22nd, and will continue across the states with THE ACACIA STRAIN, TERROR, THE RED CHORD, and GAZA from October 29th through November 20th! See below for all current tour dates, and make sure to catch THE CONTORTIONIST ripping up a stage near you!

THE CONTORTIONIST’s brand new GOOD FIGHT MUSIC debut, Exoplanet, is in stores now! Catch THE CONTORTIONIST on the road this fall!


10/08 – Edinboro, PA @ The Hangout

10/09 – Kettering, OH @ The Attic

10/10 – Cleveland, OH @ Peabodys

10/11 – Detroit, MI @ Magic Stick

10/12 – Chicago, IL @ Bottom Lounge

10/13 – La Crosse, WI @ WAREHOUSE

10/14 – St Paul, MN @ Station 4

10/15 – South Bend, IN @ Church of The Heartland

10/16 – St. Louis, MO @ Fubar

10/17 – Little Rock, AR @ The Village

10/19 – Douglasville, GA @ The 7 Venue

10/20 – Augusta, GA @ Sector 7G

10/21 – Lynchburg, VA @ Crosspoint Venue

10/22 – Fredericksburg, VA @ The Refuge


10/23 – Crofton, MD @ MACC

10/24 – Holyoke, MA @ Water Front Tavern

10/25 – Manchester, NH @ Rocko’s

10/26 – Brooklyn, NY @ Europa

10/27 – Vineland, NJ @ Hangar 84

10/28 – Allentown, PA @ Crocodile Rock


10/29 – Clifton Park, NY @ Northern Lights
10/30 – Jermyn, PA @ Eleanor Rigby’s
10/31 – Providence, RI @ Lupo’s
11/1 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Altar Bar
11/2 – West Springfield, VA @ Jaxx
11/3 – Raleigh, NC @ The Brewery
11/4 – Spartanburg, SC @ Ground Zero
11/5 – Jacksonville, FL @ Rain (Plush Complex)
11/6 – West Palm Beach, FL @ Ground Control
11/7 – St. Petersburg, FL @ State Theatre
11/8 – Macon, GA @ Cox Capitol Theatre

11/9 – Birmingham, AL @ Zydeco
11/10 – Nashville, TN @ Rocketown
11/11– Louisville, KY@ Headliners
11/12 – Milwaukee, WI @The Rave (Basement)
11/13 – Toledo, OH @ Headliner’s
11/14 – Windsor, ON @ Blind Dog
11/15 – London, ON @ Music Hall
11/16 – Longeueil, QC @ Salle Kekpart
11/17 – Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground
11/18 – Buffalo, NY @ Mohawk Place
11/19 – Poughkeepsie, NY @The Chance
11/20 – Holyoke, MA @The Waterfront Tavern – A Benefit for Liberty Skrypek
For more information on THE CONTORTIONIST be sure to visit:



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DAATH Exclusive Track Debut; Post New Webisode Online

September 3rd, 2010
by EvilG

Extreme metal at its very best, plain and simple, is what the Atlanta based quintet DAATH delivers. The group’s highly anticipated third full-length release is going to be self-titled and is set for an Oct. 26th North American release. The disc is a face melting masterpiece that was co-produced by the renowned Mark Lewis (Trivium, Devildriver) and Eyal Levi (guitars). Check out the exclusive debut on MetalSucks of the blistering new track, “Destruction Restoration,” now at the link below.

Sean Z. (vocals) states: “This song is about reinventing yourself, like we’ve done with our sound. Destruction and manipulation allow poisons to seep in easily. Listen to it once, clear your head and listen again.”

“This album will definitely be the most real thing this band has put out to date. It’s on a level everyone can relate to. The lyrics have taken a brand new direction and the music compliments the insanity creating a fucking masterpiece of a way different kind.”

Metal Mark from Skulls ‘N’ Bones recently spent some time in the studio with the band and compiled a video series documenting the recording process, so click on the link below now to check out the fifth installment featuring the synth tracking sessions. http://www.skullsnbones.com/video/daath-studio-report-eric

Currently the group is more determined, energized and focused than ever before and is continuing to expand upon their unique, uncompromising and dynamic sound. For those previously uninitiated, feel free to head over to www.myspace.com/daath to see what they are all about.

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DIMMU BORGIR iPHONE APP! (Allows fans to call Satan directly?)

September 3rd, 2010
by EvilG
DIMMU BORGIR - Abrahadabra

DIMMU BORGIR - Abrahadabra

Norwegian symphonic black metal band DIMMU BORGIR proudly announce the launch of their first and FREE iPhone app.

View photos, watch videos, get access to sound samples from the new album ABRAHADABRA, share tweets, chat with other die-hards and more.  This app syncs up with your Facebook and Twitter accounts, so connect directly with DIMMU BORGIR to get the latest news, music and information.

This DIMMU BORGIR iPhone app is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.  It requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later and is available to fans in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.  Download the DIMMU BORGIR app here.

DIMMU BORGIR’s latest offering, ABRAHADABRA, will be released in Germany on September 24th, in the rest of Europe on September 27th, and in North America on October 12th.  The single “Gateways” is now available for streaming on the band’s MySpace page.

Fellow countrymen Enslaved and Sahg will be the opening acts on DIMMU BORGIR’s headlining “Darkness Reborn World Tour” in Europe, which launches on September 21st in London.

View tour dates and visit DIMMU BORGIR online at www.DIMMU-BORGIR.com, www.myspace.com/DIMMUBORGIR, www.facebook.com/DIMMUBORGIR, and  www.twitter.com/dimmu_borgir.

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September 3rd, 2010
by EvilG


Alternative Press is set to premiere a brand new song from Chicago deathcore heavyweights OCEANO.

The website of influential music magazine Alternative Press will be hosting the exclusive world premiere of the new track, “Precursor to Enslavement”, on Friday, September 3rd.  Be amongst the first to hear the crushing new track by heading to http://www.altpress.com

“Precursor to Enslavement” is taken from OCEANO’s long-awaited new album, CONTAGION.  The follow-up to the band’s Billboard-charting 2009 debut, DEPTHS, CONTAGION features eleven brutal new tracks and is due to be released in North America on November 9th.  The album will be released in Europe on January 17th, 2011.

Catch OCEANO live on the run-up to the release of CONTAGION, as they head out on “The Corruptour” with WHITECHAPEL, IMPENDING DOOM, MISS MAY I and I DECLARE WAR:

Oct 01 – Macon, GA – The 567
Oct 02 – Fort Lauderdale, FL – Culture Room
Oct 03 – St. Petersburg, FL – State Theater
Oct 04 – Jacksonville, FL – Rain
Oct 05 – Spartanburg, SC – Ground Zero
Oct 06 – Charlotte, NC – Tremont Music Hall
Oct 07 – Raleigh, NC – Volume 11 Tavern
Oct 08 – Norfolk, VA – Norva
Oct 09 – Jermyn, PA – Eleanor Rigby’s
Oct 10 – Hartford, CT – Webster Theater
Oct 12 – Boston, MA – Harper’s Ferry
Oct 13 – Poughkeepsie, NY – The Chance Theater
Oct 14 – Syracuse, NY – Lost Horizon
Oct 15 – Toledo, OH – Headliner’s
Oct 16 – Grand Rapids, MI – Intersection
Oct 17 – Elgin, IL – Mad Maggies
Oct 19 – Milwaukee, WI – The Rave
Oct 20 – St. Louis, MO – Pop’s
Oct 21 – Louisville, KY – Headliners Music Hall
Oct 22 – Birmingham, AL – Zydeco
Oct 23 – Nashville, TN – Rocketown

View the Corruptour flyer at http://earacherecords.com/myspace/corruptour.jpg

CONTAGION is available to pre-order now in North America, along with t-shirt and hoodie combo packs.  Pre-order the album and get DEPTHS at http://earache.com/uswebstore/index.php/cPath/667_672_698

Get DEPTHS in Europe at http://www.earache.com/webstore/index.php/cPath/667_672_698

For more OCEANO news and info, head to http://www.myspace.com/oceano or join the band on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/OceanoMetal

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September 3rd, 2010
by EvilG


Singapore grindcore trio WORMROT have regretfully had to delay the start of their US tour by a few days.

The band, which was due to perform with labelmates ORDER OF ENNEAD at Santos Party House in New York City on September 2nd, have been forced to postpone the start of the “Abusing US” tour due to visa delays.  WORMROT will now be arriving in the USA on September 4th and will be kicking off the tour on September 6th in Cleveland, Ohio.  The band apologizes to their fans, but will be rescheduling the New York show for a new date towards the end of the tour.

WORMROT frontman ARIF ROT comments:

“I’m off to the airport this Friday night to catch our early as fuck flight to the States the next day.  Everything has been prepared and we are pumped as fuck to start abusing the USA.  LET’S FUCKING GO!”

Catch WORMROT live on their first ever US tour at the following shows:

Sep 06 – Cleveland, Ohio – Now That’s Class
Sep 07 – Valparaiso, Indiana – Gauchos
Sep 08 – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – 31st Street Pub
Sep 09 – Lansing, Michigan – Macs
Sep 10 – Mishawaka, Indian – Wander Inn
Sep 11 – Indianapolis, Indiana – The Dojo
Sep 12 – St. Louis, Missouri – Fubar
Sep 13 – Des Moines, Iowa – Vaudeville Mews
Sep 14 – Denver, Colorado – Blast-O-Mat
Sep 15 – Albuquerque, New Mexico – Andres Underground
Sep 16 – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – The Conservatory
Sep 17 – San Antonio, Texas – 1011
Sep 18 – Dallas, Texas – Phoenix Project
Sep 19 – Houston, Texas – Vanguard Warehouse
Sep 20 – New Orleans, Louisiana – 86’d Productions
Sep 21 – Tallahassee, Florida – Big Daddy’s
Sep 22 – Tampa, Florida – Brass Mug
Sep 23 – Miami, Florida – Churchill’s Pub
Sep 24 – Gainsville, Florida – The Atlantic
Sep 25 – Atlanta, Georgia – Eyedrum
Sep 26 – Chatanooga, Tennessee – Ziggy’s
Sep 27 – Lexington, Kentucky – Cosmic Charlie’s
Sep 29 – Richmond, Virginia – The Triple
Sep 30 – Silver Spring, Maryland – Corpse Fortress
Oct 01 – Wilmington, Delaware – Mojo 13
Oct 02 – Bethlehem, Pennsylvania – The Hardbean Cafe
Oct 04 – Hartford, Connecticut – The Whitney House

Get a taste of the ferocity of a live WORMROT show by watching a video from the band’s performance in Torello, Spain on their recent European tour at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNl9bhh-lm8

WORMROT’s debut album, ABUSE, is available now worldwide featuring 23 tracks of pure grindcore, plus a bonus disc with an additional 34 tracks of demos, EPs and splits.  Get the album now in North America at http://earache.com/uswebstore/index.php/cPath/667_674_733 or in Europe at http://earache.com/webstore/index.php/cPath/667_674_750

Keep up-to-date with all WORMROT news and info at:
MySpace – http://www.myspace.com/wormrotgrind
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Wormrot/237638635639
Twitter – http://twitter.com/Wormrot

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IPSISSIMUS signs worldwide deal with Metal Blade Records

September 3rd, 2010
by EvilG

East coast based black metalers Ipsissimus to enter the studio to record debut full-length album

Metal Blade Records is pleased to announce the signing of New Haven, CT black metal band IPSISSIMUS. The band inked a worldwide deal with Metal Blade Records and will be entering Sonic Environments studio in Bloomfield, CT to record their first full-length album and Metal Blade debut. Longtime friend of His Emissary, Jeff Weed, is not only the owner of Sonic Environments studio but has also stepped in as the band’s “sonic alchemist” (aka engineer/producer). IPSISSIMUS began recording in June 2010 and are taking a short break before returning to Sonic Environments studio in early September to finish the record. Their feature full-length will include the band’s EP Three Secrets of Fatima along with three new songs.

IPSISSIMUS drummer Haimatokharmes comments; “Metal Blade is a label that has been home to artists brutal, technical, filthy, blasting, wildly successful, and, most importantly, unique. Ipsissimus is very proud to join this family, and looks forward to adoring the Goat with them by producing ritual black metal that is truly ipsissima!”

“A 3 piece black metal symphony that is at the forefront of the American Black Metal movement… IPSISSIMUS is technical yet punishing, perfect for Metal Blade Records and fans of our brand of metal,” adds Michael Faley, President of Metal Blade Records.

IPSISSIMUS has a handful of upcoming one-off shows that sees the band sharing the stage with the likes of The Absence, Skeletonwitch, Withered, Landmine Marathon, Unearthly Trance, Black Pyramid, Suma, and more. See dates below.

Sept 28th is the Black Anvil CD release at the Studio @ Webster Hall in NYC with The Absence

Sept 30th is “Metal Thursday CV” @ Ralph’s Chadwick Square Rock Diner in Worcester with Unearthly Trance, Suma (from Sweden) and Black Pyramid

Oct 21st, “Born of Fire” presents Ipsissimus and Nachzehrer along with a screening of the cult classic “Alucarda” @ O’Brien’s in Allston, MA

October 30th @ Club Oasis in Worcester with Scaphism, Despoilment, Wreckoning, Sarcomancy and Deconformity

November 28th @ Lilly’s Pad (Toad’s Place upstairs) in New Haven with Skeletonwitch, Withered and Landmine Marathon


Tichondrius: Bass / Vocals

Haimatokharmes: Drums

His Emissary: Guitar

About the band:

IPSISSIMUS was founded when His Emissary (guitars) and Haimatokharmes (drums) met by providence on 6/6/06 in New Haven, CT, and found in one another worthy vessels of channeling the occult philosophies into ritual Black Metal. In November of that year, Tichondrius (bass/vocals) completed the trinity. Within a month they were playing concerts and released the demo Trampling the Host, a potent exercise in raw, blasting Black Metal. Over the following years, they established a reputation across New England for technical yet raw live performances, sharing the stage with both local and established Black Metal groups, such as Nachtmystium, Enslaved, Dark Funeral, Krallice, and Watain. In February 2008, IPSISSIMUS independently released the Three Secrets of Fatima EP, a complex and melodic triptych that thrust them to the forefront of the burgeoning American Black Metal scene. In June, IPSISSIMUS played the Three Secrets of Fatima EP start to finish to a very enthusiastic crowd when the band opened up for legendary EYEHATEGOD and Nachtmystium. Matching their music to orations of black piety that draw from esoteric traditions antique and modern, often composed in the dead tongues of the ancients themselves, IPSISSIMUS initiates the listener to a Left-Hand Gnosis with a unique and irrefutable statement of American Black Metal.



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DESULTORY: Counting Our Scars Final Track Listing Revealed

September 3rd, 2010
by EvilG

Reactivated legendary Swedish death metallers DESULTORY recently completed work on their long-anticipated upcoming new album, Counting Our Scars. The full-length — their first since 1996’s Swallow The Snake — was recorded, mixed and mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio (Watain, Unanimated, Deströyer 666 etc) in Alvik, Sweden.  

Counting Our Scars Final Track Listing:

1. In A Cage
2. Counting Our Scars
3. Ready To Bleed
4. This Broken Halo
5. The Moment Is Gone
6. Uneven Numbers
7. Dead Ends
8. Leeching Life
9. A Crippling Heritage

Counting Our Scars will be released via Pulverised Records later this year. Official street date TBA.


Klas Morberg – Vocals, Guitars
Håkan Morberg – Guitars
Johan Bolin – Bass
Thomas Johnson – Drums


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The remastered edition of “Witchcraft” by Stormwitch to be released in October

September 2nd, 2010
by EvilG
The remastered edition of "Witchcraft" by Stormwitch to be released in October

The remastered edition of "Witchcraft" by Stormwitch to be released in October 2010

Stormwitch are next to Helloween the biggest German heavy metal legend ever to walk this planet. Their career started in the 80’s with a string of successful albums and lasted until 1994, when the group disbanded due to personal differences. Fortunately, Stormwitch returned in 2002 with a new line-up and a new album, “Dance with the Witches”. Two years later the band released “Witchcraft” – one of their finest works yet. Metal Mind Productions presents the exclusive reissue of “Witchcraft” which brings the ultimate version of a true heavy metal masterpiece…

The group was originally formed in 1979 in Heidenheim, Baden Württemberg, Germany by vocalist Andy Mück and guitarists Harald Spencer (aka Lee Tarot) and Stefan Kaufmann (Steve Merchant). Bassist Ronny “Pearson” Gleisberg and drummer Peter “Lancer” Langer joined the band in 1983. The band officially debuted in 1984 on the “1. Rock-Fabrik Festival ‘84” live compilation album (where they played along Restless, Tyran’s Pace and Cacumen). In the same year Stormwitch managed to release their stellar debut LP – “Walpurgis Night” – which became an instant success and gathered great opinions from both critics and fans. The following years brought more great albums, all considered today as metal classics: “Tales of Terror” (1985), “Stronger Than Heaven” (1986), “The Beauty and the Beast” (1987) and “Eye of the Storm” (1989). The 1990’s brought some significant line-up changes, as both original guitarists decided to quit the band. The group carried on with new musicians and recorded two more LPs – “War of the Wizards” (1992) and “Shogun” (1994) – until finally disbanding by the end of 1994.

Even though Stormwitch officially ceased to exist, their name was still present on the metal scene. Cover versions of their songs were included on albums by White Skull (“Tears by the Firelight” from “The Beauty and the Beast”) and Hammerfall (“Ravenlord” from “Stronger Than Heaven”), and a compilation album of Stormwitch’s best songs from their first three LPs was released in 1998, bearing the title “Priest of Evil”. In 2002 Andy Mück decided to reform the band after he wrote the song “Dance with the Witches” for a faithful fan. Stormwitch officially returned to the metal world on August 5th with the release of their eighth album which was named after the track that brought the group back to life – “Dance with the Witches”. In November 2004 Stormwitch released their ninth LP entitled “Witchcraft”. The album delivered twelve amazing tracks capturing all the best elements of heavy metal, power metal and even hard rock. “Witchcraft” offered a lot of diversity, introducing some faster, almost speed-metal tracks like “Puppets in a Play” and “At the Break of this Day”, straight-forward rockers such as “Frankenstein’s Brothers” and “Kiss of Death”, and even an impressive power metal ballad – “Sleeping Beauty”. Two songs on the album (“Moonfleet” and “Fallen From God”) featured additional female vocals, which only strengthened the gloomy, disturbing atmosphere of the LP. The mood was also built by the lyrics, which mixed gothic horror stories with sinister love tales and even some religious themes (like in the opener “Sinister Child” which portrays the birth of Jesus) and, of course – witches! This is an absolute must-have for all fans of true, powerful heavy metal!

The new digipak edition of “Witchcraft” includes a bonus track and is limited to 2000 copies. Remastered using tube technology, digitally edited on a golden disc. The release date is set up for 11th October in Europe and 7th December in USA (via MVD).


“Witchcraft” (remastered + bonus tracks)

Label: Metal Mind Records

Cat. No.: MASS CD 1398 DG

Barcode: 5907785036352

Format: CD Digipak (limited edition of 2000 numbered copies)

Genre: Heavy metal

Release date: 11.10.2010 Europe / 07.12.2010 USA


1. The Sinister Child

2. At the Break of This Day

3. Fallen from God

4. Frankenstein’s Brothers

5. Until the War Will End

6. Witchcraft

7. Sleeping Beauty

8. Puppet in A Play

9. The Kiss of Death

10. Moonfleet

11. Salome

12. The Drinking Song

Bonus track:

13. Blood Lies in My Hand

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