Monster Magnet: Video Premiere

October 1st, 2010
by EvilG

The wait is finally over! Starting today, MYSPACE Germany presents the clip to the Monster Magnet smash-hit “Gods and Punks”! It is a visually impressive short-movie that sets a new course far beyond the conventional performance clips. The exclusive premiere will be remain online until Sunday. “Mastermind” will hit the streets at the end of October and after the release, the band will embark on an extensive tour through Europe. All dates are available HERE!

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October 1st, 2010
by EvilG

Serving as primer for their forthcoming full length album tentatively scheduled for spring 2011, extreme thrash purveyors EXCRUCIATOR are pleased to announce that their 5 song demo, entitled By the Gates of Flesh will be the second installment in the HEAVY ARTILLERY WAX MANIAX DEMO SERIES. Strictly limited to 200 hand numbered mini lps and 500 cds, By the Gates of Flesh will be unleashed for pre-sale on Friday October 9th exclusively through the HEAVY ARTILLERY online store at
By the Gates of Flesh can be streamed in its entirety at:

Unsatisfied with current trends and the overdone “core” music that was being heard throughout Portland, EXCRUCIATOR was formed to help revive the spirit and values of true heavy metal, thought long-since lost in the Pacific Northwest. Initially starting as a side project, the concept was hatched when guitarist/vocalist Chris Birkle proposed the idea of starting a faster, heavier, traditional metal band to long-time friend and fellow guitarist Josh Kay. The two agreed and during the winter of 2008 convinced the destroyer of strings, Craig Bridenbeck, to join on bass. Not content to sit idle while searching for a drummer, the trio began writing original material and recorded a rough one song demo using a drum machine. The demo reached the ears of drummer Marcus Hartford who quickly convinced the band with his thunderous beats that he was the right man for the job. The four found instantaneous cohesion and continued writing new material while rehearsing frequently.

Within a few months EXCRUCIATOR had built a solid repertoire of original songs and by the summer of 2009 the band entered the studio to record their first proper demo. The eight-track demo quickly gained favor amongst the Portland metal crowd and this growing notoriety allowed the four to acquire gigs with national acts such acts as Forbidden, Cauldron, Enforcer, and Witchaven amongst others. Eventually, the band’s hard work and networking allowed for them to be heard and ultimately signed by New York-based HEAVY ARTILLERY RECORDS, who upon hearing the band, were immediately convinced that what EXCRUCIATOR had to offer was a cut above the throng of young traditional metal acts surfacing in recent times. Eager to prove their mettle to the masses, EXCRUCIATOR is currently writing all new material for their full-length debut album, tentatively scheduled for release during spring 2011.

Listen to EXCRUCIATOR at

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Video Showdown – BEHEMOTH vs Municipal Waste

October 1st, 2010
by EvilG
Behemoth - Alas, Lord Is Upon Me

Behemoth - Alas, Lord Is Upon Me

Go to to vote for the best extreme metal band on earth!

Every week AUX takes two music videos and puts them head to head – you vote for your favorite and the winner’s video gets played on power rotation on AUX TV.  It is a battle between bands, songs and fans so vote for your favorite video now!

Polish extreme metallers BEHEMOTH video for the song “Alas The Lord Is Upon Me”, is taken from the band’s latest album, “Evangelion”. The clip was produced and directed by Rafal Szermanowicz and Grupa 13, which previously helmed BEHEMOTH’s videos for “Ov Fire And The Void” and “At The Left Hand Ov God”.

Commented BEHEMOTH guitarist/vocalist Adam “Nergal” Darski: “First of all, we’ve overcome ourselves with this new video clip. Period. It’s something we’ve wanted to do for a very long time. Pretty much no digital intervention, no blue boxes, no fake shit this time, but great filming, good acting, and a fuckin’ awesome storyline. It’s disturbing, crazy, and evil. We’ve had over 70 people working for us on this video so we can easily say it was the biggest production so far. We are beyond excited! Wait and see…”

The director of the video, Dariusz Szermanowicz, commented: “This time we decided to make something different. We’d like to make a video in ‘cinematic’ style without so many VFX like in last two videos. We found a great location, we had dozen of actors and extras and awesome stylizing. 16 hours of hard work resulted with best video we’ve ever made!”

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October 1st, 2010
by EvilG

Maldives-based thrashers SERENITY DIES have recently parted ways with bassist/vocalist Chuck and guitarist Xiao due to personal reasons. According to a statement from the band, there is no ill-will on either side and everyone remains close friends. Despite this obstacle, SERENITY DIES are fully committed to moving forward as a band and are pleased to announce that guitarist/vocalist Jared MacEachern (ex-SANCTITY) and bassist Addo (ex-FASYLIVE) have joined the fold. With this newly revamped roster, SERENITY DIES are more powerful than ever and are hard at work on a follow-up to their Hacksawcracy EP, which was released earlier this year. For more on SERENITY DIES visit

Melodic thrashers SERENITY DIES released the Hacksawcracy EP on July 15, 2010. Taking inspiration from the likes of Megadeth and Metallica with a uniquely modern twist that emphasizes memorable songwriting, surgically precise riffing, and one hell of a rhythmic punch, the Maldives-based act sprints out of the blocks with refreshing vigor. The EP features guest appearances from Rob Caggiano (Anthrax) and Mikko Salovaara (Kiuas) who perform guitar solos on “Psycho Ride” and “Dystopian Law,” respectively. Hacksawcracy was produced/mixed by Anssi Kippo (Children of Bodom) alongside Grammy Award winning engineer Gavin Lurssen (Slumdog Millionaire, Across the Universe, Iron Man, Guns ‘N’ Roses, Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper). SERENITY DIES has set a new global standard in heavy metal.

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October 1st, 2010
by EvilG

British melodic death metal act THE SOULLESS, which recently changed its name from IGNOMINIOUS INCARCERATION, has released a brand new preproduction track from the band’s forthcoming new album.

The new track, titled “Earthbound”, is available to hear now on the band’s new MySpace page at

THE SOULLESS drummer SAM BAILEY comments:

“We are putting up a new demo from our new album – our van accident pushed our studio time back, so we thought that instead of delaying a new song, we would preview what we’ve been up to for the last year or more with a preproduction song.

“‘Earthbound’ is one of the preproduction songs we recorded in preparation of the album and we feel that it represents what we are doing at the moment really well.  It is a big step forward creatively and musically, which means we have never been so passionate about what we are doing.  It is quite a far cry from our old material, but we’d rather take flak for progressing than replicate something we aren’t excited about.

“We’re going to be putting up video updates of our writing process as well as recording while previewing more new material.”

The follow-up to the band’s 2009 debut album, OF WINTER BORN, is due to be released in early 2011.

Watch a video from THE SOULLESS, announcing the band’s name change, along with a short clip of new music below:

Get OF WINTER BORN now in Europe at or in North America at

Check out THE SOULLESS online and keep up-to-date with all of their news:

MySpace –
Tumblr –
Twitter –
Facebook –
YouTube –

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BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Cancellations Due To ZAKK WYLDE’s Health

October 1st, 2010
by EvilG

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY was forced to cancel an appearance last night in Omaha, NE due to Zakk Wylde’s health.

Tonight’s appearance in Clive, Iowa has also been affected.

Wylde was diagnosed with a blood clotting condition in his leg, and was admitted to a hospital in Nebraska. It is a reoccurrence of an issue first diagnosed in August 2009.

The Black Label Berzerkus is set to continue in Milwaukee, WI this Saturday, October 2.

A message from the BLS camp reads: “BLS apologizes to ticket holders of last night’s show, and for the inconvenience to the fans affected in Iowa as well. Tickets will be refunded at the place of purchase – and Meet & Greet package refunds will be processed promptly. Further updates on Zakk’s medical condition will become available as they are known.

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New trailer for “Lemmy” Available!

October 1st, 2010
by EvilG
Lemmy - Movie Poster

Lemmy - Movie Poster

A new trailer for Lemmy, the long-awaited documentary about legendary MOTÖRHEAD vocalist/bassist Lemmy Kilmister, can be seen below.

Lemmy premiered in March 2010 during South by Southwest in Austin, TX.

Although a release date for the Lemmy DVDi has not yet been announced, directors / producers Greg Olliver and Wes Orshoski promise “two hours of amazing movie and four hours of amazing bonus material.”

Earlier this year, interviewed co-director Wes Orshoski (the other director is Greg Olliver) to learn more about this exciting upcoming film. That interview can be viewed HERE.

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DAATH Post New Websiode Featuring Eyal Levi¹s Guitar Tracking Sessions

October 1st, 2010
by EvilG

Extreme metal at its very best, plain and simple, is what the Atlanta based quintet DAATH delivers. The group’s highly anticipated third full-length release is going to be self-titled and is set for an Oct. 25th release. The disc is a face-melting masterpiece that was co-produced by the renowned Mark Lewis (Trivium, Devildriver) and Eyal Levi (guitars). Stay tuned in the coming weeks for a big North American touring announcement.

Metal Mark from Skulls ‘N’ Bones recently spent some time in the studio with the band and compiled a video series documenting the recording process, so click on the link below now to check out the final installment that documents the incredible performance of guitarist Eyal Levi.

Eyal reveals to Skulls ‘N’ Bones, “This is the most unrestrained and over the top collection of songs we’ve ever captured. We went in with the intent of creating a freak show of a record and we achieved it. People looking for a wrecking ball of an album will be happy. People looking for an album they’ll still hear new things in one year down the road will be happy. People going in with any preconceived notions of who we are and what we sound like are in for a surprise.”

A specially priced pre-order package featuring an exclusive shirt and new CD is available now at the link below for only $20, so click below to purchase now as this is a very limited offer.

The stunning new DAATH track, “Indestructible Overdose,” is also now available at

Currently the group is more determined, energized and focused than ever before and is continuing to expand upon their unique, uncompromising and dynamic sound. For those previously uninitiated, feel free to head over to to see what they are all about.

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October 1st, 2010
by EvilG


Legendary metal vocalist, HOUSECORE RECORDS label founder and lifelong die-hard New Orleans Saints fan PHILIP ANSELMO recently made his second trip to the Saints headquarters to interview tight end Jeremy Shockey. ANSELMO has been a die-hard Saints fan for his entire life. His interview with tight end Shockey aired on the Louisiana Sunday Kickoff, and the remainder of the interview is posted now at ANSELMO’s HOUSECORE TV. The video is also laced with some brand new ARSON ANTHEM music, so listen closely! HOUSECORE TV is the evolution of the HOUSECORE RADIO SHOW, which you can listen to here.

PHILIP ANSELMO is involved with two new releases that have yet to be unleashed onto the world; ARSON ANTHEM’s Insecurity Notoriety (their first full length release, hitting stores on October 12th), and DOWN’s Diary of a Mad Band 3 disc (2 CD/1 DVD) set (featuring over 130 minutes of unseen footage from their first European tour, to be released on October 5th)! Make sure to head to your local record store to purchase these two projects! You can pre-order DOWN’s Diary of a Mad Band here.

For more information on PHILIP ANSELMO, ARSON ANTHEM, and DOWN, please visit these sites:




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ABACINATE Issue Statement Following The Loss Of Vocalist, Jason Sica

October 1st, 2010
by EvilG

New Jersey death metal group Abacinate has issued the following statement in the wake of vocalist Jason Sica’s death:

Abacinate is incredibly sad to announce that on Tuesday morning, September 28th 2010, our vocalist Jason “Plunger” Sica, 25, was found dead. He died at the home of one of his friends, in his hometown of Edison, New Jersey.

Jason was a dear friend and a true brother to all of us. He was an amazing talent, a loving personality, and a true gentleman with a heart of gold. The remaining members of Abacinate are deeply, deeply saddened by his loss. Before his untimely demise, Jay was immortalized on our most recent recording. It is the first and only recording that will actually be released with Jay performing the vocal duties for Abacinate. The album, set to be released in late 2010, is dedicated to Jay and all of his loved ones.

Although Jay was only a member of the Abacinate roster for about one year, we soared to new heights together, and experienced much success and prosperity that we had yet to achieve in the prior years of our existence as a band. Jay had the pleasure of doing two U.S. tours, many festivals, and an LP with us during his short run. We are very proud and honored that we were such a huge part of his life.

As of right now, Abacinate plans on taking a short hiatus in order to collect our thoughts and get through this terrible time in a healthy way. We will having a benefit show for Jay, somewhere in NJ in the upcoming months , in order to raise funds for his family, and to say goodbye to him with the rest of the music community in a proper way. Details for this benefit show will be provided as we solidify the plans.

Jays’ family and all of us here at the Abacinate camp would like to express our appreciation to anyone and everyone who reached out to us during this difficult time to extend their sympathy. All the friends we have made on the road, the bands, and the fans have been so kind and loving. For that, we cannot thank you enough.

Our thoughts, wishes, and deepest sympathy go out to Jays’ family every moment of everyday. Rest In Peace Jay. You will NEVER be forgotten. Thank you for letting us be a part of your life.

We love you Plunger.

R.I.P. Jason Sica 3/14/85 – 9/28/10 Forever in our hearts.

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October 1st, 2010
by EvilG

Chicago deathcore heavyweights, OCEANO have released a 6+ minute trailer for a bonus DVD that fans can find EXCLUSIVELY at all Transworld stores (which include FYE, Coconuts, Saturday Matinee, Spin Street and more) bundled with new copies of CONTAGION on November 9th. Entitled CREATING THE CONTAGION, this exclusive DVD captures everything that fans would want to know about the CONTAGION recording sessions and then some. Get up close and personal with OCEANO through in-depth interviews, tracking session footage and even a tour of the kitchen pantry at Planet Z Studios. For a taste of the CREATING THE CONTAGION DVD, watch the trailer below:

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October 1st, 2010
by EvilG
CALIBER 666 - Blood Fueled Chaos

CALIBER 666 - Blood Fueled Chaos

Swedish death-mongers CALIBER 666 are pleased to announce that they have signed with North America’s premier death metal label, Ibex Moon Records. The band’s full-length debut, Blood Fueled Chaos, will be available digitally on October 1st via

Mixed and mastered by Fred Estby (ex-DISMEMBER), Blood Fueled Chaos features guest performances from LG Petrov of ENTOMBED (“The Worthless”) and DISMEMBER vocalist Matti Kärki (“Let The Blood Flow”). The band has posted four tracks from album on their official myspace page. Visit to experience the brutality.

To The Killing Fields

Black Smoke

Let The Blood Flow


A Part Of The Art

The Worthless


Serpents Walk



CALIBER 666 is:

Peter Pettersson:Battery

Jim Riggo:Bass

Tony Riggo:Guitar

Tomas Burgman:Guitar

Joakim Mikiver:Vocals Read the rest of this entry »

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September 30th, 2010
by Celtic Bob

The masters of musical mayhem have paired up yet again to embark on a three week tour of debauchery. Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper have returned to destroy a city near you on The Halloween Hootenanny Tour with special guests Murderdolls. The tour kicks off in Los Angeles at the Gibson Amphitheatre on Thursday, September 30th and will criss-cross the USA with a tour de force of ghoulish s delights for your aural pleasure, giving the fans a show of a lifetime.

In other Zombie news, fans will soon get the ultimate interactive experience as their hero is joining forces with Universal Studios Hollywood to create the new 3D maze, “Rob Zombie’s House Of 1000 Corpses: In 3D ZombieVision.” As part of the Halloween Horror Nights event, fans will be treated to a nightmarish world of carnage and chaos Rob Zombie-style based upon Zombie’s cult hit film “House Of 1000 Corpses.” Vampire buffs also got a treat when the track “What” from Rob Zombie’s latest release HELLBILLY DELUXE 2 appeared in an episode of the smash HBO series “True Blood.”

Zombie addicts can also look forward to the release of the special edition of HELLBILLY DELUXE 2 set to street on Friday, September 24th. This deluxe version of HD2 will feature 3 brand new tracks called “Everything Is Boring,” “Michael” and “Devil’s Hole Girls And The Big Revolution,” as well as a re-imagining of “The Man Who Laughs.” Additionally, the package will include a brand new video for “Mars Needs Women” (shot during the Gruesome Twosome tour with Alice Cooper), a live version of Cooper’s classic “School’s Out” performed with Cooper and a 30-minute DVD featuring a tour documentary entitled “Transylvanian Transmissions,” along with all-new expanded artwork.

With more than 15 million albums sold, 7 Grammy nominations, the helming of 5 major motion pictures and dozens of music videos under his belt, Rob Zombie is a force to be reckoned with in today’s entertainment landscape. Zombie’s unique meld of horror and hard rock has influenced his sound as a musician, and more recently his vision as a director and writer.

The Halloween Hootenanny Tour Featuring The Gruesome Twosome with special guests Murderdolls:

30 Los Angeles, CA Gibson Amphitheatre

01 San Diego, CA Harrah’s Rincon
02 Tucson, AZ Anselmo Valencia Amphitheater
04 Salt Lake City, UT USANA Amphitheatre
06 Kansas City, MO Independence Event Center
07 St. Charles, MO The Family Arena
08 Bloomington, IL U.S. Cellular Coliseum
09 Youngstown, OH Covelli Center
10 Johnstown, PA Cambria War Memorial
12 Binghamton, NY Broome County Arena
14 Portland, ME Cumberland County Civic Center
15 Uncasville, CT Mohegan Sun
16 Worcester, MA DCU Center
17 Columbia, MD Merriweather Post Pavilion
19 Roanoke, VA Roanoke Performing Arts Theater
20 Nashville, TN Nashville Municipal Auditorium
21 North Little Rock, AR Verizon Arena
23 Grand Prairie, TX Verizon At Grand Prairie
24 Corpus Christi, TX Concrete Street Amphitheatre

For more information, please click on or

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September 30th, 2010
by Celtic Bob’s “Haunting The Chapel” has launched a special ticket giveaway in lieu of Triptykon’s first ever North American tour, a headlining run on the “Weltenbrand Tour 2010”. Five lucky winners will receive a pair of tickets to their city of choice, so head over to: for all the details!
Triptykon, the group formed by former Hellhammer/Celtic Frost singer, guitarist, and main songwriter, Tom Gabriel Warrior, will kick off the “Weltenbrand Tour 2010” next week in New York City. Norway’s technical black metal band,1349, and Chicago’s veteran progressive metal act, Yakuza, will round out the bill on what is sure to be this fall’s heaviest tour.

Triptykon will also follow its highly acclaimed debut album, Eparistera Daimones, with the release of ‘Shatter’, an all-new five-track EP, to be released on Century Media Records on October 25th. ‘Shatter’ will be available through Century Media Records (under license from Prowling Death Records Ltd.) as a CD, digital download, and 12″ vinyl. The EP will further contain the lyrics to all songs as well as detailed liner notes and credits.
The EP’s track listing is…

01. Shatter

02. I Am The Twilight

03. Crucifixus

04. Circle Of The Tyrants (live)
05. Dethroned Emperor (live) – Featuring guest lead vocals by Nocturno Culto of Darkthrone/Sarke
Stay tuned to for more info regarding Triptykon and the “Weltenbrand Tour 2010”.

Decibel Magazine and Stereogum/Haunting the Chapel present the “Weltenbrand Tour 2010”…
10/6-New York, NY @ The Gramercy Theatre
10/7-Boston, MA @ The Middle East
10/8-Baltimore, MD @ Otto Bar
10/9-Philadelphia, PA @ Polaris
10/10-Montreal, QC @ Les Foufounes Electrique
10/11-Toronto, ON @ The Opera House
10/13-Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop
10/14-Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Smalls Theatre
10/15-Detroit, MI @ The Majestic Theatre
10/16-Chicago, IL @ The Bottom Lounge
10/17-St. Paul, MN @ Station 4
10/19-Denver, CO @ The Marquis Theatre
10/21-Seattle, WA @ El Corazon
10/22-Portland, OR @ Hawthorne Theatre
10/23-San Francisco, CA @ Slim’s
10/24-Los Angeles, CA @ El Rey Theatre
10/25-Tucson, AZ @ The Rock
10/27-Tulsa, OK @ The Marquee
10/28-Fort Worth, TX @ Ridglea Theatre
10/29-Austin, TX @ Emo’s Outside
10/30-Houston, TX @ The Warsaw

Triptykon is…
Tom Gabriel Warrior – guitar, vocals
V. Santura – guitar, vocals
Norman Lonhard – drums, percussion
Vanja Slajh – bass

For more information…

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September 30th, 2010
by Celtic Bob

Massachusetts metal machine SHADOWS FALL and AOL Music’s resident metal website have just debuted an exclusive live track, ‘A Public Execution’, cut from the band’s upcoming CD/DVD set titled Madness in Manila. The set is poised for release on October 25th, 2010, and marks the impressive 15 year anniversary of SHADOWS FALL! Head over to AOL Noisecreep to stream the track!

The band is offering an amazing pre-order offer for the Madness in Manila set, including three separate package options! See below for all pre-order options, and click the links to order your bundle:

Pre- Order – Madness in Manila CD/DVD set – $18

Pre- Order Bundle #1 – Madness in Manila CD/DVD set, exclusive SHADOWS FALL t-shirt – $28 **

Pre- Order Bundle #2 – Madness in Manila CD/DVD set, exclusive SHADOWS FALL t-shirt, exclusive Madness in Manila 3-D laminate (only 100 being made) – $32 **

** Includes signed booklet while supplies last.

SHADOWS FALL’s first visit to Manila, Philippines came when many bands weren’t performing in the city, but through the immense devotion of their fans, the band had a massive, unprecedented reception. In April 2009, the band made their triumphant return to the Philippines to headline the Pulp Summer Slam Festival in Manila for over 22,000 people! Madness in Manila chronicles this event, and includes over 60 minutes of live footage, pryo and all, and various little gems from their 2009 Far East tour. Bonus footage includes video from the Philippines show performance of ‘Redemption’ and ‘Venomous’, the Japan Club Citta show performance of ‘The Light That Blinds’, and the Korean show performance of ‘Thoughts Without Words’. Also included with the DVD is an audio CD of the performance!

“It took multiple cameras and killer audio mix to capture the explosive energy and maniacal crowd of the Pulp Summer Slam, and this DVD does just that,” states vocalist Brian Fair. “This was our first performance after completing the recording of Retribution, so we came out swinging with new songs, ready to attack the stage. The crowd of 22,000 in Manila gave us an overwhelming welcome and absolutely destroyed the place. Lots of metal, pyro and Red horse beer. It truly was Madness in Manila.”

See below for the CD tracklisting:

1. The Light That Blinds
2. Forevermore
3. Failure Of The Devout
4. Crushing Belial
5. Burning The Lives
6. A Public Execution
7. Casting Shade
8. Destroyer Of Senses
9. What Drives The Weak
10. The Power of I and I
11. Enlightened By The Cold
12. Thoughts Without Words
13. Inspiration On Demand
14. War
15. The Great Collapse
16. Redemption

SHADOWS FALL recently announced a new slew of dates that will take them all over Asia in the coming weeks! The tour will have them returning to the site of the DVD filming, Manila, Philippines! See below for all current dates.

9/30 – Bangkok, Thailand @ SCB Park, Mahisorn Hall
10/2 – Taipei, Taiwan @ KHS Auditorium
10/4 – Zeng Jiang, China @ Shiye Island, Midi Fest
10/6 – Manila, Philippines @ Stellar Night Club

For more information on SHADOWS FALL, visit these sites:

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