December 20th, 2010
by EvilG
LAZARUS AD - Black Rivers Flow

LAZARUS AD - Black Rivers Flow



Wisconsin metallers LAZARUS A.D. and Metal Blade Records have released a brand new trailer to tease the band’s upcoming “The Making of Black Rivers Flow” video series. The trailer is available now at, and the first episode of the series will be posted at on January 5th. The behind the scenes footage for the series was filmed by the band and produced/edited by Clay Cook at Dirty Cheese Design & Development.

”This time in the studio, we decided to record what was going on behind the scenes during the recording of Black Rivers Flow,” states bassist and vocalist Jeff Paulick. “We compiled over 50 hours of footage and edited this into six episodes that show you a side of the band rarely ever scene. We hope this gives everyone a deeper understanding of what went into the recording of Black Rivers Flow.”

LAZARUS A.D.’s highly anticipated upcoming album, Black Rivers Flow, was recorded in July and August 2010 at Belle City Sound with Chris Djuricic and was mixed and mastered by James Murphy at Safehouse Production. The album hits stores on February 1st, 2011.

Track listing for Black Rivers Flow:
1-American Dreams
2-The Ultimate Sacrifice
3-The Strong Prevail
4-Black Rivers Flow
5-Casting Forward
6-Light A City (Up In Smoke)
7-Through Your Eyes
8-Beneath the Waves of Hatred
9-Eternal Vengeance

LAZARUS A.D. recently announced the release of their first single, “The Ultimate Sacrifice”, via MySpace and YouTube after having premiered it exclusively this past week on SiriusXM’s Liquid Metal. ”The Ultimate Sacrifice” can be heard now on with pre-order packages coming soon!

LAZARUS A.D. recently updated their website at Head to the link to check out the new updates!

In other news, LAZARUS A.D. has four new designs for the holidays available exclusively online at the following location.
LAZARUS A.D. is set to tour the U.S. this winter on the North American Retribution Tour alongside thrash metal legends Death Angel. Joining the tour will be Early Man, Bonded by Blood, and Hexen.

Jan. 13 – Miramar Theatre- Milwaukee, WI

Jan. 28 – Broadway Joe’s – Buffalo, NY
Jan. 29 – Championship Bar and Grill – Trenton, NJ
Jan. 30 – Volume 11 – Raleigh, NC
Jan. 31 – The Casbah – Charlotte, NC
Feb. 01 – Jaxx – W. Springfield, VA
Feb. 02 – Crazy Donkey – Farmingdale, NY
Feb. 03 – Rocko’s – Manchester, NH
Feb. 04 – Club Hell – Providence, RI
Feb. 05 – Montage Music Hall – Rochester, NY
Feb. 06 – Mod Club – Toronto, ON – CANADA
Feb. 07 – Peabody’s – Cleveland, OH
Feb. 08 – Blondie’s – Detroit, MI
Feb. 09 – Reggie’s Rock Club – Chicago, IL
Feb. 10 – Phoenix Hill Tavern – Louisville, KY
Feb. 11 – Riot Room – Kansas City, MO
Feb. 12 – Conservatory – Oklahoma City, OK
Feb. 13 – Numbers – Houston, TX (w/ D.R.I.)
Feb. 14 – Emo’s – Austin, TX (w/ D.R.I.)
Feb. 15 – White Rabbit – San Antonio, TX (w/ D.R.I.)
Feb. 16 – Rail Club – Ft. Worth, TX
Feb. 18 – Club DV8 – Tucson, AZ
Feb. 19 – Clubhouse – Tempe, AZ
Feb. 20 – Chain Reaction – Anaheim, CA
Feb. 21 – Cheyenne Saloon – Las Vegas, NV
Feb. 22 – The Key Club – Hollywood, CA
Feb. 23 – Brick By Brick – San Diego, CA
Feb. 24 – The Boardwalk – Orangevale, CA
Feb. 25 – Lost on Main – Chico, CA
Feb. 26 – Slim’s – San Francisco, CA

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December 20th, 2010
by EvilG

Progressive metal outfit TETRAFUSION and Nightmare Records are launching the official music video for the track “Monologue” from their sophomore album “Altered State” on Monday, December 20th.   The clip (filmed in Shreveport, LA) was produced by Chris Lyon (Perennial Media) and directed by Shreveport’s Fairfield Studios and can be viewed below.

States bassist Mark Michell: “It was a pleasure to work with one of the highest-quality production studios and directors from our region. Chris Lyon has directed many recent independent films and is truly a natural at his craft. He and the crew from Fairfield really took the lyrics and story from our track and brought them to life with an amazing cinematic storyline. It brought the track to an entirely new level. We hope to work with these guys again in the future.”

TETRAFUSION’s blend of complex, technical metal blended with a highly-intellectual melodic structure offers an eclectic brand of progressive rock and metal placing the group among the elite the genre offers like PORCUPINE TREE, RUSH, DREAM THEATER, CYNIC, TOOL and MUSE. Originally an instrumental band, the group released its debut record, “Absolute Zero”, to critical acclaim, which quickly launched TETRAFUSION into the underground metal scene, sans vocals, along the likes of SCALE THE SUMMIT, ANIMALS AS LEADERS, LIQUID TENSION EXPERIMENT, and CANVAS SOLARIS, and was hailed as one of the top ten albums of 2009 by

The band’s sophomore effort, “Altered State”, was released on October 12th, 2010 on Nightmare Records / Sony / Red.   The CD was recorded and produced by David Forshee of Queensix Productions. The album was the band’s first time to feature vocals, which were handled by keyboardist Gary Tubbs.

“Altered State” track listing:

01. Collage of the Present
02. Monologue
03. Last Chance
04. The Deserter
05. Altered State (instrumental)
06. Shadows
07. Tears of the Past  

Gary Tubbs – Vocals/Keys
Brooks Tarkington – Guitar/Vocals
Mark Michell – Bass
J.C. Bryant – Drums  

For more TETRAFUSION information:

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GrooveZoo Announces Public Beta Launch to Connect Songwriters, Musicians, and Producers

December 20th, 2010
by EvilG

New Service Enables Musicians To Utilize Online Cutting-Edge Tools To Connect, Learn, And Cross-Pollinate

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. – December 21, 2010 – GrooveZoo announced today the public beta launch of its music service ( The site connects songwriters, musicians and producers, which allows them to share and cross-pollinate their projects, recording sessions and ideas.

The core of the system is built around GrooveZoo’s custom File Management Tool (FMT) where users upload, download and manage the audio files from their local Digital Audio Workstations. The FMT tool allows users to assign files to mixes within the sessions and to quickly audition the overall mix. Each session lists the session members and has its own message board where users share ideas and get to know each other.

GrooveZoo members are encouraged to upload demos of their work so that it can be categorized and rated by the community in exchange for Karma Points. GrooveZoo’s AutoMatch feature uses the parameters of these ratings, such as style, skill level and others to quickly connect musicians of similar abilities and style. Members can also tap into the community ratings through a manual search, which enables them to find people that play a specific type of instrument, style or that sound like their favorite musician.

“With the launch of GrooveZoo, musicians finally have a truly great online tool they can use to connect and create with one another,” said Jeremy Korn, Founder and CEO of GrooveZoo. “GrooveZoo is the first company ever to unite songwriters, musicians and producers in this way. We do more than just bring musicians together through their common interests. GrooveZoo takes this to a whole new level by cataloging everything from a member’s playing style and skill level to the exact gear they use. The results will allow musicians to join forces and leverage each other’s strengths, in turn raising the quality of their compositions and production. With the adoption of our toolset, the music industry will change forever.”

GrooveZoo sessions include integrated contracts, such that each party agrees to a royalty split, or can work together on a for-hire basis. This protects both parties and lets them move forward, confident that the business details are completely in place. Furthermore, these contracts are written in laymen’s terms – instead of legalese – and can be completed and digitally signed in seconds.

GrooveZoo Features:

  • File Management Tool –  Allows users to upload, download, manage files and quickly audition mixes in their sessions.
  • AutoMatch – Automatically match members based upon community categorization and ratings of each other’s work.
  • People Search – Users can find members based on musical style, instruments, location, and more.
  • Quick Audition – Quickly audition other user’s demos by using the AutoMatch and People Search results. If you like what you hear, just add them to MyContacts or invite them to a session with one click of the button.
  • Session Contracts – Contracts are always put into place when a user invites or accepts a member into a session. Each party can agree to a royalty split or move forward on a work-for-hire basis.
  • Modular Platform – The front-end of the website is built on an AJAX Window Servicing Manager. This enables users to add, remove and reposition the page elements to create a custom workflow. In addition, GrooveZoo can quickly create and add new elements to accommodate future requests.

To celebrate the public beta launch, the company is hosting the GrooveZoo “Go Wild” Band Competition. The contest winner ( will open for a major headlining act – live on HDNet – on a main stage during ROCK THE BLOCK, NYE VEGAS. This memorable event is a powerful way to announce the arrival of the full suite of features offered by GrooveZoo.

Pricing and Availability

GrooveZoo is launching its public beta on December 21st, 2010. Basic use of the site is completely free, while enhanced features are available at monthly subscriptions of $5.00 for songwriters, $10.00 for musicians and $30.00 for producers. During the public beta, all users have unlimited access to use the Work for Hire and Royalty Split contracts. Additionally, the first 200 users that create sessions with more than 3 users and 10 files will receive the Producer level subscription of 2 years for free ($720 value). The enhanced features in the Musician and Producer subscriptions includes additional storage space, royalty split opportunities, and more. Please visit for additional details.

About GrooveZoo, Corp.
GrooveZoo enables songwriters, musicians, and producers to come together to share and cross-pollinate their ideas and projects. The company is on a mission to increase the ease of creativity for musicians by helping them connect and leverage each other’s strengths. GrooveZoo is privately held and headquartered in Santa Cruz, CA. For more information, please visit


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MIKE PORTNOY: I Tried To Rejoin DREAM THEATER But Was Rebuffed

December 20th, 2010
by EvilG
Mike Portnoy

Mike Portnoy

Ex-DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Portnoy has revealed that he made a recent attempt to rejoin his former bandmates but was rebuffed by the group he formed and led for 25 years. Writing on his official forum, Portnoy states, “Just for the record, this is indeed true..

“Fairly recently, I reached out to the guys to try and make amends and offered to reconcile for the sake of having peace back in our lives… (plus I know how much it meant to a lot of the fans…)

“I figured it was still possible to try and save us, because they hadn’t made any announcements yet or begun any public activity with another drummer… but sadly, they declined my offer (well, actually their lawyer did… they didn’t even tell me themselves….)

“Sorry, gang, I honestly gave it my all…

“So now the fans on my Twitter and Facebook can please stop asking me to go back to DREAM THEATER… I tried, and the door is now shut… The ball is now in their court, not mine…

“I’m not crying or looking for mercy by posting this… I am merely trying to set the record straight as that is always the most important thing about my relationship with you guys… No BS, no spins, nothing to hide… and for better or for worse, I tell it like it is… I’ve also recently seen some people accuse my online activity of ‘looking for attention or media coverage,’ or ‘looking for sympathy,’ but it’s honestly none of the above… I merely value having an open and active communication with my fans… Always have, always will… It is the cornerstone of everything I’ve done since day #1 with DREAM THEATER

“This was posted here FOR YOU GUYS to know about… here on MY message board on MY website… If it ends up on Blabbermouth or wherever else, that is THEIR choice to spread, I did not request it or send out a ‘press release’…

“Anyways, onward and upward…

“I’ve got a lot of great music and ideas waiting to come out of me and alot of exciting collaborations in the works….so goodbye 2010…bring on 2011!”

AVENGED SEVENFOLD issued a statement late on Friday (December 17) regarding the dismissal of Portnoy, who played on the band’s latest album, “Nightmare”, and toured with them during the past year following the death last December of original drummer Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan. The band’s statement read in part, “For the past few months, we’ve been blessed with Mike Portnoy‘s talent and humanity. When Mike agreed to tour with us, it was only through the end of 2010. We always knew we’d need to find another solution for 2011 and beyond. And it’s time for us to take that next step.”

As for why Portnoy himself was not their man, the statement said, “[Portnoy] is a brilliant writer, producer and, of course, drummer. Because of that, the world and we would always see it as AVENGED SEVENFOLD with Mike Portnoy. We take a lot of pride in AVENGED SEVENFOLD being about something greater then any individuals.”

Portnoy himself broke the news via his Facebook page on Thursday, following several days of rumors about his status.

AVENGED SEVENFOLD frontman M. Shadows told The Pulse Of Radio that the band was not happy about the public way in which Portnoy‘s split with DREAM THEATER was played out, which may have soured Portnoy‘s relationship with AVENGED. “We were actually a little more shocked,” M. Shadows said. “We felt that maybe both parties could have handled it a little more internally without being so press release-happy about what had happened between them. Because we’re a band that, really, when it comes to news all over web sites or this or that about bands, you know, we don’t tweet much, we don’t try to put ourselves out that much, and all the drama and controversy wasn’t something that we wanted at all.”

In an interview over the weekend with LA Weekly, AVENGED manager Larry Jacobson said, “The plan had always been for Mike Portnoy to play with the band through 2010. Nothing changed there but it was confusing (because) Mike gave interviews suggesting he may be touring with the band beyond 2010.”

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PRIMAL FEAR Singer RALF SCHEEPERS’ Solo Album Details & Audio Samples!

December 20th, 2010
by EvilG



Frontiers Records has a February 18, 2011 European release date (February 15 in North America) for PRIMAL FEAR singer Ralf Scheepers‘ solo debut album, entitled “Scheepers”.

Scheepers has built himself quite a reputation for being one of the finest German heavy metal singers. With a career spanning three decades (he debuted with TYRAN PACE‘s “Eye to Eye” album in 1983), Scheepers sung on true power metal manifesto releases such as GAMMA RAY‘s first three albums before starting PRIMAL FEAR in 1997 with Mat Sinner. His voice is high-pitched and tenor-esque and his abilities were often compared to some of the finest hard rock and heavy metal singers ever (from Rob Halford to Ronnie James Dio and Ian Gillan). In addition, oth HELLOWEEN and JUDAS PRIEST considered him for the singer position in their respective bands.

Over the years Ralf wrote and collected a few tracks that did not fit exactly in the PRIMAL FEAR concept. As often happens, he was just waiting for the right chance to present itself and that happened when he, his buddy Mat Sinner and Frontiers Records president Serafino Perugino sat together and discussed plans for the future in… 2007! Over three years later and the results are finally here and in Scheepers‘ words “I’m really proud of the result!”

Scheepers‘ artistic intention was to please the existing PRIMAL FEAR fan base, but he also wanted to add some surprises and include as much variation as he could in the recording. So he went ahead and covered one of his own favorite — albeit atypical — JUDAS PRIEST songs, “Before the Dawn”, and for the first time, Ralf played all instruments on a track, except the fantastic guitar solos added by Victor Smolski (RAGE). “Compassion” is another special track with a very positive vibe, recorded only with acoustic instruments. Two of the songs were composed with former PRIMAL FEAR guitarist Stefan Leibing, while GAMMA RAY‘s Kai Hansen added guitar on “The Pain Of The Accused”. HALFORD‘s “Metal” Mike Chlasciak played lead guitar on the album opener “Locked In The Dungeon”. One more highlight is the vocal duet with Tim “Ripper” Owens (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, JUDAS PRIEST, ICED EARTH) on “Remission Of Sin”. Additional guest appearances include Sander Gommans (AFTER FOREVER), Snowy Shaw (KING DIAMOND, THERION, DREAM EVIL) and ScheepersPRIMAL FEAR bandmates Magnus Karlsson, Alex Beyrodt and Mat Sinner. The album was mixed and mastered by Achim Köhler and produced by Mat Sinner.

“Scheepers” track listing:

01. Locked In The Dungeon
02. Remission Of Sin
03. Cyberfreak
04. The Fall
05. Doomsday
06. Saints Of The Rock
07. Before The Dawn
08. Back On The Track
09. Dynasty
10. The Pain Of The Accused
11. Play With The Fire
12. Compassion

Sound Samples:

“Locked In The Dungeon”

“Remission Of Sin”

“The Fall”

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Alghazanth – Vinum Intus album out 1.1.2011

December 20th, 2010
by EvilG


Three years after the highly acclaimed fifth album, Wreath of Thevetat, Alghazanth has arisen from the depths and is preparing to unleash their brand new full-length offering titled Vinum Intus. The album contains 54 minutes of majestic Black Metal full of grim beauty and burning passion for the Master. This piece of black art will be unveiled to the world by Woodcut Records on 1.1.2011 both as a digipak cd and a gatefold double LP later in february 2011.   An advance track from Vinum Intus has now been released.
“With a thorn in our hearts” can be found at and on Youtube”

Vinum Intus – album
1. A living grave
2. With a thorn in our hearts
3. Only the reflection bleeds
4. Under the Arrow Star
5. Our ascent of the Tower
6. Wine within
7. For thirteen moons
8. Triunity
9. The Way of the Scales

Alghazanth – Thy Aeons Envenomed Sanity CD (1999)
Alghazanth – Sublimal Antenora CD (2000)
Alghazanth – Osiris – Typhon Unmasked CD (2001)
Alghazanth – The Polarity Axiom CD (2004)
Alghazanth – Wreath of Thevetat CD (2008)
Alghazanth – Vinum Intus CD (2011)

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Finally at Sweden Rock: ROB ZOMBIE!

December 20th, 2010
by EvilG


Robert Cummings, as the multi-talented artist was originally called, got his musical break in the early 90s as the singer of White Zombie. These horror-movie-inspired New York eccentrics established a new school of rock, a certain Marilyn Manson being a prominent student. In 1998 Rob Zombie released his solo debut “Hellbilly Deluxe”. The musical direction was similar but more heavy on industrial elements. The record was a big success, and Rob was to – among other things – record two more solo albums and direct several horror-movies (!) before “Hellbilly Deluxe 2” was released in 2010. However, this Godfather of alternative and industrial metal has never before performed at SRF, but now the time has finally come. To the delight of many.

Read more under Bands 2011

Confirmed bands so far out of a total of around 70:

Ozzy Osbourne
Judas Priest
Rob Zombie
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
Rhapsody of Fire
The Haunted
The Damned
Jason & the Scorchers
Electric Wizard
Agent Steel
Dan Reed Band
Walter Trout
Mason Ruffner
Fläsket Brinner
Rage (Acoustic)

The tickets to Sweden Rock Festival 2011 are now released and you buy them directly online at our homepage.

More information at:

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New 2011 LYNCH MOB tour dates with George Lynch

December 20th, 2010
by EvilG

Grammy nominated guitarist George Lynch reunites with LYNCH MOB for a new 2011 US tour.

Opening tour support; Willie Basse is no stranger to rock and roll. Willie Basse is best known as frontman of the legendary Los Angeles based rock band Black Sheep. Willie Basse is currently working with legendary Led Zeppelin engineer/producer, Andy Johns.

2011 Lynch Mob Tour dates include:

1/21/11 Tucson, AZ

1/24/11 Denver, CO

1/25/11 Lincoln, NE

1/26/11 St. Paul, MN

1/27/11 Indianapolis, IN

1/28/11 Westland, MI

1/29/11 Bolingbrook, IL

1/31/11 New York, NY

2/02/11 Cambridge, On

2/03/11 Poughkeepsie, NY

2/04/11 Springfield, VA

2/05/11 Newark, DE

2/07/11 Greensboro, NC

2/08/11 Buford, GA

2/10/11 Kansas City, MO

2/11/11 Oklahoma City, OK

2/12/11 Houston, TX

2/13/11 Dallas, TX

Details about the new Lynch Mob 2011 Tour can be found at

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TIM ‘RIPPER’ OWENS Performs Christmas Classic

December 19th, 2010
by EvilG

Video footage vocalist Tim “Ripper” Owens (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, BEYOND FEAR, ex-JUDAS PRIEST, ex-ICED EARTH) performing Christmas classic “Do You Hear What I Hear?” with Neil Zaza at a rehearsal show in preparation for the “One Silent Night” event on December 6, 2010 at Ripper Owens Tap House in Akron, Ohio can be viewed below.

Musicians featured in the video:

Neil Zaza – Guitar

Tim “Ripper” Owens – Vocals

Ray Liptak – Bass

Nick Greathouse – Guitar

Garrett Janos – Drums

“Play My Game”, the first solo album from Owens, landed at position No. 66 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart, which lists the best-selling albums by new and developing artists, defined as those who have never appeared in the Top 100 of The Billboard 200. The CD was released via SPV/Steamhammer. The offering consists of around a dozen brand-new tracks that Owens composed himself or together with renowned friends, such as Bob Kulick, Chris Caffery (SAVATAGE, TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA), Mike Callahan (ex-EARSHOT) and John Comprix (BEYOND FEAR, RINGWORM).

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UFO – Vinnie Moore and Andy Parker

December 19th, 2010
by Marko Syrjala





UFO are a legendary English band who were originally formed 1989, They’ve often been mentioned as one of the most important hard rock bands of all time. Their classic lineup: vocalist Phil Mogg, bassist Pete Way, drummer Andy Parker, keyboardist/guitarist Paul Raymond and Michael Schenker released a bunch of classics like : LIGHTS OUT, OBSESSION and a live album STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT in the 70’s. The band enjoyed worldwide success with songs “Doctor Doctor”, “Love To Love” and “Only You Can Rock Me” and even the departure with Schenker in 1978 couldn’t stop their triumphal. New guitarist Paul Chapman stepped in and then renewed band released another string of albums. NO PLACE TO RUN, THE WILD WILLING AND THE INNOCENT and MECHANIX were strong albums but as time went by the band started slowly to fall apart and finally decided to call it quits in late 80’s with Mogg being the only remaining member from the original line up. The whole classic line up returned together in the early 90’s and as a result WALK ON WATER was released in 1995. Unfortunately that reunion didn’t last long when Parker first left from the group and so did Schenker just two albums later.  The band went on hiatus again. In 2004 it was announced that the band would return with a brand new and line up including Mogg, Way, Raymond and newcomers drummer Jason Bonham and guitarist Vinnie Moore.  The new line up released the albums YOU ARE HERE and a live album SHOWTIME before Bonham quit and joined another legendary band – Foreigner. Parker returned to the fold on 2006’s MONKEY PUZZLE and has stayed in the band since then. Another line-up change happened in the spring of 2009 when Way was forced to leave the band for serious health reasons. The band’s latest album VISITOR was released in the summer of 2009 and since then they have been on tour around the world. The Visitor world tour finally reached Finland in November 2010. Originally there were two shows booked, one in Helsinki and another in Tampere, but unfortunately the band was forced to pull out of the Helsinki show when Mogg suddenly fell ill with a bad cold. We had a chance to catch Andy and Vinnie after the Tampere show and here’s some of the latest info from the men themselves. Read on!

Read the rest of this entry »

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WARBRINGER Kick Off Three Nights With HALFORD; Issue Statement

December 18th, 2010
by EvilG

The mighty young thrashers WARBRINGER have had quite the wild ride since releasing their latest, wicked disc ‘Waking Into Nightmares’. Now, the band will kick off a three date trek supporting the iconic HALFORD. These dates serve as HALFORD’s follow up to his recent tour with OZZY OSBOURNE and also feature support from Dave Lombardo’s PHILM. After touring the world heavily all year, WARBRINGER are extremely excited to cap of 2010 with such a bang. John Laux had the following to say.

“Seasons Slayings and Greetings everyone!

“It’s been quite a turbulent sleigh ride since we released Waking Into Nightmares last year. We are very excited to wrap up the year with 3 killer Halford gigs in Southern California! Judas Priest has long been a staple of our late night tour van mp3 selection, so we are very excited and honored to share the stage with the the Metal God and Painkiller himself!

“These shows will also mark the end of 2 years of touring in support of the album. We had a great time visiting many countries and meeting a lot of great fans and bands. Some highlights include 3 great European/UK tours including Testament and co-headline runs with our friends in Evile and Skeletonwitch; an unforgettable time with Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust in Japan followed by a killer headlining tour in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and The Philippines; and naturally lots of trips through the States and Canada kicking off right after the album was released with Soilwork, Darkane, Exodus, Kreator, Obituary, Megadeth, and some the heaviest and meanest this year with Overkill, Vader, Pestilence and finally supporting Nevermore; one tour we will never forget! Thanks to everyone!!

“Cheers and Humbugs,
-John Laux”

Check out WARBRINGER on tour with HALFORD on the following dates:
12/17 Wiltern Theatre – Los Angeles, CA
12/18 4th & B – San Diego, CA
12/19 The Grove – Anaheim, CA

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2010 ‘Dimebag Beyond Forever Tour’: Footage From Helsinki Concert Available

December 18th, 2010
by EvilG

A dozen or so Finnish metal musicians took part in the seventh annual “Dimebag Beyond Forever Tour”, which kicked off in late November and concluded on December 11 in Helsinki, Finland. The 10-date trek honored the legendary PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott, who was shot and killed on stage on December 8, 2004. The musicians performed for free and the concert proceeds are being donated to the Finnish organization Victim Support Finland, which offers practical advice and psychological support to victims of crimes or attempted crimes and those closest to them and witnesses of crime.

The musicians taking part in this year’s “Dimebag Beyond Forever Tour” were as follows:

* Mikko Salovaara (KIUAS)
* Ben Varon (AMORAL)
* Ville Sorvali (MOONSORROW)
* Nico Hartonen (GODSPLAGUE)
* Mikko Herranen (RUST)
* Tommy Tuovinen (myGRAIN)
* Juhani Flinck (DEAD SHAPE FIGURE)
* Kai Kinnunen (FRONTLINES)
* Neissu Ruuskanen (DEAD SHAPE FIGURE)
* Rainer “Raikku” Tuomikanto (DECOMPOSTER, CAUSEMOS)
* Ville Sahakangas (NICOLE)

Fan-filmed video footage of the December 11, 2010 “Dimebag Beyond Forever” concert at Nosturi in Helsinki, Finland can be viewed below.

For more information, visit

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Debemur Morti Productions To Reissue BLUT AUS NORD Classic “The Mythical Beast Of Rebellion”

December 18th, 2010
by EvilG

French black metal label Debemur Morti Productions is set to reissue BLUT AUS NORD classic The Mystical Beast of Rebellion. The album is currently available on vinyl through the label’s website. Debemur Morti is taking pre-orders for the 2xCD version of this black metal masterpiece, the second disc of which features brand new material, “The Fall (Chapters 7, 7 & 7).” The album is set to be released on January 17th in Europe and February 8th in North America. A new T-shirt design is available as well.

A bundle containing both the 2xCD and the T-shirt is also available for pre-order. Debemur Morti is offering free postage for all 2xCD+T-Shirt bundle orders placed until December 31th 2010 at

Debemur Morti Productions has also made the vinyl edition of BLUT AUS NORD’s spell-binding debut, Ultima Thulée available for order. For more details or to purchase either release, please visit:

Ultima Thulée


1 – The Son Of Hoarfrost

2 – The Plain Of Ida

3 – From Hlidskjalf

4 – My Prayer Beyond Ginnungagap

5 – Till’ I Perceive Bifrost

6 – On The Way To Vigrid

7 – Rigsthula

8 – The Last Journey Of Ringhorn

In 1995, Ultima Thulée marked the beginning of BLUT AUS NORD’s bold journey toward transcendence through Black Metal. One of the first albums – if not the first – to emerge from the now-legendary French scene, Ultima Thulée displays a much different BLUT AUS NORD than the twisted, dissonant trailblazer evident on more recent releases. Nevertheless, the fires of creation burn ever-brightly within mainman Vindsval as he explores pagan mysticism through epic song lengths and a thick, morbid guitar tone. The imagination takes flight, exploring sombre textures drenched in blood and moonlit with majesty. Recorded in 1995, the ground-breaking decadence of Ultima Thulée is presented here in its original, unaltered state. Never released on vinyl before, now hear BLUT AUS NORD’s Ultima Thulée in its definitive form.

The Mystical Beast of Rebellion

1 – The Fall: Chapter I

2 – The Fall: Chapter II

3 – The Fall: Chapter III

4 – The Fall: Chapter IV

5 – The Fall: Chapter V

6 – The Fall: Chapter VI

7 – The Fall: Chapter 7

8 – The Fall: Chapter 7

9 – The Fall: Chapter 7

Considered by many to be the band’s greatest work, BLUT AUS NORD’s The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion marked a crucial transition from the French enigma’s Black Metal genesis toward a discordant, forward-thinking future. Originally released in 2001, The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion surges with hypnotic fury, inducing trance-like states through increasingly dissonant riffing. Now buttressed by an entire bonus CD/LP’s worth of new material (that slows proceedings to a murky crawl), BLUT AUS NORD’s The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion has become an even taller monolith of obsidian dread. With this reissue, BLUT AUS NORD consummates the original work, delving deeper into the abyss first entered almost a decade ago. Three new songs have been written – “The Fall (Chapter 7, 7 and… 7)” – comprising an exclusive new album that plots a divergent path to the same destination. In conjunction with the brutal, hypnotic minimalism of the first six chapters, these crawling, cavernous pieces give the masterpiece a more wholesome dimension. In line with the defiant mindset of today, the second part of this release sees the band try new things, writing the thickest track of their history: a painful progression subtly roaring over 19 oppressing minutes. In order to establish an equilibrium, every artist should be afforded an opportunity to showcase the antithesis of his work. With this surprising reissue, BLUT AUS NORD takes up the mantle and presents The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion in an intriguing new light.

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December 18th, 2010
by EvilG

British progressive metal act BEECHER have reformed almost five years after splitting up, with plans to play live shows in 2011.

The band has issued the following statement:

“Summer 2011 sees the 10 year anniversary of the start of Beecher.  We disbanded suddenly, during our most active period, playing just one ‘goodbye’ gig, at which more than 100 fans of the band were rejected at the doors of the already over-capacity venue.

“Having had five years of reflection time, and considering the aforementioned fact that our tenth birthday is fast approaching, we have decided to reform, playing a handful of shows over the course of 2011 – the first of which will take place on April 29th at the Star & Garter, in our hometown of Manchester.  The rest are as-of-yet unconfirmed.

“Not only are we excited to do this for ourselves, but we’re also keen that any Beecher fans that didn’t manage to see us at the time, get the opportunity to witness what we do best!”

Formed in Manchester, England in 2001, BEECHER released two full-length albums during their career – 2003’s BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL and 2005’s THIS ELEGY, HIS AUTOPSY – garnering widespread critical acclaim.

The band also toured the UK and Europe with the likes of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, NORMA JEAN, DARKEST HOUR, ISIS, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN and more, building up a loyal fanbase in the process.  The band announced their split in early 2006, shortly after the release of THIS ELEGY, HIS AUTOPSY.

Now, after five years of waiting, BEECHER have reformed and are in the process of booking live shows for 2011, with the first set to be at The Star & Garter in the band’s hometown of Manchester – the very same place in which the band played their last show before splitting up in February, 2006.

For more BEECHER news and info, head to

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December 18th, 2010
by EvilG


Earache Records is pleased to announce the launch of INTO THE PIT, a digital-only series of live albums which is available exclusively on iTunes.

INTO THE PIT features live recordings of both new and classic bands from the Earache roster, including the likes of AT THE GATES, NAPALM DEATH, DEICIDE, CULT OF LUNA, EVILE and more.

Almost all of these albums have never been available on audio format before, with recordings taken from various festival appearances, special performances and club shows throughout the years, ranging from recent live shows to rare recordings of gigs from the bands’ early days.  The only place to get these legendary live performances is on iTunes.

Get the INTO THE PIT iTunes-exclusive live albums now by heading to

The INTO THE PIT series will also be housed together on one page on the iTunes store from December 21st.  Head to the ‘Metal’ page on the iTunes store on that day to see the entire collection.

The INTO THE PIT live series features the following albums:

Cult Of Luna – Live at the Scala
At The Gates – Live in Krakow
Mortiis – Live in London
Napalm Death – Live at Rock City
Linea 77 – Live at MTV Day
Deicide – When London Burns
The Haunted – Live in Malmö
Society 1 – Live in LA
Cathedral – Live in London
Bolt Thrower – Live War
The Berzerker – Live in London
Hate Eternal – Live in London
Deicide – Doomsday LA
Linea 77 – Live at TPO
SSS – Live in Liverpool
Evile – Live at Hammerfest
Deicide – Live in Nottingham

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