FLOTSAM AND JETSAM Reveal Tracklisting For The Cold

July 20th, 2010
by EvilG


Legendary Arizona thrashers FLOTSAM AND JETSAM recently confirmed a September 14th release date for their new album, The Cold, via Driven Music Group.

The Cold will include the following tracklisting:



‘The Cold’

‘Black Cloud’

‘Blackened Eyes Staring’

‘Better Off Dead’

‘Falling Short’



‘Secret Life’

The Cold features original guitarist Michael Gilbert, who rejoined the band this past March.

About the return of Gilbert and the departure of long-time guitarist Ed Carlson in March, drummer Craig Nielsen explained to BraveWords.com that “it was a surprise to everybody, because Ed really has done some great things for his life as he’s been sober for years now. He really feels the benefit from that development. Last couple tours we went on in Europe, everybody thought the band played better than ever. I know people say that a lot, but we really are playing better than ever if that’s possible, and Ed was part of that. But he felt that, for whatever reason, his heart was drifting a little bit from the process from the actual touring. I mean, he loves to play and he feels everybody’s his, you know, blood brother, but he just wasn’t getting the same thrill out of touring or recording or writing. I don’t know if that’s connected with what process – the sobriety, in general from having been a musician for his whole life, I mean who knows what the basis of why he feels that way, but all I know is he just didn’t want to tour anymore and his writing sort of fell by the wayside lately in terms of content. So, he just felt he wasn’t contributing much and he didn’t really want to do this coming tour, so we were all kind of surprised by it ‘cause we felt we were just as strong, strong as can be. But he has to do what he has to do, so Mike Gilbert immediately stepped in and said, ‘hey, you know, I’m more fired up than ever,’ and we’ve done a couple things with Gilbert throughout the years, when either Mark Simpson or Ed Carlson couldn’t make it, so we knew his heart was still in it. And he’s been playing constantly all these years, with one band or another, so his chops are fully together, and he’s just a very reliable guy, so we felt very comfortable asking him to come back and do the tour and be a permanent part of the band again.”

Nielsen commented recently about the direction of The Cold: “The writing for the record started 2007, which we started recording in 2008, or 2009. I mean, basically let’s just call it 2008-2009 ideas. You know, Mark (Simpson; guitar) had some time for this, and he spent some time writing, whereas Dreams Of Death was sort of rushed and we probably didn’t use the right producer for a metal record on that record. This is going to sound like a metal record. It has a lot of guitar edge and drums are, you know, faster, better, stronger. You know, Jason Ward could basically play bass over almost anything and it’ll have depth. So, you know, we’re very happy with the technical aspect of the song-writing. There’s far more faster, heavier songs on this one. A.K. (Knutson; vocals), he was changing the lyrics up until the minute when he was recording them. I think Dreams Of Death kind of went off in a few different directions. I think this is more cohesive and I won’t call it a concept record. There’s one thing to be said for spontaneity and that’s great to write a few inspired riffs, but to write a whole record and arrange it, you need some time. And Mark had the time and he’s developing more as a songwriter/arranger as time goes on, and he’s getting better at it, and he knows what to get out of the studio better and he knows how to, what, for tones and process, he’s more educated. So we’re way happier with this one than the last couple.”

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BLACK SABBATH – “Ozzy Osbourne And Tony Iommi Have Amicably Resolved Their Problems Over The Ownership Of The Name”

July 20th, 2010
by EvilG

Ozzy Ozbourne and Tony Iommi

“Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi of the legendary heavy metal band BLACK SABBATH have amicably resolved their problems over the ownership of the Black Sabbath name and court proceedings in New York have been discontinued. Both parties are glad to put this behind them and to cooperate together for the future and would like it to be known that the issue was never personal, it was always business.”

As previously reported, Iommi recently spoke to Paul Cole from Sundaymercury.net about a number of topics including the HEAVEN & HELL one-off show – A Tribute to Ronnie James Dio, which will be held at the High Voltage Festival on Saturday, July 24th and will feature the vocals of Glenn Hughes (ex-DEEP PURPLE, BLACK SABBATH) and Jorn Lande (MASTERPLAN).

“This will be the very last gig we play as Heaven & Hell,” reveals Iommi. “We chose the name because the band comprised the Black Sabbath line-up that made the Heaven & Hell album. We couldn’t carry on under that name without Ronnie. It just wouldn’t be right, and none of us has the desire to do that. We wouldn’t call ourselves Black Sabbath either.”

When asked about what’s next for Iommi he responds: “We’d like to do something, and carry on playing. But in what form – and with what singer – I don’t know. Geezer (Butler) is back in Britain this week so we can rehearse for the tribute. Maybe then we’ll have time to see what the future holds.”

So is a full-blown Black Sabbath reunion on the cards, or have too many harsh words been spoken? Tony is not ruling anything out.

“I spoke to Ozzy while I was in Los Angeles after Ronnie’s funeral, and he said he’d give me a call when he got to England on his own tour,” he reveals. “But I’ve not had that telephone call yet. Ozzy and I have a complicated relationship but we’ve always kept in touch, no matter what else might have been going on. Would I play with Ozzy again? Who knows? It’s weird with me and Ozzy. There can be all sorts of shit going on but when we talk, it’s like nothing bad has ever happened. Once the tribute is done, we can all sit down and decide what it is exactly that we’d like to do.”

Read the entire interview here.

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Demonstealer Records News: New band signings: Devoid (Thrash Metal) & Albatross (Horror Metal)

July 20th, 2010
by EvilG

Demonstealer Records is proud to announce the signing of two of India’s most promising young bands – Devoid, a thrash metal band from Mumbai, and Albatross, a band that likes to mix horror and metal.

The debut efforts from both bands are scheduled for a worldwide release in September 2010.Albatross will be releasing their EP Dinner Is You which has been mastered by acclaimed Swedish producer Andy LaRocque (King Diamond, Death, Illwill, X-World/5) and Devoid will launch their much awaited debut album A God’s Lie.

Arun (Vocals/Guitar) from Devoid had this to say about the new signing “We take pride in announcing that Devoid will be releasing our debut album A God’s Lie through India’s premier record label Demonstealer Records who have successfully launched Indian bands like Demonic Resurrection, Myndsnare, IIIrd Sovereign etc. to name a few. We have immense faith in DSR and we believe there is no better way to launch ‘A God’s Lie’ than from the people who fully understand the metal sensibilities of this country. We look forward to this successful venture and we thank Demonstealer Records for believing in us and giving us this opportunity.”

Listen to Devoid on Myspacehttp://www.myspace.com/devoidindia



Bassist and founding member of AlbatrossRiju Dasgupta commented “We’re extremely honoured to be on India’s premier metal record label Demonstealer Records. We’re sure they’ll give us exactly the kind of exposure and support we’re looking for. Just a word of warning, be scared…be very scared. Albatross is coming to get you.”

Listen to Albatross on Myspacehttp://www.myspace.com/albatrosshorror



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LYNCH MOB Embarks On A Summer Tour; “Smoke And Mirrors” Out Now

July 20th, 2010
by EvilG

Lynch Mob is getting ready to embark on a summer tour in support of their current release “Smoke and Mirrors” on Frontiers Records. The band line-up for this tour consists of George Lynch (shred master), Oni Logan (vox), Michael Devin (bassologist) and Brian Tichy (time-keeper).

After seventeen long years singer Oni Logan and guitar wizard George Lynch found their way back together and again show their amazing abilities in some killer new Hard Rock songs.” I would say this new record “Smoke and Mirrors”, is the record we should have put out as a follow up to “Wicked Sensation”…better late than never I guess…”, says Lynch presenting the new record.

July 20              HOB – GL Clinic Show             Houston, TX                  Clinic

July 22              Dos Amigos                             Odessa, TX

July 23              Trees                                         Dallas, TX

July 24              Scout Bar                                 San Antonio, TX

July 25              Zoo Amphitheater                   Oklahoma, OK

July 28              The Altar Bar                            Pittsburgh, PA

July 29              The Starland Ballroom             Sayerville, NJ

July 30              Jaxx                                         Springfield, VA

July 31              The Filmore                               New York, NY

Aug 01             Crazy Donkey                          Framingdale, NY

Aug 02             Eleanor Rigby’s                        Jermyn, PA

Aug 03             House of Blues                         Cleveland, OH

Aug 04             Scatz NightClub                      Middleton, WI

Aug 06             Club Vegas                             Salt Lake City, UT

Aug 07             The New Oasis                         Sparks, NV

Aug 08             Tower Theater                          Fresno, CA

Aug 11             Studio Seven                           Seattle, WA

Aug 12             Dante’s                                    Portland, OR

Aug 13             Last Day Saloon                      Santa Rosa, CA

Aug 14             Sky City Amphitheater             Pueblo of Acoma, NM

Get back to real Rock with Lynch Mob’s new album “Smoke and Mirrors” – For more information visit  www.georgelynch.com or www.myspace.com/lynchmobrocks.

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July 20th, 2010
by EvilG

Ian McFarland & Mike Pecci of Killswitch Productions have made their video for MESHUGGAH’s “Bleed,” a song off the band’s Billboard Top 200-charting 2008 release, obZen, available for viewing in high-definition. Check it out below:

Meshuggah “Bleed” Music Video from mcfarlandandpecci.com on Vimeo.

Directed by: McFarland & Pecci (www.mcfarlandandpecci.com)
Produced by: Ian McFarland
Production Co.: Killswitch Productions (www.killswitch.tv)

Visit MESHUGGAH online at www.MESHUGGAH.net and www.myspace.com/MESHUGGAH.

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July 20th, 2010
by EvilG

The 3rd episode of OCEANO TV has been posted on the band’s YouTube page. In this edition, vocalist, Adam Warren lets fans in on his daily routine. Starting from the time he wakes up at (way past) the crack of noon, Adam shows fans all the steps behind making his vocals on CONTAGION sound so undeniably monstrous. Watch as Adam heats up his special pre-session warmup drink. Learn Adam‘s secret warmup routine. Finally, view just how beastly his vocals will sound on CONTAGION by way of an in-studio camera that filmed his sessions.

Watch OCEANO vocalist, Adam Warren do his thing:

Read the rest of this entry »

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GOLLUM Release “Blacksmith (Summoning Wrath)” Video

July 20th, 2010
by EvilG

North Carolina experimental extreme metal troupe GOLLUM are pleased to unleash their latest video for “Blacksmith (Summoning Wrath),” which comes off the band’s critically-acclaimed The Core full-length released via Rotten Records last spring. The video was shot in the summer of 2009 in the band’s hometown of Wilmington. The band performance portion was shot in a studio and later cropped and transformed into abstract CGI while the “movie” portion was filmed in a welding warehouse to capture a blacksmith at work.   Commented the band of the video’s concept: “The concept for the ‘Blacksmith (Summoning Wrath)’ video was to have this visually experimental and abstract CGI background during our performance intertwined with a ‘movie’ depicting a blacksmith forging a battle-ready sword. With the limited resources and good dedicated friends that know how to film and use video software helping out, we think we accomplished that vision, even on such a slim budget!”

Check the video out here: http://www.youtube.com/user/EarsplitPR#p/f/12/MOladEcdJ1M

In related news, GOLLUM recently announced their appearance on the August 3rd stop of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival in Raleigh, North Carolina. This marks the second year in a row GOLLUM find themselves on the bill for the prestigious event. “We are thrilled to be invited back a for the second year in a row,” said the band. “Last year, West Palm Beach, Florida was so surreal and unbelievable! We really look forward to playing on the Jager stage at the Mayhem Festival again this year; this time in front of our home state crowd in Raleigh! Thanks to Jagermeister! We are currently planning a fall tour and are in pre-production for the our next record.”

For more info, visit www.rockstarmayhemfest.com.



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July 20th, 2010
by EvilG
Enslaved - Axioma Ethica Odini

Enslaved - Axioma Ethica Odini

The artwork by Norwegian artist Truls Espedal for Axioma Ethica Odini, the eleventh studio album by Norway’s highly renowned progressive, psychedelic black metal band ENSLAVED, is now up on the band’s MySpace page.  The album will be released in Europe via Indie Recordings on September 27th and in North America on September 28th via Nuclear Blast Records.

ENSLAVED bassist & vocalist Grutle Kjellson has this to say about collaborating with the man who has painted every ENSLAVED album cover since 2001’s Monumension:

“On every new album cover, me and [rhythm guitarist/songwriter] Ivar [Bjørnson] come up with the idea of what the cover art shall include in terms of elements, symbolism and so forth.  After that, we contact Truls and tell him about our ideas for the cover art.  Then we arrange a meeting where we sit down for a couple of hours making sketches.  Truls also has the opportunity to come up with his own ideas of how we can transform our original ideas the best possible way.  He has made a masterpiece this time as well!  The cover art is simply amazing!  Amazing…”

Artist/painter Truls Espedal reveals how much black paint was used for the artwork’s creation and shares his thoughts on being back in action with ENSLAVED:

“I’m always excited about working with ENSLAVED, which is the reason I feel that too much time goes by between releases – ha, ha!  But once again I sat down with Ivar and Grutle, and their ideas were more complex and interesting than ever.  Also, their expectations and confidence that I’m able to come up with something better than before pushes me to set the bar even higher.  This time around, we set out to expand further what we have done on earlier works: adding more textures and mixing the figurative paintings  with the  ‘symbolic’ design even more.  By doing this, I feel that we are able to convey a lot more atmosphere, story, and a visually more interesting cover throughout.  Hopefully, other people will think the same.  It’s really important for me that the artwork is handcrafted and that the printed images on the CD and vinyl versions really show the brush strokes and have that feel to them.  That is a big issue!  And about the amount of black paint I used – a lot.  Good times.”

Produced by Bjørnson, Kjellson, and keyboardist/backing vocalist Herbrand Larsen, the groundwork for Axioma Ethica Odini was recorded at three different studios in Bergen, Norway: 1) Duper Studios; 2) Earshot Studios (belonging to ENSLAVED members Larsen and lead guitarist Ice Dale); and 3) Peersonal Sound (owned by Bjørnson).  The album was mixed by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Bloodbath, Amon Amarth, Eluveitie) at Fascination Street Studios in Orebro, Sweden and mastered by Chris Sansom (Mortiis) at Propeller Music Division in Oslo, Norway.

Axioma Ethica Odini is the follow-up to 2008’s Vertebrae, which sold over 1,100 copies its first week of release in North America according to Nielsen SoundScan and debuted on the American Billboard Hard Music chart at #11 and on the Billboard Heatseekers chart at #49Vertebrae also won Terrorizer Magazine’s coveted “Album of the Year” award for 2008.  In their native Norway, Vertebrae entered the official charts at #20 and earned  ENSLAVED their third consecutive Spellemann award (the Norwegian equivalent of a Grammy).

ENSLAVED will embark on a 7-show “Circling Above and Within Tour” of Europe beginning October 15th.

View a recent interview with ENSLAVED guitarist/songwriter Ivar Bjørnson here.

Visit ENSLAVED online at www.ENSLAVED.no, www.myspace.com/ENSLAVED, www.facebook.com/ENSLAVED, and www.youtube.com/user/enslavedofficial.

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July 20th, 2010
by EvilG

WINDS OF CREATION and ORGANIC HALLUCINOSIS, two landmark albums from Polish death metal legends DECAPITATED, are out now in Europe on vinyl LP for the first time ever.

DECAPITATED’s debut album, WINDS OF CREATION was released in 2000 and was immediately hailed as an album responsible for re-igniting a stagnating death metal scene.

ORGANIC HALLUCINOSIS was released in 2006 and was DECAPITATED’s first release with new vocalist COVAN.  A hugely forward-thinking and ambitious album, ORGANIC HALLUCINOSIS defined DECAPITATED’s sound and spawned a host of imitators.

Available now on limited edition coloured vinyl, WINDS OF CREATION and ORGANIC HALLUCINOSIS each come housed in a deluxe gatefold sleeve with a double-sided poster booklet.  The albums are the latest releases in the ‘First Time on Vinyl’ campaign, plugging the gaps in the Earache catalogue previously unavailable on wax.

These strictly limited edition vinyls are available in the following colours and quantities:

100 – Fire & Brimstone
200 – Tooth White
300 – Burning Red
900 – Black

100 – Crumbling Rust
200 – Stainless Grey
300 – Organic Green
900 – Black

View an image of the vinyls and their available colours at http://earacherecords.com/myspace/decapitated_first_time_on_vinyl.jpg

To get your limited edition vinyl copy of WINDS OF CREATION and ORGANIC HALLUCINOSIS, head to your nearest independent record store, or order online from the Earache Webstore at http://earache.com/webstore/index.php/cPath/667_669_32

Fans in North America can get the European imports now from the Earache Webstore at http://earache.com/uswebstore/index.php/cPath/667_669_32

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NIGHTWISH – 12 Songs Complete For New Album; Studio Date Set For October 15th

July 19th, 2010
by EvilG


NIGHTWISH mainman/keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen has issued the following update:

“Almost exactly four years ago we gathered into an idyllic place in the small village of Sävi to rehearse and arrange what would later be called Dark Passion Play. It was such glorious and inspiring times that we decided to do something similar with the upcoming Nightwish album called ………..

So again we are here in the deepest countryside of Finland beginning to create a follower for DPP. It’s just us guys for now, Anette will join the camp a bit later. We arrived yesterday and the reunion was celebrated with some water-skiing, bbq and Quilmes. I foresee the same trinity taking place more or less on a daily basis.

We just got the equipment and PA set up with the help of our legendary engineer / co-producer TeeCee Kinnunen and probably will start working with the songs in a couple of days. This campsite is so amazing we`ll let that sauna of a rehearsal room wait in silence for a while, and just concentrate on chilling out and catching up. And raising the official NW camp – flag high into the pole.

I have 12 songs completed now, but am still working with some lyrics. It’s been an immensely fruitful song-writing process, as well as very consuming and ponderous. But I feel more satisfied with the stuff than ever before. Don’t know if it’s a good sign or bad. To me the album sounds like a roller-coaster ride in a theme park designed by Neil Gaiman, Tim Burton and Salvador Dali. That’s the best way I can put it at this point.

Like before, we will record a demo once the songs are arranged, to listen to and to perfect the material, and to give to Mr. Pip Williams so he can start with the orchestration process. The actual enter-the-studio-date is set for October 15th.Again, the London orchestra and choir will be there, as well as Mr. Troy Donockley playing a slightly bigger part this time. And loads of new elements ‘n’ twists we haven’t tried before!

So things are finally rolling. We’ll keep you posted in written, as well as in visual form. Stay tuned for updates. And thanks for sharing the journey once again!

You can find pictures from our summer camp here!”

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HALFORD – Video Footage And Setlist From First Show In Over Seven Years

July 19th, 2010
by EvilG

On Saturday, July 17th HALFORD, featuring JUDAS PRIEST frontman Rob Halford, played their first show in more than seven years in San Francisco, CA at the Regency Ballroom. The setlist on the night was as follows:

‘Silent Screams’

‘Made Of Metal’


‘Made In Hell’

‘Never Again’

‘Drop Out’


‘Heart Of A Lion’

‘Never Satisfied’

‘I Am Alive’



‘Rock The World Forever’

Fan-filmed footage is available below.

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CITY OF FIRE Make Surprise Live Appearance; Debut Album In Stores August 24

July 18th, 2010
by EvilG


CITY OF FIRE, the new band featuring vocalist Burton C. Bell, bassist Byron Stroud, guitarist Terry Murray, guitarist Ian White, and drummer Bob Wagner, made a surprise live appearance last weekend opening for Fear Factory at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver. The performance marked the first live appearance for the band this year as they ready themselves for the anticipated release of their self-titled debut album on August 24.

“I pulled double duty for the first time by performing in two bands,” comments Burton C. Bell. “Though CITY OF FIRE was never placed on the poster bills, we were mentioned on CFOX by Danger that we were making a special appearance. When we went on, there were a couple hundred people in front of the stage. And though we only had one hour of rehearsal that day, we played quite well and the audience was very receptive, especially when we played our rendition of The Cult’s ‘Rain.’ We all had a blast on stage, and we are very excited to get on the road this September. The spark has been ignited.”

While still weeks from release, CITY OF FIRE has already amassed early praise from media. Metal Hammer editor Alexander Milas calls the record, “absolutely incredible. I can’t say enough about how diverse the record is. It is not a Fear Factory record it is something completely different and unique. It is heavy and beautiful… so, so gorgeous.” Popular metal website SMN News adds, “CITY OF FIRE is a surprisingly organic and melodic album full of great and diverse songs.”

Recorded at renowned Factory Studios in Vancouver in late 2008 with additional material completed in April of this year, the album features fourteen songs, including remakes of The Cult’s “Rain” and T-Rex’s “Children Of The Revolution.” It will also include the band’s video for the song/single ‘Rising.’ Bell, currently on tour with Fear Factory, says, “my friends, I am very excited about CITY OF FIRE. Byron and I are very proud of this recording. It is a fresh sound for this era of music. Literally there is nothing that sounds like this right now, and it is time that a hard rock, groove, psychedelic sound comes to your ears. The music is passionate and soulful. It is a mature record for our time, full of wisdom and soul of the ages. Please check the record out. You will not be disappointed.”

Discussing the album’s two unique remakes and the decision to include them, Stroud recently noted, “‘Rain’ really fits well with the concept of the record and the vibe of Vancouver, which really influenced CITY OF FIRE. I have been wanting to do a version of that song for a long time and once we started writing the record, I knew this was the band to do it.” Murray adds, “aside from being a killer rock song, we chose ‘Children Of The Revolution’ because we felt the title was a relevant commentary on the climate of the world today. Kids have a lot to revolt about these days and hopefully this will be an anthem for it. We knew that Burt’s voice could give this song a modern edge to it, and make it for this generation.”

CITY OF FIRE will tour Australia and New Zealand beginning September 4. Guitarist Jed Simon (Strapping Young Lad/Zimmer’s Hole) will be replacing Ian White who cannot join the band due to prior work commitments. North American dates are now being planned and will be announced shortly.


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ZAKK WYLDE Says He Went To One AA Meeting – “I Didn’t Go Back A Second Time, Because I Have Far Too Much To Do To Waste My Time Like That”

July 18th, 2010
by EvilG
Black Label Society

Black Label Society

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY mainman Zakk Wylde has told Classic Rock that he actually went to one Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, after being told to give up booze.

The former OZZY OSBOURNE guitarist had to stop drinking after being put on medication to get rid of three blood clots in my leg.

“Someone suggested that I could benefit from going to AA. So, I thought I’d give it a try. I went along to a meeting, didn’t say a word and listened to all of these fuckers bitching, moaning and whining. I didn’t go back a second time, because I have far too much to do to waste my time like that.”

Black Label Society will release its new album, Order Of The Black, in North America on August 10 via E1 Music. The CD will be made available in Europe through Roadrunner Records and in Australia and New Zealand via Riot! Entertainment.

Order Of The Black will feature four different CD covers: one for each territory: North America, Europe, Australia and South America/Asia.

Order Of The Black tracklisting:

‘Crazy Horse’


‘Parade Of The Dead’

‘Darkest Days’

‘Black Sunday’

‘Southern Dissolution’

‘Time Waits For No One’

‘Godspeed Hell Bound’

‘War Of Heaven’

‘Shallow Grave’


‘Riders Of The Damned’


A limited-edition version of the album featuring the bonus track ‘Can’t Find My Way Home’ will be made available internationally.

Black Label Society will perform live in the studio during its August 9th appearance on the US nationally syndicated radio show Rockline with host Bob Coburn. Fans are encouraged to speak with the band by calling 1-800-344-ROCK (7625) beginning at 8:30 p.m. PT / 11:30 p.m. ET.

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July 16th, 2010
by EvilG

In advance of the release of The Antique Witcheries the sophomore album by Midwest thrash maniacs VINDICATOR, fans can get a sneak peak at what to expect when the album hits store shelves worldwide on August 10th on Heavy Artillery Records. Preview the track “Strange Aeons” at the band’s Myspace page: www.myspace.com/savindicator

As one of the frontrunners of what has come to be known as the “New Wave Of Thrash”, Ohio based VINDICATOR laid the framework for the band during Summer of 2005 as long time friends Marshall Law and brothers Vic and Jesse Stown came together with a singular vision, drawing influences ranging from first-wave Bay Area and Teutonic thrash to the New Wave of British Heavy Metal. Following the self-release of the band’s debut full-length album There Will Be Blood in 2008, VINDICATOR spent the next year gigging nationally in support of the album with such bands as Raven, Overkill, M.O.D., Hirax, Destruction, Exodus, and Kreator, Exmortus and many others. With the addition of lead shredder Mikey B. Lial, VINDICATOR once again hit the studio in late 2008 to record tracks for a split release with 80’s German cult metal legends Metal Witch. In late 2009 VINDICATOR signed to HEAVY ARTILLERY and began work on The Antique Witcheries a masterpiece of modern thrash metal mayhem sure to please fans of Dark Angel, Testament and Exodus.

VINDICATOR just recently wrapped up their “Coastal Catastrophe” tour and will be announcing more US and Canadian tour dates in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Listen to VINDICATOR at www.myspace.com/savindicator

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July 16th, 2010
by EvilG
DIMMU BORGIR - Abrahadabra

DIMMU BORGIR - Abrahadabra

Norwegian symphonic black metal band DIMMU BORGIR proudly announce additional dates to the first European leg of their co-headlining “Darkness Reborn World Tour” in support of their new studio album, Abrahadabra.

Confirmed dates are as follows:

19 September – HMH, Amsterdam, NE  (w/ KORN)

20 September – Bataclan, Paris, FR  (DB Headlining Show)

21 September – Forum, London, U.K.  (DB Headlining Show)

23 September – Eishalle Seutweg, Winterthur,  CH (w/ Korn)

24 September – Zenith, Munich, DE (w/ KORN)

26 September – Gasometer, Vienna, AT (w/ KORN)

27 September – Alcatraz, Milan, IT  (DB Headlining Show)

28 September – TBA

30 September – Den Atelier, Luxembourg, LU (DB Headlining Show)

01 October – Ancienne Belgique, BE  (w/ KORN)

02 October – Rosengarten, Mannheim, DE (w/ KORN)

03 October – Palladium, Cologne, DE (w/ KORN)

05 October – Haus-Auensee, Leipzig, DE (w/ KORN)

06 October – C-Halle, Berlin, DE (w/ KORN)

07 October – Progresja, Warsaw, PL (DB Headlining Show)

08 October – Studio, Krakow, PL (DB Headlining Show)

09 October – KD Vltavaska, Prague, CZ (DB Headlining Show)

11 October – Vega, Copenhagen, DK  (DB Headlining Show)

12 October – Arenan, Stockholm, SE  (DB Headlining Show)

14 October – Pakkahoune, Tampere, FI  (DB Headlining Show)

15 October – House Of Culture, Helsinki, FI  (DB Headlining Show)

17 October – Tragarn, Gothenburg, SE  (DB Headlining Show)

18 October – Sentrum Scene, Oslo, NO  (DB Headlining Show)

Abrahadabra will be released in Germany on September 24th, in the rest of Europe on September 27th, and in North America on October 12th.  View the artwork created by German artist / painter / graphic designer Joachim Luetke (Arch Enemy, Kreator, Sopor Aeternus) on the band’s MySpace page.

Visit DIMMU BORGIR online at www.DIMMU-BORGIR.com, www.myspace.com/DIMMUBORGIR, and www.facebook.com/DIMMUBORGIR.

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