January 18th, 2011
by UK Team


ABGOTT, Feral, L Sol Tace, Juggernørt @ Club Carnage, Kings Cross London

24th November 2010

Words by Jo Blackened

Photos Altercarnated Photography

With the weather freezing in London and doors not opening until 7.30pm; although it stated 7pm on the tickets, I wasn’t surprised to see a large group of cold moaning metallers, eagerly waiting to come inside when I arrived.

But with the clubs cosy atmosphere and great lighting,  and a visit to the bar I was happy patiently waiting for the bands to come on.


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January 17th, 2011
by EvilG


Vocalist Joacim Cans and guitarist Oscar Dronjak of the Swedish heavy metal band HAMMERFALL will be available for a live, in-studio chat with their fans on Saturday, January 22nd, 2011 beginning at 9 a.m. PACIFIC / 12 noon EASTERN / 6 p.m. CET.  The online event will take place at the Nuclear Blast Streaming Room at this location:

Having teamed up with producer James Michael (Mötley Crüe, Scorpions, SIXX:AM, Meat Loaf), HAMMERFALL members are now in Nashville, Tennessee recording the follow-up album to 2009’s No Sacrifice, No Victory, which debuted at #38 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart.  The as-yet-untitled new release will be available in Europe on May 20th.  A summer release date in North America is expected.

View HAMMERFALL’s latest video blog featuring Joacim Cans and James Michael here.

No Sacrifice, No Victory achieved gold status in Sweden for sales in excess of 20,000 copies.  The album registered the following first-week chart positions in Europe: #2 in Sweden, #7 in Germany, #20 in Switzerland, #21 in the U.K. (Indie Albums chart), #25 in Austria, #46 in Norway, and #95 in France.

Visit HAMMERFALL online at, on MySpace, on Facebook, on Twitter and at

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BURZUM’s Fallen To Be Released In North America On April 5

January 17th, 2011
by EvilG

Burzum - Fallen

Burzum - Fallen

Fallen, the eighth album from BURZUM, will be released in North America on April 5. The album is the second to be released via Varg Vikernes’ imprint Byelobog Productions (via Candlelight for the territory).  Fallen features seven new compositions by the controversial Norwegian musician, each adding another storied journey to the celebrated BURZUM legacy.

Vikernes says of the new album, “Musically, Fallen is a cross between Belus and something new, inspired more by the debut album and Det Som Engang Var than by Hvis Lyset Tar Oss or Filosofem. The sound is more dynamic. We mastered the album as if it was classical music and I was more experimental than I was on Belus in all respects. Lyrically it is similar to the debut album, in the way that it is more personal and focuses on existential issues. But the mythological undertone known from Belus is still there. I have also included some ambient tracks, a short introduction and a longer conclusion.”

Fallen features artwork from renowned French painter William Adolphe Bouguereau. It is a striking contrast to art Vikernes has used for his albums in the past. He comments, “the cover is part of a painting called Elegy. I used it in this context because the album deals with the concept of falling, not least in a metaphysical sense. By definition, ‘elegy’ means a mournful, melancholy, or plaintive poem. It is a funeral song or a lament for the dead. It is a poem written in elegiac meter or a sad or mournful musical composition.”

Check out the cover art for Fallen HERE.

Many credit BURZUM with influencing much of modern-day black metal. While his music has traveled roads often far removed from what many consider black metal to be (with parts ambient, electronic, and more), his compositions have immediately been taken to heart by countless legions of fans the world over. It is a “no fear” mentality that has made Varg Vikernes both an idol and a bastard.

Said Metal Army of 2010’s Belus, “Whatever you might think of Varg Vikernes, it’s impossible to deny the depressive brilliance of Belus, which recalls his classic albums Filosofem and Hvis Lyset Tar Oss yet shows a marked increase of maturity.” Fallen is the second album from the controversial recording artist since his release from the chains that bound him for nearly two decades. It is the first album from the musician to benefit from a proper North American release.

BURZUM was founded in 1991 by Vikernes. Under the pen name Count Grishnackh, the youthful musician quickly recorded four albums. During his lengthy incarceration, Vikernes recorded two additional albums, thus completing his initial series of compositions. Released from captivity in 2009, Vikernes immediately set out on a new path of creativity and quickly recorded/released Belus on his own label imprint, Byelobog Productions. Both CD and vinyl pressings of Belus quickly sold out with repressings of the album not coming quick enough to keep up with demand. Decibel Magazine featured a candid cover story with the musician while Guitar World and other key stateside magazines lined up for interview opportunities. He graced the cover of England’s Terrorizer and several other key international magazines.

Fallen Track Listing:
1. Fra Verdenstreet
2. Jeg Faller
3. Valen
4. Vanvidd
5. Enhver til Sitt
6. Budstikken
7. Til Hel Og Tilbake Igjen

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January 17th, 2011
by EvilG
Infinity Overture

Infinity Overture

Danish progressive metallers Infinity Overture return with their second album “The Infinite Overture pt.1”. Led by the superb guitar and compositional skills of Neils Vejlyt, the band have taken a step away from the symphonic metal slant of their debut to mark the start of altogether darker and more distinctive journey with enhanced progressive elements blended with gothic textures.


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January 17th, 2011
by EvilG


After 2008’s self explanatory “Let The Metal Do The Talking”, Swedish traditional metal exponents OVERDRIVE deliver the most pulsating album of their career with the pedal to the metal bombast of “Angelmaker”. This new album sees Overdrive pummel the listener with their heaviest release yet. Home to 12 tracks all of which will make any self respecting metal fan throw the “horns” in appreciation.


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Glen Sobel pulling triple duty with Uli Jon Roth, Alcatrazz & Adrian Galysh

January 17th, 2011
by EvilG

Drummer Glen Sobel (IMPELLITTERI, SIXX: A.M., VIVIAN CAMPBELL)  will be drumming with German guitar legend Uli Jon Roth (ex-SCORPIONS) on his Southern California dates next week. The Ventura date at the Ventura Theater will include ALCATRAZZ feat. Graham Bonnet (ex-RAINBOW, MSG) and Adrian Galysh as support acts. Sobel is set to perform with all three acts on this bill.

Exact dates are as follows:

January 18 – San Diego, CA – Brick By Brick
January 20 – Ventura, CA – Ventura Theater (w/ Alcatrazz & Adrian Galysh)
January 21 – Huntington Beach, CA – Blue Cafe (w/ Adrian Galysh)

The line-up for each band is as follows:

Uli Jon Roth:
Uli Jon Roth – lead guitar
Mark Boals (Yngwie Malmsteen, Ring of Fire) – vocals
Bjorn Englen (Yngwie Malmsteen, Quiet Riot) – bass
Adrian Galysh – rhythm guitar
Glen Sobel – drums

Graham Bonnet – vocals
Howie Simon (Jeff Scott Soto, Talisman) – guitar
Tim Luce – bass
Glen Sobel – drums

Adrian Galysh:
Adrian Galysh – guitar
Kevin Chown (Tarja Turunen, Tony MacAlpine, Bombastic Meatbats) – bass
Maureen Baker – keyboards
Glen Sobel – drums
Sobel highlights from Drum Daze 2010 in Columbus, OH with Glen performing along with Jason Bittner (SHADOWS FALL), Chris Coleman (PRINCE), Teddy Campbell (‘American Idol’), and Johnny Rabb can be viewed at this location:

For more information visit:

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January 17th, 2011
by EvilG

Italian bass player & composer Alberto Rigoni (TwinSpirits, Solo Artist) has just signed with Nightmare Records for the release of his new album.   Rebirth shows an extreme variety of tunes, some with voice and some instrumental, it’s a union of experimental research blended with a solid backbone of melody. Bassists around the world will want to witness his elegant simplicity to bring the bass instrument to the forefront without loosing the rhythem and foundation of the music.   Alberto successfully combines rock-prog-fusion, with hard-rock-ambient creating a blend that suggests a poetic mix that is free from any defined genre yet remains memorable an even catchy.

“Rebirth” features also features well known musicians.  Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree, King Krimson) John Macaluso (Ark, LaBrie, Malmsteen), Michael Manring and Yves Carbonne, swedish singer Jonas Erixon (Alicante), guitarist Tommy Ermolli (Twinspirits) and Simone Mularoni (DGM, Empyrios),  keyboard players Federico Solazzo (Alexia), Andrea Pavanello (Centrica) , Filippo Lui and Emanuele Casali (DGM, Astra)   Lance King, owner of Nightmare, says: “I’m excited to try something different and branch out into a little different direction with the label and this artist, Alberto has brought together many brilliant musicians on this great album.”

A short preview clip is available below, more news coming soon! /

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Italy’s STIGMA Unveils The Undertaker Video and Digital-Only EP Now Available

January 17th, 2011
by EvilG

”The Undertaker,” the latest music video from Italian horror merchants STIGMA, has premiered on BlankTV and can be viewed at the link below:

“The Undertaker” was filmed by Salvatore Perrone (SUICIDE SILENCE, DEVILDRIVER, EVERGREEN TERRACE). The track comes off the band’s latest digital-only EP of the same name released this week through Pivotal Rockordings.

The opening track “1,2,3,4 Dead!” is currently being streamed by ( The premiere also features an interview with vocalist and horror afficionado Stefano “Vlad” Ghersi.

The Undertaker EP and can be purchased at the following locations:

The Undertaker EP track listing:

01. 1,2,3,4 Dead!
02. We Are the Deceased
03. It’s Bullet Time! (feat. Brandan Schieppati, BLEEDING THROUGH)
04. The Undertaker

The Undertaker EP was engineered by Italian producer Simone Mularoni and mixed/mastered by the Bombs of Death Productions duo of BLEEDING THROUGH singer Brandan Schieppati and ANAAL NATHRAKH mainman Mick Kenney; with the exception of the title track, The Undertaker”, which was produced at Fear Studio by ex-BLEEDING THROUGH and current BRING ME THE HORIZON guitarist Jona Weinhofen and mixed/mastered by Scott Atkins (BEHEMOTH, CRADLE OF FILTH, SYLOSIS).  Artwork for the EP was created by Daniel McBride (BORN OF OSIRIS, VEIL OF MAYA, VIATROPHY).

STIGMA’s Concerto for the Undead was released in Europe, the UK, North America, Australia/New Zealand and Japan in Spring 2010.  The album featured lyrics centered on the cult-classic comic book series Tales From the Crypt and includes guest vocal appearances by Jamie Hope (ex-THE RED SHORE) and Jon Hunt (ex-DEAD TO FALL).


Stigma Official Website –

Stigma Official Myspace –

Pivotal Rockordings Website:

Pivotal Rockordings Myspace:

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Toxic Heart – Online TV Show

January 17th, 2011
by EvilG

After releasing their debut album »Ride Your Life« the guys of Toxic Heart are back with something special. They started their own online show »ToxicHeartTV« feat. the guys from Toxic Heart and everything they do in their lives. It’s not just music! The guys are adrenaline junkies who party hard, travel around the world and never forget how to have an awesome time. Feel free to take a look at the trailer for their upcoming show starting in February.


Stay tuned!

More at

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KORPIUS Ink Deal With Maple Metal Records

January 17th, 2011
by EvilG
KORPIUS - Shades Of Black

KORPIUS - Shades Of Black

Maple Metal Records has inked a deal with Sherbrooke (Canada) death metal band KORPIUS. MMR will release their debut full-length album on April 4th entitled ‘Shades Of Black’.

KORPIUS was formed in 2003 by guitarists Philippe d’Astous and Maxime Berriault, who share the lead vocal duties, and are rounded out by Félix Lampron-Dandonneau on bass and Paul Côté-Bérard on drums. KORPIUS have released 2 EPs in the past: a 6 song self-titled EP, ‘Korpius’ in 2006, and the latter a 4 song EP entitled ‘Apocalyptic Vision’ was released by Cryogenic Records in 2007.

This quartet play a more traditional style of death metal, but combine modern blast-beat brutality and progressive elements, with epic riffs and melodic solos, to produce a fresh sound. The mix of guttural and high-pitched vocals at the same time is one of the distinctive landmarks of the band.

KORPIUS have also carved a name for themselves as being a stellar force and a ‘must see Live act’ on the Quebec metal circuit over their short career, having already played with Despised Icon, Neuraxis, Krisiun, Belphagor, and many more.

‘Shades Of Black’ was self-produced by KORPIUS. The album was recorded and engineered between July and December 2010 by Philippe d’Astous at Cheriborg Studio in picturesque Orford, QC. The album was mixed and mastered by Mat Laperle at Red Dusk Studio, just outside of Montreal, Canada.

Track listing for ‘Shades Of Black’:

1. Shades of Black

2. On the Edge

3. Fury

4. Stigmatized

5. Awaking Terror

6. Disillusion

7. At the point of Death

8. Six Feet Deep

9. The Finale Charge

KORPIUS will be part of the Sherbrooke Assault mini-tour of Quebec with My Fatality and Cold Insanity, in February, where they will feature new material off their upcoming album.

Look for a video from Black Fawn Films (Massive Slavery, Baptized In Blood, Blue Felix) to coincide with the release of this album.

For the Tour dates:

For more info on KORPIUS click here:

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OZZY OSBOURNE / FIREWIND Guitarist Gus G.’s Rock House Method Instructional DVD Takes Top Honours At NAMM 2011

January 16th, 2011
by EvilG
Gus G.'s Rock House Method Instructional DVD

Gus G.'s Rock House Method Instructional DVD

The latest release from Rock House Method, one of the music industry’s leaders in innovative music tutorial DVD’s comes in the form of a 2 DVD set with instructor Gus G (Firewind, Dream Evil, Ozzy Osbourne). For fans of Gus G’s flashy brand of guitar pyrotechnics and his “take no prisoners” approach to soloing, this DVD set has been a long time coming. (Review here.)

According to an update from OZZY OSBOURNE / FIREWIND Guitarist Gus G., his Rock House Method instructional DVD, Lead & Rhythm Techniques, was awarded as the Best Instructional Video / Book of 2010 at NAMM 2011 this weekend. Go to this location to check out the package.

According to a press release for the DVD, which was released in October 2010, Gus reveals the secrets that have propelled him into the guitar stratosphere and shows you how to incorporate them into your playing. Learn the natural minor and Phrygian major scales, patterns, scale sequences and full neck runs he uses to take control of the fret board to form soulful leads that rip into shred masterpieces. Learn diminished sweep and chromatic arpeggios, emotional bending techniques and how to create a minor 3rd harmony lead. Gus reveals the chords, voicings, syncopated, pivoting staccato, interval, and clean picked rhythms that form the foundation of his style. He analyses many of his Firewind leads and song structures complete with full band backing tracks that you can use the apply what you learn.

DVD includes:

– More than 40 lessons
– 46-page interactive tab book you print from DVD
– Free life-time web membership for online support
– Behind-the-scenes photos and video
– Interview, live performances and more
– iPod-ready video

Language: English
Length: 120 minutes
Zones: The DVD is zoned to play anywhere in the world

Gus G.’s Lead & Rhythm Techniques is available for pre-order at this location.

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EPICA – Coen Janssen sits out metal cruise and Latin American dates

January 16th, 2011
by EvilG

Coen will not be joining Epica on the 70.000 tons of Metal cruise and the latin-american dates early February.

“As you might know. Linda, my wife, and I are expecting our first child. The due date happens to be around the same time as the cruise. As you might understand, I will stay at home since I don’t want to miss the birth of my first child.”

Joining Epica on keyboards for these show is Oliver Palotai (Kamelot/Sons of Seasons), friend of the band and the right man for the job because of his amazing talent.

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LEAVES’ EYES – album title, cover artwork and release date!

January 16th, 2011
by EvilG
LEAVES' EYES "Meredead"

LEAVES' EYES "Meredead"

Great news for LEAVES’ EYES fans!

The new LEAVES’ EYES record is called “Meredead”.

Producer Alexander Krull is doing the final mix of “Meredead” at Mastersound Studio.

The artwork was done by Stefan Heilemann.

“Meredead” will be released on the 22nd of April 2011 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland! More streetdates will follow soon!

Singer Liv Kristine comments: “As we began composing the first song ideas for our fourth full-length album, all of us were very eager to take another step in strengthening both the individual sound and concept of Leaves’ Eyes, like we have done album by album. Along with the song-writing process, I made up my mind about the songs’ themes, and drowned myself in different sources of literature. Some songs clearly needed lyrics rooted in northern history and culture, as well as having mystical themes. Being an Old-English fan, I decided to write some of the lyrics in Old-English, which of course included further studies of grammatical and phonetic knowledge, which I really enjoyed doing. Next to modern English and Old-English, some songs are sung in traditional Norwegian, to keep their strong individuality and focus on certain themes from special genres in Norwegian traditional singing. The album is given the title “Meredead”, as one of the songs on the album. It is my own word-creation (at least I haven’t found it in a dictionary yet), and it may mean both “dead by/in the sea”, or “the mortal or killing sea”. In my lyrics you will find traditional themes from Viking literature and Norwegian song tradition, moreover, tales from the Irish isles, some from already existing sources, some made up myself. Sometimes you will hear about men going on adventures, some ending up drowing in the sea, their wives, evil witches, three-headed trolls, or spell-bound princesses, as well as marble halls and blood-thirsty creatures. I allowed myself more freedom for the concept of “Meredead”, telling a number of different stories, real, mystical or sometimes maybe even both.”

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CREATION’S END: Visual Evidence First Live Performance + New Contest Launched

January 15th, 2011
by EvilG

Progressive metal unit CREATION’S END have posted several pieces of visual evidence from their recent debut live appearance in Manhattan last month. A stellar series of live photos from the show on the band’s Facebook page, as well as live videos of the songs Disassociate,” “Relic” and “Hollow.”

Further American and European tour dates for CREATION’S END are being planned for the coming year, with a special appearance at Atlanta, Georgia’s annual ProgPower USA in September 2011 already confirmed, where they’ll perform alongside Therion, Sanctuary, Dream Evil, Arcturus and more.

The band have also arranged The CREATION’S END “Spread the Word” Contest which just began today! To take part in the contest simply sign up at the official CREATION’S END homepage now!

CREATION’S END features guitarist Rudy Albert (ex-Zandelle), drummer Dario Rodriguez, Mike DiMeo, (ex-Masterplan, ex-Riot), Marco Sfogli (James LaBrie Band), and Joe Black (Chris Caffery, ex-Zandelle). The stunning eight tracks these powerhouse musicians have formed on A New Beginning culminate their melodic, progressive, groove-laden, dark and crushing displays of incredible heavy metal into a simply incredible album, produced by John Macaluso (James Labrie Band, Fool’s Game, ex-Ark, ex-TNT, ex-Yngwie Malsmteen).

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January 15th, 2011
by EvilG

Poland’s extreme metal band VADER has announced the following via the band’s official website:

“The band is about to prepare for recording of their newest studio album Welcome To The Morbid Reich.  Recording will take place in Hertz Studio again (Bialystok – Polska) from March 15th to April 10th, 2011.  Mix[ing] and mastering in May, 2011.  As Peter W. has announced, he plans to record 10-11 tracks plus 2 bonuses for special editions of the album. As usual, you will have a chance to track the process of recording the album in a special studio report on the band’s website.  The new album will be followed by a new photo session and a video clip.  The band will make the decision on whom to work with at the end of March.

“Draft titles of a few tracks: ‘Lords of Thorns,’ ‘I Am Who Feast Upon Your Souls,’ ‘Only Hell Knows,’ ‘Return to the Morbid Reich,’ and ‘I Had A Dream.’  Fans will have a chance to listen to 1 or 2 new tracks at VADER concerts and summer festivals.  This year’s Blitzkrieg will start a bit later, probably in October and VADER will play a completely new set!”

Guitarist, vocalist, and founding member Peter W. also stated in today’s post:

“For a long time I’ve been thinking about new tracks and the album concept; more and more things start to be clear.  For the most part, I’d like Spider (Marek Pajak – guitars) to take part in the process of album creation.  I also have in mind – relating to the good old times – a new layout for the album.  I met with Zbyszek Bielak, a very talented artist, who will design the new layout, merchandise and scenic elements.  Zbyszek has already worked with such bands as Watain, Absu, Behemoth.  The new album will mainly focus on the Morbid Reich feeling combined with brutal riffs and tempo of the previous albums.  We also have a surprise for our devoted fans: We’re going to come back to our old logo.’”

VADER’s 2009 album, Necropolis, debuted at #19 on the Top New Artist Albums (Heatseekers) chart the week after its release.  It was recorded at Hertz Studios in Bialystok, Poland with the Wieslawski Bros., mixed by Tue Madsen (Halford, Kataklysm, Behemoth) at Antfarm Studios in Denmark, and featured cover artwork by Jacek Wisniewski.

View the video for the Necropolis track “Never Say My Name”:

Visit VADER online at, on Facebook, at, and

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