Danzig: Telling it like it is

June 25th, 2010
by EvilG


SHOCKHOUND recently posted a candid and compelling video interview with Glenn Danzig entitled “Danzig: No Regrets.” Danzig’s first new studio album in six years, “Deth Red Sabaoth,” hit the streets this week, and it’s been getting STELLAR reviews – the media consensus seems to be that it’s Glenn’s best album since the mid-90s.

Check out what he has to say: http://www.shockhound.com/features/1249-danzig–no-regrets

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KREATOR – Destroy What Destroys You – New Video

June 25th, 2010
by EvilG

Kreator is happy to announce the release of their new video, “Destroy What Destroys You”!

The video was shot by Chilean artist Carlos Toros, who is also known for his videos of Vader and Lacrimosa. This is the second video released from songs off their latest CD, “Hordes of Chaos”.

In other Kreator News….

Kreator Boxset

Kreator Boxset

Box Set Revealed, Video Premier Announced! – 25.06.2010

The rolling thunder is growing louder and great events are foreshadowed again: Germany’s most eminent thrash metal act, Kreator, are set to release their latest studio album “Hordes of Chaos”  as a high quality box set on July 9th, 2010 in Germany, July 12th, 2010 in Europe, and July 13th, 2010 in the USA/Canada. Hordes of Chaos- Ultra Riot is a must for every fan. 

Hordes of Chaos was recorded at Berlin’s Tritonus Studios under the direction of producer Moses Schneider. The album was mixed in London by Colin Richardson (Slipknot, Bullet For My Valentine, Cradle of Filth, etc.).

The new box set includes the “Hordes of Chaos” album as a digipak with a new cover, a new booklet (including new liner notes by Joel McIver) and 2 enhanced videos. The bonus CD comes in a cardboard sleeve and contains 2 cover songs (from German band Slime and Bad Religion) and 5 previously unreleased demo songs. On top of that, the box set contains a high quality 12 paged photo book by famous photographer Harald Hoffmann, a full coloured poster of the album cover, a full coloured photo card, a full coloured sticker and a voucher for the Kreator merchandise shop at www.kreator-terrorzone.de. All this comes for a very reasonable price.

Tracklisting and additional content infos:

Digipak (incl. new cover, new booklet with liner notes from Joel McIver)

01. Hordes of Chaos (A Necrologue for the Elite)

02. Warcurse

03. Escalation

04. Amok Run

05. Destroy What Destroys You

06. Radical Resistance

07. Absolute Misanthropy

08. To the Afterborn

09. Corpses of Liberty

10. Demon Prince

enhanced videos

11. Hordes of Chaos

12. Destroy What Destroys You

Bonus CD (cardboard sleeve)

1. Hordes of Chaos (Demo Version)

2. Radical Resistance (Demo Version)

3. To the Afterborn (Demo Version)

4. World Without Religion (Demo Version of “Escalation” – different

5. Amok Run (Demo Version)

6. Alle Gegen Alle (Demo Version) (Slime Cover featuring Nagel and Thees Ulmann)

7. You are the Government (Demo Version) (Bad Religion Cover)


* high quality 12 paged photo book with unseen photos from the

* full coloured poster

* full coloured photo card

* full coloured sticker

* voucher for the Kreator merchandise shop at www.kreator-terrorzone.de

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June 24th, 2010
by EvilG

In their early careers, members of COLOSSUS were in several formidable punk rock acts, but thankfully came to their senses and embraced their irrepressible youthful metal roots.  Now, armed with guitars and beer they are storming across the tundra of central North Carolina to conquer the world. COLOSSUS is setting out on the road on July 8th, and will continue through July until the 24th.

Raleigh, North Carolina’s COLOSSUS sound as if they were actually taking part in the original NWOBHM scene alongside Saxon, Diamond Head, Iron Maiden and Angel Witch in 1982, but cosmically slipped through a wormhole, winding up in 2010. Their new Tribunal Records EP, Drunk on Blood, spiritedly follows on the heels of their debut album, And the Rift of the Pan-Dimensional Under-Gods, and only further expands on their love of classic heavy metal, fantasy, folklore, zombies, science fiction and ultimately laying waste to any and all who catch their enthusiastic and sweat-filled live shows.  Drunk on Blood is for people who like to party and remember what it was like to make music for fun.  When listening to Drunk on Blood your knobs most definitely should be cranked to 11.

See COLOSSUS on tour this summer!

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DEATH: Previously Unseen Behind-The-Scenes Footage From ‘Lack Of Comprehension’ Video Shoot

June 24th, 2010
by EvilG
Death - Human

Death - Human

Previously unreleased behind-the-scenes footage from the video shoot for the song “Lack Of Comprehension” from DEATH‘s seminal 1991 album “Human” can be viewed below. The three-minute clip was newly compiled and edited from the raw footage shot in September 1991 by DEATH mainman Chuck Schuldiner‘s former manager and current legal representative, Eric Greif.

Relapse Records recently announced a partnership with Perseverance Holdings Ltd. and the Schuldiner family to reissue the legendary catalog of heavy metal luminary Chuck Schuldiner and his bands DEATH, CONTROL DENIED and MANTAS.

Chuck Schuldiner‘s DEATH, one of the most important and influential metal bands of all-time, will see the first official digital releases of its legendary albums “Scream Bloody Gore”, “Leprosy”, “Spiritual Healing”, “Human”, “Individual Thought Patterns” and “The Sound Of Perseverance” tomorrow, May 11 at this location. These digital releases will come two days before Chuck Schuldiner would have celebrated his 43rd birthday.

Chuck Schuldiner passed away on December 13, 2001 at age 34 after a battle with pontine glioma, a rare type of brain tumor.

Relapse will also reissue an expanded version of the classic debut album, “The Fragile Art Of Existence”, from Schuldiner‘s progressive heavy metal band CONTROL DENIED in late 2010 as well as the first-ever collection by his pre-DEATH project MANTAS. The expanded version of “The Fragile Art Of Existence” will include bonus tracks, extra band photography, expanded art and packaging and more. Details on both releases are forthcoming.

Long-range plans include the completion and official release of the final CONTROL DENIED album “When Man and Machine Collide”. Recorded over 10 years ago at Morrisound Studios with producer Jim Morris, “When Man and Machine Collide” was tracked by Schuldiner but left incomplete upon Chuck‘s passing. A range of officially licensed DEATH, CONTROL DENIED, and MANTAS merchandise has also been issued here. Many classic album art designs will follow in the coming months, making some highly sought-after designs available officially for the first time in years.

Stay tuned to EmptyWords.org, the official DEATH / CONTROL DENIED / Chuck Schuldiner web site, and Relapse.com for more information.

Guitar World has released its second TAB book, featuring the music of DEATH.

“Death: The Deluxe Guitar and Bass Tablature Collection” is the first song transcription book based on the DEATH catalog. Created with the endorsement of Chuck Schuldiner‘s family, it features full transcriptions — including guitar, bass and lyrics — of eight classic DEATH songs, such as “Pull the Plug”, “Zombie Ritual”, “Flesh and the Power It Holds” and many others! Plus, “Death: The Deluxe Guitar and Bass Tablature Collection” includes a life- and career-spanning biography on Chuck Schuldiner, death metal’s pioneer and spiritual guide.

Transcriptions include:

* Pull the Plug”, as heard on “Leprosy”
* The Philosopher”, as heard on “Individual Thought Patterns”
* Crystal Mountain”, as heard on “Symbolic”
* Flesh and the Power It Holds”, as heard on “The Sound of Perseverance”
* Scavenger of Human Sorrow”, as heard on “The Sound of Perseverance”
* Zombie Ritual”, as heard on “Scream Bloody Gore”
* Spiritual Healing”, as heard on “Spiritual Healing”
* Together as One”, as heard on “Human”

For more information, go to this location.

“Lack Of Comprehension” behind the scenes:

“Lack Of Comprehension”
music video:

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June 24th, 2010
by EvilG



Over a year after the release of their 2009 Billboard-charting debut DEPTHS and countless tours later, Chicago deathcore heavyweights, OCEANO have begun recording their highly anticipated followup album to be released later this year. Entitled CONTAGION, the album promises to take the band’s music to explosive new heights thanks to the production of Zuess (MUNICIPAL WASTE, THE ACACIA STRAIN, HATEBREED, SHADOWS FALL) and the addition of 2 new guitarists who have quickly become acquainted with the continual misery that has become OCEANO‘s trademark.

OCEANO frontman, Adam Warren chimes in from the studio with a brief update:

“As of last night we finished up drum tracking! Danny’s a little monster and flew through everything in a 2 1/2 days. Now we’re onto guitars today. We’re excited to begin and work with Zeuss as we are looking forward to getting his input on what we have come up with. We are all confident he’s going to help further creation of Contagion to be even more infectious to all of your ears. LET IT SPREAD!”

To kick off the start of CONTAGION‘s recording process, OCEANO have posted the premiere episode of OCEANO TV on their brand new official YouTube page. Styled similarly to a 90’s-style multi-camera sitcom, this episode stars drummer, Daniel Terchin. Here, he gives fans a tour of his drum kit, pwns n00bs on Call of Duty and sneaks a peek at his tracking sessions. Watch the video at http://www.youtube.com/OceanoTV

CONTAGION will arrive later this year.

OCEANO will soon be hitting the road once again as part of the Over The Limit Tour. Ever the road warriors, this will not be a typical tour for OCEANO. It will mark their first major North American co-headlining tour alongside AS BLOOD RUNS BLACK. The tour will also act as a prelude to the release of the band’s forthcoming sophomore album, CONTAGION. Those attending the Over The Limit Tour will be among the first anywhere to hear some of the crushing new material from the album.

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Metal Blade Records inks worldwide deal with FLESHWROUGHT featuring Navene Koperweis formerly of Animosity and Jonny Davy of Job for a Cowboy

June 24th, 2010
by EvilG

Metal Blade Records is pleased to announce the addition of experimental death metal band FLESHWROUGHT to its family. FLESHWROUGHT features Navene Koperweis (former drummer of Bay area grind band Animosity, currently in Animals As Leaders) and Jonny Davy (vocalist of Arizona’s Job for a Cowboy); Navene performing all instruments on the band’s debut album Dementia/Dyslexia with Jonny Davy handling lyrics and vocals.

“I’m truly amazed that a small project I started in my bedroom at my mom’s house has become something worthy of a Metal Blade release. What more could I ask for? I couldn’t be more proud and honored!” Navene Koperweis

“This record has been complete for an extremely long time. Navene and myself are extremely pumped to finally have the beast released.” Jonny Davy

Dementia/Dyslexia was finished by June 2009 and was recorded at Navene’s studio, Death Midi Soundlab, in San Francisco. Navene played all of the instruments, did all the tracking, mixing, and editing, with mastering handled by Dustin Miller at Audio Aggregate Recordings in Des Moines Iowa. In terms of what FLESHWROUGHT hopes people will take away from listening to Dementia/Dyslexia, Navene personally hopes it is inspiration and a connection with the music, much in the way he has felt about those who have inspired him through his journey as a musician and lover of music.

FLESHWROUGHT’s debut full-length album Dementia/Dyslexia will be available everywhere August 3rd. Stay tuned to MetalBlade.com and FLESHWROUGHT’s MySpace page for the first single, album artwork, and preorder information.

Fleshwrought – Dementia/Dyslexia
1. Mental Illness
2. Inner Thoughts
3. Programming the Herds
4. Weeping Hallucinations
5. Conceptual Flesh
6. State of Desolation
7. Dyslexic Interlude
8. Self-Destructive Loathing
9. Relevant Intoxication
10. Final Nausea

About the band:
FLESHWROUGHT was born in 2003 when death/grind drummer Navene Kopperweis, who is best known for playing in the now defunct San Francisco Bay area grind band Animosity, paired up with Nic Gauthier and made a demo at their friend’s house. A live lineup formed shortly after the demo was recorded and consisted of Nic, Navene and fellow Animosity band mate Chase Fraser. FLESHWROUGHT played a few local shows in Santa Cruz California (where the band called home), one of which was a New Year’s house party with Decrepit Birth. As time went on, the guys jammed less and less due to Animosity’s high frequency tour schedule and Navene moving an hour and a half away to San Francisco. However, Navene’s writing for FLESHWROUGHT never slowed down and in fact his productivity was increasing exponentially as Navene had acquired amazing musical tools such as 7-string guitars, computers, and recording software; all components necessary to make his own album.

While Animosity was on the “Steers and Beers” tour supporting the band’s Blackmarket Activities debut Empires, the band played a show in Phoenix AZ with a local band called JOB FOR A COWBOY. During JFAC’s set Navene thought to himself “dang! That singer is brutal!” All of the guys became great friends and even went on to tour the United States and Europe together. “I knew Jonny Davy was the only guy for my CD,” comments Navene. So at this point, Navene and Jonny decided to join forces began working hard to perfect the band’s debut full-length album titled Dementia/Dyslexia.

Initial tracking for Dementia/Dyslexia began in November 2008. Due to Navene living in San Francisco, Jonny living in Phoenix, and both musicians having very busy schedules, FLESHWROUGHT did not take the typical approach to writing their debut full-length album. “I would send Jonny songs when they were complete on my end. Jonny only sent me back one song with vocals before coming to track the vocals for the entire CD at my studio. I was blown away!” divulges Navene. In terms of the lyrical content on Dementia/Dyslexia there is a very direct theme throughout the entire album. Vocalist Jonny Davy comments:

“Before even thinking about writing anything in particular when it comes to the lyrical content of Dementia/Dyslexia I sat and impatiently waited for every song to be entirely complete. Once done I literally sat and analyzed every note, every beat and every nanosecond of the album until it drove me to the brink of insanity. Personally, I’ve gone through a bizarre year and the album triggered a lot of inner anxiety. At first concentrative listen to the record you realize that it is strenuous to decode and comprehend. The record illustrates every human emotion and buildup response to the starting point of dementia, becoming utterly crazed and just all around unbalanced: Wallowing in depression, alcoholism, anger, frustration, to even self-destruction.”

Influences for FLESHWROUGHT span from the obvious like death metal to the not so easily assumed influences like electronic, progressive, and experimental styles of music, including bands. Some of these influences include bands like Necrophagist, Decrepit Birth, Origin, Mats/Morgan Band, Special Defects, Frank Zappa, Squarepusher, Corneilius, and Siriusmo. Definitely all over the musical spectrum! Navene comments:

“I’m not that 17 year old kid who exclusively listens to death metal anymore. I’m 25 years old and have gone through many phases throughout my musical quest. In turn, my influences always seem to shine through and manifest in my music because the one rule I have followed would be that there are no rules. In conclusion I’m as honored and proud as a parent to an honor roll student to present Fleshwrought’s Dementia/Dyslexia to the world. Jonny and I hope you enjoy.” Navene Kopperweis

Navene Kopperweis – guitars, drums, bass
Jonny Davy – vocals


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June 24th, 2010
by EvilG


Chicago , IL ’s BENEATH ME is pleased to announce that their track, Afterlife, has charted at #43 on Music Choice’s Metal Top 50! In addition to this position, BENEATH ME is seeing continuous success at college radio, and has been seeing high numbers at stations such as WGDR in Plainfield , Vermont ! Aside from this excellent praise in the radio world, this honor is being reflected by some big names. “Beneath Me has a new and different sound,” states Mudvayne guitarist and backing vocalist Greg Tribbett. “They have big potential to break new ground.”

BENEATH ME released their new record, Wish I Wouldn’t Care, on April 13th, 2010. To see behind the scenes video chronicling the making of Wish I Wouldn’t Care, head over to BENEATH ME’s YouTube channel! The channel also will include exclusive interviews and video blogs. Visit the channel and watch BENEATH ME answer Q&A’s with fans, and much more! If you have a question for BENEATH ME, send it through the page and the band will respond!

BENEATH ME is the amalgamation of two Chicago outfits that both met their demise in 2007. The first of which featured twin brothers Mikey Vujasin (Rhythm/Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals), Andy Vujasin (Drums) and George Sack (Rhythm/Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals). The second band was helmed by bassist, multi-instrumentalist and composer Johnny Drugan. Members of both groups were mutual partners in crime, so after the demise of their respective bands it was only natural for them to get together to form what would become BENEATH ME.

Head over to these sites for more information on BENEATH ME:



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June 24th, 2010
by EvilG

Actor Adam Sandler has always had a knack for including standout classic rock tunes in his movies. His latest flick, ‘Grown Ups,’ is no different, as Triumph’s hard rocking “Lay it on the Line” is included in the movie, which opens nationwide June 25th.

Also, the official Japanese release of their new “best of” set, Triumph: ‘Greatest Hits: Remixed,’ hit the Land of the Rising Sun on June 23rd.

Greatest Hits: Remixed’ was released in the US and Canada on May 18th, and throughout Europe during May as well. All of Triumph’s classic tunes that were – and continue to be – in heavy rotation on rock radio (and the early days of MTV) are included here, namely, the aforementioned “Lay it on the Line,” as well as “Hold On,” “Fight the Good Fight,” “Magic Power,” etc.

These fourteen tracks of anthemic metal have never sounded so good, as they were all recently remixed by Rich Chycki (who has recently worked with Aerosmith and Rush). The set also includes a previously unreleased recording – “Love Hurts” – which will be the lead-off single from Triumph’s ‘Greatest Hits: Remixed.’

“We have been planning this release forever,” says bassist Mike Levine. “For years, Triumph fans have been demanding that we give them a fresh greatest hits package and they are going to love this one.”

Also included in the set is a DVD, mixed in 5.1 audio, that features eleven promo and live videos in widescreen (plus additional unreleased videos for “Child of the City,” “Blinding Light Show,” and “Love Hurts,” and footage of the group’s 2008 induction into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame).

The deluxe two-disc package is housed in a six-panel digi pak – including a 20-page color booklet, complete with liner notes, lyrics, and chockfull of vintage photos.

Whether you’re a long-time Triumph fanatic or a new convert, you have never heard the group as crystal clear and loud n’ proud as you will throughout ‘Greatest Hits: Remixed.’ “’Greatest Hits: Remixed’ rocks like no other Triumph set,” declares drummer Gil Moore. “This is the definitive Triumph collector’s edition.”

Track listing for ‘Greatest Hits: Remixed’ CD:

1. Allied Forces

2. Lay it on the Line

3. Follow Your Heart

4. Magic Power

5. I Live For the Weekend

6. Hold On

7. Just One Night

8. Fight the Good Fight

9. Spellbound

10. Never Surrender

11. When the Lights Go Down

12. Somebody’s Out There

13. Rock and Roll Machine

14. Love Hurts

Track listing for ‘Greatest Hits: Remixed’ DVD:

1. Follow Your Heart

2. Lay it on the line

3. Spellbound

4. Magic Power

5. When the Lights Go Down

6. Hold On

7. Just One Night

8. Somebody’s Out There

9. Allied Forces

10. Never Surrender

11. Never Say Never

Bonus Videos

1. Child of the City

2. Blinding Light Show ( Bootleg: Filmed on Fan Cam )

3. Love Hurts

For more information, visit: www.triumphmusic.com

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SOILWORK: Peter Wichers Guitar Lesson Online

June 24th, 2010
by EvilG

GUITAR WORLD magazine has posted an interview with guitarist Peter Wichers, of the Godfathers of Swedish modern metal SOILWORK, at the following location www.guitarworld.com/soilwork_lesson. In the video Wichers breaks down riffs from their new album The Panic Broadcast and talks about his gear and influences as a guitar player.

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SKELETONWITCH Comments On Tour-Packed Summer

June 24th, 2010
by EvilG

Band To Tour Canada with HIGH ON FIRE, Appear on OZZFEST & HEAVY MTL, and Return To Europe; Completes New Video.

Athens, Ohio’s blackened thrash warlords, SKELETONWITCH, who are no strangers to the road, have quite the action packed summer lined up. The band will start July by doing some of their own shows en route to Vancouver, BC, where they’ll meet up with HIGH ON FIRE for a cross Canadian trek which will culminate with the band appearing at the HEAVY MTL (http://www.heavymtl.com/en/) festival in Montreal, along with SLAYER, ALICE COOPER, MEGADETH, MASTODON and more. The band will then head out with OZZFEST where they’ll be appearing on the second stage along with former tour partners GOATWHORE and SAVIOURS and other acts including BLACK LABEL SOCIETY and KINGDOM OF SORROW. Check out their appearance on Ozzfest TV HERE. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxV6mDtmppE) Then, the Athenian madmen will head over to Europe, where they’ll be headlinging the “EUROPEAN BANGOVER” Tour.

Guitarist Scott Hedrick commented on the band’s plans; “Just when you thought Skeletonwitch couldn’t get any heavier… we’re going to eat a metric ton of bread, cheese, and beer in Europe!! Fuck yes! We’re heading across the pond w/ Warbringer and are being joined by Angelus Apatrida. It’ll be a true “European Bangover”

Of course, that is directly following the juggernaut of American heavy music festivals, Ozzfest, which we are proud to be a part of. The opportunity to play alongside greats such as Ozzy and Rob Halford is a bit of a mindfuck for us. It’s going to be a blast.

Since I seem to be working in reverse…….We’re kicking off our summer touring in July with High on Fire, Russian Circles, and Priestess in Canada. It’s going to be a lot of metal, a lot of traveling, and a lot of drinking, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Black t-shirt, white van. Heavy metal on the road.

Thanks to everyone for the support! Come out and see us. We’ll party!” Read the rest of this entry »

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June 24th, 2010
by EvilG





Cleveland, Ohio’s CHIMAIRA have unveiled an exclusive new Coming Alive DVD trailer at their website. Make sure to head over to catch a sneak peek of the DVD! Along with this trailer, CHIMAIRA have also posted four different pre-order packages. The pre-order packages are available as follows:

1) Coming Alive Combo 1- $30

This includes:
– Coming Alive 3 Disc Set (2DVD+1CD)
– Electrified Shirt

2) Coming Alive Combo 2 – $30

This includes:
– Coming Alive 3 Disc Set (2DVD+1CD)
– Predator Shirt

3) Big Baller Combo – $55 – only 100 available!

This includes:
– Coming Alive 3 Disc Set (2DVD+1CD)
– Coming Alive Numbered Collector’s Pass
– 24×36 Mosaic Poster
– Limited Edition Gold Coming Alive Shirt

4) Purchase Coming Alive from Ferret Music and the first 500 orders receive and autographed booklet!

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June 24th, 2010
by EvilG
Supersonic Festival takes place from the 22nd to the 24th October, 2010 at the Custard Factory in Birmingham

Supersonic Festival takes place from the 22nd to the 24th October, 2010 at the Custard Factory in Birmingham

Reunited British industrial metal pioneers GODFLESH have been confirmed as one of the headlining acts for the 2010 edition of Supersonic Festival.

GODFLESH will be returning to their roots for the highly acclaimed Supersonic Festival, which is held in the band’s hometown of Birmingham, England.  This special headlining appearance will be GODFLESH’s first UK show in over ten years.

GODFLESH founding member JUSTIN BROADRICK comments:

“We cannot even recall specifically the first Birmingham Godflesh show.  Oddly, we think it was supporting Suicide in 1988, just after the release of our first Mini LP on Swordfish, the record label of Birmingham’s best record shop.  So it’s only natural that the first Godflesh UK show in its original form in over 10 years, comes home to its birthplace, and for whom better than Supersonic, the organisation responsible for keeping Birmingham on the map with underground music, be it metal or otherwise.  It is with great pleasure that Godflesh returns to its roots.”

Supersonic Festival takes place from the 22nd to the 24th October, 2010 at the Custard Factory in Birmingham.

Supersonic Festival is organised by Capsule, which also runs ‘Home of Metal’, a project celebrating heavy metal music from the West Midlands, including such legendary bands as BLACK SABBATH, JUDAS PRIEST, GODFLESH and NAPALM DEATH.  Fans are needed to contribute old photos, flyers and more to the ‘Home of Metal’ archive.  To find out more and to upload items from your personal collection, head to http://www.homeofmetal.com

GODFLESH’s seminal 1989 album STREETCLEANER has been remastered and reissued in a special deluxe CD digipak, including a bonus disc featuring 12 previously unreleased live tracks, remixes and demos.  Get the album in Europe at http://earache.com/webstore/index.php/cPath/667_670_54

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DOWNSPIRIT announced USA/CAN release date

June 24th, 2010
by EvilG
DOWNSPIRIT - Point of Origin

DOWNSPIRIT - Point of Origin

DOWNSPIRIT, the German/Swiss blues/metal-oriented band formed by SYMPHORCE/ex-FREEDOM CALL guitarist Cedric “Cede” Dupont, announce August 17th 2010 as USA/CAN release date for their highly anticipated debut album “POINT OF ORIGIN”.

DOWNSPIRIT has recently inked a deal with Metalville, The group’s debut album, “Point Of Origin”, will be released in Europe on July 23. The album will come as a limited edition digipack including one bonustrack.

“Blending old blues roots with a modern, downtuned guitar-feel, [DOWNSPIRIT’s] songs are a mixture of typical bluesy ’80s hard rock and a contemporary metal sound, which also includes some electro loops,” according to a press release.

Cédric “Cede” Dupont – Lead Guitars

Steffen Lauth – Vocals

Axel “Aki” Reissmann – Rhythm Guitars

Sven Rakowitz – Bass

Sebastian Dunkel – Drums

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ID: Exorcist – Under a Ton Of Ice 07/2010 NEW VIDEO ONLINE

June 24th, 2010
by EvilG
ID: Exorcist - Under a Ton Of Ice

ID: Exorcist - Under a Ton Of Ice

The video for ID: Exorcist‘s new song Demon Shaped Phoenix is now available at Youtube!

As reported earlier..

Finland’s best kept secret when talking about intense balls-to-the-wall metal-massacre, ID: Exorcist releases it’s new full-lenght album Under a Ton Of Ice during July 2010.

Under a Ton Of Ice presents ID: Exorcist more darker, mature and aggressive than on their previous works. Mix up Sentenced’s chilling melancholy with american-stylish bonebraker riffs á la Sepultura and Machine Head, and there you have it! The album is produced, engineerd and mixed by the band itself, mainman of the process being guitarist Sami Hauru. The tracklist as follows:

13th Day
Let me go the way I want to
More life
Feed my bloodstream
Death of a broken man
Good gone bad
Demon shaped phoenix
Dirt requiem

ID: Exorcist 2010:
Sami Hauru – Kitara
Ville Nissinen – Rummut
Antza Talala – Kitara
Jaakko Mäntymaa – Laulu
Teemu Romppanen – Basso

All the songs from band’s previous album, Imperiumi.net’s “Album of the week” Flatline are now available at ID: Exorcist myspace www.myspace.com/idexorcist

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UNSUN signs with Mystic Production

June 24th, 2010
by EvilG



UNSUN, band led by ex-Vader guitar player, Mauser, has recently signed a worldwide deal with Mystic Production (home label of Behemoth and Riverside, among others). The band, who released their debut album, “The End Of Life” in September 2008 via Century Media Records, has entered studio this spring to record sophomore album. Vocal tracks were recorded in Studio X in Olsztyn and soon after Unsun moved to Hertz Studio (Behemoth, Vader, Decapitated) to record all instruments. After 5 weeks of hard work the album is currently being mixed and mastered.

The band has just uploaded first studio report which can be checked at Mystic Production YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/mysticprodtv#p/u/0/uZJ7Mh8l-As

Unsun’s new album was given “Clinic For Dolls” as working title. This album will feature 10 new  songs (and a bonus track for Japanese edition) and will be released on 20th September via Mystic Production in Europe. American release date will be announced soon.

The band comments on the recordings and new label:

“Work on our second album is almost finished. We recorded 10 fantastic songs. At the moment we are listening to first mastered tracks. It’s metal, it’s powerful, heavy but at the same time melancholic and thrilling. You can expect also some softer tunes four one moving ballad. We are 100% satisfied with what we’ve done – so the plan was fulfilled J. Now we are also focusing on photo session, video, etc.

After fantastic reactions on our first album “The End Of Life” we signed a contract for the second album with Mystic Production, which is our exclusive European partner. Mystic Production is not only a successful music label, this is a bunch of fantastic people totally devoted to music and their artists. These are people with lots of experience who do their best to promote and support the bands. We are sure that this contract guarantees us the straight way to success. The faith in us and the support that Mystic Production gives us made Unsun even more motivated and determined. We will inform you about next steps soon – meanwhile please check the first part of our studio report”

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