WARBRINGER Kick Off Three Nights With HALFORD; Issue Statement

December 18th, 2010
by EvilG

The mighty young thrashers WARBRINGER have had quite the wild ride since releasing their latest, wicked disc ‘Waking Into Nightmares’. Now, the band will kick off a three date trek supporting the iconic HALFORD. These dates serve as HALFORD’s follow up to his recent tour with OZZY OSBOURNE and also feature support from Dave Lombardo’s PHILM. After touring the world heavily all year, WARBRINGER are extremely excited to cap of 2010 with such a bang. John Laux had the following to say.

“Seasons Slayings and Greetings everyone!

“It’s been quite a turbulent sleigh ride since we released Waking Into Nightmares last year. We are very excited to wrap up the year with 3 killer Halford gigs in Southern California! Judas Priest has long been a staple of our late night tour van mp3 selection, so we are very excited and honored to share the stage with the the Metal God and Painkiller himself!

“These shows will also mark the end of 2 years of touring in support of the album. We had a great time visiting many countries and meeting a lot of great fans and bands. Some highlights include 3 great European/UK tours including Testament and co-headline runs with our friends in Evile and Skeletonwitch; an unforgettable time with Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust in Japan followed by a killer headlining tour in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, and The Philippines; and naturally lots of trips through the States and Canada kicking off right after the album was released with Soilwork, Darkane, Exodus, Kreator, Obituary, Megadeth, and some the heaviest and meanest this year with Overkill, Vader, Pestilence and finally supporting Nevermore; one tour we will never forget! Thanks to everyone!!

“Cheers and Humbugs,
-John Laux”

Check out WARBRINGER on tour with HALFORD on the following dates:
12/17 Wiltern Theatre – Los Angeles, CA
12/18 4th & B – San Diego, CA
12/19 The Grove – Anaheim, CA

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2010 ‘Dimebag Beyond Forever Tour’: Footage From Helsinki Concert Available

December 18th, 2010
by EvilG

A dozen or so Finnish metal musicians took part in the seventh annual “Dimebag Beyond Forever Tour”, which kicked off in late November and concluded on December 11 in Helsinki, Finland. The 10-date trek honored the legendary PANTERA/DAMAGEPLAN guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott, who was shot and killed on stage on December 8, 2004. The musicians performed for free and the concert proceeds are being donated to the Finnish organization Victim Support Finland, which offers practical advice and psychological support to victims of crimes or attempted crimes and those closest to them and witnesses of crime.

The musicians taking part in this year’s “Dimebag Beyond Forever Tour” were as follows:

* Mikko Salovaara (KIUAS)
* Ben Varon (AMORAL)
* Ville Sorvali (MOONSORROW)
* Nico Hartonen (GODSPLAGUE)
* Mikko Herranen (RUST)
* Tommy Tuovinen (myGRAIN)
* Juhani Flinck (DEAD SHAPE FIGURE)
* Kai Kinnunen (FRONTLINES)
* Neissu Ruuskanen (DEAD SHAPE FIGURE)
* Rainer “Raikku” Tuomikanto (DECOMPOSTER, CAUSEMOS)
* Ville Sahakangas (NICOLE)

Fan-filmed video footage of the December 11, 2010 “Dimebag Beyond Forever” concert at Nosturi in Helsinki, Finland can be viewed below.

For more information, visit www.myspace.com/dimebagbeyondforever.

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Debemur Morti Productions To Reissue BLUT AUS NORD Classic “The Mythical Beast Of Rebellion”

December 18th, 2010
by EvilG

French black metal label Debemur Morti Productions is set to reissue BLUT AUS NORD classic The Mystical Beast of Rebellion. The album is currently available on vinyl through the label’s website. Debemur Morti is taking pre-orders for the 2xCD version of this black metal masterpiece, the second disc of which features brand new material, “The Fall (Chapters 7, 7 & 7).” The album is set to be released on January 17th in Europe and February 8th in North America. A new T-shirt design is available as well.

A bundle containing both the 2xCD and the T-shirt is also available for pre-order. Debemur Morti is offering free postage for all 2xCD+T-Shirt bundle orders placed until December 31th 2010 at www.eitrin.com.

Debemur Morti Productions has also made the vinyl edition of BLUT AUS NORD’s spell-binding debut, Ultima Thulée available for order. For more details or to purchase either release, please visit:


Ultima Thulée


1 – The Son Of Hoarfrost

2 – The Plain Of Ida

3 – From Hlidskjalf

4 – My Prayer Beyond Ginnungagap

5 – Till’ I Perceive Bifrost

6 – On The Way To Vigrid

7 – Rigsthula

8 – The Last Journey Of Ringhorn

In 1995, Ultima Thulée marked the beginning of BLUT AUS NORD’s bold journey toward transcendence through Black Metal. One of the first albums – if not the first – to emerge from the now-legendary French scene, Ultima Thulée displays a much different BLUT AUS NORD than the twisted, dissonant trailblazer evident on more recent releases. Nevertheless, the fires of creation burn ever-brightly within mainman Vindsval as he explores pagan mysticism through epic song lengths and a thick, morbid guitar tone. The imagination takes flight, exploring sombre textures drenched in blood and moonlit with majesty. Recorded in 1995, the ground-breaking decadence of Ultima Thulée is presented here in its original, unaltered state. Never released on vinyl before, now hear BLUT AUS NORD’s Ultima Thulée in its definitive form.

The Mystical Beast of Rebellion

1 – The Fall: Chapter I

2 – The Fall: Chapter II

3 – The Fall: Chapter III

4 – The Fall: Chapter IV

5 – The Fall: Chapter V

6 – The Fall: Chapter VI

7 – The Fall: Chapter 7

8 – The Fall: Chapter 7

9 – The Fall: Chapter 7

Considered by many to be the band’s greatest work, BLUT AUS NORD’s The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion marked a crucial transition from the French enigma’s Black Metal genesis toward a discordant, forward-thinking future. Originally released in 2001, The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion surges with hypnotic fury, inducing trance-like states through increasingly dissonant riffing. Now buttressed by an entire bonus CD/LP’s worth of new material (that slows proceedings to a murky crawl), BLUT AUS NORD’s The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion has become an even taller monolith of obsidian dread. With this reissue, BLUT AUS NORD consummates the original work, delving deeper into the abyss first entered almost a decade ago. Three new songs have been written – “The Fall (Chapter 7, 7 and… 7)” – comprising an exclusive new album that plots a divergent path to the same destination. In conjunction with the brutal, hypnotic minimalism of the first six chapters, these crawling, cavernous pieces give the masterpiece a more wholesome dimension. In line with the defiant mindset of today, the second part of this release sees the band try new things, writing the thickest track of their history: a painful progression subtly roaring over 19 oppressing minutes. In order to establish an equilibrium, every artist should be afforded an opportunity to showcase the antithesis of his work. With this surprising reissue, BLUT AUS NORD takes up the mantle and presents The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion in an intriguing new light.

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December 18th, 2010
by EvilG

British progressive metal act BEECHER have reformed almost five years after splitting up, with plans to play live shows in 2011.

The band has issued the following statement:

“Summer 2011 sees the 10 year anniversary of the start of Beecher.  We disbanded suddenly, during our most active period, playing just one ‘goodbye’ gig, at which more than 100 fans of the band were rejected at the doors of the already over-capacity venue.

“Having had five years of reflection time, and considering the aforementioned fact that our tenth birthday is fast approaching, we have decided to reform, playing a handful of shows over the course of 2011 – the first of which will take place on April 29th at the Star & Garter, in our hometown of Manchester.  The rest are as-of-yet unconfirmed.

“Not only are we excited to do this for ourselves, but we’re also keen that any Beecher fans that didn’t manage to see us at the time, get the opportunity to witness what we do best!”

Formed in Manchester, England in 2001, BEECHER released two full-length albums during their career – 2003’s BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL and 2005’s THIS ELEGY, HIS AUTOPSY – garnering widespread critical acclaim.

The band also toured the UK and Europe with the likes of KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, NORMA JEAN, DARKEST HOUR, ISIS, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN and more, building up a loyal fanbase in the process.  The band announced their split in early 2006, shortly after the release of THIS ELEGY, HIS AUTOPSY.

Now, after five years of waiting, BEECHER have reformed and are in the process of booking live shows for 2011, with the first set to be at The Star & Garter in the band’s hometown of Manchester – the very same place in which the band played their last show before splitting up in February, 2006.

For more BEECHER news and info, head to http://www.myspace.com/beecherband

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December 18th, 2010
by EvilG


Earache Records is pleased to announce the launch of INTO THE PIT, a digital-only series of live albums which is available exclusively on iTunes.

INTO THE PIT features live recordings of both new and classic bands from the Earache roster, including the likes of AT THE GATES, NAPALM DEATH, DEICIDE, CULT OF LUNA, EVILE and more.

Almost all of these albums have never been available on audio format before, with recordings taken from various festival appearances, special performances and club shows throughout the years, ranging from recent live shows to rare recordings of gigs from the bands’ early days.  The only place to get these legendary live performances is on iTunes.

Get the INTO THE PIT iTunes-exclusive live albums now by heading to http://www.earache.com

The INTO THE PIT series will also be housed together on one page on the iTunes store from December 21st.  Head to the ‘Metal’ page on the iTunes store on that day to see the entire collection.

The INTO THE PIT live series features the following albums:

Cult Of Luna – Live at the Scala
At The Gates – Live in Krakow
Mortiis – Live in London
Napalm Death – Live at Rock City
Linea 77 – Live at MTV Day
Deicide – When London Burns
The Haunted – Live in Malmö
Society 1 – Live in LA
Cathedral – Live in London
Bolt Thrower – Live War
The Berzerker – Live in London
Hate Eternal – Live in London
Deicide – Doomsday LA
Linea 77 – Live at TPO
SSS – Live in Liverpool
Evile – Live at Hammerfest
Deicide – Live in Nottingham

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December 18th, 2010
by EvilG

Earache Records is proud to announce the signing of Scottish death metal band CEREBRAL BORE to a worldwide recording deal.

CEREBRAL BORE are a young, talented group which formed in 2006 in Glasgow, Scotland and have built up a formidable reputation for their extreme brand of death metal.

The band is comprised of frontwoman SIMONE “SOM” PLUIJMERS, a 19-year old from the Netherlands with an inexplicable talent for brutal death metal vocals, along with guitarist PAUL MCGUIRE, bassist KYLE RUTHERFORD and drummer ALLAN MCDIBET.

CEREBRAL BORE has issued the following statement:

“It’s hard to describe how proud we are to sign with Earache Records.  Being at the same starting blocks as bands like Carcass, Morbid Angel, Decapitated and Napalm Death, is something that we have always worked hard since the beginning to achieve, and finally being at this point with the band, to us is just phenomenal.

“Going from having just one EP to having our debut album on a major death metal label used to be something we dreamed about, and it’s hard to believe that it’s actually happening!  So we can’t wait to get out on tour in 2011 and promote our debut album under the Earache banner.”

CEREBRAL BORE have toured relentlessly around the globe, with appearances at such popular death metal festivals as Neurotic Deathfest in the Netherlands, Obscene Extreme in the Czech Republic and the Central Illinois Metalfest in the USA, as well as performing in countries such as Israel, Russia and more.  The band also recently played at Earache Records’ 2010 Christmas Party in Nottingham, England.

CEREBRAL BORE’s self-released 2010 debut album, MANIACAL MISCREATION, is due to be re-released by Earache in the new year before the band works on its follow-up.

CEREBRAL BORE’s music video for the track “The Bald Cadaver”, which has been featured on the UK’s Scuzz TV, is available to watch online at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWE9YmB8reQ

For more CEREBRAL BORE news and info, head to http://www.myspace.com/cerebralbore2

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WEEDEATER Cough Up Mammoth New Album Details

December 18th, 2010
by EvilG

After over two incredibly action/drama/injury/tour-soaked years of constant insanity, North Carolina sludge crusaders WEEDEATER have completed their long-delayed, yet more anticipated-than-ever, fourth full-length release. The intoxicating ten-track brutalizer, dubbed Jason… The Dragon, has been scheduled for worldwide release on March 1st, 2011 via Southern Lord Recordings.

After over a year of literally crippling injuries to all three of WEEDEATER’s members hitting the headlines, including infamous classics like “Dixie Dave blew off part of his foot with a shotgun,” or “Keko tore his meniscus this week,” and “Shep broke his goddamn pinkie on tour” or even “Dixie nearly died in his ninja-scuba assassin Halloween costume” and more, the band still forged on through these blows for multiple tours — several regional and national headlining tours, as well as supporting Down and The Melvins — to finally complete this record. Although delayed by eight months, the haggard trio infiltrated Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio Studio in Chicago this past September to pound out Jason… The Dragon.

As with their Southern Lord debut God Luck And Good Speed, the Jason… album was mastered by the legendary John Golden at Golden Studios in southern California, unearthing the true grit that this band dumps forth. With no argument to be had, Jason… is by far WEEDEATER’s most varied and organic recording to date, taking their caustic, chest-collapsing, resin-coated ultrasludge to new otherworldly new realms of delirium just by taking it all closer to home, stripping their tonal onslaught down to acoustic bass at times, perfectly infusing a bit of banjo and piano, and even utilizing some new vocal tactics. Diehards fear not; this IS still WEEDEATER. It’s just WEEDEATER at their finest hour… yet.

Check out the Arik Roper-created cover art for Jason… The Dragon, live WEEDEATER footage and more here.

Jason… The Dragon Track Listing:

1. The Great Unfurling

2. Hammerhandle

3. Mancoon

4. Turkey Warlock

5. Jason….the Dragon

6. Palms and Opium

7. Long Gone

8. March of the Bipolar Bear

9. Homecoming

10. Whiskey Creek

WEEDEATER promises to kick off 2011 hard with this release, having already booked a headlining US tour for February and March, with a European tour in the planning stages to take place shortly thereafter on their way to smoke the hordes at Roadburn, and with countless more tour rampages to be announced throughout the whole upcoming year in support of the album. One can only envision the horrendous aftermath to be announced from the WEEDEATER camp throughout 2011… Stay tuned for more updates as it all hits the fan.



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TURISAS – make the title track for “Stand Up And Fight” available as free download

December 18th, 2010
by EvilG
TURISAS “Stand Up And Fight”

TURISAS “Stand Up And Fight”

As 2011 dawns, the time has come to plot a new course and to unleash a new album. Now it is time to “Stand Up And Fight” the track-listing of which reads as follows:

TURISAS “Stand Up And Fight” track listing:
1.  The March Of The Varangian Guard
2.  Take The Day!
3.  Hunting Pirates
4.  βένετοι! – πράσινοι!
5.  Stand Up And Fight
6.  The Great Escape
7.  Fear The Fear
8.  End Of An Empire
9.  The Bosphorus Freezes Over

“’Stand Up And Fight’ is a loose continuation of the story from ‘The Varangian Way’, and picks up where the previous one left us, in Constantinople,” explains mainman Mathias Nygård. “However, it is not a sequel as such. In general, the songs are much more universal and deal with topics that can be placed just as tightly into the modern world as in the 11th century Byzantine Empire. ‘Stand Up And Fight’ has much more to offer the contemporary listener.”

Their more contemporary and universal approach is also reflected by a revamped look: “TURISAS has always been about progression and evolution, and now with a new album we’re not here to repeat ourselves but to have something new to come with – also visually. Our look has developed through the years, and it’s never been something we created once to be static forever. Innovation is reinventing yourself regularly. We toured ‘The Varangian Way’ for three and a half years with a look that was tied to the album. With a new release, it was time for a makeover. The visual side has always played a very strong role in Turisas, and fear not – that’s not going to change. Stronger than ever, TURISAS has returned!”

The biggest, boldest and most gloriously extravagant album of the band’s career, “Stand Up And Fight” erupts like the ultimate heavy metal musical, with many layers of orchestration and choral harmonies adding to these songs’ intense sense of drama and mischief. Although remaining true to the spirit of past TURISAS records, the new album, which was mixed by Jens Bogren (Opeth/Katatonia) at Fascination Street in Sweden, takes the Finns to a whole new level of depth and bravado, as their unmistakable sound expands before our very ears, consistently conjuring up vivid images of the Vikings’ ongoing adventures.

“On ‘Stand Up And Fight’ the storytelling and flavour of musical drama is more strongly present than ever,” agrees Nygård. “The album also introduces some new flavours like ‘80s stadium rock. For the first time, ‘Stand Up And Fight’ features real string and horn sections played by some of the best Finnish classical musicians, hand-picked from leading symphony orchestras at home and abroad. I’m sure TURISAS fans will be surprised, but in a positive way!”
The title track is available as free download, just click: http://bit.ly/hmAtXH and spread the word about “Stand Up And Fight”.

“Stand Up And Fight” will be available on the following dates:
Finland/Japan: February 23rd, 2011
Germany/Austria/Switzerland: February 25th, 2011
Europe/UK: February 28th, 2011
Australia/NZ: March 4th, 2011
North America: March 8th, 2011

Another step on the mighty Finns march towards world domination will be their upcoming North American tour with Cradle Of Filth and Nachtmystium as well as touring (mainly) Germany, Austria, Switzerland with Die Apokalyptischen Reiter. Keep your eyes peeled for more dates!

Stand Up And Fight Tour 2011
17.03.2011 (UK) London – O2 Academy Islington www.livenation.co.uk
18.03.2011 (UK) Norwich – Waterfront www.ueaticketbookings.co.uk
19.03.2011 (UK) Nottingham – Rock City www.alt-tickets.co.uk
21.03.2011 (F) Paris – Le Nouveau Casino
22.03.2011 (NL) Amsterdam –  Melkweg www.melkweg.nl
23.03.2011 (B) Vosselaar – Biebob www.biebob.com
…to be continued…

TURISAS with Die Apokalyptischen Reiter
“Moral & Wahnsinn Tour 2011”
Presented by: Rock Hard, Guitar, Orkus, IM1TV
Opening Act: Akrea
24.03.2011 (D) Cologne – Live Music Hall
25.03.2011 (D) Bremen – Aladin
26.03.2011 (D) Dresden – Alter Schlachthof
27.03.2011 (D) Schwabach – Markgrafensaal
29.03.2011 (D) Stuttgart –  LKA Longhorn
30.03.2011 (D) Munich – Backstage
31.03.2011 (A) Graz – PPC
01.04.2011 (A) Linz – Posthof
02.04.2011 (A) Vienna – Szene
03.04.2011 (HUN) Budapest – Wigwam
05.04.2011 (D) Wuerzburg – Posthalle
06.04.2011 (D) Herford – X
07.04.2011 (D) Oberhausen – Turbinenhalle
08.04.2011 (D) Darmstadt – Centralstation
09.04.2011 (D) Kaiserslautern – Kammgarn
10.04.2011 (CH) Pratteln – Z7
12.04.2011 (D) Memmingen – Kaminwerk
13.04.2011 (D) Hannover – Capitol
14.04.2011 (D) Kassel – Nachthallen
15.04.2011 (D) Berlin – Huxleys
16.04.2011 (D) Erfurt – Stadtgarten
17.04.2011 (D) Hamburg – Markthalle
Tickets: www.extratix.de

Visit TURISAS online:

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December 18th, 2010
by EvilG

FIREWIND - Days of Defiance

FIREWIND - Days of Defiance


Greek metal Gods Firewind return to the UK for an exclusive headline show before heading off to Japan.

The new acclaimed album release by Greek melodic Metallers FIREWIND, “Days Of Defiance”, continues to do extremely well all over the globe and consequently the band’s mastermind and guitarist Gus G. has appeared on the frontcover of several relevant print magazines like Burrn!, Guitar World, Young Guitar, Powerplay, Rock Hard Greece and many more in these past weeks.

Just recently, FIREWIND have recently supported The Scorpions in their Greek home and also just finished a short run of North American headlining shows to promote the release of “Days Of Defiance”. Their new album has entered the official sales charts in Greece on position # 24 and remained at # 29 for the second and third week of its release. In North America FIREWIND entered the “Billboard Heatseekers chart” at position #36.

Gus G checks in with the following message for all FIREWIND fans: “We really wanna thank our fans and press around the world for the great feedback we’ve received for “Days Of Defiance”!! We are continuing to promote our new album by playing some exclusive shows and so far we’ve confirmed Sofia (Bulgaria), Thessaloniki (Greece) and London (UK) before we head over to Japan for 3 headlining shows. Moreover, we’ve just confirmed our first summer festival appearance @ France’s Hellfest. Keep checking back with us because more will be announced soon!”

Check out the furious album’s opening track “The Ark Of Lies” completely free after you tweet or Facebook about the song. Go here for more details: www.centurymedia.com/specials/firewind/

Next up, FIREWIND will be playing a show in Bulgaria and a hometown show in Thessaloniki, Greece for December as well as a one-off date in London, UK before going to Japan in January 2011 for a headlining tour. A first Summer festival appearance in Europe for 2011 has also been confirmed with France’s Hellfest. See below for all coming dates…

Upcoming FIREWIND live shows:

18.12.2010 Blue Box Club – Sofia, Bulgaria

19.12.2010 Mylos Apothiki – Thessaloniki, Greece

07.01.2011 Relentless Garage – London, England

10.01.2011 Club Quattro – Osaka, Japan

11.01.2011 Club Quattro – Nagoya, Japan

12.01.2011 Club Quattro – Tokyo, Japan

19.06.2011 Hellfest Open Air – Clisson, France / www.hellfest.fr

For the London show, FIREWIND offer special VIP tickets costing just £45, which will entitle the lucky holder entrance to the gig, a FIREWIND T-shirt and a chance to meet the band and have a photo taken together prior to the show! There’s only a few VIP TICKETS available for this show, so grab your chance now to be the one of the lucky handful that get to meet Gus G. and the guys in London! For your chance to meet the band & grab this extremely limited VIP PACKAGE email: firewindvippackage@factorymusic.co.uk

FIREWIND online:



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SLAYER & MEGADETH Announce European Carnage Tour

December 18th, 2010
by EvilG
SLAYER, MEGADETH Announce European Carnage Tour

SLAYER, MEGADETH Announce European Carnage Tour

SLAYER and MEGADETH are teaming up for the European Carnage Tour 2011 in March/April. Confirmed dates are as follows:


13 – Kiev, Ukraine – Expo

15 – Moscow, Russia – Olimpiski

16 – St Petersburg, Russia – Jubileeny

17 – Helsinki, Finland – Ice Hall

19 – Stockholm, Sweden – Arenan

20 – Oslo, Norway – Sentrum Scene

21 – Aarhus, Denmark – SCC

23 – Brussels, Belgium – Forest

24 – Bamberg, Germany – Stechert Arena

26 – Paris, France – Zenith

28 – Madrid, Spain – La Riviera

29 – La Coruna, Spain – Coliseum

30 – Lisbon, Portugal – Pavilhao Atlantico


1 – Barcelona, Spain – St Jordi Club

3 – Rome, Italy – Atlantico

4 – Padova, Italy – Gran Teatro

6 – Zagreb, Croatia – Arena

7 – Vienna, Austria – Gasometer

8 – Budapest, Hungary – Arena

10 – Prague, Czech Republic – O2 Arena

11 – Lodz, Poland – Sportshall

13 – Basel, Switzerland – St Jakobshalle

Megadeth mainman Dave Mustaine revealed via his Twitter account recently that there are some major tour announcements forthcoming: “A huge announcement is coming for next summer in the States and in Europe and the UK. Just went through a couple weeks of hell arranging something special for summer. Stay tuned! We’re going to have some Big shows coming up.”

Take note of the word “Big” – alluding to the possibility that the aforementioned territories could see The Big Four of thrash metal – METALLICA, SLAYER, ANTHRAX and Megadeth – back on the road.

Nothing has been officially confirmed.

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KHORS: Ukrainian Black Metal Horde Unleash New Full-Length

December 18th, 2010
by EvilG

Paragon Records is proud to announce the release of Return To Abandoned, the long-awaited new full-length from Ukrainian black metal horde KHORS. On Return To Abandoned KHORS yield harsher, brooding sounds of their earlier work whilst  mixing in the melancholy and spacious atmosphere of 2008’s unsung dark black gem Mysticism. Inarguably the most majestic journey the band has taken its listeners on thus far, Return To Abandoned will appeal to old and new fans alike. View the cover art HERE.

KHORS was formed by former Astrofaes bassist, Khorus, in August 2004, with an aim to create gloomy, powerful, atmospheric black metal. Sometime later, guitarist/vocalist Helg (Runes Of Dianceht) and drummer Khaoth (Tessaract, ex-Astrofaes, ex-Hate Forest) joined the fold. The band was later rounded out by guitarist Warth. Contrary to rumors, KHORS is not attached to any politically motivated groups or extremists. For fans of  Kampfar, Moonsorrow, Borknagar, etc.
Return To Abandoned Track Listing:

1. The Arrival (Intro)
2. Lost Threads
3. Asgard’s Shining
4. Song of the Void
5. The Fog (…and Grief Still Moans)
6. Mysteries Cosmos
7. The Seas Burn of Omnipotence
8. Sacrament of Buyan

Earlier this Fall, Paragon reissued The Flames Of Eternity’s Decline and Cold, KHORS now classic first two full-lengths — originally released in 2005 and 2006 respectively as a two-CD set with new layout, nine bonus tracks and a rare early video from the band. Though KHORS have long progressed musically, these early recordings still brim with the unique atmosphere of pagan black metal the band was built upon.

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JUDAS PRIEST Frontman Rob Halford – “…It’s The Farewell Tour, And It’ll Probably Last Into 2012”

December 18th, 2010
by EvilG
Judas Priest

Judas Priest

JUDAS PRIEST frontman Rob Halford recently spoke with Sign On San Diego about the band’s recently announced decision to spilt up following one final tour, due to take place next year. An excerpt from the interview is available below.

Halford: “If you get in the ring too often, the whole thing can become really sad to look at and listen to. You have to ensure that doesn’t happen. We’re getting to a point where we’re trying to do things we did 30 years ago, and it isn’t so easy. You have to face mortality. Some bands keep going, some bands ease off a bit and some bands stop altogether. It happens to all bands eventually, and now this is something we’re facing in Judas Priest. We want to leave on respectable terms, musically.

My intention, no matter where I go or what I do, is to keep making metal. We do have a few more things we want to say – but what we’d rather do for the time being is let the information settle. It’s very big news for a lot of fans and we want to let the firestorm settle down. So for all intents and purposes, it’s the farewell tour, and it’ll probably last into 2012.”

Click here for the complete interview.

A press release on Judas Priest’s final tour reads as follows:

After storming the world for nearly 40 years and taking their very special brand of heavy metal to all four corners of the planet, Judas Priest – one of the most influential heavy metal bands of all time, have announced this will be their final world tour!!

However, the mighty Priest will certainly be going out strong as they rock the planet starting in 2011 on the massive Epitaph tour – hitting all the major cities throughout the world they will be playing the songs that helped make the name Judas Priest synonymous with heavy metal!

With all guns blazing and amps cranked to eleven, the band will be giving all their fans one last chance to witness the ultimate metal experience that is Judas Priest!

Judas Priest Epitaph tour dates:

9 – Sweden Rock – Solvesborg, Sweden
11 – Sauna Festival – Tampere, Finland
17 – Copenhell Festival – Copenhagen, Denmark
19 – Hellfest – Nantes, France
22 – Gods of Metal Festival – Milan, Italy
25 – Graspop Festival – Dessel, Belgium
28 – O2 Arena – Prague, Czech Republic
29 – Stadthalle – Vienna, Austria

23 – High Voltage Festival – London, UK

5 – Wacken Open Air – Wacken, Germany

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Los Angeles To Host First Annual Heavy Metal Film Festival

December 17th, 2010
by EvilG
Heavy Metal Film Fest

Heavy Metal Film Fest

Los Angeles, California and the Downtown Independent Cinema have been selected as the hosts for the First Annual Heavy Metal Film Festival, to take place this coming March 31st through April 3rd, 2011.

This inaugural event is the brainchild of Samuel Douek, a metalhead since the age of six and director of the Hola México Film Festival.

States Douek: “After the success of films like Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey, Heavy Metal In Baghdad, Anvil: The Story Of Anvil, Lemmy, Until The Light Takes Us, and many others in recent years, the idea is to bring the best films in metal together and give them one home. The primary objective is to bring the metal community together to watch our music on the big screen. There’s a bright future for metal films, and I want to have a platform to launch them, promote them, and support them. I also want to have some great Q & A sessions with directors and maybe even some surprise guests. I’m very happy to have the support of Decibel Magazine and Nuclear Blast Records for this event. See you at the cinema and keep it metal!”

There is still an open call for submissions, which can include full-length features, documentaries, shorts, “making-of”s and live concerts. The only required theme is that the footage focus on heavy metal music. Deadline for submissions is Friday, February 4th, 2011.

The program for the Heavy Metal Film Festival will be finalized on Friday, February 18th, 2011.

For more information about submitting to the film festival or volunteering for the event, please write in to heavymetalfilmfestival@gmail.com.

Visit the Heavy Metal Film Festival online at the following locations:


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‘UNIVERSUM’ are announcing the world wide web launch of their new album MORTUUS MACHINA

December 17th, 2010
by EvilG


Today Australia’s melodic death metal heavyweights ‘UNIVERSUM’ are announcing the world wide web launch of their new album MORTUUS MACHINA.

A nitro fuelled collection of crushing riffs, heavy rhythms, catchy melodies and decimating vocals, the album also features a swag of guest appearances including that of vocalist Christian Älvestam (ex Scar Symmetry, Solution .45), guitarist Ola Frenning (ex Soilwork), and Nightrage axe men Marios Iliopoulos and Olof Mörck.

Guitarist and producer for UNIVERSUM, Stephen Murphy comments: “The band is very pleased with MORTUUS MACHINA. We believe this album accurately quantifies the inter-dimensional progression the band has made since last album. From composition and performance to production we are satisfied that the album represents a significant step up for us. We are also tremendously pleased to have worked with the awesome guest musicians that have appeared on this album, the performances are exceptional!”

In the 12 months since the release of their debut album ‘LETO DESTINATUS’, UNIVERSUM have made a major impact both in Australia and internationally, receiving widespread acclaim from the media and their ever growing legion of fans. The success of the debut album together with live performances alongside international big guns ‘Dragonforce’ (Australian national tour), ‘Soilwork’ and ‘Cradle of Filth’, a string of endorsements and a very well received video clip has seen UNIVERSUM quickly become regarded as one of Australia’s premier melodic death metal acts.

‘MORTUUS MACHINA’ will feature guest appearances by the following musicians:

* Christian Älvestam (SCAR SYMMETRY, SOLUTION .45)
* Marios Iliopoulos (NIGHTRAGE)
* Ola Frenning (SOILWORK)
* Tuomas “Tommy” Tuovinen (MYGRAIN)
* Paul Wardingham

‘MORTUUS MACHINA’ track listing:

01. Fractured Archetype (feat. Älvestam)
02. Morte Noir
03. Sum of The Universe (feat. Älvestam, Iliopoulos, Mörck)
04. Genetic Sequence Distortion
05. Asymmetric Dimensional State (feat. Frenning, Tuovinen)
06. Slaves to The New Order
07. Aeon Displacement (feat. Wardingham)
08. Transcendence 0.0
09. 2.0 (feat. Älvestam)
10. Take Another
11. Blank Infinity

We are now streaming the album via our MySpace and Youtube sites for you all to check out! Enjoy!



Physical copies of ‘Mortuus Machina’ can now be purchased from our official site at:


Digital copies of ‘Mortuus Machina’ can now be purchased from iTunes at:


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December 17th, 2010
by EvilG

The critically acclaimed grind act, WORMROT will be heading into Singapore’s TNT Music Productions this January to record a brand new album entitled DIRGE. With this being the full-length followup to ABUSE, the band promises to bring their breakneck grind tones to grim new lows. Frontman, Arif Rot is highly excited about the band’s new material and wants the world to know about it:

“We are definitely stoked to get this album out. We are working extra hard on this one. EXTRA FUCKING HARDER THAN ABUSE. We are currently in the rehearsal studio still writing songs and making some minor adjustments and what not. If you are digging Abuse and also from our latest split with I ABHOR, then u might dig the new album. We’ll be in the studio for “DIRGE” first week of January. NEW YEAR WITH A NEW DOSAGE OF GRIND!”

WORMROT‘s new album, DIRGE is due out in Spring 2011.

Axl Rosenberg called ABUSE one of his top 15 metal albums of 2010. “There were other awesome grind albums this year which easily could have made this list” says Axl, “but nothing felt quite as furious as Abuse.”

WOMROT‘s own Arif Rot also created his own 2010 best-of list for MetalSucks. Read it here: http://www.metalsucks.net/2010/12/15/the-best-metal-albums-of-2010-as-chosen-by-metal-musicians-themselves-part-iv/

The Metal Injection crew braved the tight spaces and absolutely insane pits of WORMROT‘s October show at Archeron in Brooklyn, NY to deliver raw, up close footage of the band grinding it out at what they said was one of their favorite shows of the tour. Start by watching “Intro” here: http://www.metalinjection.net/tv/view/5857/wormrot-intro-live-15

‘s debut album, ABUSE, is available now worldwide featuring 23 tracks of pure grindcore. Get the album now in North America along with several exclusive mercy and vinyl combos at http://earache.com/uswebstore/index.php/cPath/667_674_733.

is also available now on iTunes with 34 (yes, 34!) bonus tracks: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/abuse/id363581828

Keep up-to-date with all WORMROT news and info at:


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