August 16th, 2010
by EvilG

Slayer - The Vinyl Conflict - Product Shot

Slayer - The Vinyl Conflict - Product Shot

“Slayer defines speed metal and these albums define Slayer.  Listen at your own risk.”
— Rick Rubin

LOS ANGELES, CA (Monday, August 16, 2010) — For the first time in its near 30-year history, Slayer, the single most distinctive and radical thrash metal band ever, will see its ten American Recordings albums released as a limited-edition, high-end box set – The Vinyl Conflict (American Recordings/Sony Legacy).  Ten albums on 11 discs, The Vinyl Conflict will feature the band’s entire Def/American Recordings catalogue:  Reign in Blood (1986), South of Heaveneasons (1988), Seasons In The Abyss (1990), the double-record Live Decade of Aggression (1991), Divine Intervention (1994), Undisputed Attitude (1998), God Hates Us All (2001), Christ Illusion (2006), and World Painted Blood (2009).  The Vinyl Conflict will be released on October 12, 2010; check Slayer’s website (www[dot]slayer[dot]net) or Amazon[dot]com for pricing.

“Most longtime Slayer fans may not have these records at this point,” said American Recordings’ Dino Paredes, “or their copies are completely beat-up, so to have the complete catalogue in this first-class presentation is terrific.  For the newer fans, this is their opportunity to really get into this band the way that they could have if they were born 20 years earlier.”

American/Sony Legacy invested a great amount of care into making The Vinyl Conflict, treating the albums the way they would treat a great jazz, classical, Bob Dylan or Miles Davis record, something that isn’t normally done for metal records.  All ten albums have been re-mastered from the original analog flat master tapes and were pressed on the highest quality, 180-gram audiophile vinyl at RTI, the most respected pressing plant in the U.S. and among the best in the world.  Lacquers were cut and re-cut several times to ensure the highest sound quality.  The individual vinyl discs will come in a standard, clear inner sleeve to preserve the vinyl, are then housed in high-quality litho-wrapped jackets, and then boxed in a hardcover slipcase.  Additionally, reproductions of the original LP inner sleeve artwork were converted to 12X12 inserts.

“The vinyl box is a real treat for fans, especially with today’s renewed and increased interest in vinyl,” added Sony Legacy’s Adam Farber.  “It’s been years and years since the Slayer vinyl has been in print – only the two most recent albums are currently available on vinyl, the rest have been out of print for years and very hard to find.  These albums sound spectacular – they sound like you’ve never heard them before.”

“Everything about ‘The Vinyl Conflict’ – the look of it, the feel of it – it’s very strong, very powerful, very Slayer,” added Paredes, “from the music to the dripping, bloody pentagram on the front of the box.  It’s perfect.”

The Chicago Tribune‘s Greg Kot wrote that Slayer is “one of the great American rock bands of the last 30 years, forget about genre.”  Indeed, few bands come close to matching the intensity that Slayer – guitarists Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman, vocalist/bassist Tom Araya, and drummer Dave Lombardo – bring to its live shows, having been named “Best Live Band” by numerous media outlets including Revolver, SPIN, and Metal Hammer.  The band has received numerous nominations and awards, including four Grammy nods and two wins.

Currently, Slayer is co-headlining the first leg of the American Carnage Tour with Megadeth that kicked off August 11 and goes through September 4.  In addition, the band’s three classic in-concert DVDs – Live Intrusion, War at the Warfield, and Still Reigning, will be released August 17, separately and as a limited-edition, 3-pak box set.

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MOON – “Lucifer’s Horns” out in September!

August 16th, 2010
by EvilG

After reissues of first two albums by MooN that saw the light of day this spring under one title “Devil’s Return” it’s high time to present new, third album by this unique band – entitled “Lucifer’s Horns”. It’s definitely the highest achievement of Cezer since the release of cult “Moonlight” by Christ Agony. Fierce yet dark and atmospheric black/death metal – this is the essence of Moon at the end of first decade of XXI century. Two songs from this album are sung in Polish, the others in English. “Lucifer’s Horns” will be released on 15th September by Witching Hour Productions. Cover artwork and design was created by Black Team Media.

MooN, led by Cezar (Christ Agony) started recording third album “Lucifer’s Horns” on February 20th in Sinquest Studio in Lublin. Recording and engineering duties were handled by Arek „Malta” Malczewski well known for his cooperation  with Behemoth. Malta together with Cezar produced the album. MooN leader comments:

„I’m extremely excited with the fact then after 10 years of non-existence, I managed to create such solid piece of Metal. I’ve been waiting for all these years for comfortable situation and people with whom I could create my specific Plan. It’s also thanks to them that this album took its final form… First time in its history Moon is not only a project band… and never before this entity was so strong! “Lucifer’s Horns” is the new direction but still the following of once chosen path. I’m sure that not only Lucifer itself will be satisfied with this album, but his ‘lunar’ children as well…”

„Lucifer’s Horns” will be available as limited digipack in the shape of inverted cross and 12” black and white gatefold LP limited to 500 units and numbered. You can already check the title track “Lucifer’s Horns” at www.witchinghour.pl and www.myspace.com/moonsatanic

Tracklist :

MOON –„Lucifer`s Horns”

1.Summoning of Natan
2.Lucifer’s Horns
3.Torches Begin to Burn
4.Confined in Heaven
5.Zwiastowanie Ognia
6.The Book of Fire
7.Night of the Serpent
8.The Semen of Ye Old One
9.Czarny Horyzont
10.Summoning of Demons
*11.Daemons Heart (tylko na wersji CD )

Current MooN line-up:
Cezar – gitara, wokal
Gonthy – gitara
Mścisław – bas, wokal
Vizun – perkusja

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Jonno Lodge reports from the studio on the drum tracks for Hexfire’s debut

August 16th, 2010
by EvilG

As previously reported, English drummer Jonno Lodge (Biomechanical,
ex- Paul Di’Anno) has been in the studio to record blistering drums
for the remaining eight songs from Hexfire’s new album. The recording
session took place at the Staffordshire Phoenixx Studios with engineer
Stephen Parkinson.

Hexfire is pleased to show you the video footage from Jonno’s recording session.
To watch the video, please go to: www.myspace.com/hexfireofficial
To get more info about Jonno Lodge, please visit: www.jonnolodge.com

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KORPIKLAANI confirmed for 70000TONS OF METAL!

August 14th, 2010
by EvilG


It seems that they forgot a Clan in the Finnish Forests, so they had to sail across the Baltic Sea once more. Please welcome KORPIKLAANI on board 70000TONS OF METAL, The World’s Biggest Floating Heavy Metal Festival! 23 out of 40 and counting… Vodka! Vodka! Vodka! Vodka! Hey!

The confirmed 23 out of 40 bands are:

Agent Steel
Amon Amarth
Death Angel
Fear Factory
Iced Earth
Sonata Arctica
Uli Jon Roth

70000TONS OF METAL will sail Monday, January 24, 2011 aboard the Royal Caribbean “Majesty of the Seas” from Miami FL to Cozumel, Mexico and will not return you to the real world for four days until Friday, January 28, 2011.

Make no mistake, 70000TONS OF METAL is not your grandma’s cruise. It’s also not one of the cruises that share the ship with normal cruise guests. This is an all heavy metal cruise! Can you imagine that? A whole luxury cruise ship full of metalheads? And since there is no backstage area you will have the opportunity to mingle side-by-side with the artists in this incredibly fan-friendly scenario that has no comparison. It’s like everyone has a backstage pass!

Ticket prices start at US$666 plus US$249 taxes and fees per person and include all on-board entertainment, all meals, non-alcoholic and non-carbonated beverages at the dining rooms, most on-board restaurants and 24 room service!

What are you waiting for? You might even need a vacation from this vacation when all is said and done! Check out http://www.70000tons.com/ for more information and book your cabin NOW!

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KISS – guitarist Tommy Thayer

August 14th, 2010
by Marko Syrjala

KISS - Tommy Thayer

KISS – Tommy Thayer



Tommy Thayer has been playing with KISS for years but for many he’s still “the new member” in the band. Thayer replaced original guitarist Ace Frehley in 2002 and since then he’s been playing the “Spaceman” character in the band. Thayer has been a member of KISS for over eight years now but he’s actually been working with KISS or some its members in many different occasions starting already in the late 80’s. Thayer’s old band Black’n Blue was working with Gene Simmons as their producer and since the band eventually broke up in 1989 Thayer’s been very close to KISS camp.  Although the original KISS have been gone for years, Eric Singer has replaced Peter Criss and plays the “Catman” character, the band is still going on strong and they keep on doing successful tours and performing in front of massive crowds around the globe. The current lineup released its first studio album titled SONIC BOOM on last year it has become another success story in their long history. Two years ago KISS did one of its most successful tours in history titled “Alive 35” and now they finally came back for more with their brand new “Sonic Boom over Europe” tour. The circus arrived in Malmo in early June and then I had a chance to sit down with Tommy and get some recent info from the “Spaceman” himself.

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Sauna Open Air – Tampere Finland

August 14th, 2010
by Arto Lehtinen
Sauna Open Air (Etelä Puisto, Tampere, Finland, 10. – 12.06/10)
Article and pics by Petri Da Costa

Sauna Open Air is pretty much the kick-off for the ”Festival Season” here in Finland and the first metal festival of the summer. This year, according to the organizers, there was a total audience of 23.000, with just the first day (Thursday) sold out. There was a feeling that this year’s SOA wasn’t a big hit among the fans. You could see already that from the last two days, which seemed kinda empty. Maybe it was because of the old money issue for the fans or maybe they weren’t that much interested in seeing some bands that seem to play quite often in SOA or other festivals.



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SYN:drom – drummer Daniel Mikaelsson

August 14th, 2010
by Anders Sandvall



 SYN:drom – drummer Daniel Mikaelsson

Interview by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Thomas Hörnkvist at ViciSolum Produtions for making the interview possible.

Thanks to Henrik Karlsson at Sound Pollution for all the help.

Promo pictures of the band are taken from the bands website.


SYN:drom is a Swedish death metal act that released their debut album WITH FLESH UNBOUND earlier this year. I really liked the band’s brutal death metal and decided to hook up with drummer Daniel Mikaelsson in order to know a little bit more about the band’s past, present and future. If you are in the neighbourhood when the band is performing live, be sure to catch them in action! This interview is dedicated to all fans of brutal death metal.


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Flash Back Fridays on Metal Blade TV launches today!

August 13th, 2010
by EvilG

On Fridays, Metal Blade Records will be releasing a classic production video from the vaults on MetalBlade.tv. First up on Metal Blade TV’sFlash Back Fridays is Cannibal Corpse’s video for “Sentenced to Burn” off the album Gallery of Suicide, which was released April 21, 1998. Seeing as the label has been around for almost 30 years now, we have quite a bit of videos to go through and digitize for the rabid metal world to view. Be sure to keep an eye on MetalBlade.tv, or simply follow us on Twitter or Facebook to find out what classic Metal Blade video has been pulled from the vaults. Have a favorite Metal Blade video you want us to add? Leave us a comment on Facebook and get your friends to ‘Like’ it. Video requests will be tallied every other month and videos with the most votes will be pulled from the vaults and added to MetalBlade.tv as soon as we get our grubby metal hands on it.

Watch “Gallery Of Suicide” now on MetalBlade.tv!

Follow Metal Blade Records:







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August 13th, 2010
by EvilG




Bay Area thrash kings TESTAMENT are receiving more radio love this week; this time in the city of brotherly love at 93.3 WMMR Philadelphia! An exclusive interview with Chuck Billy and WMMR jock Markus Goldman is available for streaming now at WMMR’s website! Tune in and rock out! “I am very excited for AMERICAN CARNAGE to come to Camden this Sunday,” states Goldman. “I look forward to seeing Testament, Megadeth and Slayer kill it!”

TESTAMENT recently visited the Sirius XM Liquid Metal studios for a station takeover! Fans still have the chance to listen to the takeover on August 15th at 3pm ET, and August 17th at 10am ET. TESTAMENT’s Chuck Billy and Eric Peterson cover topics such as the AMERICAN CARNAGE TOUR and the writing of their highly anticipated follow up to Liquid Metal’s 2008 “Album of the Year”, The Formation of Damnation!

TESTAMENT are currently touring the country with Slayer and Megadeth on the history-making AMERICAN CARNAGE TOUR! TESTAMENT are uniting with devoted fans every night on the road with their exclusive AMERICAN CARNAGE TOUR VIP packs, and shredding on stage with the original Clash of the Titans line-up. “New thrash fans that only heard rumors and never were able to witness Clash of the Titans will be delighted because all three bands are just as heavy and lethal as ever, if not more,” states guitarist Eric Peterson. “Old school thrash fans, if you missed the line-up before, you don’t want to miss this!”

As mentioned above, TESTAMENT is celebrating the heralded AMERICAN CARNAGE TOUR by offering an amazing opportunity with their VIP package. This is the fan’s chance to meet the band and get exclusive limited addition merchandise on this epic tour before TESTAMENT head into the studio to record the follow up to their Golden Gods “Album of the Year”, The Formation of Damnation! Now, the Testament VIP package offers some great additions, including an exclusive TESTAMENT Affliction T-shirt!

The band is offering a limited number of VIP Packages for every United States date on the tour. Act now and make sure to take hold of this great opportunity to be a part of METAL HISTORY with TESTAMENT this summer!

The exclusive AMERICAN CARNAGE TOUR VIP package includes:

– One general admission ticket with early entry (where available)
– Exclusive Meet & Greet with the members of TESTAMENT
– Personal photograph with the band
– Autograph session (includes 8X10 photo)
– Exclusive TESTAMENT Affliction Shirt
– Collectible Tour Poster (limited, numbered)
– Exclusive TESTAMENT Music Skin
– Official VIP Meet and Greet Laminate
– Official set of TESTAMENT Guitar Picks

See below for all AMERICAN CARNAGE TOUR dates, as well as more recently announced international dates:


8/14 Boston, MA @ Tsongas Center At UMASS Lowell

8/15 Camden, NJ @ Susquehanna Bank Center

8/16 Wallingford, CT @ Chevrolet Theater

8/18 Cleveland, OH @ Time Warner Cable Amphitheatre

8/19 Detroit, MI @ Joe Louis Arena

8/20 Chicago, IL @ UIC Pavilion

8/21 Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN @ Roy Wilkins Auditorium

8/23 Kansas City, KS @ Capital Federal Park @ Sandstone Arena

8/25 Denver, CO @ Magness Arena

8/26 Albuquerque, NM @ Tingley Coliseum

8/27 Phoenix, AZ @ Dodge Theatre

8/29 San Diego, CA @ Cricket Wireless Amphitheater

8/30 Long Beach, CA @ Long Beach Arena

8/31 San Francisco, CA @ Cow Palace

9/1 Sacramento, CA @ Arco Arena

9/3 Seattle, WA @ Wamu Theatre

9/4 Portland, OR @ Washington County Fairgrounds

TESTAMENT’S highly successful and award-winning album The Formation of Damnation was recently reissued in a deluxe tour edition in celebration of ‘Rust in Peace’ and AMERICAN CARNAGE.  See below for information on the album!

The Formation of Damnation (Deluxe Tour Edition)

2-disc deluxe tour edition of the band’s comeback album! Includes bonus

footage of classic tracks + more:

Disc 1:

1. The Persecuted Won’t Forget

2. Killing Season

3. Afterlife

4. The Evil Has Landed

5. The Formation Of Damnation

6. Henchmen Ride

7. More Than Meets The Eye

8. Dangers Of The Faithless

9. False Evidence Appearing Real (F.E.A.R.)

10. Leave Me Forever

Disc 2

• The New Order *Audio and Video

• Practice What You Preach *Audio and Video

• Souls Of Black *Audio and Video

*Recorded in Alcatraz for their MTV “52/52” special

• More Than Meets The Eye music video

For more info on TESTAMENT be sure to visit:



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Metal Mike to make guest DJ “meet/greet” appearance on eve of Ozzfest 2010- Monday August 16

August 13th, 2010
by EvilG

Most heavy metal musicians would be content to enjoy a nice quiet day off prior to playing on the main-stage of one of the biggest metal festivals of the summer.  But not HALFORD guitarist, shredder Metal Mike Chlasiak.  On the eve of Ozzfest 2010 Chicago, August 16th, Metal Mike has decided to hit the town and pay a visit to Reggie’s Rock Club to hang with Chicago metal fans.

Event details:

“Pre-Ozzfest Guest DJ metal jam featuring special guest Metal Mike:Reggie’s Music Joint and Rock Club- 7-9 PM HALFORD band guitarist Metal Mike will be stopping by to “meet/greet” metal fans. Once at the club, he will be helping metal DJ Dave compile a Metal Mike approved playlist and be on hand for photos, autographs and general hanging out with fans.  Reggie’s has become the “go to” metal club in Chicago, and having Metal Mike pay a visit solidifies their place as Chicago’s premier rock and metal club!  Club talent buyer Elle Quintana commented, “We are excited that Metal Mike has chosen our club to swing by and spend time with fans.  Given we are filling a bus of metal fans and taking them to Ozzfest the next day, this is a total treat for the fans!”  Metal fans can also enjoy half price drafts and $1 tacos.  Plus there will be giveaways courtesy of Chicago’s very own Pivotal Rockordings record label and Metalforever.com.

Reggie’s Music Joint and Reggie’s Rock Club is located at– 2105 S. State Street, Chicago Il www.reggieslive.com

Metal Mike websites: www.metalmike.net, www.Twitter.com/MetalMikeC, www.MySpace.com/MetalMikeChlasciak, www.MySpace.com/Painmuseum

HALFORD band and Ozzfest websites: www.robhalford.com, www.ozzfest.com

Supporting websites: www.pivotalalliance.com, www.metalforever.com, www.thecmf.com

The special appearances are supported by Chicago Metal Factory, Pivotal Rockordings, Metalforever.com, Reggies Music Joint and Reggie’s Rock Club

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August 13th, 2010
by EvilG

German thrashers EXUMER will play two shows in Poland during the 2nd part of their “EUROPEAN IGNITION TOUR 2010″, on October 8 and 9. This marks the band’s first live appearances in Poland after an absence of 22 years. EXUMER were among the first acts out of the Western territories to have their records released domestically in Poland during the 1980s.  The band’s popularity in Poland was confirmed by 3 sold-out live shows in 1988, each event drawing close to 8000 fans.

Vocalist Mem V. Stein comments: ” We were very lucky to have our records released domestically in Poland and in Brazil in the 80s, opening up two huge markets that welcomed us with open arms, tons of record sales and thrashing fans. Times have changed and we do not expect thousands of people to come out to the two events we are scheduled to play in Poland as they have in the 1980s. Nevertheless, the amount of steady fan requests from Poland since our reformation 2 years ago makes us hopeful to see many of the old fans again and meet the new generation of Polish thrashers.”

For additional information visit: www.myspace.com/exumerwakingthefire

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MAGNUS reveals cover artwork and tracklist of their new album “Acceptance Of Death” – first in 15 years!

August 13th, 2010
by EvilG
Magnus - 2010

Magnus - 2010

One of the most important and influential bands in Poland, legend of extreme underground scene, will release its new album “Acceptance Of Death” on September 15th via Witching Hour Productions

MAGNUS signed a contract with Witching Hour Productions for releasing 2 studio albums and reissues of all recordings from the 90s.

First outcome of this cooperation will be “Acceptance Of Death” which includes 13 new songs or raw and brutal oldschool death/black metal:

1.False God
6.To Understand Death
7.Private Religion
8.Nothing More
9.When You Rest 6 Feet Under
10.They’ll Bury
11.Mournful Song
12.Just Like Life
13.There’s No Use Lamenting
The album was recorded in three different places: Tower Studio, DSP Studio and ATK Studio. Mixing and mastering duties were handled by Marcin Bors in Fonoplastykon Studio.

MAGNUS “Acceptance Of Death”

MAGNUS “Acceptance Of Death”

Creators of “Scarlet Slaughterer”, “I Was Watching My Death” and “Alcoholic Suicide” return after 13 years since their last stage appearance – but their new effort will assure everyone that they are here stronger than ever. You can already listen to first song opening “Acceptance Of Death” entitled “False God” at www.withinghour.pl and www.myspace.com/magnus1989. “Acceptance Of Death” will hit the stores on September 15th as 10-panel exclusive digipack and 12” picture LP (hand-numbered and limited to 500 units)

Comments Rob Bandit (band leader and singer):

“We’ve been summoning ourselves for this ceremony for almost 16 years. Our mind were clean, free from responsibilities, and deadlines. In such favorable constellation – we created an album untouched by any dependencies, fast, heavy, furious and hideous – set of traits typical for Magnus. Every song on “Acceptance Of Death” is an impulse, deathly rasp of brain cells, destination, contempt, stigmatizing indifference, metal mobilization – and uncontaminated with any commercial thought.

“Acceptance Of Death” is the same Magnus you know from previous albums as it was recorded mostly by the same people who created “I Was Watching My Death” or “Alcoholic Suicide”, friends who understand each other, who follow the same path, who are bound with 20 years of friendship. However, since those early releases the earth revolved thousands of times – which had an impact on our paranormal minds – so expect Magnus of XXI century, reborn Magnus that is still uncompromising, honest and true”.

Songs’ structures, specific sound and atmosphere that reminds of such acts as SARCOFAGO and early SEPULTURA give us the impression of time being stopped in that decade. MAGNUS is the living legend and the proof of old school glory – you will have the chance to check it on your own on 15th September, when “Acceptance Of Death” will hit the stores – 40 minutes of uncompromising attack in vein of fierce Brazilian and Columbian acts.

Magnus, who started it’s career in 1987, recorded three incredible albums in the 90s, and played live with such acts as Napalm Death, Deicide, Gorefest, Morbid Angel and Cannibal Corpse. The band disbanded in 1997 to return with new album in 2010.

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NECRONAUT: Cover Art + Track Listing Revealed

August 13th, 2010
by EvilG

After more than 20 active years within the death metal scene, former Dismember/Carnage drummer Fred Estby needed to express his passion for different kinds of extreme music; a passion he’s bore since his youth. In 2008, Estby started writing/recording material with the intention of utilizing one unique vocalist for each song. Dubbed NECRONAUT, the project would become a reality just one year later when the drummer began contacting the many talented metal musicians he had in mind.

‘s self-titled full-length is slated for release later this year via Regain Records. The cover was created by Chet Zar , known for his makeup effects for movies such as The Ring, Planet of the Apes and Darkman [http://www.chetzar.com]. NECRONAUT‘s approach is crude and dead simple a la early Bathory and Venom fused with Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden, but with an unorthodox, bass-heavy production that allows the album to stand out amongst its peers. The goal was primitive brute force, but because of the manner in which Estby chose to achieve it, he also managed to create an aura of pure malevolence that, prior to this album’s creation, was likely difficult to imagine. Check out the final track listing and guest list below. Check out the cover art here: http://tinyurl.com/26psgpk

Track list/Guest list:
1. Crimson Fields – Chris Reifert (Speech)
2. Twilight At The Trenches – Andreas “Drette” Axelson (Vocals)
3. In Dark Tribute – Hellbutcher (Vocals), Tyrant (Lead Guitar)
4. Soulside Serpents – JB (Vocals), Robert “Strings” Dahlqvist (Lead Guitar), Robert Pehrsson (Lead Guitar)
5. Infecting Madness – Chris Reifert (Vocals), Uffe Cederlund (Lead Guitar)
6. After The Void – Joakim Nilsson (Vocals), David Blomqvist (Lead Guitar)
7. The Lie In Which The Truth Is Buried – Fred Estby (Vocals), Nicke Andersson (Lead Guitar)
8. Returning To Kill The Light – Erik Danielsson (Vocals), JB (Lead Guitar)
9. Tower Of Death – Nicke Andersson (Vocals)
10. Rise Of The Sentinel – Tomas Lindberg (Vocals), David Blomqvist (Lead Guitar)

Who’s Who: Hellbutcher (Nifelheim), Tyrant (Nifelheim, Dagger), Andreas “Drette” Axelson (Tormented, Tortyr, ex-Edge Of Sanity), Chris Reifert (Autopsy, ex-Abscess), Uffe Cederlund (Disfear, Principals Of Existence, ex-Entombed), JB (Grand Magus), Erik (Watain), Tomas Lindberg (Disfear, At The Gates, The Great Deceiver), Nicke Andersson (Imperial State Electric, Death Breath), Joakim Nilsson (Graveyard), David Blomqvist (Dismember, Dagger, Shreds Of Death), Robert “Strings” Dahlqvist (Dundertåget, Thunder Express), Robert Pehrsson (Dundertåget, Death Breath, Thunder Express) http://www.myspace.com/necronaut666

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August 13th, 2010
by EvilG

British thrashers SAVAGE MESSIAH have signed a worldwide, multi-album deal with Earache Records.

Formed in London, England in 2007, SAVAGE MESSIAH self-released their debut album, SPITTING VENOM, in 2007 to positive reviews.  In 2009 the band entered the studio with acclaimed Grammy-nominated producer CHRIS TSANGARIDES (JUDAS PRIEST, BLACK SABBATH, THIN LIZZY, BRUCE DICKINSON) to record their second album, INSURRECTION RISING.  The album was mixed by SCOTT ATKINS (GAMA BOMB, SYLOSIS, IGNOMINIOUS INCARCERATION).  The band is currently working on its third album, due to be released on Earache Records in 2011.


“We are very proud and excited to sign with Earache Records.  This is an exciting time for Savage Messiah as we are currently writing our new album, and hope to be on tour soon to present the new material.

“We would like to thank everybody at Earache for this fantastic opportunity, and we are really looking forward to getting out and thrashing with the fans!”

SAVAGE MESSIAH consists of lead guitarist and vocalist DAVE SILVER, lead guitarist SY TAPLIN, bassist SASHA CRON and drummer MAURICIO CHAMUCERO.  View a photo of the band at http://earacherecords.com/myspace/savagemessiah.jpg

Check out SAVAGE MESSIAH’s track, “Insurrection Rising”, at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3R2uE2l8R4

For more SAVAGE MESSIAH news and info, head to http://www.myspace.com/savagemessiahmetal

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August 13th, 2010
by EvilG


To celebrate EXODUS’ headlining North American tour and the arrival of 2010’s first – and ONLY! – Friday the 13th, Bloody-Disgusting.com (the web’s #1 source for all things horror) has teamed up with Nuclear Blast USA & ESP Guitars to offer fans an exclusive chance to win an autographed EXODUS ESP Viper-200FM guitar.

To enter, you must be (or become) a registered member of the Bloody-Disgusting.com community, The Infected, and leave a comment.  It’s 100% bed-bug free!

View the contest announcement on Bloody-Disgusting.com.  Become a member of The Infected here.

This contest will end on Sunday, September 12th.

EXODUS will help kick-off Ozzfest 2010 in San Bernardino, California this Saturday, August 14th and then headline the March Of Brutality Tour with Malevolent Creation, Holy Grail, and Bonded By Blood.

EXODUS’ ninth studio album, Exhibit B: The Human Condition, hit #1 on the CMJ Loud Rock radio chart and has sold over 4,600 copies in the U.S. according to Nielsen SoundScan, debuting at #114 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart, #43 on the Billboard Top Rock Albums chart, #19 on the Billboard Independent Albums chart, and #12 on the Billboard Hard Rock Albums chart.  Exhibit B also debuted at #19 on the Neilsen SoundScan LOUD Chart in Canada.

For tour dates & all things EXODUS, check out the following sites online: www.myspace.com/EXODUS, www.facebook.com/exodusattack, www.YouTube.com/exodus & www.twitter.com/_exodus.

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