STYGIAN CRYPT PRODUCTIONS proudly presents new release of Russian metal label BACKFIRE PRODUCTIONS: THE EXTINCT DREAMS

January 13th, 2011
by EvilG

THE EXTINCT DREAMS –    “Потустороннее сияние” (Shining Of Beyond)

The Extinct Dreams (Digi)

The Extinct Dreams (Digi)

Catalogue number: BP013 / Format: Digipack CD

Track list:

1. Сияние (брахмаджйоти )

2. По ту сторону

3. Трансценденция

4. Крик отчаяния (развоплощение)

Music style: ambient funeral doom death metal

Line up:

Roman – guitar, vocal

Semjon – bass

Kirill – guitar, vocal

Masha – keyboard

Den – drums


2007 – Into The Extinct Dreams (demo)

2007 – November Rehearsal (demo)

2008 – Ars Moriendi (Backfire Prod.)

2010 – Потустороннее Сияние / Shinig of Beyound (Backfire Prod./Stygian Crypt Prod.)

Band contact:


The band was found in summer 2006 by Roman (vocal) and Semjon (bass). Choosing the name Ars Moriendi the musicians turns to somber doom\death with grind elements.

For some months the line-up was unstable but in January of 2007 keyboard palyer Masha joined the band and with her help the drummer of cult doom\death band Black Forest (split-up since the beginning of 2000) Filin also joit to them. Not long before the musicians’ve known about the band with the same name so they’ve change the name to The Extinct Dreams.

Since that time the band continue it’s work with the new name and with the new line-up. In 2007 the band has recorded two demos “Into The Extinct Dreams” and “November Rehearsal” (it was done with tape-recorder during rehearsal). Some track are available at the web-page of the band.

In 2007 the band successfully played at Only Metal Fest and at some local metal session and also was included in band-list of portal. The most outstanding event for the band was live shows at «Petrodoom 2008» in St. Peterburg and Shadow Fest in Moscow. Also label Backfire Prod. from Novosibirsk city has released the first album of the band «Ars Moriendi».

In 2010 the band has recorded the new album «Потустороннее Сияние» (“Shining from beyond”) with using of acoustic guitar, clean voice and ambiental elements. The lyrics based on astral themes with Vedic fragments applying to spiritual shining beyond material universe.

STYGIAN CRYPT PRODUCTIONS is exclusive worldwide distributor of all BACKFIRE PRODUCTIONS releases.

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Vanden Plas – “Holes In The Sky” Official Video now Available

January 13th, 2011
by EvilG

German progressive metallers VANDEN PLAS, have released a new video for the song  “Holes in the Sky”. The new videoclip is taken from the album “The Seraphic Clockwork” (available now from Frontiers Records).

“The Seraphic Clockwork” track listing:

01. Frequency

02. Holes In The Sky

03. Scar of an Angel

04. Sound of Blood

05. The Final Murder

06. Quicksilver

07. Rush of Silence

08. On My Way to Jerusalem

VANDEN PLAS “The Seraphic Clockwork”

VANDEN PLAS “The Seraphic Clockwork”

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Bang Tango – Re-issues out soon

January 13th, 2011
by EvilG

It’s hard not to think about lost opportunities when referring to Bang Tango. Perhaps one of the most original and eclectic members of the glam/funk scene, this group had it all: great songs, clever image and significant sound. Unfortunately, they never managed to achieve the success they deserved. However, the fans have not forgotten about them and after many tribulations, Bang Tango have returned in not one but two incarnations: one with the original singer and another featuring the original musicians. Now, thanks to the exclusive re-issues of “Psycho Cafe”, “Dancin’ on Coals” and “Ain’t No Jive… Live”, music lovers all around the world may once again return to the early 1990’s.

Bang Tango was formed in 1987 in Los Angeles, California. The original line-up consisted of vocalist Joe LeSte, guitarists Kyle Stevens and Mark Knight, bassist Kyle Kyle (born Kyle Keiderling) and drummer Tigg Ketler. The group was lucky enough to sign to MCA Records without even releasing a single demo. In 1989, they recorded their first album “Psycho Cafe”, which immediately caught the attention of rock enthusiasts, both locally and nationally. The LP was definitely ahead of its time, delivering great metal riffs, funky bass lines, intense drumming and LeSte’s wide vocal range, easily mixing glam, hard rock and funk. “Psycho Cafe” spawned a couple of hits, such as “Breaking Up a Heart of Stone” and one of the band’s most famous tracks – “Someone Like You”.

In 1991, Bang Tango returned with their sophomore album “Dancin’ on Coals”. The LP brought a significant change in the group’s music, pushing it more towards funk rock in the vein of Red Hot Chili Peppers. Their style was still a bit difficult to classify but such tracks as “Dressed Up Vamp” and “Soul To Soul” brought nothing less than sheer musical genius.

1992 brought the band’s second live material (after “Live Injection” from 1989). The 5-track EP entitled “Ain’t No Jive… Live” showcased Bang Tango at the peak of their talent. All of the songs included in this material sound as good as on the albums, though they are played faster and with much more energy. The group played some of their best known hits such as “Someone Like You”, “Dancin’ On Coals” and “Attack of Life”, as well as a premiere track for that time (“20th Century Boy”) and the ballad “Midnight Strikes”, with LeSte’s stellar performance.

In 1994, Bang Tango released their third LP called “Love After Death”. Unfortunately, the album was not as successful as the band had hoped and, in 1995, the guys decided to call it quits. In the following year, the group reunited just to disband again in 1998. Another reunion took place in 1999, when original members Joe LeSte and Kyle Kyle teamed up with bassist Mattie B. (ex-Altar Boys) for a national tour, which proved to be a great success. A new album was in the making but, eventually, it never got released. In 2002, LeSte reformed the band again, this time with a completely new line-up. The group is still actively touring. In 2010, the original members of Bang Tango: Tigg Ketler, Mark Knight and Kyle Kyle decided to bring back yet another version of the legendary band.

The exclusive re-releases of Bang Tango’s “Psycho Cafe”, “Dancin’ on Coals” and “Ain’t No Jive… Live” bring back the very beginnings of this fantastic band. For all fans of glam rock, hard rock or funk rock – this is a trip you can’t afford to miss! The albums will be available in a new digipak edition each limited to 2000 copies. Re-release of “Dancin’ On Coals” includes 2 bonus tracks. Metal Mind Productions set the release date for 31st January 2011.

Bang Tango – “Psycho Cafe” (re-release)

Bang Tango - Psycho Cafe

Bang Tango - Psycho Cafe

Label: Metal Mind Records

Cat. No.: MASS CD 1419 DG

Barcode: 5907785036604

Format: CD Digipak (limited edition of 2000 numbered copies)

Genre: funk / glam rock

Release date: 31.01.2011


1. Attack of Life

2. Someone Like You

3. Wrap My Wings

4. Breaking Up A Heart of Stone

5. Shotgun Man

6. Don’t Stop Now

7. Love Injection

8. Just For You

9. Do What You’re Told

10. Sweet Little Razor

Bang Tango – “Dancin’ On Coals” (re-release + bonus tracks)

Bang Tango - Dancin On Coals

Bang Tango - Dancin On Coals

Label: Metal Mind Records

Cat. No.: MASS CD 1420 DG

Barcode: 5907785036611

Format: CD Digipak (limited edition of 2000 numbered copies)

Genre: funk / glam rock

Release date: 31.01.2011


1. Soul to Soul

2. United and True

3. Emotion in Gear

4. I’m in Love

5. Big Line

6. Midnight Struck

7. Dancin’ on Coals

8. My Saltine

9. Dressed Up Vamp

10. Last Kiss

11. Cactus Juice

Bonus tracks:

12. 20th Century Boy

13. Futurama (live)

Bang Tango – “Ain’t No Jive… Live” (re-release)

Bang Tango - Aint No Jive Live!

Bang Tango - Aint No Jive...Live!

Label: Metal Mind Records

Cat. No.: MASS CD 1421 DG

Barcode: 5907785036628

Format: CD Digipak (limited edition of 2000 numbered copies)

Genre: funk / glam rock

Release date: 31.01.2011


1. Dancin’ On Coals

2. 20th Century Boy

3. Someone Like You

4. Midnight Struck

5. Attack Of Life

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Addicted To Pain – bassist Bob Horvath

January 13th, 2011
by EvilG

Addicted To Pain

Interview with bassist Bob Horvath

Interviewed by EvilG

Addicted To Pain

Thrashy/groove metal band Addicted To Pain hail from Albany, New York. In late 2010 they unleashed their first-ever release – a self-titled EP – on MegaForce Records. The group is comprised of Leo Curley (vocals,guitar), Bob Horvath (bass), and Gregory Nash (drums). The formation of Addicted to Pain can be linked to an earlier group called Eyesore (with now Shadows Fall drummer Jason Bittner). Years and several bands later Horvath and Leo hooked up with Nash and Addicted To Pain were born.

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Municipal Waste, Rytmihairio, Axegressor, and Forca Macabra – Helsinki Finland

January 13th, 2011
by Arto Lehtinen


Municipal Waste / Rythmihairio / Axegressor

Forca Macabra

18th of December 2010

Nosturi Helsinki Finland

Live review/pics by Arto Lehtinen

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ARCH ENEMY, Grand Magus, Malefice, Cthonic @ The HMV Forum

January 13th, 2011
by UK Team

United Kingdom of Heavy Metal Tour

ARCH ENEMY, Grand Magus, Malefice, Cthonic

@ The HMV Forum

27th November 2010

Reviewer: Sabrina Dersel

Photos: Altercarnated Photography

Tonight was the United Kingdom of Heavy Metal Tour; on the bill tonight; Taiwanese Chthonic, UK Malefice, Swedish Grand Magus and Headliners Arch Enemy.

Despite the freezing cold outside, people made it tonight and the venue was filled!


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GWAR re-opens “The Bloody Pit of Horror” temporarily – new tour dates announced

January 12th, 2011
by EvilG

Gwar "Bloody Pit of Horror"



After a brief return home to their hulking Antarctic stronghold, intergalactic murder-machines GWAR are returning to the U.S. for one final spurt of touring before doing whatever the hell they are up to after that. The Lords and Masters of this world apparently tired of abusing penguins and are ready to return to the surface world and begin the homestretch towards the conclusion of their seemingly endless 25th Anniversary “Slay-a-Bration”, which has now grown to encompass their 26th year of rebirth on Earth from the icy prison that for centuries had been their fate. When will GWAR stop celebrating their 25th anniversary? Only one warty front-thing can say for certain. Oderus was reached for comment at his command bunker located deep beneath the GWAR Fortress, where he took a break from his undead re-creation of the Battle of Stalingrad to chime in about the campaign of continuing idiocy and destruction GWAR plans on schleping to you, the faithful human scum.

“It’s seems we were about 8000 zombies short of our goal, which was to fill every hull of our Skumdog War Fleet with blood-mad slavering zombie shock-soldiers. So we decided to come back to the U.S., re-open the Bloody Pit, and mutate some more of our helpless followers. Then we shall invade the very heart of the galaxy with our infected hatred and lust for war against all things alive. That and party.”

The new GWAR dates are as follows:

Thu/Feb-17 Raleigh, NC @ Lincoln Theatre

Fri/Feb-18 Allentown PA @ Crocodile Rock

Sat/Feb-19 Millvale PA @ Mr. Smalls Theatre

Sun/Feb-20 Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

Mon/Feb-21 Syracuse, NY @ Westcott Theater

Tue/Feb-22 Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground

Wed/Feb-23 Providence, RI @ Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel

Thu/Feb-24 Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom

Fri/Feb-25 Richmond, VA @ The National

In other GWAR related news, Metal Blade Records has announced the release dates for the vinyl versions of both GWAR’s “Lust and Space” and “Bloody Pit of Horror”.

“Lust in Space” is being released on January 18 and it is a picture disc with a gatefold sleeve.

“Bloody Pit of Horror” will be released on February 15 and it is a picture disc with a die cut gatefold


Who would have guessed that everyone’s favorite bellicose bass player Beefcake the Mighty had a soft side? When he’s not out singing about or actually beating things to death, the rotund one has volunteered for Bloody to offer his advice to the lovelorn. Check out Beefcake’s first column at:

GWAR’s latest masterpiece “Bloody Pit of Horror” is in stores on now and you can also purchase it on the official GWAR page on the Metal Blade Records website at: The landing page includes all current tour dates, GWAR footage from both and, and pre-orders for “Bloody Pit of Horror” on CD, a GWAR t-shirt, or the ultimate “Bloody Pit” package that includes the CD, the GWAR t-shirt, and a 12×12 autographed cover print! (While supplies last or until GWAR decides to start using the prints as rolling papers…whichever comes first)

Catch GWAR on the “Bloody Tour Of Horror Redux”

Thu/Feb-17 Raleigh, NC @ Lincoln Theatre

Fri/Feb-18 Allentown PA @ Crocodile Rock

Sat/Feb-19 Millvale PA @ Mr. Smalls Theatre

Sun/Feb-20 Brooklyn, NY @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

Mon/Feb-21 Syracuse, NY @ Westcott Theater

Tue/Feb-22 Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground

Wed/Feb-23 Providence, RI @ Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel

Thu/Feb-24 Sayreville, NJ @ Starland Ballroom

Fri/Feb-25 Richmond, VA @ The National





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January 12th, 2011
by EvilG

Singapore’s #1 grindcore export, WORMROT have released a brand new track from their forthcoming album, DIRGE. The track, entitled “Manipulation,” is a minute-long burst of ferocity, terror and outright aggression. It hits all of the marks that have endeared WORMROT to the worldwide metal underground.

“Manipulation,” along with the rest of DIRGE was completed less than 10 days ago. Drums were completed on January 4th, guitars, vocals, mixing and mastering were completed in various days ending on January 10th. In many ways, “Manipulation” is as raw as WORMROT gets — a hell of a way to raise the already high expectations for DIRGE.

Check out “Manipulation,” the debut track from WORMROT‘s forthcoming album, DIRGE, as well as a  first look at the album’s cover art, created by Andrei Bouzikov (MUNICIPAL WASTE, SKELETONWITCH, CANNABIS CORPSE) below:

DIRGE arrives in North America on May 3rd.

The rumors are true! WORMROT will be grinding up the audience at the Scion Rock Fest. It takes place in Pomona, CA on March 5th at the Fox Theater and The Glass House.. While the wait is on to announce whom WORMROT will be playing with, we can also now confirm that Scion will not be their only US gig. The band has a full scale US tour that will take WORMROT from coast to coast in March and April, including a stop at SXSW. Dates will be announced soon.

WORMROT‘s debut album, ABUSE, is available now worldwide featuring 23 tracks of pure grindcore. Get the album now in North America along with several exclusive mercy and vinyl combos at

is also available now on iTunes with 34 (yes, 34!) bonus tracks:

Keep up-to-date with all WORMROT news and info at:


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January 12th, 2011
by EvilG
Black Sabbath "Live At Hammersmith Odeon"

Black Sabbath "Live At Hammersmith Odeon"

Heavy Metal legends Black Sabbath have released BLACK SABBATH: LIVE AT HAMMERSMITH ODEON, a 3-LP 180 gram vinyl with a triple gatefold packaging. This release is limited to 3,000 numbered copies and is a Metal Club exclusive, so make sure to snatch yours up at a participating retailer now before it sells out!

Black Sabbath: Live At Hammersmith Odeon features Ronnie James Dio, Tommy Iommi, Terry “Geezer” Butler and Vinny Appice LIVE at Hammersmith Odeon in January 1982 during Black Sabbath’s tour for The Mob Rules.

Available for the first time on limited-edition numbered vinyl, the concert spotlights Black Sabbath as they storm through 14 of the Dio-era’s best including, “Neon Knights,” “Heaven And Hell,” “Children Of The Sea” and “Country Girl.” The band also performs several pre-Dio classics including, “Paranoid,” “Children Of The Grave” and a white-hot version of “War Pigs.”

About Metal Club:

Metal Club is a group of record stores throughout the US and Canada that work to connect the vibrant metal community with their local record store. Fans will be able to visit their local Metal Club store for special metal promotional pieces, exciting in-store events, and a series of exclusive Metal Club releases. Please visit for store locations, news and information on other Metal Club releases.

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Agonia Records proudly announce signing of French Black/Death Metal band VORKREIST

January 12th, 2011
by EvilG

Insane atmospheres, catchy parts, Vorkreist is the perfect mix between grimnness of Black metal and Brutality of death metal. Sickness is the ultimate artist of this world. Vorkreist is its Apostle. Worth mentioning the line up consist of members of Hell-Militia, Blacklodge, Secrets Of The Moon, Glorior Belli or Merrimack to list just a few.
Before the follow up of their latest album Sickness Sovereign will be unleashed some rarities will be released on vinyl. We will keep you posted about future projects and their firm dates.

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SIRENIA: Another New Track Available for Streaming

January 12th, 2011
by EvilG
Sirenia - The Enigma of Life

Sirenia - The Enigma of Life

Norwegian-Spanish gothic metal icons SIRENIA, lead by mastermind Morten Veland (MORTEMIA, ex-TRISTANIA), have posted another brand new song to their Myspace page ( “Fallen Angel” comes from the bands forthcoming masterpiece entitled The Enigma of Life. The Enigma of Life is set to be unleashed on January 21 2011 in Europe and on February 15 in North America.

Commented mainman Morten Veland: The release date for The Enigma Of Life is closing in now. To shorten the waiting period we have decided to release one more track from the album. This is the track ‘Fallen Angel’, we hope you will enjoy it while you wait for the album. Cheers!”

The Enigma of Life North American Track Listing:

01. The End of It All

02. Fallen Angel

03. All My Dreams

04. This Darkness

05. The Twilight in Your Eyes

06. Winter Land

07. A Seaside Serenade

08. Darkened Days to Come

09. Coming Down

10. This Lonely Lake

11. Fading Star

12. The Enigma of Life

13. Oscura Realidad
North American Bonus Track:
14. El Enigma De La Vida (acoustic version)

iTunes Exclusive Bonus Track:
15. El Enigma De La Vida

For more info visit: | |

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BLOTTED SCIENCE announce ‘The Animation Of Entomology’ EP

January 12th, 2011
by EvilG


January 12, 2011 – Acclaimed guitarist Ron Jarzombek (BLOTTED SCIENCE, WATCHTOWER, SPASTIC INK) has posted the following update on his website:

“For those of you waiting for new BLOTTED SCIENCE material… BUG OFF!   “This concept started to take shape in June of ’08 when BLOTTED SCIENCE got together for the first time to rehearse and threw ideas around for a second CD.  We wanted to score some kind of creepy horror film, and so something was definitely abuzz.

“The idea of writing music that syncs up perfectly with clips of disgusting insects and other creepy creatures was set in motion.   “After working with close to a dozen movie clips, it became apparent that to do a full-length CD, it would take far too long to complete.  You need to take in the fact that we are writing exclusively with a 12-tone system 100% of the time, so things get very detailed, nitpicky and restricted.  On the timing side of things – counts, measures, time signatures, and note subdivisions also now have to conform to frames per second and more importantly match and coincide with what is on-screen.  Throw out any semblance of verses and choruses too while you’re at it.  Rather than have musical sections last a series of measures, some full sections now last just a few counts.  I’ve scored music to film before with SPASTIC INK’s ‘A Wild Hare’ and ‘The Cereal Mouse’, and Alex and I have written with a specific 12-tone system on the first BLOTTED SCIENCE CD, ‘The Machinations Of Dementia’, but putting these two together has been brutally intense.

“Will all of this be too much for fans to take in? We shall see….. literally..…

“The EP, entitled ‘The Animation Of Entomology’, will contain 7 new BLOTTED SCIENCE songs, and will be approx. 24 minutes long.  

“Hannes (Grossmann, drums) will be going into Woodshed Studios in Landshut, Germany on January 31, 2011, with V. Santura (DARK FORTRESS, TRIPTYKON) engineering, and is now preparing for the session. Alex (Webster, bass) is recording his bass tracks at his Hell Whole Studios in Tampa, and I am locked away in my Live Oak Studios here in San Antonio.

“If all goes well we should have everything recorded in a few months.”

Blotted Science online:

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ABYSMAL DAWN: New Tracks From ‘Leveling The Plane of Existence’ Posted Online

January 12th, 2011
by EvilG

ABYSMAL DAWN are currently streaming the title track from their forthcoming album Leveling The Plane of Existence online now at This is the second preview of music taken from Leveling The Plane of Existence, with “In Service Of Time“ currently streaming via the ABYSMAL DAWN MySpace and Facebook pages as well as being available for download via the free Relapse Records label sampler (here).

Leveling The Plane of Existence, the follow-up 2008’s Programmed To Consume, is set for a February 1st North American release date (February 7th– UK, February 11th – Germany, Benelux, February 14th – rest of EU) and is available for pre-order here. A deluxe digital version of the album, which includes four bonus tracks and digital booklet, is also available for pre-order at iTunes.

ABYSMAL DAWN was joined by guest musicians Moyses Kolesne (KRISIUN) and Kragen Lum (HEATHEN, PROTOTYPE) during the recording of Leveling The Plane of Existence. Kolesne provides a guitar solo on the track “Pixilated Ignorance” and Lum adds guitar solos on “Rapture Renowned” and the title track that can be heard now at

ABYSMAL DAWN will embark on the first North American tour in support of Leveling The Plane of Existence starting in late February. ABYSMAL DAWN will be teaming up with KATAKLYSM, ALL SHALL PERISH, DECREPIT BIRTH and more for this four-week tour that will kick-off on February 24th in Cleveland, OH. The band has also confirmed a local headlining show for January 18th at the Chain Reaction in Anaheim. A listing of confirmed tour dates and cites can be found below with more to be announced soon.

ABYSMAL DAWN is available for interviews upon request.  To speak with the band, simply contact Betsey Cichoracki at Relapse Records via any of the means listed at the bottom of this message.  Updated ABYSMAL DAWN news and tour information will be made available at the Relapse Records website:, the ABYSMAL DAWN MySpace: and Facebook page.

ABYSMAL DAWN tour dates:

Jan. 18       Anaheim, CA                Chain Reaction

Feb. 22       Des Moines, IA            Vaudeville Mews

Feb. 23       La Porte, IN                  The Warehouse

***All dates from February 24 thru March 20 w/ KATAKLYSM, ALL SHALL PERISH, DECREPIT BIRTH, more***

Feb. 24       Cleveland, OH                Peabody’s

Feb. 25       Chicago, IL                    Reggie’s Rock Club

Feb. 26       Detroit, MI                     Harpo’s

Feb. 27       St. Paul, MN                 Station 4

Feb. 28       Winnipeg, MB                Park Theatre

March 2      Edmonton, AB               Starlite

March 3      Kelowna, BC                 Flashbacks

March 4      Vancouver, BC               Rickshaw Theatre

March 5      Seattle, WA                  Studio Seven

March 6      Portland, OR                 Branx

March 8      Hollywood, CA               The Whisky

March 9      San Diego, CA               Soma

March 10    Albuquerque, NM          Launchpad

March 11    Amarillo, TX                   El Cien

March 12    Ft. Worth, TX                 Ridglea Theatre

March 13    San Antonio, TX             White Rabbit

March 15    St. Petersburg, FL         State Theatre

March 16    Raleigh, NC                   Volume 11

March 18    Columbus, OH               Alrosa Villa

March 19    Niagara Falls, NY           Evening Star Music Hall

March 20    Montreal, QC                 Club Soda

March 22    Trenton, NJ                    Championship Bar & Grill

March 23    Wheeling, WV                Yesterday’s

March 26    Oklahoma City, OK        The Conservatory

March 27    Lubbock, TX                    Tequila Jungle

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January 12th, 2011
by EvilG


Available for the first time in North America as non-imports, SABATON’s first four full-length albums will be re-issued by Nuclear Blast on April 14th, 2011.  Titles include: 2005’s Primo Victoria (Re-Armed), 2006’s Attero Dominatus (Re-Armed), 2007’s Metalizer (Re-Armed – 2 CDs), and 2008’s The Art Of War (Re-Armed). Exclusive bonus material and cover songs for each re-release will soon be announced.

A Swedish power metal sextet that specializes in military history, SABATON bassist Pär Sundström has this to say about the long-overdue availability of their discography in North America and the re-releases coinciding with their first-ever North American tour with German heavy metal legends ACCEPT:

“We are thrilled about finally being able to tour North America and to be able to do so with such legends as ACCEPT is even better.  Finally, our first four albums will be available outside of Europe right in time for this tour.  We will be playing songs from all five albums every night and during our full-length headlining shows, we will present the music from more than ten years of SABATON for the first time on North American soil.”

Confirmed tour dates for SABATON with ACCEPT are as follows:

04/09/11     The Club at Firestone – Orlando, FL

04/10/11     Culture Room – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

04/13/11     Jaxx – West Springfield, VA

04/14/11     The Trocadero – Philadelphia, PA

04/15/11     Montage Music Hall – Rochester, NY  (SABATON HEADLINING SHOW; NO ACCEPT)

04/16/11     Best Buy Theater  – New York, NY  *ONE-OFF; OVERKILL HEADLINES*

04/17/11     Club Soda- Montreal, QC – CANADA

04/18/11     Imperial de Quebec – Quebec City, QC – CANADA

04/20/11     Mod Club – Toronto, ON – CANADA

04/21/11     Blondie’s – Detroit, MI

04/22/11     Bottom Lounge – Chicago, IL

04/24/11     Bluebird Theater – Denver, CO

04/26/11     El Corazon – Seattle, WA

04/27/11     Peter’s Room – Portland, OR

04/28/11     The Grand Ballroom – San Francisco, CA

04/30/11     House of Blues – San Diego, CA

05/01/11     Galaxy Theatre – Santa Ana, CA

05/02/11     Ventura Theatre – Ventura, CA

05/03/11     The Clubhouse – Tempe, AZ  (SABATON HEADLINING SHOW; NO ACCEPT)

05/04/11     Club Vegas – Salt Lake City, UT

05/06/11     Backstage Live – San Antonio, TX

05/07/11     Scout Bar – Houston, TX

Pre-sale tickets for the tour are available online at and all normal ticketing outlets.

SABATON are also confirmed for the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise January 24 – 28th, 2011.  Visit the cruise’s official YouTube channel here.

SABATON’s fifth studio album and Nuclear Blast debut, Coat Of Arms, debuted at #124 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart and #87 on the Top Hard Music chart.  Worldwide first-week chart entries were as follows: Sweden #4; Poland #9; Finland #17; Germany #19; Switzerland #33 and Austria #71.

View the video for the track “Uprising” – “a powerful and emotional tribute to those who lost their lives in the Warsaw uprising in 1944” – at this location.  Filmed in Warsaw, Poland, “Uprising” was directed by Jacek Raginis (who is related to decorated WWII hero Wladyslav Raginis), features an appearance by Swedish actor Peter Stormare (“Prison Break,”, “8MM,” “Fargo”) as SS-Obergruppenführer von dem Bach, and was a collaborative work with the Warsaw Rising Museum, the “Radoslaw” Reenactment Group, the Wizna 1939 Association and Polish fans.  It also features archival materials provided by Filmoteka Narodowa.

The “Making Of” video with English subtitles can be viewed here.  Stills from the video shoot can be viewed here.

SABATON features Joakim Brodén on vocals, Oskar Montelius on guitars, Rikard Sundén on guitars, Pär Sundström on bass, Daniel Mullback on drums, and Daniel Mÿhr on keyboards.

Visit SABATON online at,,, and

Visit the band’s official YouTube channel at

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Metal Blade Records signs Swedish sleaze and punk influenced metal band SISTER

January 12th, 2011
by EvilG


AGOURA HILLS, Calif. – January 12, 2011 – Metal Blade Records is pleased to announce the signing of Swedish sleaze and punk influenced metal band SISTER. “We feel honored to have signed with legendary Metal Blade Records. This is the kind of label we’ve been waiting for and together we know we will make big things happen!” comments the band. SISTERM, who hails from Stockholm/Jönkoping Sweden, formed in early 2006 working hard to build up a name as a strong act both live and in the studio. SISTER consists of 4 members- Jamie on vocals, Lestat on guitars and backing vocals, Rikki on bass and backing vocals, and Cari on drums and backing vocals- who combine the sounds of Punk, Glam, Rock, and Metal with an end result sounding something like the bastard child of GG Allin and Guns N’ Roses.

SISTER’s Metal Blade debut will be annihilating the world come summer 2011. Stay tuned to and the band’s websites for further details over the coming months.


JAMIE – vocals

LESTAT – guitar & backing vocals

RIKKI – bass & backing vocals

CARI – drums & backing vocals


About the band:

The sleaze/punk influenced metal outfit known as SISTER, who hail from Stockholm/Jönkoping Sweden, formed in early 2006 working hard to build up a name as a strong act both live and in the studio. SISTER consists of 4 members- Jamie on vocals, Lestat on guitars and backing vocals, Rikki on bass and backing vocals, and Cari on drums and backing vocals- who combine the sounds of Punk, Glam, Rock, and Metal with an end result sounding something like the bastard child of GG Allin and Guns N’ Roses.

During 2006 and 2007 SISTER played all over Sweden and also went abroad as much as possible. In 2008 SISTER toured Europe in countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark and Norway. Enter 2009; SISTER released the EP Deadboys Making Noise and a video for the track “Too Bad for You,” which got garnered great reviews from critics and fans alike while also catching the attention of Primordial’s Alan Averill ‘Nemtheanga’. Alan, having recently signed on to assist with A&R at Metal Blade Records, brought SISTER to the label’s attention in 2010 helping to secure the band a worldwide record deal.

During the years, Sister has built up a heavy fan base all over the world and has drawn a lot of attention as an up and coming band. Now as a part of Metal Blade’s illustrious roster, SISTER is sure to take the world by storm with the band’s raw and energetic brand of punk metal. As the band puts it, “SISTER is all about givin’ in to whatever you are into. Live the way YOU want and not how some fuckin’ narrow-minded piece of shit tells you to. Enjoy your fucked up life and throw yourself into whatever feels right. That’s the SISTER way of thinking! Or just fuck things up till you drop…”

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