SABATON – Official Release of the New “Uprising” Video!

August 3rd, 2010
by EvilG

Sabaton - Coat of Arms

Sabaton - Coat of Arms

After much anticipation the new Sabaton video for “Uprising” is now available online. See it below:

Sabaton – Uprising (2010)


sabaton uprising

sabaton uprising

In a recent interview with, Sabaton vocalist Joakim Brodén spoke about the video for “Uprising”:

I’ve seen the trailer for your new video “Uprising” and it looks phenomenal! When’s the release date for online viewers?

It will be the first or second of August. We’re going to go down to Poland for an August 1st premiere which is the anniversary of the start of the Warsaw uprising. I’m looking forward to seeing it as well as I’ve only seen the trailer, the same as you (laughs). So I’m really excited. I’ve seen some additional footage without music when we were back in Poland in early June and it looks great. We actually told the  director to cut as much as possible of us, Sabaton, headbanging, out of the video because we had actual real good actors. I’d never heard of the Polish ones before, they are the main male and female actors in the video. It turns out they are really famous in Poland.  Also in the video is Peter Stormare who of course we all know from Armageddon and from Prison Break. He grew up only an hour and a half drive away from where we live now. He’s the same kind of fucked up person as we are (laughs). It’s a pleasure to see professional actors, even though we’ve been making music videos with 2-3 people in the production and then the band, you know you play the songs over and over and over for five hours. They do there to get many different camera angles of like the drummer or whatever. But this time it wasn’t like that at all. We were actually done after playing for maybe 2 – 2.5 hours in costume. I did some additional acting which was scary because I’m not an actor. It was really nice to have the focus on the story that we were telling instead of just six guys headbanging.

Peter StormareDid you guys request Peter Stormare to play a role in the video?

Yes that’s because we like him as an actor and our booking agent in Sweden is a friend of his. He knew of us through a Swedish band called H.E.A.T. which are on his label (the band is signed by Peter Stormares record label StormVox).  They even played with us, supporting us for a couple of shows in Sweden and Europe.  So we thought, we’d ask him…he’s a really good actor. So put it out there and see what happens. The manager said “Yeah, Peter gets 50 or maybe more suggestions about making music videos every year, so I’ll ask him, but don’t get your hopes up.” Then we heard back “Hell yes, I’m coming!” just like that! What he said made the difference was first that we came from his part of Sweden, and secondly, when most bands ask him to be in their music video they ask him to show up to like a desert outside of  Vegas and have him play the bad guy, shoot people, go party and fuck hookers. But he said we had something different here, with a plan, a vision, telling a true story. It was not “Hello will you be in our video?”. It was like, “Hello would you like to participate, you would be playing the role of SS-Obergruppenführer von dem Bach.” I really admire him as an actor, and even more after. After we recorded the video with him we had such a fucking blast (laughs).  I could tell you of a few things that happened but well (laughs)….

It’s not safe to publish.

No…it’s not (laughing).

UPRISINGThe song title “Uprising” and what the song is about made me think of a film that I really like called “Uprising” which stars such great actors as Jon Voight and Donald Sutherland. Did that film at all inspire the song, or have you even watched it?

You mean the one with  David Schwimmer from Friends as well?

Yes and Leelee Sobieski and Hank Azaria.

Yeah, actually I got that movie from our web master half way through the album production. I had about 80% of the song written already and some mock-up lyrics, temporary lyrics. I was signing “rise or fall” not “Warsaw” at that time. He heard it and said he had a movie that was about this stuff, so he gave me a copy of the movie. It was really a good help in finishing the song. I also saw a CNN Documentary that I found online…probably illegal, but if I could of paid for it, I would of, but the CNN Documentary aired in the early 2000’s like 2003-2004 and it’s about the Warsaw uprising. It featured a lot of interviews from the survivors who were actually fighting. Stuff like that is really a gold mine when trying to get a closer connection to the song.

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Fist – re-release of the debut album out in September

August 3rd, 2010
by EvilG
Fist  “Turn The Hell On”

Fist “Turn The Hell On”

Fist – one of the many groups that emerged during the New Wave of British Heavy Metal era back in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. Despite the strong support they had from the critics, the band failed to gain the popularity they deserved. And today Metal Mind Productions presents the exclusive re-release of Fist’s debut album from 1980 – “Turn The Hell On” – which brings back a true heavy metal legend.

The band was originally formed in April 1978; at that time they were known as Axe. In 1979 the group reformed under a new name – Fist. Their first single – “Name, Rank and Serial Number” (April 1980), immediately catched the attention of Sounds music magazine, who gave the song a very good review, recognizing the group’s impressive potential. This paid off really well for Fist, as they were soon offered a recording deal by MCA. By the end of 1980 the band released their debut LP – “Turn The Hell On”. With twelve ferocious tracks, Fist (at that time consisting of guitarist/vocalist Keith Satchield, bassist John Wylie, drummer Harry ‘Hiroshima’ Hill and guitarist Dave Irwin) delivered a well-balanced dose of prime heavy metal. The reviewers once again valued the group for their work, praising the musical content (especially the catchy choruses), as well as the lyrics, which were a breeze of fresh air compared to the typical, cliché heavy metal topics that other bands sang about (like the occult, for instance). Fist’s songs often dealt with surprising themes, such as fear of flying or suicide. Unfortunately, the band’s debut offering did not achieve commercial success and MCA dropped Fist from their roster in early 1981. The group went on hiatus for a short time but returned in 1982 with their second album called “Back With a Vengeance” (Neat Records). Same as with their first LP, Fist had a great feedback from the critics but commercially their album went by unnoticed. In late 1982 the group decided to call it quits… This, however, was not the end of Fist. In 2001, two members from the 1981-82 line-up joined forces with a another two veterans from the band Hollow Ground to form a completely new incarnation of the classic heavy metal formation. The new and improved Fist released an album called “Storm” in 2005, bringing a sound that was heavier than anything they ever recorded in the past. Since 2006 the band remains silent…

“Turn The Hell On” was never given the proper acclaim at the time of its release. This exclusive re-issue, enriched by two bonus tracks, takes another glimpse at this long forgotten classic, showing its true, marvelous face – the face of heavy metal. The new digipak edition is limited to 2000 copies. Remastered using tube technology, digitally edited on a golden disc. The release date is scheduled for 6th September in Europe and 9th November in USA (via MVD).

Fist “Turn The Hell On” (remastered)
Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MASS CD 1371 DG
Barcode: 5907785036123
Format: CD Digipak (limited edition of 2000 numbered copies)
Release date: 06.09.2010 Europe / 9.11.2010 USA


1. Hole In The Wall Gang
2. The Watcher
3. Collision Course
4. You’ll Never Get Me Up (In One Of Those)
5. Forever Amber
6. Axeman
7. The Vamp
8. Terminus
9. One Percenter (1%)
10. Name, Rank And Serial Number  

Bonus Tracks:
11. Brain Damage
12. Law Of The Jungle


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UNSUN signs Japanese deal with Avalon/Marquee!

August 3rd, 2010
by EvilG

UNSUN - Clinic For Dolls

UNSUN - Clinic For Dolls

UNSUN, band led by ex-Vader guitar player will release its second album “Clinic For Dolls” via Avalon/Marquee in Japan on September 20th. Japanese edition will include one bonus track. European version will be available since October 11th via Mystic Production.

Comments Naohiro Yamazaki, president of Marquee Inc.: “We are so happy to release the second studio album of the talented artist UNSUN. I trust it will be received very well in our market again. The album itself has a potential to become so.”

Here are some words from the band: “Hello Dear! We’re sending this message especially to our friends from Japan and East Asia. Thanks to your great response to our debut album in Japan, we signed a deal with Avalon to release second album “Clinic For Dolls”. As proved during last two years, Avalon is a guarantee of perfect cooperation between band and the label. Owing to their and your support, dear fans and listeners – we will also soon have the chance to present our music live in your country. See you on  tour!”

The cover artwork for UNSUN’s new album was created by Hi-Res Studio. The same studio gets the credit for photo session. This album will feature 10 new songs (+ one Japanese bonus track – “Whispers – Dark Remix”):

1.The Lost Way
2.Clinic For Dolls
3. Time
5. Not Enough
6.The Last Tear
8.I Ceased
9.A Single Touch

The band has recently uploaded second studio report which can be checked at Mystic Production YouTube channel:

UNSUN has signed a worldwide deal with Mystic Production (home label of Behemoth and Riverside, among others). The band, who released their debut album, “The End Of Life” in September 2008 via Century Media Records, has entered studio this spring to record sophomore album. Vocal tracks were recorded in Studio X in Olsztyn and soon after Unsun moved to Hertz Studio (Behemoth, Vader, Decapitated) to record all instruments.

Unsun will tour Europe in October with Tristania to promote “Clinic For Dolls” live.

8.10.2010 – Underworld,  London (England)

9.10.2010 – Metropool, Hengelo (Holland)

10.10.2010 – Melkweg , Amsterdam (Holland)

11.10.2010 – Glazart, Paris (France)

12.10.2010 – Die Rohre, Stuttgart (Germany)

13.10.2010 – Batschkapp, Frankfurt (Germany)

14.10.2010 – Markthalle,  Hamburg (Germany)

15.10.2010 – Alte spinnerei , Glauchau (Germany)

16.10.2010 – Loch Ness , Cracow (Poland)

17.10.2010 – Randal, Bratislava (Slovakia)

19.10.2010 – Exit Chmelnice, Praha (Czech Republic)

20.10.2010 – K 17, Berlin (Germany)

21.10.2010 – Backstage,  München (Germany)

22.10.2010 – Z 7, Pratteln (Switzerland)


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THE AGONIST Now On Tour With Otep; Alissa White-Gluz Checks In From The Road

August 3rd, 2010
by EvilG

Canada’s most exciting female fronted export, THE AGONIST, are back out on the road trekking across North America with Otep, The Birthday Massacre and Beneath The Sky. The group will be debuting some new material on these dates and be sure to visit now to view their complete tour itinerary.

Alissa White-Gluz (vocals) further comments: “THE AGONIST is back on tour. We all packed our bags and headed ardently into the ‘Blue Hornet’ (Chevy Express) that carries us off to distant states to perform, but unfortunately the tour got off to a rough start. First, we get held back at the border and miss the first week of shows (which hurt us just as much as it hurt you, if not more!), and now as we are only just three shows in, our van dies on us. As soon as we get back to Montreal we are going to scrap this van in the most spectacular way possible (might ask our buddy Bam for advice on that) – it has been the bane of our touring for a long time. Luckily, we have the privilege of touring with some very awesome bands and extremely fun people, Beneath the Sky, The Birthday Massacre and Otep. It’s definitely fun for me to have other girls on the tour, not to mention other Canadians! So far the fans have been incredibly unique and fun to play for and we look forward to the rest of the shows (van permitting). It’s great to hit the West Coast and Southern U.S. again and we are EXTREMELY excited to be hitting Argentina and Chile on August 19 through 22.

“We are also excited to be able to start showcasing some material from the new album. We are now deep into the writing process and we are challenging ourselves once again, even further than we did on Lullabies for the Dormant Mind. We also have a fantastic new addition on this tour, guitarist Paco Jobin, who is also participating in the writing of our upcoming release.

“THE AGONIST is also happy to announce that we are FINALLY playing Europe! Come check out our MySpace page or my fan page ( for dates and so I can answer any questions you may have. We are working hard on some major projects and hope to see you soon.”


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August 3rd, 2010
by EvilG
Floor Jansen of ReVamp

Floor Jansen of ReVamp

A nine minute video of behind-the-scenes & live footage from REVAMP’s appearance at this year’s Graspop Metal Meeting festival in Belgium is available for viewing here.  Fan-filmed footage of the song “Disdain” (featuring Björn “Speed” Strid from SOILWORK on the studio recording) is available here.

REVAMP’s live line-up includes Floor Jansen on vocals, Jord Otto on guitar, Arjan Rijnen on guitar, Jaap Melman on bass, Ruben Wijga on keyboards, and Matthias Landes on drums.

The band’s self-titled debut album was released in North America on July 27th.  They will be supporting EPICA on their 18-date headlining European tour in September and October.   The tracks “Million,”Head Up High,” “Sweet Curse,” and “Disdain” are available for streaming on REVAMP’s MySpace page.

Visit REVAMP online at,, and on Facebook.

Visit Floor Jansen online at &


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KRIEG: Album Info And Release Date Confirmed

August 3rd, 2010
by EvilG

Candlelight Records today confirms October 26 as the North American release date for The Isolationist, the new album from KRIEG. Recorded at Volume Studios in Chicago, the nearly hour-long album will challenge the listener with its primitive yet complex sound. It is KRIEG’s sixth full-length recording, and the first since 2006’s Blue Miasma.

Working with producer Sanford Parker (Nachtmystium, Pelican, Yakuza), The Isolationist finds KRIEG further experimenting with sound. The rage and dissonance fans have come to expect from the New Jersey band emerges even more frenzied making the journey through this album far more intense than on previous efforts. Vocalist Imperial admits, “The Isolationist presents KRIEG at it’s most evolved yet primal state thus far in fifteen years of causing problems for people’s hearing. It is my ugliest and most personal child, going deep into the darkest places in my own history on earth. I’m a fucked up wreck, and this record shows that.”

The Isolationist features performances from guitarist Joseph Van Fossen (Noctuary), bassist Wrest (Leviathan), and drummer Chris Grigg (Woe). “It was an intense process, considering everyone only had a few days in and out due to their own hellish schedules. I was fortunate to work with dedicated artists who each brought their own identity to the project and a good understanding behind the meaning of the record.”

KRIEG has been an integral part of the American black metal scene since forming in 1995. In addition to their full-length albums, including 2003’s acclaimed The Black House (which Terrorizer Magazine noted it as “one of the ten most important American black metal records”), KRIEG has recorded and released numerous demos, split and live recordings. Fans tally more than 40 individual items as part of the band’s creative efforts. In addition to KRIEG, vocalist Imperial has several other band projects including N.i.l., Apothecary.Sound.Lodge and his doom band March Into the Sea. He is also a member of Twilight which features members of Nachtmystium, Leviathan, The Atlas Moth, Isis, Minsk and more.

The Isolationist Track Listing:

1. No Future

2. Photographs from an Asylum

3. All Paths to God

4. Ambergeist

5. Depakote

6. Religion III

7. Blue of Noon

8. Decaying Inhalations

9. An the Stars Fell On

10. Remission

11. Dead Windows


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August 3rd, 2010
by EvilG


Pre-order bundles for BLIND GUARDIAN’s tenth studio album, At The Edge Of Time, are now available at Nuclear Blast USA’s online store.

The At The Edge Of Time jewel case version plus a work shirt bundle is available here for $27.50.  The 2-CD digi-pak version plus a work shirt is available here for $29.50.  The jewel case CD can be pre-ordered alone for $10.00.

At The Edge Of Time will be released in North America on August 24th and features album artwork created by Colombian artist Felipe Machado Franco (Iced Earth, At Vance, Axel Rudi Pell).

A free BLIND GUARDIAN iPhone / iTouch app is now available for download at the Apple app store at this link.

Visit the newly re-launched BLIND GUARDIAN homepage at

Visit BLIND GUARDIAN online at and


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August 3rd, 2010
by EvilG


With one week to go before the August 10th North American release of their sophomore album, EXILED TO EARTH, Pomona, CA’s BONDED BY BLOOD has teamed up with to bring fans an exclusive “First Listen” stream of the entire album. An intense thrill ride from start to finish, EXILED TO EARTH‘s aggressive shred attack solidifies the reputations of guitarists Alex Lee & Juan Juarez and makes the best and only place to experience the album until its release.

Listen to‘s “First Listen” of EXILED TO EARTH at

EXILED TO EARTH is a concept album set 600 years in the future and tells the tale of The Crong, an alien race who were sent to Earth long ago with one goal — global domination. A skilled group of warriors must now face the impossible and overthrow The Crong to take back our planet. A comic illustrating some of the story can be found at The album, produced by Ralph Patlan (MEGADETH, UFO, WHITE WIZZARD) takes the band’s music to a whole new level with a more serious aggression and progressed musical ability making for a treat for both the ears and the mind.
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NACHTMYSTIUM Shoot New Video For “Every Last Drop”; Post Striking Video Stills Online

August 3rd, 2010
by EvilG

NACHTMYSTIUM embrace the true spirit of individuality and intolerance forming solely as an outlet to express the dark musical visions and summonings of those involved. This vicious, uncompromising group’s (led by mastermind Blake Judd) has also just lent itself to the new disturbing and eerie new video clip for the track, “Every Last Drop,” shot by Jimmy Hubbard and Seldon Hunt, edited by Alan Dubin (ex-Khanate, Gnaw), Special FX Make Up by Brandy McDonald and the Director of Photography Chris Polinski. It also features Judd, Bruce Lamont (Yakuza) and Aubrey Smith (the girl on the Addicts: Pt. 2 cover). It was shot in Brooklyn, New York on Saturday July 24th and Sunday July 25th. Click on the link below now to view the video stills.

We are also proud to announce NACHTMYSTIUM’s next step in global intoxication, as the psychedelically lethal horde will headline the most cerebrally brutal underground tours of the year. Be sure to head over to to acclimate yourself with this phenomenon.

Set to kick off in early September, NACHTMYSTIUM will be joined by brethren Zoroaster, The Atlas Moth and Dark Castle. Presented by Stereogum and Haunting The Chapel, the nearly month-long trek will weave it’s twisted path through sections of the Eastern and Midwest U.S. and into Canada for several dates, before coming to a halt in NACHTMYSTIUM’s Chicago stomping grounds, surely leaving a trail of smoldering cerebrums in its wake. Still heavily supporting their latest black-mangled-rock fantasy album Addicts: Addicts: Black Meddle Part II, which was released in North America in early June via Century Media, the other groove, space, doom, thunder and noise elements culminated by openers Zoroaster, The Atlas Moth and Dark Castle should prove this tour to be the most mind-melting of them all

This headlining tour follows NACHTMYSTIUM’s meaty 2010 tour schedule, which has already included massive North American tours with Kreator and Voivod, Eyehategod, a European tour with Jarboe, appearances at several massive festivals including Roadburn, Festung Open Air and much more. The band will also be headed to Oslo, Norway to slay Oyafestivalen (Oya Festival) alongside Iggy Pop & The Stooges, The Flaming Lips and more on August 12th.

Stereogum/Haunting The Chapel Present:
NACHTMYSTIUM w/ Zoroaster, The Atlas Moth, Dark Castle

9/09/2010 Otto’s Nightclub – Dekalb, IL
9/10/2010 Magic Stick – Detroit, MI
9/11/2010 Lee’s Place – Toronto, ON
9/12/2010 La Sala Rose – Montreal, QC
9/13/2010 Mavericks – Ottawa, ON

9/15/2010 The Studio at Webster Hall – New York, NY
9/16/2010 Webster Underground – Hartford, CT
9/17/2010 Club Hell – Providence, RI
9/18/2010 Great Scott – Boston, MA
9/19/2010 Knitting Factory – Brooklyn, NY
9/21/2010 Kung Fu Necktie – Philadelphia, PA
9/22/2010 Sonar – Baltimore, MD
9/23/2010 Hat Factory – Richmond, VA
9/25/2010 Ground Zero – Spartanburg, SC
9/26/2010 Masquerade – Atlanta, GA
9/27/2010 Hi Tone Café – Memphis, TN
9/28/2010 Fubar – St. Louis, MO
9/29/2010 The Riot Room – Kansas City, MO
10/1/2010 Mickey’s Finn Pub – Toledo, OH
10/2/2010 Reggie’s Rock Club – Chicago, IL


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DESPISED ICON Announce Final Tour of Their Career; Canadian Shows Announced

August 3rd, 2010
by EvilG

Brutally intense, unrelenting and outright savage were just a few ways the metal community described Montreal’s hottest export DESPISED ICON as any of their live shows are a true lesson in violence. After four, full-length albums backed with an unrelenting worldwide touring schedule the band has decided to call it a day and wrap up a stellar career with a final U.S. and Canadian trek this fall. Be sure to stay tuned to to view all upcoming tour dates as they are posted in the coming weeks. Misery Index and The Last Felon are support on all Canadian shows listed below:

Wed/Oct-06 Calgary The New Black Center
Thu/Oct-07 Edmonton Avenue Theatre
Fri/Oct-08 Saskatoon Cosmos Center
Sat/Oct-09 Regina Distrikt
Sun/Oct-10 Winnipeg TBA
Tue/Oct-12 Sudbury Jubilee Hall
Wed/Oct-13 Windsor Chubby Pickle
Thu/Oct-14 Ottawa Ritual
Fri/Oct-15 Trois Rivieres Metal Fest
Sat/Oct-16 Royun Noranda Petit Theatre du Vieu Noranda


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AlajA – Thrash metal band from Spain offers free download

August 3rd, 2010
by EvilG

Now you can donwload the new promo EP of AlajA, as an advance of the second album of this powerful spanish thrash metal band. The EP, called “The mechanical god” contains three new songs and a great cover of the Deep Purple’s classic “Highway star”. After their debut album “Chaos Theory” (Hecatombe Records 2009), highly influenced by the thrash and heavy metal of the 80s, the sound of the band has evolved into a more extreme and dark thrash metal. You can download it for free at


1 – The mechanical god (06:16)
2 – Toxic (07:03)
3 – Black gold war (04:16)
4 – Highway star (Deep purple cover) (04:40)

Download link:


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DAATH Finishing Up Much Anticipated New Full-Length Release; New Webisode Posted Online

August 3rd, 2010
by EvilG

Extreme metal at its very best, plain and simple, is what the Atlanta based quintet DAATH delivers. Currently the group is more determined, energized, and focused than ever before and is continuing to expand upon their unique, uncompromising and dynamic sound. For those previously uninitiated, feel free to head over to to see what they are all about.

DAATH are currently putting the finishing touches on their much anticipated third album, which is being co-produced by the renowned Mark Lewis (Trivium, Devildriver) and Eyal Levi (guitars). Metal Mark from Skulls N Bones recently spent some time in the studio with the band and compiled a video series documenting the recording process, so click on the link below now to check out the first installment.

Levi further states: “It’s hard to write about your own music so I’m going to keep this quick. DAATH has a new record coming out this October. This is the most unrestrained and over the top collection of songs we’ve ever captured. We went in with the intent of creating a freak show of a record and we achieved it. People looking for a wrecking ball of an album will be happy. People looking for an album they’ll still hear new things in one year down the road will be happy. People going in with any preconceived notions of who we are and what we sound like are in for a surprise.”


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August 3rd, 2010
by EvilG


Thrash titans TESTAMENT are pleased to announce their upcoming appearance at Utopia Records in Sydney, Australia this Saturday, August 7th at 3:30pm! Stop in to Utopia to meet TESTAMENT before they perform at the Manning Bar that evening!

After returning from their Australian onslaught, catch TESTAMENT in the United States on the AMERICAN CARNAGE TOUR with Slayer and Megadeth! TESTAMENT is offering a limited number of VIP Packages for every United States date on the tour. This is the fan’s chance to meet the band and get exclusive limited edition merchandise before TESTAMENT head into the studio to record the follow up to their Golden Gods “Album of the Year”, The Formation of Damnation! Now, the Testament VIP package offers some great additions, including an exclusive TESTAMENT Affliction T-shirt! Act now and make sure to take hold of this great opportunity to be a part of METAL HISTORY with TESTAMENT this summer!

The exclusive AMERICAN CARNAGE TOUR VIP package includes:

– One general admission ticket with early entry (where available)
– Exclusive Meet & Greet with the members of TESTAMENT
– Personal photograph with the band
– Autograph session (includes 8X10 photo)
– Exclusive TESTAMENT Affliction Shirt
– Collectible Tour Poster (limited, numbered)
– Exclusive TESTAMENT Music Skin
– Official VIP Meet and Greet Laminate
– Official set of TESTAMENT Guitar Picks



8/6 Melbourne, AUS @ Billboard

8/7 Sydney, AUS @ The Manning Bar

8/8 Brisbane, AUS @ HiFi Bar


8/11 Albany, NY @ Glen Falls Civic Center

8/12 East Rutherford, NJ @ Izod Center

8/14 Boston, MA @ Tsongas Center At UMASS Lowell

8/15 Camden, NJ @ Susquehanna Bank Center

8/16 Wallingford, CT @ Chevrolet Theater

8/18 Cleveland, OH @ Time Warner Cable Amphitheatre

8/19 Detroit, MI @ Joe Louis Arena

8/20 Chicago, IL @ UIC Pavilion

8/21 Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN @ Roy Wilkins Auditorium

8/23 Kansas City, KS @ Capital Federal Park @ Sandstone Arena

8/25 Denver, CO @ Magness Arena

8/26 Albuquerque, NM @ Tingley Coliseum

8/27 Phoenix, AZ @ Dodge Theatre

8/29 San Diego, CA @ Cricket Wireless Amphitheater

8/30 Long Beach, CA @ Long Beach Arena

8/31 San Francisco, CA @ Cow Palace

9/1 Sacramento, CA @ Arco Arena

9/3 Seattle, WA @ Wamu Theatre

9/4 Portland, OR @ Washington County Fairgrounds

For more info on TESTAMENT be sure to visit:


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GAMMA RAY – Dirk Schlächter and Dan Zimmerman

August 3rd, 2010
by Marko Syrjala


 INTERVIEW with interview with Daniel Zimmerman and Dirk Schlächter


Technical support by Robert and Sandra

The German power metal squad Gamma Ray made their debut gig in 2000 at the Tuska festival. Since then the German power metal tornado has been a regular visitor up in Finland. The band has gained the solid fanbase resulting gigs have been quite packed and even sold out. The latest album titled TO THE METAL presents the true Gamma Ray power metal from the beginning to the end. It aint wonder why the editor-in-chief worships. However before Gamma Ray got on the stage at Nosturi, we had an opportunity of chatting both Dirk Schlächter and Dan Zimmerman . 

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Sabaton vocalist Joakim Brodén on the Importance of History

August 2nd, 2010
by EvilG
Sabaton Vocalist Joakim Brodén

Sabaton Vocalist Joakim Brodén

Sabaton vocalist Joakim Brodén recently spoke to about many topics one of the more important ones being about the importance of history. So do you think it’s a crime that some people forget historical things that have happened, and the reasons why they happened? The saying goes “Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”.

Joakim: Yes. I don’t think it’s important to know exactly on which date that something happened. This was something from history class where I was always thinking “Why the fuck should I remember exactly which year what Swedish king ruled?”. I knew it was in the late 1600’s but that was enough. What is important is what happened, what were the consequences, what was the igniting spark. Like the start of World War I or World War II – why, how, and approximately when – that might be interesting. I don’t know how it is on the other side of the Atlantic, but history here in Scandinavia, and at least in Poland, and Germany it’s focused too much on remembering dates to make it easy for the teachers instead of what happened. So yeah I agree. It’s not a crime, but it’s very important.  I don’t know how old you are but I’m turning 30 this year and my mother is in the Czech Republic. She was on the wrong side of the Berlin Wall growing up and I’ve been there myself while it was still there. I have met people who were in concentration camps and things. I think if you are in your late 20’s and above, you are going to have some kind of relationship with this because you’re bound to even have say a friend’s Grandfather who was involved, especially here in Europe.”

“So I think in a sense, if someone is maybe 16 today, they are not going to have second hand experience even, like we have where we met somebody who was actually there to tell it so there is an emotional connection to it. For them it’s going to be more of a fucking history lesson which might be totally boring and uninteresting. I’m afraid that in maybe 15 years or in 35 years, they are the ones who will be presidents or prime minister’s and they may do all this same shit over again.”

Read more here including an update on why the long talked about Sabaton DVD isn’t out and on the forthcoming Sabaton re-release!


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