Shockwaves/HardRadio Podcast featuring recent interviews with MARTY FRIEDMAN, DAVID FEINSTEIN & TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION

February 3rd, 2011
by EvilG

Shockwaves/HardRadio podcast #49: On this episode host Bob Nalbandian interviews legendary guitarist Marty Friedman, discussing his several musical projects in Japan and his upcoming US summer tour, as well as world renown guitarist/vocalist David “Rock” Feinstein of The Rods & Elf. David shares some fond memories about his cousin Ronnie James Dio, who recorded his final vocal session on Rock’s latest solo album Bitten By The Beast. Also on this episode is an interview with Texas Hippie Coalition frontman Big Dad Ritch who discusses the band’s latest release Rollin.
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BELIEVER issues update on upcoming full-length album

February 3rd, 2011
by EvilG

Believer completes mixing and mastering for upcoming album

“We’re pleased to announce that mixing and mastering for the upcoming album is complete. We decided early on in project that we wanted an outside person to mix the record so we could spend more time writing and recording. Kevin Leaman (BELIEVER guitarist) recommended Kevin Gutierrez from Assembly Line Studios for mixing this record. Leaman had worked with Gutierrez previously and said that he was really easy to work with. From the first telephone conversation it was clear that Gutierrez understood exactly what we were looking for sonically and he seemed really interested in helping us achieve that.

We let Kevin know we wanted this album to sound very musical; not just be heavy. We wanted to use the whole frequency range and not have all the mids scooped out so that everything going on in the tunes was audible. Most importantly, we wanted to keep the dynamics. We were a little nervous about not being there physically for the mix, but we spent so much time tweaking in the sounds for tracking that we were confident he had good stuff to work with. The rough mixes we made for ourselves already sounded pretty decent.

Kevin was fast and efficient. He’d send us reference mixes as he completed each song and we’d be emailing/texting comments back and forth at all hours of the day and night. He was very responsive to our change requests and was really helpful in setting up the mastering session and communicating what we wanted to Maor Appelbaum of Maor Appelbaum Mastering.

Maor also understood what we were trying to achieve with the dynamics and the overall listening experience we wanted to create on this album.

Sonically we’re extremely happy with this album and can’t wait for other people to hear it. We feel like this is a really strong and unique album in the BELIEVER catalog and it’s something we’re definitely proud of.

So what will you hear? As we mentioned, we focused more on the overall musicality which included more instrumental layers than we used before. The vocals were also more of a focus as we have had much feedback throughout the years, specifically to get out of the one dimensional realm. Kurt wanted the vocals to be more complimentary to the overall tune feel, so he used many facets of his vocal abilities. As with all Believer albums, this one is definitely unique.”

Stay tuned to for more information on Believer’s upcoming album including album title & artwork, tracklisting, pre-orders, music, and videos.

Believer is:

Kurt Bachman – guitars/vocals

Joey Daub – drums

Jeff King – keyboards/guitars

Kevin Leaman – guitars

Follow Believer at the following locations:

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February 3rd, 2011
by EvilG

Scottish death metallers CEREBRAL BORE have been confirmed to play at this year’s Neurotic Deathfest, which takes place on April 29th and 30th in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Neurotic Deathfest is one of the most popular death metal festivals in Europe and attracts fans from far and wide with its world class extreme metal acts.

CEREBRAL BORE have been added to the already-impressive bill, which includes such legendary names as AT THE GATES, AUTOPSY, OBITUARY, HATE ETERNAL, DECAPITATED and many more.

For more information about Neurotic Deathfest, head to

CEREBRAL BORE formed in 2006 in Glasgow, Scotland and have toured relentlessly around the globe, building up a formidable reputation in the process.  The band is comprised of frontwoman SOM PLUIJMERS, guitarist PAUL MCGUIRE, bassist KYLE RUTHERFORD and drummer ALLAN MCDIBET.

The band’s debut album, MANIACAL MISCREATION, is due to be released on Earache Records on April 4th.

Watch CEREBRAL BORE’s music video for the track “The Bald Cadaver” at

For more CEREBRAL BORE news and info, head to

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U.S. cult metal band Blacksmith are back in the studio

February 3rd, 2011
by EvilG

U.S. cult metal band Blacksmith from Albany, N.Y are back in the studio, working on new tracks for a future album of all new material. Lead by original member David Smith (guitar) and the return of Malcolm “Mania” Lovegrove ( “Fire from Within” era) on vocals. Rhythm section of John Dodge (bass) and drummer Michal Craig, whom both in the last version of the band, round out the project. Blacksmith have already recorded several new songs over the past couple of months.

Smith reports, “we have about seven new heavy tracks in the can, Malcolm came in and has just been great adding his vocal and contributing ideas for the songs, after so many years, the moment we heard the playback, the sound was Blacksmith!”

“Label owner Jeremy Golden put us in touch with one another, one thing led to another and we began to getting together some ideas, with these ideas we got on the same page again, let’s make some music, have fun , get our past music out there, make some new noise and trouble, play live again and kill! The real test was the studio, things just clicked.” -Malcolm

The reformation came about due to Heaven and Hell Records future reissue of the original Blacksmith EP and the first full length album “Fire from Within” on the label’s Lost Relic series. The archived material will be re-mastered in an elaborate collectors’ package including photo galleries, enhanced material and a DVD of never before seen live footage of the early eras of the band.

In addition to the Lost Relics release, Heaven and Hell Records plan to issue the unreleased album “Time Out of Mind” recorded in 1990.

Smith states, “This album was written and recorded while we were touring with the F.F.W. release, the music got bigger, heavier and Malcolm and I think was some of our best stuff! The bands label Tropical Records folded before the release saw the light of day, never to hit the boards and leading to the breakup of the band in 1992.

With last year’s announcement of the Heaven and Hell Records Blacksmith releases word has spread quickly, immediately gaining interest and festival offers. The Band has been fielding offers for live festival dates in Germany and looking for that type of live global exposure for future shows.

Smith adds, “We don’t care if we are on stage at dawn, noon or 4:00 A.M., be it the blazing sun, or English downpour, we want to be out there.”

With the Heaven and Hell Records releases, new music being recorded, and live dates and festivals appearances being planned, Blacksmith is hoping to get back out and get loud.

Heaven and Hell Records [ Label ]



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Pantera Fans Call For Reunion Tour

February 3rd, 2011
by EvilG
PANTERA - Cowboys From Hell 20th Anniversary Edition (Sept 14 via Rhino Records)

PANTERA - Cowboys From Hell 20th Anniversary Edition (Sept 14 2010 via Rhino Records)

Though Vinnie Paul has dismissed the idea of a Pantera reformation without his brother Dimebag Darrell as “ridiculous,” fans of the band are calling for a reunion tour in tribute to the late guitarist.

Fans on Facebook are banding together to ask Texas groove metal act Pantera’s surviving members Vinnie Paul, Rex Brown and Phil Anselmo to play either a one-off show or a series of US shows in memory of Dimebag.

The fans specifiy that they are not calling for the band to reform, only to reunite for a single show or single tour.

The fans are making it clear that they do not want the band to attempt to “replace” Dimebag Darrell in any permanent capacity, and are instead suggesting possible guest guitarists to appear on the tour. Comments on the Facebook Cause page seem to favor recruiting former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde to fill in, though the idea of having multiple guest guitarists is also popular.

The fans’ request comes only days after Hellyeah drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott slammed the idea of a Pantera reformation in an interview with the Russian e-zine Darkside, saying:

It’s ridiculous. Dime was such a huge part of it; it would be just completely asinine to even consider that. I think it’s pretty disrespectful from people to even suggest it.

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February 3rd, 2011
by EvilG

Remember the days when a rock ‘n roll band LOOKED like a rock ‘n roll band? Remember the days when a rock ‘n roll band was DANGEROUS? Remember the days when going to a rock ‘n roll show was going to a SHOW?    Remember the days when a rock ‘n roll band had CHARISMA, PERSONALITY, LOOKS, ATTITUDE?? Remember the days when the members of a rock ‘n roll band had the “IT” factor?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then TORNADO is the band for you!

Imagine Slayer getting fucked by Guns N’ Roses…

Tornado will enter Abyss Studio on March 7th,2011 to begin recording their Listenable Records debut Amsterdamn,Hellsinki for release on May 23,2011 The album will contain the following 11 tracks of fist pumpin, booty shakin, sleazy thrash for a new generation.
A Statement


Hate Worldwide

3 0f 8

Ghetto Wasteland


Priesthood Pedophilia

Rise, Disciples Rise


Ignorance Is Thy Name

Massive Extinction Impact

No Mercy (L.A. Guns cover)

Tornado is:

Superstar Joey Severance – Vocals

Michiel Rutten – Guitar

Ben Varon – Guitar

Pekka Johansson – Bass

Juhana “Starvin Marvin” Karlsson – Drums

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MANOWAR Gives Away Free Road Warrior T-Shirts!

February 3rd, 2011
by EvilG


Hail To All Warriors Of The World!

MANOWAR are once again giving away an exclusive, FREE “Road Warrior” t-shirt to every ticket holder who joins their shows from a different US state or country on the upcoming Battle Hymns 2011 Tour!

“No distance is too far for a True Metal Warrior! Once again we want to show our respect and appreciation to the thousands of fans who often travel hundreds of miles to see our shows by giving them a free shirt which they can proudly wear as a testament of their loyalty showing the whole world that we have the greatest fans in the world.”

The “Road Warrior” t-shirt will be available for FREE, as long as stocks last, to every fan that travels from a different US state or different country to see MANOWAR.

Here are some examples:

– On March 5, 2011 MANOWAR plays at The Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. The free “Road Warrior” t-shirt will be available at this show to anyone who travels from any of the other 49 US states besides Massachusetts and also for those who travel from any other country in the world.

– On March 18, 2011 MANOWAR plays at The Principal Club Theater in Thessaloniki, Greece. The free “Road Warrior” t-shirt will be available at this show to anyone who travels from any other country in the world besides Greece.

Every ticket holder who wants to get the free, exclusive “Road Warrior’ t-shirt must register IN ADVANCE at the Kingdom Of Steel ( and obtain an order ID which MUST be presented at the venue, along with valid government-issued photo ID (e.g. passport, driver’s license, national ID, etc.).

Please note that registration WILL END ONE-WEEK prior each respective show.

For more details and IMMEDIATE REGISTRATION, click HERE.

Thank you to the greatest fans in the world! And a special thank you to all of those who travel great distances to see the band!

Hail & Kill


Upcoming MANOWAR tour dates worldwide:

Saturday March 05, 2011 @ The Palladium in Worcester, MA – USA

Friday March 11, 2011 @ The Agora in Cleveland, OH – USA

Saturday March 12, 2011 @ The Agora in Cleveland, OH – USA (SOLD OUT)

Friday March 18, 2011 @ Principal Club Theater in Thessaloniki – Greece (SOLD OUT)

Saturday March 19, 2011 @ Principal Club Theater in Thessaloniki – Greece

Friday March 25, 2011 @ St. Jakobshalle in Basel – Switzerland

Sunday March 27, 2011 @ O2 Academy in Birmingham – UK (SOLD OUT)

Tuesday March 29, 2011 @ Trädgårn in Gothenburg – Sweden (SOLD OUT)

Wednesday March 30, 2011 @ Trädgårn in Gothenburg – Sweden

Saturday April 02, 2011 @ Campo Pequeno in Lisbon – Portugal

Friday April 08, 2011 @ Rodahal in Kerkrade – The Netherlands

Check out for constant updates!

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Power Theory Signs with Pure Steel Records – Germany

February 3rd, 2011
by EvilG

Hail to All Metal Heads! It’s Official!!

Philadelphia, PA area True Metal Band Power Theory® has signed with Germany’sPure Steel Records!

“We’re currently completing new artwork for the “Out of the Ashes, Into the Fire” CD duplication and had a killer photo shoot with Jen & Drew from wwThe Savvy Image Photography. The cover artwork will still be the same as the promotional release but re-worked at a, less busy, higher resolution and all other photos and art work will be redone at a much more professional level.” quoted guitarist Bob “BB” Ballinger.

“It’s been a lightning pace in the last few weeks as we’ve also started recording the drum tracks for our follow up CD “An Axe to Grind” which we intend to release this fall, and a live EP we are working on from some local shows at The Whiskey Tango in Philly. Once again we’re pleased be working with “The Wizard”- Jason Grosse at 1021 studios in Tullytown, PA.” “We’re also working with a Philly area booking agency, SS Entertainment Booking as well, so check our pages for some kick ass shows too.” added Vocalist Dave Santini. “And we’re awaiting booking confirmations for some 2011 German Metal Festivals and hopefully a mini-tour in Germany with our good friends Sinister Realm from Allentown, PA and are confident our signing with Pure Steel will absolutely help.”

In the next few weeks we will be linked to the Pure Steel Home Page, confirm the actual release date of our debut CD, finalize the CD artwork, work on a Metal Calendar and Merchandising with Hellraiser Music Group, play a few live shows, and head back into to 1021 Studios



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The Burning – Guitarist Alex The Kid

February 3rd, 2011
by Anders Sandvall



guitarist Alex The Kid The Burning

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Tom Hack at Massacre Records for setting up this interview

Thanks to Massacre Records for the promo pictures of the band.

Thanks to Target Promotion for additional promo pictures of the band


HAIL THE HORDE is the name of the brilliant third album by the Danish aggressive thrash metal act The Burning. Since the album was so great I thought it would be nice to hook up with a band member in order to talk about it and to talk about touring Denmark and working with the famous producers Tue Madsen and Jacob Bredahl. I had a really great chat with the bands new guitarist Alex The Kid and here is what we talked about. Denmark has a lot of new metal acts that are coming on strong and The Burning is a brilliant example of one of those acts.


Read the rest of this entry »

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February 2nd, 2011
by EvilG

Los Angeles traditional metal heroes, WHITE WIZZARD are pleased to announce the return of vocalist, Wyatt Anderson. Affectionately known as “The Screamin’ Demon,” the fan favorite who previously appeared on the band’s sophomore release, OVER THE TOP has rejoined the band as the full-time frontman. He replaces Peter Ellis, who’s US visa issues prevented him from participating in any long term recording or touring plans. Wyatt Anderson is currently recording vocals for the band’s next release and will be a part of the band’s 2011 world tour.

Here is WHITE WIZZARD mainman, Jon Leon with a brief statement on the reunion:

“I am happy to announce that vocalist Wyatt Anderson has rejoined White Wizzard. I want to first and foremost thank Peter Ellis for giving us his all during the last few months. He is a great guy and we wish him all the best. I am sure he will find a great band and he will always be a part of us.

In the end Wyatt and I were able to find a way to make it work. It is what the fans have asked for as well. We know we had something special with Wyatt singing and myself writing, and we want to progress on that chemistry and keep moving forward. We found a way to work around some obstacles so we can pick up where we left off. Over the Top was an album we are both proud of. We are now recording the follow up due out early summer. We plan massive touring in 2011 as well. Thanks to our fans and I am proud and happy to say the screamin’ demon is back.”

Here is a statement from “The Screamin’ Demon” himself:

“Sometimes, people have to take a step back to gain perspective of their lives. That’s what I did. I didn’t see myself getting what I had always wanted out of a band at the level that White Wizzard was. I didn’t like being told what to do, not realizing that it was not only for the benefit of the band, but also for my benefit. Once I had stepped back, though, I began to see that I WAS getting what I had always wanted, it was just coming at a slower rate than what I had expected. Most people who dream of being in a professional band, spend their lives in pursuit of that dream, and never even come close; and I had just given it up. Fortunately, there is a silver lining to this story. White Wizzard and I have reconciled our differences, and I am proud to say that I will once again be handling the vocal duties. This is going to be an exciting time for all in the White Wizzard camp, and I look forward to seeing all of you fans out there once again.”

View a photo of the reunited Jon and Wyatt in the studio here:

As previously mentioned, the arrival of Wyatt Anderson brings the departure of Peter Ellis. This split was 100% amicable and everyone in the WHITE WIZZARD camp wishes him well in his future endeavors. Here is a parting statement from Peter:

“My departure from White Wizzard was due to the fact that it just proved impossible to get things done in time to keep up with the time schedule with me being based in London and the band being in Los Angeles because of complications that came up regarding my US VISA. The goal was for me to be a long term member of the band and I am very sorry that things didn’t work out. I have had an amazing experience being the lead singer for the band and I found Jon being a true gentleman and one of the easiest people to work with. I would also like to thank Earache for giving me the chance to be on the “Shooting Star” single and for being so nice to me since day one and most importantly I’d like to thank all the fans for being so supportive of me and making me feel so loved! I have already started working on a new band here in London and we are going to be doing some really cool things in the new year. Expect more news about that soon. Meanwhile keep checking my faceb ook and myspace pages for updates.”

is currently in the studio with producer Ralph Patlan (MEGADETH, UFO, MICHAEL SCHENKER, BONDED BY BLOOD) recording their new album to be released in Spring 2011.

WHITE WIZZARD‘s debut album, OVER THE TOP, is available now worldwide on CD and LP.  Get the album now in North America at

Watch Wyatt demonstrate why he earned the nickname “The Screamin’ Demon” in   the video for “Over The Top”:

For more WHITE WIZZARD news and info, head to:


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Mario Maglieri ‘Benefit for Breast Cancer Survivor Carolyne Williams’ Hailed as a Huge Success

February 2nd, 2011
by EvilG
Mario Maglieri

Mario Maglieri

Legendary Whisky A Go Go, Roxy and Rainbow Bar & Grill founder and recovering cancer survivor Mario Maglieri recently presented an amazing benefit for breast cancer survivor Carolyne Williams (pictured right). The hugely successful benefit was put together help raise awareness and spread hope in the darkness of cancer and its effects on families and friends of the infected.

The event included an unprecedented performance by Camp Freddy featuring Matt Sorum (Guns N’ Roses/Velvet Revolver), Billy Morrison (Billy Idol/The Cult), and Dave Navarro (Janes Addiction/Red Hot Chili Peppers). Other performances included Head Cat featuring Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead, and Darling Stilettos, w/ Matt Sorum. The star studded event included additional appearances by Duff McKagan of Guns and Roses, Dave Lombardo of Slayer, Sebastian Bach of Skid Row (pictured above), and B-Real of Cypress Hill.

Check out some videos of the event here, featuring Lemmy Kilmister, Dave Lombardo, B-Real, and Jason Bonham.

She show was deemed an incredible success. After months of being told that her cancer was just a cyst or an infection, Carolyne Williams discovered the worst: that she was diagnosed with malignant Cystosarcoma Phyllodes while having no health insurance from her part-time job. Cystosarcoma Phyllodes is a sarcoma, a very rare type of breast cancer that accounts for less than 1% of breast cancer diagnosis. Phyllodes currently has no research or support for survivors from the bigger Breast Cancer Foundations, because of its rarity. Phyllodes is made of connective tissue and blood, that forms in the breast that does not respond to chemo or radiation. Sadly, many cases of breast cancer are currently being found in younger women in their teens, 20’s and 30’s, and in many cases they are being misdiagnosed, as Carolyne was. There needs to be more awareness to this growing and sadly silent epidemic.

If you are interested in learning more and helping Carolyne Williams and her cause, donations will be much appreciated! please visit

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Edu Falaschi to take part in KAMELOT show in Brazil in April

February 2nd, 2011
by EvilG
Edu Falaschi

Edu Falaschi

Edu Falaschi (Angra, Almah) will be a special guest of KAMELOT show in São Paulo, Brazil of the upcoming “Pandemonium Over South America 2011” tour dedicated to the brand new album of the band «Poetry for the Poisoned» (2010). The concert will take place in Espaço Lux in São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo on April, 9th. The tickets are available here:
“Pandemonium Over South America 2011” tour has 6 announced dates and it will start on April, 7 in Chile. Edu Falaschi will share the stage in São Paulo with such great singers as Fabio Lione (Rhapsody of Fire), Simone Simons (Epica) and Elyze Ryd (Amaranthe) who will help KAMELOT in this tour during the temporary absence of the permanent vocalist Roy Khan.
KAMELOT’s drummer Casey Grillo recorded the drums for the debut self-titled album of Edu Falaschi’s band ALMAH (2006/2007 Laser/AFM/JVC).
According to Edu Falaschi:
“It’s a lot of honor for me to perform live with my friend Casey, Thomas and all the guys from KAMELOT. Today the band counts on the great singer Fabio Lione who helps them in this tour. They called me to take part in this show in my home town city, São Paulo! It’s clear that I immediately said “yes”! We are talking about Kamelot! One of my favorites metal bands ever! For those who don’t know, Casey recorded the drum parts for the first ALMAH’s CD in 2006 and since then we have become friends even more. And especially due to this fact I will do my best in order to give to all KAMELOT fans an unforgettable night! I’ll put my heart on it! See you there soon!”

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February 2nd, 2011
by EvilG

THE ACACIA STRAIN have confirmed they will play this summer’s VAN’S WARPED TOUR, which kicks off in Dallas, Texas on June 24th and ends in Hillsboro, Oregon on August 14th. The band will play songs from their entire catalog, including their latest release, “Wormwood,” which was released in July 2010 and debuted at number 67 on the US Billboard Top 200 chart, their highest chart appearance. This is the band’s first appearance on the VAN’S WARPED TOUR and will definitely bring carnage to every city they play.  Vocalist Vincent Bennett commented: “Warped tour is a notch in the belt of The Acacia Strain that we have been waiting to add to our ‘did it!’ list for a long time. We are proud to finally be able to join the ranks of warped tour alumni. Although music has changed over the years, we won’t forget our roots. See you this summer!”

In the meantime, THE ACACIA STRAIN will be on tour with WHITE CHAPEL and VEIL OF MAYA for the WELCOME TO HELL TOUR across the US and Canada in February into March and on the European leg of the WELCOME TO HELL TOUR with WHITE CHAPEL and IMPENDING DOOM in April.

Feb. 10 – Knoxville, TN – Valarium
Feb. 11 – Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade
Feb. 12 – Charlotte, NC – Amos’ Southend
Feb. 13 – Richmond, VA – The National
Feb. 14 – Springfield, VA – Jaxx
Feb. 15 – Philadelphia, PA – Theatre Of the Living Arts
Feb. 16 – New York, NY – The Gramercy Theatre
Feb. 17 – Clifton Park, NY – Northern Lights
Feb. 18 – Sayreville, NJ – Starland Ballroom
Feb. 19 – Worcester, MA – Palladium
Feb. 20 – Williamsville, NY – Club Infinity
Feb. 22 – Montreal, QC – La TuLipe
Feb. 23 – Toronto, ON – Opera House Concert Venue
Feb. 24 – Pittsburgh, PA – Altar Bar
Feb. 25 – Cleveland, OH – House Of Blues Cleveland
Feb. 26 – Detroit, MI – Saint Andrews Hall
Feb. 27 – Chicago, IL – House Of Blues Chicago
Feb. 28 – St. Paul, MN – Station 4
Mar. 1 – Lawrence, KS – Granada Theatre

Apr.9  – Sheffield, UK – Corporation
Apr.10 – Manchester, UK – Academy 3
Apr.11 – Birmingham, UK – Academy 3
Apr.12  – London, UK – Islington Academy
Apr.13  – Portsmouth, UK – Wedgewood Rooms
Apr.14 – Paris, France – Boule Noire
Apr.15  – Köln, Germany – Underground
Apr.17 – Zürich, Switzerland – Dynamo
Apr.18 – München, Germany – Backstage
Apr.19 – Berlin, Germany – C-Club
Apr. 20 – Hamburg, Germany – Logo
Apr. 21 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Melkweg
Apr. 22 – Meerhout, Belgium – Groezrock Festival

Jun. 24 – Dallas, TX – Gexa Energy Pavillion
Jun. 25 – Houston, TX – The Showgrounds At Sam Houston Race Park
Jun. 26 – San Antonio, TX – AT Center
Jun. 29 – Las Cruces, NM – NMSU Practice Field
Jun. 30 – Las Vegas, NV – TBA
Jul. 1 – Pomona, CA – Pomona Fairplex
Jul. 2 – Mountain View, CA – Shoreline Amphitheatre
Jul. 3 – Ventura, CA – Ventura County Fairground At Seaside Park
Jul. 6 – Bonner Springs, KS – Sandstone Amphitheatre
Jul. 7 – Noblesville, IN – Verizon Wireless Music Center
Jul. 8 – Detroit, MI – Comerica Park
Jul. 9 – Tinley Park, IL – First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre
Jul. 10 – Shakopee, MN – Canterbury Park
Jul. 12 – Darien Center, NY – Darien Lakes Fields
Jul. 13 – Mansfield, MA – Comcast Center
Jul. 14 – Scranton, PA – Toyota Pavilion At Montage Mountain
Jul. 15 – Mississauga, ON – The Flats At Arrow Hall
Jul. 16 – Montreal, QC – Parc Jean-Drapeau
Jul. 17 – Hartford, CT – Comcast Theatre
Jul. 19 – Milwaukee, WI – Marcus Amphitheatre
Jul. 20 – Cleveland, OH – TBA
Jul. 21 – Camden, NJ – Susquehanna Bank Center
Jul. 22 – Burgettstown, PA – First Niagara Pavilion
Jul. 23 – Uniondale, NY – Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum
Jul. 24 – Oceanport, NJ – Monmouth Park Raceway
Jul. 26 – Columbia, MD – Merriweather Post Pavillion
Jul. 27 – Virginia Beach, VA – Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
Jul. 28 – Charlotte, NC – V

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February 2nd, 2011
by EvilG


Hear the sound of distant thunder… the time has come again.

Friday the 13th is universally feared for unleashing the darkest imaginable forces in human history. When the entity about to burst forth has waited hidden, seething and festering for a quarter of a century before unloading its gross assault on the senses, the outcome is potentially spectacular. Such is the case with NWOBHM legends HELL, who on May 13th in Europe will release the first studio album of their career, Human Remains, through Nuclear Blast Records.  The album’s North American release date will be announced soon.

One of the true founding fathers of occult metal and cited as a huge indirect influence to many bands, HELL formed in 1982 from the carcasses of U.K. metal bands Reace Against Time and Paralex, whose White Lightning EP was listed by Metallica as a favorite and was subsequently included on the Lars Ulrich / Geoff Barton  ‘NWOBHM ’79 Revisited’ sampler album.

Despite over five years of constant touring, HELL were cruelly overlooked by the ’80s music press, who just didn’t get it.  The band was just too different, too extreme, too musically intelligent and far too thought-provoking for all but the most enlightened music listener to understand them. The final crushing blow came when their long-awaited 1986 album deal with Mausoleum collapsed as the label went bankrupt, followed by the tragic suicide of singer/guitarist, Dave Halliday, in 1987.  The remaining members drew a line in the sand and stopped playing overnight.

Meanwhile, a teenaged Andy Sneap was a permanent fixture in the front row of almost every show HELL played and was also taught to play guitar by Halliday.  He then went on to form Sabbat and became a world-renowned metal producer. Upon meeting again, the remaining members of HELL – Kev Bower (guitar & keyboards), Tony Speakman (bass) and Tim Bowler (drums) – talked with Andy about re-recording the old material to release in conjunction with the old demos.  With Sneap replacing Halliday on guitar and completed by David Bower on vocals, the band has recorded 10 HELL classics from the ‘80s.

A highly respected European magazine has declared HELL as thee band to watch out for in 2011 and has already described Human Remains as one of the best things they have heard in the last 15 years.

Like a venomous creature preserved in amber, HELL’s legacy becomes reborn – pure and untainted, cast forth screaming.

States Jaap Wagemaker, A&R for Nuclear Blast Germany:  “HELL are one of my all time favorite bands from the NWOBHM era and I am really stoked to get the chance to work with a band I consider so groundbreaking!  Back in the day, I received their demos through tape-trading and now, years later, with the music re-recorded by Andy Sneap, the band sounds even fresher than ever before!  I am very proud that we at Nuclear Blast now have the chance to work with HELL and give you the chance to listen to some timeless music.  It is about time that HELL got the international recognition that they deserve and that so many people who are unaware of this monster band finally get the chance to hear all these classics!”

O wretched souls in mortal cast – know this, and know it well,

The hour has come when it shall be – on Earth as it is in HELL.

HELL’s 2011 line-up:

  • David Bower – Vocals
  • Kev Bower – Guitar & Keyboards
  • Andy Sneap – Guitar
  • Tony Speakman – Bass
  • Tim Bowler – Drums

Visit HELL online at &

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February 2nd, 2011
by EvilG
Sabaton - Metalizer (Re-Armed)

Sabaton - Metalizer (Re-Armed)

Available for the first time in North America as non-imports, SABATON’s first four full-length albums will be re-issued by Nuclear Blast on April 14th, 2011.  2007’s Metalizer (Re-Armed), will include four bonus tracks (one live track, a demo track, and a Judas Priest cover) plus a bonus CD of the complete demo track collection for band’s first recording effort, Fist For Fight.

A Swedish power metal sextet that specializes in military history, SABATON bassist Pär Sundström shares the meaning behind the track title “7734,” discusses the band’s relationship with Judas Priest’s Defenders Of The Faith album, and recalls some memories of the Fist For Fight recording sessions:

“When we recorded Metalizer, we had some songs that were written in the studio.  ‘7734’ was one of them.  The song is basically a hymn about the battle of metalheads which are – in the beginning – few in number and they finally become 7,734.  We saw the number written on a calculator upside down which spelled ‘HELL,’ so we named it that way.  Also during the recording sessions for Metalizer, we were asked to do a few cover songs. We did (amongst a few others) the cover of Judas Priest’s ‘Jawbreaker,’ which was one of the songs we felt we could do well and still keep the original touch of it.  The day before we entered the studio to start recording ‘Fist For Fight,’ I remember sitting at Joakim’s place and having some beers.  That evening, the song ‘Hellrider’ was written simply by chance since it was not intended to be recorded.  ‘Hellrider’ then became a standing song in all the future live sets of SABATON and even today, we play it.”

The track listing for Metalizer (Re-Armed) is as follows:

01  Hellrider
02  Thundergods
03  Metalizer
04  Shadows
05  Burn Your Crosses
06  7734
07  Endless Nights
08  Hail To The King
09  Thunderstorm
10  Speeder
11  Masters Of The World

Bonus Tracks:

12  Jawbreaker (Judas Priest Cover)
13  Dream Destroyer
14  Panzer Batallion (Demo Version)
15  Hellrider (Live In Västeras 2006)

Bonus CD:

01  Introduction (Fist For Fight Compilation of Demos)
02  Hellrider (Fist For Fight Compilation of Demos)
03  Endless Nights (Fist For Fight Compilation of Demos)
04  Metalizer (Fist For Fight Compilation of Demos)
05  Burn Your Crosses (Fist For Fight Compilation of Demos)
06  The Hammer Has Fallen (Fist For Fight Compilation of Demos)
07  Hail To The King (Fist For Fight Compilation of Demos)
08  Shadows (Fist For Fight Compilation of Demos)
09  Thunderstorm (Fist For Fight Compilation of Demos)
10  Masters Of The World (Fist For Fight Compilation of Demos)
11  Birds Of War (Fist For Fight Compilation of Demos)

SABATON will embark on their first-ever North American tour with German heavy metal legends ACCEPT in early April with several headlining off-dates.  Confirmed tour dates are as follows:

04/09/11     The Club at Firestone – Orlando, FL

04/10/11     Culture Room – Ft. Lauderdale, FL

04/13/11     Jaxx – West Springfield, VA

04/14/11     The Trocadero – Philadelphia, PA

04/15/11     Montage Music Hall – Rochester, NY  (SABATON HEADLINING SHOW; NO ACCEPT)

04/16/11     Best Buy Theater  – New York, NY  *ONE-OFF; OVERKILL HEADLINES*

04/17/11     Club Soda- Montreal, QC – CANADA

04/18/11     Imperial de Quebec – Quebec City, QC – CANADA

04/20/11     Mod Club – Toronto, ON – CANADA

04/21/11     Blondie’s – Detroit, MI

04/22/11     Bottom Lounge – Chicago, IL

04/24/11     Bluebird Theater – Denver, CO

04/26/11     El Corazon – Seattle, WA

04/27/11     Peter’s Room – Portland, OR

04/28/11     The Grand Ballroom – San Francisco, CA

04/30/11     House of Blues – San Diego, CA

05/01/11     Galaxy Theatre – Santa Ana, CA

05/02/11     Ventura Theatre – Ventura, CA

05/03/11     The Clubhouse – Tempe, AZ  (SABATON HEADLINING SHOW; NO ACCEPT)

05/04/11     Club Vegas – Salt Lake City, UT

05/06/11     Backstage Live – San Antonio, TX

05/07/11     Scout Bar – Houston, TX

Pre-sale tickets for this tour are available online at and all normal ticketing outlets.

View a photo gallery of SABATON’s performance on the 70,000 Tons of Metal Cruise here.

SABATON’s fifth studio album and Nuclear Blast debut, Coat Of Arms, debuted at #124 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart and #87 on the Top Hard Music chart.  Worldwide first-week chart entries were as follows: Sweden #4; Poland #9; Finland #17; Germany #19; Switzerland #33 and Austria #71.

View the video for the track “Uprising” – “a powerful and emotional tribute to those who lost their lives in the Warsaw uprising in 1944” – at this location.  Filmed in Warsaw, Poland, “Uprising” was directed by Jacek Raginis (who is related to decorated WWII hero Wladyslav Raginis), features an appearance by Swedish actor Peter Stormare (“Prison Break,”, “8MM,” “Fargo”) as SS-Obergruppenführer von dem Bach, and was a collaborative work with the Warsaw Rising Museum, the “Radoslaw” Reenactment Group, the Wizna 1939 Association and Polish fans.  It also features archival materials provided by Filmoteka Narodowa.

The “Making Of” video with English subtitles can be viewed here.  Stills from the video shoot can be viewed here.

SABATON features Joakim Brodén on vocals, Oskar Montelius on guitars, Rikard Sundén on guitars, Pär Sundström on bass, Daniel Mullback on drums, and Daniel Mÿhr on keyboards.

Visit SABATON online at,,, and

Visit the band’s official YouTube channel at

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