Nuclear Assault – John Connelly, Dan Lilker, Glenn Evans

July 4th, 2015
by Arto Lehtinen


Nuclear Assault conquered the speed/thrash metal scene of the 80’s with a razor sharp sound with crossover elements. Nuclear Assault’s lyrics were based on the everyday reality that we are facing even nowadays. The band’s albums HANDLE WITH CARE, SURVIVE, and GAME OVER are the obvious thrash metal gems. Even though Nuclear Assault have been on hiatus from time to time, once again the four piece have returned with a new EP and a massive European festival tour. sat down with John Connelly, Glenn Evans and Dan Lilker to talk about various and interesting topics.

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July 3rd, 2015
by Metal Rules

From Hells Heart

From Hell’s Heart:

We thought it would be cool to follow up last week‘s topic of the best replacements with a top 5 WORST metal vocal replacements. However, so we don’t all have the same list, we had to have some (dis)honorary members that we MOSTLY agree that didn’t fit as a replacement (maybe they don’t suck not on their own, but do for the role into which they were thrown).

The (dis)honorary top 3 worst  metal vocal replacements:

1. Blaze Bayley (Iron Maiden)
2. John Corabi (Motley Crue)
3. Gary Cherone (Van Halen)

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Interview with Morgan Rider of Vesperia, Wacken Metal Battle Canada 2015 Champions- Part I

July 2nd, 2015
by J P

Interview with Morgan Rider of Vesperia

Wacken Metal Battle Canada 2015 Champions – Part I

by JP


It was week after midnight in Toronto, Ontario on June 6th when it was finally announced, Vesperia had won the Wacken Metal Battle Canada.  We decided to contact the band and do a two-part interview.  In this first part we will meet the band and in Part II we will hear of their adventures in Germany this summer.  Enjoy!

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Interview with Brett Stevens of Death Metal Underground webzine.

July 2nd, 2015
by J P

Interview with Brett Stevens of Death Metal Underground webzine. 

by JP

Recently I made the acquaintance of Brett Stevens of the internets longest running Metal webzine, Death Metal Underground. As a long time defender of the faith we knew we wanted chat with him and get an expert perspective on the state of Death Metal today.  Enjoy!


1. What is your official role at Death Metal Underground?

Right now, I am just a writer. I was its founder and editor for many years, but as of several months ago I passed the editorship on to David Rosales, who is a talented young writer, musician and editor who has great insights into metal music. As the site was shaped from my vision based in what I played on my radio show (1992-1998) I remain its biggest internal influence, even as I spend less time on daily content for the site. The <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Dark Legions Archive</a>, which continues at the Death Metal Underground, is the net’s oldest and longest-running metal site and the result of my vision plus a lot of advice from others and learning over the years. I am glad to see it carry on in such capable hands, and to contribute when I can.

2. Tell us a bit the early days of the site and how it has evolved in terms of technology from 1998 to today.

The site started as a collection of textfiles uploaded to hacker BBSs in the late 1980s (you can read more about this era in my article <a href=”” target=”_blank”>”Hacker Metal”</a> at <em>Perfect Sound Forever</em> ezine). I was calling all of these underground boards where a lot of people who were into telecommunications and security (heh heh) were also into metal. At first, I uploaded lyrics files, then began reviews and articles. These got popular over time and so I moved them onto the wider internet, first with FTP and gopher, the later the web, in the early 1990s. The site was straight HTML at that point and went through several upgrades in appearance. By 1998, the site was a full-fledged HTML maze focused on the best of the underground. Since then, I have added a metal news blog and automated the review posting using custom software of my design.

3. How much time do you spend on the site and what is your average day like?

These days, I spend a lot less. In the past, depending on how much metal listening I could get away with during the workday, I would spend 4-6 hours a day listening, writing and publishing the material. At this point, I tend to have less listening time, so I mostly binge-listen on the weekends and then write from notes during the week. I like to give anything I review at least a few listens before trying to think up something to say about it unless it is execrably devoid of creativity, at which point I tend to pitch it in the bin and move on. My average day involves work, family and writing both for DMU and other projects, starting early in the morning and ending relatively late at night. The schedule is somewhat grueling. If it were not for green tea and strong tobacco, I would fall over a lot more.

4. DMU has a reputation for being very academic and thought provoking. Why has this been the driving force be hind the writing?

My background was first in journalism, next in academia, and finally in information technology. In addition, my “hobbies” are literature and philosophy, both reading and writing. All of these, including a fair amount of post-modern theory, went into the style of writing that I developed and which is somewhat widely emulated today. I started down these paths by accumulating intellectual tools for understanding the world through analysis. The reason I apply these to metal is that they fit: heavy metal is a reality-based, highly analytical form of music which tends toward Latinate language and use of terms from philosophy and religion. Since most metal subject matter finds parallels in the era of Romantic literature, music and visual art, translating analysis from that domain provides a fertile ground for understanding metal!

5. Alone the same lines, DMU has often been ‘the sharp point of the stick’ when it comes to (allegedly) controversial issues in Heavy Metal. Is that a role that you enjoy to be the champion and defender of Metal against the clueless and feeble-minded who don’t get it? Do you catch much flack from bands (or labels, agents. PR people) you call a spade a spade and call out lame bands for being….well…lame?

DMU arose during a time when metal was the whipping boy for many social ills and scapegoated by politicians, teachers, academics and parents alike. It was important then, as it is now, to not allow the opposition to define the terms of debate, because their goal will always be to distract us from their misdeeds by finding something to blame. Heavy metal was a convenient target upon which to heap the suicides, violence, drug use, promiscuous sex and criminality rising in society during the 1980s, and now it is used as a political symbol by others. In addition, I have been active in anti-censorship and pro free speech activity since the mid-1980s, as I find this is always under threat. Generally, those who attack metal are worse than clueless and feeble-minded, although that may <em>also</em> be true; they are acting in bad faith. We all know heavy metal does not cause suicide and drug use, but looking into the actual causes of those problems will make politicians and other authority figures look bad so… blame heavy metal! To their credit, most label people and PR agents have been very cool about the fact that DMU hates just about everything. Our good reviews are worth more than those on some sites which shall remain unnamed — but you probably have some idea of who I am speaking — who try to write fawning “it will rip your head off!” type reviews for anything the bigger labels send them.

6. For the more knowledgeable fan there are a number of Death Metal sub-genres. Do you have a preference or do you try to avoid over-categorization?

I am generally agnostic on everything but music quality, which is both competent expression and having some form of content, emotional and otherwise, to express. If a band does this in any genre, I am interested and will write what I find. I separate this assessment from personal taste, which is what I enjoy surrounding myself with and in which I find personal resonance with the sound. Most of my tastes run to old school death metal from 1985-1993, selected black metal and some rare heavy metal standouts like early Iron Maiden and Mercyful Fate. I have no problem with detailed categorization, so long as people separate descriptive terms from genre terms. For example, “technical” is a modifier for any genre, but “tech-death” is a type of metalcore. I find it useless when people invent genres like “retro-gore pirate metal” to describe what is basically a speed metal band with some guy singing about ale and wenches rotting from within.

7. Has there ever been any discussion amongst the staff/writers and volunteers to expand the site to include more genres of Metal?

All of us seem to tacitly agree on genre-agnosticism. DMU covers mostly death metal, but also black metal, grindcore, punk, doom metal, speed metal, progressive rock and classical music. Where we find good stuff, we will write about it. If there is ever a top-notch metalcore record released, we will write on it. That being said, some genres are defined by having limited their musical palette by overuse of certain techniques or self-imposed limits on the compositional frameworks used, and it makes it unlikely they will rise above the background hum of mediocre rock acts with which we are all familiar.

8. This is a tough but fair question…why do you feel the ‘scene’ saturated with so many of the technical Death/core bands lately? Is it merely an annoying (but profitable) trend to try to be like Origin and all those guys? Are there any new, younger Death Metal bands that are catching your ear?

There are some great newer bands that have caught my ear, although I am not sure of the ages of the musicians. Blood Urn from Austria is a great act, as is Desecresy from Finland, and a death metal band named War Master from Texas. In addition, some bands have some musicians from the older era like Blaspherian and Imprecation, but the rest of their line-ups are younger people.

Undoubtedly the ‘scene’ is saturated with core, and I think it comes about for the following reasons. It is easy to produce, because it embraces an aesthetic of randomness (high contrast between riffs) which makes songwriting a lot easier than in death metal or even black metal; further, because so much of its material exists at the surface level, its infrastructure is conversely forced to be relatively simple. Your average core band is a variation and verse/chorus/turnaround with as much attention as possible spent on making the riffs outlandish to disguise how musically similar they are, and how little goes on musically — separate from aesthetics like rhythm, surface arrangements, technique, vocal timbre and production — despite all of the guitar fireworks. Metalcore, of which deathcore and tech-death are variants, is also strikingly popular because it requires nothing from the listener. Since the songs are random, all they have to do is follow along with the vocals which are used to unite these grab-bags of riffs into “songs.” Finally, metalcore challenges nothing. It is the musical equivalent of pizza rolls and this makes people feel like they are rebels for being “metal” even though the music they are playing is as safe as listening to disco in the 70s or grunge in the 90s.

9. Brutal or technical? …or is that too simplistic of a breakdown?

That is a hard breakdown for me to use. For example, two of the bands I enjoy greatly, Suffocation and Demilich, have elements of both. Some of the best bands use techniques when appropriate, and trying to go “all-brutal” or “all-technical” would produce the same kind of listener boredom. I spend a lot of my listening time on classical music, which tends to have many voices within the same piece: sentimental, mathematical, aggressive, pensive, melancholic, etc. Within my daily listening, Atheist and Cianide mix it up with Haydn and Bruckner interrupted by Kraftwerk and Lord Wind, followed by some Amebix and Cro-Mags. I am not random in my listening but focused on the ability of the band to express itself artistically and make an object of <em>art</em>, or in other words a sensual experience that changes the listener intellectually by showing them the world in a new light and through that, revealing the inner notions they have concealed from fear of social pressure. All art does this, even great novels and symphonies, and metal — which is not from the pop tradition — does the same. This is why metal is so aggressive about self-policing against poseurs/hipsters (etc.!): it wants to keep its artistic basis and not be assimilated by the pop trend, which is obviously more popular and lucrative because it appeals to a lowest common denominator. This is why I remain agnostic to type of music, but wherever I find good music, listen the hell out of it. I tend toward metal because I find it most honest and sustaining, but within metal, as long as it does not betray the fundamental idea of metal (like Deafheaven or Vattnet Viskar) any style will do.

10. What is it with the tobacco reviews? lol.

As a pipe smoker for many years, I recently branched out into different types of tobacco. I find the process of harvesting different strains of tobacco, curing them in different ways and then finely adjusting the mixes of the resulting different tobacco types to produce different flavors, strengths and scents to be fascinating. In addition, it seems that just as in metal and literature, and even computer science, the public relies on some comfortable fictions which help them stay unconcerned, but underneath the surface there is a more complex reality to be uncovered. Just like how, statistically, “most” people prefer metalcore and Big Macs to old school death metal and off-the-path barbecue, most pipe smokers burn unsatisfying pipe-weed and then try to convince themselves they like it. I notice things in music, literature, philosophy, computer science and now tobacco that others overlook, mainly because my method is both analytical and syncretic, and so the same method is applied as in the metal reviews. Maybe I will convert some pipe-men to death metal.

11. Aside from total global domination what is next on the overall agenda for DMU?

It would be premature of me to say too much, but our goal is to expand into longer writings, more book and movie reviews, more philosophical/analytical writing, and more lifestyle features like the tobacco reviews which fit into the milieu of the death metal fan. Any hidden or “occult” truths delight death metal fans, and they are perhaps the most open-minded group on earth in how they will consider even barely related areas along with their death metal. David is doing a great job taking the site to the next level, and I and other writings chip in when we can, so much of this will be in his vision and not mine.

Thank you for a great interview. Looking forward to reading more of your writing on!

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CHRIS WYSE – Owl, Ace Frehley band, ex-The Cult

July 1st, 2015
by Marko Syrjala

Chris Wyse



Chris Wyse is an American bassist and singer, best known for his work with The Cult, Ozzy Osbourne, Jerry Cantrell and many others. Wyse joined The Cult permanently in 2006 and recorded three albums with the band. However, he left the band earlier this year. With Ozzy he recorded the album UNDER COVER (2005). In 2014, he played on Ace Frehley’s SPACE INVADER and he has been a member of Frehley’s band ever since. Wyse is also a singer and bassist in his own band called The Owl, a band he founded in 2007. The Owl is described as “approaching through the timeless rock structures healthy experimentation and instrumental intricacy”. The band released their debut album in 2009, followed by the album THE RIGHT THING in April 2013. Their third album, THINGS YOU CAN’T SEE, will be published in July 2015. I met a good-humored Chris in June in Stockholm and here’s what he had to tell about his new job in the Ace Frehley band, his split with The Cult, the future of Owl, and much more. Read on!

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Seattle Thrashers FALLEN ANGELS Want You To Remember The Atomic Chaos of WWII In ‘Nightmare’ Lyric Video + Offer Free Song Download

July 1st, 2015
by EvilG

New Album ‘World In Decay’ Produced By Michael Rosen Due Out August 4th

L- R – Steve Spitzbart – Drums, Bradzilla – Vocals, Erik Hanson – Guitars, Carl Larsson – Bass, Matt Be Roth – Guitars (Photo Credit – Aaron Meyers)

Seattle, WA thrashers FALLEN ANGELS want you to remember not to forget the nuclear chaos brought upon Japan’s Hiroshima and Nagasaki during WWII in their new lyric video ‘Nightmare’, which demonstrates with historical visuals the aftermath caused by the Atomic bombs being dropped on those cities. To learn more about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, please visit the following link here.

To watch and listen to the video, please visit the following link: 

‘Nightmare’ is also being offered as FREE download here and is one of eight tracks on the band’s upcoming third studio release ‘World In Decay’ produced by Grammy award winning metal producer/engineer Michael Rosen (Forbidden, Testament, Death Angel, Flotsam and Jetsam, Tesla, Vicious Rumors).  Read the rest of this entry »

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JEFF KOLLMAN checks in from the road with Sebastian Bach

June 28th, 2015
by EvilG

Guitarist Jeff Kollman (COSMOSQUAD, BOMBASTIC MEATBATS, GLENN HUGHES) is the latest addition to the SEBASTIAN BACH touring band which also features Kollman’s long-time musical companion Kevin Chown (BOMBASTIC MEATBATS, TARJA) on bass and Bobby Jarzombek (FATES WARNING, HALFORD, RIOT) on drums.  Kollman will be with Bach for the rest of his current U.S. run of dates which ends July 14 in Dallas, TX.

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PEAVY WAGNER – Refuge and Rage

June 28th, 2015
by Marko Syrjala


Peavy Wagner


Peavy Wagner is a German heavy metal musician who is best known as the lead singer and bassist of the band Rage which he founded in 1984. The band is an important part of the German metal / power metal scene along with names such as Helloween, Running Wild and Blind Guardian. Rage enjoyed great success in the years 1988-1993 when the band released their best-known albums: SECRETS IN WEIRD WORLD, TRAPPED! and THE MISSING LINK. The line-up of this classic era Rage consisted of Peavy, guitarist Manni Schmidt, and drummer Chris Efthimiadis. Schmidt left the Rage in 1994, and Efthimiadis left in 1999, but that did not stop the band from continuing. The guitarist Victor Smolski joined the band in 1999 and drummer Andre Hilgers replaced Mike Terrana in 2007. This lineup released four studio albums until Smolski and Hilgers left the band in February 2015. Around the same time, Peavy contacted Schmidt and Efthimiadis and they decided to start playing together once again under the name of Refuge. Wagner also announced that despite the dissolution of Rage in February, the band would continue with new members that will be announced in late June. Sounds more than a bit complicated, does not it? I met Peavy at the Sweden Rock Festival in early June, and we discussed Refuge, the recent line-up changes in Rage and the future of the two bands.

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RICHIE SCARLET – Ace Frehley band, solo artist and more

June 27th, 2015
by Marko Syrjala

Richie Scarlet



Richie Scarlet is a multi-talented musician and producer from New York. Scarlet has created a long career as a solo artist and he also worked with such names as Dennis Dunaway, Rock and Sebastian Bach, among others. However, Scarlet is best known for his long-standing collaboration with the legendary KISS guitarist Ace Frehley. Scarlet was one of the original members of Frehey’s post KISS band Frehley’s Comet in the early 80s. Later, he played on a successful TROUBLE WALKIN album in 1989 and stayed in the band until 1996, when Ace rejoined KISS. Now he is back in Frehley’s’ band for the third time. The Ace Frehley band started its European tour at Sweden Rock at the beginning of June, and I met a good-humored Richie backstage after the show and here’s what I got caught on the tape. The Emperor or Rock’n Roll is back !!!

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Within Silence – guitarist and founder Richard Germanus

June 27th, 2015
by Anders Sandvall


Within Silence: Guitarist and founder Richard Germanus

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Emil Westerdahl at Ulterium Records for setting up the interview and for the promo pictures of the band. Additional promotional photos taken by: YD Photography, Shorty, 3Media Prodction


Within Silence is a new power metal band from Slovakia led by guitarist and founder Richard Germanus. I had the pleasure to have a chat with Richard and I thought it was suitable to dig into the past of the band and also talk about their debut album GALLERY OF LIFE. That album was just released in Europe and the USA in May of this year. If you’re into bands like Sonata Arctica, Stratovarious, Hammerfall and Gamma Ray, then I’m pretty sure you’re going to like what you hear when you push play on GALLERY OF LIFE.

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June 26th, 2015
by Metal Rules

From Hells Heart

From Hell’s Heart:

As usual, constraints must be placed on everyone’s suggestions. The vocalists, the original and the replacement in each list, must have both recorded a studio album with the band. To make our lists a little more interesting, we have an honorable Top 5 which we disallowed from each staffers top 5. We just assumed these would likely win otherwise and make the point of doing the list pointless.

Honorary top 5:

1. Bruce Dickinson
2. Dio
3. Rob Halford
4. Phil Anselmo
5. Brian Johnson

So with those vocal legends given their rightful place, let’s continue on with the selections.

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Bloodstock Festival Offering Weekend Tickets at UK Club Nights

June 26th, 2015
by UK Team

Bloodstock1.1This weekend, rock clubs all across the UK will be offering festival goers the chance to win a set of weekend tickets for Bloodstock Open Air Festival.

The competition is organised by product service: EMP Rock and Metal Mail Order.



Be sure to drop into one of the following clubs for your chance to win this weekend:

Thu 25th June – London The Purple Turtle

Thu 25th June – Exeter Walkabout

Thu 25th June – Glasgow The Cathouse

Fri 26th June – Bristol Bierkeller

Fri 26th June – Bolton Blind Tiger

Fri 26th June – London Elektrowerkz

Sat 27th June – Birmingham The Asylum

Sat 27th June – Sheffield The Corporation

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DEEP PURPLE Announce Two Live Releases Celebrating Two Different Kind Of Nights

June 25th, 2015
by Celtic Bob


One band, two crowds, two countries—a tale of two cities indeed. From Germany’s Wacken Open Air Festival, one of the biggest metal festivals in the world and a city unto itself, to Japan and the stately Nippon Budokan, the most revered venue in Tokyo. Each has its own distinct personality.

Wacken is a success story beyond par, starting out humbly by two friends in a field in rural Germany and becoming one of the best organized and attended metal festivals… ever. We were most impressed by the facilities, security, backstage, camping… in fact the whole production was superb.

As was the crowd, an awesome sight from the stage, generating a palpable sense of occasion. In the sunset, we were treated to a great welcome from the sea of tattoos and black leather facing us.

Festival crowds are unique because most people are there for the occasion itself rather than for any particular band. For us that is always a welcome challenge and a chance to connect with many who may never have seen us before. But the real stars are all in the audience. Thank you, Wacken.

By way of contrast, the Budokan is a temple of peace (except for the infamous occasion when all the seating was destroyed). Made in Japan was partially recorded there and we’ve played there many times since. For such a large space, the acoustics are excellent; this special building never ceases to impress.

On this particular evening, we came in at the back door, climbed the cool, marble staircase and entered the familiar dressing room. Feeling like we’re the only people in the building, it’s hard to believe there’s even an audience out there.

But there is, young and old, sitting patiently or chatting quietly—the embodiment of civility. It’s almost like the respectful hush one might find in a cathedral. But they’re here to rock. And rock they do. They may be quiet while they’re waiting, but they are far from shy during the show. They gave us an unforgettable evening. Thank you, Tokyo.

From the Setting Sun… (In Wacken) has been filmed by 9 HD cameras at Wacken Open Air Festival 2013. For the first time in Deep Purple’s history, the band will release a 3D version of their performance on Blu-ray, filmed at Wacken.

…To the Rising Sun (In Tokyo) has been filmed by 12 HD cameras at Nippon Budokan, Tokyo in April 2014.

The audio of both shows has been mixed in Hamburg, Germany by Eike Freese and Alex Dietz (Heaven Shall Burn) with the supervision of Roger Glover.

From the Setting Sun… (In Wacken) and …To The Rising Sun (In Tokyo) will be made available on 2CD+DVD, DVD, Blu-ray (Tokyo performance), and Blu-ray 3D (Wacken performance) on September 18 on earMUSIC.

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June 24th, 2015
by Celtic Bob


Just a few more weeks and the BULLETBOYS will embark on a National headline-tour with LA Guns axe-man Tracii Guns and iconic Swedish rock band Killer Bee w/guitar guru Paul Chapman from U.F.O. for the first leg of the Armed Alliance Tour.

BULLETBOYS VIP packages are available – You get special early access, VIP laminate, meet & greet, signed 8×10, you can bring 2 items to be signed and a special “merch package” full of cool stuff! Show tickets sold separate and must be purchased to activate the VIP package.
Buy your VIP here:!__my-website/tour-dates

The band consists of founding member Marq Torien (Vocals/Lead Guitar), Nick Rozz (Guitar), Chad MacDonald (Bass) and Shawn Duncan (Drums). All members pouring their heart and soul into the group’s first album of original material since 2009. ELEFANTE was produced by Matt Thorne (Trapt/Disturbed), Marq Torien and engineered by Ryan Greene (Alice Cooper/Lita Ford/Cheap Trick/Usher). The great Anthony Focx (Miley Cyrus/Aerosmith/Santana/Buckcherry) mastered this new work of art. “Working with the Bulletboys was an amazing experience,” explains Ryan Greene. “Most singers, from back in the 80’s, were pretty good but I will tell you Marq knocked it out of the park on this record. His power and passion was second to none and he can sing in tune! No auto-tune needed, he’s the real freak’n deal.  If you think for a second this is going to be some rehashed 80’s record you are completely wrong!”

Look for their new MASSIVE release ELEFANTE on Cleopatra/Deadline Records OUT NOW!! You can ORDER this long awaited album here: and many other fine online outlets such as Amazon.



MON   07/06  TUCSON, AZ                          CLUB XS – NEW DATE!

THU      7/09    DALLAS, TX                             GAS MONKEY LIVE
FRI       7/10    HOUSTON, TX                         CONCERT PUB NORTH
SAT      7/11    AUSTIN, TX                              THE GATSBY
SUN     7/12    SAN ANTONIO, TX                 BOOZEHOUNDS
MON   7/13    MARRERO, LA                        BARATARIA LIVE
TUE      7/14    MEMPHIS, TN                          ROCKHOUSE LIVE
THU      7/15    JONES CREEK, GA                37 MAIN – NEW!
FRI       7/17    PITTSBURGH, PA                     REX THEATER
SAT      7/18    MANCHESTER, NH                 JEWEL NIGHTCLUB
SUN     7/19    NARRAGANSETT, RI               THE WHEEL HOUSE – NEW!
MON   7/20    NEW YORK, NY                       EDDIE TRUNK SHOW – LIVE
TUE      7/21    NEW YORK, NY                      GRAMERCY THEATER **EDDIE TRUNK TO HOST
WED    7/22    TORONTO, ON                       ROCK PILE EAST
THU      7/23    TOLEDO, OHIO                      BAR 145 – NEW!
FRI       7/24    WESTLAND, MI                       THE TOKEN LOUNGE
SAT      7/25    BOLINGBROOK, IL                 TAILGATERS
SUN     7/26    FRIDLEY, MN                           GB LEIGHTON’S PICKLE PARK
WED    7/29    MERRIAM, KS                         AFTERSHOCK
THU      7/30    COLORADO SPR, CO           PEAK 31


SAT      8/01   MESA, ARIZONA                      CLUB RED   **NO TRACII GUNS – NEW DATE


THU      8/27    MELBOURNE, FL                     80’S IN THE PARK FESTIVAL
FRI       8/28    TAMPA, FLORIDA                  BRASS MUG – NEW DATE



10/16/15 GREEN BAY, WI                  PHATHEADZ BAR
10/18/15 PEKIN, IL                              ROCK N SKULL (AT GOODFELLAS) – W/ FASTER PUSSYCAT

The BULLETBOYS are best known for their self-titled album BULLETBOYS in 1988 on Warner Bros. Records, releasing two major hits “Smooth Up In Ya” and a remake of the O’Jays “For The Love Of Money” followed by their next album FREAKSHOW with “Hang On St. Christopher (Tom Waits cover), THC Groove and more – both albums produced by Ted Templeman .

For more information and updates click on:, or

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Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider Featured On New CD By Dual Female Fronted Power Trio TANG

June 24th, 2015
by Celtic Bob

TANG Blood and Sand COVER Print

One of the hottest releases of 2015 is undoubtedly the new album by dual female fronted alternative metal power trio TANG featuring a guest appearance by legendary Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider! Titled “Blood & Sand”, TANG’s new CD features a duet with Dee Snider on the track “Reign of Blood”!

Says guitarist Denny Colt, “Bonnie knew Dee from back in the day when they both did the club circuit…I hooked up with Dee when I was in Van Helsing’s Curse with we have quite the connection. He’s a really nice guy & did such a great job on the duet with Bonnie on ‘Reign of Blood.’”

Hailing from New York, TANG features Bonnie Parker on Vox & Bass and Denny Colt on Vox, Lead Guitar & Keyboards, and have been trading phrases back and forth in their own ripping style since 1999. Mark Edwards, formerly of Criss Angel & Burning Star, now brings skull-splitting drum beats and a monster attitude. TANG has toured Europe, Canada and the US opening shows for such artists as Crucified Barbara, Girlschool, W.A.S.P., Dokken, Hammerfall, Helloween, Dee Snider, Symphony X and many, many other cool bands.

Denny played guitar, toured & recorded in Dee Snider’s “Van Helsing’s Curse”, the gothic rock orchestra. Bonnie & Denny have currently played, toured & recorded, with Corky Laing from Mountain in his new band “Corky Laing & The Memory Thieves”. They are also working with Corky in Finland, writing, recording & performing on a rock opera called “Playing God” which was presented in Helsinki in 2014. The opera was presented in the US in April 2015 at Yale University & Hunter College.

“I love the total rock vibe of the new TANG CD! It’s real, it’s vital – it’s brilliant.” – Corky Laing

TANG is featured in the new Fred Carpenter film, “Charlie Mantle”, performing their song “Crashing”. The film debuted summer of 2014 and stars Armand Assante, Sean Young and Robert Funaro. Says Bonnie, “TANG was in the film performing the song in a Russian mob club as the lead character, Robert Funaro (of The Soprano’s), is at the end of his dirty cop career & everything is ‘crashing’ down around him. Great concept by director Fred Carpenter!”

Watch TANG’s new video:

Now much to the excitement of their fans worldwide, on September 1, 2015, TANG is releasing their new CD “Blood & Sand”!

Says Denny, “TANG is currently promoting the release of ‘Blood & Sand’ doing shows in the tri-state area. We are talking with promoters in Europe, Scandinavia & the US about setting up a tour. Our first CD, ‘Mental Pollution’ was on a Swedish label, Raw Power UK, and we toured Scandinavia to support it. The tours were very successful culminating with TANG performing at the Sweden Rock Fest.”

Denny Colt – Guitar, keys & vocals
Bonnie Parker – Bass & vocals
Mark Edwards – Drums

To purchase TANG’s “Blood & Sand”:

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