TRIBUTE TO EMPEROR – “In Honour Of Icon E”

February 19th, 2011
by EvilG

Tribute To Emperor - "In Honour Of Icon E"

Tribute To Emperor - "In Honour Of Icon E"

Metal Swamp & Tryzna Production are proud to present their upcoming release of tribute dedicated to the majestic Norwegian black metal band Emperor. It will be called “In Honour Of Icon E”. On this tribute bands that honour and respect these Norwegian titans of black metal will present their cover versions of Emperor´s songs.This year the tribute will see the light of day.


Featuring Bands:

Taake (Nor)

Helheim (Nor)

Troll (Nor)

Horna (Fin)

Setherial (Swe)

Demonical (Swe)

Saltus (Pol)

Mesmerized (Pol)

Necrodeath (Itl)

Midnight Odyssey (Aus)

Silva Nigra (Cz)

Infer (Svk)

Ancestral Volkhves (Svk)

Karpathia (Svk)

Tryzna Production:

Metal Swamp: / /

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February 19th, 2011
by EvilG


Symphonic black metal band DIMMU BORGIR will be performing one very exclusive show with a special, never-to-be-repeated set list with 53 members of KORK (the Norwegian Radio Orchestra) and 30 members of the Schola Cantorum Choir, who were musical guests on the Billboard-charting ninth studio album, ABRAHADABRA.  For fans of DIMMU’s Wagnerian-inspired majesty, Saturday, May 28, 2011 at the Oslo Spektrum in Norway promises to be a momentous once-in-a-lifetime experience, as this is the band’s only confirmed worldwide appearance throughout the summer.

DIMMU BORGIR guitarist Silenoz states, “It is with great pride and a sense of fulfillment that we can finally announce this event as yet another ambition becomes reality!”  Vocalist Shagrath adds: “Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen.  DIMMU BORGIR makes it happen.  The circle will now be complete.”

Tickets go on sale on Monday, February 21st for 570 Norwegian kroner at this location.  Only 150 V.I.P. tickets (1,500 Norwegian kroner each) will be available, which will include a Meet & Greet with the band one hour before doors, free tapas & beer, and a view of the entire performance from a special riser.  Doors are at 6:30 p.m. (18:30).  Showtime is 8 p.m. (20:00).

Featuring album artwork by Joachim Luetke, ABRAHADABRA debuted in North America at #42 on the Billboard Top 200 chart, #5 on the Top Hard Music Albums chart, and #6 on the Independent Current Albums chart.  It also debuted at #4 on the Top Rock albums and #30 Top Albums charts at iTunes (U.S.) the day of its release.  In Canada, it debuted at #4 on the Nielsen Soundscan Top Hard Albums chart.  ABRAHADABRA chart debuts in Scandinavia and Europe include: Norway – #2; Germany – #15; Sweden – #17; Ireland – #19; Austria – #20, Switzerland – #24; France – #43; Poland – #89; Finland – # 48; Belgium – #52; and Holland – #100.

View the music videos – shot by director Sandra Marschner (Marilyn Manson, Children Of Bodom, Mando Diao) for Katapult Films – for the tracks “Gateways” and “Dimmu Borgir” on the DIMMU BORGIR YouTube channel.

Download the DIMMU BORGIR app for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad here.

Visit DIMMU BORGIR online at,,, and on Twitter.

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Primal Fear Vocalist and solo artist Ralf Scheepers

February 19th, 2011
by EvilG


Ralf Scheepers

Interviewed by EvilG

Promotional pics by Frontiers Records


There are many great vocalists that come to mind in heavy metal. The legends like Ronnie James Dio, Rob Halford, and Bruce Dickinson are often the top names mentioned in reverence. Well, a fourth name should be added to that list and that name is Ralf Scheepers. The ex-Gamma Ray singer, Primal fear vocalist, and now solo artist has one of the strongest and best voices in heavy metal.  Ralf’s new solo album sees him mainly sticking to what we’re known him for, but also throwing in a few twists that you would not hear from a Primal Fear record. We caught up with Ralf to discuss his solo album and to get an update on current activity withing the Primal Fear camp.

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THE ARUSHA ACCORD re-sign to Basick Records worldwide

February 18th, 2011
by EvilG

BASICK RECORDS are extremely pleased to announce the re-signing of one the UK’s most forward thinking technical Metal bands, THE ARUSHA ACCORD!

The deal will see a worldwide re-release of the bands debut album ‘The Echo Verses‘ as a 2-disc digipack collectors edition on April 18th 2011, which will be bundled with the bands original debut ‘Nightmares Of The Ocean‘ EP, along with exclusive videos, photos and multimedia content, as well as much sought after guitar/bass and drum tabs to each of the bands songs.

The band are also currently working hard at writing for their follow up record, also due to be released with Basick in the not-so-distant future.

Paul Green, vocalist with the band comments:

“We’re absolutely stoked to be announcing our re-signing with Basick!
Its great to be back home where it all started for us, the collective of bands & label ethic here is truly rare and one we’re proud to be part of again!

We’re equally as ecstatic about this release, a celebration of coming home and also a milestone that will see us move on from TEV.
Everyones been working their absolute tits off getting the tabs, content, artwork & website ready for this and it feels great to now let you in on what we’ve been doing. It’s also great to be getting TEV & NOTO into stores across the world, something that really had been missing for us and of course, you guys! With all the tabs for TEV now there for you guys, let’s see how you get on trying to learn those bastards 😉
This release truly means the end to a chapter for the band… We’ve learnt a hell of a lot about our sound and what we want from music over these past 2 years…

As you know we’re working on a new record; the guys have been throwing stuff back and forth to each other and i can assure you, it’s incredible! We have always aimed to push the boundaries with our sound, and the new material is even more beautiful and as disgusting as anything we have written to date. I think its too early for us to give anything away but we are dipping back into our roots and also looking at new areas for inspiration… Lets hope we can finish this as well as we’ve started! ;)”

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February 18th, 2011
by EvilG

BASICK RECORDS is extremely excited to announce the signing of Australia’s finest, CIRCLES!

Mixing up cutting edge production techniques with some altogether killer guitar work, CIRCLES instantly stand out from the Metal-by-numbers crowd with their, quite frankly, sublime song-craft and incredible vocal delivery.

Set for release via BASICK in Spring 2011, the band’s debut 6-track EP ‘The Compass’, combines musical influences from technically minded bands such as Periphery and Textures, whilst simultaneously drawing lyrical and vocal comparisons to the early works of Incubus and Faith No More.

David Hunter, drummer with the band comments: “We are stoked to be working with Basick Records and to be receiving such a positive international response. Our debut EP ‘The Compass’ has been along time in the making and we are really excited to get it out there and to hear the reactions. Work on the first album has already begun and is coming along really well for such early stages. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us up until this point and we promise the best is yet to come!


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Sylvan Realm complete new album

February 18th, 2011
by EvilG

Eclectic dark metal band Sylvan Realm are about to unleash their 1st full length album titled “The Lodge Of Transcendence” on March 1st 2011. Musically the new album  will bring a unique philosophical, metaphysical approach to the dark/black metal genre. The Lodge of Transcendence is a concept album comprised of 6 songs and a running time of 41 minutes that will be released by the bands own Reverie Recordings label. The Lodge Of Transcendence concept is based upon unlocking cosmic gateways found deep within nature and ultimately reaching enlightenment of the minds eye after traveling through everything, nothing, infinite light, infinite darkness, and completing the voyage beyond dualism to veer the microcosm into the macrocosm,and the macrocosm into the microcosm.

Sylvan Realm rose from the ashes of the band Reverie that was formed in 2003 and put out one full length album titled “Isolation” in 2007. Since then band founder Sylvan relocated from the rocky mountains of Montana to Maryland. In 2010 Sylvan changed the bands name to Sylvan Realm and recruited Evan Madden (Woods of Ypres, The Green Evening Requiem) to unleash his unique musical vision behind the drums and Jason “Deathdancer” Eckert (Aurora Borealis, Todesbonden) for his mastery of the bass. While Sylvan preformed Vocals and guitars for the album as well as lyrics and album art.The Lodge of Transcendence was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Ron Vento (Aurora Borealis) at Nightsky studio during October 2009 to January 2011 in Waldorf Maryland. Not to mention the bands logo was crafted by none other than Christophe “lord of logo’s” Szpajdel known by his work for Emperor, Borknagar, Old Mans Child, and countless others.
What to expect… The material can be best described as a mix of atmospheric dark metal combined with elements of doom, black metal with a organic production, eclectic and diverse approach that renders a sound unlike anyone else. For more visit the bands official myspace site or on facebook as sylvan realm. Lastly the band has posted 3 of the 6 songs on their myspace site and posted two videos on you tube (links below).

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Canadian Music Week – Cryptopsy, Beneath The Massacre – Montreal Metal Storms The Gates – March 9th – Opera House

February 18th, 2011
by EvilG

Montreal metal will be storming the gates of Canadian Music Week, March 9th, 2011 in Toronto, ON at The Opera House (735 Queen St. East) for a true celebration of Montreal’s metal scene. Technical death metallers Cryptopsy & Beneath The Massacre will be leading the charge alongside Toronto’s own Fatality and Montreal’s The Catalyst who will give you a lesson in old school meets modern thrash.

Ontario’s own bastion of all things gore, Disgust will be making an appearance to the pleasure of those who like their death metal pure & sickly to the veins.

Also representing Canada’s metal capital is Montreal’s Dissension, Dush, and Sykode who round out the opening acts; each delivering very different styles and sounds to illustrate the variety in Montreal’s metal scene. From melodic/symphonic, blackened thrash, to gothic-tinged doom rock, and progressive metalcore, STORMING THE GATES…TABARNAK! is the CMW event for METAL.

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February 18th, 2011
by EvilG

So metal heads, what’s YOUR prescription for music to thrive by?

The latest “Expand Your Playlist” radio ad for Kaiser Permanente Hospitals begins like this: “There’s a reason why you see so many people walking around with earphones.  We love listening to music…” And then, out of nowhere and like the sound of a needle scratching a record, the soothing female voice bashes gothic doom metal.  Listen to Kaiser Permanente’s latest radio commercial here (especially at the 0:08 mark).

“Listen to music daily.  Twice daily.  Three times daily or just as needed,” the commercial continues.  “Explore new music.  Expand your play list… because not only can music rock your world, it can make you happier and healthier.”

Taking a small break from the 32-hour, in-studio marathon of placing the finishing touches on the new WHILE HEAVEN WEPT album, guitarist & songwriter Tom Phillips took some time to ponder the commercial’s message and offers his take on the grossly misunderstood genre of gothic doom metal.  His response:

“First and foremost, I truly think it is a shame that ANY form of music is ever branded with a negative connotation; it wasn’t lost on me that this was a misguided attempt at humor on the part of Kaiser Permanente, but the reality is this is the kind of mentality that results in music ultimately being blamed for violence and tragedy.

“Further, a healthcare organization should recognize the value of music as a constructive outlet in dealing with tribulations and negativity.  Despite the fact that WHILE HEAVEN WEPT has little to do with anything ‘gothic,’ most of the Doom Metal musicians I know are able to lead happier, healthier lives due to the cathartic aspects of this music.

“One of the greatest things about music is the fact that it is open to the interpretation of the individual (i.e. what is ‘dark’ to one person is ‘beautiful’ to another, etc.).  Over the years we’ve corresponded with so many people all over the world who took the time to share their most intimate stories of loss and strife and went on to explain how our music (and the music of our colleagues) made a genuine difference in their lives, how they felt understood or simply that they weren’t alone in this world.  If that doesn’t make you feel good, I don’t know what would!

“The bottom line is any form of music can be helpful, healing, and inspiring perhaps even more so than the most advanced medicine in many cases.  I personally would not be here today if it weren’t for Doom Metal, so I hope that Kaiser Permanente and corporations in general will rethink their marketing strategies in the future so as to avoid implications that ring of ignorance.”

WHILE HEAVEN WEPT’s Nuclear Blast debut, Fear Of Infinity, is the follow-up studio album to 2009’s Vast Oceans Lachrymose.  A late Spring release is expected.

On Saturday, March 26th, WHILE HEAVEN WEPT will be headlining a benefit concert at Volume 11 Tavern in Raleigh, North Carolina for Tony “Dio” Leonardo, a local metal promoter who recently underwent a nephrectomy.  They are also confirmed to perform their emotive, epic metal on the center stage at the ProgPowerUSA XII festival on Saturday, September 17th in Atlanta, Georgia.  View the festival line-up here.

Visit WHILE HEAVEN WEPT online at, on Facebook, and at

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February 18th, 2011
by EvilG


Award-winning Scribabs game developer Paolo Vallerga has unveiled his latest creation: “011,” quite possibly bestowing Sweden’s THERION with the prestige of being the first metal band with a board game to their name since 1978’s “KISS On Tour.”

THERION mastermind Christofer Johnsson provides a little background on when the band was told about the idea:

“Paolo Vallerga approached the band at the show in Milano [Italy] last year with this great idea of making a fantasy board game based upon stage characters mixed with mythology.  We instantly thought it was the coolest thing we’ve heard in ages and loved the idea!  The name of the game is ‘011’ and you will find me, Thomas [Vikström, vocals], Christian [Vidal, guitars], Johan [Koleberg, drums], Snowy [Shaw, session/touring vocalist], Katarina [Lilja, session/touring vocalist], Lori [Lewis, session/touring vocalist], and Nalle [Påhlsson, bass] appearing as even more fantastic characters than we are in reality!  There will be more news on this coming soon!”

According to the Scribabs website, “‘011’ is set in a time ucronic, during an undefined ‘year 011.’ The world can be described as an alternate version of XIX century. The world can be described as an alternate version of the nineteenth century. Science is deeply bound with esotericism, as many religions and creeds coexist with philosophies and convictions, in a cauldron of cultures and ideals that is both challenging and frightening at the same time. Science is deeply bound with Esotericism, as with many religions and philosophies co-exist… in a cauldron of cultures and ideals that is both challenging and frightening at the same time. Events take place in Turin. Events take place in the magical city par excellence of Turin.”

The website goes on to say:

“One of the very particular notes is the extraordinary participation in the game, in the guise of Protagonists, of the members of THERION, the Swedish symphonic metal band founded by Christofer Johnsson.  The musicians have performed with great steam punk enthusiasm to embody the atmosphere of the game.  The month of June will see the creation of a video… in which the band will appear in the alter ego of themselves in the game.  For now we can say nothing more!”

View the Scribabs homepage (in English via Google Translate) for a description of “011” and more pictures here.

THERION’s 2010 album, Sitra Ahra, debuted at #44 on the Billboard Top New Artists (Heatseekers) chart, #58 on the Current Hard Music Albums, and #122 Independent Current Albums chart following its October 26th release.  The album was produced by Christofer Johnsson and mixed by Lennart Östlund (Led Zeppelin, ABBA) at the legendary Polar Studios in Stockholm, Sweden.  Album artwork was created by Thomas Ewerhard (James LaBrie, Avantasia, Darkane, Edguy).

In their sole North American appearance, THERION will be headlining at 2011’s ProgPower XII Festival on Saturday, September 17th in Atlanta, Georgia.  Tickets to ProgPower XII will be available for purchase in March, 2011 via TicketMaster.

Visit THERION online at (Mozilla Firefox browser),,, and

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February 18th, 2011
by EvilG

MUNICIPAL WASTE will be taking part in this year’s annual Scion Rock Fest, Saturday March 5th in Pomona, CA. The Waste will be a headliner at the Glass House show which also features veteran bands DEATH ANGEL, IMMOLATION, ATHIEST, BONDED BY BLOOD and more. Frontman, Tony Foresta has written up a brief update about the eagerly awaited Scion Fest and other things going on in the world of MUNICIPAL WASTE:

“We’ve been taking a break from touring since our last run through Europe in December. We feel its much deserved after many years of relentless touring and gigging all over the place. Now were just hanging around with our friends and families jamming with our other bands and writing new Waste songs. We’re in the early stages of writing a new album about 5 songs deep and are planning to play very few gigs this year.

The stuff we do have scheduled is pretty exciting –the Scion Fest in California with Morbid Angel, Bastard Noise, Death Angel and Integrity as well as many others is one of those gigs. I’m pretty stoked about all the bands especially Integrity. I used to be scared of that Dwid guy when I was younger Haha. Morbid Angel is great too and Death Angel is one of the best live thrash bands I’ve ever seen.

What I’m really hopping to transpire out of that weekend is for Scion to give The Waste some cars. That would be really nice of them huh? Even just one car that all of the Waste members can share. I can get behind that. I wouldn’t mind Dave driving me around to get groceries every once in a while. I mean cmon we’ve been doing videos, gigs and all sorts of whoring ourselves out for them for a while now and I just figure its about time Toyota steps it up a notch and hooks a brotha up with some wheels. Hell I’ll even take one of those funky boxy looking ones. I mean think about how pissed off Jay Randell would be if he looks out the window and see’s the Waste rolling by in a fleet of free and luxurious Scion xB’s. He will Tweet so hard about that. Shit they should just hook us up for that idea alone. What was I talking about again? Oh yeah that Fest in California. So were going to play that. I’m going to headwalk during Systems Overload.”

The Scion Rock Fest will take place on Saturday March 5th from 4 PM to 12 AM over 4 stages at Pomona, CA’s Glass House and Fox Theater. More info on this highly anticipated show can be found at

MUNICIPAL WASTE’s latest album, MASSIVE AGGRESSIVE is available now worldwide. Get your copy in the USA at


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DEMONICAL – “Death Infernal” headlining tour across Europe this May

February 18th, 2011
by EvilG

The Swedish masters of death metal darkness, DEMONICAL, will head out on the “Death Infernal” headlining tour across Europe during May, Support will come from the promising young death metal Swedes FERAL and the fast German black/death force ARROGANZ making this a lethal dose of sheer brutality and darkness.
To make it even more insane GLORIA MORTI, supreme death mertal violence from Finland, will join as special guests at the first nine battles.

DEMONICAL + FERAL + ARROGANZ (* + GLORIA MORTI) – Death Infernal tour 2011
03.05 (SWE) Stockholm / Sugarbar *
05.05 (GER) Hamburg / Bambi Galore *
06.05 (GER) Bad Oeynhausen / Black Sabbath *
07.05 (NL) Eindhoven / The Rambler *
08.05 (BEL) Oostende / OHK *
09.05 (UK) London / Purple Turtle *
10.05 (FRA) Valenciennes / Peniche Igelrock *
11.05 (GER) Neuss / Das Haus *
12.05 (GER) Aalen / Rock It *
13.05 (ITA) Brescia / Decimo Secolo
14.05 (ITA) Gorizia / Pieffe Factory
15.05 (SLO) Ljubljana / Channel Zero
17.05 (AT) Vienna / Escape Metalcorner
18.05 (SK) Banska Bystrica / Tirish Pub
19.05 (CZE) Prague / Modra Vopice
20.05 (GER) Jena / Rosenkeller
21.05 (GER) Lübeck / Treibsand

Tour powered by : Legacy Magazine, Hard Rocker Magazine, Ancient Spirit Magazine, Firestarter Merchandise, Cyclone Empire, Ibex Moon, Blacksmith Records, Sure Shot Worx and Twilight 13 Media.

Tour poster :

This is what the bands have to say about the crusade :

Sverker (Demonical)
The time has come to raise the throne once again! Infernal Death spreads through 17 cities in 19 days, together with Feral, Arroganz and Gloria Morti, in what seems to become the greatest Demonical tour so far! After 8 months off the road, we are truly looking forward to play our new album “Death Infernal” live and meet our allies all over Europe again. What Stays on the road Happens on the road! Let the earth tremble, once again!
Web :
MySpace :
You Tube :
Facebook :

Hook (Feral)
We are thrilled to hit the road with one of our favourite bands from Sweden right now, there is no doubt that we will have a complete blast with Demonical and the rest of the lineup. We are also looking forward to finally get a chance to promote our album “Dragged to the Altar” that will be released before the tour. Europe should best prepare itself, because in early May we will open the gates and let the death metal flow!
Web :
MySpace :
You Tube :
Facebook :

Haunse (Arroganz)
It`s just fucking great to make our first big tour with Demonical and Feral. These three weeks will be a brutal kick in the ass of Europe! May is the perfect time for us, because in the end of April our debut album “Dark and Deathless” will be released, so we are able to show these hellish hordes out there how we spread our spirit of hate. The Death Infernal tour 2011 is the first leg of our path… And there is no turning back motherfuckers!

Juho (Gloria Morti)
Finally we get to take our show abroad. Our latest album “Anthems of Annihilation” has taken us a huge step forward and touring in Europe with Demonical is a great way to prove our point. It will be a full on slaughter!

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February 18th, 2011
by EvilG


The legends who put German heavy metal – as opposed to hard rock – on the world map. Accept released their modest debut in 1979, and broke through in 1981 with the “Breaker”-album and a praised tour with Judas Priest. Subsequent releases like “Restless and Wild” (1982) and “Balls of the Wall” (1983) officially elevated Accept to the echelons of metal. Essential factors were the ultra-heavy sound, the classically inspired guitar playing and, not least, Udo Dirkschneider – equally original as a singer and a front man.

In 1987, Udo left Accept to create U.D.O. He returned to Accept in 1992-96, after which the band  dissolved. 2005 saw a temporary comeback, including an appearance at SRF, but Udo was adamant that if Accept wanted to make a full-scale comeback, they would have to do it without him. This they did. In 2010, Accept released their first album with their new American vocalist Mark Tornillo (ex-TT Quick), “Blood of the Nations”. The record was a great success, and Accept now return to SRF as a band in triumph.

Read more under Bands 2011

4-day tickets sold out! – Get your 3-day ticket now!


Wednesday june 8
Hardcore Superstar – Five Horse Johnson – Crashdïet – Seventribe

Thursday june 9
Judas Priest – The Cult – Thin Lizzy – Joan Jett – Morbid Angel – Buckcherry – Clutch – FM – Moonspell – The Damned – Dan Reed – Groundhogs

Friday june 10
Whitesnake – Rob Zombie – Helloween – Mr Big – Down – Iced Earth – Overkill – Jason & The Scorchers – The Brew

Saturday june 11
Ozzy Osbourne – Saxon – Styx – Kansas – Molly Hatchet – Hawkwind – Lee Aaron – Walter Trout – Electric Wizard – Rage (Acoustic)

Confirmed bands so far out of a total of around 70:

Ozzy Osbourne
Judas Priest –
last show ever in Sweden
Whitesnake –
with very special guests
Rob Zombie
The Cult
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
Thin Lizzy
Morbid Angel
Iced Earth
Mr Big
Molly Hatchet
Rhapsody of Fire
Hardcore Superstar
The Haunted
The Damned
Lee Aaron
Jason & the Scorchers
Five Horse Johnson
Electric Wizard
Doc Holliday
Agent Steel
Dan Reed Band
Walter Trout
Mason Ruffner
The Brew
Fläsket Brinner
Rage (Acoustic)

The tickets to Sweden Rock Festival 2011 are now released and you buy them directly online at our homepage.

More information at:

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PEGAZUS: Fifth New Audio Sample Released from upcoming album “In Metal We Trust”

February 18th, 2011
by EvilG


An audio sample of the new song “Death Or Glory” from Australian metallers PEGAZUS is available for streaming on the band’s MySpace page. The track comes off the group’s first studio album in nine years, “In Metal We Trust”, which will be released on April 15 through Black Leather Records (with distribution from Twilight Vertrieb). According to a press release, the CD contains “11 brand new classic heavy metal songs with original singer Justin Fleming back on vocals! As a tribute to the great guitarists of the ’80s, PEGAZUS has invited Ross The Boss (MANOWAR, ROSS THE BOSS, THE DICTATORS), Jeff Watson (NIGHT RANGER, MOTHER’S ARMY) and David Shankle (MANOWAR, DSG) to contribute a solo to the song “Old Skool Metal Dayz”.

“In Metal We Trust” track listing :

01. Metal Messiah

02. Road Warrior

03. Old Skool Metal Dayz

04. We Live To Rock

05. Haunting Me

06. Eye For An Eye

07. Ghost Rider

08. Metal Gods

09. End Of The World

10. Death Or Glory

11. Old Skool Metal Dayz (extended version feat. David Shankle, Ross the Boss, Jeff Watson


Justin Fleming – Lead Vocals

Johnny Stoj – Guitars and Vocals

Cory Betts – Bass

Ange Sotiro – Drums



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February 18th, 2011
by EvilG


Bay Area thrashers Heathen will be replacing Deströyer 666 on the upcoming “North American Reckoning” tour headlined by German thrash masters DESTRUCTION.  Deströyer 666 have had to cancel their involvement with the tour due to an unavoidable personal commitment.

Bassist & vocalist Schmier comments on the new touring bill, which still includes Warbeast from Texas:

“We are really happy to announce our old friends HEATHEN as a replacement for Deströyer 666!  These Bay Area thrashers are one of my favorite thrash bands of all time and we will be sharing the European stages with them in some weeks on the Killfest tour.  It’s fantastic to have an opportunity to tour with old friends on both sides of the globe! German & Bay Area Thrash together on tour – how much more kick-ass can it get?!  I can’t wait to hit the road again now, hope to see you all out there!”

DESTRUCTION will be touring in support of their new studio album, Day Of Reckoning, due out in the U.S. and Canada on March 8th, 2011 and on February 18th in Europe.  Confirmed dates are as follows:



05/07/11  HARPO’S – DETROIT, MI
05/11/11  B.B. KINGS – NEW YORK, NY
05/13/11  JAXX – SPRINGFIELD, VA     ***NO HEATHEN***


05/17/11  MUG SHOTS – AUSTIN, TX

05/21/11  ANGEL’S – YUCAIPA, CA

Nuclear Blast USA’s Webshop is now taking pre-orders for the exclusive Day Of Reckoning North American bundle.  Pre-order offers include: Exclusive t-shirt & CD for $22.00 ; CD only for $10.00.

Day Of Reckoning’s track listing is as follows:

01. The Price

02. Hate Is My Fuel

03. Armageddonizer

04. Devil’s Advocate

05. Day Of Reckoning

06. Sorcerer Of Black Magic

07. Misfit

08. The Demon Is God

09. Church Of Disgust

10. Destroyer Or Creator

11. Sheep Of The Regime
Bonus Track:

12. Stand Up And Shout (DIO cover song)
North American Bonus Track:

13. The Price (demo version)

Visit DESTRUCTION online at, on Facebook,, and

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BLEEDING FIST complete new video, set release date

February 17th, 2011
by EvilG

Slovenian chaos-black metallers BLEEDING FIST have recently completed a video for new track “Monuments Desecration,” which can be viewed here:

“Monuments Desecration” is a song off BLEEDING FIST’s forthcoming new MCD for MORIBUND entitled Devil’s Ferox, set for release on May 31st. The Devil’s Ferox EP will comprise five brand-new songs, including a tribute track to the legendary Death SS, and will also include an enhanced portion featuring videos for “Invocation Into Devil’s Flesh” and the EP’s title track. BLEEDING FIST have already released two critically acclaimed records on MORIBUND: last year’s Macabrum Bestia Ex Abyssus MCD (from which “Invocation Into Devil’s Flesh” is taken) and their 2009 debut album Bestial Kruzifix666ion.

For more info, consult,, and

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