Launches Free Monthly Metal Compilation and Contest

April 13th, 2011
by EvilG, metal’s premiere digital download store, has launched the first of many future monthly compilations to be available for free download worldwide!

Owner, Mike Riddick, comments:

“What’s unique about these monthly compilations is that they will feature as-of-yet unreleased tracks from metal bands spanning a variety of genres.  Metalheads want to be ‘in the know’ on the latest titles, and what better way to do this than to offer up legal downloads of the latest from metal’s greatest labels…days-to-weeks before their official release!”

Metalhit’s first compilation includes 11 downloadable tracks from: Agoraphobic Nosebleed, While Heaven Wept, Blut Aus Nord, Feral, Necros Christos, Nightshade, Putridity, Satan’s Host, Spearhead, Hope for the Dying and Leaves’ Eyes.

Visitors to Metalhit’s site may also enter to win a free copy of Blut Aus Nord’s latest CD, “777 Sect(s),” courtesy of Debemur Morti Productions.

The compilation can be downloaded here:

Check back in mid-May for an all new set of free unreleased songs and a new contest!

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SCAR OF THE SUN Signs With Scarlet Records

April 13th, 2011
by EvilG

Greek modern atmospheric metallers SCAR OF THE SUN have signed a deal with Scarlet Records for the worldwide release of their much anticipated debut album “A Series Of Unfortunate Concurrencies”, a multi-dimensional musical concept blending many elements and influences, from gothic and doom atmospheres to modern electronic samples, from symphonic arrangements to the Swedish sound, with a touch of progressive structures and lots of heaviness and drama.

The album was co-produced and mixed by renowned Canadian producer Rhys Fulber (PARADISE LOST, FEAR FACTORY, MEGADETH, MACHINE HEAD) and mastered by Greg Reely (PARADISE LOST, STRAPPING YOUNG LAD, THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, FEAR FACTORY, MACHINE HED) and features special guest appearances by Mikael Stanne (DARK TRANQUILLITY), Bob Katsionis (FIREWIND), Marios Iliopoulos (NIGHTRAGE), Chris Antoniou (SEPTIC FLESH) and Leah Randi (CONJURE ONE).

“A Series Of Unfortunate Concurrencies” will be released in Europe on May 26th 2011 and in the USA on June14th 2011.

For more info please visit

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April 13th, 2011
by EvilG
Headbanger's Kitchen

Headbanger's Kitchen

Heavy Metal cooking show Headbanger’s Kitchen, hosted by Demonic Resurrection frontman ‘Demonstealer’ have just released the 2nd episode of the show. The episode features vocalists Vinay Venkatesh and Sunneith Revankar of Mumbai metal giants ‘Bhayanak Maut’. The food section of the episode witnesses the birth of the ‘Bhayanak Bacon Bomb’ served with a side of cheesy potatoes.

We were overwhelmed by the positive response we got to the first HK episode, which we had shot with a on-the-fly home-video feel. Obviously, being motivated by the response, we decided to bring in tighter, bigger and better production values, giving it a more international appeal rather than a localized feel” Srinivas Sunderrajan, Director, Enter Guerrilla Films.

A brand new website has also been launched that has been designed by 15 year old metal fan Pratheek Rebala.

Headbanger’s Kitchen is a heavy metal cooking show started in March 2011 by Demonstealer (Demonic Resurrection/Workshop/ReptilianDeath) and Srinivas Sunderrajan (Scribe). The show is hosted by Demonstealer who rustles up some of his favourite dishes and invites one metal band to sample his cooking and sit down for an informal interview.

Watch the videos directly on youtube:

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Singer WADE BLACK Parts Ways With Dan Spitz’ DEUXMONKEY

April 13th, 2011
by EvilG

Ohh the drama….. was sent a statement from former CRIMSON GLORY singer Wade Black (BLACK REIGN) regarding him parting with DEUXMONKEY, the project led by former Anthrax guitarist Dan Spitz:

“I’ve searched the world for musicians that possessed the talent and shared vision to bring you a band like no other. As previously announced in November of last year, I have found it in Black Reign!!! During my quest for the ultimate band line-up, I did a short stint with Dan Spitz for his DeuxMonkey project, thinking this might be the band that would be the answer to my quest. I quickly realized it wasn’t! I gave Dan a verbal cease and desist on all my lyrics and vocals. I felt the songs were not up to my standards, and they were not to be released with my vocals. He agreed. Now, almost a year later, he’s trying to release those songs with my vocals. Further, he is making misleading statements, saying that I’m in that band. The reality is that he is lying to all of his fans and mine, stealing my voice, lyrics and likeness – all to serve his own needs. I say it one more time so the world can hear me as well: Dan, cease and desist from using any of my vocals, lyrics, and likeness. Otherwise, the use of my name and likeness and any unauthorized use will be regarded as what it is: stealing! Dan, let’s keep this out of the legal system and settle this issue quickly so we can both move on.”

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April 13th, 2011
by EvilG
Travis Neal

Travis Neal

UK tech metal act CYANIDE SERENITY have revealed Divine Heresy’s Travis Neal as their new singer.

The band issued the following statement:
“We are incredibly delighted to announce Travis as our new singer, we are hoping this will be the end of constant changing of vocalists, we have a lot of bad luck in this area and hope we can move on without any more setbacks. Travis is an exceptional singer and has an incredible scream, he is the ideal candidate alongside Matt and we cannot wait to hit the stage with him!”

CYANIDE SERENITY will re-record their 2011 album ‘Consume Me’ next month with Travis and have released the title track ‘Consume Me’ as a taster of what to expect with him at the helm:

The band have also announced that from the 24th April until the 8th May they will make their third trip to India with a follow on string of dates in Sri Lanka.  The band will be the first international band to do such a long Indian tour spanning 7 cities, Chennai, Kerla, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore, as well as being the first international act to play Kerla and the first UK act to play in Sri Lanka. Whilst in India the band will also perform at the Deccan Rock Festival in Hyderbad on 7th May with Decapitated, Sybreed and Nervecell. Details about the shows and tour can be found from the bands official Facebook page.

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April 13th, 2011
by Robert Williams


Interview with Ancient Creation vocalist Steve Bentley

Conducted by Robert Williams

Kansas City traditional metallers Ancient Creation return with their triumphant third full length record "Moonlight Monument" released this month through North Carolina’s Heaven and Hell Records. Fans of early Fates Warning and Mercyful Fate would do themselves a favor to check out the new album, showcasing an old school American metal feel, not that far removed from Twisted Tower Dire. Riff upon mighty riff complemented by vocalist Steve Bentley’s powerful vocals make this an early candidate for one of the best metal records released stateside so far this year. Vocalist Steve Bentley recently took the time to chat with to bring us up to speed with all of the excitement surounding the release of "Moonlight Monument"…

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Pr-Order Bruce Moore’s FOR THOSE ABOUT TO COOK

April 12th, 2011
by Celtic Bob

The first 500 pre-orders will be listed as Supporting Vocals in the book and on the website. Those    of    you who pre-order after May 7 will have their names listed on the website only. This is to thank all of you who contribute to make this book happen – we cannot do it without you and we will give you an honourable mention as a Supporting Vocal!

If you live within the 48 continental United States or in the United Kingdom, you can pre-order with our web shop by clicking on the link to the right. If you DON’T live in this area, send us an email and we’ll talk about how you can get on the list of Supporting Vocals too!

For Those About To Cook is a collection of recipes, anecdotes and pictures from musicians and music industry personnel. With contributions from numerous musical genres and countries, this is truly a multi-genre and multi-ethnic collector’s cookbook. Readers will be presented with recipes ranging from appetizers to full course meals and desserts. For Those About To Cook is more than a cookbook: it is also a fan collectible as it includes short informative biographies, high quality pictures of the artists (mostly in a kitchen setting), pictures of the food and, in some cases, a quote about why the recipe or food is important to the contributor.

Readers and fans will gain an insider’s view into the lifestyle and habits of the artists and bands; a sort of backstage pass or behind-the-scenes look into the lives of their favorite artists far from the stage and the studio.

About: Bruce Moore is a regular weekly contributor to PureGrainAudio, and has been published in various national and international music magazines including HM Magazine, Thrash Magazine, Crave, Sick Drummer, and The Gauntlet.

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PAIN: 2nd Studio Trailer Online Now

April 12th, 2011
by EvilG

PAIN, the Swedish industrial metallers led by iconic producer Peter Tägtgren (HYPOCRISY), have uploaded their second studio trailer for their upcoming album You Only Live Twice. Check it out at (and below).

Pain - You Only Live Twice

Pain - You Only Live Twice

PAIN recently  released a brand new song off the bands upcoming masterpiece You Only Live Twice. Surf to to stream and download the track “Dirty Woman”.

You Only Live Twice is set to be released on June 3 (Europe) and June 21 (North America) 2011 via Nuclear Blast.

Attached artwork and promo pic were both created this time around by German artist Heile (INDICA, LEGION OF THE DAMNED).

Mainman & producer Peter Tägtgren recently commented on the artwork: “I really wanted something with a Nightmare Before Christmas meets Alice In Wonderland kind of feeling but with our mascot, the painhead in it. The artist Heile created what I wanted but did it in his own way. It really has this kind of Tim Burton feel to it. It will be really crazy on a big backdrop. We’re also gonna do some inflatable stuff with our Painhead. Its gonna be our Eddie, like IRON MAIDEN has.”

For more info visit:


PAIN - Peter Tägtgren promo photo 2011

PAIN - Peter Tägtgren promo photo 2011

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Fetus In Fetu releasing debut album

April 12th, 2011
by EvilG

The danish based Death Metal act FETUS IN FETU, can now announce the release date for the debut album ”Abnormal Disfigurement”, the album will be avalibel every through Casket Music / Copro Records the 30th may. Already now its possible to stream the three songs ”Bring Your Slasherhook”, ”Raped In The Crypt” and ”Sacrifice, the Flesh” on the groups MySpace profile:

The record also contains a couple of guest appearances, guitarist Janus Svenningsen of Necroptic (Severe Records) and Emesis, as well as guest vocals from Morten Svendsen from Transparent.


”Abnormal Disfigurement” are recorded in the bands own studie Fetus Studio in Brønderslev, Denmark and produced and mixed by the band guitarist Johnni and later mastered by Thomas Bekker (brother of singer Michael Bekker).


The singer Michael Bekker have giving the following statement about the release:

”Now Fetus In Fetu are finally ready with our first full-length album, thanks to our manager Carsten Brogaard of Revolution Music and Casket Music for believing in us. We look forword to get in the van and get out on the European and Danish road, we will come with full force and a bag full of old school death metal. Since we recorded the album last year, we’ve had some chances in our line-up, we’ve gotten a new bassist in Lasse Toft, our old bassist Astor have taken over the lead guitar, after Christian left the band, a roll he is much more suited. The first time we will play with the new line-up are the 4th june at the Day Of Decay warm up show at Rock Caféen in Aalborg, Denmark. Here it will be possible to buy the new album, which will be released the 30th may, aswell as new t-shirts and other great stuff. Stay brutal and keep supporting metal!!!”


The artwork are made by Remy of Headsplit Design, and the layout by Carsten Brogaard of Revolution Music. The albums cover can be seen here: ( and the track list are as followed:


1 Moulded Blood
2 Raped in the Crypt
3 Molested with a Knife*
4 Bring your Slasherhook
5 Abnormal Disfigurement^
6 Sleeping with the Dead^*
7 Golgatha
8 Sacrifice, the Flesh

*Guitar solo by Janus Svenningsen af Necroptic (Severe Records) and Emesis
^Vocal by Morten Svendsen by Transparent





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BOOK OF BLACK EARTH Unveil Track Listing; “The Cold Testament” To Hit the Streets on May 24th

April 12th, 2011
by EvilG

Seattle-based blackened death metal act, BOOK OF BLACK EARTH, have unveiled the track listing for their new album, “The Cold Testament.” The ten song album will hit the streets on May 24th, 2011. “The Cold Testament,” was tracked by Chris Common (Pelican, The Sword) at the Red Room Studio in Seattle and mixed and mastered by Dan Swano (Bloodbath, Nasum, Opeth) at Unisound in Sweden. The cover was done by renowned artist, Derek Noble. “The Cold Testament” pre-order is now available, exclusively, through Prosthetic Records’ webstore; The CD can be ordered on its own, or in a bundle with an exclusive T-shirt design. Get your copy, now!


“The Cold Testament” track listing is as follows:


Weight of the World

Cross Contamination


Irritating Spectre


Research and Destroy

Road Dogs From Hell

I See Demons


Look for the band, who have previously appeared with the likes of Watain, Cattle Decapitation, The Black Dahlia Murder, Amebix, and many more, to hit the road later this year in support of “The Cold Testament.”



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WITHERED tour dates

April 12th, 2011
by EvilG

Blackened doom Georgian beasts, WITHERED, have confirmed a slew of shows this month, including appearances at MACrock and New England Metal Fest, as well as dates with Krallice, and some headline dates. WITHERED continue to support “Dualitas,” which was released in October of 2010 and made Decibel’s Top 40 Albums of the Year list. Since then, the band has supported Danzig on his “Blackest of the Black Tour,” and toured with label mates, Skeletonwitch.


Singer/guitarist Mike Thompson commented on the April dates: “Our tour dates this April will harbor a monsoon of dynamics, venues, and participants. It feels very chaotic, just the way we love to work. It’ll begin with a one-off date April 1st as we participate in the return of the MACRock festival this year. It’ll be rewarding to bring our new music to this part of the country again, which we’ve neglected unintentionally for several years now. Following that, we’ve also been invited to participate in NEMF once again. This is always a good opportunity for Withered to bring our music to more diverse crowds than we’re used to. Plus, we’ll get to share the stage with some great bands and friends as well. After that we have a mix of headlining dates and a northeast US/Canadian run with Krallice. We’ve been talking about doing something together for quite a few years now so it’s great to see this materialize. We’ll be offering quite a mix of withered material for these dates from all three albums. We’re excited about playing some songs from “Memento Mori” that haven’t been performed in several years in addition to reaching into the deeper compositions from “Folie Circulaire” and “Dualitas”. It will feel great to be on the road again.


4/1 Harrison, VA- Blue Nile (MACrock)

4/15 Wilmington, DE- Mojo 13 (w/ Dying Fetus)

4/16 Worcester, MA- The Palladium, NE Metal and Hardcore Fest

4/19 Trenton, NJ- Championship Bar and Grill

4/20 Kingston, NY- The Basement

4/22 Buffalo, NY- Broadway Joe’s

4/23 Rochester, NY- Montage Music Hall

4/24 Allston, MA- Great Scott #

4/25 Montreal, QC- Katacombes #

4/26 Toronto, ON- Sneaky Dee’s #

4/27 Cleveland, OH- Now That’s Class #

4/29 Baltimore, MD- Talking Head #

5/1 Frederick, MD- Krug’s Place

5/2 Richmond, VA- Strange Matter

# w/ Krallice


Like its predecessor, the critically acclaimed “Folie Circulaire,” “Dualitas,” was recorded by KYLESA’s Phillip Cope at the Jam Room in Columbia, SC. The CD and vinyl versions of the album have different covers, both of which were created by Paul Romano (Mastodon, Trivium, The Acacia Strain). The band appeared on the “Blackened Fest” in 2009 with Mayhem, and also toured with Watain, Marduk, and appeared at 2009’s inaugural Scion Rock Fest, as well as Maryland Death Fest.

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Mystic Production Sign Norwegian band Djerv

April 12th, 2011
by EvilG

We are very proud to announce that Norwegian band Djerv has signed a deal with Mystic Production who will release their debut album.


Spawn out of Trelldom, Animal Alpha and Stonegard they pull strings from their previous bands, but Djerv is still something new. It sounds different. It’s aggressive rock, borderline metal and dangerously catchy. Yet wrapped in a blackmetal veil. Genres melt together as never before these days, and so seems to be the case with Djerv as well.


Their story is short but eventful. The first demos surfaced in early 2010, two weeks later they were booked for the most important festival in Norway, the Oya festival. The band went on to tour Norway in June and played many of the bigger Norwegian festivals during the summer. In August they released the “Headstone EP”, the release of the EP generated some good press for the band several key magazines featured them as one of the bands to keep an eye out for in 2011. In addition Dimmu Borgir has helped promote Djerv when they invited Agnete to participate on no less than three songs for their latest album, “Abrahadabra”. Amongst them the lead track of the album, “Gateways” where Agnete does a stunning performance both on the track and in the video.


Djerv is currently on the Norway Rock Tour with Purified in Blood and Insense, and they are also confirmed for the Inferno Festival April 22nd. More tour dates here


Commented by Michal Wardzala, CEO of Mystic Production:


‘It doesn’t happen too often, however it was obvious from the beginning that

Djerv is my biggest discovery. What talent, what class and what fantastic music! Those Norwegians are the most exciting, original, soul touching and ass kicking band I have heard in years! Signing them to Mystic for Poland and Czech Republic is a huge thing for us, we are proud and happy to welcome them in to the house. Now it’s time to work our asses off and make people aware that new stars have just been born. Djerv has delivered that best metal album of 2012!’


Commented by the Erlend Gjerde:


“We are very proud to sign to Mystic Production for PL and CZ. Mystic, and especially CEO Michal Wardzala has been enthusiastic and a good friend of Djerv since its very inception which makes it extra fun for us to make this reality. We are very much looking forward to our first trip to Poland during the spring to meet people in the metal scene, and of course to come and play there. Hopefully that will happen during early fall of 2011.”


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Demonic Resurrection confirms debut UK performance at Sonisphere Festival

April 12th, 2011
by EvilG

Mumbai metal band Demonic Resurrection will make their first UK appearance at the Sonisphere Festival at Knebworth, England, on July 10, 2011. This will be the first time that an Indian band has played the festival. Demonic Resurrection will be joining a high-profile lineup of bands that includes Slipknot, Motorhead, Opeth, Gojira, Arch Enemy, In Flames and Mastodon besides the headliners — the Big Four of metal — Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer and Anthrax.


We (Demonic Resurrection) are at a loss for words to describe how we feel on being confirmed to play Sonisphere. Just the thought of watching the Big 4, let alone be playing the same festival as them, is enough to give us goosebumps, not to mention the insane lineup of bands like Opeth (who we’ve opened for in India), Arch Enemy, Periphery and many others who we can’t wait to see. DR fans can expect a blistering performance from us, it is our first gig in the UK and we intend to make it a memorable one,” said the band in a statement released to the press. This will be the band’s third international concert appearance after playing the Inferno Festival in Norway and Brutal Assault in the Czech Republic last year. The band also said that they would be adding more UK dates to their tour.


Sonisphere is a touring music festival that takes place over several venues across Europe through June and July. The festival is in its third year and has quickly

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Cause For Revelation signs with Loyalty & Devotion Records

April 12th, 2011
by EvilG
Milwaukee metal/hardcore outfit Cause For Revelation have officially announced their signing to the UK’s Loyalty & Devotion Records.
Loyalty & Devotion will be releasing the group’s latest full-length album “Resurrecting The Hostility” worldwide this spring, with a planned UK tour to follow in fall.
The album was recorded by engineer Chris Wisco, at Belle City Sound (Nonpoint, Lazarus AD, Novembers Doom), and mastered in Florida at Safehouse Productions by the legendary James Murphy (Obituary, Death, Testament).
Check out Cause For Revelation’s music video for “Destroying Recollections” from their upcoming Loyalty & Devotion debut here…

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MANIACAL MISCREATION, the debut album from Scottish death metal act CEREBRAL BORE, is out now in Europe

April 12th, 2011
by EvilG

Formed in 2006 in Glasgow, Scotland, CEREBRAL BORE have already toured relentlessly around the glove, building up a formidable reputation as a death metal force to be reckoned with.  The band is comprised of Dutch frontwoman SOM PLUIJMERS, guitarist PAUL MCGUIRE, bassist KYLE RUTHERFORD and drummer ALLAN MCDIBET.

MANIACAL MISCREATION features the following pulverising tracks:

01. Epileptic Strobe Entrapment
02. The Bald Cadaver
03. Open Casket Priapism
04. Entombed In Butchered Bodies
05. Mangled Post-Burial
06. Flesh Reflects The Madness
07. Maniacal Miscreation
08. 24 Year Party Dungeon

View the MANIACAL MISCREATION album cover at

Get MANIACAL MISCREATION now on CD in Europe at

The album is also available now worldwide on iTunes at

MANIACAL MISCREATION is due to be released in North America on June 7th.  Pre-order the album now at

Catch CEREBRAL BORE live on tour in support of MANIACAL MISCREATION at the following shows:

Apr. 12 – Glasgow, UK – Ivory Blacks (w/ MALEVOLENT CREATION)

Apr. 20 – Bristol, UK – The Croft (without AEON)
Apr. 21 – Liverpool, UK – The Masque
Apr. 22 – Edinburgh, UK – Bannerman’s
Apr. 24 – Derby, UK – The Old Bell
Apr. 25 – London, UK – Mass
Apr. 29 – Tilburg, Netherlands – Neurotic Deathfest

View the UK tour flyer at

May 05 – Belfast, UK – Aunt Annie’s
May 06 – Dublin, Ireland – Fibber Magees
May 07 – Edinburgh, UK – Dead Haggis Deathfest, Studio 24

May 20 – Aberdeen, UK – Tunnels
May 22 – Newcastle, UK – Northumberland Arms
May 31 – New York, NY – Port 41 Club

Jun. 03 – Houston, TX – Walter’s On Washington
Jun. 04 – San Antonio, TX – Zombies
Jun. 05 – San Angelo, TX – Steel Penny
Jun. 06 – Lubbock, TX – Diabolos Live
Jun. 07 – Amarillo, TX – EBGBS
Jun. 09 – Tucson, AZ – The Rock
Jun. 10 – Las Vegas, NV – Las Vegas Deathfest, The Cheyenne Saloon
Jun. 11 – Las Vegas, NV – Las Vegas Deathfest, The Cheyenne Saloon
Jun. 12 – Los Angeles, CA – Que’s Bar and Grill (no INSIDIOUS DECREPANCY)

View the US tour flyer at

Jun. 16 – Cancun, Mexico – Xibalba Bar
Jun. 17 – Merida, Mexico – Sindicato Demolineros
Jun. 18 – Costa Del Carmen, Mexico – Sindicato Del Seguro Social
Jun. 19 – Campeche, Mexico – Sindicato Del Toro

Watch CEREBRAL BORE’s first music video, for the track “The Bald Cadaver”, at

Get more CEREBRAL BORE news and info at:

MySpace –
Facebook –
Twitter –

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