MOONSPELL Films Lisbon Concert For 20th-Anniversary Video Release

February 13th, 2017
by EvilG

Portuguese metallers MOONSPELL filmed their February 4 concert at the Campo Pequeno arena in Lisbon, Portugal for their upcoming 20th-anniversary DVD. The show, which was witnessed by four thousand metalheads, saw the band performing three of its records live on stage: “Wolfheart”, “Irreligious” and “Extinct”.

Says MOONSPELL: “The show was filmed for a DVD release via Napalm Records and we believe these will make the Portuguese wolves’ fans very, very proud.

“MOONSPELL broke their ticket sale recording for a headline show in Portugal, and four thousand rabid fans have attended this show, making impossible history happen for a Portuguese metal band.”

MOONSPELL recently revealed it was working on a Portuguese-language EP about the 1755 Lisbon earthquake, also known as the Great Lisbon earthquake, which occurred in the Kingdom of Portugal. In combination with subsequent fires and a tsunami, the earthquake almost totally destroyed Lisbon and adjoining areas.

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Ross Dolan – Immolation

February 12th, 2017
by Arto Lehtinen


The legendary Immolation keeps pounding the deadly metal year after year, not slowing down any inch. The band’s 10 opus called ATONEMENT shows Immolation’s death metal is not getting soft. ATONEMENT is another piece of brilliant death metal masterpiece in the Immolation saga. Metal-Rules.Com talked to the frontman of Immolation, Ross Dolan, about the new album and the line-up change. Every death metal maniac has to obtain the new album…

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Interview with Russ Bergquist of Touch The Sun

February 12th, 2017
by J P

Interview with Russ Bergquist of Vancouver’s Touch The Sun

by JP

Alex Roque – Vox/Guitars   Rob Wade – Drums   Russ Bergquist – Bass

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Powerwolf – Interview with Roel van Helden

February 9th, 2017
by UK Team


Interview with Roel van Helden

February 3, 2017 – O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London

Interview by Torbjørn ‘Toby’ Jørstad

Photography by Graham Hilling

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February 9th, 2017
by EvilG

DURING THE 1980s the music scene was exploding with an abundance of great rock bands – including multi-platinum sellers such as Mötley Crüe, Quiet Riot and RATT – but there was always room for talented new contenders. For KING KOBRA this was an invitation from heaven, launching onto a landscape that was primed for killer hard rock, enormous sales, and unlimited airplay.

It comes as no surprise then, that respected re-issue label ROCK CANDY RECORDS has turned a spotlight on their first two classic albums, ‘Ready To Strike’ and ‘Thrill Of A Lifetime’. Both titles are set to be reissued on February 10th having been fully remastered with enhanced 16-page booklets featuring rare photos, new interviews, and a 4,000 word essay penned by Malcolm Dome.


Formed in California in 1984, by seasoned drummer Carmine Appice (Cactus, Beck Bogart & Appice, Ozzy Osbourne) and featuring vocalist Mark Free (Unruly Child), guitarists John Michael Philips & Mick Sweda (Bulletboys) and bassist Johnny Rod (WASP), the band won instant attention for their unique look – four blondes and one brunette. Produced by Spencer Proffer (Quiet Riot, WASP, Cheap Trick) and signed to Capitol Records, the band’s debut album, originally issued in 1985, won them the attention of fans and critics alike by delivering one of the year’s best records. Tracks such as ‘Hunger’, ‘Tough Guys’, ‘Piece Of The Rock’ and the title track itself are pivotal examples of some of the best mid 80’s hard rock.


‘Thrill Of A Lifetime’, their sophomore album, originally issued in 1986, saw the band shift gear, modernising their sound and focussing on more accessible songs, perhaps modelled on the chart success of artists like Bon Jovi and Cinderella. The material was spearheaded by the hugely infectious ‘Iron Eagle (Never Say Die)’, a track that was included on the hit movie ‘Iron Eagle’. Elsewhere there’s ‘Feel The Heat’, ‘Raise Your Hands To Rock’ and ‘Dream On’ for further proof of their hard rocking credentials.

Each album can be ordered via these links:

‘Ready to Strike’:

‘Thrill of a Lifetime:’




11. HOME SWEET HOME (Street Mix)


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Ravage unveil artwork for new release, track listing and set release date

February 9th, 2017
by EvilG
Ravage - "Return Of The Spectral Rider"

Ravage – “Return Of The Spectral Rider”

RAVAGE, the traditional heavy metal and thrash act from Boston MA USA which formed in the mid 90’s and released the full-length album “The End Of Tomorrow” on Metal Blade Records in 2009 today unveiled the cover artwork and track listing for “Return Of The Spectral Rider” – a full length offering which will be slated for release on May 26th through the band’s own label Society For World Wide Ravage Recordings.

The cover art was completed by artist Tim Jacobus, known mostly for his work on the GOOSEBUMPS series of horror novels.

The album was recorded and mixed by Ravage at their own Hellbent For Accoustics Studios in Malden, MA and was mastered by Peter Rutcho, who had previously mixed and mastered the band’s “The End Of Tomorrow” album and is known for his work with such bands as REVOCATION, BURY YOUR DEAD, ARMORY, and VOMITRON.

“Return Of The Spectral Rider” is a complete re-recording of the band’s first album “Spectral Rider” which was given limited release on Germany’s Karthago Records in 2005.

Singer Al Ravage commented, “This is a collection of a lot of our favorite songs…they are the songs we end up playing most often live because they are just a lot of really fun songs that we have been playing forever. It is great to finally have a definitive recording of these tunes and we’re really greatful to the guest musicians who came in and gave the recordings a lot of new life. We got a really cool artwork from Tim Jacobus and we’re excited to finally be able to share this stuff with everyone after having had to endure the usual delays…”

The album will be available in physical form exclusively as an extremely limited collector’s edition numbered 12″ vinyl. A deluxe digital download format with bonus tracks will be available different platforms across the web.

More information on the coming pre-order will be available at the band’s website and the band’s Facebook

A preliminary mix of one of the tracks has been posted to Youtube.

The expected track listing is as follows

1. Dies Irae
2. Spectral Rider
3. Turn The Screw
4. The Wicked Way
5. Masque Of Black Death
6. Ravage Part 1: Damage
7. Whyvern
8. Wake The Dead
9. The Wasteland
10. Curse Of Heaven
11. Bring Down The Hellhammer
12. The King Forgotten
13. Father Of The Atom (Bonus Track)

Ravage has scheduled the following live shows to support the upcoming release…
MAR 21 Somerville MA at Once Ballroom
MAR 25 Providence RI at Firehouse 13 w/ Matthias Steele
APR 27 Worcester MA at Ralph’s Diner

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Ray Luzier of KXM – With Scatterbrain Most Bands Would Laugh at our Recording Schedule!

February 8th, 2017
by Metal Rules

Interview with Ray Luzier of KXM

Interview by Robert Cavuoto



Building upon the success of their 2014 self-titled debut, KXM returns with their sophomore CD Scatterbrain. The new album is scheduled for release on March 17th via Rat Pak Records.

KXM is comprised of dUg Pinnick of King’s X on vocals/bass, George Lynch of Lynch Mob/Dokken on guitars and Ray Luzier of Korn on drums and Scatterbrain features 13 new tracks.

From the infectious riff of the album opener “Scatterbrain” to the outro of “Angel,” KXM have created something truly special and musically diverse. Songs like “Breakout,” “Calypso,” and “True Deceivers” are sonically different from each other taking the listener on a musical journey. Thematically this CD is darker record than their debut. The album builds upon the developed KXM rock sound but this time includes some different dynamics drawing inspiration from prog, ska, punk and metal. Through it all, it remains undeniably KXM.

I spoke with legendary Korn and KXM drummer Ray Luzier about this ambitious project, how it different from KXM’s first CD and balancing Korn with his musical endeavors.

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Epica – Interview with Mark Jansen

February 8th, 2017
by UK Team


Interview with Mark Jansen

February 3, 2017 – O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London

Interview by Torbjørn ‘Toby’ Jørstad

Photography by Graham Hilling

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Fan video posted of Sacred Oath performing in New York City

February 8th, 2017
by EvilG

Fan-filmed video footage of Sacred Oath performing “Ravensong” during their New York City show at Lucky 13 in Brooklyn on February 4th has been posted on YouTube.  The concert marked the band’s return to the stage after 18-months in the studio finishing a brand new album for 2017.

Sacred Oath is back on tour supporting their 2015 release “Ravensong.”  More concert dates are to be announced shortly.  Also to follow is an announcement of a spring release date for the brand new album.

The video can be viewed here:



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Wacken Metal Battle USA Announce Boston and Philadelphia Rounds

February 8th, 2017
by EvilG

One Champion To Play At Wacken Open Air
One band, one champion, thousands of metalheads!
Wacken Metal Battle In America For The First Time! 

For over a decade at the world’s largest outdoor metal festival Wacken Open Air, independent metal bands from around the globe have been performing in front of thousands and competing against one another for one to be crowned champion of the world along with winning multiple prizes (prizes info). For the first time ever, Wacken Metal Battle USA is coming to America for its inaugural year and will be hosting qualifying rounds in New York City, Boston and Philadelphia. The national champion of those battles will perform at the 2017 festival taking place from August 3rd – 5th. Please watch the following video trailer to see all the metal fun!

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Epica + Powerwolf + Beyond The Black @ O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London

February 6th, 2017
by UK Team

Epica + Powerwolf + Beyond The Black

@ O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London

February 3, 2017

Review by Torbjørn ‘Toby’ Jørstad

Photography by Graham Hilling

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February 6th, 2017
by Arto Lehtinen


Let’s take look on what’s going on at Brutal Assault camp! Swedish legends CLAWFINGER has disbanded after their last BA appearance in 2013 and ever since they only did a handful of shows,  returning to some of the very special places they played during their career. This also stands true for Brutal Assault 2017!

The Russian pagan’s ARKONA founded exactly 15 years ago by the leader and main composer Masha Arkhipova represents the cream on top folk metal based on typicaly slavic melodies and pagan mysticism. It’s been mainly their powerful performance including great front(wo)manship by Masha, that put ARKONA on the map and currently the’re re-releasing their re-worked debut album to celebrate their anniversary.

BORN OF OSIRIS are also a cream on top band but of completely different genre, being fine representatives of progressive death metal / core branch, leading the pack towards new a new horizons.

Horizons are also the direction set by the viking ships of EINHERJER, the co-foudners of viking metal, who are also revisting their seminal debut album released in 1996. GRUESOME on the other hand are quite far from inventing a genre of their own but what they do they do best in the world and that is bringing the spirit of Chuck Schuldiner and Leprosy era Death in general!

MALIGNANT TUMOUR have recently celebrated 25 years on the scene by a new album with a simple title The Metallist! And they continue to spread their swinging earth-shaking rock’n’roll vibe with full force! MOURNING BELOVETH are fine Irish export and thus it seems their heavy, desperate and anguish inducing sound is a mandatory feature for them as it is for their fellow countrymen in the heavy music field.


THE LURKING FEAR are a band that you’ve probably haven’t heard about yet as their are still working on their debut 7” and album. THE LURKING FEAR plans to bring sheer, natural weirdness and horror back to the scene, as they want their death metal ugly, twisted and possessed. Why should you care? Well let’s take a look at the line-up!

Tomas Lindberg – vocals (At The Gates, Disfear, Skitsystem)
Jonas Stålhammar – guitars (God Macabre, Crippled Black Phoenix, Bombs Of Hades)
Fredrik Wallenberg – guitars (Skitsystem)
Andreas Axelsson – bass (Tormented, Disfear, ex Edge Of Sanity, ex Marduk)
Adrian Erlandsson – drums (At The Gates, The Haunted, ex Paradise Lost, ex Cradle Of Filth)

We are also very excited that Swiss masters of darkness SAMAEL will celebrate their 30 year anniversary with a special set at Brutal Assault 2017, alongside French purveyors of macabre black death with atmospheric planes SVART CROWN.

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Metalmania 2017 – special guest of the festival plus time schedule

February 4th, 2017
by EvilG

After a 9-year hiatus, the biggest indoor metal festival in Eastern Europe – Metalmania, comes back to life! The 23rd edition of this iconic festival will be held on April, 22nd 2017 in Spodek Hall, Katowice (Poland).

Roman Kostrzewski, legendary musician, best known from the Polish heavy metal band KAT, will be a special guest of the festival! Kostrzewski will appear in Spodek to sign his biography “Roman Kostrzewski. Głos z ciemności”, as well as CDs from his discography. Both book and cds will be available at the merch stand.

Metalmania Festival 2017 – time schedule

Please note that due to logistic reasons, Impaled Nazarene will perform at the Second Stage.

22.04.2017 Katowice – Spodek

Main Stage:
11.30 – Animations
12.30 – Tygers of Pan Tang
13.30 – Sinister
14.40 – Arcturus
15.50 – Entombed A.D.
17.00 – Vader
18.30 – Sodom
20.00 – Coroner
21.40 – Moonspell
23.25 – Samael
01.15 – Furia

Second Stage:
11.00 – Mentor
12.00 – Stillborn
13.00 – Thermit
14.10 – In Twilight’s Embrace
15.20 – Mord’A’Stigmata
16.30 – Infernal War
17.50 – Thaw
19.20 – Obscure Sphinx
21.00 – Impaled Nazarene
22.40 – CETI
00.35 – Entropia
Gates open: 10.00

Metalmania Festival – one of the most important musical events of 2017, a real treat for metal maniacs! Metalmania remains true to its formula – one day, two stages, over 20 bands from all around the world and thousands of fans! That’s what Metalmania Festival is all about!

Ticket prices (pre-sale):
FAN ticket – 666 PLN (only at
VIP – 355 PLN
Red seats H, J – 260 PLN
Red seats & blue seats (rows I-X) – 195 PLN
Blue seats (rows XI and up) – 160 PLN
Standing floor – 170 PLN

For tickets go to:,,,,,

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Robert “Strängen” Dahlqvist is Dead (ex-Hellacopters, Thundersxpress, Dundertåget, Diamond Dogs etc.)

February 4th, 2017
by EvilG

Robert Dahlqvist

Robert ‘Strings’ Dahlqvist from The Hellacopters performing live. By original file: Roger Workmanderivative work: Jssfrk [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Robert “Strängen” Dahlqvist, who played guitar for the Swedish garage rock band THE HELLACOPTERS for nearly a decade, has passed away. He was only 40 years old.

Dahlqvist was a member of THE HELLACOPTERS from 1999 until the group disbanded in 2008. Since the split, he pursued a solo career and fronted the group DUNDERTÅGET.

Last fall, he released the single “Bangatan”, which he wrote with Björn Olsson from THE SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES.

Dahlqvist had several concerts scheduled as a solo artist, including shows in Gothenburg and Ryd in the spring.

THE HELLACOPTERS paid tribute to their former bandmate in a Facebook post: They wrote: “It is difficult to find the words right now but it is with great sadness we have to announce that Robert ‘Strängen’ Dahlqvist is dead.

“For ten years, we traveled around the world several times together. Shared tour buses and recorded albums. Played at clubs and festivals.

“It’s incredibly difficult to describe in words what Strängen meant to us and no matter how hard we’d try, we couldn’t explain how much we’ll miss him.

“Our thoughts go out to all of the great memories we had together and especially to his family.

“Until we meet again”

The original lineup of THE HELLACOPTERS celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the release of its debut album, “Supershitty To The Max!”, with an appearance at last year’s edition of the Sweden Rock Festival.

THE HELLACOPTERS was formed in 1994 by ENTOMBED drummer Nicke Andersson (on vocals and guitar) and BACKYARD BABIES guitarist Dregen.

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KXM Release Video for “Breakout” from the Upcoming Album Scatterbrain

February 4th, 2017
by Celtic Bob

Coming on the heels of the video for the debut single “Scatterbrain,” KXM has released a video for another song from the upcoming sophomore album.
The video for “Breakout” premiered on the band’s Facebook page and can be seen here: The video, directed by previous KXM director Jamie Brown, is a barrage of visuals of the band that captures the high-energy feel of the song. The song comes from the album Scatterbrain that is scheduled for worldwide release on March 17th via Rat Pak Records. Fans who pre-order the album digitally via iTunes ( will receive both “Breakout” and the first single “Scatterbrain” as an instant download. The album is also available via Amazon (

Scatterbrain is currently available for pre-order via the Rat Pak Records website in various bundles including signed CD’s and t-shirts. All fans who pre-order the album through the Rat Pak website will be entered to win a one-of-a-kind custom guitar as well as other prizes. The pre-order is available at The video for the debut single “Scatterbrain” can be seen here: and has become a fan favorite since it was released. KXM is comprised of dUg Pinnick of King’s X on vocals/bass, George Lynch of Lynch Mob/Dokken on guitars and Ray Luzier, of Korn on drums. Scatterbrain features 13 brand new tracks and was recorded at the Steakhouse studio in North Hollywood California. The album was produced by Chris “The Wizard” Collier (Flotsam & Jetsam/Prong/Last In Line) who also produced the band’s 2014 debut.

KXM formed in early 2013 when dUg, George and Ray spoke about trying to jam together. At the time it wasn’t clear what would come from those jams. The only thing that was clear was that these 3 musicians, at the top of their game, wanted to play together. The self-titled debut, KXM, was released on March 11, 2014 and debuted at #31 on the Billboard 200. The band takes its name from the combination of the member’s other projects: K from Korn, X from King’s X and M from Lynch Mob. In a world that constantly searches for new and unique music, KXM delivers all the power and punch that one would expect from these high level players.

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