Neat & Tidy: The Story Of Neat Records Coming March 31st

February 9th, 2015
by Celtic Bob


Author John Tucker is set to release Neat & Tidy: The Story Of Neat Records on March 31st. Tucker has written several books over the past decade, his first being Suzie Smiled which is a book on the NWOBHM. Tucker was also involved in Sanctuary Records’ compilation CD’s of Neat Records Singles. More info can be found on his personal website about this and his other writings.

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A cover song wins “Best Metal Performance” at the Grammy Awads

February 8th, 2015
by EvilG

Tenacious D’s cover of the Dio classic “The Last In Line” has won the Best Metal Performance category at the 57th Annual Grammy Awards, which was handed out earlier today (Sunday, February 8th) at Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. “Music’s Biggest Night” will be broadcast live in high-definition TV and 5.1 surround sound on the CBS Television Network from 8 – 11:30 p.m. (ET/PT).

The period of eligibility for this year’s awards cover recordings released between October 1st, 2013 and September 30th, 2014.

Nominees in the Best Metal Performance category (for new vocal or instrumental solo, duo/group or collaborative metal recordings) included:

“Neon Knights” – Anthrax
Track from: Ronnie James Dio – This Is Your Life (Rhino)

“High Road” – Mastodon
Track from: Once More ‘Round The Sun (Reprise)

“Heartbreaker” – Motörhead
Track from: Aftershock (UDR)

“The Negative One” – Slipknot (Roadrunner Records)

“The Last In Line” – Tenacious D
Track from: Ronnie James Dio – This Is Your Life (Rhino)

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Roadburn 2015

February 8th, 2015
by Arto Lehtinen



The legendary and prestigious Roadburn festival offers a wide range of musical sonic torment of the different genres breaking the boundaries on 9-12th of April 10 at the 013 venue in Tilburg, The Netherlands

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February 7th, 2015
by UK Team



Review by Melanie Brehaut

Photography by Paul Verner @

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Interview with Amon Amarth bassist Ted Lundström

February 7th, 2015
by UK Team

Amon Amarth bassist Ted Lundström

Amon Amarth

Amon Amarth

Interviewed by Mia Metall

REAL FIRE BREATHING DRAGONS? BRITNEY SPEARS? Mia Metall grabs 12 minutes with Ted Lundström from Amon Amarth.

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Amon Amarth, Huntress and Savage Messiah, Manchester Academy 2 – 25/01/15

February 7th, 2015
by UK Team

Amon Amarth, Huntress and Savage Messiah

Manchester Academy 2,25/01/15

Amon Amarth, Huntress and Savage Messiah, Manchester Academy 2 – 25/01/15

Amon Amarth, Huntress and Savage Messiah, Manchester Academy 2 – 25/01/15

Review by Nick Adamson
Photography by Mia Metall

On a cold January night in Manchester it’s awesome see many people pouring through the doors of Academy 2 to see three of the most exciting metal bands touring today. Savage Messiah are an up and coming British thrash band carving themselves reputation, Huntress are no strangers to our fair isles building on an already pretty firm fan base, and Amon Amarth, who have been Viking their way across Europe and the United States for years leaving hordes of loyal warriors in their wake.

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CHASTAIN reissues The 7th of Never and The Voice of Cult on Deluxe Cds

February 7th, 2015
by EvilG

David T. Chastain has gained a reputation over the last 25 years as a powerful, progressive guitarist whose music has been centered around his melodic and technically fluent fret board mastery. Besides David’s virtuoso style the other major attribute to CHASTAIN’s instantly distinct sound is vocalist Leather Leone’s superior and ultimately commanding presence. Divebomb Records is excited to announce it has teamed up once again with CHASTAIN to reissue two more critically acclaimed albums – The 7th Of Never (1987) & The Voice Of The Cult (1988) from their catalog.

Chastain: The 7th Of Never (1987) & The Voice Of The Cult (1988).





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RAGE & REFUGE – Peavy Speaks

February 6th, 2015
by EvilG

To dispel the rumors about the future of RAGE after the announcement of a
line-up change a couple of days ago, Peavy Wagner decided to talk straight in the following statement:

Hi Rageheads,

due to misleading rumors in the past few days, referring to the future of
RAGE and LMO, I would like to give some more clarity.

My split from Victor and André does NOT implicate the end of RAGE! On the
contrary, soon we will set sails again with a new Line-Up. More news to

REFUGE is a blessing for me and my two friends and bandmates, and will
continue to exist. We are looking forward to the festival summer of 2015
(and beyond)

Both bands, RAGE and REFUGE are going to be present alongside and will even
complement each other. With REFUGE we are serving all the oldschool
metalheads out there, whilst RAGE is covering the whole musical spectrum
that I have built up in the past 30 years.

LINGUA MORTIS (LMO) I created in the early 90’s and we celebrated our first
release in 1996. Equals to RAGE, LMO is an important part of me and I will
put in the same amount of passion and creative energy as I have done in the

I promise that I will go ahead with RAGE in a high musical quality. With
REFUGE we will travel back to the early days and with LINGUA MORTIS
ORCHESTRA I will continue the Metal meets Classic part of me.

I can’t wait for what will happen in the near future, I feel freed and I am
full of creative energy. In that respect I want to say
THANK YOU for your trust and support.

See you soon.

Yours Peavy

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February 6th, 2015
by EvilG

Check out the new drum video below for the title track of Eastern Front’s latest album “Descent Into Genocide”. Out now on Candlelight Records!

Recorded & Edited by Danny B at HVR Recording Studio/HVR Video.

Upcoming live shows:

13/02/15 – The Rat Infestation Festival 2015 – Bristol (Headline Show)
14/02/15 – The Garage – London w/ Tsjuder

Eastern Front

Eastern Front

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RAGE Break Up?

February 6th, 2015
by EvilG

An update to the below info was released shortly thereafter. Please read that here.

“Dear friends,
after 15 fantastic years, 10 records and countless live shows with RAGE, I have decided to focus myself on other musical challenges. I really want to thank all RAGE fans, who supported me all those years.

In the future I will concentrate on the new LMO CD. The orchestra project I founded and formed in 2013 will continue with the same lineup, just without Peavy. New musicians, giving this creative band new input, but also a new name will be revealed soon. Composing and producing the last record was so much fun to me and I want to thank everyone who supported me doing this. With all the experience from the shows with LMO, I’m quite sure the new album will be even more exciting.
Expect the unexpected!”

Victor , February 2015

“Hi Rageheads,
After thinking it over carefully, Peavy and Victor decided to stop working together in the future. This is due to musical and personal changes. We have developed in different directions in the last years that much, that we cannot identify with the current band situation anymore. In this situation we will also part from drummer André Hilgers. The last 15 years were blessed with many Highlights and great releases but this era is over now. Every extension would be untrue to ourselves and to our fans.

We wish each other all the best!
Thanx to all the fans for your trust and support!”
Peavy & Victor, Feb 2015

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BEHEMOTH – Interview With Adam “Nergal” Darski

February 6th, 2015
by Peter Atkinson

Behemoth Logo (555x245)

Interview with guitarist/vocalist Adam “Nergal” Darski

By Peter Atkinson

Photos from; and Metal Blade Records

The night of a show, first few dates of the tour phone interview: these things are almost always a challenge. They inevitably run late or are rushed, usually both, as they get squeezed in between meet-and-greets, sound check, dinner or there is some travel delay, equipment hassle, dodgy phone signal, personal crisis or illness to contend with. And that’s if they happen at all.

Too often, they end up having to be rescheduled. Sometimes more than once. I remember a week’s worth of phone calls and text messages through five cities in the U.S. and Canada before finally hooking up with Satyricon drummer Frost in 2009. Good times.

And that’s where it looked like things might be headed when I rang Behemoth’s tour manager for my appointed time with frontman Adam “Nergal” Darski prior to the band’s show in Austin, Texas, the third date of a five-plus-week North American trek with Cannibal Corpse – and got voicemail.

Fortunately, when I called back 10 minutes later, there was an answer. But, alas, not only would the interview need to be pushed back a half-hour because a meet-and-greet was running long, I was asked to keep it to 20 minutes because Darski already was experiencing trouble with his voice – which perhaps is no wonder. Behemoth – rounded out by bassist Tomasz “Orion” Wróblewski, drummer Zbigniew Robert “Inferno” Promiñski and guitarist Patryk “Seth” Sztyber — had traveled from their native Poland to Miami, spent four days at sea as part of the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise, and then got right on the bus the kick off the tour with Cannibal in New Orleans.

Still, 20 minutes is certainly better than none, and even in a hurried conversation, we managed to cover quite a bit of ground – albeit not in much depth – from the 70,000 Tons of Metal trek and start of the current tour to the imminent English-language release of Darski’s own book “Confessions Of A Heretic: The Sacred And Profane, Behemoth And Beyond,” and the “definitive Behemoth biography” – as it’s being advertised – “Behemoth: Devil’s Conquistadors” by Łukasz Dunaj.

Darski also addressed his health, how his triumphant battle with leukemia in 2010-11 has changed the way he looks at life and what that might mean for Behemoth in the future, once the lengthy crusade on behalf of last year’s masterwork, The Satanist, comes to an end some time in 2016, when the band will celebrate its 25th anniversary.

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Prepare for a new documentary – British Black Metal: The Extreme Underground

February 4th, 2015
by UK Team

The British black metal scene is currently bursting and exciting; many would claim. The British black metal scene is currently bursting and exciting; Andy Horry from Leeds sets out to prove. To capture the essence of what makes the UK’s bleak landscape so special at this moment in time, the young film maker’s project, entitled British Black Metal: The Extreme Underground encompasses the best and the biggest of the nation’s thriving scene, including the glorious Winterfylleth, Northern folklore masters Old Corpse Road, and the war torn Eastern Front. With the film still in the making, I had a few words with Andy Horry about just why this documentary needs to be made, and why it deserves your pledging support.

british bm mr
“The idea for the documentary actually came up in conversation with my former band, “Slaughter Throne”. Andy tells me. “I’d made a few vlogs for the band that had a documentary feel to them and because of all the bands that were around in the UK, and especially Yorkshire it seemed like it would be a good idea to cover what is out there right now.”

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Morbid Angel with support on 20th Anniversary Of Covenant European Tour 2014, Kulturbolaget Malmo, Sweden

February 4th, 2015
by Anders Sandvall


Morbid Angel: 20th Anniversary Of Covenant European Tour 2014

Necrovation – support act

Kulturbolaget, Malmo, Sweden
18/12 – 2014

Live pictures and review by: Anders Sandvall


Morbid Angel is celebrating the 20th anniversary of their COVENANT album by playing the entire record from beginning to end at each show. Well actually it was 21 years ago the album came but who’s counting? I had been looking forward to seeing the show for quite a while and my expectations were set really high.

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THAT METAL SHOW Returns With Season 14

February 4th, 2015
by Celtic Bob

TMS Hosts copy

Kicking off what’s guaranteed to be the best season of “That Metal Show” yet, Rush’s Geddy Lee has been confirmed for the debut episode of VH1 Classic’s centerpiece in original programming. He will be making his second appearance on the acclaimed hard rock/heavy metal talk show, hosted by Eddie Trunk, Don Jamieson, and Jim Florentine. Geddy Lee returns to the show to promote the highly anticipated Rush R40 Live 40th Anniversary Tour that will kick off this summer. The tour will visit 34 cities throughout North America and tickets are currently on-sale for select markets. The episode will premiere on Saturday, February 21st at a new broadcast time of 9:00PM ET/PT, repeating at 11:00PM ET/PT the same evening.

“Back when ‘TMS’was first born Geddy & Alex were nice enough to fly to New York and be a guest in our very first season. I’ve always had a great relationship with the Rush guys and it meant so much to me they were willing to support something I was doing that at that point hardly anyone had seen or heard of,” states host/co-producer Eddie Trunk.  “Amazingly almost seven years have passed and we’re now about to debut our 14th season of ‘That Metal Show’ and I couldn’t be more honored to welcome back Geddy to the set to celebrate 40 plus years of Rush and the return of TMS!”

Known for having the best musicians in music perform each week on “That Metal Show,” the Season 14 premiere will continue the trend with John Petrucci of Dream Theater making his first-ever appearance on the debut episode. The 7-string guitar virtuoso has been someone the show has hoped to have on for some time now. Dream Theater is currently working on their new album, which they hope will be out later this year.

Season 14 of “That Metal Show” will consist of 12 all-new episodes and will be shot at Metropolis Studios in New York City on Tuesday nights for broadcast that Saturday. Audience tickets for upcoming tapings are now available via Gotham Casting at Upcoming guests will be announced in the near future.

Season 14 will also mark the return of some notable segments including “Metal Modem,” “TMS Top 5” “Rank”, and “Take It Or Leave It.” The popular “Stump The Trunk” segment will also be returning as audience members go out of their way to test Eddie Trunk’s vast knowledge for a chance to win a prize and see everyone’s favorite Ms. Box Of Junk, Jennifer, who is also returning for the new season. Fans can watch previous episodes and other exclusive bonus clips at and on the new VH1 app.

“That Metal Show” first premiered on VH1 Classic in November 2008 and since has become the only place for all things hard rock and heavy metal on cable television.  The show has been visited by some of the biggest names in the genres including members of Black Sabbath, Van Halen, Metallica, Aerosmith, Pantera, Kiss, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Pearl Jam, Guns N’ Roses, Queensrÿche, Heart, and many more.

“That Metal Show” is a production of VH1 Classic. Lee Rolontz, Jeff Baumgardner, and Keshia Williams serve as executive producers for VH1.

VH1 Classic brings you the best metal, rock, soul and pop from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s. The channel features the gods of rock – from Black Sabbath, Metallica, and Iron Maiden to Stone Temple Pilots,Pearl Jam, and Dire Straits – in marquee concerts and music specials, and of course, tons of classic music videos. Recent big events include “National Metal Day” (11.11) and “Metal Evolution”, an 11-part documentary series on the history of metal.  When it comes down to it – all music should go to 11.

VH1 Classic
That Metal Show
That Metal Show Facebook page

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KISKE / SOMERVILLE “City of Heroes” to be released worldwide in April on Frontiers

February 4th, 2015
by Celtic Bob

K-S cover

Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the release of the anticipated new album from KISKE / SOMERVILLE entitled “City of Heroes” on April 17th in Europe and April 21st in North America.

KISKE / SOMERVILLE is the musical collaboration between vocalists Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween, Unisonic, Place Vendome) and Amanda Somerville (Trillium, Avantasia) and this new recording is certainly going to be one of the highlights of the season in Rock music. Kiske’s soaring overtones seem to blend perfectly with the ethereal quality and diverse range of Amanda’s voice and this time the results are truly over the top.

This brilliant new album sees Mat Sinner (Primal Fear, Sinner) and Magnus Karlsson (Starbreaker, Primal Fear) handling most of the songwriting (with a song contribution “Breaking Neptune” from Sander Gommans formerly of After Forever and Amanda Somerville herself) and with Sinner overseeing the production in various recording studios in Europe. Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe, Primal Fear, Pretty Maids, Doro etc.) then took care of the mix of the album ensuring a sonic quality second to none.

The first KISKE / SOMERVILLE self-titled album instantly aroused enthusiasm in the rock and metal community. The two videos off the album -“If I Had a Wish” and “Silence” – amassed a total of approximately 3,000,000 plays to date, which means that these songs can legitimately be considered as nowadays Rock classics!

Considered a Metal Diva in the European symphonic metal scene, Amanda Somerville is an American singer-songwriter from Flint, Michigan whose catalogue of projects, guest appearances and live shows garnered to date is an impressive body of work. Since 1999, she has divided her time between the US and Europe, primarily Germany and the Netherlands. She co-wrote the metal opera “AINA,” and has also been a vocalist, songwriter, producer and / or vocal coach for many bands like AVANTASIA, EPICA and KAMELOT, giving her more credibility in metal circles than she ever bargained for. Some of her most recent endeavors include working with renowned artists Alice Cooper, Bonnie Tyler, Ian Gillan (DEEP PURPLE) and many others.

Hamburg-born singer Michael Kiske is best known as the former lead vocalist for the German Metal Gods Helloween. After his departure from the band, Kiske recorded four solo albums, participated on various metal and rock related projects, such as Place Vendome and he also performed with numerous bands as a guest vocalist. In late 2009, he formed the hard rock/heavy metal band Unisonic, together with his former Helloween bandmate Kai Hansen and began touring again after 17 years.

“City of Heroes” will be released in CD, Deluxe edition with a bonus DVD and 2Lp vinyl gatefold sleeve. Tracklisting includes: City of Heroes; Walk on Water; Rising Up; Salvation; Lights Out; Breaking Neptune; Ocean of Tears; Open Your Eyes; Last Goodbye; After The Night Is Over; Run With a Dream; Right Now.

DVD includes: City of Heroes (video); Walk on Water (video); “Making of” documentary

An album trailer can be enjoyed following this link:

Lead & Backing Vocals by Michael Kiske & Amanda Somerville
Guitars & Keyboards: Magnus Karlsson
Bass & Backing Vocals: Mat Sinner
Drums: Veronika Lukesova

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