Crystal Viper – Interview With Marta Gabriel

April 17th, 2014
by Erich Heintzelman
Crystal Viper - Logo

Crystal Viper

Interview With Marta Gabriel of Crystal Viper

Conducted by Erich Heintzelman

I caught up with Marta Gabriel not long after the release of Crystal Viper’s newest album POSSESSION, a concept album about… you guessed it possession.  The topic is very dark,  and unashamedly metal much like the band and the lady herself, who takes recognizable pride in the her approach to traditional metal.  Marta discussed the new album, the band’s touring plans, and who her dream collaboration would include.

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METAL ALL STARS – Live at Hartwall Arena, Helsinki

April 17th, 2014
by Marko Syrjala
Metal All Stars

6’th of April 2014

Hartwall Arena, HELSINKI


The Metal All Stars touring circus landed at Finland in April. The whole tour had been advertised to have all the legendary heavy metal stars altogether such as Rob Halford, Vince Neil, Cronos, Tom Araya, Phil Anselmo and the former Megadeth guys Nick Menza and Martin Friedman. However the tour turned out to be one hell of a bluff when these legends vanished from the poster or announced no taking part in the Metal All Stars thing at all. Obviously the organization behind the curtains hasn’t pleased the bands and musicians that much either. When Metal All Star finally arrived after wild rumours and gossips, the 12000 seat Hartwall Arena was literally empty when only 2000 had crawled to witness the Metal All Stars. Well the Metal-Rules.Com was at present, witnessing this eccentric spectacle. Read the rest of this entry »


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KIX Sign With Loud & Proud Records

April 17th, 2014
by Celtic Bob


Look for KIX– Steve Whiteman (lead vocals), Jimmy Chalfant (drums, vocals), Ronnie Younkins (guitars), Brian Forsythe (guitars) and Mark Schenker (bass)—to release their first new album in almost two decades on July 22, thanks to their new partnership with Loud & Proud Records.  What makes the project even more exciting and anticipated is that the album features the band’s original line-up, with the exception of Schenker on bass.

“The boys and I are so happy that our old friend, Tom Lipsky, has invited us to join the Loud & Proud family,” exclaims Whiteman.  “We worked with Tom and Madelyn Scarpulla on our last studio album, SHOW BUSINESS, and we’re looking forward to working with them again with the release of the first new KIX album in almost 19 years!  We’ll still be coming to a dump near you very soon!”

Loud & Proud Owner & President Tom Lipsky adds, “What I have always loved about KIX is they make rock ‘n roll fun.  What I love about their new music is that it’s pure, genuine KIX music, straight up guitar rock with no compromise.  They’re not chasing trends or trying to re-invent themselves.  They’re simply doing what they do best…and now they can do it Loud and Proud!”

Marking the re-emergence of KIX in early-2000’s, the band had teamed up a few times a year to test the waters with reunion shows in the Maryland/Pennsylvania, which were very well received.  Then in the summer of 2008, KIX performed outside the mid-Atlantic for the first time in 13 years at two of the biggest rock festivals in the U.S.  Rocklahoma in Pryor, OK and Rock the Bayou in Houston, TX.  The band was hailed by many music websites and attendees as “Best Performance” at both festivals, where they played alongside Sammy Hagar, Alice Cooper, Tesla, Queesryche, Ratt, and more.

As the demand for new music has never subsided and in fact has only increased over the last few years, the band decided that they can no longer ignore the overtures from their fans and are currently recording new KIX songs.  The new album, due out summer 2014, is produced by Taylor Rhodes, who last worked with KIX on 1991’s HOT WIRE album.  Rhodes has also written hit songs for Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne and Journey.

Stay tuned for new album news, which will be announced in the coming weeks, and check out KIX on tour at any of the following stops (with more to be announced soon):

DATE               CITY                             VENUE

Fri 4/25             Columbia, MD               M3 Festival
Sat 5/24            Pryor, OK                     Rocklahoma
Sat 5/31            Sandusky, OH               Ohio Bike Week
Fri 6/6               Vernal, UT                     Thunder Rocks
Sat 6/21            Idaho Falls, ID               Rock The Falls
Fri 7/25             Royalton, MN                Halfway Jam
Thu 7/31            Leemore, CA                 Tachi Palace Casino

About Loud & Proud Records:

Loud & Proud Records is an independent record label founded in 2007 by Tom Lipsky whose mission is to provide a true and transparent partnership between artists and their record label.  Labels under Lipsky’s direction in the past (CMC International, Sanctuary Records Group) have been among the market leaders in the veteran artist space with releases by Neil Young, Lynyrd Skynyrd, KISS, Robert Plant, Morrissey, Earth Wind & Fire, The Allman Brothers Band, Widespread Panic, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Bad Company and more.  In a previous joint-venture with Roadrunner Records, Loud & Proud was responsible for new albums by Rush, Lenny Kravitz, Rob Zombie, Lynyrd Skynyrd, KISS, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and The Steve Miller Band.  Loud & Proud’s current roster includes five-time Emmy Award winning actor and musician Jonathan Jackson and his band Enation, supergroup rock band The Winery Dogs, renowned jam band The String Cheese Incident, multi-platinum country artists BlackHawk, Seattle’s alternative Walking Papers, critically-acclaimed singer/songwriter Willie Nile, powerhouse rockers KIX and the classic Starship featuring Mickey Thomas.  Loud & Proud Records is a registered trademark of Lipsky Music, LLC, and is distributed in the U.S. and Canada by RED and in the rest of the world by earMUSIC/Edel AG.


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Another typical mainstream-media, anti-Metal smear campaign.

April 16th, 2014
by J P

Another typical mainstream-media, anti-Metal smear campaign.

by JP

In the early morning of April 15th, 2014 a young man in the city of Calgary, Alberta stabbed five people to death at a house party. Despite a population of over million people, the city is quite safe recording only a few murders a year. Until this point there had been only five homicides in 2014. The media dubbed it the worst mass killing in the history of Calgary.

Later in the day it was revealed that the suspect in custody, who had been charged with five counts of first-degree murder, had written a message on his Facebook account. His last message was the title of two songs by the band Megadeth, ‘The World Needs A Hero’ and ‘Dread And The Fugitive Mind’, both songs are from the bands ninth album from 2001, THE WORLD NEEDS A HERO.

The media are immediately trying to make a connection between the song titles and the killings. It is very common for the media in an attempt to place blame and/or justify and/or explain the actions of the criminals in these situations have often used Heavy Metal media as a scapegoat. From high-profile cases involving Ozzy Osbourne and Judas Priest to this most recent example, Heavy Metal has been the target for many people trying to find quick, easy answers to a difficult situation. Unfortunately the situation is the same in Calgary as media attempts to create a story and find place blame. Within hours of the killings, two of my colleagues who work in the Metal industry were phoned by a reporter digging for information in an effort to sensationalize the story. It is my feeling that this is reprehensible, shoddy reporting and an attack on Heavy Metal. Did the media ask the following questions?

What was the last video game the suspect played?

What was the last book the suspect read?

What was the last magazine the suspect read?

What was the last Youtube video the suspect watched?

What was the last movie the suspect watched?

What was the last poem he read?

What was the last art gallery he went to?

Were these questions asked and reported on? No, automatically the ‘smoking gun’ of two song titles by a Heavy Metal band are faithfully trotted out as a possible link and motive. Why is it they immediately jump to the conclusion that Metal had some part in the actions of the suspect? I have no doubt in the next few days ‘experts’ will be analyzing the lyrics of these songs in an attempt to find a connection.

There may even be deeper, uglier motives as the mainstream media may want to attack and discredit Megadeth and by extension band-leader Dave Mustaine, an outspoken, right-wing, Christian conservative. This is pure speculation on my part.

In an effort to combat unfair and inaccurate representations of Heavy Metal and of I have taken a moment to provide some factual information about the case.

The last FB post allegedly read…Dread and The Fugitive Mind. The World Needs A Hero. 10 words that cause such an uproar. Let us examine each song individually.

Dread and the Fugitive Mind

Lyrics (D. Mustaine)

Let me introduce myself I’m a social disease .

I’ve come for your wealth leave you on your knees .

No time for feeling sorry, I got here on my own .

I won’t ask for mercy, I choose to walk alone .

What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine too .

If you shake my hand better count your fingers .

What if I do get caught? what if there is no judgment? .

If I’m right I lose nothing, if you’re right I lose it all .

I ought to get caught because I’m doing something wicked .

I’m guilty haunted by my fear and the only consequences .

Are dread and the fugitive mind .

You built walls to protect you so no one will infect you .

Pursued by those out there that vanish in thin air .

Come a long way to find what you really left behind .

You don’t know when the end is but it’s coming fast .

What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine too .

If you shake my hand better count your fingers  

What if I do get caught? what if there is no judgment? .

If I’m right I lose nothing, if you’re right I lose it all .

I ought to get caught because I’m doing something wicked .

I’m guilty haunted by my fear and the only consequences .

Are dread and the fugitive mind.

Originally, when the song first came out I personally had interpreted this song as referring to drugs as the ‘social disease’ as Mustaine was in the throes of his heroin addiction at the time with his band falling apart around him. However, in subsequent interviews Mustaine revealed that the song is in fact about organized religion. This song (and album) was written well BEFORE Mustaine became a born-again Christian in the spring of 2002, as per his autobiography. In an interview with Ultimate on October 5th, 2013 Mustaine says the songs is about Pascal’s Wager.

“It’s like the whole Pascal’s Wager thing that I sang about in ‘Dread and the Fugitive Mind;’ it’s better to live your life like there’s a God and to find out there isn’t, than to live like there’s no God and find out there is.”

From Wikipedia….

Pascal’s Wager is an argument in apologetic philosophy which was devised by the seventeenth-century French philosopher, mathematician, and physicist Blaise Pascal (1623–1662). It posits that humans all bet with their lives either that God exists or does not exist. Given the possibility that God actually does exist and assuming the infinite gain or loss associated with belief in God or with unbelief, a rational person should live as though God exists and seek to believe in God. If God does not actually exist, such a person will have only a finite loss (some pleasures, luxury, etc.).[1]


The World Needs A Hero

Lyrics (D. Mustaine)

An iron fist quietly sits inside the velvet glove

Take control, untouchable just like God above

I can’t escape, wrapped in red tape, what will become of me?

If I object, then I defect my country ’tis of thee

The white house is calling

Tell them I’ll call them back

Just tell them anything

Yeah get them off my back

The world needs a hero

Not that I would ever lie but I have no choice

Words I say heard today are not mine, just my voice

Nato is on line 1

They want to talk to me

Tell them that I’m not in

Tell them that I’m not free

The world needs a hero

Phantom rule, the hidden jewel who’s really in control?

On puppet strings, a nation swings undermined by moles

The U.N. is on hold

Tell them I’ll call them back

Yeah tell them anything

Just get them off my back

The world needs a hero

Dave the white house is calling

They want to talk to me

Tell them that I can’t be bought

Tell them that I’m not free

The world needs a hero.

In an interview in April of 2001 with the Greek webzine Mustaine had this to say.

“Well…I’m saying the world, I didn’t say Greece needs a hero. If you watch the news, it’s pretty fucked up. Bombings, wars, floods and earthquakes and shit. You see stuff like in California some kid just went to school and shot a bunch of his schoolmates. I should have said a fuckin’ American needs a hero.”

In the past, Mustaine has been an outspoken individual publically criticizing the American government and specifically the U.N. and the lyrics may be interpreted as a call for some ‘hero’ to replace the organizations of government (White House), the U.N. and the military (Nato) as an attempt to solve the world’s problems.

Armed and educated with this information about the actual meaning of the lyrics as directly quoted from the author of the lyrics, it would take the most irresponsible, sensationalistic journalist (or one with an personal agenda) to try to interpret these lyrics in any way shape or form as a call to kill people or motive for murder. We have a song about religion and one about politics. There is no possible link between these songs and the violent crime committed in Calgary.

In this case the media is acting too quickly and irresponsibly in trying to attribute blame to Megadeth and Dave Mustaine for these killings, even if they are only doing it implicitly by leaving out information or emphasizing other information. Why was it even mentioned? If the suspects’ last words on Facebook had been ‘I had a hamburger at McDonalds for lunch’ or he had typed ‘Vivaldi’s Four Seasons’. It would have not made the news. Some people may suggest I’m being paranoid but if you look at similar cases of violent crime in North America, it is extremely rare that the suspects musical preference is ever mentioned, unless he or she is a Heavy Metal fan.

I understand the media has an agenda. It is an extremely competitive and a profit driven mandate to be first to ‘break local news’ or get a story, which in turn raises the prestige of the station and attracts viewers and consequently advertising dollars. The negative side is that in the mad rush to be ‘first’, very often journalistic integrity and actual investigative research goes out the window so the story can be the lead on the six o’clock news. Pressures and deadlines are huge and journalists make compromises that impact the true story. The bodies aren’t even cold yet, it was less than 17 hours since the crime and already media is struggling to place blame and unfortunately the nearest easy target was Megadeth and Heavy Metal in general.

The following day (April 16th) the media was all over the story but unfortunately the reporting had some mistakes and assumptions.

-The National Post has said that the suspect posted a song on FaceBook. This is incorrect. There was a post of two song titles. No lyrics. No music. No context. (Gerson, April 16th, p. A6)

-The Globe And Mail said that there was one song title posted, not two. This is open to interpretation. Was the suspect referring to the single song from the album THE WORLD NEEDS A HERO, or was he listing two songs from the album of the same name? It is interesting that the Globe assumed that that it was one song ‘Dread and The Fugitive Mind’ and printed some lyrics from the one song that could be interpreted as ‘negative’ as compared to printing lyrics from the song, ‘The Worlds Needs A Hero’ which is a much more positive song. (Jones, April 16th, p. A7)

-The Calgary Herald went as far as say, “The music of Dave Mustaine and his band, Megadeth, has been linked to the worst mass slaying in Calgary’s history… (Bell, April 16th, on-line version)

Unfortunately, this sad situation in Calgary, is just one isolated example of a decades long, systematic campaign by the mainstream media to smear and discriminate against Heavy Metal, with little regard for the actual motive or cause of the crime.

Here is what we do know.

1. There is no context in which the suspect posted the 10 simple words. Was he responding to a question? Eg. What are your favorite Megadeth songs?’

2. Calgary Police have not released any statement or comment (to date) about the motive or any connection to the song titles.

That is the total sum of knowledge about the alleged connection between the band and the motive for the crimes. Nothing.  Zero. And yet the mainstream media seems insistent on creating news to drive the tragic story. This is not investigative journalism. This is an example of jumping to conclusions and shoddy fact-checking at best and at worst, part of the campaign to discredit Metal and implicate Megadeth and Dave Mustaine.

We here at will be watching this story with interest and most importantly (more than any connection to music, motive or causation) we hope that there is a thorough and unbiased investigation, eventual trial, prosecution and an  appropriate punishment for the individual charged with these horrible crimes.



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Amaranthe Interview @ 02 Islington Academy

April 16th, 2014
by UK Team


02 Islington Academy

5th April 2014

Interview by Ben Spencer
Photography by Graham Hilling



Before tonight’s show gets under way both Photographer Graham Hilling and I are joined with two of the three vocalists from the highly esteemed European Metal outfit Amaranthe to learn more about their ever growing international success and interesting fusion of sounds they bring to the Metal scene.

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Deals Death Interview @ 02 Islington Academy

April 16th, 2014
by UK Team

Deals Death Interview

@ 02 Islington Academy

5th April 2014

Interview by Ben Spencer
Photography by Graham Hilling

Ollie Ekman of Deals Death

Ollie Ekman of Deals Death

Straight after an interview with tonight’s head liners Aamranthe, we journeyed outside the 02 Academy and were met by Deals Death front man Ollie Ekman who suggested we conduct our interview on the band’s respective Tour bus. Once inside, he informs us not to stare too long at the lights due to risk of burning our retinas (laughs), and so we begin to learn more about the Finish Metal titans whose sound has been evolving ever since their early formation in 2007.

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Amaranthe @ 02 Islington Academy

April 16th, 2014
by UK Team


@ 02 Islington Academy


Review by Ben Spencer
Photography by Graham Hilling



After wrapping up an interview with Deal’s Death, it was time to race from their tour bus to tonight’s venue for the opening act Smash Into Pieces. Read the rest of this entry »


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D.A.D. 30 Years Tour 2014 – Danish tour at Grå Hallen Copenhagen, Denmark

April 16th, 2014
by Anders Sandvall


30 Years Tour 2014 – Danish tour

Grå Hallen

Copenhagen, Denmark
8/3 – 2014

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall


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Signus Regis – bandleader/bass player Ronnie König

April 16th, 2014
by Anders Sandvall


Bandleader/bass player Ronnie König – Signus Regis

Interviewed by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Emil Westerdahl at Ulterium Records for setting up the interview
Thanks to Ulterium Records for the promo pictures of the band
Thanks to Ulterium Records for the additional live pictures of the band taken by: Daniele Fuligno, Michael Bolli and Nate Summer-Cook


Signus Regis – the Slovakian heavy metal band unleashed their third album EXODUS last year. The album is a theme album with guests vocalists like Göran Edman, Daisa Munhoz, Michael Vescera and Lance King. Since I thought the album was great I thought I should hook up with bandleader/bass player Ronnie König in order to get to know a little bite more about the band and their history. We handled issues like EXODUS, the matter of guest vocalists, the line-up and labels. Another topic that was handled was also the status of heavy metal/hardrock in Slovakia. Enjoy.

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Iced Earth with support at Worldwide Plagues Tour 2014 – European leg at Lilla Vega Copenhagen, Denmark

April 16th, 2014
by Anders Sandvall

iced_earth_logo_3_2014 (2)

Iced Earth – headline act

Worldwide Plagues Tour 2014 – European leg

Warbringer – special guest

Elm Street – support act

Lilla Vega, Copenhagen, Denmark
16/2 – 2014

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall

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Saxon on Mini Tour Of Europe – 2014 Kulturbolaget Malmo, Sweden

April 16th, 2014
by Anders Sandvall

saxon_logo_1_kb_2014 (2)

Saxon – headline act

Mini Tour Of Europe – 2014

Dirty Passion – support act




9/3 – 2014

Live reviews and photos by: Anders Sandvall


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Interview with Dave Garcia (Cage, Hellscream)

April 16th, 2014
by J P

Interview with Dave Garcia of Hellscream and Cage.

by JP

Dave Garcia (2013) - 600 x 600

Tell us about your new project, Hellscream!

Hellscream is a musician band that is comprised of the meeting of the minds of myself and Norman Skinner. The music is primarily a heavy edged power metal project.

Hellscream logo (Medium) 600 x 200

How did you meet up with Norman Skinner?

This was a meeting by chance that happened at the 2011 NAMM show in Anaheim California. We started talking about what we had going on and at that time I was looking for a great vocalist to do a new project. He instantly said he was very interested and we exchanged our contact info and soon after began writing songs.

Because Hellscream is so new to the Metal scene there does not seem to be much info yet. Who else is in the band and will you be touring soon?

The CD was written entirely be Norman and myself. Norman created all lyrical content, helped with arrangements and sang like an animal! All of the instrumentation was performed by myself in my studio. We have had a great response to the debut album and are looking forward to another CD with a tour follow up! Due to our other band obligations we are currently involved with scheduling will be critical. I have a great selection of potential players lined up for the next cd already.

This is perhaps a tougher but fair question. Cage and Hellscream are quite similar stylistically being both US Power Metal. What made you want to branch out and work on another project?

This was really a fun project! I had about a nine month period where the Cage camp was distracted so it made sense for me to keep busy! Norman and I worked exclusively by e-mail only! We were transferring files back and forth using Protools software. I am really sure we only spoke to each other at most three times the entire year while we were writing the cd. All else was only by e-mail!

What special significance does the title MADE IMMORTAL have for you?

I thought that the song was so freaking awesome and with the way the entire project evolved it was a perfect title for the CD!


Hellscream - Made Immortal cd cover 600 x 600


How are the song-writing duties in Hellscream divided up? Does one guy bring the main riff or is a collaborative effort born out of jamming?

I was the one that would write the riffs and do some examples of arrangement. I then would send Norman the the mp3 for him to review. Norman would then send back to me an arrangement with lyrics.

Who handles the lyrics?

Norman Exclusively!

Switching over to Cage, last time I chatted with Sean he said the latest record is going to be a horror-themed concept album. Can you tell us more about it?

Yes! The new CD is basically two thirds of the way completed. it is a horror theme concept album based on a 45,000 word mini novel that Sean Peck wrote! The title of the cd is “Ancient Evil”and takes place in England around 1819. There will be also special guests on the CD and so far it is really sounding amazing!

CAGE logo 600 - 200

There has been a pretty seismic lineup change with three-fifths of the bands changing over. I know Cage has always been you and Sean but can you tell us a bit about what precipitated the membership evolution?

The current line up is by far the best we have had the pleasure to work with! The reality is that Cage has been cranking out music for 22 years! There have been some great relationships with previous members and will always have great memories of all the awesome shows and touring together!

Are you going to shop the new Cage album to labels or continue to maintain your independence?

It has worked well for us to remain independent! We have a fantastic fan base world wide and appreciate their loyal support!

Hellscream - Dave Gacia (Guitars - Cage) 2 - 600 x 600

Since your nickname is Conan, are you looking forward to the new Conan movie, THE LEGEND OF CONAN with the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger?

I am! He was a big influence on my earlier years as a competitive bodybuilder!

What do you to keep in shape, both physically and in terms of playing?

I still work out every other day at the gym! I still watch the type of food I consume however not as severe as I used to be when I was active in competitive bodybuilding. Because of the stress on the hands I do play as much guitar as possible to minimize the effects from weight training.

Have you ever thought about doing a solo album?

I have some fantastic projects coming up that sound really exciting! Anything is possible! I am working with Benjamin from Online Metal Promo to help further opportunities moving forward!

Hellscream - Dave Gacia (Guitars - Cage) 1 - 600 x 600

Do you keep in touch with the Voz guys?

Morrie is my bro! i have had some fun tours and experiences with him for sure! We are also in touch through Facebook!

What does 2014 hold for both Hellscream and Cage?

Look forward to the new CD “Ancient Evil” and we are touring in Europe In July 2014′. There also is a midwest tour being scheduled in November! The live shows are extremely fun for The Cage boys and we deliver pounding in your face true metal power every time!

Thank you!


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Fatal Smile announce retirement

April 15th, 2014
by J P

Mr. Y of Fatal Smile released a statement to the press.


At some point in your life you’ll have to ‘kill your darlings’…and it’s with a heavy heart I have to inform you that I’m laying my dear band FATAL SMILE to rest…

I sure know it’s a really bad timing with a new album to be released & we just kicked off our first show of the tour last nite…But at a certain point in life you’ll have to make decisions if things are really worth doing it…??

I have come to that point when the answer is no, it’s no longer worth sacrificing everything in my life, my heart & soul just to keep the ‘FS-train’ rolling…It’s been an epic journey since I started the band back in 1995 & I had a blast ‘living the dream’… A million thank’s to all of you for your endless support & love during those ‘Fatal years’ & thank’s to all the band members during this time.

I will sure keep writing & playing music, that’s for sure!!!

Take care & be well.

Peace & Love,

Yüksel Unutmaz aka ‘MR. Y’


Photo by Dave – Access Rock


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SKID ROW Tour With BLACK STAR RIDERS Kicks Off May 8, New EP On Aug. 5th

April 15th, 2014
by Celtic Bob


SKID ROW–Johnny Solinger (vocals), Scotti Hill (guitar), Rachel Bolan (bass), Snake Sabo (guitar) and Rob Hammersmith (drums)—will be a long way from home throughout the summer.  First, the band is teaming up with Black Star Riders for a brief tour of the west coast, which starts May 8 in Tucson, AZ at the Rialto Theatre. Once that concludes on May 16, the band will play headlining shows across the U.S., including a stop at the legendary Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles, CA on Saturday, May 17 and an appearance at this year’s Rocklahoma festival on May 23 in Pryor, OK.  They’ll then head to Europe in June for various festivals, including the Download Festival in Donington, England on June 14.  Once the U.S. trek concludes in July, SKID ROW will head to Kostrzyn, Poland, where they’ve been invited to headline one of the biggest festivals in Europe, the Woodstock Festival Poland on July 31.

All of this touring is getting their loyal fans ready for the highly anticipated new seven-song EP, UNITED WORLD REBELLION — PART 2, set for release August 5 via Megaforce Records.

After a hiatus that started in 1996, SKID ROW returned to the big stage—literally–opening for KISS in 2000. Exhilarated to tour with the heroes who rallied them in the first place, the band was reinvigorated by being underdogs who needed to come out fighting to prove themselves.

“When we put the band back together, we needed to reintroduce SKID ROW as relevant without relying too much on past success,” explains bassist Rachel Bolan. “We wrote songs and hit the road.  We sunk our heart and soul into it, letting people know we weren’t doing it for lack of something better to do.”

2003’s THICKSKIN and 2006’s REVOLUTIONS PER MINUTE were battle plans for hundreds of live shows with new singer Johnny Solinger out front, every night being a hard fought battle to win new fans and convince the old ones.  UNITED WORLD REBELLION — PART 2 is SKID ROW coming out swinging.  Rachel and guitarist Snake Sabo tapped again into the potent songwriting collaboration that built the band.  Sabo says they were eagerly up to the challenge.  “We seem to be at our best when we’re faced with adversity.  It’s us against the world again–and by us I mean the band and the fans who stick with us and carry the SKID ROW torch without fail.”

New plans came together in an Atlanta recording studio. But it’s a different time, a different industry, so they decided to record a series of EPs.  “The idea really appealed to me,” says Bolan, “especially with the constantly changing musical climate. I like the idea of a steady flow of new music, as opposed to releasing a full-length album then riding it for the next two years.”

That guerrilla burst of recording a concise EP fostered a focused intensity that was liberating, says Snake.  “The pressure seemed to be lifted.  That immediately set me at ease and it became really exciting.”

Exciting and potent, prompting Solinger to exert the full range of his ability.  “The third time in the studio as the voice of SKID ROW was the proverbial charm, and the proof is in the tracks.  UNITED WORLD REBELLION — PART 2 is the most meaningful work I’ve done with the band.  It’s definitely the most I’ve been challenged, vocally.”

That sound is rambunctious exuberance. They got older, but SKID ROW never really grew up. UNITED WORLD REBELLION — PART 2 is still the youth gone wild, their musical spark still burning gasoline.

Check out SKID ROW at any of the following stops:

DATE               CITY                                         VENUE

With Black Star Riders:

Thu 5/8             Tucson, AZ                               Rialto Theatre
Fri 5/9               Tempe, AZ                                The Marquee
Sat 5/10            Corona, CA                               M15
Mon 5/12          Sacramento, CA                        Harlows
Tue 5/13            San Francisco, CA                    DNA
Thu 5/15            Agoura Hills, CA                        Canyon Club
Fri 5/16             San Juan Capistrano, CA           Coach House


Sat 5/17            Los Angeles, CA                       The Whisky
Sun 5/18           Hermosa Beach, CA                  Saint Rocke
Tue 5/20            Houston, TX                              Scout Bar
Wed 5/21          Abilene, TX                               Lucky Mule
Fri 5/23             Pryor, OK                                 Rocklahoma
Sat 5/24            Dallas, TX                                 Trees
Sun 5/25           Lubbock, TX                             Big Purple Festival
Wed 7/9            Rochester, NY                           Montage Music Hall
Thu 7/10            Cleveland, OH                           Agora
Fri 7/11             Newport, KY                             Thompson House
Sat 7/12            Arlington Heights, IL                  Home Bar
Sun 7/13           Watseka, IL                               Watseka Theater
Thu 7/17            Peoria. IL                                  Illinois State Fair
Fri 7/18             Turtle Lake, WI                          St. Croix Casino
Sat 7/19            Oshkosh, WI                             Rock USA
Sun 7/20           Battle Creek, MI                         Planet Rock
Fri 7/25             Duncannon, PA                         Tubby’s


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MOTÖRHEAD is BACK – First Performances Since August 2013 Kick Off to an Electrifying Start!

April 15th, 2014
by Celtic Bob


Undisputed rock n’ roll legends MOTÖRHEAD kicked off their first live performances since August 2013 with an electrifying bang this past weekend – performing to completely packed, sold out crowds on Friday at Club Nokia in Los Angeles and on Sunday at Coachella.
MOTÖRHEAD performed 15 songs on Friday, including top tracks ‘Ace of Spades’ and ‘Overkill’, with Slash joining in (see below for some fantastic photos from the set). The exciting set included tracks encompassing the band’s career; including a track from the band’s new album Aftershock.

As mentioned above, not only did MOTÖRHEAD bring down the house at Club Nokia, but then turned right around to rock the sold out crowd at Coachella on Sunday! “Legendary London heavy metal band MOTÖRHEAD, with special guest Slash, got the devil horns approval of fans on Sunday at the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival,” states Wes Woods of the Los Angeles Daily News. In a Twitter post, Billboard adds, “MOTÖRHEAD, who have already pummeled the crowd with the heaviest riffs heard all weekend, welcome Guns N’ Roses guitar god Slash to the stage for a balls to the walls rendition of “Ace of Spades.” Any marbles Coachella had left are instantly lost.”

Apparently MOTÖRHEAD out-rocked other bands, even way across the festival grounds! According to Yahoo Music, “The roaring riffs of Slash and MOTÖRHEAD axeman Phil Campbell could be heard all the way across Coachella’s vast polo field, practically bleeding over into Arcade Fire’s Main Stage revue.”

MOTÖRHEAD will continue to perform throughout April, including another Coachella performance on April 20th. Other stops include Chandler, AZ, Las Vegas, NV, and San Francisco, CA.

MOTÖRHEAD Spring Performance Dates:
4/15 Chandler, AZ @ Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino
4/17 Las Vegas, NV @ Pearl Concert Theater
4/18 San Francisco, CA @ Warfield Theatre
4/20 Indio, CA @ Coachella

MOTÖRHEAD is taking part in Record Store Day 2014 in a big way – offering a must-have collectible item! The band is releasing a limited and numbered special edition Aftershock picture disc vinyl, exclusively for Record Store Day on April 19th. The 180-gram picture discs are limited to 4,500 units worldwide and are individually numbered. Go to to find a participating Record Store Day store near you.

Catch MOTÖRHEAD performing with Megadeth and Anthrax on the first annual MOTÖRHEAD’s Motörboat cruise onboard the Carnival Ecstasy from September 22-26, 2014. In addition to these three rock giants, “The Loudest Boat In The World” will also feature performances from Zakk Wylde, Jim Breuer, Danko Jones, Fireball Ministry, Wilson, and some big surprises. More bands are set to be announced soon. Tickets for MOTÖRHEAD’s Motörboat, as well as full details and cabin pricing, are on sale now at

MOTÖRHEAD’s Aftershock did not only act as another stellar addition to the band’s legendary catalog, but is widely regarded as one of the best musical releases of 2013. Aftershock marked MOTÖRHEAD’s biggest selling first week and highest US chart debut numbers to date. You can order Aftershock now in Limited Edition Digipack format via at this link. The album is also available in regular CD format and vinyl (gatefold – 180-Gram Single LP).

Learn more about MOTÖRHEAD at these websites:

Official Lemmy Facebook:
Official MOTÖRHEAD Facebook:
Official MOTÖRHEAD Twitter: @MyMotorhead
Official MOTÖRHEAD Instagram: @OfficialMotorhead
Official MOTÖRHEAD Website:


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