KREATOR – Mille Petrozza and Sami Yli-Sirniö

December 21st, 2016
by Marko Syrjala



The legendary German thrash metal patrol Kreator will be releasing the 14th album called GODS OF VIOLENCE in the beginning of January.  The album presents the pure Kreator sound and shows no slowing down. The four-piece is in the high speed energy and offers a huge amount of memorable songs with the catchy hooks and riffs on GODS OF VIOLENCE. Metal-Rules.Com sat down with the band’s frontman Mille Petrozza and the long time guitarist Sami Yli-Sirniö to discuss about the forthcoming album and of course a bit of the 90’s albums.

Interview and pictures by Arto Lehtinen and Marko Syrjala


Good day sir and wilkommen zu Finland

Mille and Sami: Danke Schon

When I paid attention to the title of the album, GODS OF VIOLENCE, I started thinking about the song titles. “Gods and Violence”, “Awakening of the Gods”, “Men Without God”, “Enemy of God”….

Mille : “Violent Revolution”, “Riot of Violence”. It’s like a little bit of a patchwork, almost a typical Kreator title. That you have to admit, yeah. But I think it is definitely…

Sami : Familiar vocabulary.

Mille : Yeah, absolutely. Which is a good thing and a bad thing. We also had like different titles floating around, like at one point we wanted to call the album…

Sami : Apocalyptical, which is a nice word. Because I think you invented the word.

Mille : Yeah, yeah. But then it’s also not… Yeah. It could have been one title, someone wanted World War Now and so on. But I think GODS OF VIOLENCE is more catchy, even though people are going. Yeah, it sounds like…

Are you somehow obsessed or fascinated by using the word God?

Mille : (laughter) I think it’s graphic, it’s very like powerful. To me it doesn’t mean nothing. But the word is big. It’s an epic word and it’s an epic… If you think about the title and just forget about “Awakening of the Gods” and all these stuff. It’s a huge title. It’s a very strong title. But I don’t know….

Sami : I know why it is, because a couple of years ago Mille was named at the Metal Hammer Awards party as the God of riffs. That’s why. (laughter)

Mille : Exactly. (laughter)

Who came up with guitar riffs for this album –  I mean, how do you share the writing nowadays?

Sami : Mille is the main song writer. He comes up with the entire songs. I sometimes come up with parts…

Mille : But he wants to be like intro parts and then I make them sometimes into… We turn them into middle parts or even choruses on this one song.

Sami, you’re more like a learned musician, but Mille is more like self-taught.

Mille : Yes, you can say so I guess.

Sami : I used to study in the conservatory in Helsinki. When I was a teenager , but I never graduated.

Mille : Okay. I thought you did ?!?

Sami : I didn’t, because there was too many shows to do “Laughs”

Mille : I told everyone that you did.

Sami : It’s okay. (laughter)

You have bagpipes and a little bit more melodic things on the album, which might not be compared to previous ones like HORDES OF CHAOS, which is really straight forward album. Was it more decision that this album has to be more melodic and add more different instruments and elements?

Mille : Bagpipes, he wanted to play the bagpipes. I told him, no. (laughter) Seriously, the bagpipes just came about. It was a suggestion from Jens. All over sudden he was like, I did the new song, the song “Hail to the Hordes “ song with a bit little Scottish vibe. He was imagining bagpipes and I said to him “If we use bagpipes, it has to be the guys from In Extremo because we like the band a lot and they’re friends”.

Sami : It’s more I think to spice it up really. In fact when I heard the mix, I could barely hear them.

Mille : Barely hear them. I would have liked them to be louder too.

Sami : But it was nice to spice it up towards the end. It’s not that… It could also be without it.

Mille : Also the melodies, it was a conscious decision. We didn’t put a dogma on the song writing, in order to make the songs more melodic.

Sami : No. Definitely no.

I already mentioned term symphonic but in my ear there’s also much more melodic stuff on this album compared to the last two albums…I can even hear some ENDORAMA style on this album and it’s not a bad thing at all.

Mille: Absolutely. Songs are just developed in a very natural way, and there was never a moment where we would go, “Are the songs too much like this or too much like that, too much like this band or too much like that band?” We don’t obviously rip off other songs, that either we or other bands have written. So, whatever happened with ENDORAMA… Even to me there was even almost some COMA OF SOULS type of stuff in there.

I was surprised to hear Symphonic elements. It was the first time, I think.

Mille: In this? Yeah.

Sami: We had some on ENDORAMA too.

Mille: Yeah, absolutely. But only on the last couple of albums, we only have used just bits and pieces.

Those elements helped the album to sound much wider and bigger.

Sami: That’s what it should do.

Mille: That was the whole idea of it. We wanted the album to have more variety and whatever it takes. We didn’t want to limit ourselves saying we’re a thrash metal band, we can’t do this. This was not the case, because we didn’t limit. There were no boundaries. When we had like an idea for something. We just did it, we just went for it.

Sami: We had some help from an Italian band called Fleshgod Apocalypse.

Mille: Great band. We got into them when we were doing the album, and Jens suggested them. I heard the name before, but I wasn’t aware of what they were doing. A good band.

Does it mean that you’re going to use backing tracks in the future?

Mille: No, no. All these little parts can be played without it. The compromise would be playing to a clique and have like a tape. But that’s not awesome thing to do.

Sami: Playing 95% to a clique, where there is nothing coming out.



I’m asking this because you recorded this album at the Fascination Street studio in Sweden again like the previous album. What made you record the album there once again?

Mille : You can look at the previous history of the band, just recently with the band. There has been some producers that we worked with twice. Especially Andy Sneap and now Jens. There is no reason for us, not to work with Jens because he’s great.

Sami : No. In fact there was a new studio in Stockholm…

Mille : Yeah, yeah. It’s called Fascination. It’s still called Fascination Street, but it’s a different location. So there wasn’t any reason for us not to work with Jens again, because we worked great in the last time and we kind of got something more out of this time I would say.

Sami : Yeah, yeah. Absolutely. He’s a creative guy and he puts a lot of input in the songs, and he’s very, very… He feels like very strongly about his responsibility also. So do we, but if we have one more person who feels that. It helps.

Mille : It helps a lot, it helps a lot. A producer is very important, but if you listen to the demo tapes. They are almost there. But the last 10% or 15% or whatever. The difference is essential. It makes the song a lot stronger. So it is definitely to me, I would not want to work without a producer. A lot of bands think they can do it and some even can, I guess. But for us maybe it’s not… I never saw it as a good idea, because when you get somebody there like Jens. Who is very like strict and sometimes has an opinion. It might not reflect or be the same opinion as… He makes us think, makes you over think. Not over think, but revisit idea again and maybe question it in a good way.

So, he kind kicked you in the ass to work harder?

Mille : I guess so. Right?

Sami : For sure, for sure.

Mille : Actually performance wise, yes. Songwriting, he would never come in and write a part or write a song or write whatever.

Sami: But he would edit some parts.

How he is different to work with compared to Andy Sneap?

Mille: I don’t know. They are both great, they are both amazing producers. But I think Andy was more focused on different things or maybe… He has a hand in all.

Sami: Andy is more a guitarist and so is Jens?

Mille: Yeah, yeah. Just different personalities. I think that’s…

Sami : A little bit different ways of working also and Jens wants to achieve the performance of the… Live performance feeling much more good and Jens doesn’t copy paste “Laughs”

Mille: No, no. I doesn’t think he does it either. No. It’s just two different personalities, but both like equally good producers.

Who was the guy who produced the HORDES OF CHAOS album, because it sounds very brutal?

Sami: He definitely doesn’t copy paste “Laughs”

Mille: Yeah, we had to work more. It was Moses Schneider, the guy that did HORDES OF CHAOS. To me it was a good production, it was a great production. But there were some things that because of the way we produced HORDES OF CHAOS, they got lost along the way. For example, guitar tone. Because when you have a guitar tone that’s recorded at the same time as drums, you would never get the same tone. You get a good guitar tone maybe, but you don’t get the same precise…

Sami : Crashing, demon (laughter)

Mille : Yeah, yeah. Absolutely, absolutely. So it was a different… It was more like a recording in the old, almost like Beatles record. You know what I mean? Like very old school.

Sami : Yeah, yeah. We had to rewind. It took a long time. “Wait a second, we got to rewind”.

Kreator live at Finland 2008

Kreator live at Finland 2008



Speaking about brutality. I just checked out the latest video “Gods of Violence”, and that’s brutal stuff

Mille : It is brutal, isn’t it?

Yeah and there is a very cool looking Kreator demon appearing on the video “Laughs”

Sami : There are also Satan sex slaves.

Mille : Oh yeah. I think that the video for first time, I mean I like Phantom Antichrist video. I like the “Civilization Collapse”, but this one I really, really like. I think this is finally something that I would go, “Yeah, this is for my taste.” Because I’m a big fan of horror movies.

Sami : It’s important to know that the story continues in two other videos that are going to be.

Have you filmed the other videos already?

Mille : Yeah, yeah.

Is it the same kind of thing like what Slayer recently did?

Mille : No, better. It is better. (laughter). I think Slayer was good, but the story was… Yeah, it was good. It was there, untouchable. But I think ours is more…We will see, maybe it’s not better. (laughter)

I remember from the old day that when you did a video for “Terror Zone”, you had a horror movie producer who worked for that video.

Mille: Yeah. It was supposed to be done by Jörg Buttgereit. Who’s the “Nekromantik” movie. I’ve wanted to do these things forever. I think back in the day when there was still MTV, we had to make a lot of compromises. Because the first original idea for the “Terror Zone” and the “People of Lie”, was supposed to be done by Jörg Buttgereit. Who did the “Nekromantik” and it was like very bizarre movie. But then we heard already that MTV is not going to play it, and then Jörg said, “I won’t do it, if I can’t do it my way”. Nowadays these things are not relevant anymore. Because if you look at, you can go on… You put the stuff on Vimeo and it’s on sensor. YouTube still sensors, but they sensor nudity. Which I think haven’t changed. If you look at our new video clip on YouTube. You can see the killing of the girl, but you cannot see the breast.

What actually was the main inspiration for the “Gods of Violence” video?

Mille: It was more inspired by… I think what it is, the song is “Gods of Violence”. So, to me it’s like a kick off, it’s the first impression what the album is all about. We wanted to really keep people in the face, with this video and the music. Just to give you like an impression of what to come. Because I don’t think that… There was a big discussion, which should have been the first song that we put out and there could have been like many songs. Like on the record there was many songs that we could have put out as the first single. But we decided on this song, because it kind of like. It gets you in the mood for the record, but it doesn’t really give you the full treatment. Because mostly like it’s one of the songs that’s on the record and it’s a title track. But there is also songs that have a different dimension, just brutal. Or some said I have a different vibe. So there is a lot more on the records. But I think to kick off the campaign for the album and to give our fans an impression of what’s to come. Let the fans hear first song.

This is not deadly serious question but is Satan real? “Laughs”

Mille: He’s real.

Sami: Well I have to say. Last week when I woke up, I had to wake up to be somewhere at 7:00 O’clock in the morning. I had to wake up at 6:00 O’clock and it was minus 10, it was really windy. I live next to the ocean and when I opened the door, yeah. I had to start walking. I felt that Satan is real. (laughter)

Mille : He’s real. The thing is we had a lot of discussions about this title, especially like… Sami liked this title right away. But Jens for example, he’s like, “You have to over think the title.” I’m like, no. Because we think that… The song doesn’t talk about Satan being real. So it talks about the relevance of religion in the year 2016, where it shouldn’t be so relevant nowadays. The fact that there are still so many people obeying and following icons, that should have been obsolete by now. But the title is not to be taken too serious. I take just…

Sami : I think the title reflects exactly that what you just said. So that’s why I think it’s a good title.

Mille : Yeah, of course.

Sami : When you just see the words, might sound naive. But when you think what it’s about, it’s…

Mille : Yeah, yeah. And also I think this is like naivety that we’ve never tried to lose. I would put a song called “Satan is Real” on the first record on ENDLESS PAIN. Of course, when you grow up and you get into your like 30s and later on, 40s even. You start questioning like. Can I still say that? And you’re like… Then on the other hand you are like, you shouldn’t say anything stupid and you shouldn’t just write okay lyrics or childish lyrics. But I don’t see a reason why we shouldn’t use those. We could have also like written tittles like, “My Inner” something, intellectual journey or something. Then people would have been maybe, now they’re matured. Wow! But it would have been boring, because Satan is Real would have never existed.

The song“World War Now” – Does it refer to the current state of world?

Mille : Yeah. It was actually about Bataclan, it was inspired by that. Tied to the lyrics. I think musically this was a good song, it’s a very brutal song. It has a lot of like nice ups and downs.

Sami : In February we’re going to play it Bataclan. It must be the safest club in the world right now.

Mille: Absolutely.

Mille screams !!

Mille screams !!


If you don’t mind we would like to ask something about the 90’s and early 2000 period of Kreator?

Mille: Of course.!

Let’s start with rude but straight question, what went wrong with the OUTCAST album?

Sami : Nothing. That’s one of the best songs that we still play live on every set, “Phobia”. So, there is nothing wrong with that.

I like the “Leave This World Behind”, it’s a really good song.

Sami : We play that live too, it’s even on the live CD. LIVE KREATION.

Mille : Yeah. I think that what went wrong with OUTCAST, was the fact that we were not like… There was nothing wrong with the album, but at the time Tommy Vetterli just got into the band and he didn’t find his place.

Sami : I was always surprised, now what I think of that. One thing pops into mind. I was also wondering why there is so few solos with such a guitarist.

Mille : I told him not to play solos, because I had this vision of an album. That’s more basic without solos. That’s why nowadays I would never write like this. But at the time I thought, let’s put a dogma on everything. This album there will be no solos, ENDORAMA will be the most melodic ever. But not fast. So this is like, I guess it was a learning process. Exploring new styles and new ways of expressing myself, and instead of like making a part of what’s already there. Like just going all the way.

How about A CAUSE FOR CONFLICT then? That was a great album. I don’t remember having heard any songs played live, at least here in Finland?

Mille : We have played “Lost”. I have bad memories from that recording session and that era, it wasn’t the best for me. Not that I think it was a wrong album, but there is many things that when I listen to this album nowadays. It’s like a couple of things, that I know. You don’t, but when I listened to it. It was like, this could have been better. This could have been done differently. There is many things that I would have done different, if I could have. If I would have known what I know now. But you can’t change the past.

RENEWAL album was completely different after COMA OF SOULS. I remember that the album dropped jaws of several fans, when you had changed your vocal style that radically back then!

Mille : Yeah, yeah. That was due to many, many things. I didn’t want to please anyone’s expectation and my voice was fucked from smoking too much weed to be honest. Seriously. This time was very dark. Not whether we had like, it was not impressing dark or anything. It was almost like an early mid-life crisis or sort of thing. Yeah. But I still like the album. I think the idea was good. Like it was supposed to be our… Not that I want to compare the band to Pink Floyd. But I had like a vision of like writing a thrash metal album, almost like Pink Floyd’s THE WALL.

On RENEWAL there is a song called “Europe After the Rain”. And you have played that song several times on shows. You always said that it is against the right-wing people. It’s basically the same thing which happens nowadays. But I guess we have asked this before. But do you feel that you are some kind of Nostradamus, you can predict what happens to years ahead?

Mille : I wish I was man. But no one is, but sometimes art or music has maybe not a prophetic power. But it’s just quite obvious, if you think about things and you reflect on things. Things sometimes by accident, something that might seem in retrospective almost like a prophecy. But it wasn’t. I wish I could predict the future.

Sami, ENDORAMA album is popping up all the time. You weren’t in the band when the album came out or when OUTCAST came out, what do you think about those albums?

Sami: To be completely honest with you, I haven’t listened to them that much that I should tell you. But I mean if you can get ENDORAMA, it brings me too much into kind of Gothic. I think it’s better than 69 Eyes.

Mille: Thank you “Laughs”

Sami: But the Mission came to my mind

Mille: The mission, right. Yeah. But there was a couple of songs that they are very influenced by The Mission.

Sami: Yeah, that’s true. Of course, I know ENDORAMA actually better than I just told you, because we have played some songs quite also. We have played the “Golden Age” on tours.

Sami, how do you feel when you’re reading the old lyrics written by Mille, that you’re praying that fits the present day?

Sami : It gets to sour, over the wall I mean.

Mille : That was also obvious and I took that from a book. So it wasn’t really my idea, of course it’s easy to say that it was prophetic. But no, it’s too big of a word anyway. I think yeah, but thanks anyway.


You have a tour starting soon together with Sepultura and Soilwork. It sounds like an interesting package.

Mille: Yeah, will see. I think to me this is like a great combination of bands, because Sepultura play kind of like the same style, but totally different now. Their own unique version of thrash metal. Sepultura and Kreator has same roots, but both bands we’re going into complete different directions over the years. So it’s a nice… It would be a good kind of metal I guess and also Soilwork is a good band too. They even have a song called “Helsinki”, Soilwork.

What would be the idealistic touring package for you?

Mille: This one “Laughs”

Sami: Yeah, of course. It feels great.

Mille: I know what you’re trying to go with the question. “Would it be like the big three? Why can’t you go on tour with Metallica or whatever?” Yeah. But we think like headlining, this is a good package. Yeah, ideal package.mWhatever comes up, we’ll see.

I remember that ten years ago you toured together with Celtic Frost and Watain. That was a great package I have to say.

Mille: That was good, that was good also.

A new tour means that there’s also going to be a new set list. It’s must be a tough and difficult process to pick up a set list for a new tour. So how are you going to have a balance with newer stuff and older material?

Mille: It will be fun. We will find a way. Let’s see, I haven’t even thought about that yet. But there will be a good set list.

How about doing some really radical changes and drop songs like “Pleasure to Kill” and replace those with something more exiting, like with “Ripping Corpse” for instance?

Mille: Why not? Maybe you are right, maybe you’re right.

We have seen Kreator so many times and you always…

Mille: And always we have played “Pleasure to Kill”

When Kreator fans come to see Kreator, they want to hear something different instead the same old ones, you know? Maybe you should be more brave when  creating new lists and “shake a tree” more than you usually do?

Mille: Yeah. Maybe we will think about it. But actually, I think we did play “Ripping Corpse” a couple of times.

Sami: We did, yeah.

Mille: And it’s also a song of that PLEASURE TO KILL record. So why not?

It could be interesting to see the reaction of the fans, if you drop some regular songs… But anyways, you will always hear the same old comments “Why don’t you play this and that song?” BUT for example, when KISS does their KISS Kruise thing they play lots of obscure songs what they don’t usually play and the fans are more than excited about it!

Mille: Actually, we have… I haven’t talked to Sami about this before but… There is this company in Germany who wants to make like a Kreator Kruise. Not a huge cruise, but it’s going to be like a sweet water Cruise. So to speak. But anyway, three days of… But then again… We have to do like summer fests first, it’s going to be hard.

Sami: We would need to play several different sets, we should be okay. To think about it, we’ve been playing live with Mille for over 17 years now. We have quite a few songs. To choose from.

Mille: But there are a couple of songs that we can’t do acoustically. But there would be a couple of songs that we could acoustically that we’ve never played. But the whole thing is just in the talks. But yeah. It’s hard, these things are hard to set up. But there was some interest by one company to do it with us. It’s not like we have to do it… No, no. Because there were so much going on man. We have so many shows coming up but we’ll see if that’s going to happen.


Kreator live at Finland 2013

Kreator live at Finland 2013



Well our time is up soon but there’s one mandatory question what we need to ask from you before we are done. What you think of the new Metallica album?

Mille : What do you think Sami?

Sami : I listened n to a few songs. It’s probably blues, it’s sometimes.

Mille : I haven’t heard the whole album. I heard only the singles and I like them.

The classic last question… Tell me your all-time favorite metal albums?

Mille: That’s a hard one. Probably BLACK METAL, probably Iron Maiden’s first one. BRITISH STEEL, MELISSA by Mercyful Fate… I don’t know. What else was there?

Sami : Deep Purple’s IN ROCK?

Mille : Deep Purple’s IN ROCK. Yeah.


Mille : Yeah. There are so many great albums, you know?


Mille : They are so many. Yeah, REIGN IN BLOOD and maybe HELL AWAITS?

All right, thank you guys.

Sami and Mille : Thank you.





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Out Now! Party Metallers SHOTGUNNER Streaming New Holiday EP ‘Feliz Navidad’ via

December 21st, 2016
by EvilG

1. Let’s Party Merry Gentlemen (3:05)
2. Lay Ride (3:10)
3. Holy Pint (1:50)
4. Feliz Navidad (3:15)

EP Length: 11:22

In a world forgotten by time, only the lethal may survive. SHOTGUNNER is a band of brigands making their mark with their own brand of heavy metal that can only be described as “Post Apocalyptic Party Metal”. Releasing their first Christmas EP in 2015 ‘A Shotgunner Christmas’, these cowboys from hell return with their second holiday EP for fans dubbed ‘Feliz Navidad’. The EP is now available as of December 21st and premiering exclusively via Metal at the following link below.

“We’re excited to release another Christmas EP! We hope when you play it around the Christmas table, it’s able to make you headbang as well as further alienate you from your loved ones.” comments guitarist / vocalist Diego Fernandez.

‘Feliz Navidad’ is available for digital download via iTunes, CD Baby and Bandcamp.

The Edmonton, AB slickers released their debut album ‘Lock and Loaded’ this past July, which can be heard in full at the following link

For more info, please visit:

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Clutch – Valient Thorr – Lionize @ The Roundhouse, London

December 20th, 2016
by UK Team

Clutch & Valient Thorr & Lionize

@ The Roundhouse, London

15th December 2016

Review by Nathan Slack

Photographs by Carina Martins

What better way to start the festive celebrations than to head to the lush venue that is Chalk Farms infamous Roundhouse. When you’re used to seeing your favourite metal bands on the smallest stages, crammed into tiny spaces with sweat dripping from low ceilings, seeing bands like Clutch at the Roundhouse with its spacious and high domed ceiling, is a real and rare treat. 

As most bands are winding down in preparation for Christmas and New Years, Baltimore’s best head to UK shores for a handful of dates before jetting back to the States, seeing out 2016 in style with a New Years Eve bash in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Lionize have the unenviable job of opening to an almost empty venue and quite possibly the largest empty room they might ever play in. Fair play to them though, they seem undaunted and by their 3rd song their brand of hard rock/ funk fusion has won me over and the ever increasing punters around me reward them for their tight performance. At the beginning of their half hour set, lead singer Nate Bergman’s vocals are a tad drowned out by the crushing drums and guitars which actually set my teeth on edge but soon enough that issue is resolved and his voice starts to come out clean and true.

No stranger to opening for Clutch, having toured with them in 2013, Lionize seem right at home and make it no secret that the ever professional and hard working headliners have taught them everything they know. They leave the stage having turned the crowd in their favour but I ask myself the question “are we warmed up yet?” Not quiet sure but if Valient Thorr’s reputation is anything to go by maybe that’s about to change. 

Valient Thorr

Valient Thorr

I gave these crazy guys a listen before I came out tonight having not come across them before and to be honest I was more than a little confused when they took to the stage and blasted out their first few tracks. From their name they sound like they are a Folk/Black Metal band from Norway and on CD they sound like a bluesy stoner rock band, clean vocals, well produced so when they came on stage with their bare chests and blue denim cut off vests and thrash out their opening tracks in a cacophony of guitars and gibbering indecipherable lyrics I’m a little perplexed.

Valient Thorr

Valient Thorr

Certainly full of character, Valient Thorr seem to relish being on a large stage for once and their lead singer confirms this by saying that they had played some small venues in their time, Camdens Underworld for one and “F***ing Plymouth!” but it was nice for a change that the band be afforded the comfort of space so they could “strut their stuff!” And strut they did. This band ended their first track and it made me smile and I even let out a little laugh of glee. This is going to be fun!

Valient Thorr

Valient Thorr

The lead guitarist looks like he could be Lemmy’s twin brother and would feel at home in a Motorhead tribute band and the bassist’s wild curly hair is in constant movement as he twangs about the ample stage. They really make the most of it and the singer, now bare chested, struts up and down the stage during and in-between songs asking the crowd, “do you know what I’m talking about?” The answer is no unfortunately, the crowd haven’t got a clue and I think their performance is mostly lost on them and might have been something they haven’t witnessed before. 

Valient Thorr

Valient Thorr

But thats the thing with Valient Thorr, they seem to try to defy what your expecting from them and bravo to them, sadly though I felt it went over most heads in the crowd. Keep doing what your doing though, you crazy shambolic lot!

Valient Thorr

Valient Thorr

Now for Clutch. Have to say not sure what I was expecting from the crowd and i noticed several groups of people with full beers in their hands right where the mosh pit usually is and I thought to myself…better drink those quickly or you’re getting your own pint knocked into your face. They didn’t hear me sadly and when Clutch finally took to the stage and went straight into fitting opener “The Mob Goes Wild” the crowd erupted in unison and, as predicted, it rained beer. 

Enthusiastic fans moshed their hearts out on a slippery, soupy floor and I’ve never seen people so happy to fall on their behind and get covered in beer whilst they’re down there. Lead vocals come out clean and the sound was immense from where I was standing…well..less standing more of the trying not to fall over. 

The performance drops off a little by songs 4 and 5, “Firebirds” and “Immortal” but the band reconnects with the crowd with stand out track “A Quick Death in Texas” with its unmistakable riff and the crowd starts to sing along to the better known track.

The next 4-5 songs go by in a blur of sweaty bodies and after the memorable “Regulator”, Chris Brooks of Lionise comes on stage to provide backing keyboards to “100001110101” and “Escape From the Prison Planet”, songs that they don’t usually play live unless they have a keyboardist on tour, gratefully supplied by openers, Lionize. 

It’s a great testament to the bands hard work as they complete tour after tour, that they can play a large venue like this and fill it and own it. Their performance is tight and they all seem like a group of likeable down to earth guys doing what they love best. After exiting the stage Clutch come back on and play arguably their best track, “Electric Worry” and it gets the biggest pit of the night.

Signing off with “X-Ray Visions” they wish us a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. The lights come on as they exit left and Motorheads The Ace of Spades blares out of the speakers almost as loud as the bands I’ve just heard and it seemed that some still wanted to hear more shouting “That’s the way I like it baby!!” as I make a swift exit. Yes, yes it is.

The Mob Goes Wild
Struck Down
50,000 Unstoppable Watts
A Quick Death in Texas
The Face
(Notes from the Trial Of) La Curandera
Noble Savage
Cypress Grove
The Regulator
10001110101(with Chris Brooks of Lionize playing Keyboard)
Escape From the Prison Planet (with Chris Brooks of Lionize playing Keyboard)
The Wolf Man Kindly Requests…

Electric Worry
X-Ray Visions


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ANTHRAX Release Video For “Suzerain”.

December 19th, 2016
by Celtic Bob

“Suzerain,” an intense and politically-charged track from Anthrax’s critically-acclaimed album For All Kings (2/16, Megaforce), is lyricist Scott Ian’s musings about a leader who would be so powerful that all nations, all people, would come under his benevolent authority, and in return, he would bring peace, happiness and prosperity to all of Earth.

“Mankind keep making the same mistakes over and over,” said Ian.  “You’d think that after thousands of years of religious, economic and ideologic wars, we’d have figured out how to live with each other, but we haven’t.  That’s what drew me to the idea for ‘Suzerain.'”

The “Suzerain” video incorporates the game of chess along with images of battles fought by ancient empires to illustrate imperial power.  You can check out Anthrax’s new lyric video for “Suzerain” here:

Anthrax will hit the road in 2017 first with an appearance at the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise, and then will lauch their “Among The Kings Tour,” starting with a 26-date UK/European tour, and seguing into the band’s North American co-headline tour with Killswitch Engage, “Killthrax.”

“Suzerain” lyrics:

It’s everything, what’s wrong with it?
It’s everything, what’s wrong with us?

Null, rictus grin, beyond death
And it’s after
Me, so insane, suzerain
And he’s calling

Nothing is over, nothing is over, nothing is over, nothing is over
Come see, with me as everything turns
Nothing is over, nothing is over, nothing is solved it only starts over
You’ll see with me as everything burns
What comes after
What comes after me

A history, of love and pain
In this story it’s all the same

Void, rictus grin, stand in sin
Rule the rulers
Blood, on the plains, suzerain
And he’s screaming

Nothing is over, nothing is over, nothing is over, nothing is over
Come see with me as everything turns
Nothing is over, nothing is over, nothing is solved it only starts over
You’ll see with me as everything burns
Nothing is over, nothing is over, nothing is over, nothing is over
I’ll be set free, free from this memory
What comes after
What comes after me

NOTHING IS OVER, nothing is over
You’ll see with me as everything burns
Nothing is over, nothing is over, nothing is over, nothing is over
I’ll be set free, free from this memory
What comes after, what comes after me

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Lacuna Coil with support on Delirium World Tour 2016 -European leg – at Kulturbolaget Malmo, Sweden

December 18th, 2016
by Anders Sandvall

Lacuna Coil

Delirium World Tour 2016 – European leg
Forever Still – special guest
Genus Ordinis Dei – support act

Malmo, Sweden
29/10 – 2016

Live review and pictures by: Anders Sandvall

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BLACK STAR RIDERS – vocalist Ricky Warwick

December 17th, 2016
by Marko Syrjala



Black Star Riders is a hard rock band that formed in 2012 when members of the most recent line-up of Thin Lizzy decided to record new material and not release it under the Thin Lizzy name. Black Star Riders’s debut album ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE was released on 2013 followed by THE KILLER INSTINCT in 2015. Although Thin Lizzy still continues on an occasional basis, Black Star Riders is now a full-time, hard working band band. The band, which currently consists of vocalist/guitarist Ricky Warwick, guitarists Scott Gorham and Damon Johnson, bassist Robbie Crane and drummer Jimmy DeGrasso, are releasing their third album HEAVY FIRE in early 2017. Ricky visited Finland a couple of weeks ago, and we discussed all matters related to the new album and also the future of Thin Lizzy and some other things in life.

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Delain with support Evergrey and Kobra And The Lotus on Moonbathers EU Tour 2016 at Pumpehuset Copenhagen,Denmark

December 16th, 2016
by Anders Sandvall

Delain – headline act
Moonbathers EU Tour 2016
Evergrey – special guest
Kobra and the Lotus – support act

Copenhagen, Denmark
17/10 – 2016

Reviewed and live pictures by: Anders Sandvall


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Sonata Arctica, with Leave’s Eyes @ The Gothic Theater, Denver CO

December 14th, 2016
by Kyle Moore (The Metal Magnus)

Words and pictures by Kyle Moore, the Metal Magnus
The Gothic Theater – Denver, CO
December 8th, 2016

For those wondering how to best save on heating bills, a great way to warm up on a bitterly cold winter night is to attend a Scandinavian power metal show. Performing tonight were two groups that I had scant knowledge of; LEAVE’S EYES was only familiar to me via ex-frontwoman Liv Kristine’s former band THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, and I was only familiar with SONATA ARCTICA’s first album “ECLIPTICA.”

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December 14th, 2016
by EvilG

ANTHRAX, L-R:  Charlie Benante, Frank Bello, Scott Ian, Joey Belladonna, Jon Donais
Photo Credit:  Ignacio Galvez

Thrash legends Anthrax and Metalcore forefathers Killswitch Engage announce today that they will hit the road this Spring to co-headline a 27-date North American tour, presented by SiriusXM.  The bands’ itinerary will also include an April 15 appearance at the Texas Independence Festival in Austin as well as each band headlining two solo shows separate from the double bill.  With KSE and Anthrax rotating the closing slot over the course of the dates, the tour will hit the ground on March 29 in Montclair, NJ and then criss-cross the continent, wrapping up in Boston on May 7.  The intense and dynamic The Devil Wears Prada will provide direct support on all dates.  Tickets go on sale to the general public this Friday, 12/16 at 10AM local time.  Log on to – or for all details regarding ticket purchasing and pre-sales.

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SANCTUARY – announce “Inception” album details and launch trailer!

December 14th, 2016
by EvilG


Century Media Records and legendary US metal act SANCTUARY have set February 24th, 2017 as the release date of Inception, the official prequel to 1988’s classic debut “Refuge Denied”.

Inception contains presumed lost 1986 studio recordings, which guitarist Lenny Rutledge discovered recently and which were magically restored, remixed and remastered by Zeuss (Queensrÿche, Hatebreed). You can watch the first video trailer here.

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KIRK HAMMETT Debuts His New Pick

December 13th, 2016
by Celtic Bob



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Iced Earth + Ensiferum + Kataklysm + Unearth @ Electric Brixton, London

December 10th, 2016
by UK Team

Iced Earth + Ensiferum + Kataklysm + Unearth

@ Electric Brixton, London

December 6, 2016

Review by Torbjørn ‘Toby’ Jørstad

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MIKE TRAMP To Release ‘Maybe Tomorrow’ On February 24th

December 9th, 2016
by Celtic Bob

Two years after part three in the trilogy that marked the albums “Cobblestone Street”, “Museum” and “Nomad”, Mike Tramp Official is back with a brand new album entitled “Maybe Tomorrow”. The album is without doubt one of the Danish singer/songwriter’s finest albums so far, and the nature of the music is deeply personal and rooted in himself.

Mike Tramp:
“When people ask me, why I have made a new album and what it’s about, I find myself dumbfounded or even lost for words. To me, what I do is who I am. It might have taken me quite a while to reach this place where I feel so at home, and also where I belong. A place where my music is simply an extension of who I am. It might not sound that interesting or mysterious! But in what other way can I express that my songwriting and music is the truthful life of Mike Tramp”.

“I don’t want to be anything else or try anything new. I am a torchbearer of my heroes and an offspring of my inspirations. I have not only moved away from the past, but I have grown and I have made my stand. When I listen to “Maybe Tomorrow”, I don’t just see myself, I now also see my faithful audience that have grown with me, and that is the best feeling of them all.”

Mike Tramp has recently finished another one of his massive US tours, and will be touring Europe extensively to support “Maybe Tomorrow” – he is without doubt still one of the most hard-working men in the rock’n’roll industry!

“Maybe Tomorrow” was recorded at Medley Studios, Copenhagen. Once again with his trusted partner Soren Andersen behind the knobs and on guitar.

This is now the 6th studio album in a row together with Soren Andersen.
Also similar to the “Nomad” album, the same band was used: Morten Hellborn – drums, Jesper Haugaard – bass. Morten Buchholtz – Hammond & piano.
No other people took part in creating and recording this album.

‘Maybe Tomorrow’ will be released worldwide on Mighty Music / Target Group on limited edition blue colour LP (500 copies), black LP, CD and Digital on February 24th 2017.

Tour Dates Spring 2017
February 24: DK – København, PH Cafeen
February 25: DK – København, PH Cafeen
March 5: DE – Hamburg, Ballroom
March 6: B – Verviers, Spirit
March 8: UK – London, Black Heart
March 9: UK – Evesham, Iron Road�
March 10: UK – Grimsby,Yardbirds�
March 11: UK – Hard Rock Hell�Festival
March 12: UK – Cardiff, FUEL�
March 14: UK – Sutton in Ashfield, Diamond�
March 15: UK – Newcastle, Cluny�
March 16: UK – Edinburgh, Bannermans�
March 17: UK – Glasgow, Audio�
March 18: UK – Ballymena, The Diamond
March 21: B – Oostend, Bada Bing
March 22: F – Cergy, Pacific Rock
March 23: DE – Bochum, Matrix
March 24: DE – Reichenbach, Die Halle
March 25: DE – Burgrieden, Riffelhof
March 27: DE – Frankfurt, Nachtleben
March 28: DE – Bremen, Bluesclub Meisenfrei
March 29: DE – Hannover, Bluesgarage

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Children of Bodom + Abbath, with ExMortus, Oni @ Summit Music Hall, Denver CO

December 8th, 2016
by Kyle Moore (The Metal Magnus)

Words and pictures by Kyle Moore, the Metal Magnus
Summit Music Hall – Denver, CO
December 2nd, 2016

After a nearly four-year hiatus, I am very pleased to return to as a concert reviewer! Having relocated to Denver, I am also pleased to see how many metal shows are coming to the Rockies. I was very excited about this lineup, as CHILDREN OF BODOM and ABBATH (or IMMORTAL?) have created some of my absolute favorite metal CD’s of all time.

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Masters Hammer return to the stage at Brutal Assault

December 8th, 2016
by Arto Lehtinen

The impossible became reality and 25 years after their last show, the legendary MASTER’S HAMMER will do an exclusive summer festival show at Brutal Assault 2017! The band will do a set based on the early 90’s songs for the old fans and those, who were not even born at the time alike..


More info in the official Masters Hammer facebook

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