June 14th, 2017
by Celtic Bob

In honor of Jack Osbourne’s “Run the Grove” for the Race to Erase MS Foundation – The OZZFEST STORE has chosen The Rock Against MS Foundation to receive 10% of ALL sales for the WHOLE month of June – This money will go to the start to build the first ROCK HOUSE Resource Center #HelpingPeopleNow! GO SHOP NOW! CLICK HERE: http://stores.ebay.com/ozzfest

Cool one-of-a-kind collectibles, limited editions, vintage T-shirts, CD’s and more from Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath and OZZFEST are – THANK YOU Jack, Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne!!!

For more information go to http://stores.ebay.com/ozzfest, www.rockagainstMS.org www.facebook.com/rockagainstMSfoundation

# # #

ROCK AGAINST MS FOUNDATION will provide services from a three (3) grant resource system, which will provide daily care, quality of life needs and emergency funding, while assisting people with multiple sclerosis (MS) to live independent and full lives – Additionally, a brick and mortar facility we will call THE ROCK HOUSE, is in the planning stages, offering free support groups, integrative therapies, creative and educational workshops to all those whose lives have been affected by MS designed to heal the mind, body and spirit of all those whose lives have been affected by MS #HelpingPeopleNOW

About Multiple Sclerosis

Every hour in the United States, someone is newly diagnosed with MS, an unpredictable, often disabling disease of the central nervous system.
MS interrupts the flow of information from the brain to the body and stops people from moving.
Symptoms range from numbness and tingling to blindness and paralysis. The advancement, severity and specific symptoms of MS in any one person cannot yet be predicted, but advances in research and treatment are moving us closer to a world free of MS.
Most people with MS are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50, with more than twice as many women as men being diagnosed with the disease.
MS affects more than 400,000 people in the U.S. and 2.1 million worldwide.

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SELECT-A-HEAD Announce New Designs And Pricing

June 14th, 2017
by Celtic Bob


Select-A-Head, LLC is pleased to announce a new reduced pricing for their popular 22” pieces of drum wall art. The new pricing comes just in time as the Seattle-based company has also established new partnerships with music and horror visionary Rob Zombie, acclaimed hard rock band Alter Bridge, metal juggernauts Mastodon and supergroup KXM. These partnerships will join the already impressive lineup of designs created for Iron Maiden, Motörhead, Godsmack and Queensrÿche to name a few. All designs are available at www.selectahead.com for the new low price of $115 + shipping. All Select-A-Head purchases come with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.

On the heels of the company’s launch in winter 2014, Select-A-Head has been working
tirelessly to refine the process these beautiful pieces of art are created. Now holders of
the patent design, Select-A-Head, LLC looks to expand the line in various avenues. Aside
from establishing numerous musical partnerships with more to be announced soon,
they have already created designs for colleges such as Central Washington University,
Gonzaga, Ohio State and others with new Universities being solicited all the time.
These unique displays were the creation of Seattle entrepreneur Steven Kenkman. He,
alongside his brother, created the design that in some select instances come
autographed by the artist when available. The process starts with a 22 inch 4 Ply drum
shell wrapped in black PVC for durability; black die cast metal hoops; chrome lugs and
claws with rubber gaskets to help prevent scratching and the images are printed on a
high-quality matte finish. These designs have caught the attention of some of music’s
biggest stars including Ray Luzier (Korn/KXM), Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden), Eddie Trunk
and countless others.


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MR. BIG’s ‘Defying Gravity’ New Release Date Coming On Multi Formats Details Including A Deluxe Collector’s Edition Box Set

June 14th, 2017
by Celtic Bob

Frontiers Music Srl announced full format details and a slightly delayed release date for MR BIG’s new album, ‘Defying Gravity’, pushing it back from the previously announced street date of July 7.

The album will be available on CD, LP, deluxe CD/DVD, digitally and a deluxe Collector’s Edition box set that includes: deluxe CD/DVD, LP, poster, numbered lithograph, T-Shirt, sticker. The box set is strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide.

The CD and LP contain the following tracklisting:
Open Your Eyes / Defying Gravity / Everybody Needs A Little Trouble / Damn I’m In Love Again / Mean To Me / Nothing Bad (About Feeling Good) / Forever And Back / She’s All Coming Back To Me Now / 1992 / Nothing At All / Be Kind

The DVD contents are:
Defying Gravity [music video] / Everybody Needs A Little Trouble [music video] / Making of Defying Gravity

/ Making of Everybody Needs A Little Trouble

/ Track by track interview. Total length is approximately 65 minutes.

The Box set includes: CD/DVD deluxe edition, Vinyl, Lithograph, Poster, Sticker and exclusive T-Shirt (L size only).

The first video from the new record, for ‘Everybody Needs A Little Trouble’, was made available on June 5 and can be seen here: http://bit.ly/2s8c60k . The group are currently on tour in the U.S. and are planning European dates in the autumn.

MR. BIG – ‘Defying Gravity’: press release

“OK, we’re rolling.” With those three declarative words (spoken by producer Kevin Elson right after the music kicks in on ‘Open Your Eyes’, an instant callback to the beginning of ‘Addicted to That Rush’, the hard-charging lead track on the band’s self-titled 1989 debut), Mr. Big plants the flag between past, present and future with ‘Defying Gravity’, the band’s ninth original studio album.

Recorded in just six days at Ocean Studios in Burbank, California, the album reunites Mr. Big with the aforementioned Elson (Journey, Europe, Lynyrd Skynyrd), who is back behind the boards for the first time since helming the band’s first four albums. ‘Defying Gravity’ deftly showcases that patented Mr. Big blend of crunch and melody, from the freight-train ride of opening cut ’Open Your Eyes’ to the harmony-laden wonderment of ‘Damn I’m In Love Again’ to the nostalgia trip of ‘1992’ (recalling the days when the band was flyng high atop the singles charts with their international smash ‘To Be With You’) to the barnstorming slide-blues closing track, ‘Be Kind’. Overall, the album is prime evidence that the only thing Mr. Big remains tethered to is their ongoing pursuit of achieving creative excellence.

“It’s inspiring to work with Mr. Big,” observes guitarist/songwriter Paul Gilbert, who penned much of the material on the new album. “I know that any ideas I bring into the studio have to go through our long-established band filter, which means the songs all have to rock, have melody, and put a grin on the faces of all of my bandmates to make the final cut.” What that means is Gilbert, lead vocalist Eric Martin, bassist Billy Sheehan and drummer Pat Torpey all have to agree collectively on the finished product — as does touring drummer Matt Starr, who also joined in on the studio proceedings this time around.

That tried-and-true “all for one, one for all” mentality is one of the main things that fuels Mr. Big to reach for new heights whenever they are recording. “That’s what makes a band a band,” believes Torpey. “I think we all feel that way. It’s not one guy’s vision that the other guys all just follow. We’re always kicking ideas around to come to some kind of consensus. And that makes Mr. Big music what it is.”

Adds Sheehan, “I like recording with a sense of urgency. Put a mic in front of us, roll tape, and that should sound like what you’re hearing from us live. When you can create that kind of pressure in the studio in a short amount of time, it makes for better songs — and better performances.”

Once Martin got in sync with Gilbert, the album took shape in a relatively short amount of time. “My music tells you more about me than I can actually tell you myself,” the vocalist admits. “And ‘Defying Gravity’ is about ignoring everybody in life who tells you it can’t be done; that it’s impossible to do what you love. You have to stand your ground whenever someone tells you to give up your dream to do anything your heart desires — whether it be as a musician, painter, dancer, or whatever you want to be — in favour of a life that’s safe and conventional.”

To a man, Mr. Big couldn’t be more pleased to be working with Elson again. “Kevin Elson is really good at steering the ship through rough waters and making it seem like they’re not rough waters,” Gilbert notes. “He’s a very even-keeled guy — mellow, but he still gets it done.” Concurs Sheehan, “It was glorious and fantastic. Kevin creates an atmosphere of ease and creativity. He’s full of so many ideas. Really a wonderful man.” Torpey adds. “We’ve got a lot of history with him. He’s a great guy, super-talented. It’s not like having a dictator for a producer, just somebody who barks commands. He’s got so much experience, history and pedigree — and he’s also a really good friend, so the vibe in the studio was perfect.” Sums up Martin, “I always loved Kevin because of his musical sense, and I love singing in front of him. Kevin has a different approach that’s more cerebral. He has a lot of ideas like a musician and a songwriter would. Kevin’s a huge piece of our recording puzzle. He’s a musician’s friend. He gets good sounds, and I trust his insight and his criticism. Kevin has the golden touch, and he knows how to make great voices sound even greater.”

One of the key tracks on the album, ‘1992’, hearkens back to the glories of much headier days for Mr. Big – albeit with tongue planted firmly in cheek. “That was an incredible period in our lives, right when the rumblings of grunge were starting to happen,” Gilbert points out. “So here I am writing about and tweaking something that was so positive in just about every way, but it did open the world to us. Suddenly, we were playing stadiums in Indonesia, just going all over the place. And to this day, whenever we start a tour, we end up going all around the world. That whole era, back when we all still had giant hair(!), really opened the door for us. Thankfully, people still gravitate toward the underlying thing that is still important, and that’s the music.”

Sheehan adds his own spin: “It’s a song about its own history. It reminds me of Deep Purple’s ‘Smoke on the Water’, a song where a band looks back and talks about how it all went down in a clever way. And ‘1992’ certainly pops for me from a philosophical point of view.” Muses Torpey, “Who would have thought we would actually be talking about something like this 25 years later? But I’ve had those thoughts myself. It’s really interesting to reflect back like that and actually have it come out in a song. It’s an epic kind of song that’s got the classic rock stuff, the crazy guitar-and-bass stuff, and the big vocals from Eric. It’s a Mr. Big song, no doubt.”

Speaking of the band’s inherent instrumental virtuosity, there is plenty of it on display during the middle section of ‘Mean to Me’, where Paul and Billy trade a score of hot licks back and forth. “That song came about very quickly,” Gilbert reports, “and the solo was a first take with no overdubs at all; it was done live with the band. The delay I used helped make it twice as fast, but you still have to be dead-on accurate, and play the notes super-staccato so that it doesn’t get sloppy. Billy, however, does it all for real where no effects were necessary. He battles my technology-aided solo with the pure fire from his hands.” Observes Torpey, “The songs themselves are always important, but we always want to come up with the right vehicle to have some gymnastics between those twin towers of rock, Billy and Paul. That’s a big part of what we do, and we utilise it. I hope the fans like it.”

Martin is proud that ‘Defying Gravity’ showcases the best of what Mr. Big has to offer. “There’s something about this band. We’ve been through a lot of stuff together,” he notes, “but there’s a spiritual bond we all share, no matter what. And that raises you up to give the best performance you can for a record that came together so quickly, like this one did.” Adds Sheehan, “This record really seems to fit in with some of my favourite times in music, which were right around ’68 to ’74. The other thing is, Mr. Big is really a singing band, and I love the fact we have that here with the background vocals we were able to add to some of the songs.”

For his part, Gilbert is very much looking forward to bringing ‘Defying Gravity’ to life for Mr. Big fans the world over: “We’re aware that we’re going to be playing this music onstage, and we’re no longer just going to be looking into each other’s eyes — we’re going to be looking into the eyes of the audience. We know our audience quite well, and we’re looking forward to seeing their reactions to the album.”

Torpey has the final word: “The title says it all: ‘Defying Gravity’. We’re still here, and we’re still keeping the ball rolling down that hill. We’re still doing it. The album has a positive message, and that’s what I like about it. We can still fly, even after all these years.”

Indeed, Mr. Big’s keen combination of their virtuosic nature with a DNA-infused sense of melody continues to enable listeners the ability to sing along to every word they hear. Not a lot of acts can do that as deftly as Mr. Big does, and ‘Defying Gravity’ finds this still-hungry band collectively leaning into it to push their music into new stratospheres. Climb aboard.

Eric Martin – Vocals
Paul Gilbert – Guitar
Billy Sheehan- Bass
Pat Torpey- drums
with Matt Starr – drums
Produced by Kevin Elson


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KRYPTONITE Release “This is the Moment” (Official Video)

June 14th, 2017
by Celtic Bob

From the album KRYPTONITE. Get your copy NOW: http://radi.al/Kryptonite
• Frontiers: http://www.frontiers.shop
• Amazon: http://radi.al/KryptoniteAmazon
• iTunes: http://radi.al/KryptoniteiTunes
• Google Play: http://radi.al/KryptoniteGooglePlay

Connect with Kryptonite:

Sometimes musicians are put together who only know each other from afar via their respective recordings, but something clicks and triggers a magical moment. That’s exactly what happened when Jakob Samuel from The Poodles met up with producer Alessandro Del Vecchio on the heels of a concept created by Frontiers President Serafino Perugino. Together, they set off to work on a new band that could offer lyrical concepts that are deep and intelligent with music that operates within the genres they excel in. And most importantly, has a great energy and impact.

Together with executive producer Serafino Perugino, they handpicked each musician to be part of their vision for a strong lineup of young and hungry Swedish musicians that would be ready to go out there and kick some ass. Pontus Egberg, formerly of The Poodles and now the bass player for King Diamond and Treat, was the first one to enter the picture, followed shortly thereafter by Robban Back of Mustasch (and ex-Eclipse). The choice of guitar player fell to the young and immensely gifted Mike Palace. Mike showed his huge talents as a writer and performer on his band Palace’s debut album and on several songs he has already written for the label.

The recording and writing sessions flowed freely and the songs came naturally. This band will truly set a standard for what fans perceive as melodic hard rock in today’s climate. It is classic, but modern at the same time, groovy and cool.

You will love what Jakob, Michael, Pontus, and Robban have cooked up for you as Kryptonite!

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Interview with Mark Riddick

June 13th, 2017
by J P

Interview with Mark Riddick

by JP

I noticed the introduction of the Morbid Visions book was written by your twin brother, Mike.  Who was hatched first?  Were you the ‘evil’ twin like on the cover of the Exodus album, “Bonded by Blood?”
My twin brother Mike was born first, he is 3 minutes older than me. Since we were premature, I was born in respiratory distress and only given a 10% survival rate; I was fortunate to beat the odds and have been in good health the past 40 years. Being a twin is a unique experience that is difficult to describe unless you are a twin yourself. We are identical twins which means we have the same DNA, a collection of shared experiences, and an innate bond that is unlike any other. I asked my brother to write the introduction to my new art book because he is more familiar with my work than anyone else. In addition, he has a solid understanding of the arts and has become an expert in some areas such as Renaissance plaquettes (https://renbronze.com/) wherein he has worked with other experts, collectors, and even galleries, such as the National Gallery of Art, in the field. He has a strong sense of design and knows what it takes to construct a legitimate work of art. Furthermore, it seemed appropriate to involve my brother in the book, especially since he was able to offer some insight into the early part of my art career by providing stories that most would be unfamiliar with.

On a more serious note, your brother mentioned in the introduction that your folks were generally supportive.  At what point did you realize you could make a living as a professional artist and at what point did your parents come to the same realization?

My parents have always acknowledged and appreciated my creative outputs; I’ve been very fortunate in this regard.  I don’t earn a living solely on my illustration work; I maintain a full time day job as a graphic designer. The illustration work I do takes place outside of my day career and my obligations to my wife and kids. It is really the product of my passion for drawing coupled with my obsession with heavy metal music—a labor of love. I believe my parents took note of my creative endeavors throughout my youth; they did their best to foster my interests, even if they appeared fringe on the surface.


Tell us bit about your preferred routine?  Are you a late night, hanging out in the graveyard with candles for inspiration kind of artist or do you have more of a conventional studio/office with a plant and a cat?

I’m certainly a creature of habit and depend on routines to help me achieve the goals and obligations I set in front of myself each day. Most of my freelance illustration work takes place either late at night or very early in the morning so it has as little impact on my family life as possible. The time I spend on my freelance work is not only dedicated to drawing but also to other responsibilities such as keeping up with email, working with customers, updating my website and social media, answering interviews, focusing on items related to my visual brand such as printed matter, merchandise, and processing orders. I do have a home studio space wherein I’m surrounded by part of my music collection and original artwork I’ve collected by other artists from the underground metal scene, however I tend to work wherever is convenient.

Do you listen to metal much while working?  What is on your playlist?

Yes, I listen to music frequently. Some of the bands I’ve been indulging in recent weeks include Father Befouled, Imprecation, Obituary, Absu, Hellripper, Morbid Angel, Funebre, Depravity, Claws, Rippikoulu, Front Beast, Horrified, Skelethal, and Sadistic Intent.

Have you experimented much with other mediums?
My Studio Art degree concentrated on painting however pen and ink is my mainstay. I would like to revisit painting again so I’ve been trying to take less work in 2017 so I can focus my attention on this endeavor as well as other things.

I know you have your own signature style but have you ever dabbled with other styles? For example, many death and thrash metal album covers are very bright, vibrant, colourful and even cartoon-like (Repka, Locke, etc).  Have you ever gone down that road, to satisfy a client, or just to see how it would turn out?

While I certainly appreciate and respect Ed Repka’s and Vince Locke’s work, utilizing color would stray from my visual brand as an artist. My strict adherence to black and white pen and ink work is a throwback to the underground days of death metal when most demo covers and fanzines were reproduced on a black and white photocopier. It’s very important to me that my work embraces the nostalgic aesthetic associated with the genre. I’ve never changed my stylistic approach to appease a customer; most clients come to me for my specific style anyhow so it’s never been much of an issue.

I noticed a slight similarity with your art and perhaps that of Drew Elliott  (Goreaphobia, Unsane, etc)  Did you enjoy his art when you were younger?  On similar lines, a boring question but what other metal artists inspired you to take up the pen?

Yes, I’ve had an appreciation for Drew Elliott’s work since witnessing his illustrations for bands like Amorphis, Exmortis, Goreaphobia, Necrophagia, etc. Other influences from the early 90s include Chris Moyen (Beherit, Blood, Necromantia, Incantation, etc.), Alfonso “Artgore” Ruiz (Pyphomgertum, R’lyeh, Cenotaph, etc.), Steve Somers (Phantasm, Mortal Dread, etc.), Paw Nielsen (Pan-Thy-Monium, Abhoth, Utumno, etc.), Kristian Wahlin (Grotesque, Desecrator, etc.), Vince Locke (Cannibal Corpse, etc.), Dan Seagrave (Entombed, Dismember, Gorguts, etc.), Wes Benscoter (Mortician, Sinister, etc.), Rob Smits (Avulsed, Broken Hope, etc.), and Phil Hampson (Nuclear Death, Execration, etc.). Since most of the demos and fanzines I collected in the early 90s utilized black and white pen drawings on their covers it seemed appropriate to take this direction with my own work.


Due to the graphic nature of some of your art, have ever got any flak from people who don’t ‘get’ it?
I can’t recall any particular scenario where I received criticism solely on the subject of my work. In my opinion, the creative process is void of ethics, it is a place where the imagination can embrace the fantastic without restraint. The bulk of my work resides within the niche of the heavy metal music industry, an arena where fringe ideas and extreme concepts live comfortably so there isn’t much opportunity for artistic confrontation. I stand firmly that if you don’t like the art then don’t look at it.

Who was the biggest artist you have had to work with?
Last year I was asked to come up with some merchandise pieces for Metallica, in support of their new album, however to my knowledge the sketches I provided to their management didn’t make the cut. It was a missed opportunity but the business of dealing with bigger bands is an unpredictable endeavor. I much prefer working with underground bands because the workflow process is much more convenient and the end result is more in synch with the client’s needs and ideals. I’ve had other major clients in the past but I despise dealing with contracts, I much prefer not having to handle paperwork.

Do most clients give you artistic free reign or do they give you a frame work to start with?  Any high maintenance clients (no name necessary) that have tried to micro-manage your work?
The type of request I receive varies, some clients allow me complete creative freedom while others might be more specific about their needs. My personal preference is to work from minimal guidance, such as an illustration based on a song title or lyrics. I have had some challenging clients in the past but I’ve gotten much better about vetting the requests I take and tend to steer away from the clients who ask for too much in a drawing. If the composition of an illustration is to be successful, it can’t have too much visual clutter, otherwise the main points are lost.

You seem incredibly productive; how long does it take to do your average work of art?
I usually balance multiple assignments at a time but generally speaking I turn about one illustration around per week. I spend about 3-6 hours per drawing on average but some jobs are more demanding and some less.


As for your publishing, is it hard to find a publisher and/or market for your Morbid Visions book?  On a similar line, why hard copies?  It seems digital formats are overtaking most conventional print and publishing.  For the record, I’m glad you still support and create coffee table art books!
Morbid Visions was published by Doomentia Press (Czech Republic), who published my previous two books—Logos from Hell and Compendium of Death. Working with Doomentia has been great; they always publish high quality products and since we’ve worked together in the past it seemed appropriate to collaborate on the Morbid Visions book with them. I’m not much of a fan of anything digital, I prefer tangible products so it was necessary to release the book as a physical product that a purchaser could take the time to hold and experience.

What is your #1 piece of advice for aspiring artists?

My key piece of advice to any aspiring or established artist is to remain passionate about your craft. Passion is the root of all motivation and without a sincere love for what you do it’s impossible to stay self-disciplined.

Thank you for the generous feature in Metal Rules, Joshua; I sincerely appreciate your time and support! For those interested in learning more about my artwork, please visit: www.riddickart.com

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History of Thrash Metal-Caught In A Mosh Available now!

June 13th, 2017
by J P

Okay, thrashers, thanks to all who have made Hit the Lights, my birth of thrash book, a success. Now it’s time for the bloody meat of the story, the years containing thrash’s biggest classic albums. The book is…

Caught in a Mosh: The Golden Era of Thrash

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TANTAL – New video and song

June 13th, 2017
by EvilG

Russian Melodic Dark/Progressive Metal band TANTAL is about to release the album this Autumn in Europe and USA. Recently, the band released a new video and song from the upcoming album “Ruin” which is called “Torpid”:

Check more video and more new song at YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWR_iVqEKQY

Band info: https://www.facebook.com/tantalofficial/

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MARTY FRIEDMAN Announces Headlining Tour in Support of New Album, “Wall Of Sound”

June 13th, 2017
by EvilG

Featuring Support from Special Guests SCALE THE SUMMIT and THE FINE CONSTANT
New Album, Wall Of Sound, out August 4, 2017 via Prosthetic Records

Following last week’s album announcement, MARTY FRIEDMAN is now set to unveil his headlining tour in support of his latest scorcher, Wall Of Sound. The 22-show trek will feature support from Houston’s top progressive outfit, Scale the Summit, along with Madison, WI-based technical progressive three-piece, The Fine Constant. The tour kicks off in Philadelphia on August 2, just two days before Wall Of Sound is released.

Friedman comments, “We`re coming to you direct from Tokyo, to make you smile or make you cry, or even drag you up on stage with us. What`s for sure is that we will definitely get your blood pumping.”

About the band, in Friedman’s own words: “Kiyoshi is the most aggressive bassist on the planet. You will either fall in love with her, admire her skills or both. Jordan Ziff is an up-and-coming guitar superstar. The youngest of the select few who have played beside me in the band. Anup Sastry (on the first week of the USA tour) played drums on Inferno as well as Wall Of Sound, and is the most innovative young drummer I`ve ever seen. Chargeeee (on the remainder of the USA tour) has been my touring drummer for 8 years – he steals the show from me every night. He has an inhuman amount of energy.”

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DIRKSCHNEIDER: Announce new live DVD!

June 13th, 2017
by Celtic Bob

In addition to their still ongoing successful “Back To The Roots” Tour, DIRKSCHNEIDER will release “LIVE – Back To The Roots – Accepted!” on August 4th (EU)/August 18th (USA) as DVD/2CD, BluRay/2CD and Gtf. Triple Vinyl in two different colors.
After putting out the live double CD last year, fans were asking for a visual output, so finally, in December 2016, the show in Brno (Czech Republic) was recorded for that purpose. Besides many classics from Udo Dirkscheider’s Accept era, there’s a cover version of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” as bonus track on the CD and Vinyl.
From Oct 2017 on, DIRKSCHNEIDER will tour with an almost completely NEW setlist. Of course, it will still contain only Accept hits, but this time with many different songs compared to the last tours.

01.07.2017        ES-Barcelona         Rock Fest
02.07.2017        FI-Helsinki             Tuska Festival
05.07.2017        D-Ballenstedt         Rock Harz Festival
29.07.2017        D-Kempten/Buchenberg    Rock THE King
04.08.2017        SWE-Knislinge        Helgaefestivalen
11.08.2017        BEL-Kortrijk           Alcatraz Metal Festival
12.08.2017        D-Hanau                Amphitheater/Shooter
18.08.2017        SWE-Falun             Sabaton Open Air

01.10.2017        UA-Kharkiv            KKZU
03.10.2017        UA-Dnipro              Mashinostroiteley
04.10.2017        UA-Kiev                 Nau
06.10.2017        RU-St Petersburg    Kosmonaut
07.10.2017        RU-Moscow            Yotaspace Club
08.10.2017        RU-Nizhniy             Novgorod Milo Concert Hall
26.10.2017        AUT-Wörgl              Komma
27.10.2017        AUT-Wien               Szene
28.10.2017        SK-Bratislava         MMC
30.10.2017        HU-Budapest          Barba Negra
31.10.2017        SK-Kosice              Colosseum
02.11.2017        CZ-Ostrava            Garage
03.11.2017        CZ-Zlin                  MOR Cafe
04.11.2017        CZ-Plzen                KD Serikovka
06.11.2017        POL-Warschau         Progresja
08.11.2017        LV-Riga                  Palladium
09.11.2017        EST-Tallinn             Rockcafe
24.11.2017        NOR-Trondheim       Byscenen
25.11.2017        NOR-Jevnaker        Glassheim
27.11.2017        DK-Aalborg             Skraaen
28.11.2017         DK-Copenhagen     Amager Bio
29.11.2017        DK-Aarhus              Voxhall
01.12.2017        CZ-Prag                 Meet Factory
02.12.2017        D-Leipzig                Haus Auensee
03.12.2017        D-Oberhausen        Turbinenhalle
05.12.2017        D-Hamburg            Grosse Freiheit 36
06.12.2017        D-Hannover           Capitol
07.12.2017        D-Bremen              Aladin
09.12.2017        D-Osnabrück          Hyde Park
10.12.2017        D-Berlin                 Huxley´s Neue Welt
12.12.2017        D-Köln                   Essigfabrik
15.12.2017        D-Tuttlingen            Stadthalle
17.12.2017         D-Stuttgart           LKA
19.12.2017        CH-Pratteln            Z 7
22.12.2017        D-Geiselwind         Music Hall
23.12.2017        D-Mannheim          Maimarkthalle Club

All North America shows will have a VIP meet/greet with early entry. Purchase VIP and tickets via Enter The Vault:


February 2018
23 NYC Gramercy Theater
24 Poughkeepsie, NY The Chance Theater
25 Montreal ,QC Cafe Campus
27. Quebec City ,QC LeCercle
28. Toronto , ON Mod Club
March 2018
2. Rochester , NY Montage Music Hall
3 Cleveland , OH Agora Theater
4 Pitt , PA Rex Theater
6. Westland , MI Token Lounge
7. Joliet ,IL The Forge
9. Milwaukee Rt 20
10. SIoux Falls ,SD Bigs Bar
11. LaCrosse ,WI Cavalier Theater
12. Minn, MN Cabooze
13. Winnipeg,MB park theater
15. Calgary , AL Marquee
16. Edmonton, AL Starlite Room
18. Vancouver ,BC Rickshaw
19. Seattle ,WA El Corazon
22. West Hollywood , CA Whiskey a GO GO
23. San Diego,CA Brick By Brick
24. Tempe , AZ Club Red
26. Dallas,TX Trees
27. San Antonio , TX Vibes Event Center
28. Houston , TX Scout Bar
30. Jacksonville, FL Mavericks
31. Ft Lauderdale , FL Kelsey Theater
April 2018
1. Tampa , FL Orpheum
2 Raleigh ,NC Cats Cradle
3 Louisville , KY Trixie’s
5 Baltimore ,MD Soundstage
6. Asbury Park NJ Stone Pony
7` Worcester , MAThe Palladium
8 Philly, PA Trocadero

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Proto-Metal Legends BLUE CHEER’s Debut Album Vincebus Eruptum To Be Released On Hybrid SACD

June 13th, 2017
by Celtic Bob

Proto-Metal legends Blue Cheer’s debut album Vincebus Eruptum will be released on Limited Edition Hybrid SACD by Marshall Blonstein’s Audio Fidelity! Rock & roll had grown louder and wilder by leaps and bounds during the ’60s, but when Blue Cheer emerged from San Francisco onto the national rock scene in 1968 with their debut album, Vincebus Eruptum, they crossed a line which most musicians and fans hadn’t even thought to draw yet. The album features a heavy, thunderous blues sound, which would later be known as heavy metal. It also contains elements of acid rock, grunge, experimental rock, blues rock, stoner rock, and garage rock. A commercial and critical success,

Vincebus Eruptum peaked at number 11 on the Billboard 200 albums chart and spawned the top-20 hit cover of Eddie Cochran’s “Summertime Blues.”

The album has been held in high regard by many rock critics who regularly praised the band’s “sound and fury” as one of the founding movements of heavy metal. No band could summon so much power with just three people. Vincebus Eruptum is still the Blue Cheer’s album to own, it was their simplest and most forceful musical statement.

1 Summertime Blues
2 Rock Me Baby
3 Doctor Please
4 Out Of Focus
5 Parchment Farm
6 Second Time Around

Produced by Abe “Voco” Kesh
Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio
SACD Authoring: Stephen Marsh at Marsh Mastering

For more information: www.audifidelity.net

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OBITUARY Announce “Battle of the Bays” North American Co-Headlining Tour with Exodus

June 13th, 2017
by Celtic Bob

Tampa Bay Florida Death Metal Godfathers OBITUARY collide with Bay Area Thrash Metal Kings EXODUS for another epic Battle of the Bays this Fall! The two American legends went to war in Europe last year and are now bringing the Battle to America this time with support from POWER TRIP and DUST BOLT. The co-headlining tour kicks off September 14 in Durham, NC and ends on October 15 in Baton Rouge, LA. Tickets go on sale this Friday, June 16 and a complete listing of dates is available below.

Additionally, OBITUARY will perform at the prestigious Hellfest Open Air 2017 on June 18 in France and return to Europe for a headline tour on July 8 including multiple festival appearances at Resurrection Festival, Rock Maraton 2017, VOA Heavy Rock Fest and more. All confirmed OBITUARY tour dates are listed below.

OBITUARY’s latest, self-titled album is out now on CD/LP/Digital via Relapse Records.

— All Dates Sep 14 to Oct 15 w/ Exodus, Power Trip and Dust Bolt  —

Sep 14                 Durham, NC                  Motorco Music Hall
Sep 15                 Virginia Beach, VA         Shakas Live
Sep 16                 Baltimore, MD               Baltimore Soundstage
Sep 17                 Sayreville, NJ                 Starland Ballroom
Sep 19                 Brooklyn, NY                 Music Hall of Williamsburg
Sep 20                 Worcester, MA              The Palladium (Downstairs)
Sep 21                 Burlington, VT               Higher Ground
Sep 22                 Quebec City, QC            Imperial Ball
Sep 23                 Ottawa, ON                   Bronson Centre
Sep 24                 London, ON                   London Music Hall
Sep 26                 Grand Rapids, MI           The Intersection
Sep 27                 Columbus, OH               Park Street Saloon
Sep 28                 Indianapolis, IN              Deluxe @ Old National Center
Sep 29                 Joliet, IL                        The Forge
Sep 30                 Minneapolis, MN            Skyway Theatre
Oct 01                 St. Louis, MO                The Ready Room
Oct 03                 Lawrence, KS                Granada Theater
Oct 04                 Ft. Collins, CO               Aggie Theatre
Oct 06                 Sacramento, CA             Ace Of Spades*
Oct 07                 Los Angeles, CA            Teragram Ballroom*
Oct 08                 San Diego, CA               The Observatory North Park
Oct 10                 Tucson, AZ                   The Rock
Oct 11                 Albuquerque, NM           Sunshine Theater
Oct 12                 El Paso, TX                   Tricky Falls
Oct 14                 San Antonio, TX            Paper Tiger *
Oct 15                 Baton Rouge, LA            The Varsity Theater +

^ Obituary, Exodus, Dust Bolt ONLY
* Obituary, Power Trip, Dust Bolt ONLY
+ Obituary, Dust Bolt ONLY

— European Summer Festival/Tour —

Jun 18         Clisson, FR                     Hellfest 2017
Jul 08          Viveiro, ES                     Resurrection Festival
Jul 10          Poznan, PL                     Klub U Bazyla +
Jul 11          Bratislava, SK                 Randal Club +
Jul 12          Ceske Budejovice, CZ     Cafe Klub Slavie +
Jul 14          Vienna, AT                       Szene Vienna
Jul 15          Dunaújváros, HU            Rock Maraton 2017
Aug 06        Corroios, PT                   VOA Heavy Rock Fest
Aug 08        Gijon, ES                        Sala Acapulco
Aug 09        Barcelona, ES                 Razzmatazz 2
Aug 11        Zurich, Switzerland        Dynamo
Aug 12        Kortrijk, BE                    Alcatraz Festival 2017
Aug 13        Derbyshire, UK              Bloodstock
Aug 14        Tilburg, NL                     013 *
Aug 15        Dortmund, DE               FZW Freizeitzentrum West *
Aug 17        Dinkelsbühl, DE             Summer Breeze 2017
Aug 19        Saint-Nolff, FR              Motocultor Festival

+ W/ Absu
* W/ Trivium


One of the most influential, revered and best-selling death metal bands of all time, OBITUARY formed in the swamplands of South Florida in 1986 after switching their name from Xecutioner.  The band signed to Roadracer Records, a now defunct division of Roadrunner, for the recording of their debut album, the immense and immeasurably heavy Slowly We Rot (1989). The album was engineered by the legendary Scott Burns at Morrisound Studio, which would come to be the most sought after facility for production of albums during the rise of death metal in the 1990s. Unlike much death metal preceding it, the album had a sludgy feel and integrated devastatingly slow passages along with obliterating overtures that reached far beyond any point of mayhem that metal had yet to reach. The result was a carnal pleasure for doom, death and thrash fans alike coupling the adrenaline of a speedball with the slow, degrading measures of a sewer at dusk. OBITUARY were unlike anything anyone had heard before and would change the shape of heavy music forever.

OBITUARY followed up Slowly We Rot with Cause of Death (1990), perhaps the band’s most hailed album and an even more chaotic, bass heavy mix of the band’s signature groove, manic guitar solos and crashing drums. The album’s defining feature, however, was vocalist John Tardy’s disarmingly horrific, gargling style, that created guttural chasms of dread, which, though often mimicked, have been achieved by no one else. Drastically shifting tempos and Tardy’s unique vocal style became the band’s trademark, which clearly distinguished them from the rest of the burgeoning US death metal scene.

OBITUARY spent the next two decades releasing some of the finest death metal ever put to tape with classics like The End Complete (1992), World Demise (1994), and Frozen in Time (2005) solidifying them as one of the genre’s most important bands of all time. Fast forward to 2014, when after a five year gap between albums, OBITUARY successfully crowdfunded their new album and subsequently partnered with Relapse Records for it’s release. Reinvigorated with a new lineup featuring the additions of legendary bassist Terry Butler (Death, Massacre, Six Feet Under) and lead guitarist Ken Andrews. The result was Inked In Blood (2014) which immediately took the world by storm.  The next couple years revolved around an extensive world tour schedule that took them to sold-out venues across the globe including tours with Cannibal Corpse, Carcass and Exodus and multiple mainstage festival appearances including 7000 Tons of Metal, Maryland Deathfest, Hellfest, Obscene Extreme, Full Terror Assault, Neurotic Deathfest, Graspop Metal Meeting, and the band’s own inaugural Florida Metal Fest.

To end 2016, OBITUARY released a surprise, live EP, Ten Thousand Ways to Die, featuring two brand new songs plus twelve classics and fan favorites recorded across eleven different cities during the Inked In Blood world tour. The EP left die-hard fans craving more, unbeknownst that it was just the beginning.

Now in 2017, OBITUARY return with their self-titled, 10th studio album, further cementing their legacy as one of the most important metal bands of all time! Picking up where Inked In Blood left off, OBITUARY show no signs of slowing down as they continue to reign as Kings of death metal. Recorded at their home studio in Tampa, FL, Obituary is a 10 track tour-de-force of bone-pulverising death metal that is as heavy, uncompromising and infectious as anything they’ve released in their historic, nearly 30-year career!

John Tardy – Vocals
Trevor Peres – Guitar
Ken Andrews Jr. – Guitar
Terry Butler – Bass
Donald Tardy – Drums

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QUIET RIOT Release First Single From “Road Rage” Featuring New Vocalist James Durbin

June 13th, 2017
by Celtic Bob

Quiet Riot continues their historic journey in 2017 with their new album, “Road Rage”. Led by drummer Frankie Banali, who is joined by veteran bassist Chuck Wright (who has been in and out of the band since 1982), guitarist Alex Grossi (who has been in the band since 2004), and new vocalist James Durbin, the band continues to be an unstoppable force in the rock ‘n roll world.  “Road Rage” is set for release August 4, 2017 via Frontiers Music Srl.

Today the first song from “Road Rage” and the first ever QUIET RIOT track featuring James Durbin on vocals has been made available for streaming.

“QUIET RIOT has always recorded songs that have a link with the QUIET RIOT “sound” and at the same time always musically moving forward. “Freak Flag” is such a song with a strong connection to our iconic sound from the past, which I think our longtime fans will appreciate and newer fans will embrace,” says drummer Frankie Banali.

Vocalist James Durbin continues, ” ‘Freak Flag’ is a concept I’ve been holding on to for a few years. It’s all about being you no matter what life has labeled you with. We’re all broken & searching for acceptance, but there’s a beauty in that search & it’s something that should be celebrated.”

Order the album here: http://radi.al/RoadRage or at the links below
Amazon: http://radi.al/RoadRageAmazon
iTunes: http://radi.al/RoadRageiTunes
Google Play: http://radi.al/RoadRageGooglePlay

All digital pre-orders come with an instant download of “Freak Flag”

Stream the current single on Spotify: http://radi.al/RoadRageSpotify

“Road Rage” was originally scheduled for release in the spring of 2017, but with the injection of newfound energy for the band with the addition of American Idol alumni James Durbin in the vocalist slot, the band decided to scrap the original sessions and record the album with the new and improved line-up. The results are everything QUIET RIOT fans could have hoped for!

QUIET RIOT is a rock & roll phenomenon. Famously known as the first heavy metal band to top the pop charts, the Los Angeles quartet became a global sensation thanks to their monstrous smash hit album, 1983’s “Metal Health”. That album topped the Billboard album charts for several months and the follow up album; “Condition Critical” went double platinum. The band has continued to record and tour throughout the decades following.

Frankie Banali’s history with QUIET RIOT spans over 34 years and he has the distinction of being the only member of QUIET RIOT to have recorded on every single QUIET RIOT release since the release of their now classic album, “Metal Health”. After nearly ten years since the loss of his friend and bandmate Kevin DuBrow, and with careful consideration, soul searching, and the blessings and support of Kevin DuBrow’s family, Frankie has moved forward with the band to bring the fans “Road Rage”!

Musically, “Road Rage” offers exactly what you would expect from QUIET RIOT. Arena ready hard rock with strong hooks and infectious riffs, along with maturity in the songwriting that only a band with such a history and pedigree can offer.

Quiet Riot has come back stronger than ever, in perfect METAL HEALTH with the new album, “Road Rage”! Catch them on the road this summer!

“Road Rage” Track Listing:
1. Can’t Get Enough
2. Getaway
3. Roll This Joint
4. Freak Flag
5. Wasted
6. Still Wild
7. Make A Way
8. Renegades
9. The Road
10. Shame
11. Knock Em Down

Frankie Banali – drums
Alex Grossi – guitars
Chuck Wright – bass guitar
James Durbin – vocals

See Quiet Riot Live:
6/17: Sauk Rapids, MN @ Old Capital Tavern
6/23: Lynchburg, VA @ Phase 2
6/24: Big Spring, TX @ Annual Fantastic Fourth

7/1: Junction City, KS @ Sundown Salute
7/7: Santa Cruz, CA @ Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
7/15: Lake Ozark, MO @ The Horny Toad At Camden On The Lake
7/21: Las Vegas, NV @ The Golden Nugget Casino

8/11: Greenville, TX @ The TExan Theater
8/12: Longview, TX @ Maude Cobb Event Center
8/18: Imperial, NE @ Chase County Fairgrounds
8/25: Le Roy, NY @ Jam At The Ridge
8/26: Port Falls, ID @ Stateline Cruiser

9/1 – San Pedro, CA @ USS IOWA – Fleetweek 2017
9/2 – Wilmington, NC @ The Thorne Theater
9/7 – Jim Thorpe, PA @ Penn’s Peak
9/15 – East Durham, NY @ Catskill Mountain Thunder
9/21 – St Charles IL @ Arcada Theater
9/23 – Newkirk, OK @ Southwind Casino

10/19: Houston, TX @ Proof Rooftop
10/28: Brownsville, TX @ Rock The Park Festival
10/29: Pekin, IL @ Avanti’s Dome – Rock ‘N’ Skull Festival

11/4: Pembrook, Pines FL @ Rockfest 80’S -CB Smith Park
11/8: West, Hollywood CA @ The Whisky A Go Go

February 15-19 @ Rock Legends Cruise

For More Info Visit:

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Interview with Stephen Reynolds of Mutank

June 12th, 2017
by J P

Interview with Stephen Reynolds of Mutank

by JP

We caught up with Stephen Reynolds of Mutank on the eve of the start of their cross-Canadian tour with Annihilator and Mason.

Read the rest of this entry »

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Brutal Assault – lineup update

June 12th, 2017
by Arto Lehtinen

EDIT: Accidentally we have used an unauthorized photo in the last lineup update. So here is the new one. Sorry for all your lost comments. Thanks for understanding!

LINEUP UPDATE: We now bring you the final update for this year. This time we bring you some of the most interesting underground bands of their respective genres out there.

As their name implies, The Great Old Ones are heavily inspired by the works of H. P. Lovecraft. Like the sinister novels and stories of the horror icon, the music of these Frenchmen delves into the forbidden, dark, haunting and violent spheres of post-metal and ambient. Higher Power play brassy hardcore the British way while Phurpa will perform soul cleansing musical ritual of Bön tradition. Polish Furia has a very personal take on black metal including several style transgressions. Mercy Ties are touring with Birds in Row this year and present punk-rock gone schizo; a deformed approach that adds elements of math rock and grind to create something unsettling, unpredictable and distinctive. Norwegian avant-garde representatives Madder Mortem will travel through a wide array of musical landscapes and German black metal band ULTHA will show their own hybrid of Scandinavian and US-black metal, doom and dark wave melodies. The first Saturday slot will traditionally let you relax on the wave of cheerful goregrind this time executed by Polish Nuclear Vomit while the tradition of the last slot of the fest draining you of the last bits of energy by gloomy funeral doom will be upheld by French MONOLITHE. We have for you Soen, a super-group project of former Opeth, Amon Amarth and Willowtree members with contribution of Steve DiGiorgio. Expect melodic, heavy, intricate and very unique blend of progressive metal. Last but not least, awesome Italian symphonic death metal FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE is coming back after 3 years.


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Brutal Assault : BA STAGES NEWS!

June 12th, 2017
by Arto Lehtinen

We are stoked to say we have started to work with Sea Shepherd Global, a non-profit, marine conservation organization. So please welcome Sea Shepherd main stage at Brutal Assault 2017! Another big news is coming from our 3rd stage. This year we will bring there a LED screen. From now on, Brutal Assault have 3 stages with professional LED screens!


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