Cellar Darling – Interview with Merlin Sutter

November 6th, 2017
by Metal-Rules.com UK Team

Cellar Darling

Interview with Merlin Sutter

November 1, 2017 – Koko, London, UK

Interview by Torbjørn ‘Toby’ Jørstad

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Serenity – Interview with Georg Neuhauser

November 5th, 2017
by Metal-Rules.com UK Team


Interview with Georg Neuhauser

November 1, 2017 – Koko, London

Interview by Torbjørn ‘Toby’ Jørstad

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Martin Popoff’s new book, Lights Out: Surviving the ’70s with UFO

November 4th, 2017
by Celtic Bob

Lights Out: Surviving the ‘70s with UFO

…is here. The boxes just arrived, so I’m selling, signing and shipping these starting NOW. As the catalogue copy sez:


Having written the first book ever on UFO, 2005’s long out-of-print Shoot Out the Lights, Martin Popoff, author of 72 rock books, has now greatly expanded and rewritten the early years material from that title, bringing us now Lights Out: Surviving the ‘70s with UFO.


Popoff brings to the project multiple new interviews with Phil Mogg, Andy Parker, Michael Schenker and Paul Raymond (plus the likes of producer Ron Nevison and Hipgnosis co-founder Aubrey Powell), along with a substantial amount of new discographic and press research to offer what is now the only book to focus on the ‘70s era of the band.


Utilizing his celebrated one album per chapter method, Popoff analyzes the complete catalogue from this golden period of the band—1, 2: Flying, Live, Phenomenon, Force It, No Heavy Petting, Lights Out, Obsession and Strangers in the Night—bringing you the stories of hits such as “Doctor Doctor,” “Rock Bottom,” “Shoot Shoot,” “Let It Roll,” “Lights Out,” Love to Love,” “Too Hot to Handle” and “Only You Can Rock Me.”


In and around Popoff’s famed meticulous analysis of the catalogue, look for lots of tour talk, revealing nightmares surrounding the band’s business, and warnings about how the twin demons of drugs and alcohol can slow a band’s progress on the way to the top.

Also included is a detailed 1970s band discography and a gloss photo section.


One other note I’d like to add to that, I really shortchanged the Mick Bolton-era version of the band in the 2005 book so here, look for those records to be examined in much more detail. And just in general, what you’ll find with Lights Out is more track-by-track analysis of every album, basically a deep celebration of the classic Schenker years, along with, like I say, a nicely fleshed-out representation of the genesis of the band. Bottom line, this book is DOUBLE the word count that was applied to 1969 – 1979 material in Shoot Out the Lights.


Prices for Lights Out including shipping:

US orders: $32.00 US funds

Int’l orders (all books go air): $38.00 US funds

Canadian orders: $36.00 Cdn. funds


Ask me if you’d prefer a PayPal invoice (please indicate what country you are in), or just do yer usual and direct funds to martinp@inforamp.net


Or mail payment (personal check in US funds, cash, or INTERNATIONAL money order), to: Martin Popoff, P.O. Box 65208, 358 Danforth Ave., Toronto,Ontario, Canada M4K 2Z2


Sweet postage savings to be had for multiple orders (or two of pretty much anything—long story, ask me!), for US and Canadian orders. Email me at martinp@inforamp.net with any further questions, and see www.martinpopoff.com for descriptions, cover art and ordering info for my other available 45 or so books that I have available for autographin’ and shippin’. Note: this will not be at my website for a good ten days, but I have the books now and am shipping them this week.



See www.martinpopoff.com for info on my 71 books.

Latest are:

Led Zeppelin: All the Albums All the Songs

Tornado of Souls: Thrash’s Titanic Clash

Rush: Album by Album

Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers: The Rise of Motorhead

Martin Popoff, PO Box 65208, 358 Danforth Ave., Toronto, Ontario M4K 3Z2

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Malmo Festival 2017 – Frantic Amber, Altair, Hysterica, Oliver Rock, Team Anarchy, Dead Sleep, Va Rocks and more

November 4th, 2017
by Anders Sandvall

Malmo Festival 2017

Malmo, Sweden
11-18/8 – 2017

A few of the bands performing at Rock Stage Frantic Amber, Altair, Hysterica, Oliver Rock, Team Anarchy, Dead Sleep, Va Rocks, The Weaklings, Frank, KrashKarma

On grand square The Hives performed

Live pictures and review by: Anders Sandvall

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In conversation with Wendy Dio

November 4th, 2017
by EvilG

Wendy Dio gave more details about the East Coast chapter that will start in 2018, which will be in charge to organize the Bowl and The Ride For Ronnie on the East Coast.

Also she talked with rock journalist Lucas H. Gordon, about the Hologram tour with Ronnie James Dio that will start on December, and they recap about the Bowl For Ronnie raised this year for the Stand Up and Shout Foundation, that raised almost $50,000 to find an early detection of colon, stomach, pancreas and prostate cancer.

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The Dead Daisies release animated video for new single

November 2nd, 2017
by Celtic Bob

Billboard calls it a “debauched…coke fueled, drama-filled narrative” inspired by “the excess of their rock n roll lifestyles”

Anime-style was something the band and management have loved for a long time and this was the perfect moment to try out that format. It is such a positive, funny and light-hearted rock story, it just seems like the right thing to release with all the dark things going on in the world. The lyrics of the song were the main inspiration for the video.

“In lieu of some of the psychotic and crazy women that I somehow managed to find and get involved with, writing the lyrics for this was quite easy!” said John Corabi. “I’ve kinda realized that I’m ‘that guy’ that could walk into a nudist colony in a full length fur coat and ski mask, and I would be the one that left with mosquito bites! That’s my life with women, well in the past anyway…..hopefully!”

The Dead Daisies are currently in New York songwriting and are headed to Nashville straight after to begin recording the new album with Marti Frederiksen. They will be releasing new music and Rocking The Planet in 2018.

The Dead Daisies play their own brand of infectious rock and give people an authentic slice of a 70s Rock Concert Experience whenever they perform. The band is comprised of massive music fans, they don’t take themselves too seriously and put the audience & music first which helps them create an explosive live experience.

Featured on this track are: Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dio), John Corabi (Mötley Crüe, The Scream), Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake), Brian Tichy (Ozzy Osbourne, Foreigner) and David Lowy (Red Phoenix, Mink).

Rock is indeed alive and well!!!


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DAVID ELLEFSON Returns To Jackson Minnesota For End Of Year Party at New Ellefson Coffee Co Retailer And Launches New Blend

November 2nd, 2017
by Celtic Bob

Grammy-Winning MEGADETH bassist and EMP Label Group‘s President DAVID ELLEFSON will return to his hometown of Jackson, MN, Saturday, November 18th for a special end of the year/birthday celebration at Kat’s Hog Heaven, the newest Ellefson Coffee Co retail location. Located at 608 2nd St, Kat’s is the pride of Jackson, serving a full BBQ dining menu, and now serving, and a retail outlet for Ellefson Coffee Co. coffee and merchandise. Additionally, Kat’s will be displaying various memorabilia from Ellefson’s MUSEUM OF DETH, featuring memorabilia from Ellefson’s life and career.

Also appearing will be legendary rocker RON KEEL, who with his RON KEEL BAND has signed a deal with EMP OUTLAW, the new Southern Rock/Outlaw Country imprint of Ellefson’s EMP LABEL GROUP. Keel will be performing, and taking part in a special meet and greet with Ellefson.

The event will also mark the release of ECC’s JACKSON HOUSE BLEND, a conservatively priced, entry level addition to the ECC coffee lineup.

Says Ellefson, “I am so excited to return to Jackson and welcome our newest ECC retailer Kat’s Hog Heaven, and unveil the JACKSON HOUSE BLEND! Since we started ECC we have scoured the World to find a reasonably priced coffee that will adhere to the high quality standards we have set for ECC, and we are sure we have hit the jackpot with the Jackson House Blend. I am also extremely excited to welcome my old friend Ron Keel to Jackson, and showcase the latest addition to the EMP FAMILY!”

ECC’s Thom Hazaert adds, “The last time we went to Jackson, it was an absolute blast. We’re so stoked to go back and introduce our new blend that pays homage to David’s hometown, and the great people of Minnesota! And this time we’re dragging Ron Keel along for the ride! We’ll also have tons of giveaways and surprises, so definitely get down and see us at Kat’s!!! (And try some of Donnie’s amazing BBQ.)”

More information at:
ELLEFSON COFFEE COMPANY: http://www.facebook.com/ellefsoncoffeecohttp://www.ellefsoncoffeeco.com
EMP Label Group: http://empmerch.comhttp://emplabelgroup.com
ALPHA OMEGA Management: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialAlphaOmegaManagement

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Skálmöld – Interview with Baldur Ragnarsson and Þráinn Árni Baldvinsson

November 2nd, 2017
by Metal-Rules.com UK Team


Interview with Baldur Ragnarsson and Þráinn Árni Baldvinsson

The World’s End, London, UK – October 27, 2017

Interview by Torbjørn ‘Toby’ Jørstad

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X-JAPAN – drummer and the band leader Yoshiki

November 1st, 2017
by Marko Syrjala


When we are speaking of the Japanese metal and rock scene, people always voice out Loudness. Instead, X-Japan has gained almost monumental status in the land of the rising sun. The band has gone thru several tragic lost and experienced the incredible success and even split up for ten years. X-Japan returned about ten years ago by having the ultimate reactions by the fans. The document movie “We Are X” is such a unique and exciting story about the band and it’s ups and downs. It’s definitely worth to check by everyone, no matter if you know anything about X Japan or not. The band’s leader, drummer, pianist and the main composer, Yoshiki, visited Finland in early October, promoting the movie. Here’s in brief, what the man had to tell about the film, the future of X Japan and various other interesting topics as well. Read the rest of this entry »

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Power Quest + Death Valley Knights + NightMare World @ The Underworld, London

November 1st, 2017
by Metal-Rules.com UK Team

Power Quest + Death Valley Knights + NightMare World

@ The Underworld, London

October 29, 2017

Review and photography by Torbjørn ‘Toby’ Jørstad

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Announcing the 1st ever Melodic Rock Fest Scandinavia 2018

November 1st, 2017
by EvilG
Melodic Rock Fest Scandinavia 2018

Melodic Rock Fest Scandinavia 2018

For the first time ever in Scandinavia we present Melodic Rock Fest! Three days filled with the finest of AOR and Melodic Rock.

TICKETS: https://secure.tickster.com/Intro.aspx?ERC=MHHB2JRUET0RN21

TICKSTER EVENT PAGE: http://www.tickster.com/events/mhhb2jruet0rn21

The festival was founded by Andrew J McNiece back in 2007 and in collaboration with Rock Stage Malmö the three day festival now find it’s way to SLAGTHUSET, Malmo, Sweden.

The former slaughter house “Slagthuset” in Malmö is today one of Scandinavia’s most conveniently located event facilities, only 20 minutes from Copenhagen Airport, 2 minutes from Malmö Central Station and 35 minutes from Copenhagen City. The venue is ideal for conferences, expositions, theatrical performances and concerts!

For Melodic Rock Fest Scandinavia 2018 we will use 3 of the bigger rooms + an outdoor area with a total capacity of 1.500.

MelodicRock Fest – Scandinavia: https://www.facebook.com/mrfscandinaviaofficial
Slagthuset Malmös Nöjeshjärta: https://www.facebook.com/slagthuset/
MelodicRockfestScandinavia.com: http://www.melodicrockfestscandinavia.com/

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SAXON to release deluxe Anthology DECADE OF THE EAGLE on Friday, December 1st, 2017 in North America

November 1st, 2017
by EvilG


BMG are proud to announce the release of SAXON – DECADE OF THE EAGLE – a deluxe anthology featuring 34 tracks, that looks back at the years that built the Saxon legend.

Additionally, a 1 CD and 1 LP version will be made available for North America, tracklist is below.

BMG in North America will release the 1 CD, 1 LP versions and and then a limited number of the 4 LP editions on Friday, December 1st, 2017.

Decade Of The Eagle is a retrospective that spans the band’s first nine albums and represents the very best of the first decade of their astonishing career during which time they notched up five Top 40 albums and four Top 20 singles. These 4LP and 2CD deluxe editions feature new liner notes by frontman Biff Byford that document the decade and which are accompanied by rarely seen and classic photos from the era.

Biff says:

“These are the albums from a time in the eighties that moved a generation of rock fans around the world, when British rock was once again at the forefront. Great times – never to be forgotten and still reverberating to this day.”

Saxon played a significant part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement, perhaps the greatest metal genre of them all and have become one of the all-time masters of heavy metal. In doing so, Saxon have ensured they are now representative of the heart and soul from the NWOBHM time. Always remaining true to the values which established them in the first place they are driven by a desire to continuously set the highest standards and meet them head on, Saxon’s work on those nine studio albums still resonates resoundingly – this is timeless stuff.

Saxon’s music that will continue to inspire Metalheads for generations to come, as it has influenced so many until now. In those immortal words, fill your heads with… HEAVY METAL THUNDER!


1 Stallions Of The Highway
2 Big Teaser
3 Backs To The Wall
4 Militia Guard
5 Wheels Of Steel
6 747 (Strangers In The Night)
7 Suzie Hold On
8 Motorcycle Man (live)
9 Strong Arm Of The Law
10 Heavy Metal Thunder
11 20,000ft (live)
12 Dallas 1PM
13 And The Bands Played On
14 Never Surrender
15 Denim And Leather
16 Fire In the Sky (live)
17 Princess Of The Night
18 Power & The Glory
19 This Town Rocks
20 The Eagle Has Landed
21 Midas Touch
22 Sailing To America
23 Crusader
24 Devil Rides Out
25 Back On The Streets
26 Rockin’ Again
27 Rock N’ Roll Gypsy
28 Broken Heroes
29 Waiting For The Night
30 Rock The Nations
31 Northern Lady
32 Battle Cry
33 Ride Like The Wind
34 Red Alert

1LP & 1CD Tracklist:

1 Backs To The Wall
2 Wheels Of Steel
3 747 (Strangers In The Night)
4 Strong Arm Of The Law
5 Denim And Leather
6 Power And The Glory
7 Sailing To America
8 Rock N’Roll Gypsy
9 Waiting For The Night
10 Ride Like The Wind

To pre-order your copy of Decade of The Eagle please visit: http://smarturl.it/SaxonDecade

From being pioneers of the New Wave Of British Heavy Metal, to becoming one of the most successful UK rock acts of all time, Saxon have always transcended definitions, trends and eras. From 1979’s ‘Saxon’ album to ‘Destiny’ in ’88, the band enjoyed considerable success both in the UK and further afield. It’s no wonder their influence has spread across the globe, and played a crucial role in the way we look at hard rock and heavy metal today. The decade from ’79’s debut record was vital, not only in establishing Saxon’s talent and reputation, but also in laying the foundations for what has followed.

For additional information on Saxon please visit:



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 Dying Fetus Disentomb, Beyond Creation, Psycroptic :  Nosturi, Helsinki

October 31st, 2017
by Arto Lehtinen




Dying Fetus  Disentomb, Beyond Creation, Psycroptic

 Nosturi, Helsinki


Review and Pictures by Petri da Costa

It had been almost 3 years since Dying Fetus played in Helsinki, but now with a brand-new record out, which has been praised by fans and critics, it was time for Maryland’s brutal death metal trio to return to Finnish shores for their “Wrong Tour to Fuck With”. To make this tour even heavier, Dying Fetus were joined by a strong line up of death metal bands on this tour: Disentomb, Beyond Creation and Psycroptic.

Since there has been so many metal gigs, and some two-day fests, in Helsinki during the fall, pretty much on a weekly basis, it was hard to tell how many would come to this death metal evening. It was a little bit surprising and good to see that Nosturi was packed this evening. The first band, Australia’s Disentomb started early, around 20:30, and because there was a huge line of people still getting inside Nosturi, myself and many others missed half of their set. Nevertheless, they seemed to be a perfect fit to open the night and get everyone moshing. From the crowd’s reaction, I’m pretty sure they’ll be coming back to Finland sometime again.

Next up was Canada’s Beyond Creation. Although death metal is at the centre of Beyond Creation’s core, their songs lean more on the technical side, with some songs being over 6 minutes, thus providing a big contrast when comparing to Disentomb and Dying Fetus. Among this evening’s setlist, the band played “Earthborn Revolution”, “The Aura” and “Fundamental Process”, which ended their gig. As mentioned before, since the band leans more on the technical side, some of the songs sometimes sounded like instrumental songs, demonstrating the musicianship in the band. Perhaps Beyond Creation wasn’t everyone’s favourite act of the night, but the crowd overall seemed to dig their tech and “proggy” approach to death metal.


The last opening act was another aussie band, Psycroptic, which also has a technical approach to death metal, but it is more aggressive in its delivery. Early on the crowd got a circle pit going on, which seemed to go wilder during “Ob (Servant)”, and although some songs weren’t non-stop brutally fast, they were able to play a very dynamic gig, with pace changes, groove and technical parts.

Finally the time for Dying Fetus to hit the stage had arrived. As mentioned before, Dying Fetus hadn’t played in Finland for almost 3 years, which is a good “break” time since you are not constantly over-playing in the same city. You could tell already early on that everyone inside Nosturi was extremely excited to see them crush live, and once again this brutal death metal trio showed why it is one of the best live bands.

The gig started with “From Womb to Waste”, which is a perfect opener since it has a slow burning tempo in the beginning, which builds and then unleashes that fast and brutal pace. “Fixated on Devastation” was the first song off from their latest album to be played, which continued the crowd madness and was elevated when they played “Grotesque Impalement”, one of the highlights of their set. Now with a career that spans over 20 years and many studio albums, it mustn’t be easy to please all the fans’ wishes, however I think they were able to balance properly their older material with the newer stuff.

What was somehow surprising was the fact that they played 4 songs from “Wrong One to Fuck With” and 4 songs from “Reign Supreme”. It was surprising because I think most would assume that the band would focus more on the latest release, which meant that some heavy hitters like “Panic Amongst the Herd” or “Die with Integrity” were left out on this tour. Hopefully these songs and others from this newer album are included on later legs of this tour or in some future tours.
Some other highlights during their set were “One Shot, One Kill”, “Subjected to a Beating”, “Homicidal Retribution” and “Praise the Lord (Opium of the Masses)” which had the fans crowd surfing, moshing constantly or circle pitting. Maybe for those who have seen the band live, this will sound obvious, but the stamina, precision and brutality of guitarist/vocalist John Gallagher, bassist/vocalist Sean Beasly and drummer Trey Williams on stage is something to revere. To play all those intricate, heavy and fast songs for around 80min it’s no easy task.

As expected, the band ended their show with two absolute death metal classics: “Killing on Adrenaline” and “Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog”. Even though the whole crowd wanted to hear more, that was the end of a hell of an evening. Let’s see if it will take Dying Fetus 3 years to come again to Finland, however with tonight’s overwhelming response from the fans it might bring them sooner.


Dying Fetus Setlist

From Womb to Waste

Fixated on Devastation

Grotesque Impalement

Induce Terror

Your Treachery Will Die with You

One Shot, One Kill

Subjected to a Beating

Invert the Idols

Homicidal Retribution

In the Trenches

Seething with Disdain

Praise the Lord (Opium of the Masses)

Wrong One to Fuck With

Justifiable Homicide

Killing on Adrenaline

Kill Your Mother, Rape Your Dog


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Martin Popoff Releases Coffee Table Book On AC/DC

October 31st, 2017
by Celtic Bob

…my hard cover coffee table book in which I have two AC/DC experts per studio album go off about all things AC/DC, Angus, Bon, Brian, production, album covers, solos, Phil vs. Chris vs. Simon, Mutt Lange vs. Vanda & Young, rhythm guitars, effects, axes of choice, lyrics, US vs. Australian issues… in a word… issues!


Gorgeous book, same very cool 10” x 7/3” dimension as my recent Zeppelin book, gorgeous hard cover, tons of rare pictures through, of the band, of memorabilia.


As my introduction to the book states…


There’s something amusing about the second book I’ve done in this cool drunken kitchen party format being about all things AC/DC, where first time out, the subject at hand was fussy math rock pioneers Rush. The music of these two legendary bands couldn’t be further apart philosophically—within our classic hard rock bubble, anyway—but it’s somewhat endearing to realize, when you think about it, there’s a huge and heartening overlap in the fan bases. Millions of people love Rush and millions of those love AC/DC too, and I think that’s testimony to the fuzzy lovability of both bands.


However, back on planet work, I found the prospect of constructing the AC/DC book a bit more daunting, given that at first blush, it seemed like there was less to talk about, certainly fewer nooks and crannies to the music. How wrong I was, for once I gathered my army of AC/DC experts, I quickly realized that we could talk and shout and laugh about Angus, Malcolm, Brian and Bon endlessly. And it often seemed like we did, given how much interview footage I ultimately had to choose from, and could not stuff between the pages of this action-packed love letter to Australia’s greatest export.

As it turned out, there were so many plots and subplots, from the weird formation of the band to its closed shop ethic, from the inevitable assault on Europe and America to the hiring on of new producers, from the shocking death of Bon Scott straight into one of the biggest selling albums of all time, leading to a level of fame, infamy and massive legendary status anchored very much in that first album crowed and cawed by an unknown Geordie named Brian Johnson.


What I love about this book, and the reason I think you’re gonna dig it, is the enthusiasm of the speakers and their ability to convince us all that there is indeed lots to talk about with this band famous for—quote unquote—“making the same record over and over again.” At the massive and commercial end of the catalogue, their words will have you revisiting records you thought you knew top to bottom. But more intriguingly, at the overlooked end of the spectrum, their instruction and exposition will bring you new appreciation for albums like Powerage, Fly on the Wall, Ballbreaker, Stiff Upper Lip, and the band’s likely last album, Rock or Bust, to which you might’ve quickly paid cursory notice and then forgotten.


That’s really what I love the most about this series, this delivery of an enriched and educated viewpoint, not only from us to you, but from these guys to me in real time as I wrote it. I mean, I was having all manner of things pointed out to me that I never would’ve thought of as I talked to these cats. And as soon as the interview was over, out came the CDs, finger on the fast forward or rewind buttons, in search of a fresh revelation about what Angus does at the 28 second mark.


So there you go, this AC/DC fan (who was introduced to the band in 1977 with a domestic Canadian copy of Let There Be Rock bought at Kelly’s on a cross-country family vacation in Winnipeg, Manitoba)… well, I found myself ploughing through the catalogue with sleuthing pleasure, yet again, which has never really been an issue, because I’ve always been a regular listener of this band. After all, I’d say pretty much unarguably, AC/DC has got to be one of the top handful of goodtime party bands ever concocted. Whether it’s drinking, socializing, jogging, gyming, driving fast or just at those thorny times when a pick-me-up or attitude adjustment is called for, nothing slakes one’s thirst like Powerage or Highway to Hell.

So pour yourself a stiff one, and come on in. Step on up and clink drinks with 17—18, if you count the author—dedicated AC/DC fanatics just like yourself, each with his own story about when he first stuck his finger in that socket (yes, there are no gals—oh, how we tried to find some). Don’t be shy; join in on the drunken debate, even if for now it’s by proxy. I mean, while writing this, I could almost hear you pounding your fist on the bar, either in agreement or spoiling for a fight. Here’s hoping that out in the pubs and clubs I get to hear from you which of these guys you thought was full of crap, against which seemed to be reading your very thoughts, confirming what you were sure that you alone understood about those mysterious Young brothers and the happy and healing headbanging they conjured.


Price including shipping (the book will be signed, by me, to you unless otherwise requested):


US orders: $39.00 US funds

Int’l orders (all books go air): $55.00 US funds (sorry – half of this is the damn postage, and I’m rounding here for all territories)

Canadian orders: $54.00 Cdn. funds


PayPal address is martinp@inforamp.net


Apologies, I can’t compete with Amazon, who buy the book for less than I do and have cheaper shipping. So this is for those who want a signed one (for you, for a Christmas present?) PLUS… if there’s any of my other books not available on Amazon that you might like, glad to chuck one in for half price (small ones only; there’s a few that don’t apply) to soften the hurt. Let me know. For US orders, I won’t even charge additional postage. But yeah, this is why it won’t even go up for sale at my site and I’m only doing 50. This message is the only time I’ll be askin’.


PayPal happily accepted. Ask me if you’d like a PayPal invoice (please indicate what country you are in), or just do yer usual and direct funds to martinp@inforamp.net


Email me at martinp@inforamp.net with any further questions, and see www.martinpopoff.com for descriptions, cover art and ordering info for my other available 35 or so books (and no, I won’t be selling these at my site, so it’s not there, BUT YES, THESE 50 COPIES ARE IN MY OFFICE READY TO SHIP).


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ANNIHILATOR Releases New Music Video for “Pieces of You”

October 31st, 2017
by Celtic Bob

ANNIHILATOR will release their highly-anticipated 16th studio album, For The Demented, on November 3, 2017 via Neverland Music/Silver Lining Music. The album will be available in a Limited Edition Digipack with Lenticular cover, a jewel-case CD, a 12″ 180gms coloured vinyl in gatefold and digital download. Pre-order now via http://hyperurl.co/ForTheDemented.
They say great (and often bad) things happen in threes, and ANNIHILATOR is proving the superstition on the eeriest day of the year! Combining heavy metal greatness with malevolent horror, the band is “thrilled” to reveal their extra-gory, NSFW third music video for the track “Pieces of You” today.
“The following contains a graphic interpretation of a true crime story that includes potentially disturbing images and lyrical content,” says ANNIHILATOR‘s Jeff Waters. “We realize this is not exactly the most pleasant subject to write about, however, in the world of being a writer and musician, sometimes these stories can spawn a song! While many of the songs from the new album For The Demented have positive messages in them, this one does not!
Watch the “Pieces of You” video here: https://youtu.be/CQSehIcwn6Y
Waters adds, “This is about a criminally insane guy who murdered his “annoying” girlfriend to “silence” her voice. He then eats pieces of her, as a means of keeping her alive inside of him. Yeah, crazy, but when you watch horror movies, crime shows and own a few Cannibal Corpse t-shirts, this is tame in comparison.
I like the three dimensions of this: seeing the lyrics roll by: hearing/feeling the music and watching the horror… almost difficult to take it all in, in one view.
Enjoy “Pieces Of You”, if you can!”
Check out two additional videos/tracks released from For The Demented so far here:
“Twisted Lobotomy” music video: https://youtu.be/B17YdWJYfaM
“One To Kill” lyric video: https://youtu.be/PhLrc15A_7M
For The Demented is being touted as a definitive and essential ANNIHILATOR album by fans and press alike. Metal-Temple.com calls For The Demented, “…an utmost blessing, a crucial moment in ANNIHILATOR‘s career…” adding, “…[Jeff] Waters made a genius effort on this one, an official return back to the early days with an eruption of a gruesome attitude, attacking at will…”. MetalWani.com says, For The Demented is a whirlwind listen…. ANNIHILATOR fans were promised a return to the brilliance of the “glory days,” and Waters has delivered.”
Jeff Waters felt that with For The Demented, it was time to analyze what fans had been telling him over the years. “It was time to sit down and figure out “why” ANNIHILATOR‘s early “thrash-meets-melodic” caught the ears of so many and to try to sweep the “fan” part of my writing/playing/singing out the door and welcome back the mostly-original Waters writing that was to be the first four ANNIHILATOR albums… Bottom line, For The Demented captures some feel from ANNIHILATOR‘s 1985-87 demos mixed with the first four ANNIHILATOR records… I think metal fans are going to hear much of what they have been waiting for from ANNIHILATOR.”
Since 1989, Canada’s ANNIHILATOR have not stopped putting out records and touring the world.  Despite the ever-changing climate of the metal world (and releasing a series of “different” metal records with various lineups along the way), Jeff Waters and company have consistently delivered strong albums since the band’s debut Alice In Hell.  Then there was 1990’s best-selling Never, Neverland, 1995’s King of The Kill, Schizo Deluxe in 2005 and many other critically-acclaimed releases up until 2015’s Suicide Society. The ‘under-the-radar’ influence of this band, and writer/guitarist/vocalist Jeff Waters, has been felt throughout the entire realm of the metal world by a ton of well-known musicians and bands; that influence even stretching into the hard rock and instrumentalist genre.
For The Demented track listing:
1. Twisted Lobotomy
2. One to Kill
3. For the Demented
4. Pieces of You
5. The Demon You Know
6. Phantom Asylum 
7. Altering the Alter
8. The Way
9. Dark
10. Not All There
ANNIHILATOR European Tour Dates w/ Testament:
12.11.2017 BEL Antwerp Trix *
13.11.2017 GER Hannover Musikzentrum **
14.11.2017 GER Berlin Astra *
15.11.2017 POL Warsaw Progresja *
16.11.2017 SVK Kosice Colloseum *
17.11.2017 POL Wroclaw A2 *
18.11.2017 HUN Budapest Barba Negra *
19.11.2017 CZE Brno Sono Centrum *
20.11.2017 AUT Vienna Arena *
22.11.2017 GER Wiesbaden Schlachthof *
23.11.2017 GER München Backstage *
24.11.2017 GER Saarbrücken Garage *
25.11.2017 GER Stuttgart LKA/Longhorn *
26.11.2017 SLO Ljubljana Kino Siska *
27.11.2017 GER Nürnberg Löwensaal *
28.11.2017 SWI Pratteln Z7 *
30.11.2017 ITA Bologna Estragon *
01.12.2017 ITA Milano Live Club *
02.12.2017 SWI Fribourg Fri-Son *
03.12.2017 FRA Toulouse Bikini *
04.12.2017 ESP Madrid Riviera *
06.12.2017 FRA Lyon Transbordeur *
07.12.2017 FRA Nantes Stereolux *
08.12.2017 FRA Paris Bataclan *
09.12.2017 GER Oberhausen Ruhrpott Metal Meeting *
10.12.2017 NED Haarlem Patronaat *
* w/ Testament & Death Angel
** w/ Death Angel
Jeff Waters (vox, guitar)
Fabio Alessandrini (drums)
Rich Hinks (bass)
Aaron Homma (guitar)


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