Interviews Done In 2003
December 2003

Neil Turbin – Former Anthrax Vocalist

Tales From the Pit Video Producer Jerry Allen

Tomas Andersson of Denata

Skid Row – Bassist Rachel Bolan

The Forsaken

Fernando von Arb of Krokus

Max Kolesne of Krisiun

Christer Espevoll of Extol
November 2003

Zakk Wylde – Black Label Society

Behemoth – vocalist Nergal

SLAYER Interview with TOM ARAYA

Dimmu Borgir – guitarist Silenoz

Arch Enemy – Sharlee & Michael

CircleIICircle’s  Zachary Stevens


Scorpions – Interview with Klaus Meine

Mystery Blue – Frenzy, Nathalie & Vince

Agent Steel – Guitarists Juan Garcia, Bernie Versailles, & vocalist Bruce Hall

Britny Fox – Billy Childs  
October 2003

Tarot Interview with Marco Hietala

The Crown: Drummer Janne Saarenp??

Brainstorm – guitarist Torsten Ihlenfeld

Burning Point – Guitarist Jukka Kyro

Merrygold – singer Selma and guitarist Per

Dimension Zero – Jocke G?thberg

The Haunted – Anders Bj?rler, Peter Dolving, & Jensen


Stryper – Together Again
 September 2003

Children of Bodom – Alexi “Wildchild” Laiho

Drummer Jamie Salazar(Drummer for: Opus Atlantica, Bad Habit, Pete Sandberg?s solo albums, Midnight Sun and Last Tribe, among others)

Iron Maiden – Janick Gers

CAGE Vocalist Sean Peck


Last Tribe Studio Report

Nightrage Guitarist Marios Iliopoulos

Summer Dying

WARRANT – Vocalist Jani Lane

Anthrax Summer Scandinavian Invasion 2003 – John Bush and Scott Ian
 August 2003

Sepultura – Andreas Kisser

A.J. Pero of Twisted Sister

Moonsorrow’s Marko & Ville

Ex-Trixter members surface in 40 Ft. Ringo

Skid Row – Interview with Dave “The Snake” Sabo

Lacuna Coil – Cristina Scabbia
July 2003

Wojtek Lisicki of Luciferion

Zebra’s Randy Jackson

Nevermore – Jeff Loomis


Dark Order – Australia’s Prophets of Thrash MetalInterview with Guitarist/Vocalist Raul Ignacio Alvarez

Sacrifice – Rob Urbinati

DUNGEON – 100% Pure Australian Power Metal

Zakk Wylde – The Blessed Hellrider!
June 2003

M.O.D. – Billy Milano

Fatal Smile – Interview with Y and H.B.

Metal Ages Records owner Deron Blevins

Kreator’s Millie Petrozza

Bruce Kulick

The Project Hate – J?rgen Sandstr?m

Bret Michaels (Poison)

Helloween’s Andi Deris 

Adam Bomb

Max Cavalera

Interview With Dark Angel

Listenable Records – Laurent Merle

Chaos Breed
May 2003

Interview With Sacred Crucifix

Jackyl’s Jesse James Dupree

Devin Townsend

Blaze Bayley

In Flames Drummer Daniel Svensson

BOBBY GUSTAFSONEx-Overkill Axeman Bobby Gustafson Returns To Metal With New Band RESPONSE NEGATIVE

VoiVod – Interview With Snake

Lance King – Nightmare Records
April 2003

Katafalk’s Guitarist, Christiaan

Paul Di’Anno

Mercury Rain – Jon Hoare

Heimdall – Guitarist Fabio Calluori

Seven Witches – Jack Frost

Nasty Savage

Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx

ETERNAL GRAY: Guitarist Dory Bar-Or  

Lynch/Pilson – Jeff Pilson


OverkillBobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth

Andromeda – Johan Reinholdz



The Crown – Drummer, Janne Saarenpaa

TWO XYZ INTERVIEWS  – Singer Terry Ilous  – Interview #2 with Terry Ilous
March 2003

The Heavils: Interview with guitarist, Mossy

Glenn Harveston: Organizer of ProgPower USA

Zandelle Vocalist George Tsalikis

Interview With Monstrosity’s Lee Harrison

Dream Evil Interview with Gus G.

Sonata Arctica Vocalist – Tony Kakko

Ted Poley
Feb. 2003

Strapping Young Lad – Drummer Gene Hoglan

Freternia Bassist Peter Wiberg

Necromancer’s Juha Mattila

Defleshed singer and bassist, Gustaf Jorde

Opeth’s Mikael Akerfeldt

Interview With Galy Records

Mark Narawa of Crash Music

Kamelot’s vocalist Roy Khan (Feb 2003)

Emerald – Switzerland’s melodic, epic heavy metal act

Metal Blade Records – Brian Slagel

LOW FREQUENCY RECORDSLabel manager Tomi Tekkala

DRAGPIPEBass player – Jeno

Remi Cote & Stephane Belanger of Great White North Records
Jan. 2003

Interview With Pete Sandberg

The Reign of Terror – Mike Vescera and Joe Stump

COSMIC SPHERE – Drummer Kristian Enqvist

Gary Sharpe-young of Rockdetector.com

Eric Adams – MANOWAR 

Children of Bodom’s Alexi Laiho

Jonas Reingold from the Flower Kings

Date Item Title Author
Mar 20, 2015 A.J. Pero of Twisted Sister Marko Syrjala
Jan 21, 2003 MANOWAR- vocalist Eric Adams Marko Syrjala

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