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Oct 15, 2017 DragonForce – Interview with Herman Li UK Team
Oct 11, 2017 Spectacularly Majestic! Heavy Metal Collectors: An interview series – Part – Nathan Dufour J P
Sep 28, 2017 Interview with King Fowley J P
Sep 17, 2017 10 Questions With…Oni Logan of Lynch Mob Celtic Bob
Sep 8, 2017 Spectacularly Majestic! Heavy Metal Collectors: An interview series. Part 2. Michael Pythoud J P
Sep 7, 2017 Dead By Wednesday – Opus Robert Williams
Sep 7, 2017 DEMOLITION HAMMER : Steve Reynold, James Reilly, Derek Sykes, Angel Cotte Arto Lehtinen
Sep 3, 2017 Vandroya – Vocalist Daisa Munhoz and Drummer Otávio Nunez Anders Sandvall
Sep 3, 2017 SoulSpell – bandleader/main composer and drummer Heleno Vale Anders Sandvall
Sep 2, 2017 Interview with artist David Thierree J P
Aug 30, 2017 Wildernessking – Interview with Keenan Nathan Oakes UK Team
Aug 28, 2017 Metal Blade Records – Interview with owner Brian Slagel UK Team
Aug 27, 2017 Guitarist Tommy Bolan discusses about Warlock, Triumph and Agony 30’th Anniversary shows and more Marko Syrjala
Aug 27, 2017 MindMaze – singer Sarah Teets and guitarist Jeff Teets Anders Sandvall
Aug 26, 2017 MATT SINNER – bassist and songwriter of Primal Fear, Sinner, Rock Meets Classic and much more. Arto Lehtinen
Aug 25, 2017 Bill Hudson – U.D.O / I Am Morbid / Trans-Siberian Orchestra ” I wrote two songs with David. Actually, me and David together have written many, many songs before this. This is like back where he left Morbid Angel. We wrote a lot of music that he wanted to be a new band, and it’s not Country. It’s not industrial. Its very death metal.” Arto Lehtinen
Aug 22, 2017 Warbringer – Interview With John Kevill UK Team
Aug 12, 2017 Spectacularly Majestic!   Heavy Metal Collectors: An interview series.  Part I. Jon Kruse. J P
Aug 12, 2017 NAZARETH – bassist Pete Agnew and vocalist Carl Sentance Marko Syrjala
Aug 7, 2017 Guitarist Steve Mann discuss about Lionheart reunion, new album and his past and current work with Michael Schenker Marko Syrjala
Aug 6, 2017 Ralf Kasparek aka Rock’N’Rolf from Running Wild : “I’m not [as] good when we’re working together with other people, than when I’m doing alone.” Arto Lehtinen
Jul 29, 2017 Wind Rose – Vocalist Franscesco Cavalieri and Guitarist Claudio Falconci Anders Sandvall
Jul 21, 2017 Heidevolk – Interview with Rowan Roodbaert UK Team
Jul 20, 2017 Nokturnal Mortum – Interview with Knjaz Varggoth UK Team
Jul 19, 2017 KIX – guitarist Ronnie “10/10” Younkins Marko Syrjala
Jul 16, 2017 VENOM – Dante, Cronos and Rage Marko Syrjala
Jul 12, 2017 ACCEPT – Guitarist Wolf Hoffmann Marko Syrjala
Jul 11, 2017 Voivod – Dennis “Snake” Belanger Arto Lehtinen
Jul 2, 2017 Interview with author Martin Popoff J P
Jun 30, 2017 RATT – Bassist Juan Croucier Marko Syrjala
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