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BRASIL METAL UNION FESTIVAL – Dec. 9th and 16th, 2000, Led Slay, S?o Paulo-SP, Brazil

Nevermore, In Flames and  Shadow’s Fall – Live At The Satyricon, Portland, OR Dec 8, 2000

Symphony X – Cia do Brasil, Brazil – Nov 2000

Nevermore, In Flames & Shadows Fall Nov 22, 2000 – Philadelphia

Alice Cooper – Live on Halloween night!

Halford – Live At The Rave, Milwaukee, WI,  October 12, 2000

Krabathor, Hardship, Lord Gore, Requiem – Club Satyricon, Portland, OR, Sept 29, 2000

Iron Maiden / Rob Halford / Queensr?che – Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, WA, Sept 19, 2000

Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll – Motley Crue & Megadeth, Molson Amphitheatre, Toronto – Aug 2000.In Flames Live Pics – Pictures of In Flames from Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico in the Roxy Cinema.

WACKEN 2000We are please to present you with our exclusive coverage of the Wacken Open Air 2000 Festival. For those of you who haven’t heard of this festival, Wacken is a Mecca for metalheads in Europe, and for those elsewhere who can afford to fly there :-)! Wacken is a small village in northern Germany, about 50km northwest of Hamburg. secured backstage and photo passes for the festival for our two newest staff members – Michael De Los Meurtos (author of the excellent book Fire, Metal, Blood and Money) and Ice Maiden.  Metal Cid also tagged along and has written up his review of this two-day festival.
Enraptured, We Are RebornBy Michael De Los MuertosAdditional Commentary and Pictures by Ice Maiden
Metal Cid’s Review of WOA:2000
WACKEN 2000A third article on WOA 2000 surfaces. This time by way of our guest contributor Sandra Gon?alves!

Dream Theater:  NYC 8/31/00

In Flames, Skinlab: Portland, Aug. 15th, 2000

Iron Maiden & Halford: Toronto, Aug 1 2000.

Rhapsody, Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica: Budapest, Hungary (April)

Testament: State Theater, Detroit (April 27, 2000)

Kiss: Farewell Tour – Marcus Amphitheatre. Milwaukee, WI. USAFriday May 19th, 2000

Annihilator & Overkill, Live in Lisbon!

Behemoth – Live at the Chaos Millennium FestLeiria, Portugal, March 11th 2000

Moonspell, Kreator & Novembre – Live at the Lisbon Coliseum, Portugal, Feb 27th 2000

Arch Enemy and Nevermore, Live at the I-Rock Nightclub, Jan. 2000

In Flames, Live At I-rock Nightclub, November, 1999.

S.O.D., Crowbar, and Skinlab / Fantomas (November, 1999)

Overkill, Live at JAXX, October 30, 1999

Iron Maiden (Pine Knob Theater, July 1999)

Testament / The Haunted (The Jaxx, August the 14th, 1999)

Nevermore (July 3, 1999)

Iced Earth, Anvil, Motley Crue….

Death, Hammerfall, Helloween (Late ’98)

Metallica: Live at the Thunderbird Stadium, Vancouver, Sept.4, 1998)

Slayer: PNE Forum Vancouver, August 4, 1998


Manowar: Wetlands, NYC. Jan. 1997

Machine Head: Santa Barbara, CA. April 8th 1997

Ozzfest ’97: May 24, 1997, Virginia

Ozzy Osbourne: Worcester, 1/20/96

Anthrax: Live in ’96 at Wolverhampton civic hall, England.

Date Item Title Author
Sep 7, 2005 Death and Hammerfall Invade North America Rick
Sep 7, 2005 Nevermore at Jaxx, July 3, 1999 Rick
Sep 7, 2005 Testament and The Haunted Live at Jaxx August 14th, 1999 Rick
Sep 7, 2005 Iron Maiden – Live At Pine Knob Theater Rick
Sep 7, 2005 Overkill, Live at JAXX, October 30, 1999 Rick
Sep 7, 2005 S.O.D., Crowbar, and Skinlab Rick
Sep 7, 2005 Fantomas Rick
Aug 31, 2005 Helloween Live in New York City at Coney Island High Rick
Aug 31, 2005 ICED EARTH, ANVIL, JAG PANZER, THE QUIET ROOM I-Rock, Detroit 2-20-99 Rick
Aug 31, 2005 Motley Crue/Noise Therapy Mar 28, 1999 Rick
Aug 28, 2005 Anthrax: From The Road Rick
Aug 28, 2005 Ozzy Osbourne – Worcester Rick
Aug 28, 2005 Ozzfest ’97 EvilG
Aug 28, 2005 Machine Head Santa Barbara, CA Rick
Aug 28, 2005 Manowar Rick
Aug 28, 2005 Hammerfall and Gamma Ray Oct.13, 1997 Rick
Aug 28, 2005 Slayer (with Fear Factory & Noise Therapy) Rick
Aug 28, 2005 Metallica, Jerry Cantrell, Days of the New, Sept. 4, 1998 Rick
Sep 1, 2000 WACKEN OPEN AIR 2000 Metal Rules

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