From Hell’s Heart

“From Hell’s Heart…” is an editorial/blog styled column written by the team. Over the past 4-5 years the section has been gathering dust so we’ve decided to bring it back but not in the same form as the original. Instead of staff writing their thoughts on a single topic, we’ve decided to open it up to make it more of a place for articles that are part news and part blog. From time to time we may have an article on a single topic that we’ll all rant about, but you’ll also see other types of stories in here and maybe even some from some guest writers…who knows? Stay tuned and stay metal!
If you’d like to look up the original articles written for this column from 2000 to 2003, they are still available HERE.

Date Item Title Author
Dec 16, 2014 How Rolling Stone developed their ’20 Best Metal Albums of 2014′ list J P
May 31, 2014 Ten Thousand Strong EvilG
Apr 16, 2014 Another typical mainstream-media, anti-Metal smear campaign. J P
Mar 15, 2014 From Hell’s Heart-Multiple Reissues Of The Same Album: Trash or Treasure? J P
Sep 7, 2013 Feedback on new Canadian regulations for international touring bands: Is it as bad as we all feared? Metal Rules
Feb 27, 2013 Death Metal – Urban Tantra (feat. Paul Masvidal and others) Andreas Aubert
Feb 18, 2012 From Hell’s Heart – ROCK SCIENCE EvilG
Feb 18, 2012 From Hell’s Heart: Heavy Metal in India Underground Evolution (Part I) EvilG
Jan 17, 2012 From Hell’s Heart – 2011 – Canadian Metal – A Year In Review EvilG
Sep 16, 2011 From Hell’s Heart – Robert E. Howard and Heavy Metal Music: A History Of Inspiration EvilG
Mar 31, 2010 From Hell’s Heart – Record Labels? (Feb/March 2010) Aaron Yurkiewicz
Jan 31, 2010 From Hell’s Heart – Comedy in Metal (Jan 2010) Aaron Yurkiewicz
Dec 22, 2009 From Hell’s Heart – The Chump 9 of 09 (Dec. 22, 2009) EvilG
Dec 20, 2009 From Hell’s Heart – Top 10 News Stories of 2009 (Dec. 21, 2009) EvilG
Dec 14, 2009 From Hell’s Heart – Remake albums (Dec 2009) Aaron Yurkiewicz
Jul 24, 2009 From Hell’s Heart – THE WORST ALBUMS FROM MY FAVORITE BANDS (July 2009) EvilG
Jun 2, 2009 From Hell’s Heart – My Unpopular Opinions (June 2009) EvilG
Apr 25, 2009 From Hell’s Heart – The Perfect Supergroup (May 2009) EvilG
Apr 4, 2009 From Hell’s Heart – Giving Up The Ghost (April 2009) EvilG
Jul 17, 2008 Bloodstock Open Air 2008 Preview Hanntu
Mar 29, 2008 Ihsahn – angL Advance Listening Session Hanntu
Feb 15, 2008 GORGOROTH’s Satanic Agenda EvilG
Jun 21, 2002 From Hell’s Heart – WOMEN IN METAL Metal Rules

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