New release by Polish NEOLITH available for streaming

September 13th, 2012
by EvilG

Veterans of Polish black/death metal scene – NEOLITH has just released new promotional stuff entitled Iter Ad Inferni. Promo contains three brand new songs recorded this year at Kola Studio in Sanok by Piotr Kola Dorotniak i Jakub Leniu Leń. New recordings are also debut of new crew members: Bolus, a guitarist known from heavy metal band Krusher and Kriss -bass & backing vocals, previously musician of such bands like Hell United and Elenium.
Iter Ad Inferni is an announcement of fourth NEOLITH’s studio album titlet Infernalism which will be recorded in winter 2012/2013.
At the moment band is looking for a label for this future release.

Tracklist of Iter Ad Inferni below:

1. Of the Angel and His Orison
2. Inferludium
3. One Is the Truth and the Truth Is the One

Whole songs from Iter Ad Inferni are available for streaming on Mythrone Promotion SoundCloud profile at and on Musick Magazine website:

Levi, vocalist & leader of NEOLITH comments new release in the following words:



Welcome to Iter Ad Inferni!!! The time has come to uncover a bit of the mystery… As you will be able to hear for yourselves, the new tracks are far more advanced, aggressive and brutal if you compare them to the familiar black/death metal style of NEOLITH you recognize from earlier recordings. The cover art of Iter Ad Inferni was created by Mirek Rymar – our Friend and a well known graphic artist who will also be responsible for the cover of the new album Infernalism. As for the lyrics, once again we trust the already time tested tandem of Levi and Jacko S yet this time we are returning to the concept album. It is going to be a selected number of single manuscripts uncovered in an enigmatic monastery whose authorship is both vague and contents heretic, regardless of misleading, supposedly straight and clear allusions. They are to form a greater meaning and message – hidden in between the lines among popular misconceptions. We are strongly inviting you to familiarize with the new face of NEOLITH.

More about the band on:



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