WOODS OF YPRES – Cover Art And Tracklist Of David Gold Tribute Album Revealed

July 15th, 2012
by EvilG
A Heart of Gold: Tribute To Woods Of Ypres

A Heart of Gold: Tribute To Woods Of Ypres

The cover art and tracklist of the forthcoming tribute album dedicated to WOODS OF YPRES frontman David Gold, entitled A Heart of Gold: Tribute To Woods Of Ypres, has been revealed:

Steph LeDrew, the heartbeat of the project, has issued the following statement:

“On December 21st the world lost Woods Of Ypres founder/frontman David Gold. Not only was the entire local metal community but the international metal family mourned the loss of such a brilliant soul. As a thank you and farewell to Woods of Ypres, I reached out to those who were influenced by Woods and David, so join me in creating a musical salute to one of the greatest doom metal bands to unleash onto the underground metal scene.”

Arists and songs featured on the album are as follows:

NOVEMBERS DOOM – ‘Wet Leather’
GYPSY CHIEF GOLIATH – ‘Suicide Cargoload’
ECLIPSE ETERNAL – ‘Crossing The 45th Parallel’
EMPYREAN PLAGUE – ‘Shedding The Deadwood’
PANZERFAUST – ‘A Meeting Place And Time’
PAGAN RITUAL – ‘The Shams Of Optimism’
AMARANTH – ‘Allure Of The Earth’
ALBIREON – ‘Retrosleep In The Morning Calm’
ANEMIC – ‘The Sun Was In My Eyes: Part Doom’
BEGOTTEN – ‘The Sea Of Immeasureable Loss’
RELIQUIS – ‘Career Suicide’
CANOPY – ‘Falling Apart’
UNBOWED – ‘Your Ontario Town Is A Burial Ground’
DEATHMARCH – ‘Northern Cold’
KUHRZARTH – ‘Finality’
THE GOV’ AND FRIENDS – ‘Intro: The Looming Of Dust In The Dark’
CATUVOLCUS – ‘Thrill Of The Struggle’
THE BEAR HUNTERS – ‘Kiss My Ashes Goodbye: Part 2’
SVARTE KRAKE – ‘You Were The Light’
JUSTIN BENDER (INTO ETERNITY) – ‘Trillium: The 3rd Of Three Winters’

Release details will be available soon. Go to the tribute album’s official Facebook page here for updates.



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