WOODS OF YPRES Merchandise Bundles Available to Benefit David Gold

June 6th, 2012
by EvilG

On Dec 21, 2011, there was a shock wave felt around the world when David Gold of Ontario’s WOODS OF YPRES died on Highway 400. In loving memory of this immensely talented artist and beautiful human being, the family of David Gold has made available a range of merchandise bundles at this location.

Paypal information is included, so please make a purchase in memory of the man that meant so much to so many with his creative, emotionally deep contribution to music. All proceeds from the sales are used to cover funeral costs and other expenses resulting from David’s death.

David’s mother Esther Gold wrote about her son in her e-mail to us and we are honored to assist in spreading the word.

We and thousands of people are learning to live life without David. David was courageous to create songs about love, love lost, facing challenges, celebrating joys and accepting and understanding consequences of another’s behavior. None have control over others, but one has control of reactions and responses, and then makes choices. We all are survivors of loss.

With no exaggeration,  hundreds of people have contacted us  with testimonies about how David’s lyrics impacted their lives, helped them to make changes resulting in personal growth, motivating them and inspiring them to follow their dreams.

As David’s family, of me, Esther, siblings Michael, Laura and Marie, we need help to promote David’s CD and merchandise sales.

We had a Tribute concert in Toronto and one in Sault Ste. Marie. The Metal Community has become family as we all share in our time of deep sorrow. I was proudly, M.O.F., mom of four, now I am M.O.M., Mom of many. Those who grieve David as a multi-talented musician, admit they grieve the loss of their brother. I have become a Mom figure to many and David’s siblings are now considered to be family to those who miss David.

There is so much positive press created about David. It is said” when we are born, we cry. We hope when we die, thousands cry.” In  David’s case, thousands cried, and their lives are forever changed because their David is no longer with them.

Thank you for helping to honor my son, and to recognize all who must learn to live life remembering David’s lyrics, “love the living while they are alive,” and life is not the destination, but it is the journey.” David admitted writing lyrics, with empathy, for those who needed to hear them, or learn from them, and he wrote from his own experiences from his heart and  from his soul. David was a man with many dimensions, not just his music. He was well educated, with three university degrees, was a teacher, a multi-talented musician, burned the candle from both ends, with high energy and  determination. In the Finnish language is a word “SISU.” David was “SISU,” personified.



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