FDA Rekotz to Release Revel in Flesh’s Deathevokation on March 23rd

February 17th, 2012
by EvilG

German Deliverers of Death FDA Rekotz have set March 23rd as the date on which REVEL IN FLESH’s Old School Death Metal will be introduced to the world with the release of Deathevokation. The album will also be available as a digital download on Amazon, I-Tunes, Spotify and others. Featuring members and former members of IMMORTAL RITES (R.I.P), DAWN OF DREAMS and APOPHIS, Germany’s REVEL IN FLESH formed in 2011 to pay tribute to the impure way of classic 90s European style old school Death Metal!

The album was mastered

Dan Swanö

who had this to say about

Deathevokation: “An excellent offering to the Gods of SweDeath, complete with one of the most accurate re-creations of the crushing guitar tones of the early Sunlight era.”

Deathevokation is about pure passion for the style and features 10 tracks defined by an addiction to the way Death Metal was meant to be: ferocious and filthy! Recommended without hesitation for all fans of Nihilist, Entrails, early Entombed, and Dismember!

Culpa Et Inferna

Shadowbreeder- Until Hell Freezes Over

Wings of Death

Iron Coffin


Slavish Obedience

Opus Putrescence

Black Paled Elegy

Crowned In Darkness

Subconcious Error


A promo clip for the track “Wings of Death” can be viewed at this location.

REVEL IN FLESH was formed to pay tribute to the impure way of classical 90’s European old school Death Metal! The line-up consists of former IMMORTAL RITES (R.I.P), DAWN OF DREAMS and APOPHIS members.

The band’s debut album Deathevokation was recorded during several sessions in the autumn and winter of 2011 at VAULT M. Studio. The songs themselves were written in a period between 2007 and 2011. Deathevokation is about pure passion for this particular style and features ten tracks addicted to the way Death Metal was meant to be.

Deathevokation was mastered DAN SWANÖ at UNISOUND Studios (Sweden) in January 2012. Cover artwork comes courtesy of Spanish underground artist Juanjo Castellano (VOMITORY,BLASHPERIAN, SATHANS).









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