Roxana Shirazi – Author of The Last Living Slut:Born In Iran, Bred Backstage

July 30th, 2010
by Robert Williams

Interview with Roxana Shirazi

"The Last Living Slut:Born In Iran, Bred Backstage"

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Interview conducted by Robert Williams

Roxana Shirazi was raised traditionally in Tehran, Iran and grew up during Iran’s political revolution but fled to England with her mother at the age of ten. As a teenager, a young Roxana fell under the spell of rock n’ roll and would often fantasize about living out her hedonistic dreams of utter debauchery. By the time she was a young lady Roxana was doing just that while living a double life. By day Roxana earned herself a degree in Gender and Feminist Studies at Bath Spa University, but by night she was engaging in steamy sexual encounters with some of hard rock’s most well known superstars… and some lesser known rockers to boot. Roxana Shirazi recently released her new book "The Last Living Slut:Born In Iran, Bred Backstage" a tell-all memoir that is as relevant as it is raunchy, challenging society’s often sexist outlook on the female libido. Roxana has felt political oppression at a young age, endured sexual abuse as a child, yet retains a lust for life throughout the duration of her book. "The Last Living Slut:Born In Iran, Bred Backstage" is a real page turner, unflinching in it’s first hand graphic recollections of rock n’ roll hedonism.



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