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BEST OF 2008

January 6th, 2009

Best of 2008

As always, some restrictions are placed on our lists. The top albums are for releases from 2008 that are full albums (no EP’s or demos). They also have to be new studio albums for 2008, not re-recordings, re-releases, cover songs, or live material. For best new band, the restriction is that the band’s debut full-length album (not including demos or EP’s) has to be a 2008 release. Below the list are links to each staff members personal best of lists which besides the top album contains such things as best new band, best DVD, disappointments of 2008, and greatest hopes for 2009.

The Top 20  Heavy Metal Albums of 2008

(click the album cover to read our review)



The comeback of the decade? You decide.  For once, the hype and climactic build-up (THE GATHERING came out nine years ago!!) was worth it, as the Bay Area veterans brought enough modern flair to their mid-paced thrash formula to show metalheads that there is still some gas left in the tank.  Chuck Billy’s ferocious roar is as strong as ever and the guitar team of Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson deliver in spades.  A great return and fully deserving of top-tier status.

2. Motörhead – Motorizer


Motörhead is as dependable as always on MOTORIZER, with the unstoppable Lemmy and co. turning in another excellent platter of metallic might.  Is Motörhead ageless?  Maybe, but one has to wonder just how many more years Lemmy will be croaking and craning his neck across stages.  If MOTORIZER is any indication, he’ll join Keith Richards and cockroaches as the only living things when Armageddon comes.



Amon Amarth have produced another standout album that can take a rightful place amongst the best in their catalogue. The band, as always, has stayed true to their formula, and true to the type of metal they write. They are able to never deviate from the path they have tread, and yet continue to keep each release sounding fresh and new, rather than rehashed. For those of you looking to explore the band for the first time this album is a fantastic starting point. So grab your drinking horns, fill them with your favorite mead, and raise them high in a salute to another legendary release one of the finest!

4. Avantasia – THE SCARECROW


In a making of the album segment, Sammet has said he does not want his music to be labeled. He does not want to be pigeonholed into metal or hard rock, but wants to present a variety of musical styles that he enjoys through his work. With THE SCARECROW, he has succeeded greatly in accomplishing this goal, proving once again that he may be one of the most talented and diverse songwriters producing music in the metal (or hard rock) scene right now. Power metal purists may turn their nose up at these more direct, memorable, and highly catchy songs due to the lack of overwhelming speed, but everyone else should grab this release immediately.

5. Metallica – DEATH MAGNETIC


After the unmentionable angsty hardcore-ish self-indulgent abomination that was ST ANGER (*spit), DEATH MAGNETIC will be lauded as the best of post-1990 Metallica. I’d even rank it above BLACK, although this may be because BLACK followed four great thrash albums, and DEATH MAGNETIC follows…a string of pop-rock, country-rock, covers, symphonic dalliances, and pure crap.This is actually the first Metallica album that we reviewed since we started this zine in 1995…so welcome back to the realm of metal Metallica!



As the frontman of Nevermore and Sanctuary, Warrel Dane has been engrossing fans with his soaring vocals and high-pitched wails for over twenty years. Finally, Dane has taken a step outside the group dynamic and recorded his first solo album, PRAISES TO THE WAR MACHINE. With help from Soilwork’s Peter Wichers, as well as Matt Wicklund (ex-Himsa), Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork, Scarve) and a few guest spots, this is the perfect example of what a solo album should be. A pair of interesting covers are included but ten original, Dane-penned tracks run the gamut from straight-forward, melodic heavy metal to dark, brooding hard rock and even a Gothic-tinged ballad.




Over the last several years, the metal community has been offered the return of several classic vocalists to the bands that they helped make important. However, the results have been rather mixed. For many metalheads, the return of Matt Barlow to Iced Earth is of similar importance. The question that remained for all, though, is whether or not the anticipation would be worth the wait. Based on the placement of their album in our top 10, it seems most of us here would agree it was.



In 2008, it may have seemed odd that people were excited about the release of a new Mötley Crüe album. Maybe it’s because this is the first album of new material featuring the original lineup since GENERATION SWINE eleven years ago. Maybe it’s because Nikki Sixx landed himself on the New York Times best-seller list with 2007’s year-in-the-life-of-a-drugged-out-rock-star autobiography, THE HEROIN DIARIES. Or maybe the retro nostalgia factor is still strong enough from the sold-out “Carnival of Sins” and “Route of All Evil” tours that took the band across the globe three years ago. Whatever it is, there been some serious buzz surrounding Mötley Crüe’s new album, SAINTS OF LOS ANGELES and now with 2008 behind us, it seems like enough of our staff bought into the album to place it into our top 10.



BLACK ICE is the best album overall that AC/DC has released since 1980’s BACK IN BLACK. Despite clocking in at a rather lengthy 55 minutes (the band’s longest yet), the album never drags and is devoid of any noticeable filler. Some musical experimentation and vocal dynamics (not to mention the slick production—man, this record sounds great cranked up loud!) certainly show the band still has some fire in the furnace even though there is snow on the roof. In a nutshell, BLACK ICE is versatile, fresh and modern but maintains that classic AC/DC vibe. Welcome back, boys.

10. Airbourne – Runnin’ Wild


From AC/DC to perhaps the band that has best encapsulated their sound ever, we have Airbourne. If you are an AC/DC fan, then this is the album for you. Bursting onto the scene this four-piece heavy rock band takes all the elements and cues from Aussie-land’s greatest export. Their explosive energy and good time party lyrics create one of the most talked about releases in awhile.


Number 11 to 20

11. Guns n’ Roses – Chinese Democracy

12. Cavalera Conspiracy – Inflikted cavalera.jpg
13. Brainstorm – Downburst brainstorm.jpg
14. Opeth – Watershed opeth.jpg
15. Sabaton – The Art Of War sabaton.jpg
16. Eluveitie – Slania eluveitie.jpg
17. Firewind – The Premonition firewind.jpg
18. Whitesnake – Good To Be Bad whitesnake.jpg
19. Into Eternity – The Incurable Tragedy intoeternity.png
20. Cradle Of Filth – Godspeed On The Devil’s Thunder cof.jpg

 Individual Staff Lists For 2008

Includes: top 20, best new band, best DVD, greatest hopes for 2009, and disappointments of 2008.

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Best of 2008 – Anders

January 4th, 2009

Top 20 Albums

1. Volbeat “Guitar Gangster And Cadillac Blood” 

With their third album they prove that they are the strongest Danish act at the moment. Their Elvis-metal has had its big breakthrough this year both in Europe and in USA.

2. Cloudscape “Global Drama”

It can’t get so much better than this. Melodic progressive heavy metal at its best!

3 Gemini Five “Sex Drugs Anarchy”

One of the best sleaze acts in Europe finally released a new album 2008. The band really deserves to get their big break through now, they sure do deserve it!

4. Backyard Babies “S/t”

5. D.A.D “Monster Philosophy”

6. The Haunted “Versus”

7. The Hellacopters “Head Off”

8. Tobias Sammet’s Avantasia “The Scarecrow”

9. Guns ‘n’ Roses “Chinese Democracy”

10. Cavalera Conspiracy “Inflicted”

11. Pain “Cynic Paradise”

12. Randy Pipers Animal “Virus”

13. Motörhead “Motörizer”

14. Destruction “D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N”

15. Firewind “The Premonition”

16. Iced Earth “The Crucible Of Man – Something Wicked Part-2”

17. Revolution Renaissance “New Era”

18. Unleashed “Hammer Battalion”

19. Last Mile “S/t”

20. Dismember “S/t” 

Best New Band

Revolution Renaissance “New Era” – Everyone that had counted out Timo Tolkki, think again. He’s back and he’s better than ever. Despite his personal roller coaster ride has the man managed to create a brilliant album. What can go wrong with Michael Kiske and Tobias Sammet on lead vocals?

Best DVD

1. Volbeat “Live: Sold Out!” – A wonderful double DVD where the first disc shows how strong of a live act the band is. The second disc shows us an close and personal side of the band.

Runners up

2. Firewind “Live Premonition”

3. Arch Enemy “Tyrants Of The Rising Sun”


Judas Priest live at Roskilde Festival 2008 – a tired and sleepy act with a singer that completely lost his voice was a huge disappointment not only for me at this years Roskilde Festival.

Debase – the metal icons of Malmoe did celebrate 10 years 2008, but nothing happened. The band didn’t even do a celebration show.

Mustasch at Wacken Open Air – when you’re used to seeing the guys do great shows, even on a bad day, I can’t but wonder what happened at Wacken Open Air. The band didn’t deliver at all. Did it depend on the large consumption of alcohol?

Metallica –Death Magnetic – The band followed up the release of what possibly can be the worst album in the 21st Century with yet another lame story in DEATH MAGNETIC.

The Hellacopters – One of the finest rock’n’roll acts were put to rest in 2008. The world is gonna be a boring place without The Hellacopters.

Judas Priest – Nostradamus – 70 minutes of boring and un-inspired metal with a singer that has lost his voice. Theme albums, aren’t they extinct? Or at least should be by now.


Greatest Hopes for 2009

Nation Beyond – the band released their brilliant new album THE AFTERMATH ODYSSEY 2008, still haven’t the guys appeared live. Let 2009 be the year Nation Beyond goes on a world tour.

Supercharger – The new Danish metal export. This band can go really far, and a combination of great rock’n’roll music and nice band members is the perfect mixture. I’m waiting for their debut album.

Biohazard – despite the long silence did the band reunite and did a hell of a show at KB in Malmoe at the end of 2008. Biohazard sure proved that they are at the head of the game. The promise of a new album and a new tour with the original line-up makes 2009 seem a little brighter at the hardcore front.

Iron Maiden – looking forward to see the world’s greatest band sum up their world tour and heading into the studio sometime this year. A new Maiden album would be a great Christmas gift.

Volbeat – new tour dates are already set which gives you another chance to see Volbeat live in action. If you have missed them, you’re bad. But take the opportunity to see great music live if you can. Volbeat are one of the best live acts in Europe at the moment.

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Best of 2008 – Arto

January 4th, 2009

Top 20

    1.      Cavalera Conspiracy  Inflikted

(When the legendary Cavalera bros reunited after the ten year break, it could be expected something mindblowing and neckbreaking stuff from both Max and Igor. Obviously the long waited and needed Sepultura reunion won?t happen that soon, but however Cavalera Conspiracy?s Inflikted deserves to be the number one on my personal top 20 list)

    2.      Testament  The Formation Of Damnation

(It took 9 years from Testament to unleash the new album. But it has to be remembered that band underwent several line-up changes and the frontman of the band battled and won that evil disease cancer. The Formation Of Damnation stands for the classic Testament album with catchy songs and killer riffs.)

    3.      Amon Amarth  Twilight Of The Thunder God

(The Swedish Viking death metallers have been on my personal favelist for years, but on Twilight Of The Thunder God the Swedes definitely metal guardians of Asgaard on the map to conquer the rest of Valhalla, Horns Up)

4.      Hail Of Bullets – ?Of Frost And War

5.      Grand Magus – Iron Will

6.      Krisiun – Southern Storm

7.      Soulfly – Conquer

8.      Pyramaze – Immortal

9.      Legion Of The Damned – Cult Of The Dead

10.     AC/DC  – Black Ice

11.     Eluveitie – Slania

12.     Origin – Antithesis

13.     Motorhead – Motorizer

14.     Communic – Payment Of Existence

15.     Cradle Of Filth  – Godspeed On The Devil?s Thunder

16.     Kivimetsän Druidi – Shadowheart

17.     Torture Squad – Hellbound

18.     Order Of The Ennead –  S/t

19.     Zimmers Hole – When You Were Shouting At The Devil…We Were In League With Satan

20.     Hollenthon – Opus Magnum

Best New Band

Kivimetsän Druidi  Shadowheart

The Finnish pagan folk bands are highly appreciated all around the world. Kivimetsän Druidi can be added to the Finnish forest metal clan along with Turisas, Finntroll etc.

Best DVD

Global Metal  – Sam Dunn?s previous work ?Headbangers Journey? was nothing, but an utter pleasant follow and watch when the whole history of Heavy Metal was covered from its birth till the present day. The guy?s latest product Global Metal takes a watcher to a worldwide journey to different even exotic places when Metal is still rebellious and even dangerous. Interesting and great work by Samn Dunn, Global Metal has to be watched several times. I am looking forward to seeing documents of Metal from Sam Dunn

Get Thrashed without any doubts deserves big credits for covering the history of Thrash Metal how it started out in Bay Area and spread like a wildfire around the world, to Europe, South America, Australia. This is an essential release for every thrash metal freak.


Pointing out albums as some kind of major disappointment is kind of worthless. Besides it is always disappointing and heartbreaking to see when the long time idol passes away. This year didn?t make any exception as to these fallen metal icons, when for example Munetaka Higuchi, Gus Chambers, Christian "Witchhunter" Dudek, Michelle Meldrum left this world behind.


Greatest Hopes For 2009

The new Morbid Angel album NOW – Goddamn !! It would be about time!!!!

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Best of 2008 – Celtic Bob

January 4th, 2009

Top 20

1. Motley Crue – Saints Of Los Angeles


Finally we get an album of original material from The Crue. This release was long overdue and highly anticipated. This is the best thing they’ve done since FEELGOOD. Let’s hope it’s not that long a wait for the next one.

2. Saints Of The Underground – Love The Sin, Hate The Sinner


Call it a super group or whatever you want but it was one of my most played disc’s this past year. A fun Hard Rock album that is sure to please your ears.

3. Bobnoxious – Super Scar

An amazing 3rd release from London, Ontario’s Bobnoxious. Not as heavy as Bob’s previous band (Razor) but equally as intense just more fun.

4. Alice Cooper – Along Came A Spider

5. The Creepshow – Run For Your Life

6. Sound and Fury – ST

7. Crash Kelly – One More Heart Attack

8. Night Ranger – Hole In The Sun

9. The Matadors – Sweet Revenge

10. Econoline Crush – Ignite

11. Honeymoon Suite – Clifton Hill

12. Tesla – Forever More

13. Dokken – Lightning Strikes Again

14. AC/DC – Black Ice

15. Motorhead – Motorizer

16. Buckcherry – Black Butterfly

17. Metal Church – This Present Wasteland

18. Brian Wilson – That Lucky Old Sun

19. Def Leppard – Songs From The Sparkle Lounge

20. Metallica – Death Magnetic

Best DVD:

ZZ Top – Live From Texas (Blu-Ray)


The little ‘ol band from Texas’ first ever live concert DVD/BD. Hands down this was the best concert disc of the year. The sound, performance and picture were all beyond amazing.

Hatebreed’s Live Dominance DVD was a fantastic release that impressed me something fierce. The video captured their high energy show and showcased their material appropriately.

Best New Band:


Sound And Fury by far was the best new artist I heard this year. At first the album did little for me but after another spin or two I was hooked. An excellent high energy band that kicked ass in ’08.

Hopes for ‘09

New Keel album of original music to coincide with the 25th Anniversary Tour and for a proper remaster and re-issue of their back catalog.

Monster Voodoo Machine to release RISE DEMON RISE

Looking forward to the new releases from Lacuna Coil, My Wicked Twin and Mudmen.


Judas Priest’s Nostradamus; this had all the hype and makings of something amazing and mind-blowing but when it finally came out it failed miserably. There is nothing that really stands out on this double release.

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Best of 2008 – Hanntu

January 4th, 2009

Top 20


To me, Amon Amarth are one of those bands that can do no wrong. The weary accusation of their stagnant sound is trotted out time and again every time they release an album, but this time their fans are proven right. Their songwriting is as strong as ever and the epic melodies from their twin guitars are still present – but the pure catchiness and naked ambition of TWILIGHT OF THE THUNDER GOD makes it my No. 1 of 2008. This is an improvement on the superlative WITH ODEN ON OUR SIDE, and that album takes some beating. Amon Amarth have done it.

2. Jeff Loomis – ZERO ORDER PHASE

It was a close call between Jeff Loomis and Amon Amarth for No. 1, and in the end the Vikings won out. But Jeff’s first solo album shows he can stand strong outside of Nevermore, and fans of the guitar will be delighted with one of the finest shred albums released in recent memory.


4. Cynic – TRACED IN AIR

5. Destruction – D.E.V.O.L.U.T.I.O.N.



8. Dismember – DISMEMBER


10. Eluveitie – SLANIA




14. Hate Eternal – FIRE AND FLAMES

15. Metallica – DEATH MAGNETIC

16. Order of Ennead – ORDER OF ENNEAD


18. Gama Bomb – CITIZEN BRAIN

19. Tyr – LAND

20. Avantasia – THE SCARECROW


Best New Band


Their riproaring album CAPTAIN MORGAN’S REVENGE is a bundle of fun, and their live performance ain’t too shabby either. With a sense of humour and a bottle o’ rum, that is their approach to life, and it works!

Best DVD


This DVD is worth buying just for the hours of documentary that tell the story of how Cannibal Corpse came to be, and how they’ve made it so far. Through the Chris Barnes era and to the present Corpsegrinder, we go into a world of Warcraft, Ace Ventura, gun mishaps and loads of death metal. With testimonials by luminaries like Erik Rutan, Ralph Santolla, J-F Dagenais, Maurizio Iacono and many others, this is a must-buy for death metal fans. Oh yeah, and the brutal live performances, of course.


1. Cryptopsy – THE UNSPOKEN KING

‘Nuff said.


Matt Barlow or no Matt Barlow, it’s pretty apparent that Jon Schaffer has run out of ideas. It’s a tired album with tired riffs. Barlow is its only saving grace.

3. Avantasia at Wacken 2008

I’ve never been so hyped for a show only for it to fall as flat as Avantasia’s at Wacken. Bad sound didn’t help, but the setlist could’ve done with a bit of old school. Amanda Somerville is just plain irritating.

Greatest hopes for 2009

1. Festivals and more festivals!

2. Carcass (perhaps) recording new material…drool…


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Best of 2008 – Lord of the Wasteland

January 4th, 2009

Top 20 CDs



Expectations were high after waiting nearly ten years for Testament to finally get around to putting out the follow-up to 1999’s THE GATHERING. The Bay Area thrash veterans certainly didn’t disappoint either, as THE FORMATION OF DAMNATION combines old-school thrash, ripping guitar solos and Chuck Billy’s booming roar with a fresh and modern sound that stands up to the legacy (pardon the pun) and influence that this band has had on heavy metal.

2. Opeth ~ WATERSHED


Opeth’s track record of groundbreaking and dynamic releases continues with WATERSHED. Mikael Åkerfeldt continues to steer his baby in a progressive rock-driven direction but the band’s long-standing death metal roots are interwoven to create another majestic and unforgettable entry in Opeth’s flawless catalogue.

3. Guns n’ Roses ~ CHINESE DEMOCRACY

4. Airbourne ~ RUNNIN’ WILD

5. Metallica ~ DEATH MAGNETIC

6. In This Moment ~ THE DREAM

7. Keep of Kalessin ~ KOLOSSUS






13. Six Feet Under ~ DEATH RITUALS

14. Unearth ~ THE MARCH


16. Misery Signals ~ CONTROLLER

17. Krisiun ~ SOUTHERN STORM

18. Meshuggah ~ OBZEN

19. Hate Eternal ~ FURY AND FLAMES





On Amaseffer’s debut, EXODUS-SLAVES FOR LIFE, the Israeli prog-metal band takes the listener on a musical journey that is chock full of twists and turns that drive the epic concept of the portrayal of Israelites in the Old Testament. With a phenomenal vocal performance by Mats Leven, this, the first entry in a planned trilogy of albums to fulfill the concept, finds the mixture of progressive metal, hard rock, Middle Eastern sounds and world music to challenge Orphaned Land’s throne. Amaseffer is a rare thing these days: unique and refreshing band without a shred of trend-hopping.




The three-hour documentary that makes up the first disc of this three DVD box set is worth the price itself. Absolutely essential for any metal fan, whether seasoned veteran or death metal newbie.


1. Judas Priest ~ NOSTRADAMUS

After letting this monstrous production settle in for six months, my opinion has not changed. Not a bad album but certainly a bold artistic venture by the band that divided fans and defied expectations. Just didn’t do it for me at all.

2. Cryptopsy ~ THE UNSPOKEN KING

THE UNSPOKEN KING is sure to be on many writers’ lists of 2008’s biggest misfires. Unfortunately, this was dead in the water even before it was released as fans’ outrage over the band’s new look and use of keyboards and clean vocals sent the online community ablaze. Losing Lord Worm (for the second time) was a big, big blow to Cryptopsy but let’s hope the band takes some of its fans’ utter disdain for this release to heart on its next release.

3. Poisonblack ~ A DEAD HEAVY DAY

Lacking the dark melodies that saw LUST STAINED DESPAIR listed among my Top 20 releases of 2006, A DEAD HEAVY DAY was a disappointing follow-up that didn’t have the same repeated listening appeal.

4. Fear My Thoughts ~ DESOLATION

New singer, new sound, new direction. I want the old singer, old sound and old direction back.

5. Ayreon ~ 01011001

2004’s THE HUMAN EQUATION was a brilliant entry in Arjen Anthony Lucassen’s progressive metal entity but the “who’s who of metal” laundry list of musicians and singers couldn’t rescue this overly long dud from being a tepid entry in Ayreon’s otherwise dependable catalogue.



1. New Heaven and Hell CD

The old dogs blew everyone away over the past 18 months delivering songs that had been all but forgotten by the Ozzy-led Black Sabbath over the past decade. Now, they have to prove that they can hold it together in the studio to create new material that can stand alongside MOB RULES and HEAVEN AND HELL.

2. New KISS CD

Paul Stanley has been quoted as saying the band is planning to return to the studio to record a “classic” KISS album. Opinions are mixed but my curiosity—and outrageous KISS fanboy status—can’t stop me from being giddy as a schoolgirl.

3. New Ace Frehley CD

I went in carefully, unsure of what Ace Frehley circa 2008 would do on stage but, man, he smoked! The long-awaited follow-up to 1989’s TROUBLE WALKIN’ will be high on my list of “must have” albums in 2009.

4. New Slayer CD

CHRIST ILLUSION was a strong and surprising album that proved the godfathers of thrash still had some life left in them. The new song “Psychopathy Red” seems promising, so let’s hope the rest of the record follows suit.

5. New Meliah Rage CD

Original vocalist Mike Munro is back in the fold again, so my money is on a rejuvenated Meliah Rage to release an album more in tune with their roots than the tepid alt-metal that plagued THE DEEP AND DREAMLESS SLEEP.

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Best of 2008 – Luxi

January 4th, 2009
Top 20 Albums:

01. Testament – The Formation of Damnation


When I heard THE FORMATION OF DAMNATION for the very first time, I told to one friend of mine via a text message: "This is it – THE ALBUM OF THE YEAR!". Haven´t changed my opinion since that moment on ´til the year reached its end.

Therefore Testament´s new album, THE FORMATION OF DAMNATION, has rightfully earned its place as no. 1. album on my personal list.

02. Judas Priest – Nostradamus

JP - Nostradamus.jpg

Here´s a short excerpt from the review that I wrote as a part of the staff review about Priest´s latest album, NOSTRADAMUS:

"This is also the first time that Judas Priest have incorporated so heavily – and in such a large scale, all these symphonic elements into their songs. In my opinion that´s what you need to do in order to make a powerful and convincing enough concept album about one of the most talked persons of the whole history of mankind, Michel de Nostredame. I think Priest have done lots of justice to their concept album about Nostradamus, building up their sound toward whole new spheres where they have never been that determinedly yet so fully before. Of course, this is what may divide Priest fans to two different categories, but risks are made to be taken. In NOSTRADAMUS´ case, the risks the band has taken have well paid off for them on the album in my opinion – and Rob´s skills as one of the greatest voices in heavy metal, are still unquestionable. His voice also has much more drama than ever before on any other Priest albums. But yeah, to make a long rant short, a great fuckin´ Priest album. Love it more and more, day after day…". 


03. Helstar – The King of Hell

Helstar - The King of Hell.jpg 

"THE KING OF HELL is content-wise, a perfect mixture of speed, splendid thrashy riffs, stick-in-your-mind melodies, well-crafted hooks, superb solos, James´ outstandingly great vocalism (man, he´s got such a wide range of vocal styles – from a flawless ´note-to-note´ singing to very high-pitched screams) and everything else that provides a listener with quite an unforgettable journey into the magnificent realm of Helstar´s powerful thrash" (well, got it already)?. 

04. Paradox – Electrify

05. Moshquito – Behind the Mask

06. HeXeN – State of Insurgence

07. Exmortus – In Hatred´s Flame

08. Legion of the Damned – Cult of the Dead

09. Gama Bomb – Citizen Brain

10. Hail of Bullets – … of Frost and War

11. Chaosweaver – Puppetmaster of Pandemonium

12. Warbringer – War Without End

13. Lord Belial – The Black Curse

14. Avenger of Blood – Death Brigade

15. Guillotine – Blood Money

16. Necrovation – Breed Deadness Blood

17. MyndSnare – Conditioned: Human

18. Master – Slaves to Society

19. Nervecell – Preaching Venom

20. Marshall Law – Razorhead

Best New Band

Exmortus - IN HATREDS FLAME.jpg 


Why did I pick up these guys particularly for the best new band in this unholy year of 2008? Well, just do yourself a favor and listen to their debut album IN HATREDS FLAME on Heavy Artillery Records, and you will understand why I did so… ;o)

Best DVD



LIVE UNDEAD INDEED is definitely a mandatory purchase for every Tarot fan; a double DVD full of Tarot majesty from the old days up to this very day. If you have just ever heard of a Tarot album, or seen them playing live, there´s just no chance for you to miss this (indeed) brilliant DVD from the true dinosaurs of Finnish heavy metal, Tarot.  ´nuff said, I think”.

Biggest Disappoitments

01. Death Angel – Killing Season (where´s the thrash?)

02. Iced Earth – The Crucible of Man – Something Wicked Pt. 2 (Barlow came back – yes, but it was a real pity that Schaffer sadly forgot to sharpen his songwriting pencil for this effort)

03. Demigod splitting up

04. Some talks and rumors about Slayer stopping slaying and slaughtering both live and on albums for good.

Greatest Hopes for 2009

01. Definitely a new album from Heathen. Would be about the time anyway…

02. New album from Slayer… A song  titled “Psychopathy Red” made a great promise already regarding their next album!

03. Probably a new release from my friends in the legendary L.A. old school death metallers Sadistic Intent? Now that would C-R-U-S-H…!!!   

04. Jalometalli 2009 – This is going to be good…

05. Sauna Open Air Metal Festival 2009 – High hopes on this one, too. There even may be one surprising, special number that may put my feet totally trembling at least… ;o)

06. The resurgence of thrash continues powerfully… 

Greatest Putrefaction of 2008

01. Seeing halfway through Slipknot´s set in Helsinki, Finland on November 7th 2008. What a waste of time from me…

Anyway, massive thanks to Phil Demmel of Machine Head for the After Show pass though. I guess I owe you a pint next time we´ll see again…  


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Best of 2008 – Marko

January 4th, 2009

TOP 20 albums for 2008

1. Airbourne: Runnin’ Wild

2. Motörhead: Motörizer

3. Testament: Formation OF Damnation

4. AC/DC: Black Ice

5. Mötley Crue: Saints Of Los Angeles

6. Iced Earth: The Crucible Of Man

7. Whitesnake: Good To Be Bad

8. Alice Cooper: Along Came A Spider

9. Buckcherry: Black Butterfly

10. Avantasia: The Scarecrow

11. Yngwie Malmsteen: Perpetual Flame

12. Dokken: Lightning Strikes Again

13. Tesla: Forever More

14. Judas Priest: Nostradamus

15. Exodus: Let There Be Blood

16. Slipknot: All Hope Is Gone

17. Uriah Heep: Wake The Sleeper

18. Backyard Babies: s/t

19. Guns n Roses: Chinese Democracy

20. Def Leppard: Songs From The Sparkle Lounge


DVD of the year

Paul Stanley: One Live KISS


Best new band




Disappoinments of the year


Metallica: Death Magnetic:

In brief, Death Magnetic is breathless and dull album. Yes, it’s better than it’s predecessor but there’s not much needed to do that.


New albums of Guns’n Roses of Judas Priest:

Although both albums have a few good tracks, those both are still huge disappoinments. Too much expectations here ….


Breakup of Hanoi Rocks:

It’s sad when one of your alltime favourite bands decides to quit. Fortunately there are still few show to go before it’s over.


Biggest hopes for 2009


New studio albums from KISS and Ace Frehley

The other has been on works since early nineties and the other one was never going to be happen at all… This is going to be really interesting year for KISS fans !


New albums from Anthrax, Heaven & Hell, Y&T, Slayer, Ozzy, Suicidal Tendencies and more..

Although this year was a great year in release wise there are many interesting and desirable albums coming on next year.


Swedenrock 2009

Swedenrock is always great !!! The best festival in the world !!!

Best events/concerts of 2008:

Ace Frehley: U.K -tour

KISS: Alive 35 -tour

Swedenrock Festival 2008

Alice Cooper: Psycho Drama -tour

Whitesnake: Good To Be Bad -tour

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Best of 2008 – Brat

January 4th, 2009

Top 20

1. Whitesnake – Good To Be Bad

Whitesnake is back! Quality music with a great tour to support its release. Mr Coverdale still has it.

2. Sabaton – The Art Of War

I’m still trying for figure out why I haven’t heard of this band before. Seeing them live at Wacken reinforced this release in my favourite releases this year.

3. Scar Symmetry – Holographic

4. Saint Deamon – In Shadows Lost from the Brave

5. Eluviette – Slania

6. Axel Rudi Pell – Tales of the Crown

7. Biomechanical – Cannibalised

8. Sonic Syndicate – Love and Other Disasters

9. Pain – Cynic Paradise

10. Warrel Dane – Praises To The War Machine

11. Leverage – Blind Fire

12. Avantasia – The Scarecrow

13. Hypocrisy – Catch 22

14. Children of Bodom – Blooddrunk

15. Poisonblack – A Dead Heavy Day

16. Edguy – Tinnitus Sanctus

17. Kataklysm – Prevail

18. Almah – Fragile equality

19. Voodoo Circle – Voodoo Circle

20. Amberian Dawn – River of Tuoni


Saint Deamon

So some of the members are tried and true, but ‘Nobby’ Noberg and Ronny Milianowicz (Dionysus) keep coming up with quality line-ups and music to match.


1. A Finnish Summer with Turisus

2. Global Metal


1. Attending a few more obscure intimate European metal festivals.

2. Finally finishing renovations and returning to the local metal scene.


1. Leaving my Wacken tickets on the fridge in Australia.

2. Michele Luppi leaving Vision Divine before I got to see him front the band. Wanting to hear him live was the reason for our trek to RockinField, Italy.

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Best of 2008 – Rick

January 4th, 2009

Top 20 2008



Little did I know that Warrell Dane would create my number 1 release for 2008. Upon first listen I wasn’t overly impressed with PRAISES TO THE WAR MACHINE but it just seemed to grow on me. Danes impassioned vocals brought me back again and again to a disc that wound up by far as my favourite of the year and showcased that Dane was comfortable outside of the confines of Nevermore.



3. Brainstorm ~ DOWNBURST

4. Revolution Renaissance ~ NEW ERA


6. Tobias Sammet’s Avantasia – THE SCARECROW


8. Evergrey – TORN

9. Airbourne – RUNNIN WILD



12. Axel Rudi Pell ~ TALES OF THE CROWN



15. Buckcherry ~ BLACK BUTTERFLY

16. Metallica ~ DEATH MAGNETIC


18. Motörhead ~ MOTORIZER



Best New Band



I have already received some opposition for even contemplating making Airbourne best new band. You know what? Fuck it. I have been hearing for ages how they are AC/DC clones but there have been tons and tons of bands who have tried to do what AC/DC has done and fallen flat on their face. Sure, the riffs can sometimes be duplicated but often it is the attitude and heart that’s lacking. Airbourne has both in spades.

Best DVD

Nevermore – Year of the Voyager

I have waited for a decent representation of Nevermore to hit DVD and here it is. I received this dvd just before Christmas and its awesome!!


Guns n’ Roses – Chinese Democracy

Axl should have laid this to rest. What a waste…

Judas Priest – Nostradamus

I just can’t find anything good to say about this. It’s a decent disc I guess but so damn boring..

Biggest hopes for 2009

New Savatage

Its time that the Savatage took some time and put out a new disc. It doesn’t take forever (regardless of what Mr Rose says) to put out a great disc.  I would love to hear Zak and Jon together again.. I can dream.. Can’t I?



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Best of 2008 – Waspman

January 4th, 2009

Top 20

1) Amon Amarth – Twilight of the Thundergod

2) Opeth – Watershed

3) Sabaton – The Art of War

4) Ironsword – Overlords of Chaos

5) Guns ‘N Roses – Chinese Democracy

6) Into Eternity – The Incurable Tragedy

7) Metallica – Death Magnetic

8) Motorhead – Motorizer

9) King’s X – XV

10) Dragonforce – Ultra Beatdown

11) Testament – Formation of Damnation

12) Zero Down – Good Times at the Gates of Hell

13) Cradle of Filth – Godspeed on the Devil’s Thunder

14) Unearth – The March

15) Kalmah – For the Revolution

16) Bob Catley – Immortal

17) Avantasia – The Scarecrow

18) Pyramaze – Immortal

19) Crom – Vengeance

20) Brainstorm – Downburst

Best New Band

Crom – Vengeance

I’ve been waiting for this since being stunned by 2004’s Fallen Beauty E.P. and I am not disappointed. Vengeance is every bit as powerful as expected and hopefully serves as a wake-up call to the metal world.

Best DVD – N/A

Disappointments of 2008

Zero Hour – Dark Deceiver

Checking in with the band for the first time since 2001’s mighty Towers of Avarice, I was crushed to hear a band more widdly and riffless than ever. This is the stuff that non-fans point to when hacking on prog-metal.

Edguy – Tinnitus Sanctus

Count me among the minority the actually loved Rocket Ride. Call that album a joke if you will but the real joke is this “return to form”. Not bloody likely – this is embarrassing!

Iced Earth – The Crucible of Man

We all thought that bringing back Barlow (yay alliteration!) was going to “fix” Iced Earth. Pfft. Ripper was not the problem – it’s Schaffer’s uninspired writing. After the “woohoo Barlow” reaction wears off, the bland music is all that’s left. They still kick ass live though.

Not having the chance to hear new albums by Helstar, Swallow the Sun, Evergrey, and Pharaoh.


Greatest Hopes for 2009

1. New album from Slayer

2. New album from Heaven & Hell

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Best of 2008 – EvilG

January 4th, 2009



I am still shocked at how awesome this thrashterpiece is. Often when my hopes are this high before an album release I end up being disappointed with the end result, but not this time. We did have a LONG wait for this album considering it’s their first since THE GATHERING (1999)! Having original guitarist Alex Skolnick back in the band (he left after 1992’s THE RITUAL) plays a big role as well.

2. Brainstorm – DOWNBURST 


Yeah so I’m an Andy B. Franck fan-boy.  I first became captivated with Symphorce and then Brainstorm. Andy’s voice keeps on getting better as does both bands that he fronts. On DOWNBURST the band stick with their power/thrashy mixture of melodic yet aggressive metal…and it doesn’t get much better than this.



5. Metallica – DEATH MAGNETIC



8. Tobias Sammet’s Avantasia – THE SCARECROW

9. Motörhead – MOtORIZER

10. Cavalera Conspiracy – INFLICTED

11. Chrome Division – BOOZE, BROADS & BEELZEBUB



14. Moonspell – NIGHT ETERNAL



17.  Jon Oliva’s Pain – GLOBAL WARNING

18. Judas Priest – NOSTRADAMUS

19. Sabaton – THE ART OF WAR

20. Revolution Renaissance – NEW ERA



Revolution Renaissance – NEW ERA

The jury is still out on how much of a “band” this is versus Tolkki’s solo project. I found it hard to pick a best new band this year and hesitated in selecting Revolution Renaissance because the album is about a 3/5 on my scale. I like a lot of the songs and it had plenty of repeat plays but all of the slower ballad orientated songs should have been replaced with songs in the vein of “Speed of Light”…then I would have been satisfied.



Gamma Ray – Hell Yeah!!! The Awesome Foursome: Live In Montreal

This DVD was talked about and delayed for quite a while and in late 2008 it was finally released.  After seeing Gamma Ray live this past September, at the same venue as this DVD was shot at  (Le Medley, Montreal, Canada) I can say that the DVD does capture the magic and power of a Gamma Ray show. The only thing that would of made this DVD twice as awesome would have been if it was a 4 DVD set featuring both Gamma Ray and Helloween from the Hellish Rock tour. The show closers where both bands took to the stage was hopefully pro-shot and can one day be released! But that aside, this DVD is a must for Gamma Ray / power metal fans. The sound quality is very good but the video is a little sub-par. It’s well above bootleg of course, but with the bar being raised so high with high definition, you can really see the graininess and lack of HD quality that most of us are used to and demand. The DVD bonus materials are fun to watch with a road movie, videos, a live at Wacken segment (has higher quality picture than the main DVD) some Gamma Ray “histoRay”, behind-the-scenes antics, and more.


Judas Priest – NOSTRADAMUS

This one did not grow on my like I hoped it might. After all the build-up and hopes I had for this album it completely failed to deliver the goods. Out of the 2 CDs of material there is ALMOST enough to make one OK album, but so much of the material plods along and I lost interest rather quickly. After the self-titled song was released as a teaser to the album I thought all the material would be as strong….PAINKILLER this ain’t!

Death Angel – Killing Season

Taking another step along the road first trodden with their comeback album THE ART OF DYING (2004) Death Angel continue to move away from what they do best…thrash! I love Motorhead but I do not love Death Angel playing dirty rawk and roll/metal. For me their peak was the modic thrash album ACT III. I’m still waiting for “Act IV”.


1. Heaven and Hell – Can the reunited Dio Black Sabbath release an album as godly as their new band name, easily the best Dio/Sab album HEAVEN AND HELL? I can’t wait to find out!

2. Slayer – Can they continue with an album similar to the amazing CHRIST ILLUSION?

3. Primal Fear – I expect the German power commandos will continue to kick ass with “Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead” in May 2009!

4. HammerFall – “No Sacrifice, No Victory”, the 7th studio album by HammerFall out February 20, 2009.

5. Rhapsody (of fire) – This band hasn’t put out an album since the piece of shit TRIUMPH OR AGONY in 2006. Here’s hoping that Luca stops being so weird and gets Rhapsody back for some SPEEDY symphonic power metal from the enchanted lands! 🙂

6. Savatage (I can still continue to dream)

I’ve listed this one for this section for several years to no avail. SAVATAGE, WE MISS YOU! TSO is great and makes you a load of money, but why can’t you take a couple months of the year to record new Savatage material with Jon and Zakk on vocals…what a huge album it could be! I know that Circle II Circle and Jon Oliva’s Pain are both great (they are in my top 20 this year) and Chris Caffery is also quite active with his solo stuff, but combined you all could unleash something quite groundbreaking. 

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January 2nd, 2009

Rudy Sarzo.jpg


Interview Conducted By Robert Williams

Videography Courtesy Of Sandra Torres 


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Canadian filmmaker Justin McConnell (Working Class Rock Star)

January 2nd, 2009

 Working Class Rock Star

Justin McConnell – "Working Class Rock Star"

Interviewed by EvilG

"Working Class Rock Star" is a must see documentary for anyone in a band, anyone who wants to be in a band, or fans interested in what most bands go though. I was given the opportunity to talk to the brains behind this new documentary, Justin McConnell.



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January 2009

January 1st, 2009






More than two decades after the music video explosion of the early 1980s, triple Grammy nominees Hoobastank are taking the medium to the next level with their groundbreaking “My Turn” video. Helmed by Grammy nominated director P.R. Brown (Goo Goo Dolls, Matisyahu, Slipknot) and programmed by Daniel Kim from Deep Fried Production – (Gwen Stefani, Nine Inch Nails, M.I.A.), the innovative “My Turn” music video is interactive, allowing viewers to control the on-screen action.


Designed to be viewed online the eye-popping video has the look and feel of a video game, complete with different characters and varying scenarios. Wearing different costumes and swapping instruments, each member of Hoobastank (lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Doug Robb, guitarist Dan Estrin and drummer Chris Hesse) performed and was shot individually against a green screen. Together with a gaggle of guests (bikini models, senior citizens, Robb’s mother and father-in-law, among others), the band created a video that’s truly unique—one that offers fans a new experience with each viewing. The video can be seen at


“This is a new direction for music videos,” says director P.R. Brown. “I think we’re witnessing only the beginning of what will surely be a new form of technology that brings fans closer to the music.”


A made-for-television version of the video premiered January 9th on AOL’s Music Page and quickly went into rotation on MTV2, MTVu and MTV Hits.

Watch FTW!’s Version Of "My Turn"


  “You’ll have the option to create any version of it that you want,” says Robb. “You can have Chris sing while I play guitar in drag with an old lady on drums. And you can keep switching it up as the video goes along. Create an all Dan band. An all dog band. Whatever you want. The options are endless. It’s very cool and I think that the fans are gonna have fun with it.”


“My Turn” appears on Hoobastank’s highly anticipated new album Fornever (Island Records), which arrives in stores on January 27th. The band will celebrate the album’s release with a January 27th performance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” On Monday, January 26th, the band will host KROQ’s “Loveline” with Dr. Drew and Stryker during a two-hour segment featuring and talking about the new album.


"My Turn"Official Video

Produced by longtime collaborator Howard Benson, Fornever sees a rejuvenated Hoobastank (lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist Doug Robb, guitarist Dan Estrin and drummer Chris Hesse) returning to the amped rock roots of their first two releases—2001’s platinum-plus-selling self-titled debut and 2003’s double platinum-plus-selling follow-up, The Reason.


The band will be performing a mix of new songs and fan favorites during their upcoming tour with 3 Doors Down and Hinder, which launches January 28th at Hard Rock Live in Orlando, FL. Tour dates are listed below.

Hoobastank exploded on the scene in 2001 with their self-titled debut, an album that produced a pair of Top 40 Mainstream hits: "Crawling in the Dark" and "Running Away." They followed in 2004 with The Reason, a double-platinum-seller that earned three Grammy nominations, including Best Rock Album, and Song of the Year and Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group for the title track, an international smash which went to #1 at Modern Rock, Adult Top 40 and Top 40 Mainstream and #2 on the Hot 100. Fornever comes on the heels of 2006’s gold-certified Every Man for Himself, which featured the rock radio hit, “If I Were You.”

Tour Dates are as follows:

Date                Venue                                     City


1/28                 Hard Rock Café                      Orlando, FL *

1/30                 Williams Park                          Tampa FL (WSUN radio Show)

1/31                 Freebird Café                          Jacksonville, FL (headline show)

2/2                   Captain Hiram’s Sand Bar      Sebastian, FL (headline show)

2/3                   Soul Kitchen                            Mobile, AL (headline show)

2/4                   The City Club                          Houma, LA (headline show)

2/6                   Ford Arena                              Beaumont, TX *

2/7                   Concrete St. Pavilion              Corpus Christi, TX *

2/10                 Midland Horseshoe Arena       Midland, TX *

2/11                 Amarillo Civic Ctr                    Amarillo, TX *

2/13                 Cajun Dome                            Lafayette, LA *

2/14                 CenturyTel Center                  Bossier City, LA *

2/17                 Broadbent Arena                     Louisville, KY *

2/18                 DeltaPlex                                 Grand Rapids, MI *

2/20                 US Cellular Coliseum             Bloomington, IL*

2/21                 Horseshoe Casino                  Hammond, IN *

2/24                 Hammerstein Ballroom           New York, NY *

2/27                 Mohegan Sun Casino             Uncasville, CT *

3/1                   Wilcomino Civic Ctr                Salibury, MD *

3/4                   Civic Coliseum                        Knoxville, TN *


* = with 3 Doors Down, Hinder


More on Hoobastank:



Victoria, British Columbia’s Acres of Lions work on so many levels.  Not only is Working the title of the melodic rock band’s full-length debut on Cordova Bay Entertainment, but it’s also the guys’ work ethic and modus operandi.  They play the title track in every live set they do, kind of like an anthem.

Acres Of Lions will release Working on Feb. 10 and will tour in support of it starting in their hometown and working their way across Canada with a stop at Canadian Music Week in March.  The first single “Closer” has already been receiving heavy rotation at CBC Galaxie and added to or featured at many other rock radio stations including The Zone, CIFM, The Peak, Rock 105.3 and Sonic.

The members of Acres of Lions, lead singer/guitarist Jeffrey Kalesnikoff, who just goes by Jeffrey K for obvious reasons, bassist Dan Ball, drummer Lewis Carter and guitarist/keyboardist/vocalist Tyson Yerex all come from a punk/punk-pop background, which has its own rules of independence and all-for-one-ness.

In the summer of 2007 Acres of Lions cut a three-song demo with local producer Adam Sutherland (Armchair Cynics) that consisted of “Let’s Get Sentimental,” “Dance Sequence” and Knowing Your Own End,” all songs, rerecorded, now on Working.  They applied for radio station 91.3 The Zone’s band of the month and were selected for February of 2008. “Let’s Get Sentimental” received airplay; the band did interviews, and there was a showcase at the end of the month at a local club.

Eventually, Cordova Bay Records’ president Michael Burke got wind of Acres of Lions and signed them.  By then, the band had cut a full-length album (Working) with Adam, who Jeffrey calls “a very particular” producer.  “He doesn’t let anything go. Nothing is good enough. He’s a perfectionist. It was very very painstaking, but very worth it in the end.” Cordova Bay then stepped in to have the whole thing mixed and mastered by transplanted Briton Warne Livesey (Matthew Good, Midnight Oil, The The).

Acres of Lions are set to take 2009 by storm with the confirmed release of Working in Canada and the U.K. (Fierce Panda) and the band is eager to tour tirelessly in support of the album.

Tour Dates:

Jan. 27 Victoria, BC @ Lucky Bar w/The Gruff, Blair’s Lair, Les Monstres Terribles & Oscar

Feb. 6 Victoria, BC @ Lucky Bar w/A Trophy Life, Conversation and Beat Kids

Feb. 10 Whistler, BC @ Moe Joe’s w/The Fall Of Summer

Feb. 12 Vancouver, BC @ The Media Club w/A Trophy Life and Melody Unwinding

Feb. 15 Kelowna, BC @ Doc Willoughby’s w/Malibu Knights

Feb. 19 Edmonton, AB @ Filthy McNasty’s

Feb. 20 Calgary, AB @ The Palomino w/Jeffrey Caissie

Feb. 21 Canmore, AB @ Canmore Hotel w/Miesha & The Spanks and Hot Blood Bombers

Feb. 24 Medicine Hat, AB @ The Ottoman

Feb. 25 Saskatoon, SK @ Le Relais (all ages)

Feb. 27 Humboldt, SK @ The Uniplex

Feb. 28 Winnipeg, MB @ The Cavern Club w/Making Waves

March 1 Winnipeg, MB @ The Church Basement (all ages)

March 2 Thunder Bay, ON @ Black Pirates Club w/Without The Glory, Exit West and The Other Colour (all ages)

March 4 Peterborough, ON @ The Spill Coffee Bar w/Allison Lickley

March 6 Montreal, QC @ Le Gymnase w/Killing For Friday

March 8 Windsor, ON @ The Chubby Pickle (all ages)

March 10 Toronto, ON @ Horseshoe Tavern

March   12 Toronto, ON @ Rok Boutique 9pm, Canadian Music Week

March 15 Toronto, ON @ Rancho Relaxo

March 19 Saskatoon, SK @ TBA w/Major Flinch (all ages)

March 20 Medicine Hat, AB @ The Silver Buckle March 21 Calgary, AB @ The Palomino w/Western Grace

April 2 Victoria, BC @ Evolution Nightclub


Les Claypool To Embark On “The Oddity Faire: A Mutated Mini Fest” Tour

Les Claypool will embark on the “The Oddity Faire: A Mutated Mini Fest” tour and will take over North America starting March 4, 2009. This tour is in support of yet another brilliant work of art, OF FUNGI AND FOE releasing March 17, 2009 on Prawn Song Records.

"OF FUNGI AND FOE" is the expansion of material Claypool has recorded over the past few years for the video game “Mushroom Men” and the motion picture “Pig Hunt”. Being inspired by these 2 projects Claypool decided to keep creating and turn it into an album. The song Mushroom Men on this release is a more in depth version of the theme song from the video game. Additionally a jam session with Gogol Bordello’s charismatic front-man Eugene Hutz turned into the track “Bite Out Of Life”. The band is comprised of Les Claypool on bass/vocals, Paulo Baldi on Drums (Cake), Mike Dillon on Percussion (Ani Difranco), and Sam Bass on Cello (Deadweight).


3/4/2009 San Diego, CA House Of Blues Yard Dogs

3/6/2009 Las Vegas, NV House Of Blues Yard Dogs

3/7/2009 Los Angeles, CA Hollywood Palladium Mutaytor  Saul Williams, Yard Dogs

3/8/2009 Lake Tahoe, NV Montbleu Theatre Yard Dogs, Saul Williams

3/10/2009 Portland, OR Roseland Theater Yard Dogs  Saul Williams

3/11/2009 Seattle, WA Showbox SODO Saul Williams, Yard Dogs

3/13/2009 Salt Lake City, UT The Depot Saul Williams, Secret Chief 3

3/14/2009 Denver, CO Fillmore Auditorium Yard Dogs,Saul Williams, Secret Chief 3

3/16/2009 Kansas City, MO Beaumont Club Devotchka, Saul Williams, Secret Chief 3

3/17/2009 St. Louis, MO The Pageant Devotchka, Saul Williams, Secret Chief 3

3/19/2009 Minneapolis, MN Myth Devotchka, Saul Williams, Secret Chief 3

3/20/2009 Milwaukee, WI  The Rave Devotchka, Saul Williams, Secret Chief 3

3/21/2009 Chicago, IL Riviera Theatre Devotchka, Saul Williams, Secret Chief 3

3/22/2009 Cleveland, OH Agora Theater Devotchka, Saul Williams, Secret Chief 3

3/24/2009 Toronto, ON The Guvernment Saul Williams, Secret Chief 3

3/26/2009 Boston, MA House Of Blues Saul Williams, Secret Chief 3, O’Death

3/27/2009 Philadelphia, PA Electric Factory Saul Williams, Secret Chief 3, O’Death

3/28/2009 New York City Terminal 5 Saul Williams, O’Death  Secret Chief 3

For more information go to or


Custom Make Your Own P.O.S "Never Better" Album * Out Feb 3rd

Check it, take an in depth look into the design and functionality of the artwork and packaging for the new P.O.S record Never Better which comes out Feb. 3rd on Rhymesayers – Click on the WATCH IN HD button on the bottom right:


The packaging for P.O.S’s new album Never Better is a one of a kind four panel transparent plastic Digipak that holds 16 solid and 6 Transparent inserts. The solid inserts have artwork on the front and lyrics/credits on the back. The Transparent inserts have artwork that when placed over the various solid cards, enhance and change the look of the art underneath, hundreds of combinations are possible. Upon release, there’s going to be an online component to this as well where fans will be able to create their own designs which they can print out or use digitally as their own custom cover artwork for the record.


Never Better pre-order link:


Two leaked P.O.S tracks from Never Better, "Drumroll" and "Goodbye" are currently up on P.O.S’s MySpace page:


Send all Press/Guest List/Product Requests my way – Tour dates are below.




with special Doomtree guests




Feb 05 – Missoula, MT @ The Badlander

Feb 06 – Seattle, WA @ Nectar

Feb 07 – Portland, OR Satyricon

Feb 09 – San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill

Feb 10 – Los Angeles, CA @ Knitting Factory

Feb 11 – Phoenix, AZ @ Clubhouse

Feb 13 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court

Feb 14 – Denver, CO @ Marquis

Feb 15 – Omaha, NE @ Slowdown Jr.

Feb 16 – Madison, WI @ High Noon

Feb 17 – Chicago, IL @ Reggie’s

Feb 18 – Columbus, OH @ Skully’s Music Diner

Feb 20 – Washington, DC @ Rock and Roll Hotel

Feb 21 – New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge

Feb 22 – Boston, MA @ Harper’s Ferry

Feb 23 – Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground

Feb 25 – Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop

Feb 26 – Champaign, IL @ Canopy

Feb 27 – Eau Claire, WI @ Stones Throw

Feb 28 – Minneapolis, MN @ First Ave.






The Gaslight Anthem Announce North American Tour And Letterman Performance

The Gaslight Anthem has announced its first major North American headline tour, set to kick off in Montreal on March 18 and run through early May. Heartless Bastards (Fat Possum) are confirmed as direct support on most dates, with Saint Alvia, Good Old War, Pela and A Death In The Family joining the lineup on alternating legs.

The Gaslight Anthem will also be performing on the Late Show with David Letterman on Friday January 30th, before embarking on a headline tour of the UK and Europe for the month of February. The band is confirmed for the Langerado Music Festival in Miami in early March as well.

The Gaslight Anthem’s acclaimed album, THE ’59 SOUND (SideOneDummy Records) has been included in dozens of "Best Of" lists since its release this past August.


Wednesday Mar 18 Montreal, Quebec – La Tulipe +

Friday Mar 20 Toronto, Ontario – Opera House +

Saturday Mar 21 London, Ontario – Call The Office +

Friday Mar 27 New York City – Webster Hall *

Saturday Mar 28 Philadelphia – The Trocadero *

Sunday Mar 29 Pittsburgh – Mr. Small’s *

Monday Mar 30 Columbus – Newport Music Hall *

Tuesday Mar 31 Cleveland – Agora Ballroom *

Wednesday Apr 1 Detroit – St. Andrew’s Hall *

Thursday Apr 2 Milwaukee – Turner Hall *

Friday Apr 3 Chicago – The Bottom Lounge *

Saturday Apr 4 Minneapolis – Varsity Theater *

Tuesday Apr 7 Calgary, Alberta – The Warehouse **

Wednesday Apr 8 Edmonton, Alberta – The Starlite Room **

Friday Apr 10 Vancouver, British Columbia – The Plaza Nightclub **

Monday Apr 13 Portland – Berbati’s Pan #

Wednesday Apr 15 Sacramento – The Boardwalk #

Thursday Apr 16 San Francisco – Slim’s #

Tuesday Apr 21 Phoenix – The Clubhouse #

Wednesday Apr 22 Albuquerque – Launchpad #

Thursday Apr 23 Colorado Springs – Black Sheep #

Friday Apr 24 Denver – Gothic Theatre #

Saturday Apr 25 Kansas City – Beaumont Club #

Tuesday Apr 28 Dallas – Granada Theatre #

Wednesday Apr 29 Austin – Antone’s Nightclub #

Saturday May 2 Tampa – State Theatre #

Sunday May 3 Orlando – The Social #

Wednesday May 6 Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle %

Thursday May 7 Baltimore – Recher Theatre %

+: w/Saint Alvia

*: w/Heartless Bastards and Good Old War

**: w/Heartless Bastards

#: w/Heartless Bastards and A Death In The Family

%: w/Pela and Good Old War



That Spider is one stubborn gentleman. Whereas many others would have packed it in due to record label collapses and band members coming and going,

Spider has stuck to his guns, kept Powerman 5000 alive, and as a result, has retained a massive and dedicated fan base worldwide.

Case in point, the group’s new song, “Super Villain” (which can be heard at

All it took was the appearance of this electro-ditty on the group’s official site and Myspace page to spark what has now turned into the return of PM5K – with plans for

extensive touring throughout 2009. Promoters are reporting PM5K fans are coming out in full force and then some.

PM5K first came together in the early ‘90s, and has issued such futuristic-sci fi-metal classicks as 1995’s ‘The Blood Splat Rating System,’ 1999’s million-selling ‘Tonight the Stars Revolt!’, 2001’s

‘Anyone for Doomsday?’, 2003’s ‘Transform,’ and 2006’s ‘Destroy WhatYou Enjoy.’ In addition, Spider and company has performed alongside

some of rock’s biggest names, including Korn, Marilyn Manson, and aspart of Ozzfest.

"I remember standing on the convention floor at the 2008 San Diego Comic Con,” recalls Spider. “I was surrounded by ten thousand or more freaks, geeks, and weirdos – all obsessed with

robots, monsters and super heroes. I thought to myself, ‘These are my people and Powerman 5000 is their band!’ I went home completely energized, and immediately started work on the new record."

Be sure to text keyword PM5K to 30303 for band alerts and news updates. You’ll receive info regarding tour dates, new music, ringtones, etc. By doing so, you will receive no more than three text

messages per week. Standard text and other charges may apply and will be billed to your wireless phone account. Available in the US on AT&T,Verizon, Sprint, and TMobile wireless carriers.

Not available on all mobile phones. Visit for terms and conditions.

Text HELP to 30303 for help or STOP to 30303 to stop.

Go to for rules and alternative entry.

Upcoming PM5K Shows:

Jan 25 2009 8:00P

Emerald Theater Mt Clemens, Michigan

Jan 27 2009 8:00P

The Chameleon Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Jan 28 2009 8:00P

Crocodile Rock Allentown, Pennsylvania

Jan 29 2009 8:00P

Webster Theatre Hartford, Connecticut

Jan 30 2009 8:00P

The Chance Poughkeepsie, New York

Jan 31 2009 8:00P

Starland Ballroom Sayerville, New Jersey

Feb 2 2009 8:00P

Middle East Cambridge, Massachusetts

Feb 3 2009 8:00P

Northern Lights Clifton Park, New York

Feb 4 2009 8:00P

Mulcahys Wantagh, New York

Feb 6 2009 8:00P

Hooligans Music Hall Jacksonville, North Carolina

Feb 7 2009 8:00P

Volume 11 Raleigh, North Carolina

Feb 8 2009 8:00P

Jaxx West Springfield, Virginia

Feb 9 2009 8:00P

Headliners Louisville, Kentucky

Feb 11 2009 8:00P

Scout Bar Beaumont, Texas

Feb 12 2009 8:00P

Scout Bar Houston, Texas

Feb 13 2009 8:00P

Scout Bar San Antonio, Texas

Feb 14 2009 8:00P

Lonestar Pavillion Lubbock, Texas

Feb 15 2009 8:00P

Gators Farmington, New Mexico

Feb 17 2009 8:00P

Jumping Turtle San Marcos, California

Feb 18 2009 8:00P

Key Club Los Angeles, California

Feb 19 2009 8:00P

The Dome Bakersfield, California

For more information, and to hear “Super Villain,” go to:


Hit The Lights "Drop The Girl" Video Debut On * Band Confirmed For Alt Press Tour & Winter X-Games

Hit The Lights new video for "Drop The Girl" debuts today on and can be seen here:


Hit The Lights are confirmed for the 2009 AP Tour along with 3OH!3, The Maine, Family Force 5 and A Rocket To The Moon. The tour kicks off March 20th in Dallas and includes a free show at Emo’s in Austin, TX during SXSW on March 21st and wraps up in Cleveland, OH on May 9th. Full list of dates is below. HTL lead singer Nick Thompson will be featured on the cover of the March "100 Bands You Need To Know in 2009" issue of Alternative Press. The band is touring in support of their sophomore album Skip School, Start Fights, out now on Triple Crown Records.


Hit the Lights will be playing this years Winter X-Games 13 in Aspen, Colorado. HTL will be playing on Saturday, January 24th at 5:30 PM in the X-Games Village at the base of Snowmass. The show and event are both free. Their track "Breath In" will be featured in X-Games highlight clips for ESPN, ESPN 2, EXPN, and ABC.


Hit The Lights Tour Dates:

1/24/09 Aspen, CO – X-Games Village @ Base of Snowmass, 5:30pm

3/20/09 Dallas, TX House Of Blues

3/21/09 Austin, TX Emo’s

3/22/09 Houston, TX Warehouse Live

3/24/09 Tempe, AZ Marquee Theatre

3/25/09 Tucson, AZ Rialto Theatre

3/26/09 Las Vegas, NV House Of Blues

3/28/09 Pomona, CA  The Glass House

3/29/09 San Diego, CA House Of Blues

3/31/09 Bakersfield, CA The Dome

4/1/09 San Francisco, CA Grand Ballroom

4/2/09 Chico, CA Senator Theatre

4/3/09 Portland, OR Wonder Ballroom

4/4/09 Seattle, WA El Corazon

4/5/09 Boise, ID Knitting Factory

4/7/09 Salt Lake City, UT In The Venue

4/8/09 Boulder, CO Fox Theatre

4/9/09 Omaha, NE Sokol Auditorium

4/10/09 St Paul, MN Station 4

4/11/09 Chicago, IL House Of Blues

4/12/09 Milwaukee, WI The Eagles Club

4/14/09 Kansas City, MO Beaumont Club

4/15/09 St Louis, MO Pop’s

4/16/09 Nashville, TN Rocketown

4/17/09 Atlanta, GA The Masquerade

4/18/09 Orlando, FL House Of Blues

4/19/09 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Culture Room

4/20/09 St Petersburg, FL State Theatre

4/21/09 Jacksonville Beach, FL Freebird Café

4/23/09 Richmond, VA Toad’s Place

4/24/09 Washington, DC 9:30 Club

4/25/09 Philadelphia, PA Theatre of living arts

4/26/09 Allentown, PA Crocodile Rock

4/28/09 New York, NY The Fillmore at Irving Plaza

4/30/09 New Haven, CT Toad’s Place

5/1/09 Boston, MA House Of Blues

5/2/09 Buffalo, NY The Town Ballroom

5/5/09 Toronto, ON Phoenix Concert Theatre

5/6/09 Grand Rapids, MI The intersection

5/7/09 Pontiac, MI The Crofoot Ballroom

5/8/09 Columbus, OH Newport Music Hall

5/9/08 Cleveland, OH House Of Blues







Colin MacDonald – Vocals, Guitar

John Angus MacDonald – Guitar, Vocals

Jack Syperek – Bass, Vocals

Sean Dalton – Drums, Vocals

You can hear it in the first four bars of the album. A meaty, beaty, big and bouncy drum fill, followed by a glistening guitar line that could have been ripped from an old Rockpile album, and a breathy Hammond B3 so beautifully captured that it seems to conjure the dimensions of the room it sits in. It’s huge, but intimate. Heavy, but airborne. And the hook is strong enough that you could hang a whale from it.

"In the end, we made sort of a two sided record," says Trews guitarist John Angus MacDonald, of the band’s third album, No Time for Later. "It’s some of the heaviest stuff we’ve done, but it’s also some of the most out there artistically that we’ve ever laid down."

Too true. The Trews’ reputation is built on buffed and visceral rock songs, but on No Time for Later they cohere like never before. The structures are more compelling, the playing is more articulate, and the results more nourishing. And the group’s musical breakthrough has certainly been noticed by others, including shock rock legend Alice Cooper, who christened The Trews "A great young band with a Zeppelin feel," the Calgary Sun called the album "A regular masterpiece of rock n’ roll," while Creative Loafing raved, "Exciting, brash crunch rockers who connect like prime Humble Pie."

If it’s the shrewd marriage of new and classic rock that accounts for the Trews’ remarkable multi-generational appeal – meaning they’re as welcome on MuchMusic as they are inside the pages of the UK’s Classic Rock magazine – then No Time for Later finds the band expanding at both ends of the spectrum.

"Ocean’s End" clads Jack Syperek’s willowy bassline in AC/DC’s crunch, and then breaks down into phosphene psychedelia. In the snakey single, "Hold Me in Your Arms" (which hit #3 at rock radio in Canada, and topped the chart at MuchMusic Canada), the Trews use a buzzsaw to mediate between the re-tooled 21st Century radio rock of Velvet Revolver, and the righteous groove of off-road, resin-stained headbangers like Fu Manchu. Similarly, "Burning Wheels" is a Tom Petty riff given a nitro injection and mag wheels. And that unhinged solo about half way through? "That’s Colin’s only solo," confides John Angus with a chuckle, referring to his brother, vocalist-guitarist Colin MacDonald. "He wanted to do a solo, so we said, ‘Okay, fine,’ and that’s what came out. It’s like Kurt Cobain or something. It’s just, like, unbridled fucking craziness. It’s totally animal."

Continues John Angus, "But you need places to go. So much as you’d like to keep a somewhat consistent sound, if you want to keep making records that are at all interesting or fun to listen to, you gotta go places."

So where did the Trews go? According to Colin, "We were always big fans of CCR and REM and stuff, and those influences had to come out sooner or later. At one point we wanted to take everything off the record that sounded remotely heavy. We wanted to make a total roots rock album."

They didn’t of course – there’s no "unbridled fuckin’ craziness" on Murmur or Willy and the Poor Boys – but No Time for Later is elevated by a softer touch on tracks like the Fogerty-rooted "I Feel the Rain", or the inspired "Will You Wash Away", where melancholy meets uplift in a chorus that seems to enter the song sideways. If anything on the album points to their growth, it’s this song. Colin can’t say where it came from. Maybe he did what Neil Young claims to do, and channeled it.

"I can only hope," he says. "I just don’t know, because I’ve spent a lot of time working my ass off on songs that ended up being shitty, and this one literally came out really, really quickly. Me and John Angus were sitting around listening to Cat Steven’s Tea for the Tillerman, and we started jamming on this tune, and it literally came in five minutes. Honestly, that’s the most unconscious song I’ve ever come up with. It literally just came out."

Colin name checks Randy Newman as another abiding influence, which accounts for the sly sense of irony that pervades No Time for Later. "I Can’t Stop Laughing" addresses grief with a manic Celtic romp, propelled by Sean Dalton’s mighty tom workout; the furious "Gun Control" begins with a placid slide-guitar straight out of Ry Cooder’s Paris, Texas soundtrack; "Paranoid Freak" (which reached the Top 10 at rock radio in Canada) uses a skittery piano figure to capture the prevailing mood of our time, derived from all the hours the band has endured cooling its boots at US border crossings. And in the extraordinary "Man of Two Minds" (which topped the Much More Music chart), the Trews have produced a hymn to the worst corners of male psychology, dressed up in a romantic waltz-time melody worthy of Burt Bacharach.

"A scumbag song," claims Colin.

"I thought it was hilarious," adds John Angus. "It’s so blatant, (but) it’s honest. That’s the key."

In total, No Time for Later represents a major graduation for the band, right down to the Ralph Steadman-by-way-of-Warhol cover art designed by Syperek. Incredibly, it was the counter-intuitive approach of producers Gus Van Go and Werner F that the Trews credit for the breakthrough. The first thing the team did was take one of the best live rock acts on the planet, break it down to its constituent parts, and – starting with drummer Dalton -record each member separately in a painstaking exercise that Colin only half-jokingly describes as "our Rumours."

Syperek admits to being out of his comfort zone. "To tell you the truth, I wanted everybody in my headphones while I was playing," he says. "I thought I would get more feeling. But as we got into it, it allowed me to listen to my parts and make them better, and go back, and improve things." The bassist is one of the best feel musicians out there, but he’s convinced by the results. "This is the next step," he concludes.

Colin adds, "We wanted to go with younger guys who had a bit more to prove. And they were as hungry as we are. Guys who were willing to stay up for twenty-four hours to make sure a certain song didn’t come off cheesy."

"I don’t think we’ve ever been worked so hard by producers," continues John Angus, who was looking for "a general vibe that we haven’t quite nailed in the studio yet. It was kind of like the first time we worked with Gordie (Johnson), where everything was new and a challenge. The only difference is back then we kinda sucked."

His modesty aside, John Angus can rest assured that their efforts have yielded the most fully formed work of the band’s already impressive career. All that remains is the listening. And this bio, of course; custom-designed to make you hear the record.

"Bios are usually so embarrassingly flattering of the band," snorts John Angus. "This band fucking GETS RAWK! Then you listen to it, and you’re like, wha…?" Readers should be advised that in this case, the praise couldn’t be any more sincere, as the masses are quickly discovering the truth about the Trews – especially Stateside, where the group won the "Hard Rock/Metal Song" category for "Hold Me in Your Arms," at the 8th Annual Independent Music Awards Program.

Lastly, the Trews have some words specifically for their U.S. fans.

"We’re very proud of this album and we can’t wait to share it with our American fans. We spent a good year touring our last album in the U.S., and we really look forward to returning to those great American cities and towns with our new sounds. We hope you will like this album as much as we do!"

For more information, please visit


Nils Lofgren/Super Bowl Performance with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

Dear Friends:


As the publicist for Nils Lofgren, I wanted to let you know that he’ll be performing with Bruce Springsteen and the rest of the E Street Band at this year’s Super Bowl (halftime) on Sunday, February 1st at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, Florida.


Nils — who is celebrating his 25th year with Springsteen this year — had an extremely busy 2008.


In addition to the hugely successful tour with Bruce that lasted most of the year, Nils put out a critically-acclaimed solo CD titled, The Loner – Nils Sings Neil (an homage to Neil Young), hosted his own online guitar school and wrote and performed the "Yankee Stadium" song (available free-of-charge via his official website at that’s now been downloaded over 10,000 times since its release just prior to the last game played at the famed venue on September 21st.


Oh yeah… and Nils had double hip replacement surgery on September 30th.


His performance at the Super Bowl will mark his first public appearance since the surgery. 


Please let me know if you’d be interested in interviewing Nils regarding his Super Bowl appearance or would like to include him in any possible Super Bowl related pieces you might have planned.


He’s an avid sports fan.


Thank you in advance and all the best in the New Year.

Source: The Albright Entertainment Group

The Gay Blades Announce The Recession Procession Tour w/Kiss Kiss – "Ghosts" In Stores Now

The Gay Blades will be hitting the road with close friends Kiss Kiss for a Northeast run of dates later this month in an effort aptly titled The Recession Procession. The band has been all over the NYC circuit lately playing with acts from all over the musical landscape; Scott Weiland, Men, Women & Children, and The Honorary Title among others. Their debut album Ghosts is out now on 4Never // Triple Crown Records and features the stand out track "O Shot" for which the band just filmed a brand new video. Look for The Gay Blades as a featured band in an upcoming February issue the of UK’s indie rock bible NME!


The Gay Blades are a two piece from New York City and play an acerbic brand of Trash Pop.  What is Trash Pop, you ask?  Trash pop is what happens when two keenly observant wannabe hipsters write and record songs the same pair couldn’t possibly pull off live, and make up for their missing bass player with consistent TNT like performances and a heaping spoonful of swagger.  Clark Westfield plays the guitar and Puppy Mills plays the drums.


Tour Dates:


Jan 25 2009 – Maxwell’s – Hoboken, New Jersey

Jan 26 2009 – Union Hall Brooklyn, New York

Jan 27 2009 – Middle East Upstairs – Cambridge, Massachusetts

Jan 28 2009 – Talking Head Club – Baltimore, Maryland

Jan 29 2009 – Heirloom Arts Theatre – Danbury, Connecticut

Jan 30 2009 – Valentine’s – Albany, New York

Jan 31 2009  – Club Hell – Providence, Rhode Island


"If Freddie Mercury sang for Death From Above 1979, these guys would open the show." – CMJ


"There’s something sort of legendary and epic in the way that they can come off as being the equivalent of falling down drunk or high as a kite every single second of the time spent in their company. But they keep it all together when they’re playing their glamorous, punk rock."



Hey She Say sounds like Ted Leo’s mod miming if dude didn’t listen to so much Madness. Instead of some ska backbeat and bass winding, The Gay Blades shoot straight for the title of Riff Champions, unwinding their tune with some pasty all-over-the-place shredding." – RCRD LBL


"Westfield and Mills hand out more head nods than should be legal for a band with only two heads; "Why Can’t I Grow A Beard?" gets its David Bowie perennially stuck in its Brian Wilson, while "O Shot" ranks among the best songs the Arctic Monkeys never wrote." – ALT PRESS


Gene Simmons Gives Final Thought the Nod of Approval & CD Release Show Announcement

Pop rock/post hardcore activists, Final Thought will be releasing their second EP, Take This Home, January 27th, 2009 independently. The Barrie, Ontario outfit have a triumphant 2008 to celebrate, which included playing a private showcase for the KISS legend Gene Simmons. Simmons is quoted in HELLO! Magazine boasting about the young melody makers, "you’ve got to listen to the kids!" Simmons was in town scouting bands for a new project, when he heard an advance copy of Take This Home. He had Universal contact the small town players and extended his trip an extra day, so he could hear them play!


To follow up such a great 2008, the boys will release Take This Home with a monstrous CD Release party on Friday, January 30th, on home soil at Barrie’s Native Friendship Center (175 Bayfield St.). Opening the night are Brighter Brightest, Teeter, and the Ocean Buried. The poster is below!


****For all you media types, you can find an easily downloadable zip folder and stream of Take This Home, a media kit, and high res photos right here:****


Jan. 16 @ Taylor’s Pub, Oshawa

Jan. 22 @ Brass Taps, Guelph

Jan. 30 @ The Barrie Native Friendship Center, Barrie


Capitol/EMI to Release Expanded ‘Collectors Editions’ of Radiohead’s First 3 Albums

On March 24, Radiohead’s first three studio albums, Pablo Honey (1993), The Bends (1995) and OK Computer (1997) will be released by Capitol/EMI in expanded “Collectors Edition” and limited edition “Special Collectors Edition” packages. Each “Collectors Edition” includes the original album plus a second CD of rarities, including demos, sessions and live recordings. Each “Special Collectors Edition,” in deluxe, lift-top box packaging, includes both audio discs and adds a DVD with a variety of promotional music videos, TV performances and filmed concert performances, as well as a series of postcards.

Pablo Honey’s “Collectors Edition” features the original album on disc one, and demos, rarities, live performance recordings and a 1992 BBC Radio One session on disc two. The “Special Collectors Edition” DVD adds four promotional music videos, the band’s 1993 debut “Top Of The Pops”

performance, and nine live recordings from their May 1994 London Astoria concert.

The Bends’ “Collectors Edition” features the original album on disc one, and EPs with rarities and a 1994 BBC Radio session on disc two. The “Special Collectors Edition” DVD adds five promotional music videos,

1995 and ’96 TV performances from “Top Of The Pops,” “Later with Jools Holland” and “2 Meter Session,” and eight filmed performances from their May 1994 London Astoria concert.

OK Computer’s “Collectors Edition” feature the original album on disc one, and EPs with rarities and live recordings and a 1997 BBC Radio One “Evening Session” performance on disc two.  The “Special Collectors Edition” DVD adds three promotional music videos and a May 1997 TV

performance from “Later with Jools Holland.”   

On April 21, Capitol/EMI will reissue 12 Radiohead EPs on 180-gram vinyl as part of the popular “From The Capitol Vaults” high-quality vinyl series.



In order to facilitate the 2009 Free Tibet Concert, ChthoniC vocalist Freddy Lim, along with several musicians from Taiwan, visited the political and spiritual leader Dalai Lama in Dharamsala, India, where the Tibetan government-in-exile is located. Freddy expressed the mission of this concert, and extended many welcomes from Taiwanese people for Dalai Lama to visit anytime. Dalai Lama reiterated the idea that “supporting Tibet is supporting freedom and human rights which are valued all over the world.”


ChthoniC has always cared about human rights, and they feel connected to Tibet who shares a similar history with Taiwan. Ever since the Chinese government claimed its sovereignty, Tibet has been under military threat and international pressure. Like Taiwan was targeted by thousands of missiles from China and lost its stand in front of the world, millions of Tibetans fought hard and lost their lives and homeland.


ChthoniC held the Free Tibet Concert in 2003 in Taipei with the Beastie Boys and many other artists from Hong Kong and Taiwan in attendance. However, most of the artists went silent after being blacklisted in China. ChthoniC remains the only band speaking up for Tibet from their own politically sensitive country.


From human rights to Tibetan and Taiwanese independence, Freddy conveyed these issues during ChthoniC’s international tours. Freddy was very impressed with the smiles of the Tibetan orphans staying in school during holidays. “Behind the beautiful smiles lies the fact that these kids might never see their families again. Their parents had friends bring them to India by walking through the Himalayas. Some kids did not even make it due to the cold and tough roads.”


“ChthoniC also named their tours ‘UNlimited Taiwan’ when participating on Ozzfest in the US, the Wacken Open Air music festival in Germany, and many other events in Europe. The name ‘UNlimited Taiwan’ suggests that the United Nations somehow sacrificed its beliefs for human rights when facing the powerful China in the interest of huge economical benefits.


Freddy’s visit to Dharamsala soon caught the attention of many international groups who support Tibet. Media coverage and interviews from Norwegian Voice of Tibet, Radio Free Asia in the US, and Tibet Times made this trip more visible to the world.


2009 is the fiftieth anniversary of Tibet’s resistance since the Chinese invasion. Many famous artists such as Bjork and Radiohead have been supporting Tibet for a long time. ChthoniC would like to invite worldwide supporters of Tibet to join the 2009 Free Tibet Concert in Taipei, Taiwan. With the blessings from his holiness the Dalai Lama, ChthoniC affirms to make the 2009 Free Tibet Concert successful.


PRIMUS Mastermind Les Claypool to Release March 17th

Les Claypool will release yet another brilliant work of art, OF FUNGI AND FOE, March 17, 2009 on Prawn Song Records.


"OF FUNGI AND FOE" is the expansion of material Claypool has recorded over the past few years for the video game “Mushroom Men” and the motion picture “Pig Hunt”. Being inspired by these 2 projects Claypool decided to keep creating and turn it inot an album. The song Mushroom Men on this release is a more in depth version of the theme song from the video game. Additionally a jam session with Gogol Bordello’s charismatic front-man Eugene Hutz turned into the track “Bite Out Of Life”.


Since his last album release, 2006’s “Of Whales and Woe”, Claypool has been busy with his films, scoring other’s films and video games while having fun out on tour. This album is a collection of songs inspired by the projects he has been working on over the past few year.


Long acknowledged as one of rock’s leading bassists, Claypool began branching out from

the alt-rock sound of Primus in 2000, starting Colonel Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade, courting the jam band audience and beyond. Selling over 500,000 cd’s since then under a few different band names (including Oysterhead with the Police’s Stewart Copeland and Trey Anastasio of Phish), Claypool put out the career spanning DVD “5 Gallons of Diesel” in 2005 and the live tour DVD “Fancy” in 2007.



1. Mushroom Men

2. Amanitas

3. Red State Girl

4. Booneville Stomp

5. What Would Sir George Martin Do

6. you Can’t Tell Errol Anything

7. Bite Out Of Life * Featuring Eugene Hutz

8. Kazoo

9. Primed by 29

10. Pretty Little Song

11. Rosco


For more information go to or


PAT TRAVERS Back Out On The Road

Revered blues/rock guitar guru Pat Travers is back out and touring including select shows performing live acoustic and the rest full electric Pat Travers Band. This tour is on the tail end of 2008’s successful long awaited tour that was in support of his new live release “Stick with What You Know – Live in Europe” on Provogue Records. The current line-up for the Pat Travers band is Pat Travers (Guitar/vox), Kirk McKim (Lead Guitar / Backing Vox), Sean "The Cannon" Shannon (Drums) and Rodney O’Quinn (Bass / Backing Vocals).

This hard rocking blues performance is in the true Pat Travers signature style, in your face full of big guitars. The album was recorded live at the Bosuil in Weert, The Netherlands. The Pat Travers band on this live performance consists of Pat Travers (guitars, slide guitar & vocals), Kirk McKim (guitar & backing vocals), Frank McDaniel (bass & backing vocals) and Eric Frates (drums & backing vocals). The album was mixed at the Red Room Studios by Sean Shannon assisted by Brad Johnson.


Jan 24    Pat Travers Band          New York, New York              Chesterfield, MI

Jan 29    Pat & Kirk Acoustic       Fishlips                                     Bakersfield, CA

Jan 31    Pat & Kirk Acoustic       Planet Gemini                        Monterey, CA

Feb 1     Pat & Kirk Acoustic       Tommy T’s                                Pleasanton, CA

Feb 19   Pat Travers Band          Route 33 Rhythym & Brews    Wapakoneta, OH

Feb 21   Pat Travers Band          Rockin Horse                            Mansfield, OH

Feb 26   Pat Travers Band          Jumpin Turtle                            San Diego, CA

Feb 27   Pat Travers Band          Cashe Creek Casino               Brooks, CA

For more information on this extraordinary live performance album go to or


Brian Wilson Happenings Around New DVD Release

Music legend Brian Wilson has confirmed several Southern California appearances and concerts around Capitol/EMI’s January 27 release of his new That Lucky Old Sun DVD. 

On January 13, Wilson will be interviewed by Steve Jones on Indie 103.1’

s “Jonesy’s Jukebox” (12pm-2pm PST). The show is available for live streaming online at

On January 15, The GRAMMY Museum, now open in Los Angeles, will debut its “An Evening With” signature public program with special guest Brian Wilson.  Wilson will be interviewed onstage by the Museum’s Executive Director, Robert Santelli, before a brief, acoustic performance for an intimate audience of 200 people in the museum’s sound stage theater.

Following the program, Wilson will autograph copies of his new DVD, which will be exclusively available for purchase that evening at the GRAMMY Museum store. For more information, visit


Wilson will autograph copies of his That Lucky Old Sun DVD plus one additional flat item for each fan at three Southern California Guitar Center locations this month. On January 24, he’ll begin at Guitar Center Hollywood at 12pm, followed by Guitar Center Northridge at 5pm.  On January 25, Wilson will sign autographs at Guitar Center La Mesa at 1pm.

For more information, visit

Tickets are on-sale now for two Southern California concerts by Wilson and his acclaimed band, featuring full-length performances of Wilson’s entire That Lucky Old Sun album, plus many of his classic hits.  On January 28, Wilson and the band will headline The Wiltern in Los Angeles, and on January 29, they’ll perform at San Diego’s House Of Blues. Tickets for both concerts are available for purchase at

On January 30, Wilson will be a featured guest at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, for the theatrical World Premiere of “Going Home,” a new feature-length documentary about Wilson’s return to Capitol Records and the making of his new album, That Lucky Old Sun.  After the screening, Wilson and the film’s director and editor, George Dougherty, will participate in an audience Q&A.  For more information and to purchase tickets for the premiere, please visit

A companion to Wilson’s critically-acclaimed That Lucky Old Sun album, released September 2 in CD, limited edition CD/DVD, vinyl LP, and digital album formats, the DVD features more than two and a half hours of content. In addition to the new “Going Home” documentary, the new That Lucky Old Sun DVD includes a full-length performance of his latest album, filmed live at Capitol Studios on May 19, 2008 in 5.1 Surround and 2.0 Stereo audio.  The DVD’s bonus features include track-by-track audio commentary for the live Capitol Studios performance by Wilson and his That Lucky Old Sun lyricist and band member, Scott Bennett, behind-the-scenes footage from the album’s recording sessions, and Wilson’s recent interviews and performances for Yahoo! Music, MySpace and “Black Cab Sessions.”

That Lucky Old Sun has received rave reviews from top music magazines including Rolling Stone, Spin, MOJO, and Uncut, with Rolling Stone praising the album as “Brian’s strongest new work in years.” Wilson and his band completed a November tour of the new album to 11 major U.S. cities that earned accolades from fans and the media alike.

The dawning of a new California morning for Brian Wilson, That Lucky Old Sun continues the awe-inspiring concept album journey that he first began four decades ago. Wilson’s songwriting, arranging and producing talents came together in harmonious glory for The Beach Boys’ 1966 classic, Pet Sounds, and have continued to evolve during his solo career, highlighted by his 2004 critically acclaimed Brian Wilson Presents SMiLE.

Lyrically and in Wilson’s incomparably lush, evocative arrangements, That Lucky Old Sun adds a new chapter to Wilson’s conceptual presentations.  Pitchfork Media’s album review rates Wilson’s That Lucky Old Sun as “his finest non-Smile album since the golden age of the Beach Boys,” and adds, “That Lucky Old Sun neatly closes the circle he began drawing in 1961 with the single ‘Surfin’,’ returning him to an idealized Southern California…"

For more information, visit <> , an interactive webpage devoted to the album and DVD.

Following numerous nominations, Wilson won a well-deserved Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance (2004) for “Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow”

and he was inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame in 2006. Last December, he was feted as a leading cultural icon by The Kennedy Center Honors alongside Diana Ross, Martin Scorsese, Steve Martin and Leon Fleisher.


For more information about Brian Wilson, please visit



Eagle Rock Entertainment will make 2009 a memorable year with a rousing explosion of rock, blues and jazz!

Ted Nugent Re-Release Extravaganza/6 CDs

Release Date: February 3 

The soundtrack to Ted Nugent’s life is the sound of a hard, fast, raging guitar. That’s the way it was when Ted was a teenager in The Amboy Dukes, crafting the unforgettable riff to "Journey To The Center Of The Mind"…and that’s the way it is today.  This massive re-release of six of the albums that put the Nuge on the map includes:  Full Bluntal Nugity, Nugent, Penetrator, Little Miss Dangerous, If You Can’t Lick ‘Em…Lick ‘Em and Spirit Of The Wild.

The Cure – Trilogy Blu-Ray

Release Date: February 3


By the late ’70s, the rock world was ready for a British band fronted by a ghoulish-looking guitarist/vocalist-Robert Smith-who tapped into enough gloom and torment to kickstart what would ultimately become "Goth".  With their slow dirges offset by their innate melodic inventions, The Cure became the darlings of the burgeoning alternative scene.  Later in their career, the band began to diversify musically and their international ascension was complete.  Trilogy contains a 30-minute bonus interview and three of the band’s most popular albums-Pornography, Disintegration and Bloodflowers-as performed live on three straight nights in 2002.

Wayne Shorter – Live At Montreux 1996 DVD

Release Date: February 17


Saxman Wayne Shorter’s long and illustrious career has traversed numerous musical genres, but he remains a big time jazz kingpin.  The 1950’s saw Shorter on the rise in Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers.  In the 1960’s, Shorter performed as an important component of the second Miles Davis Quintet, and in the 1970’s he co-lead Weather Report. 


In 1996, still touring in support of his Grammy-winning High Life album, Shorter hit Montreux on a high to perform one of the legendary festivals’ most stirring and unforgettable sets. In his band at that time were James Beard (keyboards), David Gilmore (guitars), Alphonso Johnson (bass), Rodney Holmes (drums).


David Sanborn – Live At Montreux 1984-1981 DVD

Release Date: February 17

Saxophonist David Sanborn is a musical phenomenon who can coax the kind of sound out of his alto that can fit into any format. He’s been the man-in-demand on hundreds of albums for a wide range of artists, and in his solo career he’s best known for delving into blues, bebop, smooth jazz, fusion and rock. In this fascinating two-year tale, his ’84 and ’81 Montreux sets are presented side-by-side to show the true diversity of this renaissance man of the saxophone.

The Who – Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970 Blu-Ray

Release Date: February 24


With newly restored visuals and remixed sound, this most classic of live sets comes stunningly to life.  Shot in 16mm film for Academy Award-winning director Murray Lerner’s original movie of this festival, it has been restored to the highest possible quality.  Guitarist Townshend, bassist John Entwistle, drummer Keith Moon, and singer Roger Daltrey were, collectively, the epitome of power in 1970 and this is one of the all-time great Who moments.


YES – Symphonic Live 2-CD

Release Date: February 24


YES, the quintessential Prog Rock band, gets its due with this 2-CD set (the soundtrack to the Platinum-selling DVD of the same name).  Featuring 14 beloved YES classics clocking in at over two and a half hours, performed by vocalist Jon Anderson, guitarist Steve Howe, bassist Chris Squire and drummer Alan White, backed by The European Festival Orchestra and conducted by Wilhelm Keitel.


Return To Forever – Returns 2-CD

Release Date: March 17

With the left-field success of Return To Forever in 2008 (32 years after its last album, Romantic Warrior, was released), Eagle Rock Entertainment will release Returns. This double-disc CD features bandleader and former Miles Davis pianist Chick Corea reunited with bassist Stanley Clarke, drummer Lenny White and guitarist Al Di Meola (the most successful RTF lineup and the quartet that kickstarted ’70s jazz-rock fusion) as they perform during their 2008 reunion tour. 


Charles Mingus – Epitaph DVD

Release Date: April 28

A decade after Maestro Mingus’s death in 1979, Gunther Schuller conducted a 30-piece orchestra at New York City’s Alice Tully Hall for the World Premiere performance of the largest and longest piece for jazz orchestra ever composed (over two hours), "Epitaph."


Described by the New York Times as "one of the most memorable jazz events of the decade," it had been discovered posthumously, and painstakingly restored.  Viewed through the lens of history, Mingus was a titan, a turbulent, difficult, complex man, an equal to Ellington and America’s other greatest composers.




Eagle Rock Entertainment will release two major Blu-ray titles next month when The Cure Trilogy hits streets February 3 and The Who Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970 lands February 24.

As one of the most enduring and popular bands of the post-punk era, The Cure, led by eccentric visionary singer/songwriter/guitarist Robert Smith, excelled at the art of the slow burn. Their doom’n’gloom affectations, exacerbated by Smith’s ghoulish public persona, hipped a whole generation to the ironic stance of positive negativism, pre-dating emo by over a decade.


Trilogy is just that:  three classic Cure albums-Pornography (released 1982), Disintegration (released 1989) and Bloodflowers (released 2000)-all performed in their entirety on three straight nights in 2002. Bonus footage includes a 30-minute interview with the entire band and a special two-song encore set consists of "If Only Tonight We Could Sleep" and "The Kiss."

The Who’s classic set at the Isle Of Wight Festival, as originally filmed by Academy Award-winning director Murray Lerner, has been relived a number of times due to their brutal and shocking extremes.  Nobody played as hard, as fast or as heavy as The Who! 


Experience this most dramatic moment in the history of hard rock, with newly restored visuals and remixed sound.  Bonus extras include two songs – "Substitute" and "Naked Eye" – and a 40-minute interview with guitarist/composer Pete Townshend.


The Cure – Track Listing:


1. One Hundred Years

2. A Short Term Effect

3. The Hanging Garden

4. Siamese Twins

5. The Figurehead

6. A Strange Day

7. Cold

8. Pornography


1. Plainsong

2. Pictures of Songs

3. Closedown

4. Love Song

5. Last Dance

6. Lullaby

7. Fascination Street

8. Prayers For Rain

9. The Same Deep Water As You

10. Disintegration

11. Homesick

12. Untitled


1. Out Of This World

2. Watching Me Fall

3. Where The Birds Always Sing

4. Maybe Someday

5. The Last Day Of Summer

6. There Is No If…

7. The Loudest Sound

8. 39

9. Bloodflowers

The Who – Track Listing:

1. Heaven And Hell

2. I Can’t Explain

3. Young Man Blues

4. I Don’t Even Know Myself

5. Water

6. Medley: Shakin’ All Over/Spoonful/Twist And Shout

7. Summertime Blues

8. My Generation

9. Magic Bus (From "Tommy)

10. Overture

11. It’s A Boy

12. Eyesight To The Blind (The Hawker)

13. Christmas

14. The Acid Queen

15. Pinball Wizard

16. Do You Think It’s Alright

17. Fiddle About

18. Go To The Mirror

19. Miracle Cure

20. I’m Free

21. We’re Not Gonna Take It

22. See Me Feel Me/Listening To You

23. Tommy Can You Hear Me?


Eagle Rock To Release


On March 3 2009, Eagle Rock will release From The Basement, a stunning DVD which features intimate up close and personal unique session performances from a fantastic line up of contemporary artists: Radiohead, The White Stripes, Beck, Jamie Lidell, The Shins, Jarvis Cocker (Pulp), Neil Hannon, Laura Marling, Sonic Youth, Eels, Albert Hammond Jr., PJ Harvey, Super Furry Animals, Damien Rice, Autolux, Jose Gonzalez, Thom Yorke and others.

From The Basement is a unique and genuine experience.  There is no presenter, no big production, no bullshit.  The acts go into the studio, set up, and play their hearts out in front of the cameras.  While there is an eclectic mix of artists featured, they share one overriding common factor – they really know how to deliver a performance.


The DVD opens with an exclusive Radiohead performance of two tracks from their 2007/2008 release, In Rainbows, and closes with two more tracks from the album performed solo by Thom Yorke.  From The Basement brings together some of the best performances from the series so far and reflects the breadth of talent and styles that have graced the basement studios.


From The Basement debuted in Canada in October 2008 at select theatres as part of Cineplex Entertainment ‘s HD Fall Concert Series, and in the UK on Sky TV.

Full Tracklisting:

RADIOHEAD – 1) Weird Fishes / Arpeggi   2) Reckoner

THE WHITE STRIPES – 1) Blue Orchid / Party Of Special Things To Do   2) Red Rain

BECK – 1) Motorcade   2) Cell Phone’s Dead

JAMIE LIDELL – 1) In The City

THE SHINS – 1) Turn On Me   2) Phantom Limb

JARVIS COCKER – 1) Fat Children

NEIL HANNON – 1) A Lady Of A Certain Age

LAURA MARLING – 1) Your Only Doll (Dora)

SONIC YOUTH – 1) The Sprawl   2) Pink Stream

EELS – 1) Millicent Don’t Blame Yourself   2) It’s A Motherfucker

ALBERT HAMMOND JR. – 1) Everyone Gets A Star   2) Postal Blowfish

P.J. HARVEY – 1) The Piano   2) The Devil

SUPER FURRY ANIMALS – 1) Let The Wolves Howl At The Moon   2) The Gift That Keeps On Giving

DAMIEN RICE – 1) Delicate   2) Blower’s Daughter

AUTOLUX – 1) Let It Be Broken

JOSE GONZALEZ – 1) Abraham   2) High Low

THOM YORKE – 1) Down Is The New Up   2) Videotape



Victoria, BC’s Jon and Roy may lack the head count on stage seen with other bands touring Canada, but they certainly have a support team of heavy hitters backing them up.  Their sophomore album ‘Another Noon’ (Blue Heron/Pacific Music/Warner) landed them a nine month North American ad campaign with Volkswagen (replacing Wilco), sent them overseas to tour with Buck 65, and their Jon and Roy Holiday Special show in December sold out the 810 seat Alix Goolden theatre in advance and was recorded by CBC Canada Live to be broadcast across the country later this month.  Together Jon Middleton (vocals, guitar) and Roy Vizer (drums, percussion) are touring through Canada with full time bass player Ryan Tonelli in tow and stopping in Vancouver where Jon has been invited to sing the national anthems for an NHL game.


‘Another Noon’ contains 15 beautifully crafted original compositions drawing from folk, reggae and hip hop influences.  Do yourself a favour and listen to the track ‘Little bit of Love’ here:

"Another Noon captur[es] a wonderfully unassuming, open-mic, coffee-shop vibe that charms and welcomes us in." – Exclaim! 


"Sincerity and passion infuse their performances." – Focus Magazine


Catch Jon and Roy when they hit your city on their Exclaim! sponsored tour:

Jan 16 – Vancouver, BC – Richards on Richards

Jan 24 – Victoria, BC – UVIC Sub – SUBurban (student ID required)

Jan 28 – Vancouver, BC – GM Place (national anthems for NHL Vancouver Canucks/Nashville Predators)

Jan 30 – Prince George, BC – Coldsnap Folk Festival

Jan 31 – Fernie, BC – A Bar Named Sue

Feb 3&4 – Banff, AB – The Rose And Crown

Feb 5 – Canmore, AB – The Canmore Hotel

Feb 6 – Calgary, AB – U of C, That Empty Space (afternoon performance)

Feb 6 – Edmonton, AB – The Pawnshop

Feb 7 – Calgary, AB – The Marquee Room

Feb 11 – Ottawa, ON – The Observatory (Algonquin College – open to public)

Feb 12 – Montreal, QC – L’Absynthe 

Feb 13 – Toronto, ON – The Rivoli

Feb 14 – Wakefield, QC – The Black Sheep Inn (w/ Jenn Grant)


KEATON SIMONS:  Tyrone Wells Tour Starts January 27; Appearances At NAMM & SXSW Confirmed

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Keaton Simons is getting 2009 started with a major U.S. tour, a couple of special convention appearances and a brand new video.

On January 27, Keaton will start a nationwide tour in San Diego, CA with Tyrone Wells in support of his critically acclaimed debut album, CAN YOU HEAR ME, which was released June 10 on CBS Records.

Before the tour starts Keaton will make two appearances at this year’s NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA at the Anaheim Convention Center on Thursday, January 15.  The first stop will be on the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus (at 11:00 AM PT) and second will be at the Gibson booth later that afternoon.  Also, in the midst of the tour with Tyrone Wells, Keaton will make a brief detour to Austin, TX to perform as part of the Hotel Café SXSW showcase on Friday, March 20 at Ale House (310 East 6th Street).

Keaton’s also kicking off the new year with the release of his latest video, “Nobody Knows,” which was shot in Los Angeles by director Joe Dietsch.  Special guests include Tenacious D’s Kyle Gass, comedian Tom Green and actress Ivana Milicevic (“House,” “Seinfeld”).  The clip can be seen on his website and Myspace page.

In a blog posting to his fans on his Myspace page, Keaton what he’s envisioning his world to be this coming year:

“I want to make this new year all about continuing to strengthen and build on everything I’ve been doing while remaining open to all things new. I will do more playing, practicing, writing, performing, touring, and generally work even harder. I’m working on amassing 10,000 hours of live performance time. That means I have to tour and perform as much as humanly possible. I will spend more time recording in my studio. I will be more personally involved with every aspect of my career. I will be unafraid to express my true self artistically, professionally, and personally. I will increase confidence without increasing arrogance. I will maintain and increase my patience and persistence. I will focus on my love of music.

Every passing second is an opportunity to grow and learn. I will use my time wisely. I will make you proud.

With your help 2009 will be a landmark year in my life.”

Here are Keaton’s confirmed tour dates with Tyrone Wells, with more to be added in the coming weeks:


Tue 1/27 San Diego, CA  House of Blues

Wed 1/28 Santa Barbara, CA Soho

Thu 1/29 Anaheim, CA  House of Blues

Fri 1/30  Los Angeles, CA El Rey Theater

Sat 1/31 Scottsdale, AZ  Martini Ranch

Tue 2/3  San Francisco, CA  Café du Nord

Thu 2/5  Portland, OR  Aladdin Theater

Fri 2/6  Seattle, WA  Neumo’s

Sat 2/7  Spokane, WA  Knitting Factory

Tue 2/10 Boise, ID  The Reef

Wed 2/11  Provo, UT  Velour

Fri 2/13  Colorado Springs, CO  Star Gazers Theater

Sun 2/15 Denver, CO  Soiled Dove

Tue 2/17 Iowa City, IA  Picador

Wed 2/18 Minneapolis, MN The Varsity

Thu 2/19  Des Moines, IA  Peoples

Fri 2/20  Evanston, IL  Northwestern University

Sat 2/21 Indianapolis, IN  Birdies

Sun 2/22 Grand Rapids, MI The Intersection

Tue 2/24 Ann Arbor, MI  The Blind Pig

Thu 2/26 Pittsburgh, PA  Hard Rock

Fri 2/27  Londonberry, NH Tupelo Music Hall

Sat 2/28  Hoboken, NJ  Maxwells

Sun 3/1  Philadelphia, PA World Café

Mon 3/2 Boston, MA  Middle East

Wed 3/4  New York, NY  Highline

Thu 3/5  Vienna, MD  Jammin’ Java

Sat 3/14 Atlanta, GA  Vinyl

Sun 3/15 Birmingham, AL  Workplay


BURN HALO: Self-Titled Debut Out March 10; Tour With Escape The Fate And Black Tide Launches February 5

When one door closes, another one opens.  This couldn’t be more true for former 18 Visions singer/songwriter James Hart.  When the Orange County, CA band broke up in 2007 after almost a decade together, that didn’t dissuade Hart and his pursuit to be a frontman once again.  He’s ready to get back to it with his new band, BURN HALO, who will be releasing their charismatic self-titled debut March 10 on Rawkhead Records (through Warner Music Group’s Independent Label Group).

The album’s first single, “Dirty Little Girl,” which features a guest appearance by Avenged Sevenfold’s Synyster Gates, is already getting spins on radio stations around the country, and is in regular rotation on Sirius XM Satellite Radio’s “Octane” station.  A video for the track was recently shot in at the Slide Bar in Orange County, CA with Nate Weaver (Against Me!, Taking Back Sunday) at the director’s helm, and will hit the TV and Internet airwaves within the coming weeks.

Anyone who was watching the Dallas Cowboys/Baltimore Ravens football game on the NFL Network on Saturday, December 20 might have heard another song from the album, “Our House,” during the broadcast.  The track will also be heard during a recap of the college football season for “College Football Now” on the NFL Network, which will air this week and weekend, and will be streamed simultaneously on the station’s website (  Fans should check local listings for details.

Never losing momentum after the break-up, Hart landed a label deal with Island/Def Jam and began working almost immediately with songwriter Zac Maloy on what would eventually become BURN HALO’s debut album.  Between May and October of 2007, Hart made week-long treks to Tulsa, OK to write and demo with Maloy.  “I knew that I wanted a clear-cut rock ‘n’ roll band, which is something I had not had in the past,” Hart says of the music.  “My vision and my brand of rock ‘n’ roll without having to compromise on any of the songs or any of the material.  I wanted to make a very straightforward rock album, something that had commercial appeal, but also something that had a classic, vintage mid-‘80s throwback vibe to it.”

Hart recorded the album from October to November of 2007 with Maloy as producer, laying down the tracks with an army of skilled studio musicians, including Nickelback drummer Daniel Adair, former Jane’s Addiction bassist Chris Chaney, guitarist Neil Tiemann (who now tours with “American Idol” winner David Cook), and Avenged Sevenfold’s Synyster Gates (who appears on the “Dirty Little Girl” and “Anejo”).

In the studio, Maloy was particularly helpful in getting the best possible vocal performance out of Hart.  As he explains, “I really felt like he was able to grasp what I wanted to do and where I wanted to take this.  From a producer standpoint I feel like he really knocked it out of the park.  As a vocalist he was able to bring a lot out of me instead of having me go through the motions and just get the part right, emoting a little more than I have in the past.  He was really able to pull a lot of character out of my voice.”

“I think this is a real statement album for me,” Hart continues. “Anyone who is familiar with me and my past is going to be able to get this record.  They’re going to understand why I made this record and that this is the record I’ve been wanting to make.”

After the album was completed in early 2008, Island/Def Jam elected not to release it, leaving Hart with the tough job of finding a new home for his project. Nothing felt quite right, though, so BURN HALO’s manager Bret Bair formed his own label Rawkhead Rekords and partnered with Warner Music Group to release the record.  Hart spent much of 2008 finalizing the line-up of his touring band–which he hopes will help write and record BURN HALO’s next albums–with Aaron Boheler on bass, Joey Sin on lead guitar, Allen Wheeler on rhythm guitar, and Ryan Folden on drums.

BURN HALO’s new ensemble has already been racking up tour dates with bands such as Avenged Sevenfold (others?), and their next jaunt will be with Escape The Fate and Black Tide starting February 5 in Pomona, CA.  A summer tour is already in the works and should be announced in the coming weeks.

Here are the current BURN HALO dates:


All with Escape The Fate and Black Tide:

Thu 2/5  Pomona, CA  The Glass House

Fri 2/6   Phoenix, AZ  Marquee

Sat 2/7  Albuquerque, NM Sunshine Theatre

Sun 2/8  El Paso, TX  Chic’s Billiards

Tue 2/10  Dallas, TX  Granada Theatre

Wed 2/11  San Antonio, TX The White Rabbit

Thu 2/12  Houston, TX  Meridian

Fri 2/13  Metairie, LA  High Ground

Sun 2/15  Ft. Lauderdale, FL Culture Room

Mon 2/16  Orlando, FL  Firestone

Tue 2/17  Atlanta, GA  Masquerade

Wed 2/18  Charlotte, NC Amo’s Southend

Thu 2/19  Towson, MD  Recher Theatre

Fri 2/20  Philadelphia, PA First Unitarian Church


Samson Technologies Schedules All-Star Line-up to Sign and Perform at the Samson Booth for NAMM 2009

Hauppauge, NY — Samson Technologies has a impressive growing artist relations program and will once again showcase this program at NAMM. The artists are a range of talented newcomers to seasoned veterans. This year, Samson’s all-star schedule will feature over 20 artists from varying genres signing autographs and demonstrating products.

With a plethora of artists ranging from metal icons to jazz greats to funk virtuosos, Samson has put together three days of signings and four days of live performances that will appeal to fans and musicians alike. Some of the artists that will be signing at the Samson booth include John 5 (Rob Zombie/Solo), Herman Li and Sam Totman (Dragonforce), Brian Fair, Jason Bittner and Matt Bachand (Shadows Fall), Peter Erskine (Weather Report/session drummer), Michael Amott (Arch Enemy/Carcass), Scott Ian, Charlie Benante and Frank Bello (Anthrax), Willie Adler (Lamb of God), as well as Hartke newcomer Victor Wooten (Béla Fleck & the Flecktones/solo). 

“Plain and simple: Samson makes great products,” says Brian Fair, singer for Grammy-nominated Shadows Fall. “I get flawless performance on stage and in the studio with every product I use. I also love the people at Samson. They’re awesome to work with and the gear is fantastic.”

In addition to the impressive signing schedule, Samson will also have a variety of artists providing live performances for the music-hungry masses of NAMM. These artists include Stu Hamm (Joe Satriani/solo), Jason Hook (Alice Cooper), JD DeServio (Black Label Society), Victor Wooten (Béla Fleck & the Flecktones/solo), Kiko Loureiro (Angra/solo), George Lynch (ex-Dokken/Lynch Mob), Mike Stone (Queensryche/Speed X) and Mike Herrera (MxPx/Tumbledown).

“With all the new and innovative products we’re unveiling at NAMM, these signings and performances are a perfect complement,” explains Mark Menghi, Artist Relations Coordinator for Samson. “We’re thrilled that all these great artists are willing to take the time out of their busy schedules to support us with such loyalty and enthusiasm.”

Thursday, January 15h:


Stu Hamm (Joe Satriani) 11:00am – 11:30am – Hartke HyDrive demo

Kiko Loureiro (Angra / Solo) 11:00am – 11:30am – Zoom G1K signature pedal demo

JD DeServio (Black Label Society / Cycle of Pain) 1:00pm – 1:30pm – Hartke HyDrive demo

Jason Hook (Alice Cooper) 2:00pm – 2:30pm – Zoom effects performance

Victor Wooten (Béla Fleck & the Flecktones / Solo) 3:30pm – 4:00pm – Hartke HyDrive demo



REPO! Road Tour 3 attendees, prepare for a surprise…In the spirit of the holidays, Lionsgate is gifting REPO! Road Tour attendees with great savings! Upon arrival to the theater the night of your local REPO! Road Tour engagement, a coupon giving fans $2 off their purchase of REPO! The Genetic Opera on DVD and Blu-Ray will be available. Pick up your coupon and pick up your copy of REPO: The Genetic Opera in stores nationwide January 20.

For further information and links to buy tickets, check out

REPO! ROAD TOUR 3 dates:

1/13 -TUESDAY -SALT LAKE CITY UTAH -The Tower Theatre

1/14 -WEDNESDAY- INDIANAPOLIS, IN -Indy Keystone  

1/15 -THURSDAY- FOXBORO, MA -The Orpheum

1/16 -FRIDAY – NJ – The Williams Center For The Arts

1/17 -SATURDAY -GREENBELT, MD -The Greenbelt Theatre

1/18 -SUNDAY -CINCINNATI, OH -The Esquire Theatre

1/20 -TUESDAY- ST.LOUIS, MO- The Landmark Tivoli

1/21 -WEDNESDAY- DENVER, CO- The Landmark Mayan

1/22 -THURSDAY- JACKSON, MI- The Michigan Theatre

1/23 -FRIDAY – PHOENIX, AZ- The Chandler Cinema

1/24 -SATURDAY – LOS ANGELES, CA- Laemmle’s Royal Theatre

REPO! The Genetic Opera:  In the no-so-distant future, a worldwide epidemic of organ failures devastates the planet.  Out of the tragedy, a savior emerges: GENECO, a biotech company that offers organ transplants…for a price. Those who miss their payments are scheduled for repossession and hunted by THE REPO MAN.  By fusing ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW and BLADE RUNNER, this futuristic tale of horror modernizes the “rock opera” genre with original music and rich, dark production design.   This rock opera boasts an entirely original soundtrack that blends equal parts goth and punk rock to form an eerie and powerful musical narrative and features vocal performances by an amazing cast; Paris Hilton, Bill Moseley, Sarah Brightman, Anthony Stewart Head, Alexa Vega, Paul Sorvino, Ohgr and more. Instrumentals and score provided by an all-star lineup that features performances from Joan Jett( who cameos in the film), Richard Patrick (Filter), Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction), Clown (Slipknot), Ray Luzier (Army of Anyone), Brian Young (David Lee Roth’s band), Sonny Moore (From First to Last), Richard Fortus (Guns & Roses), David J (Bauhaus/Love & Rockets), Daniel Ash (Love & Rockets), Blasko (Ozzy Osbourne), Tommy Clefetus (Rob Zombie’s band), Melora Creager (Rasputina). Also lending her voice to the soundtrack is the edgy pop star Poe.

For further info including a full list of confirmed dates and show times, visit

For behind the scenes footage and more visit the film’s main page



Walter Trout’s critically acclaimed 2008 release THE OUTSIDER [Mascot Records] is nominated by The Blues Foundation and the Blues Music Awards for Rock Blues Album of the Year.

THE OUTSIDER features 13 Walter Trout originals (the title track co-written with Trout’s bass player Rick Knapp).   Trout’s backing band on THE OUTSIDER includes drummer Kenny Aronoff (John Mellencamp), bassist Hutch Hutchinson and pianist Jon Clearly (Bonnie Raitt), as well as Skip Edwards and Samuel Avila on the Hammond B3 and a special guest appearance by harmonica wiz Jason Ricci.

Stylistically hard to pigeonhole – – Is Trout’s music too blues for rock – or too rock for blues? — to label Walter Trout’s music is to limit it. With more than 35 years of touring and recording under his belt, this New Jersey native has been "loved and hated, accused and vindicated, packaged and presented for everyone to see," as his brand new, autobiographical song ‘Welcome To The Human Race’ details.

Being in the studio with Trout approaches temporary insanity – the excitement, the unknown, the experimentation. Truly tantalizing sounds on par with those infamous Eric Clapton licks and Stevie Ray Vaughan riffs, are testament to Trout’s talent. His music speaks to your soul, warms your heart and has your foot tapping. Trout brings the blues to life and invigorates rock in a manner all too rare these days.

Grab your own copy of THE OUTSIDER and catch the wave of Walter Trout. For more information visit or


ROB ZOMBIE – "H2" New Movie, New Album and Grammy Nomination

2009 is the year of Zombie as Rob Zombie steps forward to write and direct H2, sequel his box office hit HALLOWEEN in 2007.


Once again, Rob Zombie has been tapped to write and direct “H2,” the sequel to Zombie’s 2007 reinvention of the horror classic “Halloween.” Malek Akkad of Trancas International Films, who also produced 2007’s Halloween with Dimension, will produce the sequel, along with Andy Gould of Spectacle Entertainment Group, Zombie’s long time manager and producing partner.  The announcement was made by Bob Weinstein, Co-Chairman of The Weinstein Company.

Dimension’s “Halloween” scored the highest Labor Day weekend opening ever with a record-breaking $30.6 million in its first four days of release and went on to gross nearly $60 million at the domestic box office in 2007.

Zombie’s “H2” will pick up at the exact moment the first movie stopped and follow the aftermath of Michael Myers murderous rampage through the eyes of heroine Laurie Strode.


“H2” will be Zombie’s fifth written and directed feature.  Prior to the success of Halloween, Zombie released the critically-acclaimed film “The Devil’s Rejects” (2005), the follow-up to his cult classic “House of 1000 Corpses” (2004).  Zombie just wrapped production on his animated feature film “The Haunted World of El Superbeasto” due to be released in 2009.  Zombie, also an accomplished recording artist, has sold over fifteen million albums worldwide, making him one of Geffen Records’ top selling and longest running artists.


Bob Weinstein stated: "Following the success of 2007’s ‘Halloween,’ we are thrilled to be back in business with Rob Zombie, bringing a sequel to theatres.  The fans have made it clear – and we agree – that they feel the franchise is in great hands with Rob Zombie.”


”I am very excited to be working with Bob Weinstein again and returning to the world of ‘Halloween,’ states Zombie. “The remake laid the groundwork, now it’s time to really take Michael Myers to the next level. I believe we’ve just barely scratched the surface of where we can take this series.“


In the music arena, Zombie has been nominated for a Grammy for Best Hard Rock Performance for Lords of Salem off the Educated Horses album [Geffen Records]. 2009 also brings a new studio album, still un-titled and the White Zombie box set [UMe Records] is out now. Zombie also finished his long time project “The Haunted World of El Superbeasto” a full length cartoon feature whose release date is soon to be announced. For updates on ALL Zombie click to


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