Necros Christos – Mors Dalos Ra

January 16th, 2008
by Arto Lehtinen


Necros Christos – Mors Dalos Ra


Interview and pics by Arto Lehtinen

The German death metal squad Necros Christos have ‘piece by piece’ conquered the catacombs of  underground death metal with several releases since the early of the 00’s. The most recent output titled TRIUNE IMPURITY RITES is full-on true death metal with a classic ancient grip. The album presents true and above all raw death metal from beginning to end. It isn’t any surprise why NC have got more and more attention. The band’s leader Mors Dalos Ra agreed to be interviewed for to tell us more about the cult album and other issues.

Guten abend, What’s up in the Necros Christos ?


Well, we`re currently taking a break after our old drummer Luciferus Christhammer recorded his last three songs with us some weeks ago. Those songs shall be used as a B side for a demo compendium release on vinyl somewhere in 2008. Some of the companies taking care of this output are actually coming from finnish shores as i.e. Faustian Distribution and Adhistuksen Ahio. We`re now lying in wait for the new drummer with whom we shall start around the beginning of 2008…

Necros Christos’ first full length album titled TRIUNE IMPURITY RITES presents the utter 143937.jpgjourney into the depth of the obscure death metal. The output is an excellent piece of death metal in its finest form in my opinion. However, a damn stupid question to ask your thoughts about the album now afterwards – did you think that you achieved the aimed results after all?

Yes, totally. Some slight details do bother me a bit, but that`s  how it goes after one year of finishing the record. All in all, “TIR” became the album we did long for and what we expected from us to deliver. It is an occult gate to worlds unknown and takes the listener on a trip to ancient darkness beyond…

Hmm every song on the album has been linked to each other via intros which are based on mystical ritual prayings, however those intro-parts give and create the magical  as well as mystical atmosphere. Presumably having those intros between songs have some sort of  deeper meaning, could you tell a little bit more about those intros?

They are named “temples” and so each of `em is like a pillar within the grand hall of Christos Necros praising the omnipotent powers of the Sitra Achra…

The recording and processing of TRIUNE IMPURITY RITES was obviously a long run process as it started out in mid-2006 whereas the album saw the night of darkness in 2007. How come it took such a long period to emerge out to the daydark?

Mostly because we recorded at certain intervals instead of two or three weeks in a row which indeed did swallowed a lot of time. On the other hand this kind of work was simply perfect regarding the abstinence and silence it granted after recording parts of the instrumentation. I was able to work very thoughtfully without any rush which was necessary to get all summoned waves and spirits involved unto and into the record…

Necros Christos have been compared to several well known acts. Apparenly you are dead tired of being compared to some obvious names. But however do you view getting compared to several old classic names is basically a good choice to give an impression of how a band might sound to new potential maniacs having an interest toward Necros Christos?

I`m not tired of being compared to other bands and of course this might be necessary to get people an impression of what kind of sound we`re practising. When mentioning entities as Goatlord, old Acheron, old Morbid Angel, old Samael, Incantation etc. there´s nothing to complain about…

As far as I know you are also a classical guitar teacher in a few schools there in Berlin… Hmmm I can’t help ask how for example classic music has inspirated you and your process of creation when working and creating new hymns for Necros Christos ?

More than anyone might discover at first listen though. The unbelievable works of masters as Bach, Pergolesi, Scelsi, Vivaldi, von Westhoff, Biber, Weiss and so forth obviously belong to the most exalted Gan Eden of music…


This may be repeating those questions asked above, but however where do you usually take inspiration for the construction of the NC songs ?

Can`t say it Metal wise, but normally I`m much more into Persian, Arabian, Indian, Turkish and Jewish traditional folk music than everything else. My highest devotion belongs to musicians as Hessamoddin Seraj, Iraj Bastami, Munir Bashir, Davood Azad, Shahram Nazeri, Arif Sag, Baluji Shjrivastav or Fateh Ali Khan who are just a few out of the great world of middle eastern tradition…

Necros rely more on the old school death metal approach not having these blast beat maelstorm as several death metal bands of nowadays mostly use. In my opinion these modern day blast parts wouldn’t suit to the Necros Christos magic and its atmosphere, or how do you view that ?

You simply got it. Necros Christos will never use senseless blast beats and hundred riffs a song as this is something Death Metal wasn`t made for…I respect bands as i.e. Nile for their incredible musicianship, but they`re totally out of aim writing a good and remarkable song. Death Metal is about the real deal as “The Exorcist”, “Beyond The Unholy Grave”, “Chapel Of Ghouls” etc., not showing someone`s technical abilities…

Sepulchral Voice is rather a tiny label having focused on putting outputs out from more obscure names such as Miasma Grave etc. Do you view Sepulchral Voice has resources to invest and set more effort to Necros Christos in the future ?

Fact is that this “tiny” label as you call it is run by serious and devoted persons unto the cult of Doom and Death and not about making money with other`s music. They only release what they like 100% and I damn hope Grave Miasma will soon come up with new stuff though hopefully on SVR.

Do you have a mutual agreement with Sepulchral Voice in order to continue the co-operation in future ?

I would ever be thankful and willing to work with them again.

I am definitely convinced there are a number of death metal freaks willing to get a hold of the debut album, but the distribution is probably not that good, even though there are a plenty of underground wholesellers, but do you think it is a little bit of a disadvantage for Necros Christos to spread the music ?

Necros Christos `releases aren`t meant to be part of every fucking music store`s catalogue and if you ask me the distribution of SVR is rather excellent. Those “Death Metal” freaks bothering about not getting hold of our record should better roam the underground instead of searching “TIR” in popular audio shopping centers…


Hmm I can’t help asking if other labels have shown their interest toward Necros Christos ?

Many actually, but who really cares? It is not the physical “size” of a label which is of any interest, it is their passion, their will and their faith which they put unto our sacred cult…and unto Necros Christos.

Speaking of the lyrics penned by you for NC. Do you reflect experiences of your own that were gained in occult and magical rituals as I have got the impression that you are extremely dedicated to subjects dealing with these occult issues ?

Of course. Personally, the wide field of Qabalah mysticism is what I`m most into while my lyrics deal with everything connected with death and the deceased, black mass rites and copulation, ancient Sumerian evil and doom and a lot of weird tellings according to the Old Testament…

I have paid attention to the unholy triangle surrounded by the occultic and magical issues of Necros Christos being Darkness, Damnation and Death also referring to the url of the Necros Christos site. How are those three things linked to Necros Christos ?

Those three d`s are obscured states of mind representing the Sitra Achra, leading away from the omnipotent, prehistoric light of Ain Soph, the Essence Eternal. Nine is the analytical number of man and therefore three times 9 stands for Adam Kadmon, Adam Beilial and Adam Protoplast which are the sephirothic counterparts for the horrible powers of the qlippoth…


As far as I know you have explored and been studying the satanic/occult themes and other mythologies for years. How did you get interested in studying those issues after all and how important do you view them in your life ?

It is life in itself. Actually, I didn`t get interested than more or less “called” at a very young age to follow and explore realms which most ordinary  people would massively fear…

Topics for some songs have been taken from the ancient cultures and mysteries of Sumerian, Egypt and Mesopotamia. How much have you familiarized yourself with cultures and mysteries of those ancient ones ?

I`m still learning, reading, gathering, exploring with no end in sight…

Necros Christos started out as one man combo fronted by you having smoothly recruired others to the rank. What have been primary reasons for expanding the line-up to the four piece ? I assume it is rather important for you to have right persons in NC sharing the same thought and ideas, right ?

Well, actually it is even more important for me to work with serious individuals, everyone of `em having his own convictions. Each of my mates is a skilled instrument within the great temple of Necros Christos, and having three fellows behind me also means being in full armour for spreading the curse live…

The band has undergone a few minor hanges in the line-up during the existence, for example the drummer’s position has been quite windy. Is the current Necros Christos line-up more or less stable ?

Unfortunately not as everybody interested should know by now. But as I mentioned above, we do have a new drummer now with whom we`ll go on rehearsing for exclusive life shows as well as composing new tracks for another full length to come in 2009…  

Drowned play a strong role in your life as well. How are you able to share the time between your private matters and these band activities ?

Theby (drummer of Drowned) lives in Hamburg so we`re rehearsing quite seldomly. Our new Necros drummer comes from northern Bavaria while the rest of us is based in Berlin so we shall rehearse one time a month at least. Regarding this, everything`s on a realizable manner…

Comparing these two bands to each other is pointless and as far as I know you don’t write anything for Drowned ?

I never wrote any single riff for Drowned neither will I as I`m an instrument for this entity as Mister Black Shepherd is for Necros…

59210.jpg 69893.jpg

The Necros Christos gigs are unique ritualistic experiences for anyone attending. I for one have witnessed one gig in Helsinki and was utterly blown away by your raw and tight playing. You mostly rely on the power of the ritualistic death metal at gigs, right ?

Well, thanks for your words and yes, our show isn`t an ordinary Metal concert bit a rite of death and darkness…

Presumably you would have an opportunity of having gigs more than often in Germany, but when looking at gig calendars there are always a plenty of metal gigs all around Germany. Presumably pulling people to shows is getting more and more difficult for any German underground metal bands ?

I see no need in playing more than one or two gigs in Germany each year to keep the interest in NC high instead of wasting it the next month. It`s always hard for a german band to play in Germany though but fortunately, we get a lot of support even in our homecountry since the last two years which is much appreciated…

If you were offered to take a part in a touring extreme package consisting of several other bands, how would you react to that kind of offer of touring with other bands, do you view Necros Christos have been meant to more underground oriented gigs with other kindred spirits sharing the same mutual visions and musical approaches together with Necros Christos ?

As I said before, our life shows are something special, to do a tour isn`t of any interest by now. Maybe things will change, but even the best touring package wouldn`t be able to convince me of playing every night just for the sake of playing. I see something spiritually within our life performancys and seriously doubt a tour would reflect the name Necros Christos that well…


Frankly you are kind of surprised at achieving more increasing following amongts extreme (death black) maniacs and the name of Necros Christos has got spread all around ?

I`m very glad and thankful that our name has reached a status like it is now. I`m playing this kind of music for 17 years, so in the end the reward of getting some slight attention is justified…

Finally I have to inquire your fave death albums in order to conclude the interview

Alright, here we go: Autopsy “Severed Survival” & “Mental Funeral”, Morbid Angel “Abominations of Desolation” & “Altars of Madness”, Asphyx “Last One on Earth”, Death “Scream Bloody Gore”, Incubus (Fl) “Engulfed in Unspeakable Horror” demo, Repugnant “Epitome of Darkness”, Possessed – everything, Goatlord “Reflections of the Solstice”, Incantation “Onward to Golgotha”, Blasphemy “Fallen Angel of Doom”, Repulsion “Horrified”, plus many, many more albums, demos and tracks from bands such as Grotesque, Prophecy of Doom, Order from Chaos, Pentacle, Mortem, Kaamos, Acheron, fuck, the list could be endless…

Danke Schon for the interview, I wish Necros Christos all the best, so the final words are yours.

Thanks a lot for the feature, 999 eternal

The official Necros Christos site : 


Necros Christos in Helsinki

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