Kreator in Malmoe at KB in Sweden

April 6th, 2007
by Anders Sandvall


Enemy of God Revisited European Tour 2007




2/4  2007


Reviewed and pictures by: Anders Sandvall




Kreator, Celtic Frost and Watain toured through Europe a while ago and of course I attended  the show in Malmoe in order to see my old childhood heroes in Kreator. Kreator and Celtic Frost co-headline this tour with Watain as support. Another Swedish act, Wolf, was supposed to tag along on the road but cancelled their appearances because of the singers� throat infection. Kreator ended this show so it took a while before I could enjoy my all times favorite songs once again.

Luckily the time went fast and luckily Kulturbolaget had put up fences in front of the stage so the photographers could take proper pictures. Thanks so much for the KB. 

A big movie screen was hung up behind drummer Ventor where pictures and clips from the band’s long career was shown during the show. The lights went off and the intro started, then the show kicked off with �Violent Revolution� taken from the last studio album. And already there I could tell that it wasn�t a tired act up on stage even though the band had been out on the road in Europe before they stopped in Malmoe.


The show continued with a solid version of �Pleasure to Kill� and it was only to get impressed by bandleader and main man Mille Petrozza and his legion of destruction. Not too many thrash fans came to the venue, only about 300 people had shown up but they sure did their absolute best to give Kreator a proper greeting.

The set list was based on mostly older classics as well as songs from the new album ENEMY OF GOD and the album before that one. A few songs that were played were �Some Pain Will Last�, �People of the Lie�, �Extreme Aggression�, �Betrayer, �Enemy of God�, �Suicide Terrorist� and �Voices of the Dead�.

Petrozza dedicated the song �People of the Lie� to all the lying and cheating politicians in the world and several times he wanted the audience to start a mosh pit which they did. �Extreme Aggression� Petrozza dedicated to all the true and loyal fans of the band that have stuck with them through thick and thin. Petrozza invited everyone to sing a long in that song which again everybody did. He also hoped that the fans were going to show up at Sweden Rock Festival to see Kreator in action once again this year. 

Because of the small amount of stuff on stage everyone could run free across the stage something that only Petrozza took advantage of.

Ordinary playing time ended with �Reconquering the Throne� but of course Kreator came back on stage after minutes of clapping and cheering to do �Impossible Brutality� and the old classic �Flag of Hate� in which the crowd went absolutely wild. After �Tormentor� it was time for the band to go off stage and 80 magical minutes had passed.

Kreator did a magical show and I can�t imagine that anyone was disappointed by these German thrash icons. I really hope that Petrozza manages to keep the band together in order to come here a second time.

Kreator really delivered impossible brutality, like they always do; this evening and I loved it.


Intro, the Patriarch

Violent Revolution

Pleasure to Kill

Some Pain Will Last

Enemy of God

People of the Lie

Europe after the Rain

Suicide Terrorist


Extreme Aggression



Voices of the Dead

Reconquering the Throne


Impossible Brutality

Flag of Hate/Tormentor

Thanks to Suzan Kverh at Playground Music for press/photo pass to the show

Thanks to the Kreator tour manager

Thanks to the nice security staff at Kulturbolaget

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