Tuska Open Air Metal Festival 2004

October 2nd, 2004
by EvilG

The 16th ? 18th of June
The Kaisaniemi Park, Helsinki

All text and pictures by Metal-Rules.com team Finland

Once again it was that time in the year when thousands of metalheads of all ages wandered in order to conquer the central park of Helsinki, Kaisaniemi Park. The annually arranged and prestigious Tuska Open Air Metal festival was held in the mid of July when the gods of the weather had blessed the whole metallic maelstrom with a warm and sunny weekend. The Kaisaniemi Park has turned out to be a perfect place to carry out such a brilliant festival event as Tuska festival has proved to be since it has been arranged there. However, arranging this kind of a popular Metal festival sets also some limitations in general as far as the size of the festival area is concerned because for the last three years the whole festival has been completely sold out and a bunch of ?last action heroes? who have left their decisions to buy their own valuable tickets to the festival in a very last minute, haven?t probably managed to purchase them for themselves any longer due to a limited amount of tickets for each day. The majority of the tickets were sold out quickly in the advance sales already. Therefore, as it?s been up in the air a few times already, the festival organization has unveiled their plans to expand the area for the upcoming events of Tuska which would only be very reasonable due to a huge success of this particular festival.

The bill of the Tuska event 2004 without any doubts had a plenty of domestic big names, above all Nightwish being one of the main headliners of the festival. Nightwish pulled a large amount of people to the festival area on the second day, only showing how a popular band they have become over the years. One of the coolest and most appreciated names at Tuska festival 2004, was definitely the mighty Dio that mostly pulled older audience to their gig to sing-along songs as ?Holy Diver?, ?Rainbow in the Dark? ?We Rock? and such immortal Dio classics on Sunday, in the very last day of the festival.

The Tuska Open Air ain?t limited to one certain Metal genre or style, giving an excellent presentation of various types of Metal styles that are out there nowadays, covering basically everything from Gothic Metal to Doom Metal to Death Metal to Speed ? and Thrash Metal and so on ? kind of offering something for everyone for sure.

As it has become sort of a tradition by now, the Finnish Metal-Rules.com?s team had arrived to the Tuska Open Air festival again to taste and to feel the spirit of Heavy Metal in the heart of Helsinki ? and during the 3 long days along with both friends and even enemies, we tried to our best to cover some of the most important and worth mentioning (it needs to be stressed, from our point of view!) live performances at Tuska festival this year. 



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