Celtic Bob

Celtic Bob: Senior Staff & LGR Manager

Email: | Location: Grand Falls, NL Canada

Celtic Bob

Review Writer (CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, Concert), Concert Photographer, News Adder, Message Board Moderator…etc.

Current Spins:
David Bowie – ★
Toque – Giv’er
Beasto Blanco
Tygers Of Pan Tang
Black Star Riders – Heavy Fire
Mike Tramp – Maybe Tomorrow
Mudmen – Old Plaid Shirt

Classic Picks:
The Kinks

Recommended Viewing:
The Beatles – Eight Days A Week: The Touring Years

Recommended Reading:
Live Magnetic Air: The Unlikely Saga of the Superlative Max Webster by Martin Popoff

Metal Rules Nickname: Celtic Bob

Real Name: Bob

Age: 40+
Birthplace: Grand Falls, NL
Present location: Grand Falls-Wi, NL

Tattoos/Piercings: Bunch of tattoo’s

Job(s) @ Metal Rules: CD/DVD Reviewer, Concert Reviewer and Photographer, Moderator, Managing of LGR …bit of everything.

Length of Time with MR: Early 2000/Late 90’s??? It’s all a blur.

Favorite Metal Genre(s): Glam, Hair, 80’s and Classic

Least favorite Metal Genre(s): Cookie Monster Metal

First Metal CD ever bought: Metallica – …And Justice For All  or  Great White – …Twice Shy
First Metal Tape ever bought: Quiet Riot – Metal Health
First LP ever bought: Cheap Trick – Live At Budokan

First Metal concert: Helix on the Longway to Heaven tour ’86

Favorite bands/artists: Helix, Mötley Crüe, The Beatles, Motörhead, Aerosmith, Iron Maiden, Alice Cooper, Poison, T.Rex, Neil Young, Bobnoxious, Mudmen, Deep Purple, The Rolling Stones, The Ramones, The Kinks, Black Sabbath, Faces, VanHalen, Steel Panther….

CD you hate to admit is part of your collection: None. I am proud of all my collection as diverse as it may be

Spoken Languages: English.

Favorite TV shows: More like channels, Food, Discovery, History, National Geographic….etc.

Favorite drinks: Coffee and Beer

Who I’d like to meet: Keith Richards, Cookie Monster, Joe Walsh, Page & Plant, Tyler & Perry,



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