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So lets see if they are listening...

LOUD aired Blind Guardian's "Bright Eyes" on Saturday, March 10th, 2001. How many weeks of e-mails it took to get them to play this, we do know know. We know they received HUNDREDS of requests for this video. Is there strength in numbers? Well, we can keep up the battle and try to get them to air another METAL video. This time we decided to go with Children of Bodom's newest video "Everytime I Die."  We picked this for two reasons - 1. CoB are a GREAT band that gets NO airplay and 2. we know for a FACT that Nuclear Blast has sent them this video!! So they have no excuse to not play the damn thing!!!

The following e-mail address is where you send requests: Please edit the text below to suit your needs. PLEASE DO NOT change what the request is - there is only strength in numbers. After they air this video we will pick another one and see if they respond to requests for REAL metal!

Thanks for finally airing some real metal on March 20th with Blind Guardian's "Bright Eyes." I am writing you in the hopes that you will consider playing more true heavy metal like this on LOUD. I would like to see the video for "Everytime I Die" by CHILDREN OF BODOM.

Even if you don't get this show in your area, please e-mail them and rest assured that you've done at least SOMETHING for METAL!

TRUE METAL played So Far on LOUD as a result of our "campaign"

Blind Guardian logo

VIDEO  Air Date

Blind Guardian
"Bright Eyes"

March 20, 2001

Potential candidates for the next request - assuming the above assault is successful:

  • Rhapsody - Holy Thunderforce

  • Arch Enemy - Beast of Man

  • Children of Bodom - Deadnight Warrior

  • Luca Turilli - The Ancient Forest of Elves

  • Helloween - Halloween

  • Helloween - A Tale that Wasn't Right

  • Helloween - I Can

  • Helloween - I Want Out

  • Stratovarius - Hunting High and Low

  • Stratovarius - The Kiss of Judas

  • Stratovarius - Against the Wind

  • In Flames - Ordinary Story

  • Iced Earth - Melancholy

  • Sentenced - Killing Me Killing You

  • Blind Guardian - Mirror Mirror

  • Blind Guardian - Born In A Mourning Hall

  • Blind Guardian - And The Story Ends

  • Riot - Born in America

  • Riot - Angel Eyes

  • Riot - Blood Streets

  • Riot - Restless Breed

  • Hammerfall - Glory to the Brave

  • Moonspell - Butterfly FX

  • Sentenced - Killing Me, Killing You

  • Gamma Ray - Rebellion in Dreamland

  • Rage - Don't Fear The Winter

  • Forbidden - Step by Step

  • Nevermore - Dreaming Neon Black

  • Nevermore - Believe in Nothing

  • Sanctuary - Future Tense

  • Sanctuary - White Rabbit

  • Chroming Rose - 40 Nights/40 Days

  • Cut Throat - Bullet

  • Amorphis - Divinity

  • Cradle of Filth - From the Cradle to Enslave

  • Kreator - Toxik Trace

  • Kreator - Betrayer

What Is LOUD?

Loud is a poor excuse for a weekly metal video show that comes on Much Music in Canada. Some areas of the USA get this show as well.

The Much Music website describes what LOUD is all about and right away us metalheads know there is a big fucking problem!

"LOUD: If it's loud, we play it. This is the underground of the 90's; the counter-culture of the day. It's an alternative to the alternative. Not just for the long haired and leather-clad.

WE have NO PROBLEM with long hair and leather...sure it might be a cliché to some but it's better than baggy pants, spikey hair, and rap clothing (that pretty much describes the host - George Strumbleawefulpuss.) Metal is not about RAP or white guys trying to look and dress like they are black!! To be honest we'd prefer it if Much Music just brought back the POWER HOUR and did away with LOUD. But hey, this is all we have to work with right now. So if we want to see some changes we had better make our voices be heard. 

Let the assault begin.

Attention to bands and labels regarding videos:

LOUD may not even have your videos on hand to air them! You have to sign a release form and get them your video to play! We've made requests asking for some of these videos and they have said they don't have them. So make sure they have your videos. E-mail them to find out what you have to do to get your videos aired!!!

We are planning on adding a METAL VIDEO of the month type of thing to So if your band or label has a video that you'd like us to consider adding, contact us!


For those of you in Europe

Some of our staff members are in Europe, mainly Finland. Arto therefore has kindly provided us with the below information.


All European metalfans who are able to watch VH-1 Europe/Uk or then the German Music channel called Viva Zwei. Both the music channels have started showing metal videos and live gigs of several known bands once again. Unfortunately both the channels also air a lot of shit from this current adidas/nu/crap/mallcore shit, but we watchers have an chance to have an effect on what they will show on shows…

First off as to VH-1 Europe having a show called Friday Rock aired every week on Friday night and everyone can and definitely must drop an email with a plenty of video requests for the dj. Go ahead and send a LOT of emails and demand the dj to play METAL, not this nu crap attitude jump mallcore and here are the email accounts:

(use the both accounts!!!)

Then the German music channel called Viva Zwei having a show called 2rock aired everyday at That show usually and occasionally shows metal videos as well as live stuff showed there for example Primal Fear, Motorhead once a week. So everyone out there start sending a lot of emails NOW and demand them to play the metal stuff just like with VH-1 and here is the email account:

I have emailed to both the channels and included a list of various metal videos and to be honest I have been more than surprised that they have even showed the stuff what I have asked for. In my opinion we have a damn good chance to express your want them to show… So drop emails today…Boycott the mallcore crap!!!!