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Ted Poley
Interviewed by Celtic Bob

Melodic hard rock vocalist Ted Poley has been a staple on the music scene for almost 20 years now. From his humble beginnings as a drummer in Lush (his first pro band, also featuring his current bass player Joe Slattery), then as drummer and vocalist in the NJ progressive rock band Prophet, as lead vocalist for glam metallers Danger Danger, Bone Machine, and Melodica. Ted has returned as strong as ever on his new release, the Poley/Pichler CD "BIG" available now on Z records. 

Recently, our very own Celtic Bob was give the opportunity to pose the following Q and A session with Mr. Poley.

How is the B1G CD selling?

Very well, thanks. That’s because I am playing a lot live and sell them at shows. Once people get to hear the new songs first, they tend to buy it after the show.



Why the name change from “Melodica” to “Poley/Pichler”?

No reason really, We just used our real names so people might know its me in the band. Some didn’t know that I was in Melodica so the new name lets them know it’s me. Also, it searches better on the net with my last name in the title.



With your recent parting with Gerhard will the next release be a “Ted” solo album?

If I do anything else it will be more of a solo album but any other project would involve the help and input of others to get it done. Do its never truly "solo".



You are now working with Joe who was in Phrophet with you years ago. How does that feel as he was Phrophet’s vocalist and now you handle the vocals?

Joe was not in Prophet. He was the bass player and singer in my first pro band, "Lush" with ken Dubman from prophet on guitar. It was a killer power trio. I was just 15 or 16 at the time and we ruled the high school gymnasium circuit. We had a huge concert p.a. system, amazing stage clothes, a white fur rug that covered the stage, pyro flash pots, a lighting rig, and a brand new black dodge maxi van, which had our logo in huge mirror silver letters on the side. We would do battles of the bands (we would pull up in the black logo van ,set up this crap and the other bands would just start to cry), local gigs at town pools and high schools and party in the van afterwards. We were already living the rock and roll lifestyle at age 15! But we dreamed of doing it for real and now I get to play with Joe around the world , living the dream we had together as kids! He is a great guy and it makes it more fun that I have known him for 25 years! I wish we still had the van, that ruled.



There is a CD out by “Phrophet” with your vocals on it. How do you feel about this stuff coming out?

Great! Those guys are very fair to cut me in on the deal, and I am very happy that collectors and fans can get to hear that music. It took a long time to do and was a very special time for me personally. One of the cooler chapters in my long 25 year career in music.



D2 recently released the “Cockroach” CD with your vocals and Paul’s. This to me seems a bit weird to have 2 versions of all songs on the same album. How do you feel about them releasing the “Cockroach” CD with your vocals and the new singers?

I don’t love to promote this CD because I worked hard on it and don’t make any money from it, but I guess including my version helped sales or they wouldn’t have done that. I have never heard the Paul Laine version but I am sure its fine. Oh well, that’s showbiz. I will say that it is a very good CD. I loved most of the songs on that one.



It seems that they just want to make some extra $$ without having to do anything.

No comment.



Are you receiving any royalties from it or the recent 2cd Remaster of “Screw It” with the Live EP included?

I do not and will never profit from any d2 release. Unfortunately. they own all the rights and chose not to cut me in. I really like the guys as friends, they are very funny and cool and certainly talented musicians, and I always had a great time hanging out with them, but I wish they would change their "scrooge-like" business practices and help me out a little… maybe someday.



Think you’ll ever share a stage with any of them again?

I would love to, but again, its their band now and its ultimately up to them. I think it would be great fun, not for a permanent reunion, just a fun summer tour or something like that. For the fans and for fun. then back to all of our separate projects.



Since leaving D2 you never changed your sound a helluva lot. Do you feel this helped you or was a bit of a hindrance?

I just do what I do. I don’t try to be anything in particular. If it works, great, if not, then oh well. I am an artist and create what I love. I don’t do it for the hundreds of dollars it generates for my bank account. lol.



Do you still get put into the “80’s Hair Metal” category?

Yes , on VH-1 we d2 is the #25 top hair band of all time.



Is this a good thing?

As long as they remember me for something, that’s better than nothing.



With all the recent debates over the internet causing the music industry to lose millions of dollars because of mp3 downloading and file sharing and some artists are totally against it. What is your stand on this issue? Personally I agree with it as it helps me discover new music that I would have never bought or heard before.

It puts bands like mine out of business. You can lose 50% of sales and for a band that would sell 5000 copies and still make a profit, now they sell 2500 and lose. It is good for promo but mostly its stealing.



What is your view of the current state of the music industry?

I am not too happy with it.



With the recent tragedy in Rhode Island do you feel a drastic change in regulations for artists playing clubs?

The contracts that come in from clubs all read "No Pyro". We never use it, we are exciting enough live without the gimmicks.



A bit of a touchy subject but shouldn’t the club/managers be the ones in charge of all details? I mean (in this particular case) GW and Jack were just playing, not setting up and making the arrangements.

When I do a show, I am in charge and I make the decisions and if I don't want something to happen a certain way then it does not happen that way. That's all I have to say. God bless those who were killed and hurt



Allot of artists including yourself sell your music online and fans know that the money goes directly to the artist and not some suit in a building. Is this the new way of the industry or the only way for allot of music to be heard?

Both. Always try to order directly from the artist, this will help them support what they do (www.tedpoley.com) hint hint.



Will the “Longway From Home” be sold on your site in the future?

No, I don’t think so... now and then records have the u.s. rights to sell that.



That is the hardest one to locate.

It’s available but you have to look for it, it may be out of print now.


I seem to recall an article in Metal Edge with you years ago where you were showing off your “Toy” collection. Now I see you selling it online. Is this just for fun or for financial gain?

I buy and sell old toys and antiques, I keep what I like and sell the rest to buy more. Contact me through my site if you want to sell or trade for your old toys!



What is the most prized piece in your collection?

I don’t get too worked up about it, I have a cool 4000 year old ancient Egyptian wood statue that is cool but not the most valuable thing in the collection. I just think its amazing that its so old.



Has this hobby turned into a business of sorts?

Yes, but I would rather keep 'em all if could afford it!



What are you currently listening to? Any newer bands out there that excite you?

I like Tantric and some other new bands but not too many. I like the new Def Leppard CD.



Do you keep up on newer stuff?

Just from the radio.



Anything left you’d like to accomplish?

Maybe get a great day job? That would be sweet.



What can fans expect in the near future?

Any news can be found at www.tedpoley.com.



Anything you’d like to say to the readers of Metal-Rules??

Thanks for your support and please check out my site and hear sound bytes, see photos, and other stuff.  Stay safe and take care!



Thanks for your time.

Thank you.

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