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jonas-pic2.jpg (16021 bytes)Interview With Jonas Reingold from the Flower Kings

Interview By Anders Sandvall
Live pictures of Jonas by Anders Sandvall
Pictures from studio Reingold by Anders Sandvall

I met up with Jonas Reingold for a talk about his new band/project Karmakanic, the future of the project, and what he is planning for the moment. I met him at the Reingold recording studio here in Malmö Sweden.

How long have you played bass in the Flower Kings?

Since February, 1999. Jamie Salazar asked me to join the band.



The Flower Kings are big around the world but not in Sweden. Why is that?

jonas-pic1.jpg (14602 bytes)In Sweden it is only Top Ten that counts, and what is left for us are festivals. In South America it is much easier because they are more open to new music than is the case in Sweden. Our celebrity starts in Denmark and then throughout all of Europe.



Some of the members in The Flower Kings are also taking part of the Karmakanic. Why did you choose these people?

They suited the music and they are all prog-icons.



Karmakanic: is it a project or a band?

I want it to be a band.



You have chosen to have a lot of people playing on the record. Why is that?

Certain persons were suitable for certain tasks on the record and I have the privilege to choose the musicians and they are all my friends.



Can you explain the theme of the record?

This is a fiction three-thousand years from now. Some scientists find a whole lot of stuff from a man’s life from two-thousand and you follow this man’s life. For example, he preferred to use Internet instead of meeting people. He isn’t obliged to show his real personality. Therefore it encourages you to think of your own life.



“Entering the Spectra” was recorded last year to be released this year. Why all this time?

jonas-pic3.jpg (14456 bytes)I have the company Regain records and they wanted the record to be released together with three other records from the company. The record was finished last Christmas.



You have chosen Göran Edman for lead vocals this time. He sings on your solo debut?

He is a very clever singer and a good friend. He did perform my debut very well.



Is Karmakanic going on tour? In that case, where and when? In Sweden?

Holland has already asked us to play on a great festival next summer. If playing in Sweden... maybe!



If you would describe Karmakanic's music, what would you say?

Prog-rock in the bottom with guitar-riffs. The sound is in the near Pink Floyd and Kings X.



jonas-pic4.jpg (9037 bytes)What is your opinion of producing yourself?

It is difficult and takes quite a long time. If someone else produces you, then you have someone to discuss the composition with.



Are you planning a follow-up record to “Entering the Spectra”?

I want that but nothing is clear yet. The record has to sell at least 8000 copies first.



Do you have a good relationship with Regain Records?

So far, everything is OK.



What is going to happen with your band Midnight Sun; the band in which you are the leader? Is there any follow-up record planned?

Midnight Sun exists but is resting for the moment. I am very proud of the record “Metalmachine.” I plan a follow-up when the time comes.



jonas-pic5.jpg (13758 bytes)What was the response from the fans and press on the record “Metalmachine?"

The press gave both praise and blame.



What is your opinion of the new guitar player Magnus Karlsson in the band?

He is very clever.



What are your plans for next year?

Tour with The Flower Kings around the world. In January we are the headliners on a big prog festival in USA, and I plan to start writing on the new Karmakanic record.



jonas-pic6.jpg (13386 bytes)You have worked with Pete Sandberg. How did you meet? You have taken part in the project “Opus Atlantica.” What is you opinion about Pete as a singer?

We met 1994. He sang on a demo and I liked what I heard, and wanted to make a record together with him. We started with “Sand and Gold” and after that we made Midnight Sun.We have made about 8-9 records together. Pete is a very easy going guy. As a singer he is clever and sings with a lot of routine in his voice.



I find you impossible to beat on the bass. If I say that you are one of the best bass players in Sweden, what would you say to that?

I thank you for the compliment and it is always pleasing when people tells me that they like my playing.



You have taken part on many records. What do you remember best?

The latest Flower Kings record! I am very satisfied with my bass playing on that one. Also, the Sweden bass orchestra where one drumer and eight bass players made a record together.



What do you think of heavy metal/hardrock in the 21st century?

I think it has a future. More now than 1993 when the grunge came and killed the metal. I don’t like the "nu-metal" because I prefer melodies in the music.



Do you want to say something to the fans out there?

Be open to new music. Be brave and look for new music. Don’t buy the new HammerFall, but buy Karmakanic instead!!!!


Thank you Jonas for taking you time to answer my Questions.

Thank you Anders for coming here asking your questions and for taking your time.