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Interview With Tomas Lindberg
Interview and pictures by Anders Sandvall

Here is an interview with Tomas Lindberg, a member of Disfear, who recently went on tour through Scandinavia on the “Close-Up Made Me Do It” tour (a print metal magazine in Sweden). I got to ask some questions about the band's new album, Misanthropic Generation that was released in 2003, and about what the future looks like for the band.

Where in Sweden are you based?

We are based in Nyköping, although our drummer Markus lives in Stockholm and I, myself, live in Gothenburg. The band was formed in Nyköping and two members still live there.



disfear7.jpg (29687 bytes)Would you like to tell us a bit about Disfear?

Well, the band has been around for quite a while, and has released two full length albums, a mini-cd, and some seven-inches before I joined the band in 1998 or 1997 - I can´t really remember. We have always been a hardcore band, but also included different influences in our sound: a metallic raw-punk hardcore attack, basically...



How many albums have Disfear released so far?

The above, plus the new album, “Misanthropic Generation”



disfear2.gif (7327 bytes)Have the guys in the band been playing in other bands before joining Disfear?

We all have our skeletons in the closet, but the most important previous band must be Anti-Bofors, in which two of the current members played raw punk back in the days before Disfear. Only one rare seven inch was released.


Why do you only have one guitarist in the band?

We now have two guitarists, as Ulf of Entombed/Haystack has joined us on second guitar. But before we always felt that two guitars is a more “metal” thing that was not needed in our sound. But with two guitars Disfear has become way more dangerous.



Who writes the music/lyrics in the band?

Björn, our guitarist writes all the music. I write all the lyrics, but we don´t have any rules for this; anyone can contribute to the songs as much as they wish. We arrange everything together. I think on the next album all members might be helping out with the songwriting, even though Björn will probably still write most of it.



disfear5.jpg (21232 bytes)Are the lyrics about anything special?

They are all quite dark , and describe the misanthropic attitude of todays youth. They are all very aggressive, but not preaching.



Have you read any reviews on the album? What have the critics said about it?

All in all, only positive reviews, ranging from stunning to good. It´s been very well received from both hardcore and metal circuits.



How have the fans received the album?

For us: above expectations. We changed a lot on this album as the album before. It was released so long ago, but I guess we have dedicated and open-minded fans. It´s been great to tour on the album meeting both old and new fans.

disfear_cover.jpg (36162 bytes)


disfear13.gif (5386 bytes)Has Disfear done a lot of touring?

Yeah, we like the road. We do at least two longer trips every year and alot of shorter ones in between.



Why have you chosen to call the band Disfear? Does it mean anything special to you?

As the band was named long before I joined, I can´t really answer this question properly.



disfear1.jpg (2014 bytes)Why have you chosen to call the album “Misanthropic Generation?” Does it mean anything special?

To cut it short, ours is a generation of misanthropy.



When was the album released?

In the U.S 12/8, and in Europé 18/8 - 2003



Is it available worldwide?

We have good distribution in Europe, the U.S. and Japan, and I guess a few other places.



disfear3.jpg (1987 bytes)How long did it take to write and record Misanthropic Generation?

Well about five years actually, but I guess the actual time spent working actively on the material could be about a year and a half or something. The rest of the time was spent on the road.



Are you satisfied with the new album?

Yeah, we are. It feels great that it´s finally out and all of the good reactions on it - together with increasing sales have reaestablished our beliefs in what we do.



disfear12.jpg (1896 bytes)Are there any songs that you are less satisfied with?

Not really. From day to day, there are different favorites in the live set. We have all of the new songs ready and rehearsed and switch from show to show.



Are there any plans on do a follow up? If so, when?

We have just started writing, but we still have some more touring to do on this one before we concentrate harder on new material.



disfear14.jpg (2578 bytes)How would you describe the kind of music you play?

People have different opinions about this, so I´m not quite sure, and I´m not really bothered either. Let´s say we play deathpunk. I like the sound of that.



At the end of 2003, you and Entombed were out on the road together. How was that?

It was great. I´m old friends with everyone in the band, so it was great to hang out again after all these years. The shows and audiences were amazing.



Why did Uffe from Entombed play guitar on the Scandinavian tour?

Because he wanted to.

disfear10.jpg (28354 bytes)


Are there any plans on doing your own tour for Disfear?

We are putting one together as we speak. We´re going to hit all over Europe before the summer, and there are also a few festivals booked already.



How does the co-operation with your label work?

Good, they listen to us enough, and have a good distribution and promotion.



What are the plans for Disfear during 2004?

Tour this album to pieces, then from September or something we will concentrate on the creative process of writing the follow-up. Looks like a good year.

disfear6.jpg (24520 bytes)


Which show was the best on the tour?

All were good, in different ways. Big places, small places we don´t care. We have fun wherever we go.



If I say that you are a living legend, how do you comment on that? Do people recognize you when you’re out on tour?

People do recognize me, but I don´t care. I´m just the singer with Disfear, but if people want to talk about old stuff, it´s ok with me, but I don´t feel all that special, even though I'm proud of all that I´ve achieved over my career.

disfear9.jpg (33178 bytes)


How many bands are you currently in?

Disfear, The Great Deceiver, Skitsystem, and Lock-up.



How involved are you in Nightrage?

I only sing on the album. Marios is a good friend, but I might sing on the next one too.

disfear8.jpg (29269 bytes)


Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

No problem Anders!


Thanks to Relapse records for the promo pictures of the band, taken by Rikard Laving.

Band Website: www.disfear.com
Label Website: www.relapse.com