Heart of Steel: Interviews

Tommy Krash of Dead Star Factory
Interview By Keith McDonald

It’s very rare when I do interviews with bands that either don’t have a decent record label deal or are an unsigned act. But I figured I'd see what this new band was all about. They released an album on Perris Records, which is a real good start. The band is currently looking for a new bass player so they can hit the road, locally, and promote the new album. I recently had the opportunity to speak with lead singer Tommy Krash who gave me the lowdown on his band.



How did the band start?

It started as a recording project with myself. Just an eight track machine and a drum machine. Later I got Matthew Scott to cut live drums, and over a year we had a bunch of stuff on tape or CD. Eventually Perris Records put it out and Matthew switched to rhythm guitar and we have Johnny Tuscadero on drums. We are looking for a bass player. Oh yeah, we also changed the name from SINN to DEAD STAR FACTORY.



How would you describe your music?

Hard rock. Simple tunes with hooks and a lot of guitar leads. Punk meets Motley Crue with some STP in there.



Is there a place where fans can download your music?

You can download samples on www.sinntheband.com.



I see you also have a solo album available? What type of sound is that?

Its is more pop-oriented stuff, like Prince meets U2.



How did you hook up with Perris Records?

Through George the A&R gentleman. They openly look for bands. I don't see how they stay in biz signing bands like us, but I thank them very much for putting hard rock out. Good men!



How has the album sold so far?

Probably a question for the label. I saw one sell on Ebay the other day.



Is it your goal to hook up with a bigger label or keep doing it as is?

A big label would be good.



How hard is it for your band to tour?

Without a bass player it's pretty friggin' hard. There's really no point in touring at this level with no money behind us or major promotion. That's just a good way to get in debt to tour at our level. I'd rather stay home and write and record more songs.



Does your solo material interfere with the band itself?

No, there is some crossover in the songs, but the band just kicks them up a little. If it's a good song it’ll fit most any style.



Who is in the band?

Matthew Scott - Rhythm guitar

Johnny Tuscadero - Drums

Tommy Krash - Lead guitar & vocals

still need a bass player....



Anything you'd like to plug/promote?

www.tommykrash.com go buy the CD. Also, go to www.americansugarbitch.com. I play lead guitar in this band along with Weakly from Roughhouse on lead vocals, and two very nice gentleman from Philly. Oh yeah, in case you didn't get it, we need a bass player; a Nikki Sixx type would be ideal.



What lies ahead for the band?

A record, get the website up, get a bass player, play live and shop the band around.