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Interview With Chaosbreed
Interview By Luxi Lahtinen

It´s brutally marvelous to the bone. It´s harder than any known stone. It´s got a heavier, more pulverizing, more crushing and more pummeling sound than many other Finnish ´poser bands (!)´ These guys are into it for real. It´s a new infamous breed on the Finnish metal map better spitted out under a moniker Chaosbreed who are so real deal that they just cannot be ignored in the long run. Chaosbreed is no less than Taneli Jarwa (ex-Sentenced, The Black League) on vocals, Esa Holopainen (ex-Violent Solution, Amorphis) on guitar, Oppu Laine (ex-Nux Vomica/Amorphis, Mannhai) on bass, Marko Tarwonen (also in Moonsorrow, The Wicked) on guitar and Nalle Österman (previously in Gandalf) on drums. The guys have achieved the highest grades in an infamous observation class of ´old-school Stockholm Death Metal´ and they have been made of all ´dismembers´, ´entombeds´, carnages´ and just even more - believe me!! Just recently I decided to put them for one more test for Metal-Rules.com in order to ´peel the flesh from their bones´, to see whether there's even more under the surface they would have wanted to reveal about themselves. And they did… Read the rest about them from an interview they did exclusively for Metal-Rules.com just a short while ago. The whole band was present, poor me…


First of all, would you tell us in your own words what Chaosbreed is all about, and what made you guys started this ambitious Death Metal ´project´ in the very first place?

Nalle: Only death is real…

Esa: It's about having great time with great dudes, drinking booze and playing our great shit. Not much to think, but that's what Chaosbreed is about from my point of view. Oppu, Marko and Nalle had this idea with forming a Death Metal band and do shit what we all enjoyed in the early 90's.

Oppu: We’ve planned to form a Death Metal group for years, and as we did the Chuck Schuldiner charity gig last year and got into playing brutal stuff again, it was natural to go on.

Marko: I´ve always wanted to play Death Metal, but I ended up in the stupid Prog-Rock band with ex- Amorphis dude Kasper who, by the way, has a major part in Chaosbreed, too!!



What´s his ´role´ in your ´unholy union´ then?

Marko: You should behold of ´The One-Fingered Keyboard Wizard from The Grave´!!!


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You have many known Finnish band members in the line-up. How much do you honestly believe it has some effect on labels when they will find out the ´super´ line-up of Chaosbreed? Do you think that even with this line-up alone consisting of a bunch of known metal musician from some already established Finnish metal acts, some labels would already be probably willing and ready to sign you without even hearing your music first; just counting 1+1 would make you a relatively remarkable yet somewhat profitable artist for some certain label?

Taneli: I don’t think anyone could honestly be so foolish as to bet their money on something like this before hearing one single tune! At least I hope not! Generally, I’d like to believe that the UG metal thing has not become that blatantly calculative and ”commercial” during these last years. But what the hell do I know, since I’ve been out of it for more or less the last decade? Besides, ´my name is mud…´ anyway, for that matter…

Nalle: Like Spinal Tap once put it: “Gimme some moo-neeey…!!!”. I’m waiting for all the rotten vegetables and coins that will start flying when we enter the stage with our putrefacted stench of rotten death metal: hey, there we have a free meal and some money for beer! Thank you in advance!

Esa: Of course it counts if there's known musicians in the band, labels are interested because they can sell albums with these guys´ names. I believe there are no labels except Relapse and Earache who would sign without hearing your shit.

Oppu: No label has so far suggested a deal to us without hearing the material. Of course we didn’t expect it to happen!

Marko: I´d say if our demo won´t make any impression I´m out of this band!!!



Would you consider this particular line-up as some sort of an ideal line-up for churning out a mix of both old-school Swedish - and Floridian sounding Death Metal? I happen to know all of you have your Death Metal backgrounds in quite a few different Death Metal bands already, so I bet to get all these familiar faces to play in the very same project, actually wasn´t that hard thing to accomplish after all (…or was it?)

Esa: It really wasn't, I still like old Entombed, Dismember, Grave stuff so having idea with Chaosbreed was great.

Oppu: I think there is not too much of Florida-influences in Chaosbreed at all. I’ve always thought that every other band from the Florida groups than Morbid Angel and Terrorizer were absolute crap! Generally US-Death Metal sucks real bad in my opinion.

Marko: Except Autopsy!

Oppu: Oh, not to mention Death too…

Nalle: Some American bands I have liked are Morbid Angel, Obituary, Death, Atheist and Nocturnus, but the rest of the crop… Just not my cup of tea. I prefer GG Allin.

Taneli: I was a bit skeptical at first, but as soon as I heard the song material and the drive in the band’s playing I decided to go for it! Come hell or high water!

Nalle: Variety is the spice of life, after jerking off for a few years straight I thought it was time to do something even less useful with my life. So I ended up to play death metal. By the way, Jesus turned water into wine but Black Jesus will make it ´Salmiakkikoskenkorva´! So I stick with Black Jesus. This band is not a joke. Period…!!


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Could you also claim that each of you is 100% into this ´project band´. Excuse me by inquiring some specific facts, but somehow it looks kind of strange and odd to me to see guys like Esa from Amorphis and Oppu from Mannhai to do this kind of stuff nowadays as some hard facts speak against these particular two guys in question as far as musical likings (or dislikings) are concerned. As far as know, neither Esa or Oppu have been listening to any Death Metal stuff for years any longer, so what made them to change their minds and come into this Death Metal ´project´ as some facts still remains the same: They haven´t been listening to any Death Metal at their own spare time for quite a few years, so how come they can be 100% into what Chaosbreed represents and is all about musically? That´s something I simply refuse to understand, I´m sorry…

Oppu: What…???



Eh…, sorry Oppu, but I was under that impression that you hardly dig any ´extreme´ metal stuff any longer… Hmm, little I did know as far as some of your interests on that ´harder side´ of metal are concerned, sorry… So, I was just wondering whether you have always been digging Death Metal even since you stepped aside from Amorphis and formed Mannhai with Joanitor from Xysma (R.I.P.)? I´m just a bit curious - that´s all…

Oppu: Actually it’s true that I sort of got sick of metal in the mid 90’s, but I think it was just a healthy reaction all in all. But in fact, I’m not into Stoner Rock either, though Mannhai is considered of being a Stoner -band… Metal purists have never showed any intelligence in this case, and I’m proud to say that I’m not “true”, if you know what I mean?

Taneli: I haven’t been following the metal scene in any of its forms for so many years that I neither have the slightest idea (nor interest) of what’s going on in there - except for the obvious Him/Stratovarius/CoB -axis, which to me represents rather the downfall of metal than anything else. In my opinion the most dynamic and unorthodox spheres are nowadays captured in some very different circles altogether. However, I’ve never got rid of the records that I used to like, listen and love at some point in my life, so the Death Metal albums that made an impact on me in the turn of the 80’s/90’s are still close to my heart and spinning on my turntable whenever I feel like it. Besides, who the hell knows and who the hell cares what Esa or Oppu are listening to at their spare time? Do you really believe that all the Slayer -guys are still only listening to old Venom or The Haunted all the time (all their ´venoms´ and ´the haunteds´ go under one name nowadays, I´m afraid: Slipk! not - Luxi notes!)? So very naive and narrow-minded of you, old timer, no offense.



What I meant with my question, is that if you haven´t cared a shit or followed the scene - and especially the Death Metal scene for many years - as what I honestly yet mistakenly thought both Esa and Oppu haven´t been doing, then how the hell are you supposed to become thrilled and enthusiastic about the whole thing like all of a sudden and make other people convinced that you are 100% into it, y´know what I mean by all this?! That´s the reason why I thought I just had to inquire some facts straight concerning this. And no offense taken either, pal! (Luxi comments politely back to Mr. Jarwa…)

Nalle: I happen to know for a fact that Oppu only listens to Norwegian Black Metal and Esa only listens to Singaporean underground bands. As for me personally, I only listen to GG Allin and Hortto Kaalo. We are responsible for the decline of western civilization. SARS! What a fucking project band? This doesn’t feel like your average project band, but something way bigger. Time shall tell how this will take off. I will take off my clothes for the time being… Liberation!



Thanks for shedding some light on this issue, bro!! I had no idea that this is more like a ´real´ band instead of some half-assed ´project´ type of thing. Now having the topic Death Metal up, is there Nalle some new band - or some bands that have made you a relatively huge impression lately by churning out absolutely ripping debut albums like a bold from a crystal-clear sky? And I wanna fuckin´ point out that I´m talking about some ´only-death-is-real´ Death Metal bands - and NOT any Gothenburg type of melo-Death Metal acts by any means?

Nalle: After starting to run the “Club Rock Hell”-thing at Stella Star Club late 2002, I have received numerous good demos from different Finnish brutal acts. Some bands that have caught my attention are Deepred, Pain Confessor, Total Devastation, Deathchain, Zero Industry, Wounds and Dauntless. Brutal fuckin’ metal!! Not all of those bands are style-wise my cup of tea, but I can appreciate where they are coming from and also approve the hard work they are putting towards their bands.

Esa: I'm sorry for you Luxi if you think this way.


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Sorry Esa, but for me it was kind of tough to believe you could still be into this type of extreme shit and even play in some band this type of shit that could come straight from your heart and soul. Namely I have been reading several Amorphis interviews during all these past years or so where you have hardly mentioned any Death Metal bands by name if some certain interviewer has asked some of your latest musical ´discoveries´ from you that you have seriously been into what they are musically all about, y´know. But as I seem to be completely mistaken about you Esa if we still keep this issue present for a while, would you give us some fair examples about those Death Metal bands and albums that you could say you have honestly been into and digging as of lately? I´m just dying to find out this directly from you if you don´t mind - not having any intentions to push you against the wall and twist your arm or anything, heh!

Esa: Well, to answer to this quite “fanatical” question the fact is that I’ve never stopped digging good old Swedish Death Metal releases. I really don’t care and most of all, I don’t have to prove my loyality for non-existencing “scene” or to anyone. Sorry Luxi, but you sound a bit like fanatical Manowar -fan.



There´s nothing either “fanatical” or “hypocrital” either in my question; just wanted to put some facts straight with that particular question… that´s all. Who´s ´Manowar´, by the way…?! ;) However, let´s move on… Did the Swedish Death Metal killing patrols Murder Squad and Bloodbath were some sort of inspirations for you that pretty much put ´the old blood´ flowing in your veins for the ´90s sounding Death Metal which eventually made you think why we Finns couldn´t come up with something like that as well as we do have our past Death Metal roots as well; with bands like Funebre, Abhorrence, Sacred Crucifix and stuff like that?

Esa: No. I think our promo shots are equal to Funebre´s.

Nalle: Ha-ha…!!

Taneli: Sorry, I haven’t heard the products of these bands, so can’t comment on that. What put the ”old blood” flowing in my veins (if you really want to stick to that) was mainly the Chuck Schuldiner -tribute gig that we did with Oppu, Nalle and a couple of other guys. At first I wasn’t quite sure whether I could still handle the vocals in that genre, but at least now after recording the demo, I’m pretty fuckin’ positive that it sounds more convincing than back when I was 16 years and 30 kgs lighter, ha!

Nalle: Who are Murder Squad and Bloodbath? New viruses?! New Death Metal patrols (like Cadaver Inc.)? Sorry I tend to prefer SARS!! If you see Ertzy and Heiska from Funebre or the Abhorrence -boys, say hello to them from me. At this point I would like to say hi to Nadja Peulen, by the way.

Oppu: No way! I’ve never heard of Bloodbath and Murder Squad’s debut didn’t sound very inspiring…

Marko: I think Murder Squad is pretty good in their shit. Fuck, they even got Chris Reifert to their album! *jealous*



As you seem to be digging most these Swedish old-school deathsters out of 5 of you guys in the band, could you tell by your own words what´s actually that specific thing in Murder Squad which you find totally appealing and interesting in them?

Marko: They sound so cool and I find it very entertaining trying to hear all the rip-offs from their songs! That however is not what Chaosbreed is doing (sic!).



The name ´Chaosbreed´ most obviously has been ´borrowed´ from the semi-legendary CLANDESTINE album by Entombed that contains a song titled “Chaos Breed”. Well, why do you think that particular name was the most representative and fitting for the name of this project and would you also inform us whether there were some other nominees for you to be pondered over for naming this project? I was actually hearing that you had some talk about using such name as ´Hollowman´ for the name of this ´project´ - amongst other names as well as a matter of speaking…

Taneli: My suggestions were Hell Mouth or The Unspeakable, but since the rest of the group opted for Chaosbreed, I felt obliged to give in. Especially considering Nalle’s suggestion, Genitalia, which in turn would lend its connotations to something way more bizarre, like Anal Cunt or Meat Shits… NOT the thing we’re trying to do here - at least I hope so, heh heh…!!

Nalle: Fuck, Genitalia was the ultimate name for a brutal Death/Grind band. Anal Cunt and Meat Shits are only for wussies and pussies; Genitalia is the real deal. Genitalia will only make snuff albums and demos, as all the musicians and engineers will have their genitals sewed in a sewer and will eternally rot in pain! Seth Putnam, eat your heart out! Oppu: I preferred GENITALIA to the end!!!

Marko: So why don´t we start a side project “Genitalia”? I´m definitely in!!!

Esa: I bet you didn't hear me talking anything. Genitalia was Nalle´s idea for this band name, but Chaosbreed sounded way cool and overall represented better how this band sounds like.


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Is there some particular ´atmosphere´ or ´feeling´ you´d like to reach with Chaosbreed musically? Now I´m referring to some certain atmospheres with this particular question that you are able to sense out of Entombed´s CLANDESTINE or Autopsy´s MENTAL FUNERAL albums, for example. Is that something you are looking for Chaosbreed as well, kind of trying to find a formula for that ´90s Death Metal sound more than anything really?

Nalle: In my opinion Clandestine features musically some of the best songs Entombed have ever written, but Nicke’s vocals basically suck. Sorry Nicke! But I am happy that Nicke found his voice with The Hellacopters, they rock!

Taneli: Copycatting is never the way to achieve anything. The influences are obvious, but not the end in its self! I used to dig more of the dirty, rugged, unproduced sound of the early demos from bands like Grave, Carnage, Grotesque + the first albums of Death, Autopsy, Pestilence and Entombed. As far as I’m concerned, after that very short phase in time Death Metal in its primitive ”punkish” form had already been more or less defined and done. What I hope we can achieve with Chaosbreed is some of the feeling (or drive) on those recordings (AND of our very early own bands, too!) with the sole difference that now years later and several musical paths having been crossed and intertwined we could concentrate solely on doing Death Metal as Death Metal without letting our diverse personal musical ambitions get in the way. At least the enthusiasm is there, call me a moron if you will!

Nalle: After taking one step forward and two steps back for too many years it was time for me to take one step back and two steps forward instead, don’t you think? Dig up her bones!

Esa: Well, that's what it's about. We try to come up with an unique ´Ceebbarit´ sound. Marko: I´m glad if we can get that trendy Stockholm sound even close!

Oppu: CLANDESTINE is one of the lousiest Entombed album in my opinion, whereas on the other hand MENTAL FUNERAL simply shreds, and I truly hope we could reach the groove and soundscape of LEFT HAND PATH. With Tomas Skogsberg I’m sure we’ll make it!!


chaosbreed oppu


Do you Oppu still consider him as one of the best producers around for a classic (Swedish) old-school Death Metal sound and do you believe he has the best understanding for this kind of music anyway? You are experienced with Thomas´ production skills as you recorded two 1st albums and BLACK WINTER DAY E.P. with Amorphis at Sunlight Studios - and Thomas was there for creating Sunlight´s ´magical´ trademark sound for those aforementioned three releases. What kind of guy is he really according to your past experiences with him?

Oppu: I guess Tomas is not very fashionable to work with these days, as he doesn’t use the fucking “Pro”-tools and doesn’t bother to fix every little mistake. He’s not the easiest guy to work with, and Sunlight ain’t the classiest studio there is, but he after all is a father of Swedish/Scandinavian Death Metal sound and best at what he does. There’s loads of both good - AND bad experiences on working in Sunlight, but whatta heck, Tomas is the only option to produce stuff like Chaosbreed. Is there any specific ´Swedish-made´ Death Metal album for you Marko that has kind of the most ideal sound you´d like to achieve for the Chaosbreed´s debut outburst, f.ex.?

Marko: Carnage’s DARK RECOLLECTIONS, that´s all I can think of at the moment.



If there was a person who had never heard your band before, and still would be damn curious to hear how this Chaosbreed all the way from Finland sound like exactly - and you should give her/him an idea of the band´s sound by picking up 3 albums that are closest content-wise to the Chaosbreed -stuff, then what those 3 particular albums could be? I know, by naming just 3 albums surely ain´t any that easy task to do, but give it a fair try anyway, will ya…

Nalle: These three records you will NEVER get from me for free, buy them from some shop instead: Slayer - REIGN IN BLOOD, Carnage - DARK RECOLLECTIONS, GG Allin & the Murder Junkies - BRUTALITY & BLOODSHED FOR ALL.

Esa: We sound and look like guys your mother doesn't want to meet.


Oppu: 1. Autopsy - SEVERED SURVIVAL, 2. Entombed LEFT HAND PATH and 3. Chaosbreed - UNLEASHED CARNAGE



So, are you telling me that your debut album will be unleashed under that particular album title…? Does it have any ´deeper´ meaning hiding in it?

Oppu: Some people might see the meaning of the title UNLEASHED CARNAGE, but so far it’s just a title for the 1st demo. I think we could come out with something more original with the album title?

Taneli: Just forget about it!!! We have 3 songs recorded as a demo, how do you think you can define our sound more specifically? To give you something anyhow, Chaosbreed does NOT sound like: Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse or Malevolent Creation.


Chaosbreed-pic6.JPG (27703 bytes)


C´mon dude… you have 3 full songs recorded already for this demo, so you should be able to define both your sound and direction a bit at least in my opinion based on those existing yet recorded songs. I bet your up-coming stuff from those 3 particular songs forward, won´t have that drastical musical changes concept-wise; I strongly yet honestly believe your sound will still remain brutal, heavy and yet very uncompromising, so let´s not agrue about that matter any further. Well then, you have been working with your 3-song promo that will be available through your own website as soon as you have one. As far as I know, the interest toward it has already been relatively huge even if it´s not been released officially anywhere yet…

Oppu: Yeah, that’s true…

Taneli: Working, indeed… we laid down the songs in a couple of takes at a lousy old rehearsal place, just like there had been a time warp of 15 years! It’s a goddamn dirty old demo, but at least it´s more intense than your average Cake Walk recording.

Nalle: It was very hard work for me indeed… Sitting still on my drum stool for two hours straightand not being able to play one single tune to have that engineer find the ultimate fucked up drum sound. Hard work indeed!! Thankfully Karhu -beer provided me some company, too.

Esa: Right…



So, is there someone working with a Chaosbreed´s official homepage already? If so, what kind of things do you have plans to include for it? Some killer shots from your crazy and heavy ´kaljaa koneeseen´-drinking sessions taken straight from your unholy rehearsal place so that media could use them for their interviews when they get a chance to bullshit with you guys; these kind of pics could be found from your miscellaneous section, of course!! But seriously again, some mp3s, news section, live section, discussion forum, etc. etc. could obviously be found from the Chaosbreed site, but I let you go on from this now, what else?

Marko: We have a very experienced Swedish (of course!) webmaster doing our site and he likes to drink enormous amounts of Lapin Kulta beer every damn day, so this matter is on very good basis. I don´t know what he´s up to yet.



You have obviously been receiving some interest from labels as well, am I right? Is that any open issue to be discussed a little bit right now or do you preferably like to keep it still as a ´hus-hus´ -thing a bit longer?

Esa: More like a ´hus-hus´ and ´piss-piss´ -thing…

Taneli: Madonna’s label is interested, but since Michael Jackson is bidding for the copyrights for our entire careers, I guess we just have to ponder the business with our lawyers first.

Nalle: I hope Maverick will sign us, so I could play toe-sex with Madonna.

Oppu: There have been tons of labels that have wanted to hear our stuff. In fact, every single Metal -label and a couple of majors have contacted us…



Like Earache, Relapse and Metal Blade for example… Are you talking about these labels specifically?

Oppu: Well, we’ve been in contact with few labels, but no one offered a deal yet.

 Marko: I just started a record company called Genitalia Records. I wonder if Chaosbreed were interested in doing some biz…

Oppu: Yeah, a 10-year rip-off deal just like in the good old days… (laughs!!)


chaosbreed - Taneli Jarva


Aren´t you any surprised at all that you have already made such a huge impact on a great bunch of people in the metal scene basically by just announcing in some web-/magazines that a new Death Metal project called Chaosbreed has been put together by a bunch of guys from some ´known´ or ´less known´ Finnish metal bands? I bet some of this huge yet overwhelming response must have come at least as a bit surprise to all of you, correct?

Esa: Well, we have so good promoter inside the band so I'm not really ´that´ surprised at all.

Taneli: I guess people are just surprised and curious, and can you really blame ’em? We’ll probably end up burying the remnants of our carriers with this one, so I guess you can call us “dedicated” then?

Nalle: I am not personally surprised at all, since we all are metal sods, sorry, metal slobs… Oh no, of course I mean metal gods!!

Oppu:I knew that this line-up  would confuse the scene, but what can you do when you happen to know all the top musicians in the scene?

Marko: I definitely am from the less known Finnish metal band and that´s cool. Seriously, the hype is always the same when some kickass metallers form side projects. The only difference is that Chaosbreed is NOT a side project.



Will Chaosbreed be an equal band to each of you in every possible way like, let´s say, Moonsorrow is for Marko, Mannhai is for Oppu, Amorphis is for Esa and The Black League is for Taneli? I believe that when your ´main´ bands have been activated for doing gigs or recording an album, Chaosbreed obviously will be put on hold for that time, correct?

Oppu: Yep, that’s how it goes. But I’m sure there’ll be some time left for “Unleashed Chaos” -tour 2004!!

Marko: There´s always time for breeding some chaos! Certainly our main bands go first but whatta hell, I play for example in 4-5 different bands and I´ve always managed to do my part in each of them and sometimes even more. Fuck, bands are what I like to do most in my life!



How you do overall think of the Finnish metal scene nowadays? It´s been recognized by the metal community as one of the strongest metal scenes in the whole world nowadays due to our highly unique and original sounding bands, but if we draw a reference point to “what´s actually metal in its purest form and what´s not”, are you still satisfied with all this metal terminology that has been used with bands like H.I.M., To/Die/For, Charon, The 69 Eyes, etc. - basically with all these Gothic-Rock -orientated Finnish ´metal´ acts that obviously don´t have that much to do with metal music itself, but have still somehow been drawn under the same category with bands like Sentenced, Children of Bodom, Norther, Nightwish and so on? It´s like calling Pepsi as a Coke and vice versa; it´s not the same thing, as you surely know…

Esa: I don’t have time to bother myself what’s metal or what´s not, obviously people who don’t know shit about genres label all bands as metal acts. “Metal in its purest…” heh, that’s Manowar for sure.


chaosbreed-pic7.JPG (18682 bytes)


Nope, wrong again poor Esa… It´s was a ´semi-legendary´ quote from the mighty Spinal Tap -movie, ha-ha!!

Nalle: But why are fruits and vegetables called heavy (= ´hevi´ in Finnish), tell me that!? At this point I would like to recall the story when Pale from Divine Decay called a vegetable store for a job because they needed a heavy salesman (= ´hevimyyjä´). Hilarious…

Oppu: All the bands you mentioned have nothing to do with “metal scene” in my opinion. I see metal scene as a kind of underground thing, and the situation is quite poor right now. Young bands just want to hit the top charts nowadays which is just pathetic.

Marko: This over-commercial Gothic Heavy/Rock sucks big time, especially The 69 Eyes!!! But whatta hell, I wasn´t supposed to care anyway…



Out of the current Finnish metal scene, what are some of the favorites of yours and what makes them far superior compared to the other Finnish bands around from each of your own point of view?

Nalle: I don’t really want to specify any bands because it would do injustice towards those bands whose names I don’t remember right now or those bands who I yet don’t know. To me the Finnish metal scene looks as healthy as it has ever been.

Oppu: That’s a very good question indeed. And a hard one too! Just to name few, I’ve been into Rytmihäiriö, Spiha, Riistetyt, Solitaire, Bitch Alert, etc. Anything opposite from power metal goes.

Marko: Rapture…



Anyone of you into grim, raw & troll-loving pure Finnish Black Metal ála Barathrum, Agazhal, Black Dawn, Thyrane, etc.… (-eh!)?

Oppu: I’m not into that stuff, sorry… But Archgoat fucking rips in a big way!!

Nalle: Can Beherit be labeled as Black Metal? I like Black Jesus, who used to play bass in Beherit because he has the coolest artist name known to mankind. Hi to Sova, by the way!!

Marko: Hail to Thy Ranes!! Keep yer hands clapping and pump up the volume! Greetings to Alghazanth -camp also…!!



Are there any real goals that you have set for this band in advance since the day one either musically or otherwise? And don´t even get started with any ´fame & fortune´ -bullshit, HA!

Esa: To spread ´the Ceebbarit´ name around the "scene". Total chaos!

Taneli: I’d love to see the Sunlight -sessions happen, that’s basically it. Spending a couple of weeks in a sunny Stockholm in good vibes and kind of continue from where I personally left it at some point. For me 91’s Sentenced debut SHADOWS OF THE PAST wasn’t exactly the climax of my youthful Death Metal existence, while 93’s NORTH FROM HERE was already considerably far from this musical style (albeit more successful artistically). So honestly, I hope we can avoid all fame or fortune with this one. I’d rather get the limousine-ride and cocaine-nose with the hard work that we’re doing with The Black League.

Nalle: I want to get bullshit, no fame and fortune for me then, hah!! Swimming in bullshit every day is good for your skin, you should try it sometimes! My ultimate goal is do the sauna-tie one day… If we get to Sunlight and have Fred Estby to do a few guest vocals on our album, then I’m satisfied. All the free stimulants come as an additional bonus. Smoke 10 O.B.’s!



I think you should also invite Chris Reifert to do some guest vocal appearances for your debut album when you are about to do one… Would be such a cool idea in my opinion…

Nalle: I think Chris should concentrate on Murder Squad, as I don’t think we want to follow Murder Squad’s path. Then we would be only sawing our own leg as it would be too easy to pin-point us as only trying to cash in on some retro-Death Metal boom (if there is any) Murder Squad and Bloodbath have started. Maybe we will invite Heiska from Funebre, Matti Kärki from Dismember or Leila K to the studio instead. Much cooler if you ask me! I will conclude this question by stating that we still have a few aces up our sleeves.

Oppu: My only goal with Chaosbreed is to record an album with Tomas in Sunlight Studios. Though playing in the same band with such fine musicians and good friends is great enough for me in itself!!

Marko: If this band is going to split tomorrow I´d still be the luckiest guy because I got to play with these dudes. And I´d love to make the album at Sunlight.


chaosbreed-pic8.JPG (11825 bytes)


How would you see each of your roles in this very line-up of Chaosbreed? Which of you guys would you consider as the main song writers for the band that mostly take care of that thing whereas some other fellows responsibility mostly is directed to coming up with ´the most cliché-filled and cheesiest lyrics (of course… that´s the most old-school Death Metal way; the only possibly way really…!!)´ for the songs and stuff? Also, do you honestly believe you have got ´a winning team´ for this ´project´; I mean, each and everyone of you has a clear vision about all that what Chaosbreed should be all about both music -, attitude - and universal-wise?

Esa: I play guitar…

Taneli: Well, I guess we just have to wait and see, no? Chaosbreed is a goddamn demo band with not even a decent demo out yet, so I can’t see where all this fuss and explicitly premeditated cynicism comes from - for all that I know we could split up tomorrow for musical or personal differences and become the last of the ultimate cult bands that never even existed! I don’t even know these bloody guys too well, but to me they seem like a fine bunch of people determined to do something meaningful here - so will you all at least give us a break, huh?! I’ll do my best to write the shittiest lyrics ever, but am I so fucking sorry if I don’t succeed! I’m sure that the guys will definitely do their utmost to steal at least every other riff form some classic old school record just to give you something to write, thank you very much!



The hype around your band seems to be so ´big´ and unavoidable already; especially here in Finland, so why don´t you just enjoy being ´hyped´ a little bit? The fact still remains the same that you are all very known metal musicians here in Finland nowadays, so obviously no one is gonna give you a break - and you´d better get used to it… and deal with it!! Enjoy while this will last… and cry afterwards if you never hit it big or made an impact the way it was meant to be even if I do have just my opposite thoughts and predictions about Chaosbreed´s relentless march toward the final victory… ;)

Nalle: No decent demo? Tane, our demo is the best fuckin’ demo around since Dismember’s LAST BLASPHEMIES!!! Seriously, this is still a very young band that has had a surprisingly good head start and good mood within our ranks. I hope that we can stay healthy so that we will have still many good years to come. That’s why I try to drink as much booze as possible because it kills the germs. No SARS for me then! Buy me enough of Long Island Ice Teas and you’ll have a friend for life (or at least for the rest of the cruise)… What was the question?



Just about your sort of ´roles´ in the Chaosbreed -camp, but like every other time, you seem to have this strange inborn tendency to avoid answering to my questions. Oh well, never mind… ;)

Nalle: Call it rather an inborn stupidity. Besides, Andy McCoy (that Hanoi Rocks -clown!) always said that it’s not wise to talk sense in interviews. It’s much wiser to talk nonsense. Also, bullshit is known to compost to become a fertilizer, so actually trees grow from my bullshit! And I won’t even tell you what grows from my seed...

Oppu: All the roles are carefully planned and we try to stick to that. Otherwise it would be total chaos!

Marko: What´s wrong with total chaos..?!



When you guys actually gather together for a rehearsal situation, what kind of an event your rehearsal usually is? Lots of intense playing or mainly a good jamming session where each of you can basically ease up a tension a little bit and just have a good time? Or, all these particular elements together even if the main stress has been laid down on some serious, goal-orientated playing?

Esa: Yeah dude, we really love to jam some Cannibal Corpse.

Nalle: Our rehearsals liberate us from all the boundaries of society and are a declaration for the victory of all good things in life. Open your heart and mind and your soul will fly free in this universe where too much emphasis is nowadays put on money and greed. Free your spirits and your soul shall be freed! Liberation!

Oppu: A belly full of beer and playing on ten, heh-heh! That´s basically it…

Marko: Rehearsals always begin and end doing “Supposed To Rot” and “Ridden With Disease”. That´s pretty much it, I guess.


chaosbreed-pic9.JPG (30152 bytes)


When do you think your 1st live appearance will take place and where that might possibly happen exactly? And what can your audience expect from your 1st ever live appearance anyway?

Nalle: Our first official live appearance will take place at the Stella Star Club in Vallila, Helsinki during the Tuska festival weekend between 11.-13.7.2003 at the aftershow party on Friday 11th of June. Other bands that will perform are Twilight Ophera, Rytmihäiriö and Pain Confessor. I hope to see you all there! What you can expect is a lesson in violence you won’t forget.



If you were ever going to tour with Chaosbreed, what could be the most ideal touring mates to you personally you´d like to make a tour/or tours with?

Esa: Perhaps with "To Separate The Flesh From The Bones".



Oh yeah… for sure… would be cool…to HELL WITH YOU (-heh!)!! But seriously…?

Esa: I don’t think anybody will get along with us but would be nice to tour with some Singaporean bands!

Nalle: GG Allin, The Doors, Nirvana, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, Bon Scott, Albert Järvinen, Paul Baloff, Janis Joplin, Somnium, El Duce, Cliff Burton and Layne Staley. Somehow I feel however that a tour with these chaps is out of the question. For some reasons I won’t go into detail here why I would like to tour with Coal Chamber. Total fuckin’ death!

Oppu: Re-formed Autopsy or Funebre, fuck yeah!!!

Marko: Wacken 2004 would be cool. Personally I don´t care with whom to do gigs as long as these dudes want to go for it.



Well, I wanna thank you for your time you put into this interview and see you guys at gigs! Now may the ending words be yours….

Nalle: Thank you Luxi for this interview. You fuckin’ rule! Smoke 666 O.B.’s!

Esa: Stay brutal and respect my stamps!! No rip-offs!!

Marko: Bang your heads for Satan! Death and decay to the world!

Oppu: See you on tour, buy the album and support the scene … Death to Power Metal!!!


Band Website:  www.chaosbreed.net