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Andromeda's Guitar Virtuoso Johan Reinholdz

Interviewed by Anders Sandvall


What do you think about your debut today?

I still think it’s a great album, I listen to it every now and then. But of course there are things that could have been done better, it’s always that way. The production is a bit “muddy” and chaotic sounding at times and there could have been more room for the vocals, but what the hell. Things like that, which may annoy you because you are so close to the music and the recording, may be the things that the fans really like and think are special. So I’m still satisfied with “Extension of the Wish”, but I think “II=I” is a lot better!



What was the response from the fans/press on the debut?

The reviews were extremely positive, far above our expectations. Almost every review was really good and the sales have been pretty good being a debut album.



How much touring did Andromeda do on the debut album?

We did some gigs in Sweden, Denmark, Holland and France. No long tour, some gigs here and there.



Are the debut and the follow up record released in the whole world?

Yeah almost. Obviously there are parts of the world that aren’t really involved in the pop/rock music genre, but all the other parts are covered; North America, Europe, Korea and Japan. I don’t really know what’s happening in Australia, South America and the rest of Asia besides Japan and Korea. I think our albums are available as imported cd’s there.



What do you think is the difference between Lawrence and the new singer David?

David has a much wider range, better vocal technique and more power in his voice. Lawrence is good, and he can sing in many different styles, but I think David suits the music we play a lot more.



On the debut album you wrote all the music/lyrics, who stands for the music/lyrics on the new album?

The lyrics are written by Martin and David this time. And I think it will be that way in the future as well, because they are the ones who write the vocal melodies and arrangements so it’s quite natural. The music is mainly written by me and Martin this time. Thomas and David have also contributed with some stuff.



Are the lyrics on the new album about something special?

There are different themes. Some of it is personal stuff written by Martin. The last three tracks are really one song, divided pieces. The lyrical theme there is schizophrenia, a man struggling with a demon inside his head. There also other themes like death, love and other big issues, hehe.



According to the info. note it took “II=I” ten months to finish, why did it take such a long time?

We didn’t work on it every day for ten months. We recorded the album by ourselves and we took some time off from the recording when we felt like it. It was great because there was no stress involved really.



Which album are you most satisfied with? Why?

I think “II=I” is superior to “Extension...” because of the songs themselves, the production and the diversity and dynamics of the album. “Extension...” was more all out intensity all the time, whereas “II=I” is more varied.



I think that the new album sounds more melodic than the debut, what do you think about that?

Yeah, I agree. Especially the vocals are more melodic.



How would you describe Andromeda’s music? What kind of music do you guys play?

I think you could call our music progressive metal. I would describe our music as emotional, diverse, aggressive and original.



Does the name of the album “II=I” mean anything?

It refers to the title track “Two is one” and the lyrical content of the three last tracks; the “Parasite”-suite.



Is there any song on the new album that you are more satisfied with?

I have a hard time picking a favourite song of this album. I like them all a lot.



What is the reaction from fans/press on the new album? In that case, what was the response?

The response has mainly been really good. But because this new album differs a lot from “Extension...” there were some critics that were disappointed. I can understand that, but I don’t agree with them.



Why did Gert Daun leave the band? How is it to work with Jakob Tanentsapf? How did he end up in Andromeda?

Gert quit because he has family and kids, so he didn’t have time to play the bass and come to the rehearsals anymore. I recorded the bass on “II=I” but now Jakob is rehearsing with suit’s working fine. We got in touch with him via the internet.

In your opinion, how has Andromeda developed between the debut and the new record?

The songs aren’t that focused on instrumental like they were before. The arrangements are more original and interesting. The harmonic progressions and melodies are a bit different generally and the production is cleaner and more powerful.



Why are there only 9 songs on the album?

9 songs – 65 minutes, isn’t that enough music for the money?! Only 9 songs? I think 9 songs on an album is quite normal actually.



Is Andromeda your project or is it a band?

It’s a band. It kinda started as my project but now it’s definitely a band.



Why has it taken so long to follow up the debut?

It took ten months to record it, and it also took pretty long time to write the songs. But I mean, “Extension...” was released in 2001 and “II=I” in 2002/2003, that’s not a very long time I think.



How does the co-operation with your record company work?

It’s working rather good.



Are you going to tour on this album? If so, where? Any shows in Scandinavia?

I hope so. We don’t have any plans at the moment, we’ll see what happens.



How does it feel to be called a new guitar hero?

I feels pretty good, even though the term “guitar hero” is rather silly.



You also play on NonExist´s album, how did you end up there?

Well because I started the band and wrote all the songs on the album.



Are you satisfied with you work with them?

Yeah, I’m pretty satisfied, but the second album is gonna be a lot better.



Are you a fulltime-member of NonExist?

Yeah, you could say that.



How did you end up in Pete Sandbergs new band Opus Atlantica?

The boss at their record company – Regain Records – called me up and asked me if I wanted to cut the guitars on the album. And I agreed.



How was it to work with Pete Sandberg and Jonas Reingold?

It was fun, two nice fellows indeed!



Are you satisfied with your work on Opus Atlantica?

Yeah, I’m pretty satisfied.



Are you a fulltime-member of Opus Atlantica?

Not really. I was just hired as session guitar player.



What is your opinion of Pete as a singer?

He’s good. A veteran in the business!



Are there any other projects that you’re involved with?

I have a project on my own called Kontinuum, which is electronic music. It’s nice to get away from the guitars for a while every now and then. I don’t have any contract or anything, just fooling around at home with the songs.



Is it something you would like to say to the fans out there, the word is yours..

Check out both Andromeda´s albums and Nonexist as well!


Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions.

Thank you for the support! Bye!


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