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Interview With Adam Bomb
Interview By Keith McDonald

Adam Bomb has been around for quite some time now. After releasing the albums ‘Fatal Attraction’, ‘Pure Sex’ and ‘Get Animal’, Adam has still kept himself busy. Having recently worked on new albums by such legendary players like Michael Monroe and Led Zeppelin’s John Paul Jones, Adam returns with a new CD entitled ‘Third World Roar’ via his own label.  I recently had the opportunity to speak with Adam about his new release. You can check out hid website at www.adambomb.com.


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Tell me about Third World Roar (guest musicians, producer, etc.)?

I played all the instruments except drums & harmonica. The drummer Ted Wolf is speed metal drummer from Hawaii and a guy named Smitty played harp and sang background vocals. Rick Keefer produced it and I've recorded many albums with him.



I see your new album's theme is about terrorism. Why is that?

A lot of my earlier songs were political. This album is a concept album and it just sort of created itself. I was always a big Rush fan. I guess this is my 2112.



Your new material seems more aggressive. Do you agree and was that the idea or did it come about naturally?

I've always been aggressive, but I seems as you get older your able to channel your anger more constructively.



How would you describe the new album lyrically?

It's the soundtrack to end of the world. It's a message of doom and hope.



I see you toured Europe. How is the market over there for your genre of music?

Europe is a bit more into guitars.



What other tour plans do you have?

Adam Bomb is doing a 30 city tour across the UK in September.



I see you have re-released albums with bonus tracks. Tell me about these.

Most of those albums were before CD, so I wanted to get them out on CD. The bonus tracks are from the same sessions or time period.



Do you own all of your albums? If so, how did this come about?

I acquired the rights to all my past and present albums. I was in a position to get everything back so I did that rather than sign them away.



How much has the music scene changed since you first came onto the scene?

Nowadays most bands have a guy with turntables on stage. I think that's a pretty big change. You used to have to know how to play an instrument or be able to sing to be on a stage. Now you don't need talent, you just need to be popular and know how push the on button .



Do you find it difficult to be doing things on your own instead of some big label doing it for you?

Sometimes big labels don't do anything or the wrong thing. It's best to be in control of of how you're presented.



How was it working with Michael Monroe? How is he doing?

Michael is a great harmonica player. Ever since his wife died he has no one looking out for his solo career, so I don't think we'll be touring anytime soon. He's kind of demanding to work with and it takes a lot of compromising to write and record with him. I went through a lot of time with Michael and we only did 3 or 4 shows. It's too bad we never got to tour after the record was finished as we had a great shtick together.



What's the future for Adam Bomb?

I'm concentrating on the UK and I hope to record with John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin on his next record. I played on his last record The Thunderthief. We're doing a long British tour and we'll go back in Jan 2004, & again in April. I'm also looking forward to recording my next album as I learned quite a deal from JPJ and now I've learned a few key tricks that have changed the whole ball game for as a far as guitar is concerned. It's an honor that a member of Led Zeppelin gave me a set of keys that opens up a whole new musical world.


Band Website:  www.adambomb.com