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Interview With Andy Pierce of United Enemies
Interview and Pictures By Anders Sandvall

Promo pictures by Rainer Holmgren

The following is an interview with Andy Pierce, (ex Nasty Idols, and Machinegun Kelly) the leader of a new glam/sleaze band from Malmö, Sweden called United Enemies, who recently released a sampler in order to check out the interest for the band. I asked him some questions about the band in general and what the plans are for the upcoming year.

unitedenemies_1.jpg (16104 bytes)The last thing we heard from you was your solo album, what have you been doing before you started the band?

Mostly Iv'e been involved with re-releasing albums with my old band Nasty Idols.The american record label - Perris Records wanted to release all the albums including a "best of." There's been a lot of work with a Nasty Idols DVD too. Iv'e done a lot of promotion and stuff.



When did you decide to start a new band?

By the year of 2000 after my solo effort. I started to write new material but was kept busy with the Nasy Idols project. But when all the work was done - there was more time for me to really get my shit together with a new band.



Did you ever hesitate to start a new band when you know about all the things it takes to have a band?

Not really. I really like being in a band. I found out that going solo was not my kind of a thing. It was a every day struggle and there was really noone to share the ups and down with.

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Was it hard to find members?

Yes, It was. I didn't know where to start looking actually. I didn't think there was anybody avalible who could match me - in terms of taste in music and stuff. I knew what I wanted but I could not find anyone to start out with. I tried out some people, but they were either too young, dumb - or worthless in their musicianship.



Has the line-up been steady since the beginning, or have there been member changes?

United Enemies had a different line-up at first. But it didn't work out. So I took some time of and wrote some more songs. When I hooked up with Mats and Christian It all felt right - instantly.

unitedenemies_10.jpg (68724 bytes)


Did you knew Mats, Christian and Richard from before?

I've known Mats ever since I met him beginning of the 90's. Mats and Christian also helped me out on a TV gig I did after the release of my solo album '99. And Richard - yeah, we've been drunk together, back in the 90's.



Mats and Christian come from 69-hard.  Has Richard been involved in any bands before?

I think he's been playing with the vocalist Pete - ex. Alien...something...



You have already released a four track sampler. What has the response from the press been?

Fantastic. Great respone. They really think we got it.

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Does the band have any steady fanbase? I think a lot of the people outthere are quite interested to see and hear you live again, because of your membership in your old band.

We are working on it - to get a steady fanbase. I think that's the most important thing for a band like us. I mean, we don't do music for the charts. We just do music that we really like. And we believe that If we like what we do - other people will do too. I don't know if my membership in the old band has anything to do with nothing, really. It's hard for me to say anything about that. And I don't care much about it either. I just know that I'm in a great band now.



Do you have a label already or are you negotiating with anyone?

There is a couple giving us offers. We're right now working on the last tracks for the debut album. We thought we wanna complete most of the album, before we're working with a label. In that way we get more freedom to start out with.

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Do you have enough material to a debut so far?

Yes, we do.



How much of the material are you writing?

Most of the material were written when the others joined. But I think there is about four tracks that I’ve co-written together with Mats - the guitarist.



What are you writing about when you're writing? What stuff do you handle in your lyrics?

I always seem to like the bad ass lyrics. You know the sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll type of thing. I never seem to grow from them. I want the lyrics to be a soundtrack for a life in the fastlane.

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What are the songs about on the sampler?

The first track, "Love Kills" is about not being at home with your boy/girlfreind. Then getting regrets when it's too late to save the relationsship. "The Misfits" is version of, "The Youth Gone Wild" tema. You know - young, wild and restless. "Down" and, "Dead Boy" has typical rock nonsense lyrics. Live fast - die young.



Does the other guys also write material? If so, who?

It's just me and Mats.



When are you going to release a debut?

We're hoping to release a debut album this year.

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Have you decided what studio you are going to use to record your debut?

That depends on which label we sign to.



In which studio did you record the four track sampler?

In two different studios. One is located in Landskrona, called Dynamic Recordings and the other one is Berno Studios in Malmoe. It was actually there Nasty Idols recorded all their albums.



I think you're playing glam/sleazy/punk rock'n'roll, how would you describe your music?

When I think of glam - I think of Bowie, Sweet and Marc Bolan. People always seem to think that I play some sort of glam...I don't know about that - but I think we rock, that’s for sure.

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I personally think that the sampler sounds brilliant, how do you comment on that?

You have a good taste in music, he he.



I think that United Enemies have some similarities with your old band Nasty Idols, what do you think?

The singer is the same and we play a type of hard rock. But Nasty Idols was more heavy oriented. There was more of a show-off thing with that band. United Enemies base all the music on which type of a track it is. The actual song is the most important thing. There is no room for showing off.

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Are there any plans on doing some live shows?

Of course. That's the main thing. We can't wait to get out there and do it. You can see us playing live this spring and summer.



Have you done any live shows so far?

No. The first one is a release gig for our EP. 23th of April at Fat Club in Malmo.



Are you proud of what you've achived during the years? Are there anything you’re not satisfied with?

I'm pretty satisfied with my achivments. But there is of course a lot of things that could be done in a different way. The first album with Nasty Idols sucks. My solo thing sucked too.



Can you live on being a musician or do you have a steady job besides the music?

There's been times when I could get by on music. But right now I'm working as a graphic designer for a CD and DVD company.

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Why have you chose to call the band United Enemies? Does it mean anything special to you?

We just thought it was sort of a cool name. There's really nothing behind it.



What are the plans for the band in 2004/05?

Doing gigs, interviews, releasing the debut album.

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Is there anything you would like to say to the readers of metal-rules.com?

Like I always say: keep up the fucking bad attitude!



Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

No problem. Anytime, man.


Band Website: www.unitedenemies.com