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Interview With The Project Hate
Interview By Anders Sandvall

Live pictures of Jörgen by: Anders Sandvall

Thanks to Suzan Kverh Playground Music for the promo picture of the band.

Here is my interview with Jörgen Sandström from the band, The Project Hate who have newly released the live-cd ”Killing Hellsinki” and a little bit about the band/project.

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When did The Project Hate started and how did you end up with them?

Me and Lord K started it in 1999. We have been friends since 1992 and been in a few bands together before we decided to start this band.


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What is the difference in your opinion between singing in this band and playing bass in Entombed?

I sing? Haha.



Are The Project Hate a band or a project?

It is a band. We put allot of work into it and are very serious about the band.


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How many members are there in The Project Hate?

Me and Lord K, Petter Freed and Jonna. So that´s four.

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You have released two studio albums before, and they are incredibly hard to find today, are there any plans of re-releasing them?

I hope we can get Massacre to release them for us to re-release on some other label. It is really frustrating that people can´t get hold of them. Most of the people that actually heard the band really like the shit. I mean, if we had sold as many records as Rolling Stones, we would have been rich by now.



Why haven't you done more live gigs?

I have been busy doing gigs with Entombed every time we got an offer for a TPH gig. So I guess that is the reason why.


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Why are there only 6 live songs on the new album? Was it all you played that night?

Yes. But the songs are really long so the record is almost 45 minutes anyway.



Why are you releasing a live album after only 2 studio records? Isn't that too early?

It was just a fun thing that we wanted to share with our fans. It probably won't get any big interest from people that haven´t heard the album. But the ones that really likes TPH have really been bombing Lord K with emails on how to get hold of the live recording. So we decided to release it.

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Does the songs really sounds like it did that night? Have you added or polished it up in the studio afterwards?

We haven´t done any overdubs or anything on it, and that is the truth! It was recorded on a mini-disc through the soundboard, and then we mastered it and that is it!



Why isn't Mia singing on the 3 demo tracks on the album?

She wasn´t meant to be in the band at that time.


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How was it to work with L-G from Entombed on the 3 demo tracks on back up vocals? He´s normally used to singing lead vocals.  How was it for you to sing lead with L-G backing up?

It was great fun. We went straight from a gig to Örebro where K recorded it, and did the vocals in a few hours then went home, haha. We had a good time doing it.



Why did you leave your old record company?

Because they sucked!

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How is the cooperation with your new company?

So far so good. It is hard for me to talk shit about it, as it is Entombed that owns the record company, haha.

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Are there any plans on doing a follow up? If so, when can we expect that?

We have already recorded the 3rd album. It is called “Hate, Dominate, Congregate, Eliminate”. It will be released this autumn through Threeman Records. No date is set yet but we aim for an August-September release.



How would you describe what kind of music you play?

Our music is really hard to describe. It is very mellow and beautiful one second, and really heavy the other, with techno dance beat breaks, low guttural vocals and beautiful female vocals. It has a lot of contrasts.

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Why did you choose the name The Project Hate MCMXCIX? Does it mean anything special?

Me and Lord K always had a special way of turning words around when we talk. Most of the time we call the band The Project Skate. It really doesn´t mean shit to me, hahah..



How have the fans responded to the two last studio albums?

The ones that got hold of the album really like it. We have really die hard fans. Also it seems that when we play it to different people and they get to hear it, they get interested in hearing more. It is not an easy thing to listen to a TPH record. You need to listen to it a few times before you get the whole concept. And according to our fans, it is worth it! Ask them at this address: www.whitethrashdevil.com and enter the TPH forum.

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How has the press responded on the albums - the new one included?

I haven´t seen much press about the live one, but for the two first ones the press has been good. Some love it, some don´t get it at all. Just as we expected.



Are you involved in anything else besides this and Entombed?

Yes, Krux just released an album, on which I play guitar. Then I'm working on two other projects that will be revealed as time comes.



Is there anything you would like to say to the fans who read Metal-Rules.com?

Metal does Rule!



Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions.

Thank you Anders!


Band Website: www.theprojecthate.net