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Interview With The Forsaken
Interview and live/off-stage pictures by Anders Sandvall
Thanks to Cindy at Century Media Sweden for the promo-pictures

The following is an interview with Nicke and Patrik from The Forsaken about their new album “Traces of the Past,” which is going to be released soon. There are also some general questions about the band. This interview was made at their release party in Malmö, Sweden for the new album.

In which Swedish town are you based?

We are based in the southern part of Sweden. Some members live in Landskrona and some in Malmö



the_forsakenHow did the last album go?

Just like the first album, this went pretty well. In certain countries, where the promotion didn’t work out so well, we sold a lot less albums of course. But first and foremost you do the albums for yourself because you love the music you play and it’s a bonus if other people like the stuff you do.



How would you compare the response from the fans on this album compared to the previous one?

Mixed. A lot of fans liked the first album because it was more melodic, and they think that our second album was too brutal.



Did you do a lot of touring on the last album?

We did a three week tour in Europe on the debut, and that tour went very well. On the second album we did a month long tour across Europe and that didn't go so well. The conditions on that tour were not good at all. We have been the supporting act on both those tours.

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Which of your albums are you most satisfied with?

We are definitely satisfied with the new one due to the fact that we hadn’t rehearsed so much when we went into the studio, but the outcome turned out real nice.



How is the cooperation between the band and  your label, Century Media?

It’s no problem at all working with them. We all are humble guys that know that we should be grateful that we have a record deal and sell the amounts of albums that we do. We sell about 10-20,000 copies per album.


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Why have you done so few live gigs in Scandinavia?

It’s because we have worked so hard with the new album, and we have also been very lazy. We have waited for festival and different places to call us and ask us to play instead of us calling them.



Do you think that the band has developed trough the years? How?

We have developed both musically and on arranging songs. We have also gotten better on playing our instruments.



How would you describe the kind of music you play?

It’s incredibly hard to explain what kind of music we play, but if you absolutely want an answer I would call us a death/thrash act with melodic guitar solos, and it’s NOT power metal solos I’m talking about. The concept we have is to play hard metal.


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Why have you chosen to work with Tommy in the Abyss Studio? Are all of your three albums recorded there?

Yes, all of the albums are recorded there. Tommy is a really nice guy both private and to work with. He’s become a friend of the band. He is easy to work with and it feels good to have him behind the mixing table because it’s real hard to record an album. You need someone you can trust like Tommy.



Are there any plans of changing studios?

We have thought of it, but are probably going back to Abyss.



Your first album came in 2001 and then a new album every following year. Are you going to keep that pace?

No, the next album is probably coming out in 2005.



What has the response from the press been?

Mostly good. Some reviewers have not been so kind to us. The reviews I’ve seen on the new album are all good so far.



Have you done any shows as a headline act or have you only been a supporting act?

We have only done smaller shows as a headline act, otherwise we’ve only been support.


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You have a new member in the band: Stefan on bass. How did he end up with you?

When we recorded the last album he called me (Nicke) up and asked if he could audition and he instantly became a new member. He’s been with the band for about 1.5 years now and he’s grown into the band.


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Has he played in any bigger bands before The Forsaken?

No, he hasn’t played in any other bands before us. He comes straight out from the music academy.



How long did it take to record and write your new album?

the_forsakenThe most intense time was to write the album and that took six months. It only took one month to record it.



Who writes the music and lyrics in the band?

All lyrics on the new album Anders has written because he wanted to write everything by himself. The other guys in the band have done the music together.



Are the lyrics about anything special on the new album? If so, what?

All the lyrics on the album is about all the shit that happens in the world. The title of the new album is about the history is always repeating and than mankind hasn’t learnt from their mistakes, so it’s a very negative title.


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Are you satisfied with the album, or is it anything you would like to change?

I’m very pleased with what we have created on this album. The things you are minor satisfied with you do better on the next album.



Why have you chosen to do a cover by Metallica? What do you think of the new Metallica album?

We wanted to do a cover to the Japanese and US albums as an extra bonus track but we released it on the European versions instead. Metallica has always been our idols and the old albums are classics today. The new Metallica record is a bit hard to digest, but good. But the production sucks - especially the drums.


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Is there any particular song that is extra fun/not fun to play live?

The funner one must be “Human Chapter X,” because it’s not so hard to play. From the new album it’s “One more kill.” The minor fun ones are “Incinerate” from the debut because that song is so technical. The more technical a song is, the harder it is to play.



What do you think of the cover of the album? Are you satisfied with it?

It’s a very good cover and we’ve been a part of the cover process the whole way. Niklas knows what he’s doing.


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Are you going to do a real tour on this album? If so, when?

Maybe at the beginning of next year, but it all depends on what tour package that’s out on the road. If there are three bands in a package we prefer to play in the middle. It also talks about going to Japan and the US to tour and of course Europe.



I think that the new album feels more worked through than the previous one. How do you comment on that?

It's probably because we have been more spontaneous on the new album, because we weren’t so prepared when we went into the studio. We were also more focused on this album than on the previous ones.


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What are the plans for the band during 2004?

Tour, tour, more touring and to play as much as possible. We also hope to begin to write some new material for the next album. When you are out on tour you get so inspired when you meet new people, to meet the fans and to see what the press have to say. That makes you want to write new stuff all the time.



Is there anything you would like to say to the readers of metal-rules.com?

I’ll hope that our fans can relate to the new album and I think that all our fans should come and see us on tour. Then after the show we will have some beer together.


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Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

Thank you Anders.

Band Website: www.theforsaken.net